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I'm so thrilled at your new updates!!! Have waited for them since the beginning of Dec 2009
Just to let you know, I've signed up here recently just to tell you I LOVE this amazing story! It makes my day!
All characters in the game seem to be so ordinary and it's fantastic how you can create such bright and unforgettable personalities for every sim and take cool pics!) You're very talanted! So.. keep writing!
And yeah, can't wait for the next update)
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Lol you could just say that miraj turned 13 xD. Thats what im gunna do in my upcoming story.
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Yay you're back! Just spent the last half hour catching up . Looking forward to more.

Please, Call Me Lou :D
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Awesome. =) I have a question for you: do you make your characters act according to their traits? You see, one of the (many) things I love about your story is that you could understand what traits the sims had by looking at what they did. For example, Blair is "childish" and she acts in a childish way in the story, Vita is "evil" in the game and in the story too, Agnes is "grumpy" and at the beginning she didn't want people to feel sorry for her, etc. But then, Holly was mean to Candy in the last chapter and I'm pretty sure one of her traits is Good, so I'm thinking: wouldn't it be strange for a good sim (or person) to send another sim to the Hospital? Has she "learned" to be evil from her mother? xD I don't know, sounds strange to me. I'm not criticizing your story, I'm just curious. ^^
By the way, I think I love VJ. =D
Waiting for more!!

Currently very happy because The sims 2 Ultimate Collection works on Windows 8. Yay!
I'm from Italy, please excuse any grammar errors. :)
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blackmiranda: Yes I do try to make some of the characters act to their traits but sometimes I'll deviate, make exceptions or just won't even bother with some of their traits lmao. Such was the case with Holly, she was jealous, and I wanted to show that jealousy in a funny and over-the-top way. But yeah, for some characters I won't write their actions according to their traits. VJ's one of my favorites too lol, well next to Monsieur Ahara
Karasu20: LOL i could do that
KeiraLou & Helenica: Thanx a lot =D
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Default Chapter 10: Secrets in the Deep
Not a long & eventful chapter compared to the others but hope you still enjoy

Secrets... we all have them... whether big or small, destructive or innocent... we keep them deep within... never to be revealed... never to be brought up... never to be found... No one will ever find out...

There was something hidden deep within the spring... a secret... even though submerged a month ago... was about to be brought up...

You see, now matter how hard or how long you try to contain this secret within the deep...

These secrets are always brought out back to the light, and lonely Cornelia Goth was soon about to find out...

Her secret affair with the good doctor Landgraab, was about to be brought to the surface...

And then sometimes these secrets, have not only surfaced up, but come knocking on your doorstep...


The Gorgeous & the Desperate

Fiona McIrish once again sat pondering outside in her backyard. The words of Agnes Crumplebottom echoed in her head. What if she was wrong? What if Iqbal Alvi was not responsible for Erik Darling's death? Was Agnes right? What if there was more to the note? What happened a month ago that night?

And then Rachel Barrett entered into her mind, and suddenly Fiona knew what she had to do. There was much more to this mystery, much more hidden very deep within...

"Dad! Your back!" exclaimed VJ.
"Yeah... apparently they did not have enough evidence to convict me, but I'm still a prime suspect..."
"Why did you keep it?!" yelled VJ.
"Keep what?"
"You know what I'm talking about dad! You said you destroyed it!"
"What are you-"
"The note dad!" exclaimed Miraj. "The note from mom, why did you keep it! The police came last night, if he had found the note..."
"We would have had more trouble on our plate! So then why?"

"Because it was the only thing I had left of her..." Iqbal sighed.
"Dad she's gone, you need to move on..." said Miraj.
"If I hadn't burnt it dad they would've put you in jail permanently."
"I'm sorry, it's just been so hard..."
There was a brief silence between the table, no one knew what to say.
"Mom is gone."
"Do you really blame me VJ?"
VJ looked at his dad, guilt in his face. "I blame both of us."

The secrets this family held so tight... young Miraj could not shake the feeling that it soon, it would all come out...

"So can we get this meeting started?" announced Nick.
"For once you're holding one Nick."
"Well I hold relevant meetings Nancy unlike you, who throws them like rice at a wedding."
"You know what Nick I have a headache and I do not want to start with you."
"Yes please, can we just have this meeting calmly and decently, how about we all pretend we all like each other," said Thornton.
"Why is he here?" she asked.
"Because he is my subordinate and he's done a great deal," said Nick, looking over to Thornton.
"Whatever, let's get this going."
"Okay guys, remember, pretend we all like each other," reiterated Thornton.
"Okay okay, so Nancy, you're looking quite lovely today, how do you think we should start this line off?"
Nancy looked at Nick, sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Well Nick, you look quite dashing yourself. But I think we should start small, be safe, I mean we are launching a new cosmetics and fashion line, we should test it with Sunset first."
"That's a good point Nancy, Thornton do you have any suggestions?"
"Do we even have the capabilities to make cosmetics? Let alone start a fashion line?" laughed Thornton.
"Thornton, I'm pretending to like you, so please just cooperate," said Nancy through clenched teeth.
"Okay okay, I think we should partner up with the local spa, I mean it is the place where my wife gets her stuff from so I'm guessing all the ladies of Sunset go there to get their makeup..."
"Good point Thornton now you're thinking!"
"This may actually work," laughed Nancy under her breath.
"What was that Nancy?" asked Nick.

"Nothing," she chuckled smiling, "It was nothing. So, what type of fashion are we going for? Elegant and classy? Swim wear? Everyday wear? What are we doing?"
"I think we should do swim wear, do you agree Thornton?"
"Yes I do!" enthused Thornton.
Nancy laughed cheerfully, "Yes, sexy swim wear is lacking at the boutique, but in addition to swim wear, I think we should target lingerie..."
Vita stood in the dark, over hearing the laughter and conversation in the room... she was sick of it.
"How can he just sit there and work with her! He should be trying to get her fired!" she exclaimed, she shook her head in disgust and walked into another room away from her husband's meeting.

"Hi Vita, how are you?"
"I'm doing good Sheena."
"What can I do for you Vita?"
"I don't mean to be a stickler or anything Sheena but the local spa, Sharma Day Spa..."
"Yes I go there all the time."
"Me too, but I don't think their products are safe Sheena. I mean at first I thought it was just me when I got violently sick, but then I asked a friend who works down in the science lab to test it out and some of their products are indeed poisonous!"
"Oh my god Vita!"
"I know, it's terrible, I can send the lab paperwork over to you so you can see with your own eyes but in the meantime Sheena, I don't think that place should be open to the public anymore. It needs to be shut down."
"Of course, I can't believe this..."
"And another thing Sheena... you're cousin, isn't he planning on bringing his burgeoning fashion line to Sunset?"
"Yes, he is in fact... why?"
"Well I over heard my husband talking, and he's quite upset about it, that Goth Enterprises have set their eyes on the fashion world in Sunset now and seek to conquer that in addition to everything else they've conquered. It just doesn't seem fair to young entrepreneurs like your cousin, who can't compete with companies like Goth Enterprises..."
"I see what you're saying Vita... I have to do something about that as well, it simply is not fair and does not help small establishments get their start. I'll call you Vita, I will put my foot down on Goth Enterprises monopoly they have going on there."
"Thank you so much Sheena, you are a good person."
"So are you Vita, so are you," said Sheena and the call ended.
I will not allow those two to work together...

Fiona peered through the window, wondering how she was going to get into Rachel Barret's home. She sighed, all the doors were locked, there was no quiet way to get in. She eyed a rock to the side, then her phone rang...

She frantically fumbled to get her phone out of the pocket, the ringing was loud and would alert passer-by's she was on a dead-woman's porch looking through the windows.

"Hey Fiona, it's me are you okay, you sounded startled."
"Hi Claire, no I'm fine. What can I do for you?" she said, breathing a sigh of relief no one heard it.
"I was just wondering what you were up to? I mean after the whole turning the note to the police thing we hardly talked..."
"Well I've been busy, can I call you back?"
"Hey, I thought we were partners Fiona, what are you so busy with?" she questioned.
Fiona looked into Rachel's house once more, then sighed.
"I'm at Rachel Barrett's house."
"I just... I just want to know if I was wrong. What if Iqbal didn't kill Erik."
"Fiona the note..."
"I know about the note, but Rachel found something, and I wanna know what..."
"Well... I'm coming with you Fiona, don't you move!"
Fiona hung up the phone, she picked up the rock, took a chance, and shattered the window.

"I'm glad you could make it..."
Cornelia Goth, looking around walked up to Geoffrey Landgraab in the shadows.
"I'll always make it for you."
"Should we be out in the public like this? I mean did we really have to meet at the hospital?" he said.

Cornelia sighed, looking into Geoffrey's eyes, "You know sometimes I just don't care Geoffrey. I love you, and... and I'm sick of being so secret..."
"We have families..."
"I know..."
"Is this really right?"
"It feels right... you know, I woke up alone this morning, I go to sleep alone... the only time I see my husband is on the weekends and he's so consumed with work he doesn't pay any attention to me..."
"I know... it seems those who work for Goth Enterprises seem to care more about their work than their marriage..." Geoffrey chuckled.
"With you, I'm always happy, you show me the love Gunther... stopped showing me so long ago... maybe that's why I'm so grumpy..."

"You're not grumpy," he laughed, stroking her cheek.
"That's what Morty called me this morning, as I made him breakfast he asked why I was so grumpy... and I thought to myself because I'm unhappy..."
"Do you really want us to come out Cornelia?"
"No... I mean if it did, if someone found out... I would just take it one day at a time, and maybe, just maybe, we could stop hiding..."
"I wonder what Nancy would say... I don't even think she'll care, she's hardly been the loving wife anymore..." he chuckled to himself, growing sad at the state he was in right now.
"And I feel more like a trophy wife than anything else..."

"I love you too Cornelia," said Geoffrey, taking Cornela's hands. "And we'll take this one day at a time, and what happens if our love comes out well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it..."
"Alright, Mr. Landgraab..."
"That's not even supposed to be my last name," he laughed.
"What IS your maiden name?" teased Cornelia.
"Well, that's a secret I won't even tell you..." he responded.
"Then, I'll just have to pry it out of you!" exclaimed Cornelia and she leaned in and kissed him.

As much as these two love birds were on the fence about revealing their affair, a strong wind was coming that would force them to pick a side, as standing off to the side was someone they did not notice, someone they did not expect...

"Oh my god!"

"I can't believe were doing this Fiona!"
"You didn't have to come Claire..."
"I know, but we work together remember, and Rachel was my friend, I really want to help you with this, as well as find answers."
"Yes, of course you do... So we have to keep quiet and move quickly, I don't know if Rachel had any relatives, but if she did they may come and check up on the place."
"Yeah, right so... what exactly are we looking for?"
"I don't know anything, she was a journalist so look for newspaper articles, notes, journals, anything involving writing and Erik Darling."
"Okay, I'll do my best to find anything..."

"Okay... don't break anything."
Claire laughed, "I won't."

"Yes, but the fact you're taking anything that woman says as worth I don't think you should be sharing it with the police!"
"Why doesn't Agnes trust Claire..."
Should I trust her?

"So I think we came up with a pretty good plan."
"Yes we did, see, pretending to like each gets us very far," aid Thornton.
"Yes, I'm very surprised at our progress, but seeing as how were done here I think I can leave now."
"Ummmm Nancy?"
"What Nick? I'm tired and I don't know if you forgot but I have a headache and I'm not in the mood for arguing."
"No, it's not an insult it's just, there's something you should know..."
Nick took a deep breath, then blurted out, "Gunther is siphoning money from the company!"

