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No problem, seriously the best sims story EVER. Have never followed a story before but this one keeps pulling me back in for more! And everytime I see characters from your story in my game I think of them how you have portrayed, my made sim Annabel is friends with Bebe and I keep thinking every time I see her "Oooh you secretly went to a party with Ethan a pissed off your best friend" lol!!

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Default Chapter 5: Taking Chances
Episode 5: Taking Chances

We all take chances once in awhile... the birds do it when they fly south

A hydrophobic person does it when he decides to take his daughter to the local pool...

The paperboy does it when he decides to deliver the newspaper to the house where a man died...

We all take chances, and today, Agnes Crumplebottom was going to take a big one...

"Oh my god what was that?!" Agnes said to herself as she ran towards the house the sound came from.

Yes, Agnes was finally going to let someone back into her heart.

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

Fiona McIrish always sat and pondered. She pondered about a lot of things, her daughter, her roommate, her house, and her job. But today, Fiona pondered about something else.

"I know what I'll do, the note isn't sufficient evidence to do anything yet. I'm a journalist and I'll do what journalists do, interview. Hank is working on the case, so I'll just head over there and ask him a few questions. Yes, that's what I'll do that'll work."
So Fiona gathered her things and left the house.

"You know you are really heavy."
"I'm sorry," Connor apologized, in which he chuckled afterward.
"I'm serious, I think I broke my back or something."
Connor continued laughing, then winced at the discomfort in his leg.
"Oh take it easy, you bruised your ankle pretty bad from the fall, and I don't have any equipment on me at the moment but from the looks of it you have a slight bruise on your head too."
"What are you some type of doctor?"
"Intern, I work at Sacred Spleen Memorial in fact I'm missing work right now," she laughed.
"Oh work that's right!" he exclaimed, shooting up. "I haven't called in!"
"Don't worry about that okay, I'll write you a doctors note."
"But... you're not a doctor..."
"Yet, and my note is just as good as a doctor's alright."
"Oh alright, so... you just gonna stand there, there's a chair over there you can sit down if you like."
Agnes looked over to the chair he was pointing at and smiled.
"Yeah my legs do hurt a bit from dragging you all the way insde here," she laughed. And she brought the chair over to beside the bed.

"So, what's your name?" asked Connor.
"Agnes, Crumplebottom."
"Ah okay Doctor Crumplebottom, thanks for saving my life."
Agnes laughed in response, "Well, aren't you going to say yours?"
"Connor Frio."
"Well Connor, you welcome."

"Jamie come over here," said Pauline quietly, motioning to Jamie.
"What? Why do we have to go outside?" Jamie responded, stepping out in the backyard.
"Because I have to tell you something."
"Oooooh secrets, tell me tell me tell me!"
"Don't okay! You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you!"

"Okay I won't you know me, I'm a vault, I won't let it out."
"Alright I trust you and you're my best friend and I need advice which is why I'm telling you this."
"Okay Pauline what is it? Did you do something bad?" she asked, then Jamie gasped. "Oh my god? Did you murder Rachel Barrett, was it you, oh my god Pauline if it was I would totally not tell anyone."
"No.... no I didn't murder anyone," said Pauline, shocked that Jamie would even think of that.
"Okay good, because the police were asking me all types of questions and I was panicking-"
"Jamie! I have to tell you this!"
"Oh I'm sorry go on," she said smiling.
"The night of Tamara's party, I had dinner with my boss..."
"Yes yes I remember that go on."
"And we were talking, about work and other things and he told me that I had a bright future ahead of me in the music business."
"Oh my god Pauline yes you do, you're so good!"
"Just shutup! Please, lemme talk."
"Okay," mouthed Jamie and she made a zipper motion over her mouth.
"He told me that he could give me a headstart in my career if I... if I slept with him."

"Oh my god Pauline!" exclaimed a shocked Jamie.
"I know! I feel so awful about it now," she said, her eyes watering.
"Oh don't don't tell me you didn't get promoted?!"
"What? Yeah yeah I got promoted but that's not the point."
"Don't tell me you're going to tell Hank?"
"Well I don't know-"
"Sweetie, sweetie let's not be dumb. You had sex with your boss in order to get promoted, the last thing on your mind would be telling your newlywed 'Policeman' husband."
"Pauline! Is he obsessing over you? Is he stalking you, harrasing you in any way?"
"No, he umm, acts like nothing even happened when were at work."
"So then you have nothing to fear, let it go," said Jamie consolingly, rubbing Pauline on the shoulder. Then the doorbell rang.
"I wonder who that is?" Pauline asked.
"Well you go get that, I have to go and meet Blair, remember what I said."
"I will," Pauline responded. "I'm in the back!"

Fiona stepped into the backyard while Jamie was heading out.
"Hi Pauline how are you?"
"Ah Ms. McIrish I'm good, can I help you with something?"
"Well I just wanted to talk to your husband, you know, about the whole Rachel Barrett murder."
"Oh yeah wasn't she, ummm, a co-worker of yours?"
"Yeah she was an investigative reporter and a good friend."
"Such a tragedy, I mean the streets aren't even safe anymore there's a murderer walking around. But anyways I won't keep you, Hank should be inside he just got home."
"Thank you Pauline," said Fiona as she stepped inside the house. Pauline sighed.

"I'm getting kinda hungry... and my head really hurts."
Agnes checked the time, "Yeah it's around noon, you haven't eaten anything have you?"
Connor shook his head.
"Okay, umm, do you have any Tylenol?"
"In the kitchen upstairs?"
"Okay, well... you should change out of your clothes into something a bit more light, that would help, and... I'll head upstairs and get the tylenol for you and also make some soup."
"Soup?" said Connor dissapointed.
"Soup is good for you, you have a fever, that's why you fell down the porch outside and hit your head and bruised your ankle. You need to rest, and the soup will do you some good."
"Now change, and I'll be back."
"Oh by the way, the tylenol is in the fridge."
"Yeah I know it's weird but we keep the tylenol in the fridge, it's my brother's idea."

Agnes left the room and walked up the stairs, and interestingly enough, not for one second, did she wonder What am I doing here?

"Hmmm, nice place he has here," she said looking around. "Like a little bachelor pad, reminds me of Erik's pad back in the day..." she joked to herself.

"Ah here's the tylenol," she said, taking the tylenol from inside the fridge. "Weird that they store it in here but whatever. Let's see if I can find the things to make the soup..."

"Tamara! Tamara!" whispered Leighton Sekemoto loudly, Tamara looked over at him. He was motioning for her to come to him.
"What?" she asked, walking over to him.
"So, have you heard?" he laughed.
"Heard what?"
"About Tori?!"
"What about Tori?"
"Well, Vita assigned her to have dinner with a representative from Goth Enterprises!"
"So... I don't care Leighton."
"Whaddya mean!? That's almost saying hey Tori I'm going to promote you!"
"What is your point!?"
"Whatever, if you don't care I don't need to continue," he said, then he chuckled. "Tori Kimura having dinner with Thornto Wolff..."

"What did you say?!"
"Tori's having dinner with Thornton...?"
"That's the respresentative from Goth Enterprises?!"
"What? Are you interested now?" he said sarcastically.
Tamara was in a state of panic, she looked around and saw Tori coming out of city hall, checking her watch.
"What if say, something happened to Tori like she couldn't make it?"
"Well then I guess you'd have to go, there's no way Vita would allow me."
"Thank you Leighton, I'm really glad you decided to tell me."

"Tori!" exclaimed Tamara as she ran over to her co-worker.
"Hi Tamara..." she replied, cautiously.
"What's with the awkwardness, were co-workers."
"Were competing against each other..."
Tamara laughed, "Oh well that's at work, work's done! How about we go get ourselves a couple of drinks at the bistro?"
"Well... I'm heading over there now, for a meeting," she said, checking her watch again. "But sure, I have a couple of minutes to spare for a few drinks."
"Great! And then we can like schedule dates for shopping and other things cause by the looks of it, you desperately need someone to show you how to get it done," Tamara said, eyeing Tori up and down, smirking.
Tori looked down on herself, "I don't think what I'm wearing is that bad-"
"No time, were on a tight time frame let's go."

So the two walked down the steps, Tamara behind Tori. And very subtly, Tamara stuck her foot out and pushed Tori, causing her to stumble over her foot and fall on the ground below, hitting her head.

"Oh my god is she okay!?" exclaimed Leighton, running over.
"Looks like she hit her head pretty hard. I guess she won't be able to have that dinner after all. Let Vita know that I'm covering her." she said walking away, unflinched that she just put Tori Kimona in a coma.

"I'm so glad that you could come Jamie."
"Yeah of course, its been so long since we've been able to meet and talk, with our schedules and everything."
"I know, we were best friends in high school and then after that we barely got the time to hang out."
"I know, so, what's new with you?"
"Well... nothing really, my job is boring, nowhere near as exciting as yours, and that's basically it, that's my life, I just work and bore myself to death."
"Oh my god that's it, what the heck ever happened to taking over the world?! Going on adventures and exploring?!" laughed Jamie.
"I don't know where they went," Blair shrugged, smiling weakly.
"There's no boys? Nobody that you like? Nobody that likes you?"
"Well okay yeah there is a guy..."
"Oh my god who?! Tell me tell me tell me!"

"His name's Stiles, he's a new roommate."
"Oh my god he lives with you!? Then what's the problem!?"
"He doesn't even notice nor acknowledge me, he keeps to himself a lot."
"Well why don't you be the girl I remembered in high school and make him notice you!"
"I tried Jamie, but for starters I'm not in high school anymore so I'm a bit rusty and he didn't care."
"Oh that sucks, I'm sorry."
Blair sighed, "It's alright, I'm hoping the right guy will come along some time. So, how about you, whats new?"
"Well, same thing as you I guess, work, work, and more work. Hardly any time for play."
Blair laughed, "This isn't what I was expecting the real world to be like."
"Yeah... its very boring..." Jamie said quietly, recalling her bills.
"What's that?"
"Oh nothing, you know I have these tickets to see the band Heatplay-"
"Oh my god how did you get those?! There playing here tonight!"
"A raffle at work, and quite frankly, I'm way too busy to go and I know they're your favorite band..."
"Please can I have them!?"
"Of course," Jamie said as she handed the tickets to Blair. Blair squealed in glee.
Jamie looked at her watch, "Well I got to go, it was nice Blair, we should do it again."
"Of course, don't work too hard now Jamie."
Jamie smiled, then got up and left.

"So... how was the soup?"
"It was okay..."
"Okay!? What does that mean?"
"I mean I have had better soup."
"Well I'm sorry! I had to work with the mediocre ingredients in your fridge!"
Connor laughed.
"You should get back downstairs and rest."
"So, what do you think of me and my brother's place?"
"It's like a bachelor pad," she laughed.
"Well we are bachelors."
"Yeah, I was thinking before it reminded me of my husband's place before we married and bought a house."
"Oh! You're... married?"
"Oh no no not anymore I'm... widowed... he umm, he died..."
"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that."
"But," she said, breathing in deep and smiling, "I have to try and move on, I don't want to be the mean old cranky lady who gets mad at any couple she sees being affectionate."
Both of them laughed, "So what about you? Anyone special in your life?"
"No, I've been single for awhile now, infact can't even remember the last time I was with someone. My brother on the other hand, he just got out of a bad relationship, but now they have a baby."
"Oh wow, what is he gonna do?"
"I dont't know, thats between him and Claire."
"Claire? Claire Ursine?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Ugh, she gives me the creeps, I just don't, umm nevermind, anyways get back downstairs and rest!"
"Okay doctor."

"Now stay here and just rest okay, you'll be better in no time."
Beep, beep, Agnes looked down at her pager.
"It's the hospital, excuse me one moment."

"Agnes where the hell are you?!"
"I'm sorry Jamie there was an emergency..."
"We are extremely short staffed today I don't understand why you're not here?!"
"I told you there was an emergency I didn't have time to call!"
Great, you decide to not show up so now I have to fill Morganna into your spot!"
"What's wrong with that?! She's compleetly capable of doing it! Oh that's right, you don't like her!"
"That's not-"
"Listen Jamie, you may be my boss, but you know what, this isn't high school, you can't just not pick her because you don't like her! Grow up! Now I'm sorry I can't be there but as I said there was an emergency!"
"Agnes don't talk to me like-"
Agnes hung up the phone and shook her head.

