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Default Snaitf's FNV Generator - Updated 7/15/09
I wrote a tiny little tool to help creators come up with unique resource instance ID numbers.

- Click "Input Text:" to generate a string based on the current user, date, and time or you can type your own string.

- Click "Generate" to receive your FNV32 and FNV64 hashes based on your string. The results are displayed both normally and 'reversed' as many of The Sims 3 files contains them backwards.

- Click "Clear" to clear all fields.

There is no need to install, just un-rar and run.

This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to run.

*** UPDATE ***

I was asked to include an option to input an existing string to be reversed.

- Click "Reverse" to get a 2 character based reversed string of whatever string you have in the bottom text field.

*** UPDATE ***

I saw a need for a place to store temporary values, so I've added a 'paste bin', a place to hold you hash values, reversed key and any other data while working. The "Clear" button will not clear this box.

I've also added Enter Key recognition for the Text Boxes, so after typing in them, you can simply press enter to either "Generate" or "Reverse."

*** UPDATE ***

Added FNV24 generation and increased text sizes within text boxes for more legibility.

*** UPDATE ***

Added 2 more buttons:

- Click "Copy To Bin" to have all the fields copied to the Paste Bin.

- Click "Clear Bin" to clear the Paste Bin.
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Thanks Snaitf, the reversal features are very useful for hex editing
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I had no idea the hashes were reversed when looking up StringIDs...thanks for resolving my frustration Snaitf!
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Srikandi - Thank you, I thought so too.

channTL - Your welcome, glad I could help.

If anyone would like to see any features added, feel free to ask!
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Thank you

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Thank you so much <3
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Only downloaded some 7zip applications. No FNV generator found there.
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