"I know, it's weird right? But Iqbal Alvi-" said Thornton.
"Wait a minute, the man who went to jail?!" interrupted Nancy.
"Yes I know his credibility's shot and gone to hell but I verified this, the financial statements in the archives do not match up with those server side..." said Thornton.
"And the only one able to change those records on the server is Wesley..." said Nick.
"And the only one able to directly take money from the company is Gunther..."
"But the records server side don't show money being taken, in fact they show we received income, but we didn't..."
"What the hell... why would he...?"

"I don't know..."

"So guys... what do we do?"

"Well I say we go forward with this!" exclaimed Nick getting up.
"Are you nuts Nick!?" exclaimed Nancy.
"What other choice do we have!? Eventually this will all come out! Secrets don't stay secret for very long and were going to be dragged into this!"
"Hey I'm not a vice-president, president, or CEO," said Thornton. "So I'm not getting dragged into anything!"
"We all know, and Gunther is practicing fraud we have to contact the authorities!"
"What if he has a reason?!"
"What other reason could there be Nancy! The man is stealing money and Wesley helped him do it!"

"Nick! I really think we should be a bit logical about this! I mean, what if Gunther denies this! What if it isn't even Gunther who's doing it!" she exclaimed, getting up to face Nick.
"He's the only one with access to the money Nancy," said Thornton.
"Then what do you suggest we do Nancy? I mean it's our heads on the platter too if the investors find out about this!"
"We do nothing! Play dumb! Continue to act like we know nothing, go ahead with the new lines, continue working! And if Gunther's activities come to light, we say we know nothing about it. We know nothing and we do nothing..."

"Nick... we need a job... and if we come forward, we are going to have a battle on our hands and I doubt we have the capabilities to win... just listen to me..."
"But think Nancy, if Gunther's out of the picture-"
"We'll be out of the picture as well Nick! Think of your family please and stop being so ambitious! It's in all of our best interests to do nothing...!"
"Do nothing..."
"That's right..."

"We do and say nothing."

"Did you find anything?" asked Claire, stepping into the bedroom.
"Nothing," sighed a disappointed Fiona.
"She either hid her stuff very well, or someone's already been here and cleaned out any clues or leads that could help me..."
"Why do you think someone would do that?"
"Because Claire someone doesn't want me find out more..."
"Why wouldn't someone... you know Fiona I think you're a bit paranoid."

"Maybe... maybe I am Claire. It's just ever since I talked to Agnes the other day I just can't shake the feeling that I could be wrong..."
"Agnes... you spoke to her? What did she say?"
Fiona eyed Claire, "Nothing of significance, just that she doesn't believe Iqbal killed her husband..."
"Well I'm sure she's just distraught Fiona, who wouldn't be. Over time I'm sure she'll accept it..."
"You're probably right Fiona, and it's getting pretty late we should be going now."
"Yeah I don't want to be away from Amanda for too long," said Claire as she turned to leave, Fiona followed her.

"She's doing good, she's such a beauty."
"Have you... worked it out with Jared?"
"He won't be in Amanda's life Fiona, ever." she replied sternly.
"Oh... okay, who said woman can't raise children on their own," Fiona joked.
"Right... well I'll be seeing you Fiona, call me if anything."
"I will Claire," she said as Claire walked out the door. Fiona about to follow suit till something at the side caught her eye.
"Is that a piece of paper in that little fountain over there," she whispered to herself.

She walked over to the fountain, and pulled out a wet faded note, with names on it. She took a chair and sat down and looked at the note, the name Erik Darling was scribbled on the piece of scrap paper, with 3 names connected to it...

We all have secrets, and no matter how hard we try to contain them, they always end up being found out by someone else...

"Who are these people... this phone number... and these 3 names... Meredith... Alivia... and... Ahara...?"

Something was hidden deep in the spring, submerged a month ago...and it was about to resurface...

A wrecked car involved in an accident... and for the person who drove the car that night... their life was about to take a drastic turn... for the lead the police and Fiona so desperately searched for... had now been brought to the light.
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Default Chapter 11: Give you Hell

"Are you sure about this Jared?"
"You know you still have a good case against her."
"I don't care. If I drop the lawsuit, you can focus more on that other matter... and she'll be caught off her guard... she won't expect what's coming to her..."
"And what exactly is coming her way Jared?"
"When you find out exactly what's going on..."


The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Who was calling like that last night? I hardly got any sleep!" exclaimed Morganna, speaking up to break the silence that was occurring between them.
"It was work..." Thornton responded quickly.
"Really?! Why the hell are they calling you so late! I mean don't you think 3AM is a bit excessive?!"
"Yeah well I got promoted so..." he mumbled, not really interested in talking to his wife.
"What's wrong Thornton? You seem more distant than usual this morning," she said, tired of the same old routine they had every morning.
"I just have a lot of things on my mind at the moment."
"Oh... okay..."
Thornton remained silent, the thought of what he did with Tamara was tearing away at him.

"So... I was thinking..."
"What?" he responded in a low tone.
"I want to become a partner for the Art-Gallery, I think it'd be a great investment and I have a lot of fresh ideas to sprucen up the place and attract a lot more attention and diversity."
"What? We don't have the money for that type of initial investment!"
"I know but I was thinking we could borrow-"
"We?! Morganna, no! I'm not getting involved in this, and I don't want to get us into debt right now!"
"Thornton! It's a great business venture you of all people should know this! The initial investment is a bit steep but if we play this right our return is going to be greater!"
"You keep saying we! No way in hell would I invest in that floundering art gallery!"
"I keep saying 'we' Thornton because we're married, husband and wife! And I guess you forgot that and how we met."

"You know what I have to go to work. The french toast was great honey, thank you," he said, getting up and leaving the table.
Morganna sighed, another fight, the same old routine. She closed her eyes, rubbing her forehead, tears forming in her eyes. She held it back, wiping her eyes dry and then getting up.

"Is this going to last? Did I make the right choice?"

"Cyclone! Can I talk to you?" asked Emma as she walked up to him.
"Oh I was just gonna ask Blair something, but what can I do for you?"
"I don't think Ayeshia is who she says she is."
"Oh not this again Emma," he said rolling his eyes.
"No but this is serious Cyclone, I mean what does she do? Where does she work?"
"She didn't say but-"
"She didn't say?! You know nothing about her Cyclone!"

"And you do Emma?!"
"I think she's the Sunset Burglar!"
"Oh my god Emma you're grabbing at sticks here!"
"The other night, after I finished work I went outside for a bit of fresh air and I saw her Cyclone, at the back of the diner dressed in all black and the way she was talking to that person on the phone I... I had a really bad feeling in my gut."
"Do you like me or something Emma?"

"What?" she responded, shocked.
"I mean your allegations against her are just getting worse and worse, you're calling her the Sunset Burglar now and I can't help but wonder if you're jealous of her..."
"I'm just being a good friend! I'm sorry for being concerned about a friend you jerk!"
"Emma, come on don't get mad it was just an innocent question."
"No I don't like you Cyclone! I never will!"
Cyclone sighed, looking down at the ground.
"I just don't want to see you get hurt..."

Those two are so weird... Stiles thought to himself as he knocked on Blair's door.
"Hey Blair... it's me."
"Go away Stiles."
"Hey can we talk?"
"Now you want to talk!? Are you going to snap at me for no reason!"

"I'm sorry about that Blair it's just... I wasn't ready for those types of questions..."
"Not ready?! Stiles I wasn't asking you questions from a freaking exam I was just trying to make conversation!"
"I have poor conversation skills," Stiles joked as he pressed up against the door. He heard Blair chuckle as well.
"As I got you to laugh," he said.
"You do have crappy communication skills, we should work on that. But I'm still so mad at you."
"Then what do I have to do to get you liking me again?"
The door opened, Blair standing in the doorway gushing from ear to ear.

"Dinner at my parents tonight!" she exclaimed, rushing to hug Stiles.
"Sure, and this time, I promise I'll try to talk more," he laughed. "But let's not make it too early, I have to head into work now and then I'm heading out to watch a game with Hank and Thornton."
"You're getting really close with him now aren't you?"
"Yeah he's a pretty cool guy, and plus his wife is our band manager."
"Okay, well I'll tell them to have dinner ready a bit later, but I'm really looking forward to this Stiles."
"Me too Blair, me too, I really like you..."
"Hey Blair!"

"What is it Cyclone? You just totally ruined the mood," said Blair.
"I need to talk to you..."
"If it has anything to do with that screaming I heard between you and Emma a few minutes ago, I don't want to hear it."
"No, its not that, something a bit more important than our roommate's paranoia concern."
"Okay," said Blair as she walked down the hallway.
"Hey Stiles, sorry about breaking up you two's moment," Cyclone said turning to Stiles.
"No no problem, I have to get ready for work anyways."

"Blair, I heard you vomiting the other night."
"What?!" responded Blair and Stiles in unison.
"You were throwing up, I heard you. Are you all right?"
"I don't know what you're talking about Cyclone..."
"Blair, do you have a problem?"
"What are you talking about Cyclone?!" exclaimed Stiles.
"Stiles don't listen to a word he's saying! He's crazy!"
"Blair you have bulimia! It makes perfect sense now, why you're so skinny!"

"Stop it Cyclone! Just stop it!" screamed Blair.
"Cyclone leave her alone, Blair isn't bulimic."
"You know what deny it all you want Blair. But I'm saying this as a friend, and I'm concerned..."
"Well don't be Cyclone! I don't have an eating disorder and I'm not in denial!"
Cyclone smiled weakly, shaking his head, then walked off. Stiles turned to Blair.
"I'm not bulimic Stiles..."
"I know, I believe you Blair," he said. "But I have to go now, I'll talk to you later okay."

Pauline Goddard sighed as she stepped out of the theater, her blank expression turned into a frown.
"Not now..."

"Is it true?" asked Landon. "Are you pregnant?"

"What does it matter?"
"It matters because we never used protection Pauline when we had sex..."
"What do you want Landon?!"
"I'm the father ain't I?"
"It doesn't matter, I'm married, and I never should have slept with you in the first place!"
"So you're going to lie to your husband and pretend the baby is his?"

"It is his! And if you think for a second that you are going to be apart of this baby's life you better think again!"
"And you think I'm just going to sit by the sidelines as you raise what could possibly be my child?"
"Yes Landon I do, please leave me and my baby alone, I love Hank and I don't want to lose him..."
"Well," he said smugly. "Obviously you love your career more than him otherwise you wouldn't have slept with me."
Pauline slapped Landon, fury in her eyes. "How dare you!"
"I guess that's my que to leave," he said chuckling, rubbing his cheek. He looked at Pauline intently, then left.

"Pauline...! Did I just hear what I think I heard?!" exclaimed Stiles, as he got up form the bench and approached a frustrated Pauline.
"This doesn't concern you Stiles!"
"You cheated on Hank?! And the baby might not be his?!"
"The baby is his Stiles! And this is none of your business!"
"Well Hank is my friend Pauline..."
"What! Just because you guys hung out like once does not make you buddy buddy Stiles!"
"But still, I think he may have a right to know that the baby his wife is carrying might not be his..."

"Are you planning on telling him Stiles?"
"Maybe..." he replied, eyeing Pauline suspiciously.
"Well Stiles, if you care about your job and a place in this band, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and stay out of other people's business!"
"Is that a threat...?"
"Don't tell Hank anything, infact stay the hell away from him, and you get to keep your spot in the band. In case you've forgotten Stiles I'm the band manager and I call the decisions!"
"Landon overrides you're-"
"And Landon will listen to me!" she interrupted.
"...Fine... I won't tell Hank."
"Good, I knew you were smart..."
"But I don't you're going to be able to hide this forever Pauline, sooner or later, it's going to come out..." he said, and he walked into the theater.