"Fiona, nice of you to stop by what can I do for you today?"
"Well Hank, I was just a bit curious."
"About what?"
"Well, you know Rachel Barrett was a really good friend of mine and, I just wanted to know if there were any leads or, if you've gotten anywhere with the investigation?"
"You know Fiona its policy that I'm not really allowed to disclose any information to you-"
"I know I know, but she was a really good friend."
"I know, and you're a friend and I know I can trust you. So, we haven't had any leads yet. We know she was bludgeoned to death, that someone took all of her clothes, and that it happened out on the lake."
"Out on the lake?"

"Yeah, her body was all wet, were assuming someone murdered her on a boat, took her clothes, then dumped her into the lake, in which her body washed up on shore."
"Oh wow... wonder what she was doing on a boat..."
"Yeah well when we have a team scouring the lake trying to find any clues but, this case is gonna take some time."
"Well I hope you guys get something, I feel so uneasy knowing that the murderer is still loose."
"Me too Fiona, me too."

"Oh hi Claire," said Pauline waving. Claire stopped her jog at the Goddard home.
"Hey Pauline... what's going on, Hank questioning Fiona?"
"Oh, she just stopped by, wanting to know more about the Rachel Barrett murder."
"Yeah, I guess she's snooping around trying to play detective," Pauline laughed.

"Have they got any leads on the case?"
"I don't know am I a detective!"
"No... well, I was actually a friend of Rachel's."
"Oh really? Well I never knew her, just saw her name on the news. Anyways you should talk to Fiona, I'm sure she'll be more helpful than I am."
"I will..."
A few moments later, Fiona came through the front door, thanking Hank.
"Well speak of the devil, here she comes now," said Pauline, and she waved goodbye to Claire and went inside.

"Hi Ms. McIrish..."
"Hello Claire, how are you this evening?"
"I'm okay... I could be better though."
"Oh, what's wrong?"
"I'm just a bit bothered, I'm sure you've heard about Rachel, she was such a good friend."
"Oh you knew Rachel too?"
"Rachel was a co-worker of mine, it's so sad to hear about it."
"She was a really good friend, I just wish they could catch the person who did this, or if they had any leads or something."

"You were in there talking to Hank? Do they have anything?"
"Not at the moment no..."
"You're a journalist right? Do you have any clues maybe, any leads yourself? I just... I just feel so helpless, I just wanna find out as much as I can... for her you know."

At that moment Fiona once again began to ponder, not about the case, but whether or not she can trust the young woman in front of her with the information she had...

"She was murdered because she believed that Erik Darling's accident was really another murder, so I believe that the same person who killed Erik, killed Rachel."
"Oh my god..."
"And to further complicate things, I have a note, which is basically a death threat to Erik, I have it on me now," she said and she pulled out the note, showing it to Claire. She gasped.
"That writing, its familiar, I've seen it before..."
"Have you?! Where?"
"I can't remember, but if I go home and look around, I'm sure I'll remember."
"You do that, and as soon as you do, come straight away to my house."
"I will."

Meanwhile, inside the Goddard home, Hank had a few questions of his own.
"Yeah," said Pauline, walking into the room.
"The night Rachel's body was found, y'know the night of the party, where were you?"
"You don't think I did it now do you Hank?" Pauline laughed sarcastically.
"Well you weren't at the party, infact I have no idea where you were."
"But I told you! I was having dinner with my boss!"
"And what dinner runs after midnight? I slept in my bed alone Pauline."
Pauline looked at him, her face stone cold, her body posture straight and rigid, she stared at him.
"What are you insinuating?"
"I'm not insinuating nothing I just want the truth? Where were you that night?"
"I told you."
"And what you told me doesn't make any sense!"
"I don't have to answer to you," she said, making her way to the front door.
"I'm your husband!"
Pauline looked at him, "And you can't even trust me." She then opened the front door and left, slamming it behind her.

While Claire was jogging back home, she noticed a figure standing on her porch, her curiousity soon turned to anger as she realized who it was.

"What are you doing here?!"
"You gave birth, I saw the crib through the window."
"How dare you!"
"No how dare you Claire, you give birth and hide the fact from me, it's own father!"
"I want you gone!"
"Tell me? Is it a boy or a girl? What's its name?"
"You don't deserve to know," she said with clenched teeth.
"I'm the father! What part of that don't you understand!"
"I said get off my property!" she screamed and she pushed Jared.
"You know what you're crazy, that's why I broke up with you! I never cheated on you or did anything like that, you're just a psycho," he said, and he turned to leave.

"Oh and by the way Claire," he said turning around. "I will be spending time with my child, whether you like it or not."
Claire screamed at him, picking up a rock on her porch and throwing it at him. He ducked, and ran back home.

"There you are," said Agnes, walking towards Connor. "I was wondering where you were after I didn't see you in your bed resting."
"I'm sorry, it was just so boring and I couldn't sleep," he said, looking at Agnes as she sat down, he began smiling at her.
"Do you always wear black?"
"Excuse me! But I like black!"
"It's so depressing..."
"Well, back in the day when a woman's husband died she would wear black, it was to let everyone know that she was in mourning and that she was a widow."
"But you said you're moving on."
"Yeah well..."
"Okay then promise me something."

"When you move on, when you find someone else, wear something bright and cheery."
Agnes laughed, "Why something bright and cheery?"
"Because for starters you're blonde, and you're way to pretty to be wearing black."
Agnes was flattered, she began to blush and smile from one ear to the next.
"Shutup..." she said quietly, Connor began laughing again.
"So you couldn't sleep, so you decided to play video games."
"Yeah why not?"
"But it's video games, and you have a fever you shouldn't be up and about working yourself."
"I'm not working up myself, and I am relaxing, just having some fun at the same time. And I'm feeling alot better."
"Yeah I can tell," she said, and she sat back and began enjoying watching Connor play.

"Oh my god Cyclone you'd never believe what I got?!"
"What?" he responded with very little emotion.
"Tickets to see Heatplay performing at the theatre tonight!"
"Wow," he responded agin, he didn't care.
"Oh my god I'm so excited, I have to go get ready I mean, there isn't much time before the show starts!"

"Did you just say you had tickets to Heatplay?" asked Stiles, approaching Blair.
"Yeah oh my god I'm so excited they're like my favorite band I just love them so much!"
"Wow they're my favorite band too, I once hauled equipment for them."
"Oh my god! Did you meet Kevin! I'm in love with Kevin! Did you touch him! Oh my god if you touched him, then if I touch you its like I'm touching him!" she squealed, she was in her own little world.
"No umm, I didn't touch him, but yeah you got tickets for their show tonight?"
"Yeah, I got two! Oh my god do you wanna come!?"

"Yeah of course I love them, it'd be great to go."
"Okay good, well we'll leave in half hour, I have to go get ready! Oh my god I can't believe were going out together! To see Heatplay!"
Blair screamed and ran off to her room, overjoyed and drunk on happy.


"Oh hello Thornton, wow what a surprise, I never imagined that you'd be the representative form Goth Enterprises."
"I thought I was meeting Tori?"
"She had a little fall if you know what I mean," she chuckled.
"I see..."
"So, how are you tonight."
"I'm well, and you?"
"I'm doing great, I can't wait to get started on this meeting I mean we have a lot to discuss."
"So it's strictly business right Tamara?"
"Oh of course, I am extremely professional when it comes to these kinds of things so don't worry about, you know, anything else."
"Alright then, shall we go inside, I need a couple of drinks," she laughed.

"So it's getting a bit late now, I should head home."
"Yeah," said Connor, walking Agnes to the door. "Thanks for everything."
"You welcome, it was my pleasure, the day turned out to be more... fun that I thought."
"Stuck in a house taking care of a total stranger."
"Who's now become a good friend," she began smiling again.
"You have such a great smile."
"Oh stop it please," she said, blushing again.
"No it's true, I'm being honest you have a great smile. And I don't know what I can do to repay you."
"Its alright Connor, I surprisingly enjoyed myself."

"Alright then, how about this?"
"How about I take you out to dinner, my treat."
Agnes gasped, then laughed.
"What?!" he replied.
"No it's nothing its just, what a way to meet someone."
"What do you mean?"
"It's nothing, but yes, I'd love to go out with you. I can't believe I said that nor can I believe what I did today but why not, I'll take the chance."
"Alright then, I'll call you and we'll set up a date."
"I'm looking forward to it..."
"Me too, thanks a lot Agnes."
"You welcome, and bye Connor, I'll see you later."

"Oh my god weren't they great!" screamed Blair.
"Yeah they were, wow, you truly are a fan."
"Of course I'm like their biggest fan!"
"I can tell, boy if only we had fans like you."
"Oh, I'm in a band too but were kinda small time."
"Really?! Oh my god that's so cool, I mean I just love the small time indie type of bands I think they're so cool!"
"Yeah, do you guys perform often at all?"

"No, were just practicing here at the theatre for now."
"Oh can I come see one of you guys practice sessions?! Oh I promise I won't try and jump out and grab at you like I did Kevin."
Stiles laughed, "Yeah when you did that I was like whoa."
Blair began laughing again, "Yeah it only just hit me like, what the hell did I just do?"
"But yeah, sure you can come any time were practicing and watch, I'd love to hear your opinion or your suggestions I mean you seem to have a good head on your shoulder when it comes to music."
"Oh I just love it, loved it ever since I was a little girl, just ask my parents," she laughed.
"Well... we should get going now."
"Yeah, it is getting pretty late."

"Well, here we are, at your door."
"Yes, here we are."
"Thanks for the invite Blair."
"You welcome, I'm glad you had a good time."
"Yeah well I never thought you could be so much fun."
"And I never knew you could be so much fun either," she blushed.
"So... kiss goodnight?"

"A hug instead... I don't kiss on first date..."
Stiles laughed, "Goodnight Blair."
"Night Stiles..."
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Default Chapter 5: Taking Chances continued

"Well wasn't that fun?" said Tamara as she and Thornton walked out of the bistro.
"Ugh, my head..." said Thornton, stumbling to walk, clutching his head.
"Ah, the drugs seem to be kicking in."
"What?" he asked in a drogy state.
"Oh, I spiked your drinks, so you're really loose tonight and, umm, easy to take advantage of."

"Wha-what did you do..."
"Oh Thornton!" and she lunged towards Thornton, hugging him.
"I love you, I knew since that moment outside at the party that I loved you, and that you loved me."
"What are you..."
"Thornton, don't fight it! You can't fight the feelings that we have for each other!"
"I-I'm married..."
"And soon, that won't be an issue, but for now, lets just relish the moment we have together."
"Ugh... people..."
"You're right, there are people here, I guess you're not comfortable with others knowing about our relationship yet I totally understand. Come, lets go over there."

"Tamara... get away from... me..."
"Thornton, don't try to fight it, you can't, we love each other, you can't fight love."

Thornton broke away from the kiss and shoved Tamara aside.
"I have a wife!" he exclaimed, and he stumbled away from Tamara, soon breaking into a run.

"And soon you won't."
And she looked down at her phone, at the pictures she had secretly took of them kissing.

Ding Dong
Jamie stood by the front door, waiting for an answer.
"Hi, can I help you?" asked the man who came to the door.
"Are you Landon?"
"Yes, what does it matter to you?"

We all take chances

"My friend, I think you know her, Pauline Goddard. She told me what happened between the two of you, and, this is really awkward I know but... I was wondering if you could help me out."

We take chances hoping that when we leap, there'll be a soft place to land, or a helping hand...

"Did you just hear that!?"
"Get the camera going get the camera going!"
"I am I am!"

We take the chance to fight for a child, not knowing what it may bring...

We take the chance to tell a friend, that his relationship with his girlfriend isn't working out, hoping that they'll listen...

We take the chance of starting a romance, knowing full well what it might bring...

Or what it might do to us...

We take the chance of hiding a secret from our spouse, knowing what it could do to our marriage...

We all take chances, even if the action we take is illegial...

"Here's your money, thank you for your... services."
"No... thank you..." she said, and she took the money from Landon, and left the house, unaware that the two boys were recording it all on tape.

But the biggest chance, is one with the most destructive of consequences...

