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Default Possible Expansion Forshadowing.
So far, I've encountered two things that may be forshadowing to a future Expansion. The first one is one of the Angler traits points. It reads something to the like of

"Your Sims will want to go on crazy fishing trips!"

As far as I have seen, these don't actually happen in the base game. Unless they're something really stupid and nothing out of the ordinary after all. I think it might be foreshadowing to an expansion dealing with trips or things such as that.

The second instance is something my Sim once read in a newspaper. It said something about how a place was currently perfect for a vacation. This just happened today, and I wasn't smart enough to remember more clearly what it said. It could also be a foreshadow to a future expansion involving vacations.

Thoughts? Other foreshadowing you've found? Discussion is welcome.
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I think the first could just be a tript to a fishing hole within the current environment.

The second sounds promising though, but I picture something similar to the first sims 1 expansion
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Oh yeah, I do remember seeing the thing in the newspaper before! I can't remember exactly what it said either. It would be a bad idea for EA to pass up on vacations in The Sims 3 because it could expand the gameplay from a single to neighborhood to an entire world. Also, there is a rumored expansion called The Sims 3: Destination Adventure and it's supposed to be coming out this November.
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The way rivers and beaches are done so well in this game would really make for an awesome vacation pack. I hope they make the oceans and rivers swimmable.
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You're right, swimmable oceans and rivers are a must. Then beach houses would have more benefits besides being closer to good fishing spots for salt water fish. Hopefully sims can interact while swimming too, I was a bit disappointed that in The Sims 2 all they could do in the ocean was swim and drown.
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Closing thread as we now have a sticky for all speculation and ideas for TS3 expansions. Please post here if you would like to continue discussion on this topic:

Expansion Ideas & Speculation

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