Sooner or later he's going to find out...

"Why the hell did you do that Jared?" Connor said as he stepped out of the front door and onto the porch, smiling at his brother.
"Do what?"
"You know what bro... why'd you drop the case?"
"Oh... that..."

"You had a good chance Jared, at least for shared custody."
"I wouldn't have made a good dad..."
"Don't say that Jared you don't know."
"I do, it's better that Amanda stay with her mom..."
Connor laughed, "That doesn't sound like you, usually you're going on calling Claire crazy, psychotic, a bitch."
"Yeah well, I had a change of heart..."
"Or maybe... you're up to something no good."
Jared laughed at his brother, "Up to something no good? Really Connor I'm fine, I made my decision I'm not going for full custody."
"If you say so Jared, I just don't want to see you get hurt, and I really wanna see my niece," he laughed.
"Yeah... and you will..." Jared replied, recalling what he heard the other night.
Claire Ursine isn't her real name...

"Stop calling me!" Thornton screamed as he answered his phone. It was Tamara.
"Is that how you say hello? You need to work on that," Tamara laughed.
"What is wrong with you?! Why do you keep calling?!"
"Because I want to talk to you Thornton..."
"You want to talk 3AM in the morning!? Listen I don't know how many times I have to say this but just, STOP!"
"We made love Thornton... I love you and I-"
"This is over!" he exclaimed hanging up the phone. Hank called out behind him.
"Hey bud, what was that all about?"

"Work, it's really hectic over there with my new promotion and all."
"Yeah I hear you," Hank laughed.
"So, hey where's Stiles?"
"He called me a few minutes ago saying he had to cancel, something important came up, he wouldn't say what though..."
"Oh... hey I hear you're going to be a dad now!" laughed Thornton.
"Yeah... I'm still in shock over that, I mean we were always so careful everytime..."
"Well sometimes things happens," he laughed.
"Yeah, better watch out Thornton, it may happen to you," Hank joked.
"Yeah... maybe..." he said, looking down to the ground. "We haven't exactly been doing it lately..."
"What? What's wrong?"
"You know what nothing, were just both tired," he said. "Come on let's go see that game."

"Agnes?" Morganna asked coming out of the hospital.
"Are you okay? You were more distant and quiet than usual today, is anything the matter?"
"I just have a lot on my mind at the moment..."
"Tell me about it..." Morganna said shaking her head.
"You have alot to deal with?" asked Agnes in a sarcastic tone.
"My marriage..."
Agnes sighed, "Arguing again?"
"It's every morning now, and we come back home and we hardly talk, it's only a matter of time before..."
"Don't say that Morganna, I mean I remember when you two first met, you were crazy in love."
"And I don't know where that crazy love went Agnes, it's not there anymore."
"Well you just have to look for it, the qualities the both of you liked about each other..."
Morganna laughed, "When did you become an expert on love and relationships, is it when you started dating Connor," she teased.
Agnes joined in with Morganna's laughter. "Maybe, he's great and I like being around him... I can't imagine doing the same thing my-" she paused before she would say something she'd regret.

"Well I envy you, I wish I felt the same as you towards Thornton. We don't even share the same interests or goals... he doesn't even want a child..."
"Well I'm sure he just wants his career first and to get established before bringing a child into the world..."
"No Agnes, he told me he never wants a child, he hates them."
"He'll come around Morganna, and when you do have a baby, I'm sure the two of you will be even closer than before."
"You think so?"
"Yeah, I'm sure, you two love each other, you just have to work hard to find that love again."
"Thank you Agnes," said Morganna tearfully, and she reached over hand hugged her.

"Not a problem, that's what friends are for right."

"Stop here," Emma stated to the taxi driver, staring intently up ahead.
"Miss there's nothing here."
"Thank you for the ride this is good enough," she said, pulling out simoleons and handing it to the cab driver. She got out of the car and peered into the darkness permeating the abandoned warehouse.


"Emma?! What are you doing here?!"
"I can ask you that same question Ayeshia! Isn't it a bit late out, and what are you doing by the abandoned warehouse?"
"You followed me..."
"No wonder you're always tired in the day, because it looks like you're super active in the night!"
"Emma, go home."
"You're the Sunset Burglar aren't you."

"You heard me. I saw you by the diner the other night, dressed in all black on the phone, and now here you are about to go into this warehouse here."
"I'm warning you Emma, stay out of things that don't involve you..."
"Or what?"
Ayeshia snickered then turned to leave, Emma grabbed by her shoulder and swung her around.
"I don't want to see Cyclone get hurt!"
"Oh so this is what this is about Emma!? Cyclone?! The roommate you just can't have!"
"I am his friend!"
"Oh I wasn't born yesterday Emma, I know you've been pining him for a long time, and this is the perfect way to get us to break up. But here's a newsflash for you Emma, he'll never be with you! In fact no one wants to be with your fat ass!"
Immediately Emma punched Ayeshia in the face; Ayeshia let out a shriek and stumbled back clutching her eye.
"You are going to pay for that!"
"I am not afraid of you Ayeshia! In fact I'm going to keep watching and following you, and when you slip up I'll be there, ready with my phone to call the police so they can throw your as in jail!"

Ayeshia got up and faced Emma, then laughed.
"Maybe so, but I don't the police are going to like it that you just assaulted someone, and I don't think Cyclone is going to like it knowing you just punched his girlfriend for no reason!"
"Tell them, and I'm sure you'll have to give them an answer as to what the hell you're doing here! And I'm sure you'll finally have to tell them what exactly do you do for work."
"Well then, I guess we'll see..."

"Wow Mrs. Wainwright, the dinner was amazing!" exclaimed Stiles.
"Thank you Stiles and please, call me Susan."
"It was so good to have you here Stiles, Blair's very fond of you," said Boyd Wainwright.
"Dad please," blushed Blair.
"No it was my pleasure, thank you for having me..."
"So Stiles, you hear us go on and on about Blair, you haven't said a word about you," said Susan.
"Well I was adopted..."
"Really? Where did you live before?"
"Well... I ummm... I was in an orphanage most of my life, can't remember where, I was very little, and then I was adopted into a family living in Riverview..."
"Riverview! That's so close to Sunset! Who were the family that adopted you?!" exclaimed Boyd.
"There gone now so it wouldn't matter..."
"Oh? What happened to them?"
"They moved... I don't know where too it was after I-I left..."
"Oh, so you have no idea where they could be?" asked Susan.
"Oh such a shame, life of an orphan must be tough, but... I guess that leads in line perfectly with what we have to tell you Blair..."

"What? Tell me what?"
"Blair we've kept this from you your entire life but... I think it's time we let you know..."
"Know what?"
"You have a sister," said Susan.
"We were very young, really young, and we couldn't... handle the responsibility so we gave her up for adoption..." said Boyd.
"But now, as were older and we have the money, we've hired someone to track her down for us, and he's narrowed it down that she's still in Sim City..." said Susan.
"She's here...?"
"Yes Blair, she is. And it's only a matter before we find her, your older sister... we just wanted to let you know..."

"Oh my god..."
"Are you okay Blair?" asked Stiles, reaching out his hand towards hers.
"Yeah I'm fine, I'm so happy, I have a sister," she laughed. "I always wanted a sister!"
"Yes, and soon you'll get to meet her," said a tearful Susan.
"I'm just so glad you're not upset about this."
"Of course not dad! I'm ecstatic! But if you'll excuse me, I have to go use the washroom, I'll be right back."

"I'm so glad she was happy with it Boyd," said Susan.
"Yeah, it was great being honest with her about that, I mean we kept it from her her whole life."
"Yeah, her whole life..."
Honesty thought Stiles to himself. It was something he wasn't showing towards Blair... or towards her parents.

Blair stared at herself in the mirror, then bended down by the toilet. She stuck her two fingers deep in her mouth and began throwing up.
I wanna be like how I was before... I wanna be that girl in the mirror.

"Blair? Are you alright?"
"Yes I'm fine," she said quickly, flushing the toilet. "I'm just finishing up in here."
"I heard noises..."
"My parent's house is weird, they have all these gadgets and gizmos all overt he place, you probably heard that," she said while washing her hands underneath the running water.
"Okay, if you say so, hurry up and get out here."

The door swung open and Blair strolled over to Stiles.
"I was only away for like 5 minutes did you miss me that much?" she flirted.
"Yes, I did. And I just want you to know I really like you."
"I like you too Stiles..."
"So you're okay with the news your parents told you just now?"
"Yeah, I'm great! Excited actually! I have a sister Stiles! I've always wanted one!"
"Yeah I know I could tell from your expression," he laughed. "So, you're okay right?"

"Stiles... don't take what Cyclone said this morning seriously, he's... messed up in the head."
"So you weren't throwing up your meal in the washroom?"
"No! Of course not that's disgusting!" she laughed.
"I know... I believe you..."
"Good... I'm glad... And I'm also very happy you talked a bit more about yourself..."
"Yeah... it's just a hard topic to talk about you know, I just wasn't really close with my foster family and I don't have a lot of pleasant memories at the orphanage..."
"When exactly did you leave you're foster family?"
"When did you leave?"
"Uhhh when I was about... 18.... first chance I got... and I just... went from place to place..."
"Come on, let's go see what more your parents have for us," he laughed, kissing Blair then returning to the dining room.
"Yeah..." said Blair softly, doubt began creeping into her. For she felt in her heart, something was not right.

"Morganna!?" exclaimed Thornton as he ran into the living room. Morganna was atop the stairs crying.
"Morganna?! What's wrong?!"
Morganna turned around, running down and stairs and leaping into Thornton's arms.

"What happened?!"
"Someone broke into the house!" she sobbed.
"Someone broke in! Nothing was stolen but... but our bedroom is trashed! Our pictures were taken down, some broken, some all scratched up! It's horrible!"
"I don't understand... was anything taken...?"
"No... not that I could tell. It's just upstairs is a mess, it was like a personal attack! Who would do this!?"
"Call the police Morganna, it might be the Sunset Burglar. I'll go check upstairs..."
"Okay," she said tearfully. "It's just, in most of the pictures that were defaced, someone either cut my face out of the pictures or smashed them... I felt so much hate directed towards me..."
"No no don't think Morganna, this was probably just a random act from the Sunset Burglar. Call the police, and stay down here, you'll be fine."
"Okay," she said softly, then she kissed Thornton. "I love you..."
"I love you too Morganna..."

Morganna walked off to get the phone, but Thornton stood there watching her, for he knew exactly who had done this.
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Default Chapter 11: Give you Hell Continued

It seems I've missed out on a lot of the things that went down today, as I was away from town. But I've come back just in time for one of the biggest shockers, as Hank Goddard sits contemptly in his chair watching TV, he was about to receive a phone call...

A phone call... that when ended...

"Hi is Pauline there?"
"No she's sleeping may I take a message?"
"This is Landon Admas her boss, may I ask who is this?"

"This is Hank her husband..."
"Oh Hank, Pauline's mentions a lot about you."
"Oh does she, I hope it's good things," he laughed.
"Yeah... well anyways, you can give Pauline this message."
"Sure do I need a paper and pen?"
"No she can tell me when she see's me at work."
"Okay so shoot."

"Tell Pauline that I will be apart of that child's life, as I am the father of the baby she's carrying..."

Will give the Goddard's Hell.
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Well, I like to lurk.

But I got angry when I realized you had so little replies from your readers.