"Claire, I'm so glad you're here, do you remember who wrote the note?"
"I do, infact I have the note from that same person too. It's not a death note or anything, he just wanted me to run some errands," she said and she showed the note to Fiona.
Fiona compared the two notes and gasped.
"The writing is the same!"
"Who? Who wrote this?!"

"Oh my god!"

Don't take this chance Fiona
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Chapter 5 is up, srry so late.
Comments plz :D, tell me what you think of Connor+Agnes, Blair+Stiles, and rate Tamara's craziness from 1-10 lmao
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Tamara's craziness: 12

she reminds me of georgina from gg lol
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I LOVED this chapter . I especially liked the bit where Agnes says she doesn't want to end up some old woman beating every happily in love couple with her handbag haha!

And Tamara being phsyco! I can't wait to read some more on that! Great job!

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Default Chapter 6: Forgive me Baby
Sorry for not replying at all lately, been sick and then I got stuck with exams at school, but now I'm free to write up some more drama lol. Hope you enjoy this update, n thanx for the comments, i luv georgina from gg lmao

It is often said that when you get something you're hiding off your chest, a huge weight has been lifted. You're conscience will be as clear and as calm as a lake.

They often say the same thing about forgiveness... harboring resentment and ill-will only erodes the soul. By forgiving, your very being will be lifted up, vibrant, and at peace... all you have to do is forgive and forget.

Tell that to Holly Alto...

Her two friends, River and Bebe, had betrayed her, and all with the same guy...

Ethan Bunch... her ex-boyfriend.

Yes to these group of friends, forgiveness is going to be something very hard to achieve, especially for a scorned blonde...

The Gorgeous and the Desperate


Bebe cried out to Holly as she was leaving the school. Holly, recognizing Bebe's voice only scorned.
"Please, you've been avoiding me whole day."
"For a reason Bebe."
"Are you gonna stay mad at me now? Over that stupid thing!"
"Bebe, if I'm not going to forgive River I'm certainly not going to forgive you."
"Oh my god I can't believe you're putting me in the same boat as River Holly, I never slept with Ethan."
"No, you lied to me and went behind my back by going out with him to the Black & White affair."
"It meant nothing Holly!"
"Really, because in my eyes you might as well have just slept with him," she responded, disgust all over her face towards her friend. She turned around, quick to leave.

"Hey... Ethan..." said River, as she walked up to the bench Ethan was sitting on. Ethan turned to face her.
"Can I sit down?"
"It's not my bench."

"Weird day huh," she said as she sat down next to him.
"One day everyone's welcoming you back, the next day they're giving you the cold shoulder."
"No one will even talk to you," she replied, muling on the fact that no one in the school even speaks to them anymore.
"I'm sorry River."
"Sorry about what?"
"Putting you into this, we should have never-"
"There's nothing to be sorry about Ethan, I put myself in this situation."
"So... where do we go from here?"

"'We' Ethan?"
"Yes, me and you, what happens with us?"
"I don't know..." she said as she looked up to the sky.
"Do we stay friends, do we avoid each other-"
"Or do we finally just decide to start dating..."
"I didn't say that."
"I know Ethan... I... I really like you-"
"River. I dunno, with everything thats happened, is it really wise for us to go out, and to further agitate things?"
River remained silent.
"You know I have a lot of homework, and this isn't helping me think," she said quickly, and she got up and walked away dismayed.

Ethan sighed, and got up, heading towards the center of the park. He stopped for second, then continued walking.
"Hey Bebe..."
Bebe looked up, sighed and then closed her book.
"Ethan, god what are the chances that I run into you here," she said in an irritated tone.
"Bebe I'm not here to stir up anymore grief for you okay, I just wanted to say hi."
"Well you said it..."
He remained silent for awhile, looking at her, "Thank you for coming with me the other night."
"And look what it did, my best friend won't talk to me."
"Then maybe she wasn't truly a friend..."

"How can you say that?!" she exclaimed, getting up.
"Bebe, me and Holly broke up okay, I don't understand why she's so mad! Is she not over me!"
"You were her ex, and I lied to her..."
"Because you knew how she would react if you'd been honest with her, face it Bebe, either way you still got the short end of the stick, what kind of friendship is that!"
Bebe became quiet, and looked aside ashamed.
"She's my only friend..."
"I'm your friend Bebe, and if it gives you any comfort I lost all my friends too. They all either hate me or think I'm a complete douchebag and don't wanna talk with me."
Bebe laughed, "Well, they may be right about the douche."
Ethan smiled at her, "Don't live your life by walking on egg shells Bebe, if she doesn't want to forgive you, then move on. Don't go on limiting yourself because of the fact that she's mad at you, you don't deserve that."

"Then what do you want me to do Ethan," she replied, smiling at him now.
"Forgive me..."
"Ethan, I forgave you awhile ago," she laughed to herself. "I was just angry, frustrated at what was happening, but as you said, I can't let that control me."
"Yeah, and who knows, maybe in time she'll forgive the both of us."
"Maybe... but, she's holding on to what River did so I wouldn't count on it," she laughed.
"River..." he said in a low tone.
"What's happening between you two?"
Ethan thought for a few seconds, then replied, "Nothing."

"Then come on Mr. Bunch, me and Holly always used to walk and talk after school, and since you're like my only friend now," she chuckled. "Let's walk and talk."
River stood by the fountain, eyeing the two, feeling upset, dejected, and angry.

Michael sighed as he looked up at the ceiling, his cellphone on the counter by his bed kept ringing, and his little sister was getting impatient.
"Who is calling you like that all the time!? And why aren't you answering it?! Jeez I wish someone would be calling me like that!"
"No you don't, it's annoying..."
"Well why aren't you getting it?"
"Because I don't want too..."
"Well do you know who it is?"
"A girl..."
Bella burst into laughter, "YOU LIE!"
"No, I'm not..."
"Who?! What 'girl' is calling you like that!?"
Bella gasped in shock, "Holly! Holly Alto!"
"You guessed it..."
"You idiot! Why don't you talk to her!?"
"Because I can always talk to her at school or something, why is she calling so much?"
"Duh! She likes you you moron!"
"Oh don't be dense brother, if a girl is calling you like that it means she likes you! What did you do to her to make her call you like that Mike?!"
"I dunno, I guess being mad at her..."
"That's it, I'm picking up your phone."

"No!" he exclaimed, sitting up.
"Then talk to her!"
"If you're mad at her, do you forgive her?"
"Yeah I forgave her a long time ago, I just... I just never let her know..."
"You are so dumb Michael you let a girl who's clearly into you remain concerned that you may never forgive her! You should be ashamed of yourself!"
"I can't believe you're giving me advice."
Bella rolled her eyes, "I lost count of the amount of times I've given you advice brother, now go pick up the phone!"
"Alright, sheesh, sometimes I forget I'm the older one," he chuckled.

Michael got up and walked over to his phone. He looked at it, then secretly so his sister wouldn't notice, turned off the phone. He then quickly put the phone to his ear.
"Hello... hello... she hung up..." and he put the phone down.
"Well then call her back!"
"Bella, she'll call back, and when she does, I'll pick it up."
"I promise I promise sis, now come on, leave me alone."
"Alright... hey, don't you have work?"
"I got fired."
"Whoa really?! You know dad's gonna be pissed!"
"I know..."

Holly, realizing that Michael had turned off her phone, quit her efforts to reach him. He wants nothing to do with me, she thought to herself, and she turned around to face her window, looking outside.

What do I do... I have no one.
Then her cellphone rang...

"Holly, hey it's me."
"Hey Parker..."
"What you up to?"
"Not much... why?"
"I was wondering if you wanna do something tonight."
"Do something?"
"Yeah, you know like go out," he laughed.
"Parker, I just got out of a relationship and you're already asking me out," she responded sarcastically.
"Boy you could hide the sarcasm a bit more. And it's not a date, were just going out as friends."
"Something that we both don't have a lot of right now."

"Alright, why not," she chuckled. "I enjoyed myself at the party with you so why not another night."
"Okay good, meet you at the beach..."

"Well well well, look where we are," said Bebe looking around.
"Were at my house," Ethan laughed.
"You led me to your house..."
"Guess it was a bit sub-conscious," he laughed. "We were talking so much I didn't realize where we were walking."
"It's alright, it's not too late and isn't like I don't know my way back."
"Don't worry about it, I'll give you a ride home."

"That would be nice I guess, if it isn't too much trouble."
"It isn't, so... are you going to come in?"
"Into your home? I'm sorry, I don't wanna meet up with your psycho sister," she laughed.
"Don't worry about Lisa, I'll make sure you won't run into her."
"Oh I dunno Ethan, there's still so much-"
"So much what? Are you worried about Holly?"
"I'm worried about what's going to become of us. What if we get closer? I don't think I can deal with-"
"You're thinking way to far ahead Bebe, I'm just inviting you inside."
Bebe started at Ethan, passing her hand through her hair gushing.
"Alright, lets go..."

"This is nice..." said Holly, looking out at the beach.
"Yeah, don't even need to talk, just enjoy the scene."
"I'm glad you brought me here Parker, it's sweet."
"Thanks... hey can I ask you something?"
"Go ahead..."
"Do we have feelings for each other? I mean, we tell each other were friends but, I'm thinking there's something more."
Holly looked away, "Why are you doing this?"
"I wanna know Holly. I mean, I don't wanna just keep beating around the bush like this when there might be feelings."
"Do you have feelings Parker?"
Parker remained silent, looking at Holly. "You tell me first."
"No. No I do not have feelings for you Parker. And I know you don't have any for me either because you are Parker Langerak."

Parker, smiled weakly then got up.
"Parker, don't tell me you're upset."
"I'm not upset Holly."

"I just want you to know that there is no 'us', there's nothing between us."
"Were just friends."

"So... can we still hang out?"
"I don't know if we should anymore Parker-"
"Oh come on Holly! If we don't have any feelings for each other what's the harm in just getting together once in awhile?"
"Because I don't know what we are Parker, why are we even friends. It's confusing and I just don't want to deal with it."
"So then I guess this is it then huh."
"Well, can I at least get a, first and last hug from a pretty girl like you?"
Holly, from her seat contemplated the request, then got up.

And hugged him.

"You have it VJ?" asked Lisa, walking up to VJ who was standing behind the diner.
"Yeah I have the stuff, do you have the cash?"
"Cold and hard."

VJ pulled out a small brown paper bag out from his jacket and traded it with Lisa for the money.
"It's good stuff, just how you like em."
"Oh VJ you know me well."
"Of course, I have to know all there is to know about my best customers, so I can please them well," he chuckled.
"I can think of so many ways you can please me VJ," she flirted.
"I'm strictly professional Lisa."
Lisa laughed, "Well, thank you for your business Alvi."

"So will you be using alone or with someone?"
"How I do my drugs is my business VJ."
"Ah, alone. If there's one thing about you Lisa, is that you don't have much friends."
"What are you talking about, I have you."
"But I will not fight wars with you Lisa, I mean friends who are girls."
"I choose not to make female friends because they're catty and will simply annoy me."
"So you do everything by yourself, you take down anyone who gets in your way. But what if those ones team up and gang up on you Lisa? What then? You have no friends, no one to watch your back so you're screwed, and that'll be your undoing."
Lisa became taken-aback, shocked at what VJ was telling her. Her shock then turned into apathy.
"VJ, let me tell you something, I can assure you, that that situation, that scenario, will never happen."
"Worst case whatever, just stick to your selling drugs, and stop with the advice."

"So... again here we are, in your bedroom."
"You said you didn't wanna bump into my sister right."
Both of them laughed.
"You're right, thanks for the invite inside."
"Again no problem Bebe, I enjoy the company. Make yourself comfortable, can I get you anything?"
"Like a drink?"
"What else," he laughed.
"Yeah sure, some juice I guess."
"Alright, I'll be back."

Ethan left down the stairs, leaving Bebe alone. She looked around the room, at Ethan's attic bedroom, and then sighed. Then Ethan's phone on top of the drawers started ringing.

Bebe walked over to it, curious and picked it up. Her curiousity soon turned into dismay.
She could hear Ethan rushing up the stairs from the bottom of the house, he no doubt recognized his ringtone. Bebe acted fast, by immediately pushing the ignore button on the cellphone and putting it back where she found it.

