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Default Testers Wanted: The Discrimination Door (Gender-locked Door)
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This object has been uploaded: Further comments at the download page.

A little spading turned up some interesting classes in the core DLLs of the game: The Single-gender door!

As such; this modification of the Dorky Door (don't worry, it doesn't replace the original object) is an adjustable, gender-locked door.

My own cursory testing indicates that the object itself works; and just so we are clear on this point; this is not a core mod. I do not currently know if it conflicts with core mods, but unless they are doing something seriously freaky to the doors in the game (which I don't think they do) there shouldn't be any conflicts.

The door can be found in Build mode, under Doors, and costs a mere pittance of 120 simoleons.

To switch the gender of the door, it allows female only by default, simply click on it, and you'll get the option.

Known issues:
  • Routing: Sims will still try to route to objects that are unreachable due to the door; although I believe this was an issue with TS2 gender doors as well.
  • File size: The file is currently a bit on the fat side; but attempts at ripping out duplicated files have so far yielded graphical artifacts. If anyone wants to give it a go, feel free.
  • Screenshot: The screen shot is a bit rubbish, but it's hard to make a screen shot that shows the functionality. Sorry about that.
  • Localization: Due to my JRE acting up, I haven't been able to get at the STBLs, so the interaction strings are hard-coded for now. This will be fixed.

Installation Instructions:

With Helper Monkey it should be a breeze, just stick it in Mods/Packages, or whatever subdirectory you prefer.

Credits and props!

Credits go out to Tiger in particular, for helping me understand the loading of code in object packages.

Distribution and such:

Remember to play nice. No uploading to paysites!
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I'll be testing this today

Edit: This is great! It works as it should, discriminately separating my male and female sims as I please. Thanks!

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Well done Can your method be extended to make doors with other kinds of locks? Like Household Only, individual sims and so on?

BTW, if you do this on a door with a solid top instead of those windows, you could put on "mens room" and "womens room" symbols. I can do those if you aren't interested
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Actually, the Men's Room/Women's Room symbol doors already exist. I chose this particular door because:
  1. I like the look
  2. The spading of the doors was not something I was going to get into right there and then.

That being said, if this particular door generates a lot of interest, the two doors already in the game will be added to the package as a bonus.

Edit: Also, the particular method employed can as far as I see only be used to discriminate based on gender and age (as well as species and handedness(:!.

I will be digging deeper to see if the doors can be locked against intruders and such, but thus far that particular aspect has eluded me.
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This is very cool, any chance you could quickly flesh out the process (just for getting the door to use your rewritten code)? I'd love to take a look at this too.
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I'll sit down tomorrow and write a tutorial.
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So this isn't a core mod!?!?! Incredible! Will definatley put this in my game.
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Cool, thank you, but it doesn't have to be indepth or anything, just the basics if that's easier
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Sweet thanks a bunch!
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Sweet! I can't wait to use these! Thanks!

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Lovely. No more bouncers required for the gender-specific lounges. xD I'm afraid I'm on a single-minded campaign against gender-specific /bathrooms/, but these shall get use in any case. Thankies.
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I have to read this topics and threads!

Cause I have limited time I loose great Creations
and works like this!

Thanks a lot for the awesome effort that you have
dedicated in this creation.

This was needed and speacialy cause we do not have
gender doors in Sims3 public places!

Great find and idea, and work mate!
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Yeah! Cool!
This defiantly haves to go to my game!!!!

Bom trabalho! (Good job! in Portuguese).
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Hi will, excellent to see you've made what EA should have included from the start!

You mention these are female-preference, but can be set to male with a menu -- does this selection stick? I want to edit some community lots (like the gym) and make the bathrooms gender specific, will I need to reset this every day after the lot is reset?

Also, do Sims know they can't access items in the room behind the door, or will they whine in front of the locked door?
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#15 Old 23rd Jul 2009 at 5:05 PM
Jordi: If the selection sticks or not is exactly the kind of thing I want to know, hence the Testers Wanted. I think it should, but I might be wrong; you'll just have to try it and see.

As for the sims knowing; this is based more or less directly off of EA's own code for gender-locked doors; how smart their routing code is, I do not know.
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This makes me think we will get some nightlife type stuff in the first expansion, like the piano these items have been hidden, most likely for future use. Unless they are total idiots and they forgot to activate them

Can you tell us where you found the original code, I'd love to take a look at it for future things?
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I put the door in, allowed men only. When I told my female sim to walk in the room, the action canceled itself. Congrats, it works!
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The original code for the gender-locked doors can be found in Sims3GameplaySystems.dll at Sims3.Gameplay.Abstracts.DoorSingleGender and in Sims3GameplayObjects.dll at Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.DoorSingleGender[Male|Female]
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