So, I'll tell you now; the plot is fantastic - the cliff hangers are in the right place and your grammar/spelling is wonderful. Your pictures are also very high quality... and the sims.. they're still EA's sims, but they seem more real (with personalities and all.. you know.) I really like your makeovers too. I'm jealous, actually.

Update soon! I'll resume lurking now.
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hungryhippo, is everything alright? you aren't updating for a while so I'm starting to worry...
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...and now I'm worrying. Hope to see our dearest writer back soon.
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The way you narrate this story reminds me of the tv show desperate housewives, lol.
i like it

You know that place between sleep and awake? The place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.
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imaeatyaface: I think she DID get the narrating style from Desperate Housewives! I like it, though :D

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Default Chapter 12: Triangles
A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry: a polygon with three corners or vertices and three sides or edges which are line segments. Love triangles, are one of the complications of having a romance, a sight to behold with 3 persons, 2 of which are infatuated with the other. Sunset has it's own share of triangles, but none are as magnificent as the teenage pyramids...

Parker Langerak, Holly Alto, and Michael Bachelor. Even though Holly and Michael are dating, Parker and Holly just seem to have this powerful attraction, but is it real? Or are Parker's feelings towards Holly all just part of his game...

River McIrish, Ethan Bunch, and Bebe Hart. These two girls were once the sweetest girls in Sunset. But 'love' has gave them claws, and both are willing to destroy the other... and themselves for Ethan. But is it really for love? Or is it something else...

And oh my... by the end of the day a new triangle will be formed, and this one will be the biggest one of them all... Lisa Bunch, VJ Alvi and...

The Gorgeous and the Desperate

"I'm sorry Holly," said Michael as he held Holly's hand. "But I have work so I can't come with you tonight."
"I was really looking forward to going there with you..." she replied.
"I know, but I can't miss today on the new job but tell you what, when I have a day off I promise I'll take you and we can have our own 'personal' tour of the new central park," he said, leaning towards Holly.
Holly giggled and kissed him on the cheek.
"Well I gotta go, can't be late."
"Okay, I'll call you tonight."
"Alright, later."
"Bye..." she whispered, watching Michael leave the school grounds.
"Sucks he can't come doesn't it," said a voice behind Holly. She spun around, only to be disappointed.

"Hello Parker."
"Hey Holly," he sneered.
"Were you listening?"
"Should really check you're surroundings a bit better," he laughed.
Holly walked over to the bench he was sitting on and sat beside him.
"What?" he asked.
"The other night..."
"I'm not going to tell anyone..."
Holly remained silent.
"You said you didn't have any feelings for me,"
"I said I was confused and din't know how I felt about you..."
"Then why'd you kiss me?" he asked looking over.
"Because I needed to know..."
"And did you find out?"

"Okay Parker I can't answer that right now maybe another time okay," stated Holly in a hurry as she quickly got up and called out to Bebe.

"Hey Holly, come sit," said Bebe kindly, smiling at her friend.
"No its okay, not gonna stay long just wanted to say hey."
"Oh okay, what were you doing talking to Parker?" Bebe laughed.
"Oh he's so dumb he wanted help on an assignment we need to do."
"So like him."
"Anyways whats up? You look amazing by the way."
"Thanks, but I'm just waiting for Ethan before we head off to the park for the ceremony. Is Michael coming?"
"No he has to work unfortunately..."
"Oh, that's too bad... I know Ethan cancelled any and all plans he had to do so that we can spend tonight together..."

"Bebe," Holly laughed. "It's just a ceremony to commemorate the new park, it's nothing special."
"I'm not talking about the stupid ceremony Holly... me and Ethan... are going to do it tonight..."
"You know I am a virgin and all... and Ethan's very special to me and I want it to be with him."
"Oh... um... okay."

"Hey girls," said Ethan walking up to them and sitting down beside Bebe.
"Hey Ethan," said Holly, sounding more and more awkward.
"Hey sweetie," said Bebe, leaning over and kissing Ethan.
Holly began clearing her throat.
"Are you okay?" asked Bebe.
"I just have something in my throat."
"So is Michael coming to the park?"
"No, he has to work, you see he isn't as rich and well off as us where he can just cancel any and all plans for the opening of a new park..."

Holly and Bebe looked at each other smiling.
"Anyways I have to go, see you guys soon and I hope you have fun," and she turned around and left in a hurry.

"You're pretty low you know that Ethan?" said Parker approaching the two.
"What do you want Langerak?" Ethan replied annoyed.
"What is it with you and dating each of Holly's best friends?"
"You better shut up Langerak!"

"First you slept with MY girlfriend, Holly's best friend. And now you're dating her NEXT best friend, what the hell is up with that?"
"Parker just leave us alone," said Bebe.
"I don't think he really likes you Bebe, he just misses Holly so much in reality, that he dates her best friend because that's the closest way he can get to her."
Ethan pushed Parker.
"I said shutup!"
Parker began laughing, "A bit testy don't you think Bebe. Maybe I'm right, you still like Holly, and you're only using Bebe to get next to Holly."
"Parker! Just leave!" screamed Bebe.
"Alright alright fine, but watch out Bebe, because this guy loves to cheat, and I'll bet you it'll be with Holly," he said, grinning at Ethan, before turning away and leaving.

"God what a jerk..." said Bebe.
Ethan remained silent.
"What's wrong?"
"I hope you're not bothered by what he-"
"I said it was nothing!" Ethan yelled out.
"Why are you yelling at me?!"
"You know what I just need to walk..." he said, turning away.
"Walk? Walk where?!" Bebe cried out. "Ethan! Ethan!"

But Ethan didn't listen, he just walked away.

"You have it right?" asked Lisa, looking over to River.
"Yep, baked them this morning before school."
"What a genius idea, I'm surprised you came up with something like this River, you're usually this goody two-shoe girl who would never want to get her hands dirty."
"Well when it comes to Ethan, I'm willing to fight for him, we belong with each other, from the very start it should have been us."
"Ugh you sound like someone out of a soap opera," laughed Lisa.
"Well Lisa of course you wouldn't know how I'm feeling, you've never been in love."

Lisa became silent.
"Oh wait I forgot, the great and fearless Lisa is too scared to talk to her drug dealer about anything other than buying drugs!"
"Shut... up..." said Lisa rolling her eyes.
River began laughing.
"You should talk to him today."
"Will he even be there?"
"Of course he will, but yeah, you should totally talk to him. You're hot, and he's super hot so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Well I'm here simply for destroying Bebe so-"
"And destroying Bebe shouldn't take that long. Let me worry about getting these 'treats' to Bebe, you worry about snagging VJ."
"Okay River," Lisa chuckled. "I'll 'snag' VJ. But don't mess up with Bebe!"
"Don't worry, I won't..."

"Tonight I will ruin Bebe Hart."

Central Park got a make-over.
Thanks to the contribution of the wealthy families of Sunset, Central Park is now a stunning, picturesque spot of nature. And tonight...

As City Hall invites the town's students for the opening of the park, was going to be a night everyone would remember...

"On behalf of City Hall I'd like to thank everyone for taking time out of your evening and attending this opening ceremony. Thanks to the donations and contributions of the town, we were able to make over this wonderful park into an even better park! Just look out and see the trees and the ponds and the nature it truly is a sight to behold! And this is all an effort to renovate Sunset, and we have reached our first step."

"But I would personally like to thank Ethan Bunch, who personally helped spearhead the school's participance in renovating Central Park, let's hear it for Ethan Bunch," and she, and the rest of the audience began clapping.
"We look forward to your speech later tonight Ethan, but now, let us eat, drink and enjoy ourselves and let's all have ourselves a wonderful night!"

"So... when are you going to give it to her?" asked Lisa as she and River walked indoors.
"Have some patience Lisa I need to do this at the right moment, we can't have anyone else eating these brownies can we?"
"It sure would be fun to watch," Lisa laughed.
River shook her head, "But yeah, please, this is my operation I came up with it, let me do it."
"The last time I let you do it, it didn't turn out well."
"Well this time it will," and she looked over her shoulder to Bebe standing outside.

Holly eyed Lisa and River suspiciously, but was distracted when Parker came up beside her and whispered in her ear.
"So... I think now is a perfect time for you to tell me the answer to my question... don't you think?"
Holly looked over at him smiling, then began walking away but Parker gently grabbed her arm and spun her back around to face him.
"Not now Parker," she whispered back, and she gently removed Parker's hand from her arm, all the while smiling at him.

"What's wrong with you why did you just leave?!"
"I told you I needed to clear my head."
"I could've came with you!"
"I needed to be alone..."
"It's true isn't it?"
"You have feelings for Holly."
"Bebe come on!"
"No! Then why'd you get so upset then if it wasn't true!? A-Are you just using me!?"

"Bebe! You're way off base here!"
"Then answer me and tell me the truth! Are you using me!"
"Do you still have feelings for Holly?!"
Ethan became silent and looked to the ground, sighing.
"Oh my god..."
"Hey guys, I hope I'm not interrupting something," said River, coming through the doors.
"No, were just about done," said Ethan walking away.

"Trouble between the two of you?"
"You'd like that wouldn't you."
"Oh Bebe, you know I'm tired of playing cat fight, really and truly Ethan is with you and I've come to accept that."
"You know River I don't really care whether you've come to accept that or not, so please leave me alone."
"Bebe, I would really like to be friends."

Bebe yawned, "God River you're such a bore, and a terrible liar."
"You don't believe me?"
"Not the slightest."
"Well, in case you didn't, I baked you something to show that I really want this war to end," she said, holding up the bag of drugged up brownies. Bebe grabbed the bag and opened it up.
"Vanilla covered brownies, my favorite, how'd you guess?"
"I put alot of effort into trying to be your friend," she responded beaming. "I'm sure you can share that with yourself and Ethan."
"You know I'll take the brownies, but I don't think we can ever be friends River. I'm dating Ethan, and I find it very hard you got over him that fast and quite frankly, Holly hates you, and as her best friend, I should too," she said coldly, brushing River as she walked off. But River just stood there, with a smug look on her face.

"So... this is nice is it not...?" Parker asked.
"Don't push it Parker."
"What? Two friends can't enjoy dinner together atop this... uh... structure..."
Holly laughed, and looked out at the sky.
"I should be here with Michael..."
"Well... think of me as the next best thing... and I'm very happy to be here with you."
"What! Just enjoy the night Holly, and stop worrying I'm not going to do anything."
"I know, it's just... thank you."
"Being here with me."

"Hey VJ..." said Lisa as she sat down at the table.
"I can't sell you anything tonight," Vj laughed.
"I know I know I'm just here... as a friend."
"Okay, thanks."
"So how are you? I mean with everything thats happened..."
"I'm just glad my dad's back home, but he's still the police's prime suspect."
"Must be hard..."
"Yeah, well me and Miraj are strong," he laughed. "Get it from mom."
"Yeah," Lisa laughed. "She was a strong person... have you guys..."

"So... anything new with you? I see you and River gotten kinda close, took my advice did you," he laughed.
"Yeah, she's great," Lisa smiled shaking her head.
"So, I think I might try getting a regular job now, instead of dealing. With all the stuff that's been happening I think... I need to give it up."
"What?! No... who will I go to...?"
"There are other dealers Lisa not just me."
"But I like you..."
"Yeah I like you as a client too but I-"
"No VJ I... I like you like you, I mean I... oh boy this is kind of hard I have feelings for you..."
"You serious?"
VJ looked at her, then quickly leaned in and kissed her.
"I've been waiting to hear that."