"Was that my phone?!"
"Oh what? OH, no that was my phone," she laughed.
"Huh, but I heard my ringtone."
Bebe played the same ringtone that was heard on Ethan's phone on hers.
"I guess we have the same ringtone," she joked.

Ethan laughed, "What are the chances of that!"
"I know, really weird huh, we end up having the same ringtone."
"It's quite a catchy ringtone, so I shouldn't be surprised."
"And maybe... it says something about us..."

River, disappointed and frustrated put down her phone. She touched her forehead with her hand and rubbed it, she was getting a headache. She then went outside and slumped herself on the chair.

"River, you're not looking well," said Lisa as she walked up the steps to the porch.
"Lisa, I don't remember inviting you over."
"That's cause you didn't, I invited myself over."
"Well I'd like it if you leave."
"Why? You don't even know why I came."
"And I don't want to know, it can't be any good."
"I just came to offer you a proposition."
"Well whatever it is I'm declining it."
"Are you aware that Bebe is at my house right now, as Ethan's guest..."

"Ah, so now you're intrigued..."
River looked away from Lisa, she didn't want her to see the hurt in her face.
"Yes, I had to leave the house because just her presence alone makes me sick."
River remained silent.
"River, I simply want to be your friend."
River turned to look back at Lisa, caution in her eyes.
"I know, its weird, we never really spoken before at all, but, we both have common... thorns in our side..."
"And what may those thorns be Lisa?"
"Holly and Bebe."
"I want nothing to do with Holly anymore."
"Maybe so, but I know you want to do something about the incoming... Bebe and Ethan..."
River continued silent, only glaring at Lisa.
"Alone, I can only do so much, but with you River, I'm sure we can bring her down, and more."

Well then, I think I'm going to enjoy this new friendship.

"Dad... you called me?"
"Michael," replied Simis, getting up from his seat. "Lets head over into the foyer."
"What is it?" asked Michael, as he followed his father into the foyer.

"Why aren't you at work? It's a week day and you're always scheduled to work at these times, is something wrong?"
"Dad, I've been meaning to tell you..."
"Tell me what?"
"I-I... I've been fired..."
Simis, shocked, stared at Michael in disbelief. His surprise soon turned to anger.
"Dad it wasn't my fault-"
"How did this happen?!"
"It was at the party the Goth's had, someone picked a fight with me and-"
"Michael I don't know how many times I told you to just back down from those neighborhood kids!"
"I did! I did so many times they just didn't leave me alone!"

"So you decided to fight them! While you were working!"
"It wasn't my fault..."
"Do you know what I had to go through to get you this job?!"
"I know dad..."
"I am so disappointed in you Michael! I go out of my way and you just let me down..." said Simis as he looked down at his son. "You're grounded."
Michael didn't respond, he just looked down at the ground, anger building up inside him as his father left. He looked up once Simis had left, tears welling in his eyes.

"What is it Lisa?" asked Parker as he stepped out of his house in his underwear.
"Oooooh look at those tightie whities," she teased.
"What do you want?"
"Not one for foreplay huh, fine, I want a progress report."

"It's off Lisa, Holly's a prune and she isn't going to open up to me."
"Well then work harder!"
"No. Lisa I don't even know why you would want me to do that to her in the first place, she's a good girl."
"Ugh again everyone thinks she's some good girl!"
"She is, and I don't want to hurt her like that. So I'm sorry Lisa, this deal is off."
"Then how about I add another incentive..."

"And what incentive would that be?"
"I think you've forgotten Parker... about your little incident breaking the law..."
Parker's face turned stone cold, he glared at Lisa.
"You bitch you wouldn't..."
"If I go to the police you'd be facing... manslaughter..." she smiled conivingly.
Parker remained silent, giving into Lisa.
"Good, so I take it the deal is still on."

"One day Lisa, I swear one day you'll get everything that's coming to you..."
And Parker turned around heading back into his house.
"And that'll be the day you rot in jail Langerak..."
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Default Chapter 6: Forgive me Baby continued

Michael Bachelor had managed to sneak out of his home, and decided to go to his favorite place to unwind whenever he felt stress. Unfortunately for him, stress wouldn't leave him be that easily.

"Holly... hey..."
"I know, its weird... I'm not stalking you or anything its just that I remembered when you told me that this is a good place to just relax... I'll leave if you want..."
"No it's okay... you can stay..."

"I'm sorry Michael..."
"No I'm sorry Holly, you had nothing to do with what happened... I guess I just over-reacted..."
Holly smiled, staring at Michael, then she turned to face the town.
"You're right, it's beautiful up here."
"Yeah, helps you to relax..."
"And clears your mind..."
"Something you realize you need to do?" asked Michael, looking at Holly.

"And who do you need to forgive?" joked Michael.
"A lot..." she said. "I've held on to their mistakes for so long that it's clouded my own eyes, I've been so terrible..."
"Well, you did find out a pretty big secret your boyfriend and best friend were hiding from you, it's understandable that you'd be upset."
"But they felt regret, they were sorry. And Bebe was so sorry too and I just threw that away. And if someone forgives me, I should definately forgive others..."
Michael laughed, "I really want you to understand you never really did any wrong to me, well, excpet going out with Parker."

Holly took out her phone.
"I have to call Bebe, I have to tell her I'm sorry."

Forgiveness... it is something that will bring peace and good will to you if you embrace it. To forgive your debtors and forget the mistakes they have made... But that applies to the one doing the forgiving, what of the person receiving the forgiveness... You would think they they'd be happy, over-joyed that their friend has finally gotten over their mistake...

Unfortunately for Bebe Hart, that is not the case. For she knows, that accepting Holly's forgiveness would only bring more heartache into their lives... and so you wonder, how and why did Bebe come to this decision...

"She's not picking up her phone... weird."
"It's okay, I hate picking up my phone," laughed Michael. "I'm sure you can tell her at school, what's one night right..."

I'll tell you what one night is...

As usual sound off and give your thoughts! Things get a lot more fun from here on out. Just can't wait to write out when Lisa, River, and Bebe eff each other up LOL, going to be tons of confrontations
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Phew, I was beginning to think you'd stop writing lol but your back yay .

Great update, as usual can't wait to read more.

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WOW. Lovely story, really sucks you in. Can't wait for an update!

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i hope not...i was really getting into it and cant wait for it to finish
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Basically ever since World Adventures came out and the patches they've put out, my game has gone to hell and there's problems after problems. Its either AwesomeMOD isnt working, which I NEED, or my in-store game items are not showing up, or the game is crashing to desktop. Ive read up forums on this site and MATY and nothing seems to all work together. I'm sorry lol, untill EA can fix this 1.8 patch I literally cant do much, it wont let me get past 8AM, or ALL the items i bought from the store aren't showing up.
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Oh no . I must admit I was having the same issue with the newer patches and World Adventures so I uninstalled world adventures and only used the 1.4.6 patch and my game runs fine.

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Ya i wish i could do that too, but the problem is because the story focuses on different sims and families at the same time, I need to switch back and forth between them on the fly, and to do that I absolutely NEED Awesomemod for its Supreme Commander and that mod only runs on the latest patch

Only other alternative I have rite now is to just play the game without the store content, so I need to remake over most sims in my neighborhood again
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So hows it going so far? Are we close to an update?
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Default Chapter 7: An Age-Old Question
After months of effort and stress I finally got it to work and I'm back. I'm simming more so I'll be updating more (hopefully). And THANK YOU for all the comments, rlly gets u going. So without further ado, the next chapter

How well do you really know your neighbors? You know, the people you see every time you walk outside in the morning to collect your newspaper...
Or the people you go to when you want to borrow some flour...
The people who you gossip with about your other neighbors...

Its an age-old question, in which most people living in Sunset will tell you that they know their neighbors very well...

They'll tell you that Gunther Goth is a noble, upstanding man within the elite of Sunset, who is kind hearted, generous and friendly to all. A great businessman who regularly contributes to the well-being of Sunset...

They'll tell you Vita Alto, charming and charismatic, and although having a cold and mean exterior, is a dignified politician with integrity who always has the interests of Sunset at heart...

They'll tell you about Iqbal Alvi, a struggling father of two boys, and how his wife disappeared leaving him alone to raise two boys. But even with all that, they all say that Iqbal Alvi is a good man who could do no wrong...

Finally they'll tell you about Geoffrey Landgraab, an upstanding father, loyal husband, and dedicated doctor. If there was ever a perfect husband and father, the residents of Sunset would say it'd be Geoffrey Landgraab...

Yes, we all tell ourselves we know our neighbors, and we never ask ourselves that question again once we find the answer...
But on this morning...

Fiona McIrish found herself asking that very question...

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Wesley, did you get it done?"
"It's going to take some time Gunther?"
"How long?"
"A day maybe."
"Wesley that's too long, I can't have anybody finding any discrepancies."
"I'm going to need time Gunther. Goth Enterprises is a big company, it's going to take me some time to change all the accounting records."
"You're the CFO, if anybody can do it it's you."
"You know this is illegal Gunther..."
"I know... but I have to do this. Fix the books Wesley, I'll contact you tonight."
He hung up the phone and looked through the window into his home.

"Sheena, it's bad."
"It's not your fault Vita..."
"It was my responsibility Sheena! I feel terrible for losing the fundraiser money! I was going to donate that..."
"Vita you're not to blame. I don't blame you, it wasn't your fault. I mean you live in a big house, of course the Sunset Burglar would target your home. It's just a shame all that money was taken."

"What are we going to do mayor?"
"Well Vita there's nothing we can do, all we can do is move forward with this okay..."
"Okay, thank you for understanding."
"Of course Vita, I trust you, I know you wouldn't lie to me."
"Of course I wouldn't..."
"Alright, I'll see you later today at the office, bye."
Vita hung up her phone, her look of despair changed to apathy.

She looked over to her bedside table, the fundraiser cheques were there, stacked neatly upon each other. She looked at her phone and began dialing another number.

"VJ where were you last night?" asked Iqbal, walking into the room upset.
"I'm home ain't I what does it matter..."
"It matters because I want to know what you were doing out so late!"
"You're concerned about me now," laughed VJ.
"You think this is a game VJ?! What were you doing?!"

"Quite frankly dad it's none of your business..." said VJ getting up from his seat to face his father.
"Is it drugs? Are you doing the drugs again?"
VJ scorned.
"Answer me!" exclaimed Iqbal grabbing VJ's arm.
"Don't touch me!" yelled VJ throwing his father's hand off his arm.
"I am your father!"
"NO! You lost that responsibility after that night!"
"That wasn't my fau-"
"It was! That's why mom left!"
Iqbal became silent, staring at his son.
"And don't you talk to me about drugs, when you can hardly control your drinking."
"I am sober." Iqbal said through clenched teeth.
"Really? Because I still see that bar in your bedroom," VJ said as he watched his father, before shaking his head and walking away.

"So Geoffrey?"
"Yes Nancy..."
"Oh nothing, I just want to make some small talk with my husband," she said, reaching for Geoffrey's hand and holding it. He smiled at her.
"So will you be free tonight?"
"Unfortunately no, I have work."
"Oh. When will you be done dear?"
"I don't know, I might have to be working pretty late, were under-staffed so we pretty much have to work over-time."
"Then you guys should hire more doctors, I would like my husband home once in awhile."

"I'm home now, and it's not like doctors grow on trees Nancy."
"I know that," she shot back. "Anyways, I was hoping you'd join me. The company is having a meeting over here and I wanted you to be here."
"Why? So you can give out that 'family' impression to Gunther."
"No that's not it I jus-"
"It's okay Nancy I know. Unfortunately I can't participate in your scheme to win over Gunther tonight I have work."
"Geoffrey, that's not the reason!"
"It's okay," he said leaning over to kiss Nancy on the cheek. "Anyways, I gotta run, thanks for the chat."
Geoffrey got up quickly and walked out of the kitchen. Nancy sat there, looking at her plate, gently touching the spot where her husband had kissed her.

Meanwhile, at the Doo Peas Corporate Towers.

"What is it Iqbal?" droned Thornton as he followed Iqbal out of the building.
"I have to tell you something sir."
"You know Iqbal I don't think were going to be paying you for this little stroll outside, you're supposed to be working."
"I know, but I didn't want anyone overhearing us."
"Overhearing us about what Alvi?"
"I was doing my usual paper works this morning and then I realized I didn't have last month's transaction records..."
"Okay? Why are you telling me this?"
"So I checked on the server and I noticed something..."