"Well well well look who's pretty low now," Ethan said as he came up to the table Parker and Holly were sitting at. There was an awkward silence as both Holly and Parker looked up at him then back at each other.
"What? Are you guys ignoring me?"
"I'm done with you Ethan."
"Excuse-me. I'm just doing the same exact thing you did to me earlier."
"Me and Holly aren't dating."
"Well you could've fooled me."
"Oh Ethan come on, what is wrong with you," said Holly.
"Yeah Ethan, Holly's with Michael and perfectly happy with him. I'm cool with it, just enjoying her company but... how are YOU taking it Ethan?"
Ethan chuckled.
"Seeing as how you do still have feelings for her."
"Get up!"

"What!? What are you going to do Ethan!?" he exclaimed, getting out of his chair.
"Guys stop it!"
"Parker! Ever since I got back all you've done was make sure I go through hell but you know what it ends tonight!"
"You had sex with my girlfriend and then ran away Ethan what the hell did you want me to say when I saw you again! 'Hey man I forgive you'!? You were my best friend, and yet YOU were the one who did it not me!"
"And I apologized-"
"What is that supposed to do!? It did nothing! And I am making sure that you go through the EXACT amount of pain that you put me through!"
"I can't take this," said Holly as she got up quickly running away.
"You should have stayed where you were Ethan, you should have never come back, we all would be better off without you."
"Then you know what Parker, I'm done being sorry, and I am DONE being a push-over. Because I'm not going to stand for it anymore..."
"I don't care Ethan, I really don't care."

"Wow," breathed Lisa as VJ kissed her neck. "We need a room."
"Were good right here," he responded, looking her in the eye, then making-out with her again.
"No but everyone's going to see..."
"Let them I don't care," he said in a break between the kissing, before going back at it.
"Ooooh, but seriously though, you're quitting?"
VJ gently pushed her away, "You killed it."
"What? Oh my god no come back..."

"Yes, I am quitting, going to get a job. Hey, doesn't River work at that catering company, don't they need someone since... you know Bachelor got fired..."
"I dunno why don't you ask her?!" she responded.
"You're mad?"
"If the next drug dealer I do business with is hot I'm going to have sex with him... regardless of whether were going out or not."
"How can you say that?"
"How can you quit?!"
"Lisa... its illegal..."
"When did you start caring about being legal?!"
"The minute my dad went to jail and police came searching through my house, if I went away and my dad too Miraj would have no one."
"You're being over-dramatic!"
"And you're being selfish and unrealistic! Lisa come on! I just wanna be your boyfriend."
Lisa sighed looking at VJ.
"No," and she turned and walked back upstairs. VJ turned around, slumped on the railing looking up at the sky.

Holly walked into the washroom, sighing and rubbing her forehead.
"Hey Bebe..."
Bebe doesn't respond, she just continues to wash her hands.
"What?" she shoots back quickly.
"Hey..." Holly replies back cautiously.

"So... how are you? Haven't had a chance to talk to my best friend this entire night," Holly joked.
"Well can't say as great as you, you have two boys fighting over you, one of which is my boyfriend, none of which are yours," she replied coldly.
"They weren't fighting over me Bebe they just both have some issues going on between them," Holly laughed, still not able to sense the hostility in Bebe's voice.
"Is anything going on between the two of you?"
"Bebe? How can you say that? I would never do anything with Ethan he's your boyfriend."
"I don't mean Ethan Holly I mean Parker. What's going on with the two of you, you guys are... close... as of late."
"Nothing... well... umm... can you keep a secret?"
"Of course, I'm your best friend remember?"
"Yeah I know, I'm so happy but uh, the other night, me and Parker, kinda kissed..."

"What's wrong?"
"You kissed Parker!"
"It was nothing! At most it was an accident!"
"Bebe?! What the hell is wrong with you!?"
"I'll tell you what's wrong with me! I have a self-righteous slutty friend who condemns anyone who does any wrong but yet cheats on her own boyfriend!"
"I never cheated!"
"You are worse than that of Lisa and River Holly you are just a plain trashy whore!"
"Bebe stop it!"
"Stay the hell away from Ethan you slut... and if I catch you anywhere near him I will claw your pathetic, dirty eyes out you cheap tramp."

"Don't even try the innocent act Holly, were no longer friends. I don't want to be with garbage like you... your stench might rub off on me," she said and she walked out of the washroom, leaving Holly with watery eyes.

Bebe stormed back upstairs and out on to the patio, when she caught sight of Ethan she marched over to him.
"Bebe not now..."
"I was bout to give myself to you! But you know what not anymore! Seeing as how I've found out you still have feelings for that slut Holly!"
"Bebe... Holly's not a-"
"Slut? Actually yes she is! The girl you hold up on a pedestal so high is nothing but a big trashy tramp! You wanna know why you wanna know why?!"
"Bebe are you okay...?"
"She slept with Parker Langerak!"
"Yeah, to get back at me, to get back at you, and because she's just trash, she slept with him the other night! God how could I have been so blind, they're always together despite the fact she's going out with Michael!"
"If you'll excuse me for a moment Bebe..." said an angry Ethan as he moved Bebe to the side and moved to the front of the patio.

"Excuse me everyone may I have your attention I'd like to make my speech."
Everyone turned to face Ethan at the front of the patio, giving him their attention.
"This has turned out to be a wonderful night and I'd like to thank Vita Alto for giving me and the rest of the school committee the chance to help with this project. But in all honesty, I could not do it without my friend, Parker Langerak, everyone let's give a round of applause for Parker Langerak."
The crowd clapped, turning to Parker, Parker smiling weakly.
"You know Parker was there for me, even when I came back he remained a great friend. Despite his player ways and just general bad attitude to everyone else, I'd say he was a great guy. You know, he even slept with my ex-girlfriend Holly a few nights ago but I still think he's a great guy!"
The crowd gasped, some in shock looking at Ethan, others looking at Parker.

"So you know what? Without his encouragement and help, I would never have had the drive to help make this night a success. So you know what Parker, why don't you come up here and say a few words, ladies and gentlemen... Parker Langerak my best friend."

Parker froze for a few seconds, before walking up to the front, glaring at Ethan as he stepped aside to give Parker the floor.
"Hello everybody... Ethan thank you for that intro. Umm I've known Ethan since we were babies, best friend for a long long time. He was... no is... a hard working, devoted guy who is very committed. But you know there was this one time a few months ago now that I think about, where I was dating this girl named River and he was dating Holly, it was just before he left. He cheated on Holly with her best friend River, then ran away to god knows where. Now he's back and I'm so happy to have my best friend back, and now he's dating Holly's newest best friend Bebe, even though I still think he has feelings for Holly and you know what..." he paused, the crowd's eyes wide in shock and anticipation.

"Me and Holly never had sex, I don't know where you got that information from Ethan, most likely a bad source. But... we did kiss... no... I kissed her... because I like Holly..."
There were whispers in the crowd now as everyone turned around glancing at her. She turned aside, to catch Bebe heading back into the building. She stormed after her in a rage.

"My god what a bitch you are Bebe..."
"Oh please don't speak because everything that comes out of your mouth is just trash! You told Ethan didn't you no! You EXAGGERATED the truth you DISGUSTING LITTLE LIAR!"
"Don't yell at-"
"Shutup! Just shutup I don't want to hear you right now! I'm the slut right, I'm the slut EVERYONE I have an announcement to make!"
People were now beginning to gather around the doors of the building, the screams coming from Holly attracting them.
"Bebe here, you know my BEST friend, wanted to lose her virginity to you know Ethan, everyone knows Ethan right, tonight, and how long have you two been dating exactly?"
"Not very long..." yelled out a voice from the crowd, which was most likely River.

"What are you doing?!"
"Bebe I hate you! I never believed I would be more angry at someone more than River but yet you beat her! I hope you enjoy your night with Ethan Bebe because you and me are done."
"Don't walk away from me!" she exclaimed grabbing Holly.
"Don't touch me!" she screamed out pushing Bebe.
Bebe, unaware and slightly dizzy, lost her balance and fell to the ground. Holly stared at her.
"Pathetic... but yet... that is where you belong, on the ground."

Parker and Ethan stood there silent, facing and staring at each other.
"Parker you-"
But parker raised his finger, and shook his head.
"Ethan... I have nothing more to say to you, there's nothing more you can say to me-"
"Parker you drove me to do this!"
But Parker raised his finger once more.
"In maybe a few months, we'll cool off. In a year, the anger will be gone, in 5 years it'll be cool but know this Ethan. You and me will never be best friends again, I am done with you and you are done with me."
"I am cutting you off Ethan, because I am done, things have been said that can't be taken back, and now we both have to deal with the consequences. So goodbye Ethan, because as it stands right now, you don't exist to me."

"Wow... did everyone eat those brownies or what..."
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Default Chapter 12: Triangles Continued

Triangles, entertaining to watch and observe on the outside, but inside one, a complex and heart breaking game occur between the 3 points...

But a romance always consists of two people, there can never be three. And so... in a love triangle, there is always one that will be left out... always one whose heart will be broken, and in the case of this love triangle...

"I'm sorry Parker... I know now that I do have these feelings for you but... I'm with Michael... so... we can never be..."
"You're breaking my heart Holly... just like River..."
"Then hold onto this Parker... I love you... but I can't do this... please... I don't want to be breaking your heart," she cried. "But I don't want to break Michael's so please promise me Parker, promise me you'll stop..."
A tear welled up in Parker's eye as he struggled to open his mouth.
"Promise me..."
"I promise I'll..."

Holly put her hand on Parker's face, Parker embraced her touch.
"I love you Holly..."
"Promise you'll stop!"
"I'll stop..."
Holly bowed her head, tears falling down her face, she removed her hand from Parker's face and turned around. She took a deep breath and began walking away.
"I'm sorry.

Poor Parker Langerak would be the one left out...

And poor poor Bebe Hart, who had destroyed all and every relationships she had ever known...

But yet it seems someone new was about to enter into her life... someone she did not expect...

"What are you doing all alone in here?" asked VJ as he climbed into the playground. He shot a smile at Bebe, whose face was lined with tears. She took out the clip from her hair and ran her hand through it.

"What do you want?" she said softly.
"I just need to be alone..."
"Well you're not... and I'd like to be alone..."
"You know, I'd actually like to talk to someone..."
"I don't want to talk..."
"Well you could listen..."
Bebe looked at him with her teary eyes and smiled weakly.
"I think I was just dumped," he laughed. "I got a girlfriend, then got dumped in the same night."
"You don't seem much affected by it."
"I am, I really liked her it's just... grrrr she's so frustrating."
"I think I threw away my boyfriend, and I lost my best friend and I have this headache!"
"You've gone through a lot it looks..."

"Everyone hates me..."
"That's not true..."
"It is, and my parents don't even realize I-... I don't want to go back there I-... I don't know..."
"I remember, at the Black & White Affair, you came up and danced with me..."
"You remembered that!?" she laughed.
"I got a laugh!" he laughed back. "But yeah, I thought it was... sweet."
"Well I only did that to make Lisa mad."
"Really? I think it worked," he joked. "But, was that the only reason?"
"I dunno," she laughed. "Argh I was so frustrated that night I think I just wanted to let loose with someone and you're VJ Alvi so."
"Yeah, I'm VJ Alvi," he laughed, getting up. He held out his hand to Bebe. "Out here's nice and all but it's getting late, how about I walk you home okay, despite everything that happened tonight, we just have to look forward and go through it... and I know you'll be able to do it."
Bebe looked up at VJ, tears streaming down her face. She took VJ's hand and got up. He slid down, and she slid down after him, but when she hit the ground she lost her balance. VJ quickly caught her before she fell to the ground.
"Got you, can't have you falling agai-"

And thus a new triangle was formed...

"What are you doing Parker? You just seem to be getting more and more out of control."
"I'm sorry..."
"You know you can't be drawing attention to this family."
"I know..."
"So is what Ethan said true?"
"Is what you said true?"
"When did this start..."
Parker remained silent.
"Answer me Parker!"
"Lisa... she blackmailed me into getting Holly to like me and then sleeping with her, and to record it so that Lisa can embarrass Holly... but I... I don't want to do it anymore because I... care about Holly..."

"She knows..."
"Knows what?"
"About that night... a month ago."
"How did she find out!? Did you tell her?!"
"No ma I don't know how she found out I-"
"Well then Parker you better do whatever it is she tells you!"
"Ma I don't want to-"
"Parker you killed someone! You can go to jail! So you better do whatever it takes to get Lisa to keep her mouth shut!"
Parker looked down at his feet, upset and distraught.
"How the hell could she have found out then, only Aliva knows the truth so how..."
Illiana spun around to face her son.
"He... he knows..."
Illiana quickly took out her phone.

"Russell, I need you to do something for me?"
"Yes Illiana?"
"This is important so it must be done quickly and efficiently, do you understand?"
"You must go to Europe, to Egypt and France and look for a boy around the same age as my son."
"Illiana Egypt and France are big places this is going to take-"
"Champs Les Sims and Al Simhara. His mother was born in Al Simhara and his father's family is in Champ Les Sims he is at those two locations find him."
"And what do we do when we find him?"
"Bring him back to Sunset."
"And his name Illiana?"

"Damian Ahara... bring him back home."

"My dad'll be gone for the night but are you sure about this Bebe?"

"I'm sure. I just don't want to be alone tonight."

The new Central Park was done by ipopart, I think it looked amazing and just had to have it. Anyways I'm back, have all the pictures ready now till the end just need to write it all out But hope you enjoy this update.
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Oh, you're back!!!!!!
Really, this update is beyond the great. Just wonderful. No, it's even 'wonderful' multiplied by 100!
I understand it's been almost a year (or even more?) since you've started the story and yes... everything has its end. So.. I'm waiting for the new chapter much much much much more than I usually do!
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Thnx a lot Helenica =D . And ya this was my favorite update so far lol. N yep I do get the narrating style of DH and Gossip Girl
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Default Chapter 13: Morning After Dark

Good Morning Sunset? Did you have a good night's sleep? I sure did, but to say the same thing about some of Sunset's residents is a blatant lie...

As the moon goes down, and the sun comes up, a brand new day comes with it. But, the troubles of yesterday wake up with you, so then you have a choice...

Do you choose to do something about what happened the night before...

Forget about it...

Or simply move on...

Or do you run and hide...

"Miraj!? What are you doing in here?!"
"VJ I didn't see the half naked girl in dad's bed BUT the police are at the front door!"
VJ turned to look at Bebe, who was sitting at the side of the bed with her head down.
"Alright I'm coming," he said. "Bebe? Are you okay?"


"What do you want?! Haven't you guys harassed me enough!?" yelled Iqbal.
"Mr. Alvi I am not here for you."
"Then why are you here?!"
VJ walked into the room, "What's going on?"
"VJ Alvi you're under arrest."
"WHAT?!" exclaimed Iqbal and Miraj.
The police officer grabbed VJ and applied the hand-cuffs.
"I don't understand what's going on?!" exclaimed Iqbal.
"VJ you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"
"What is going on?!"
"Mr. Alvi, please move out of the way!"

"Wha- Oh my god!" gasped Bebe as she walked out of the bedroom. The three stood by the front door and watched as VJ as taken into the police car and driven away.

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

"Hello!" Bebe called out as she stepped into her home. Silence, not a sound, not a slight response. The entire house was quiet.
"Mommy! Daddy!"

Where did they go! It was just one night I left them alone...

Bebe entered into her bathroom, frustrated, sad, and confused, she opened up the tap to fill her tub. She waited for the water to fill the bath tub, then took off her days old clothes and slipped in then...

Went underneath the water.
I'll look for them after my bath... and...

Holly Alto walked out of the school building, sad and down. She stood at the top of the stairs as she watched and overheard Lisa and River's snickering remarks.
"She didn't even come to school today!" laughed Lisa.
"I guess mission success! She was such a wreck last night she basically burned all of her bridges!"
"I'm sure Ethan wants nothing to do with her right now after her craziness! Those brownies really did a number on her!"
"I know! And did you HEAR Holly?!" River laughed. "I swear I never saw her that mad in my life! Looks like they're not best friends anymore!"
Both of them burst into laughter.

Holly recalled last night and her fight with Bebe, she had lost another best friend.
What's wrong with me?

"So? What's going on with you and VJ?"
"I don't know, you know after our little bicker last night I haven't heard from him I tried calling him this morning... he didn't pick up."
"Well first of all Lisa why did you even get mad at him over something so stupid like that."
"I don't know! This is all new to me, I've never had a consistent long term boyfriend just... quick one night stands," she laughed.
River rolled her eyes and joined in with Lisa's laughing.
"Oh yeah but he wants to talk to you about the catering job, so if you can see him about that."
"Yeah yeah I will, and I'll put in a good word with you."

"Ethan!" Holly spun around surprised to see Ethan.
"Hey uh... how's it going?"
"Well considering last night..."
"I'm sorry about that I-"
"It's alright Ethan... maybe it was for the best you know. To just get it all out there in the open and just sort through it all..."
"Yeah... so... I know of what happened between you and... Bebe last night was pretty intense but you two are still friends so-"

"Were no longer friends anymore Ethan..."
"Yeah I know but-"
"There's no 'buts', I'm done with her."
"She didn't come to school today Holly, I'm worried about her."
"You're her boyfriend, you should be."
"And you were once her best friend."
"Once Ethan, I was 'once' her best friend, now were not, and now I just simply don't care."
Ethan remained silent, then shook his head. "That's not like you Holly."
"And it's not like you to do what you did to Parker. Please don't come and talk to me about how I should treat former best friends when you're doing the same thing," she said sternly, and she turned around and took her leave.

Holly decided to walk home, thinking the fresh air would do her some good to help clear her thoughts and calm her mind. They had transformed the small pond in the middle of her street into another beautiful park, and so walking by that scenery would put her mind at ease. That is until she saw...


"How are you?" asked Bebe softly as Holly walked over to her.
"I'm okay..."
"That's good..." she said, before a pause between the them as the two looked away from each other. "I'm sorry Holly..."
"I know... so am I..."
"So... can we do this again?" Bebe asked, looking up at Holly with a smile. But Holly only shook her head.
"I can't..." she sobbed. "So much was said, too much was done I... I just can't get past it."
Bebe looked down, dejected, tears coming down her face. Those were the words she did not want to hear. "I... I can't do this..."
"Bebe... let's not make this hard for ourselves..."
"You were my best friend..."
"And maybe we just aren't cut out to be best friends Bebe... best friends don't do what we did to each other..."
"I have no one, I don't know what to do, I... I-I can't find my parents," she said breaking down. "I lost my parents Holly I don't know where they are!"
"I'm sorry Bebe," Holly whispered, barely able to contain herself as she watched her former best friend be in this pain.

"And to make matters worse I... I cheated on Ethan..."
"What?" Holly gasped.
"I was alone, I was confused and so sad and everyone hated me and he..."
"He was there for me... VJ cared for me so I... Holly I feel so-!" And she covered her face with her hands and began to cry out.
Holly looked at her friend with watery eyes, mouthed the words "I'm sorry," and turned around.

I just can't do this anymore.

I'm sorry Bebe, I'm done.

River pulled up to Ethan's house, a smile of victory on her face. She sighed heavily, checked herself in her rear view mirror and got out of her car.

"Come on River," she said to herself. "Don't screw this up! You can't screw this up! Bebe is out of the picture, I just need to take her place. Shouldn't be too hard considering."
The door opened.
"Hey River!" said Ethan as he stood in the doorway. River flung her arms around him tightly then let go smiling.
"Hey Ethan, can I come in?"
"Yeah ya come in you're always welcome."

"Hey, so you looked a bit down today what's up?" she asked stepping into the home.
"Well I lost any chance of reclaiming Parker back as a best friend, my girlfriend's gone MIA and I have no idea where or what could've happened to her and my parents are pissed off at me because of the 'speeches' last night."
"Awww," she said, rubbing the side of his shoulders. "Cheer up bud, you know, I'm sure Parker was just exaggerating last night you guys are so close, just let it cool and after a while I'm sure he'll come around."
"Maybe... hey you wanna sit?"

"So, I see you and my sister's been hanging out alot."
River laughed, "She's pretty cool once you get to know her, you also get to see her vulnerable side."
"Vulnerable side?" laughed Ethan.
"Did you know she had a crush on VJ? And last night she admitted her feelings for him and now they're going out!" laughed out River.
"No way!? VJ and Lisa!?"
Both of them sat in the chair laughing and bumping into each other.
"I miss this," said River.
"Yeah, those nights were fun."
"Maybe we can bring them back..."

"I know... Bebe and all but... what was up with her last night I mean, she's just been... changing... getting so aggressive lately and now she basically threw her best friend..."
"You and Holly were once best friends."
"Yeah well... I would never tell Holly what she told her last night..."
"Well... you kinda betrayed her with me," Ethan chuckled.
"Because I like you Ethan... I really do, and I have done so much to try and make you see that and I don't know why you won't give us a shot."
"Because I like Bebe."
"Do you care about me Ethan?"
Ethan looked at her with longing in his eyes, "Yes."
"But you don't want to be with me?" said said sadly.
"I'm with Bebe."

"Then go Ethan. What are you doing here? Go and find her! Go and find Bebe wherever the hell she is. Because if you really care about her and she really cares about you and you both wanna be with one another... then I'm not going to waste my time trying to be with you."
Ethan smiled at her, then leaned over and hugged her, "Thank you." Then he got up and left out the door.


"Michael... you came..."
"Course I'd come..."
"I thought you would be so mad... that you'd want nothing to do with me."
"Yeah when I heard from someone what Parker said last night I was pretty pissed..."
"I know it's pretty... bad..."
"I knew he liked you Holly... I knew he liked you very much. I knew from the time we all went on that double date, and that's why he was always so hostile towards me... he was jealous... jealous that I was going out with the best girl in Sunset..."
Holly blushed, and Michael stroked her cheek with his hand.
"He told me he taken you to the beach, and the both of you looked up at the starry sky..."
"It was nothing Michael..."
"No no it was... which is why I'm taking you here to the edge of the beach, so our feet can get wet and we can just look out at the ocean and forget everything except each other..."
"Holly... I'll never hurt you or lie to you and I know you'll never do the same... because you're amazing and I'd give you the world if I could."
"Michael!" Holly cried.

And she fell into his arms...
"I love you Holly Alto."

"And I love you Michael Bachelor."

"Bebe!" Ethan yelled out as he spotted a crying Bebe Hart sulking in the park bench.
"Bebe..." he said as he got up to her. She turned to look at him and burst into a smile, getting up.

"Ethan! I'm so sorry!" she cried.
"No! I'm sorry I should've treated you better! I-I'm not using you Bebe I care for you and I have feelings for you and I only want to be with you!"
"I know I know, and I want to be with you Ethan!"
"God I was so worried about you," he sighed. "I thought the worst when I didn't see you at school and you weren't picking up your phone."
"I spent the whole day looking for my parents I... I uh didn't come home till this morning and they weren't home and..." she began crying again. "I shouldn't have left them alone!"
"Hey hey don't cry," he said wiping the tears from her face. "They're adults right, they'll show up they'll come back home don't worry about it. I hate to see you cry..."
Bebe began chuckling, embracing Ethan's warm hand on her face.
"Ethan? Can you come somewhere with me?"
"Yeah... where?"
"Follow me!"