"Is this going to take much longer Alvi?"
"The expenses from last month doesn't match up with the net worth for this month!"
"What? In english Alvi."
"Every month are expenses are pretty much the same, except this month and last month's expenses are radically different!"
"So?! Maybe we did some huge spending like who cares!"
"Yeah that's what I thought, until I checked the archives. Last month's hard copy statement doesn't match with what's on the server..."
Thornton's face turned from annoyed to serious.

"Are you saying someone doctored the financial statements on the server!?"
"That's exactly what I'm saying. The statements on the server make it look like Goth Enterprises gained income but in fact, we didn't. We lost money."
Thonton clutched his head, surprised and taken aback by what he was hearing.
"Are you sure of this Iqbal?"
"You can check yourself, I'm not lying. I only came to you because you're my boss."
"Don't say a word about this to anybody!"
"What are you going to do?"
"I don't know Iqbal... I don't know..."

Why would anybody want to steal money from the company?

"Oh Vita you're home good."
"Yes darling I'm home from another exhausting day at city hall."
Nick laughed, "Couldn't stand handing over all that money to Mayor Sheena now could ya."
"Yes, I felt awful giving her all that money," she replied, smiling at her husband.
"Well anyways, Gunther's having this meeting over at the Landgraabs, care to join me?"
"Oh I'm sorry darling unfortunately I have a few calls to make and some work to finish up on, maybe another time."
"Of course of course, who am I to get in the way of the next congress woman," Nick laughed as he kissed his wife. Vita continued smiling at him.
"Well I'm off to that dreadful place, I'll see you later tonight."
"Have a good time Nick, and don't let Nancy beat you!"

"I certainly won't allow that!" exclaimed Nick as he left. Vita's smile faded as she looked over her shoulder.
He'll forgive me for lying to him.

"Illiana may I offer you something to drink? Some vodka perhaps? Isn't that your favorite?"
Illiana rolled her eyes and sighed.
"Dear god, it's me Illiana, please remove this woman sitting beside me from my presence."
"It's my house sweetie, if there's going to be any removing going on around here it's going to be you."
"When are you going to stop with all these meetings Nancy? I have children to attend to."
"Really? Because how I see it you have an unemployed husband and a green party sister staying with you so from where I'm sitting Illiana, you have enough adults taking care of your grown children."
"Well unfortunately for you 'mother of the year' you must have missed the memo, allowing others to take care of your children isn't the best form of parenting; which by the way from where I'M sitting, is exactly what you're doing."

"Okay ladies let's stop with the low brows at each others parenting skills here, were all a team, we need to work together and co-OP-er-ATE!"
"How can we work as a team when we have an alcoholic drunk onboard."
Illiana shook her head, rubbing her forehead with her hand.
"Oh getting a headache are we? Too much wine before you got here? Do us all a favor Illiana, drive home and crash your car."
"Oh my god you have no class, calling down 'death' upon another person! You must be a great role model for your son, who by the way Judy, is an anti-social weirdo!"
"Guys please! Stop this! This is insane! What the hell is wrong with the both of you!?"
"I'll tell you what's wrong?" said Nick walking into the room.

"Jeez who let you in the house?!"
"Thank god Nick is here."
"Oh no Nick is here..." said Judy.
"Nancy always starts these things, she's like a little terrorist, but instead of using bombs she uses her tongue."
"I wish I could use that tongue and bomb you Pillsbury!"
"So Nick, I heard you had a very good idea that you proposed to Gunther the other day," said Judy as she tried to steer the name calling insults into intelligent conversation.
"Good idea!? Who the hell did you hear that from? The fax machine!?"
"Nancy, no offense but I'm trying to have an A and B conversation with Nick here."
"Yes so you can C your way out of the room, in fact you can C your way out of town!"

A few moments later, Gunther arrived and the group sat down to get their company meeting started.
"So you all know why were here," said Gunther.
"Yeah, to hear out Cruella's bogus plan," said Nick.
"Who the hell is Cruella?!" Nancy shot out.
"Clearly she doesn't spend enough time with her child. Dye your hair black and while and go to google, you'll look exactly like her, inside and out."
"Guys! I am the CEO! I am the boss! And right now were going to have a dignified meeting where we do nothing but to work together and praise one another do I make myself clear!"
"Hey umm sorry I'm late..." said Thornton as he strolled in.

Gunther looked at him, as did everyone else. Illiana stared at him in disbelief.
"Thornton you're promoted, you are now a subordinate of Nick and no longer of me."
"Oh umm I don't know about that..." said Nick.
"I authorized it, approved it, it's moving ahead as of now and I simply can't be bothered anymore!"
"Great! Higher pay!"

Silence filled the room, everyone looking at Thornton.
"Who hired him!?" blurted out Nancy.
"You know what this doesn't matter right now! Please, Nancy share your proposal."
Nancy laughed and got up.
"Well, what I was thinking is that we should develop our own cosmetic line! Every girl needs it, every woman wants it, if we play our cards right it'll be a huge success among women, a target market we haven't been able to reach."
"Always thinking about yourself..." said Illiana.
"That's not a very good idea Gunther, I mean a 12 year old girl can come up with that."
"It's much better than your idea Nick! A fashion line!? Really?! You can't even pick out fashionable choices in suits."
"I'm sorry, because you're used to your husbands strange sense of plaid, does not make you an expert in style."
"And you are?!"

"People!" exclaimed Gunther.
"I need a drink," said Illiana getting up.
"I'm with ya on that!" said Judy, following Illiana. Gunther got up, Nick and Nancy getting up to face him.
"You two have very good ideas, but the problem my two vice presidents have is their lack of social skills, teamwork and cooperation, soft skills so to speak. So I'm going to do something about that."
"What? Fire the big oaf."
"I want you two to create both a new fashion line along with cosmetics to match. So I'm combining both of your proposals, and both of you will be working together."
"What?!" exclaimed Nancy.
"This'll be great," muttered Nick.

"Hey Illiana can I talk to you?"
"Sure what is it Thornton, congratulations on your promotion."
"Yeah, thanks for that. But, something came to my attention at work and I nee-"
"Ah umm no, I'm no longer your boss remember, so whatever you wanna say about work tell it to Nick."
"But it's important Illiana!"
"I don't care Thornton, tell it to Nick," she said, looking over at Nick, Nancy and Gunther arguing.
"But looks like you'll have to wait awhile," she laughed. She patted him on the shoulder and walked away.

"I don't believe this..." said Nancy.
"Well Nancy guess you and I'll be working together from now on," Nick chuckled. "Not the type of outcome I was expecting."
"Are you happy about this?!"
"Well I'm certainly not pleased, but I'm not fuming like you," he continued laughing. "Look at the bright side, at least we still have our jobs."
"That's not bright Nick, bright is you being let go."
"Well unfortunately for you that ain't happening, so 'partner', when's our next meeting?" laughed Nick.
Nancy growled and stormed off...

To argue with Gunther.

"Nick can I talk to you?" asked Thornton, approaching Nick.
"You know this whole promotion thing I really don't know about that, maybe I can get you transferred to Nancy or something."
"Can you just shutup about that! I have to tell you something important!"
"O....kay... not a good way to talk to your new boss but okay."
Nick followed Thornton out into the backyard of the Landgraab residence, Thornton looked around to make sure no one is around them.
"So what is so important Thornton that you told me to shutup?"
"Someone is fixing the accounting records."

"Excuse me?"
"Exactly as I said it, I checked it out this morning. Someone changed the accounting records to hide the fact we lost money."
Nick remained silent.
"What do we do about this, I mean who would do this? Why would they do this?"
Nick continued to be silent.
"Nick, aren't you going to say anything?"
"Who else knows about this?"
"Iqbal Alvi, but he's not going to tell anyone. Why? What are you thinking?"
"Only one person can authorize changes to the accounting records server side, Wesley Chambers."
"So is he stealing money from the company."
"No, no one has access to company funds."
"So then I don't get it, how is it that we lost massive amounts of money?"
"We don't have access, but Gunther does..."
Thornton's eyes widened.

"What the hell are those two talking about? Probably ways they can embarrass and humiliate me out of a job... I can't believe I have to work with an idiot like Nick... look at him... plotting and scheming away... And I thought I knew him so well back then..."
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Default Chapter 7: An Age-Old Question Continued
Yes, we all think we know our neighbors. But in truth, we know nothing about them, take that upstanding loyal doctor Geoffrey Landgraab...

Who told his wife he had work tonight, but instead of being at the hospital, was at a secluded park...

"I'm glad to see you."
"I'm happy to see you too Geoffrey."

With another woman...

And that politician who you put so much trust in...

"I take it you got the money."
"Thank you for that wonderful contribution Vita, your fundraiser went towards a good cause."
"I've held up my end of the bargain I expect you to hold up yours."
"Of course Vita, when the mayor approaches counsel with her new proposition, we'll be sure to side with the opposition, and put her down..."
"And... we'll take delight in vetoing the mayor... so as to remove Sheena from office, and putting one of our own in her spot."
"And I'll replace that vacant position?"
"As you stipulated in the agreement."
"I have to ask Vita, why are you doing this to your so called friend and co-worker, I thought you and Sheena were close. We never imagined you would go this far..."

"Why? Because as long as Sheena is in power... I'll never get where I want to be..." she replied, and she hung up, staring out at the town.
I'll never be mayor.

The ideas and thoughts we all associate with our neighbors are nothing but a facade, an image they help conjure up to mask the ugly truth behind it...

"It's done Gunther, all records server side have been changed."
"And the archives?"
"Don't worry about that, the board and the investors don't check or even know about the archives."
"Good, thank you Wesley, you'll be getting compensated for this."
"I just hope the reason you're doing this Gunther, is as important as you say it is..."

The truth that in reality, your neighbor is siphoning money from his own company, or that neighbor politician stole money from the townsfolk, and used it to pay the opposition party to help take down the mayor...

And that faithful husband...

Who is cheating on his wife...

But of course, these truths are hidden behind closed walls and you'd never know any better... until the day they all come out crashing out the front door...

And you once again ask yourself asking the age-old question...

How well do you know your neighbors?

"Go back inside Miraj!"

"Mr. Alvi, you are under arrest for the murder of Erik Darling!"

Sound off on the plot twists, lemme know! Taking pics of the next update as we speak
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Default Chapter 8: Man in the Mirror

Our reflection... it is the person we see when we look at the fountain in the park...

It's the person we see when we lounge by the pool side...
This person we see staring back at us is exactly how we look...
but is not necessarily the same person...

The reflection could be the girl we once was, beautiful, outspoken, popular, and who everyone liked. It's the girl you long to return...

The reflection could be the woman you want to be, successful and confidant, with the man of your dreams at your side. You'll do anything to become that woman, and so you scheme with your reflection...

That man in the mirror could also be a hateful figure, someone you constantly try to run away from but can never escape, he'll always be with you. And you're reminded of your past sins and mistakes, that'll haunt you every time you see his face...

She could be the woman who witnessed you make a grave mistake, and you wrestle with her every morning so that she won't tell your husband of your infidelity...

Or the lady you reason with, to justify the actions you've taken, telling her there was no other way, and that you did it to continue living the life they have now...

But sometimes, there are certain reflections that don't reflect the viewer's image back to them, but instead reflects the image of someone completely different, like your father. A father who cheated and divorced numerous times...
It's this image you see every day, and even if the reflection is bad or good, one thing is for certain. You must never allow that man in the mirror to overcome you...

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"So, Connor talk to me?!" asked Jared as he made french toast on the counter,
"What?" asked Connor, giving half of his attention to his brother.
"Uh what do you mean about what! Agnes!"
"Oh, her nothing much to say."
"Nothing much to say! She was with you all day and all you can tell me is nothing much to say!" laughed Jared.
"I collapsed outside, hit my head a bit hard, she was nearby and took care of me no big deal."
"Connor! Come on I'm your brother man I always tell you everything! There's got to be more than that!"
"Noooo, except that I might have asked her out..."
"Woah big bro!" laughed Jared nearly cutting himself with a knife. "Way to go! Have you called her yet!?"
"No not yet..."

"What are you waiting for?! It's the weekend, its beautiful outside, take advantage and ask her out!"
"It's always beautiful out Jared," laughed Connor as he got out a book and began to read.
"You better ask her out."
"Soooo, on a change of subject, what's up with you and Claire?"
"Now that's a 'what's there to talk about subject'" Jared laughed. "But seriously, I'm sueing her for sole custody of Amanda."
"Sole custody, woah."
"I know, but Claire's crazy and I don't want my daughter around that psycho-path!"
"Psycho-path? Crazy? Jared don't you think you're over-reacting here?"
"No, I'm being perfectly rational. And knowing her she'll probably try to weazle her way out of this with her scammy forged notes she's so good at doing!"
"Oh yes, she is amazing at forging notes! Must be a great skill to have," Connor laughed.

"Blair! Blair I have to tell you something!" whispered Tamara as she creeped into Blair's room.
"Why are you whispering and why are you being so sneaky?"
"I'm practicing," Tamara responded sarcastically, Blair rolled her eyes.
"What do you want?"
"Iqbal Alvi's been arrested!"
"Oh my god for what?!"
"The Erik Darling accident is now being called a murder, and Iqbal is the prime suspect!"
"Oh no! Who would've thought, he seemed so... foreign, like he didn't understand how things worked in this country."
"You're horrible Blair, but it's probably true, maybe he thought it was okay to murder another person."
"But why Erik? That seems so random?"
"He's foreign," joked Tamara.

"So how was the Heatplay concert Mr. Mcgraw?" asked Cyclone.
"You went to the Heatplay concert?" asked a distant Emma.
"Ya he did, with Blair," Cyclone teased. Emma laughed hysterically.
"Yeah so what, what's wrong with that?"
"So you went to a Heatplay concert with Blair? Did you get thrown out of the theatre due to her hysterics!" she laughed.
"Actually Blair was quite calm and we had a really good time together."
Emma and Cyclone began laughing even harder.
"Stop lying Stiles, Blair is hyper-active and over-emotional, specially when it concerns 'Kevin'!"

"I don't appreciate you talking about me Cyclone," said Blair as she and Tamara walked into the kitchen. Tamara took a seat with the group, Blair stood facing them quite upset.
"Well it's true Blair, you're like a giddy school girl with self-esteem issues," said Emma.
"Says fatty over here!" exclaimed Blair.
"Blair come on."
"And you're also one to talk Cyclone. At least when I go out with someone they enjoy my company!"
"Oooooooh Stiles you're about to witness a Roomie brawl," said Tamara.
"I don't know what you're talking about Blair. As usual you're delusional."
"Yeah I know delusional Cyclone, you're definitely delusional into believing you and Alysia have a relationship!"

"Boy were going extremely low aren't we?" laughed Tamara.
"At least I'm in a relationship."
"Seeing your next door neighbor once a week isn't a relationship and FYI, I am in a relationship."
"Really?!" asked both Cyclone and Emma at the same time.
"Stiles how would you like to go out for dinner tonight?"
"Ummm... I have work..."
Cyclone and Emma burst into laughter, and Blair's face turned to disappointment.
"But... we can go after I finish," Stiles laughed. Blair's frown turned into a big smile, gloating at her two roommates.
"You try getting a date with Alysia Cyclone."

Cyclone got up and took out his phone.
"Look how skinny he is, what kind of guy is that skinny... I bet I weigh more than him," Blair remarked.
"Hey Alysia, how are you?"
"Hey Cyclone umm, I can't talk right now I'm really tired can I call you back?"
"Sure, call back whenever you're ready."

"HA HA!"

Pauline walked out of the hospital, worried written all over her face. She took out her phone and began calling her best friend.

"Hey Pauline what's up?"
"Jamie can you meet me somewhere I need to tell you something."
"Oh my god you sound so serious what's wrong?"
"It's just... can you meet me at the museum, I need your help."
"Sure thing, I'll get down there right away... are you okay Pauline?"

"Hey Agnes?"
Oh Connor hi! I was wondering when you were going to call!" laughed Agnes.
"Ya well I finally got up the courage."
"Courage really?" she laughed. "Cause it looked like you had tons of it the other day."
Connor laughed with her.
"Do you wanna go out tonight?"
"I'd love to Connor? Where you planning on taking me?"
"Well, there's a nice secluded beach we can go to, away from people and the town and stuff, could just be me and you..."
"That'd be so nice Connor, I'd love that but I'll call you back, someone's at my door."

Agnes opened up her front door, surprised to see Fiona at her door step... again.

"Hi Fiona, you're here to see me... again."
"I just wanted to see how you were doing? I mean, with everything that's happened and all... I'm sure you've heard..."
"Heard what?"
"That they arrested Iqbal Alvi in connection with your husband's death..."
"What? Really?"
"You haven't heard?"
"Come inside..."

"So... they arrested Iqbal?"
"Well, I tipped them off..."
"It's complicated..."
"I think I have a right to know Fiona!"
"I found a note... a death threat in the book you were reading the night of the gathering, when I came over. And I compared the note with that of another note Claire Ursine gave me... both were written by Iqbal..."
"Wait a minute... Claire!?"
"Yes, what about her?"
"Honestly Fiona, why you took the liberty of doing all these things is beyond me-"
"But Agnes, don't you want to know the truth!?"

"Yes, but the fact you're taking anything that woman says as worth I don't think you should be sharing it with the police!"
"What are you talking about? Claire is very trustworthy!"
"You know I don't want to talk about but I will say this Fiona, I knew my husband, I knew him very well, and I don't care what type of notes you found, Iqbal would have no reason to kill my husband."
"There was a note..."
"And there is more to this than meets the eye Fiona... you're a journalist... dig deeper..."
"Haven't you ever felt something deep down in your heart that you know its true?"
Fiona remained silent, she had felt that feeling before.
"I know Iqbal did not murder my husband."

"Okay Pauline I'm here what is it?"
"Over here," Pauline said, leading Jamie into a corner of the museum.
"Why are you being so secretive," laughed Pauline.
"I'm pregnant."
Jamie was shocked. Her eyes widened.
"Did you hear me Jamie?"
"I heard you..."
"See the situation I'm in..."
"Is it with...?"
"Yeah, the father is definitely Landon. Me and Hank always used protection... me and Landon were a bit... slack."
"Then get an abortion."

"I can't get an abortion Jamie!"
"Then what other solution do you have Pauline!? If you and Hank wrapped it up every time you were in bed he's clearly gonna jump to the conclusion you cheated on him!"
"I know..."
"Then... just tell him it's his..."
"I don't know if he'll believe me."
"It's worth a try isn't it."
Pauline stared at her friend, considering the option Jamie had laid out before her.
"You guys can start your family early Mrs. Goddard."

"Well well well look who's out of that depressing dress!"
"It's not depressing!" exclaimed Agnes as she approached Connor.
"But you look great, not bright or cheery, but still great."
"Thank you," she blushed.
"So, is this it, we just gonna stand here by some Lime trees?" she joked.
"Maybe, or we can stroll over there by the picnic basket on the shoreline."
Agnes turned her gaze to the basket on top of the blanket and laughed.

"These hot dogs are great," Agnes said sarcastically.
"My brother made them," he responded with a laugh.
Agnes stared out at the lake.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing, it's just... really beautiful..."
"The lake?"
"Everything... thank you Connor."
"For what?"
"For getting me out of that house. I was lying to myself, I kept saying I moved on and that I'm alright but really I wasn't..."
"I'm sorry if this is too much."
"No no no it's not that. I'm happy here, I can finally move on and stop being so bitter."
"I'm glad I have that effect on a woman."
Agnes laughed.

Thornton Wolff sat down by the fountain at central park, the daily argument he had with Morganna this morning playing in his head.
"How are we so far apart...?"
"Because you aren't meant for her Thornton."

"Night Thornton..."
"Are you stalking me?!"
"So... what if I am?" she whispered, leaning in closer to Thornton.
"Get away from me Tamara."
"Then kiss me..."
"I've had enough of this Tamara I'm going home to my WIFE!"
"Well then, I don't think you're wife is going to like these photos I have..."
"You know, of the night we shared that passionate kiss Thornton. I took some pics with my cell so I can remember that wonderful night days after, and for situations like these."
"What the hell is wrong with you?! What do you want?!"
"A kiss..."

"There! You satisfied you nut job! Now leave me the hell alone!"
"I don't think you understand the situation here Thornton! I love you! Something your wife doesn't feel towards you!"
Thornton grabbed Tamara's arm and violent pulled her closer to him.
"You listen here you dumb idiotic bitch, whatever Morganna may feel for me and I for her she is my wife and I made a vow! I will never be like my father and leave her for trash like you!"

Tamara pushed Thornton away from her, fuming and violently angry.
"How dare you?! I give you affection, attention, love! All the things Morganna refuses to give you and you call me trash! I love you Thornton, and if you can't see that then I'll make you see it!"
Morganna turned to storm away but Thornton grabbed her.
"What are you going to do?!"
"I'm going to show your precious wife these pictures Thornton, so you can see she doesn't value those vows as much as you do!"
"Stop don't do that!"
"Why?! Why shouldn't I?! What are you going to do?!"

"I'll have sex with you if you never show those pictures to Morganna..."

Jamie relaxed on the recliner, thinking about her day and the amount of over-time she'd have to put in to finish paying all of her expenses... it was impossible. Even with her recent side job, she still wouldn't have enough to pay off all her debts. They would come soon, to start taking away all her possessions. Then her phone rang.

"Hi Jamie, it's me Landon, from the other night."
"Oh yes hi I certainly remember you. What can I do for you?"
"Well I was wondering... are you still doing... you know, what we did the other night?"
"You mean selling myself to you, no I'm sorry I'm not doing that again."
"No I don't mean with me, but if you're not doing it anymore that's fine I was just calling you to offer you some more work."
"Wait what?"
"I know some guys who'd pay... more handsomely than me for your services. But if you're not up for it than-"
"No. I am, I'll take that offer, as long as we keep it clean and simple."
"Of course, don't worry, these guys are working professionals they're not going to try and pull anything on you."

Jamie had found her answer.

"Aww man the bistro is closed!" moaned Stiles as he and Blair approached the front door.
"It's okay..."
"But I'm starving, and I really wanted to have dinner with you."
"Well, we can still be together, here let's sit down and just enjoy the night."
"Seems kind of... pointless we can do that at home."
"Yeah but then we'll have Emma and Cyclone in our face and I don't know about you but I can't stand those two."
Stiles laughed and sat down by a table.

"So, what do you want to talk about?"
"Well anything, let's get to know each other a bit more."
"Well, my name is Stiles McGraw and I just moved here to Sunset."
"Well I know that," laughed Blair.
"Well what do you want me to say, you know me."
"Yeah but where did you come from? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How was your child hood like? Things like that."
"Well they're boring, I was adopted okay so not much to talk about."
"Being adopted isn't boring, don't you have any exciting adoption adventures to share."
"You're no fun Stiles. I mean with me I had an amazing child hood experience. I was popular, loved by all, had so many exciting nights out with all my high school friends," she reminisced. "Ask my parents they remember it as if it was like yesterday."
Stiles became silent.
"What's wrong?"
"Something is bothering you Stiles what is it? Tell me?!"

"It's nothing okay!" Stiles blurted out. Blair was taken-aback.
"This was a mistake, we shouldn't have done this!" he exclaimed getting up.
"What's wrong? Are you mad because I was asking about your past? Stiles if were going to be living together, much less seeing together I think were going to have to know these things," she said.
"Then maybe we shouldn't be doing those things," he responded coldly.
Blair was shocked, staring at him in disbelief... where did this all come from?

Emma stepped out of the diner for her break. She was exhausted, working hard as the chef late night she needed some air to clear her head. She breathed in the crisp Sunset air and sighed, taking in the night. Then she heard whispers, coming from the side of the diner...

"Alysia?" she whispered to herself.
Alysia began dialing on her phone and put it to her ear.
"Hey I'm ready... ya I heard... they arrested him... is it really the right thing...? I know we don't have a choice but-... Alright, I'm on my way there now... ya I got the stuff from the other night... Alright, I'll talk to you later..."

"What is Alysia doing out here so late? And why is she dressed in all black? Could she be...?"
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Default Chapter 8: Man in the Mirror Continued
When we look in the mirror, we see that person who could be a variety of things to us...