It's just up here!

Were almost there! It's going to take your breath away!

"My dad would bring me up here when I was younger... to play and to just... escape..." she said teary-eyed.
Ethan took her hand, "It's amazing."
"I haven't been up here in so long and... god I wish I could just... see a shooting star and make a wish!" she blurted out.
"A shooting star?"
"I'd wish for this moment to last forever... and that I don't have to face those troubles anymore..."

The two faced to look back at the town.
"Sunset..." she said softly.
"Bebe... you don't ever have to face those problems alone, I will always be right here with you, no matter what."
"I promise," he said taking her hands.
"Ethan, stay with me up here, just for a bit..."
"I'd love too Bebe... I can stay up here with you all night..."
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Default Chapter 13: Morning After Dark Continued

Sigh... alone again poor little River. She woke up this morning thinking today would be her day of victory. But unfortunately for her, it was her day of ultimate defeat, the sun of new hope had come and gone, and she was back in the darkness...

Not quite knowing where she would go or what she would do anymore... but the night isn't all that dark yet little River, as there is a small glimmer of light in the distance... that maybe... just maybe... could be the answer you are looking for...

"I don't understand what you're telling me?! They found a car in the springs up north, and inside they found my brother's prints on the car and steering wheel and some of Erik Darling's DNA!? That's impossible how-" But Miraj stopped talking when he saw River at the door. "I'll call back!"
Miraj hung up the phone and walked to the door.

"May I help you?"
"Is everything alright Miraj? Is VJ okay?"
"Everything's fine," he quipped. "What do you need?"
"You're brother asked me to help him get a job at the catering company I work at and I was going to give him a contact number to call if he wants the job..."
"Okay his cellphone is in my parents bedroom don't ask what it's doing in there, program the number in the phone, leave a note and get out."
"O...kay..." and River walked in the house.

Yes that light at the end of the tunnel... at the end of a long night... could be the dawn we long for... that hope that the night is done...

"They're home!"

"Mommy! Daddy!"
"Hello sweetie!"
"Dad! Oh my god I'm so glad you're alright!"
"Oh bear bear you have a friend visiting!"
"A friend...? Who...?"

But that light can be so deceiving.

"Hello Bebe!" exclaimed Lisa shooting up and beaming. "I've just met your wonderful parents! How could you hide them from me and everyone else like that!"
Bebe's face turned to anger and fear at the same time. Her father began clapping and making noises, excited at seeing Lisa and Bebe.
"Wh-what are you doing here Lisa?"
"The real question is Bebe... what were you doing for the past oh... I dunno 24 hours... you left your dear parents for the whole day. You're lucky I ran into them and brought them home, they told me so much stories..."
"Get out."
"Okay... bye bye Mr. Hart."
"BA BYE Lusa!" Gus exclaimed, waving frantically and bouncing up and down on the couch. Lisa smiled.

"You think you're life is bad right now Bebe," Lisa whispered leaning in. "I have not even started."

But not all lights are deceiving...

"There's his phone..."

Some are actually that light at the tunnel... that dawn to a long and restless night...

"What... is this... OH MY GOD!"


And for River... her morning had finally come.

Michael or Parker? Bebe or River? Do you even care about Holly or Bebe (who's going to become more of a trainwreck before she gets better). Anyways won't have teen storylines for quite a few updates seeing as how I did them 2 in a row, but the next one IMO is going to beat out Triangles as my favorite, it is EPIC as alot of SLs take on a whole new lvl so Im EXCITED to write it out!!! But hope you enjoyed this one XD !!!
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Ah, hungryhippo, you know how to intrigue! :D
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Default Chapter 14: Whatcha Say (Secrets) Part 1

What do you say to your husband after he's discovered the affair you've had with your boss... and the baby you're carrying might not even be his...

What do you say to the man you're in love with to get him to admit his feelings for you... and to leave his wife at the same time...

What do you say to the girl you are dating if she ever finds out the truth of your past...

What do you tell people after they have discovered the side job you've been doing... which helps pay the bills... but is also illegal...

What do you say to your employees, your family and friends... and the authorities... if they discover you are committing fraud...

And what do you say to the families you'll hurt if they find out about the affair between you and the town's good doctor...

You tell them we'll talk about it on Founder's Day.

The Gorgeous & the Desperate

Founder's Day... a day to commemorate and remember the founding families of Sunset, for if it was not because of them... Sunset Valley simply would not exist...

I love Founder's Day, for it is on this day the town gathers together in celebration... one at the Goth Manor... the first house built in Sunset... and the other at the Roomies household. In addition to the celebrating and the revelries that occur, something else always bounds to creep out of the closet... secrets... secrets... and more...

"We need to talk now Pauline!"
"Please don't yell Hank! Do you want people to hear!?"
"You said we'll talk tonight! Well tonight's here! Is it true?!"

"Yes..." she said ashamed.
"You slept with Landon Admas!"
"Please Hank don't yell... it meant nothing I only did it so I could-"
"What?! Get a promotion! You broke your commitment with me so you could get a flipping promotion at work! What the hell is wrong with you?!"
"Hank please I'm sorry... I-I wish I could have told you but I was scared and," she began crying. "Did Stiles tell you? I shouldn't have threatened him I should have just-"
"Wait Stiles knew!?"

"Am I interrupting something?" said Landon as he walked out on to the balcony.
"Go away!" screamed Pauline.
"You! I swear to god if it wasn't for all these people here I would kill you!"
"Not wise words for a police officer... anyways I don't want Pauline getting stressed so Hank I think you should leave and Pauline you should sit down, I want my baby to be as healthy as possible."

"It's not yours Landon!"
"You stay the hell away from us do you understand Landon!"
"I'll stay away from the both of you, but when that baby is born... it is mine."
"You're not getting my baby!" exclaimed Pauline.
"You know what, I'm done with the both of you!" said Hank.
"Hank wait please no! This child is yours Hank it isn't Landon please don't leave!" Pauline cried grabbing on to Hank's arm.
"Get the hell away from me!"

We need to talk.

"Hello sister."
Cornelia jumped and spun around, her hand on her chest. "Agnes you scared me."
"We need to have a little chat."
"That's very rude of you Agnes, no type of formal greeting whatsoever."
"I know about you and Geoffrey Cornelia."
Cornelia froze, her body stiffened. "What?"
"Don't play dumb Cornelia I saw you two at the side of the hospital after I finished work, kissing and caressing each other! What are you two thinking!?"

"This is none of your business Agnes!"
"You're my sister Cornelia it is my business! Don't you think of Gunther? Of Mortimer? And how about the Landgraabs?! Don't you think of all the pain you're going to put Nancy and Malcolm through!?"
"We love each other..."
Agnes slapped her sister across the face.
"You're being selfish! You don't want the pain of a broken family on your chest Agnes!"
"Don't you dare compare this to Jason!"
"It is just the same! It is my fault that family went through what they did and now I have to deal with it! You don't want that same pain Agnes! Stop this affair!"
"I cannot believe that this is still an issue for you Agnes it was in high school and it was not your fault! Let it go! And this has nothing to do with the Forbes so just please Agnes... stay out of my business."

"Cyclone! Cyclone!" Blair whispered loudly, waving her arms signalling Cyclone to come to her.
"What?" he asked, walking down the hallway away from the crowd.
"I need you to do something for me?"
"Oh are you not mad at me anymore... you know about the whole denying your bulimia issue?"
"I don't have bulimia!" she shot back.
"Okay okay... so, what do you want?"
"Stiles spends an awfully lot of time on his laptop..."

"Oh no Blair, I'm not doing that!"
"Why?! I need to know the truth!"
"The truth about what Blair?!"
"His past! It just seems so sketchy and I have an odd feeling about it..."
"Isn't he supposed to be your boyfriend? Aren't you two supposed to trust each other?"
"Exactly! But I have the feeling he's not being entirely honest with me and I need to know the truth!"

"Blair you're such a little kid! You're playing with fire here I mean if he finds out-"
"How's he gonna find out Cyclone! Unless you tell! And if you do believe me then you'll have some problems!"
"Awww man Blair!"
"Just do it Cyclone! You weren't doing much anyways before so now I'm giving you something to do."
"So what am I doing exactly?"
"His laptop is password-encrypted, protection blah blah blah. I tried to get in but couldn't but seeing as how you're a computer genius you'd be able to do it no problemo right?"
"Yeah... but it's going to take some time. And make sure he doesn't come!"
"Don't worry about Stiles, I'll take good care with him."

"Evening Tamara, you look rather nice," said Morganna as she walked up to the front door, towards Tamara who steed there greeting the guests.
"Morganna... you made it..."
"Why? What makes you think I wouldn't have come?"
"Well Thornton came ahead of you so I just assumed-"
"And there's your mistake," she interrupted. "You assumed. Not very good to assume things. I needed a few more minutes to get ready, that was all."
Tamara smiled, eyeing Morganna. Then she motioned for Morganna to go inside.
"I hope you enjoy yourself tonight Morganna..."
"I hope so too."
"Oh and another thing... I heard about your break-in... I am terribly sorry about that."
"I'm sure you are Tamara, I'm sure you are."

"Amazing, look who's shown up."
"You really wanna do this tonight Emma."
"Don't you have work to do? Burglarizing people's homes I mean tonight would be perfect seeing as how no one's home."
"You know what Emma think what you want but I'm here for Cyclone, someone I'm sure you wish you had."
Emma laughed, "You honestly believe this is because I have a crush on Cyclone."
"No you're infatuated with him and that's why you're doing everything in your power to bring me down but you know what, it isn't going to work Emma. I'm going to work twice as hard to make our relationship work so I can rub it in your fat greasy face."
"Relationship," Emma chuckled.
"Laugh... if that what gets you to sleep at night all alone and without a man," Ayeshia said, "Now excuse me, I have to find my boyfriend," and she walked off brushing Emma.

Jamie turned around to meet a young man walking towards her smiling.
"Hi?" she asked, wondering who he was.
"You don't remember me?"
"Should I?" she laughed.
"You came to my house the other night and you know we..."
"Oh!" Jamie's turned to shock as she quickly looked around to see if anyone could hear them.
"Wow... y-you look great! Do you do... you know... that often?"
"Let's not talk about that right now," Jamie said quickly. "So? What are you doing here?"
"Well I'm friends with Landon and he invited me here with him, you know I'm sort of new in town and he thought it'd be a good idea to meet some new people."
"Oh okay, Landon of course seeing as he's the one who... nevermind, well you know what, I hope you enjoy yourself I just need to get myself something to-"

"It's horrible I... who is he?"
"No one! What's horrible?"
"Hank found out!"
"What?! How?!"
"I don't know! At first I thought it was Stiles who told him but it wasn't! I think it was Landon!" Pauline cried.
"Oh my god sweetie I'm so sorry."
"I don't know what to do! He's going to leave me, and that Landon! He's threatening to take my baby when it's born! He can't do that!"
"Did you tell Hank it could be his?"
"He doesn't want to hear it! Look at what I've done I should have never... I just want to go back in time!"
Jamie hugged her friend, "It's going to be okay Pauline, just let him cool off and then talk to him. There's a chance this baby might be his and when he sees that baby born... I know he's not going to leave you."

Jamie rubbed Pauline's tummy. Pauline smiled.
"I think I felt a kick," Jamie laughed.
Pauline began smiling, "Thank you."
"You're my friend and I care about you, believe me I'm going to help you get through this. There's no way Hank is going to leave you."
"You're an awfully good friend," said the man standing nearby.