It could be our present... our new way of life that we just have to accept...

It can be our dreams, something we cling on to and long for with a burning and dangerous desire...

It could be someone who we swear we'll never become, so we do everything in our power to stop that from happening... anything...

It could be of our dark past, and how it continues to dictate the actions we take in our lives, even shutting out the ones we grow to care about...

Or of the secrets... we no longer can keep hidden from the one we love...

"Hank... I... I'm pregnant..."
"What? H-how?!"
"I don't know," she sobbed. "Maybe we weren't careful enough I dunno but it's happened. That's why I've been so secretive to you Hank I know you didn't want this."
"Why didn't you just tell me?"
"I was afraid..."
"You don't have to be afraid ever... Pauline..."

"I love you."

That person in the mirror will constantly tell you that you aren't good enough, which is why people will never like you like they once had in the past... which drives you to do severe actions...

"Is she vomiting?"

We all see this reflection... something private that only we have to battle with...

Phone Rings.

But at times, someone may look through your window into your room, and see that ugly reflection for themselves...

"Who the hell is calling at this hour?!"

"It's me Jared."
"Charles?! What the hell are you calling me this late for!?"
"This couldn't wait till morning."
"What couldn't?!"
"What about her?"
"Claire isn't her real name."
"What are you talking about?!"
"The real Claire Ursine died 5 years ago!"

And we find ourselves asking... who the hell are you?
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I love your story!! Thank you for updating so soon!! =D
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Default Chapter 9: Can't Fight this Feeling
blackmiranda: Thanx, I'm trying to update faster now, but Sims in TS3 are "difficult" lol

Happy, sad, angry, confused; Feelings, our natural response to our thoughts or intentions. Whether staring at a full moon, our first car, or experienced a break-up, we all experience these "feelings". They come up naturally without our choosing or involvement. At times though, we experience an odd feeling, a sense of foreboding...

VJ Alvi experienced this this night, and it spurred him to do something... something he knew he had to do before it was too late...

"What are you doing?"

Miraj asked as he walked into his father's dark bedroom, VJ frantically searching through his father's drawers.
"I'm looking for it."
"Looking for what?"
Miraj stared at his brother, narrowing his eyes as he stared at him.
"I thought dad got rid of it..."
"He lied."
"How do you know?"
"Because I saw it one time."
"So then why are you looking for it now?"
"Because our dad is arrested for murder Miraj, the police are gonna search our house... and if they find it..."
Both Miraj and VJ became silent, not wanting to think of what would happen.

"You found it?" asked Miraj.
VJ pulled out an envelope deep within one of the drawers and sighed a sigh of relief. Miraj continued looking at him.
"This calls for a drink," he laughed as he walked over to his father's bar.
"Dad wouldn't want you using that."
"Dad isn't here now is he," he responded, beginning to pour out some rum in a cup. "You want any?"
Miraj stared at him, his expression blank less, then he burst into laughter.
"What is wrong with you VJ? How are you asking me if I want to drink some rum," he laughed, sitting on one of the bar stools.
"I don't know, figured you would wanna try it out," he chuckled, sitting beside his brother.

"So, how you holding up Miraj? Considering our dad's accused of murder."
"Well VJ, considering our father's in jail, I'm doing quite alright, I have my delinquent alcoholic brother looking after me," he teased.
"Correction, I am neither delinquent nor alcoholic," he laughed.
"But seriously, Aldo calls a lot and it's good to know I have a friend. Course, part of the reason he calls is to check up on 'it'."
"It? Are we talking about the same 'It'?"
"No this is a different 'It'," he laughed. "Me and Aldo's little secret."
"Ah," VJ chuckled. "Well, at least you have Aldo. None of my friends called."
"I'm sure they think about you VJ, it's just, what the hell do you say to your friend who's dad's been accused of murder," joked Miraj.
"Point taken little bro, point taken."
"So, I have to ask, what exactly is dad's 'It'?"
VJ sighed, looking down at the envelope in his hand.
"It's a letter from mom... about that night... when it all changed..."

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 keep it going now 1 and 2 and 3 and 4...
The numbers repeated in Michael's head as he performed squats in sync with the workout program on the TV. Bella stood quiet behind him, eyeing him out of curiosity and wonder.

"What are you doing?"
Michael, embarrassed his sister stood behind him stopped with his squats, spinning around to face wide-eyed Bella.
"I was just uh... you know doing some exercising."
"Ya...yeah! And what are you doing sneaking up on me like that?!"
"Well if you must ask," she replied, skipping over to a sofa and plopping down on it. "I just wanted to know how's it been with you and Holly?"
"Oh why do you always want to know about that portion of my life," he responded begrudgingly, sitting down on the couch.

"I am your sister Michael, it's what we do," she laughed.
"Well... nothing's been happening..."
"Why has nothing been happening?"
"I don't know why are you asking me this?!"
"Oh my god Michael you are so dumb! Haven't you guys gone out yet?!"
"What do you know about 'going out'?!"
"Well Michael, if both of you guys like each other you go out... date in other words."
"Well we are dating?"
"Really? Because a minute ago you said nothing was happening."
Michael said nothing.
"It's Sunday Michael... ask her out."
"I will Bella, but not until I get another job."
Bella laughed in response.

Sunday morning in Sunset is always the best time to clear your head and sort out those feelings. The scenery is beautiful, the streets are quiet, and an overall sense of calmness permeates the air. It's the perfect time for job-hunting... confrontations, new love, and running into fierce rivals...

Michael turned his head as he stepped out of the grocery store, turning his head to see Parker sitting on a bench.
"Not now Parker."
"Yeah I'm not in the mood either Bachelor, here with my mom and not of my own free will might I add."
"How sad," he replied sarcastically, starting to continue along the sidewalk.
"Come sit down, let's have ourselves a little chat."
"What could we possibly 'chat' about?"
"I don't know, hmmmm, how about... this relationship you have with Holly," he said, grinning from ear to ear.
Michael looked at him with a smile, shaking his head and sitting down beside him.

"So, you and Holly just friends?" Parker asked, laughing at the same time.
"No actually were dating," Michael retorted back, clearly offended.
"Really?! Could have fooled me."
"Really Parker? Please, elaborate on that."
"Well haven't really seen you two around town much together, sure at school but that's school."
"We do hang out."
"I took her to the science center."
"The science center?!" Parker laughed.
"It was at night, we sat there on the edge of the hill overlooking the town and just watched the stars. I don't know about you Parker, but we BOTH enjoyed that night."

"Well... I took her to the Black & White Affair and to the beach one night so, I guess I got you beat there."
Michael looked over at Parker.
"She doesn't like you Parker, I don't think she'd ever like a guy like you," he said coldly.
"Maybe you're right," Parker chuckled, tilting his head back and looking up at the sky, "But I don't think she'll like a guy like you either. Maybe she just feels sorry for you."
"Low blow Parker, low blow."
"You started it."
"Then how about this, we do a double-date, I bring Holly as proof that were serious and you bring... one of your many lady friends."
Parker looked Michael in the eye, a burning feud burning between them.
"You're on Bachelor."

"Holly, now what are you doing out here all by yourself?"
Holly, busy making some lemonade for herself looked up at her mother, she smiled weakly.
"Well? Aren't you going to answer me?"
"I have no plans mother."
"Well isn't that a shock, it was almost everyday you used to run out of the house having some type of plan with a friend."
"Well, no plans today," she said, in a depressing tone.
"Something's wrong," Vita responded.
Holly continued smiling at her mother, "Drink?"

Vita took the glass and sat beside her daughter. She looked over at Holly, Holly looking back at her.
"Nothing's wrong mom," she laughed.
"Oh come on Holly you can talk to me."
"Where'd this sudden interest come from?"
"Well seeing as how you're home for once I figured why not have a civilized mother daughter conversation with Holly, instead of our usual arguing."
"I liked our usual arguing," she joked.
"You're dodging my question Holly. I know when something is bothering you, what happened to that Hart girl, Bebe?"
"Nothing, were still friends," she lied.
"And Langerak? You did come with him to the Black & White affair the other night."
"He's just an acquaintance mom."
"Okay good, I just don't want you hanging around that boy."
"Nothing's wrong with him mother," she sighed, looking off to the side. She jumped a bit as her phone began ringing.

"I have to take this mom."
Holly got up and took out her phone.
"Hey Holly it's me."
"Hey Michael!"
Vita glanced over at Holly, having heard the name "Michael".
"I was wondering if you wanna have lunch with me."
"Yeah of course I'd love to Michael. I'm stuck in the house with nothing to do so I'm incredibly bored."
"Great, at the bistro okay."
"Yeah, really looking forward to it..."

"Well isn't this nice," whispered Ethan in Bebe's ear, cuddling up to her and holding her tightly.
"Very," she answered back.
"No Lisa, no annoying siblings or inquisitive parents home to bother us. We have the house all to ourselves."
"And I am so glad for that," she said, kissing Ethan.
"I am so glad you gave me a chance Bebe."
"Me too, even though I may have lost Holly as a friend, it doesn't matter because I have you. You're amazing Ethan Bunch."
"And I'm glad I have you Bebe Hart."
"Who could ever let you go...?"

Their making out session was soon interrupted by the sound of the door downstairs opening and closing, and a voice yelling out "Is anybody home?!"
"Damn, Lisa, Arlo, and Darlene are back!"
"Well we could leave the house."
"And go where?"
"Let's go take a stroll in the park, I don't care who sees us, I just wanna be with you on the beautiful day it is today."
Ethan looked at her smiling, then gave her a kiss.
"Yeah, lets go."

Meanwhile, at the Bistro...
"So Michael, I love it how you failed to mention this would be a double-date," said Holly sternly.
"Oh well you know, that was such a minor detail I didn't want to bore you with," he said laughing, trying to play it off.
"Looks like trouble between the two of you," said Parker.
"Shutup Parker. You told me it'd just be the two of us on a romantic lunch!" exclaimed Candy Ashendale.
"Of course you'd believe that Candy seeing as you have the intelligence of a chocolate bar," said Holly.
"Holly! Please be nice to my date! What has she done to you to deserve this?"
"It's okay Parker, I'm used to insults from the well to do stuck up elitists like Holly here."
"Oh no I'm not stuck up Candy I just have class, something you lack."
"Okay on a different subject before we all kill each other, I got a new job after Parker and his friend VJ got me fired."
"Oh that's great Michael where are you working?"

"At the spa, as a receptionist unfortunately but hey I'm getting paid."
Parker started laughing, and Holly kicked him under the table.
"Well I'm happy for you Michael," said Holly.
"What happened to your last one?" asked Candy.
"He got fired," shot Parker.
"Because of you and your convict dad friend! If you hadn't picked a fight with me at the Black & White affair I would still have my catering job!"
"Man I wish I went to that, it must have been amazing."
"That's a huge over-statement," said Michael.
"Well you're delusional into thinking trash like you could ever get into that party Candy," said Holly.
"You know what is your problem Holly?" asked Candy.
"Well too bad for you I am Parker's date."
"More like fling."

"Okay ladies let's lower the PMS levels in the air here."
"It's your fault Bachelor you arranged this."
"This was your idea Michael?"
"So Candy what do you do as work? I know these other two do nothing, but I'm curious what you do."
"Well I-"
"Why are you asking her you know what she does. Haven't you seen her standing by the street corner at night, I certainly have," said Holly.
"You know what I need to use the ladies room," said Candy, getting up from the table.
"Good please leave."
"I'm going to get some more drinks, where are those drinks?" said Parker nervously as he got up as well. Michael stared at Holly in disbelief.
"What I don't like her," she laughed. "Nor trust her."
"Yeah but did you have to be that mean to her?"
"Oh please Michael, screw her and the trailer park she rode in on."
Michael rolled his eyes, "Well I'm going to go see if she's okay and not slitting her wrists or something."
"Sure thing," she said as Michael got up. She watched him leave, glanced to see if anyone was looking, then quickly scooped up some dirt from off the floor and sprinkled it in Candy's food. She then proceeded to spit in it, then sat back, content and smiling.

Not far from the bistro, Bebe stood patiently by the park's entrance waiting for Ethan to return, when she was approached by River.
"Bebe, what a surprise meeting you here."
"Are you here alone?"
"No I'm with Ethan, he just stepped off for a minute."
"Oh you two are friends now?"
"Were dating," she said quickly, staring down River.

"I know it's you who's been blocking my calls to Ethan."
"Why are you even calling him."
"Because we should be together, and we have feelings for each other Bebe."
"Oh please River, he'll never be with you."
"Your relationship with him won't last..."
"Why? Are you going to break it up?" she challenged, moving in closer to Bebe.
Bebe laughed, stepping back.
"I am not going to lose Ethan to someone like you River. Someone who can't get over the fact that he's moved on with someone else..."
River stared at Bebe, then glanced off to the distance, noticing someone. She brushed Bebe and walked off past her, calling out, "Ethan!"

"River," said a stunned Ethan, looking around for Bebe.
"Hey how are you I've been trying to call you since forever."
"Oh sorry I didn't get the calls."
"Yeah that must be right seeing as how you're dating Bebe now."
"Oh how did you know?"
"She told me. And I also know she's been the one blocking my calls."
"Ethan..." she said moving in closer to him. "I still have feelings for you..."

"River please..."
"Why are you with her? I thought you wanted to give us a chance...?"
"We had our chance."
"That wasn't a chance Ethan, I was with Parker you were with Holly... that wasn't real... but now that were both single why can't we..."

"Get the hell away from him!"
"A bit defensive aren't we Bebe?!"
"Well seeing as how you've taken up the home-wrecker trait, yes I have to be a bit defensive!"
"Bebe it's not what you think."
"I know what it is Ethan. River still has feelings for you after whatever it was you two did, and now she wants you back. But what she doesn't know is that you've moved on Ethan, and I am not going to back down, if she wants a fight she's going to get one."
River laughed at Bebe's declaration, "What a joke, I don't know who you think you are Bebe but you have no idea what you're contending with."
"No I know, I'm contending with used sloppy seconds."
River glared at Bebe, she turned her glance over to Ethan. "I'll see you later Ethan."
"Bye River..." he said, as River walked off, exchanging glances with Bebe.

"Don't," and she ran over to Ethan and kissed him.
"I told you," she said. "You're amazing, and I'm not letting you go."

Candy returned to the table, Holly staring her down as she sat down.
"That's such an ugly shirt," said Holly.
"You know what I'm going to ignore you and finish my food, you're absolutely horrible," she replied, continuing to eat her food. Holly smiled with delight.
"So your lunch good?" asked Holly.
"Very..." she said in an exasperated tone.
"That's good, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself," Holly stated with glee.

"You like him don't you?"
"Who Michael, ya I do he's really sweet."
"Let's not be dumb Holly I'm not talking about Michael, I'm talking about Parker."
Holly looked over at Candy with a stern look, "You're more insane than I thought."
"You know I thought to myself where all this hostility is coming from and then I figured it out, you're jealous."
"Oh my god..."
"You're jealous that me and Parker are together."
"First off, you and Parker are not together so I think you should straighten that out and second, I am not jealous over you Candy please, get over yourself."
"Stop denying it."
"I'm not denying anything!"
"I'm going to ugh-" she clutched her stomach in pain.
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, I'm going to tell Parker AND Michael when they return."

Michael and Parker stepped out of the bistro, but Michael tugged at Parker's arm.
"Before we get back to the table we need to talk," Michael said.
"Talk about what?"
"Let's stop this Parker."
"Stop what?!"
"This fighting! Why are we even fighting?"
"Because you're a loser."
"And yet you're having lunch with me!"
"So... you won't consider a truce with me because I'm a loser yet you agree to come on this double-date with me."
"What's your point?"
"My point is you like Holly..."

"Are you out of your mind?!"
"No I'm exactly in it. You were going off at me by the grocery this morning because you were mad that I was going out with Holly!"
"This is crazy Michael you've lost it!"
"Maybe I am Parker, but know this, regardless of whether you like Holly or not which I know you do; I am dating her, and we like each other, so after today Parker, stay away from both of us," he stated, walking off to sit back at the table. Parker, staring at Michael in shock as he walked off.

"Hey ladies-"
"Parker I have to tell you something very important and... disturbing," said Candy as she got up and walked over to Ethan.
"She's crazy don't believe a word she says," shot Holly as she got up just as quick.
"Okay..." said Michael as he was halfway to sitting down on his chair.
"Parker Holly ugh-" she said clutching her stomach once more.
"Are you okay?" asked Parker.
"I'm fine ah!"
"Maybe we should call the ambulance..." said Michael.
"I'm sure she's fine," said Holly smiling.
Candy looked at Holly's beaming face, "You POISONED me!"
"Maybe you should call the mental institution instead," Holly said.
"She poison- ah!" Candy said, before closing her eyes and collapsing to the floor.

Michael and Parker turned to Holly.
"What? Really?! You think I'm truly capable of poisoning her!? She's a nut job!"
The two boys laughed it off then turned their attention back to Candy.
"I think we should call the ambulance now."

"Well look at you you look colorful," said River as Lisa walked up the steps to her porch.
"What is it you need River?"
"Let's go to the back."

"So our first plan failed..."
"I told you it would River, but of course it was your idea."
"So then now what? What do you have in mind?"
"Well social sabotage is out of the question seeing as how she has no friends... so now we have to make Ethan see she's nothing but a skank."
River laughed, "She's much stronger than we thought, it isn't going to be easy."
"Yes, she's annoyingly resilient, but nothing I can't handle. We simply have to put her into a "compromising" situation and let Ethan see that."
"Easier said than done Lisa."
"Unfortunately..." she said as she pulled a brown paper bag from her coat.
"What is that?"
"Something to help relax the mind... do you want?"
"Drugs? No thank you Lisa, honestly how did you even get that."
"VJ, he's my supplier."

"Really? His dad's accused of murder and he's selling drugs, not a very good look," she laughed.
"Don't make fun of him! He's going through a very tough time..."
"Oh-Em-Gee do I sense the feeling 'care' within your words?" River laughed.
"No I'm just being a friend..."
"Do you like him?"
"He's my drug dealer and a friend."
"Yes I know that Lisa you stated that before but... do you have feelings for him."
"Can we move on."
"Well, seeing as how you're dodging the question I'm going to say 'yes' you do like him. Have you called him, or been to see him?"
"What are we going to do about Bebe, god I hate her so much," Lisa said opening up the bag.

"What?" asked Lisa.
"Don't use those drugs Lisa, as I've figured out exactly how to put Bebe in a 'compromising' situation..."

"Bebe? Ethan?" said Holly as she and Michael walked up to Bebe and Ethan.
"Let's go Ethan I don't want any more confrontations."
"No please don't go, we need to talk."
"I don't want to argue Holly."
"Haven't you been getting my calls Bebe, I really want to work this out..."
"I'm seeing Ethan now Holly, I really didn't think you'd wanna hear that..."
Holly stared at Bebe and Ethan together, then shook her head and held Michael's hand.
"It doesn't matter anymore," she said. "I miss having you as my friend, and I'm seeing Michael now so I've moved on Bebe..."
Bebe looked at her former friend with a smile, "Lets go sit over by the fountain, talk this out alone."
"Okay," replied Holly, walking off with Bebe and leaving Ethan and Michael.

"Hey I'm Ethan, you must be this Michael I've been hearing about."
"Yep that's me," he said.
"Well nice to meet you Michael, so... how was your day?"
Michael sighed before laughing to himself, "Interesting to say the least, just another day in Sunset."

"Bebe I'm sorry, I should have never been so horrible with you before I was just, I was so confused and angry..."
"It's okay Holly, I just never took your calls because I was afraid you'd hate me more. The truth is I missed being friends with you..."
"Me too Bebe, me too. I mean Michael's okay but he's no you," Holly laughed. "I missed us hanging out and having fun together."
"I missed it too. Course, we do have boyfriends now so we can't hang out all the time," Bebe laughed.
"Yeah right," she smiled. "But at least were friends again."

Isn't this sweet, two former best friends spotted by the central park fountain making up and forgiving each other of their past mistakes... it's a wonderful feeling for everyone involved...

But considering all that's happened, and all that's about to happen, can this shaky friendship endure another storm...
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Default Chapter 9: Can't Fight this Feeling Continued

Ding dong
"Who in the world could that be?" asked VJ as he looked through the window on his front door. He opened the door and greeted Hank Goddard.
"Hey VJ, sorry to bother you so late, Justine wants this done today and I was meaning to stop by earlier..."
"What do you need Officer Goddard?"
"I have a search warrant, I have to search your house for any more evidence concerning your father..."
"He didn't do anything..."
"I know, but the evidence we have now points to him, so I'm sorry VJ but I have to do this."
VJ looked at him then let him inside the house.

Feelings are our natural response to things that take place, or about to take place...

And for VJ Alvi, the strange feeling he had this morning was going to pay off...

"Why did you let him in here?!" whispered Miraj to VJ.
"I had no choice Miraj! He had a search warrant, if I didn't allow him inside I could've been arrested as well!"
"What does it matter Miraj?! I got the letter! This is the only thing that could point dad to that night!"
"I'm not talking about the letter VJ! He's going to find the tape!"
VJ looked taken-aback as he looked at his younger brother, "What tape?"

Frustration, anxiety, and regret were some of the feelings Miraj was having as he watched Hank Goddard search through his room...

"Don't let him find it..."

A hunch had prompted Hank Goddard to search through VJ and Miraj's room, instead of Iqbal's room...

"Now, is there anything here that... what's this...?"

The hunch had proved correct, as Hank had found the very thing Miraj did not want him to find...

Hank stepped out of the room with the tape in his hand, VJ's eyes darted to it, and Miraj's heart sank.
"Do you have any idea what's on this tape VJ?"
"It's marked secret..."
"I have no idea okay! Are you done!?"
"I just want to ask you a few questions VJ-"

"What more do you guys want to know?! I told you everything I know!"
"VJ I'm sorry-"
"Get out! I think you're done here Hank so please just leave now! Miraj nor I have nothing else to share with you!"
"Okay... sorry to bother you and thank you for your time..."

Hank began walking away, stopping at the door.
"I'm sorry about your father boys," he said, then continued walking out.
VJ turned to his brother, "Now tell me Miraj... what was on that tape."
Miraj looked at his brother, "A crime."

"Hey you okay...?" asked Michael approaching Holly and hugging her.
"Yeah... I got my best friend back."
"That's great, I'm glad to hear you and her reconciled," he laughed. "I got a new friend too I think, Ethan, he's quite a guy."
Holly laughed, "Yes, yes he is and I'm glad him and Bebe are happy."
"And are you happy with me?" he asked, staring at her.
"Very..." she replied, blushing.
"Then would you like it if I did this?"

Michael leaned in and gave Holly a soft kiss.
"How was it?" he asked.
"Great..." she said softly.
"Something's wrong?"
"I have to go, it's not you don't worry, I just have to figure something out okay?"
"Yeah sure, I'll call you."
"If I don't call first," she laughed.

Feelings can be so confusing and hard to understand at times... as you may have feelings for one thing, and then have the same feelings for something completely opposite...

"What are you doing here?" asked Parker as he saw Holly running up to him.
"I need to talk to you."
"I don't think Michael would like you here with me."
"Why did you agree to go on that double-date?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Because you like me..."
"And you like me Holly..."

You just can't fight these feelings...

They're strong, powerful, and lead you to do things that you know you shouldn't do...

But feels so right...

You can't fight these feelings.

"Were doing the right thing, right VJ?"
"As much as me and dad have our problems, he's still my dad, and I don't want him going to jail, no matter what's happened in the past..."
"The past..."

The past... both VJ and Miraj felt that, burning this letter from their mother, would be burning all trace of the past...

But what they didn't know, nor feel, was that the only traces of the past were not in the envelope burning...

But with a person.

Champs Les Sims, France

"Le maître, vous avez un appel"
(Master, you have a call.)
"Qui l'est?"
(Who is it?)
"C'est votre mère"
(It is your mother.)
"La dire je le tuerai."

"Oui, Monsieur Ahara."
Miraj aged faster than I wanted him too lol, rite in the middle when I was taking the pics so thats why in the beginning he's a child and at the end he's a teen lol. Hope you enjoyed the update, gets a bit more mysterious and more fun from here so feel free to ask any questions if confused :D
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