"And who might you be?" asked Pauline.
"The man held out his hand, "The name's Freddy, Freddy Deaker. I'm a good friend of Jamie."
"Oh my nice to meet you," Pauline said laughing. "Pauline Goddard."
"You have a very pretty smile, for a lady who just a few minutes ago was crying her eyes out."
Pauline laughed then raised her hand, "I'm married."
Freddy joined in with Pauline's laughter, Jamie joined in just for good measure.
"Well it was nice meeting you Pauline. Jamie, nice seeing you again, I'm going to get some food."
"Alright bye Freddy, it was nice meeting you too."
The girl's waited for him to leave, then Pauline leaned over.
"Tell me that's your boyfriend."

"So are you ready to discover Gunther's secret?"
Nancy choked on her food in shock at what Nick said. She coughed, trying to clear her throat.
"What is wrong with you?!"
"What? Were in his house, it's the perfect place to discover just what is going on?"
"I know that..."
"Then what's the problem?"

"His son is right there..."
"He's like 5," Nick said, unfazed and consistently eating.
"I'm 13."

"Whatever, my point is he's harmless, he has no idea what were talking about and he can't understand us."
"I can understand you just fine..."
"You see Nancy, the boy has no idea what he's talking about. We can talk about it here, it'll pass his head. Remember Nancy, were adults and speaking 'business' technical language, not gibberish."

"Nick! I don't want to talk about it here, we'll go somewhere private."
"Well I'm still eating..."
"Then WHY did you bring it up Nick?!"
"I don't want to get up until I'm finished eating. And I was under the impression that we'd discuss it here while eating."
"Nick this is your second plate! I think eating is done!"
"No it's not..."
"Nick you fat gluttonous slug GET UP!"
Nick just continued eating, staring at Mortimer who had begun glaring at him.
"What are you looking at you creepy child?"
"I'm looking at a fat idiot!"
"Such a disrespectful little boy, I know my Holly never talked to people like that."
"Well you don't know your 'Holly' very well," said Illiana walking into the dining room.

"Oh god..." sighed Nancy as she pulled out her PDA.
"Nancy please we all know you're not doing any work on that thing... for you don't have any work," she sneered.
"What do you mean I don't know my daughter Illiana? I think I knew her very well, she's not out on the streets causing a ruckus like your son."
"Maybe... but she certainly yells up a storm at her friends."
"Illiana why are you here? Shouldn't you be off drinking your blues away."
"I should shouldn't I? But I know you'll be doing that in a little while."
"And why do you say that?"
"Haven't you heard? City council shut down your venture, as well as the spa."

"Oh it feels so good to break the news to you two buffoons."
"What do you mean they shut it down?!"
"Oh I don't know I just got the news from Mayor Keith to inform you and Gunther. Apparently Sharma Day Spa's were selling poisonous cosmetics, who would've thought," Illiana laughed. "And city council feels that Goth Enterprises has become too much of a monopoly and they want to give local fashion entrepreneurs a chance to make it... something along those lines I really wasn't listening much nor did I care."
"Nick this is a disaster!"
"He's still eating." said Mortimer.

"Hey Hank..."
"Don't you dare talk as if you're my friend!"
"Woah Hank what are you-"
"You knew! You knew about Pauline and the baby and yet you didn't tell me!"
"Are we not friends Stiles?! How the hell could you betray me like that!?"
"Hank Pauline blackmailed me! She threatened my job if I didn't keep shut! I wanted to tell you!"

"Everyone has excuses! Excuses excuses excuses! All from the people who I thought I trusted!"
"Hank! I'm still your friend ,am and I'm sorry it's just..."
"Shutup! Just shutup! You're not a friend! If you were you would have told me what Pauline did, instead of me hearing it over the damn phone from that bastard Landon!"
"I don't know what to say I..."

"What's going on?! What's with the yelling Hank?"
"Why don't you tell her Stiles! Tell her what a liar you are!"
"Stiles? What's going on?"
Stiles remained silent, anguish and guilt on his face at what he hid from his friend. Honesty isn't his strong suit.
"He knew about what Pauline did?"
"What did Pauline do?"
"Tell her Stiles!"
"Stop yelling Hank," said Blair, saddened at the events taking place. Stiles didn't say anything.
"Not gonna talk, then I'll do it for you. Pauline cheated on me with her boss so she could get promoted, and now she's most likely pregnant with his child. And your boyfriend here knew about it!"
"Wha... Stiles you..."
"She blackmailed me okay! If I told him she would've removed me from the band and that means alot to me! And Hank she loves you man, the reason why she kept it quiet was because she didn't want to destroy her marriage!"
"Well... she did... the minute she slept with Landon."
"Charles... what'd you find out? Did you figure out who she really is?"
"Then why'd you call me Charles, I told you not to call unless you got news."
"I know Jared I know but you should hear this."
"I was looking at her records, and I stumbled on something that was done 5 years ago... the time the real Claire Ursine died..."
"Plastic Surgery."
"She went through plastic surgery?!"
"Yeah, and not a small nose or boob job, I'm talking about major surgery done, expensive..."
"Expensive? Claire isn't rich..."
"Exactly... where did all that money go? Does she still have it?"
"How did she get it?"
"Get me a copy of her banking information Jared... I can only do so much with what I have now but if I could get a hold of all her banking information, I could track the money and find out exactly where all that money came from and I'll get a name."
"Easier said than done Charles how the hell do you expect me to get a bank record."
"If you want your daughter bad enough Jared... you'll find a way."

"Can't believe I'm stuck doing this I-... wait a minute... what is this..."

"Hey Cyclone... still busy with those computers."
Cyclone jumped and quickly minimized what he was looking at.
"No I'm not busy," he laughed. "What do you need?"
"I just wanted to talk Cyclone you know, we haven't really talked or hung out together much and I thought this would be the perfect night."

"Yeah yeah I totally agree, umm I'm nearly done here but... I'd love to have a dance with you."
Ayeshia giggled, "I'd like that Cyclone, rally much."
"Okay good."

"Morganna, you always surprise me by how gorgeous you can get."
"Thornton, still working that charm."
"Would you like to dance?"
"Sudden interest all of a sudden?"
"You're my wife, why wouldn't I be interested in you."
Morganna chuckled, happy at the brief romantic interaction she was having with her husband for once.
"I'd love to dance with you sweetie, how can I say no to a handsome man like you."

"That's the thing, you can't," he flirted, leaning in and kissing Morganna. Tamara stood by the wall, watching them with a yearning in her eyes.
He should be mine...

"So... you still coming?"
"Of course Connor just give me a few to get out of here," replied Agnes over the phone.
"Okay good, I didn't wanna be all myself on Founder's Day," he laughed.
"You think I wanna be cooped up in this creepy old mansion when I can be spending the night with my wonderful boyfriend."
"Can't wait till you get here?"
"Me too, did anything exciting happen yet?"
"Not yet," he laughed, turning around to look into the windows. "But I did hear some yelling, and Hank looks super pissed, you should hurry over here, somethings bound to go down."
Agnes laughed, "I'm coming, I just have to deal with some things first."
"Alright, love you."
"Love you too Connor."
"Connor! Leave now!" shouted out Tamara, coming out on to the balcony with Thornton.

Connor looked at the both of them and left. Tamara immediately lunged to kiss Thornton but he pushed her away.
"What are you doing?!"
"Were alone!"
"People can still see us!"
"So! I don't care please I just want to be with you tonight!"
"I told you Tamara! If anyone finds out what we've been doing then were done! I'd have no reason to be with you! Do you want that!?"
"Then no one could ever find out..."
"Why are you with her?"
"Because I love her Tamara!"
"Don't you love me?!"
"Oh my god Tamara not now..."
Tamara quickly threw herself on to Thornton and kissed him passionately.

"I need some air I- oh my god!"
Tamara and Thornton immediately stopped and spun around.
"Emma! What are you doing out here?!"
"I-I needed some air..." she stammered.
Tamara, looking at Thornton in worry, then back at Emma, quickly ran back inside the house.

"What did you see?" Thornton asked while walking past Emma.
"Nothing... just the two of you out here... together..."
Thornton nodded his head, "Do me a favor Emma."
"I'm not going to tell Thornton I don't get involved in these things."
"I don't care Emma, just do something for me..."
"Go into Tamara's room."
"There was a burglary at my home, alot of pictures of me and Morganna were either stolen or defaced... so just do it. Go into her room."
"Okay..." she said, as Thornton walked back into the house.

"Can I sit?"
"Not my house," Hank grumbled.
Blair sat down and took Hank's hand.
"Hank... you're really mad huh?"
"Just found out my wife lied to me and that the baby I thought was mine could be someone else's, and that my good friend knew so yeah... I'm pretty pissed."
"I'm sorry Hank, but you know... I'm here," she smiled.
"I wanna be alone Blair..."
"Hank, I'm one of your best friends, I've known you for how long," she laughed. "I'm not going anywhere until I know you're going to be okay and not knock someone out."
Hank chuckled and looked up, breathing out heavily and shouting out in frustration. Blair laughed.
"That's one way to let out the stress. Hank, talk to Pauline, talk to Stiles, they all care about you."
"No they don't..."
"Yes they do Hank, and you never know... that baby could be yours... Hank Goddard... a daddy," Blair laughed. "I never thought I'd see the day, actually, you were kind of a player so-"
"Hey!" he exclaimed elbowing Blair. Blair laughed and tickled Hank.

"You're smiling again... so you're not going to like kill someone?"
"I'm a cop Blair..."
"I know, you got me my job as the desk jockey remember. And what a job it is, you know everytime you guys get a serious call I like bite my nails till you guys get back cause I always think you're gonna come back hurt."
"Really?" Hank laughed. "Not even Pauline tells me that."
"I'm sure she feels the way Hank. But please, talk to her, you love her, and she loves you," Blair said getting up.
"Thanks Blair..."
"You welcome Hank, I know you'd do the same for me," she smiled. "Oh and by the way, I love the shirt."
They both laughed.
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Default Chapter 14: Whatcha Say (Secrets) Part 1 Continued

"So... Jamie," Freddy said as he sat down beside Jamie.
"Oh, you again," she replied unimpressed.
"What? You're not happy to see me, you were very eager the other-"
"Okay you see there's the problem! This is my social life... that's... another portion of my life and I like to keep that separate!"
"Okay fine... we'll change the conversation. Are you seeing anyone?"
Jamie sighed and ran her hand through her hair.
"Didn't you wear glasses before?"
"Oh okay, so, my other question?"
"No I'm not seeing anyone Freddy."
Freddy laughed, "A beautiful girl like you not dating that's a shock."
"Yeah, its a shame..."

"So what exactly do you do Jamie?"
"Well after I complete my last year of medical school I'll be a surgeon."
"Ooooh smart and beautiful, you're a catch. But I take it medical school is expensive and you didn't have the..."
"You're going into territory I don't wanna talk about..."
"Okay... so your turn, you have any questions to ask me?"
"Don't you wanna know what I do?"
"Fine, what do you do Freddy Deaker?"
"Hey you know my last name but I don't know yours."
"It's Jolina..." she sighed exhausted.
Freddy snickered, "I have my own Architectural Design business so... pretty rich and well-off if I can say so myself."
"Course you are, else Landon wouldn't have put me on with you. But if you'll excuse me Freddy I have to ummm, talk to someone about something very important."
"Alright, so hey could I uh... ask you out on a date?" he asked while Jamie was getting up. Jamie looked at him and shook her head.
"I'm not looking to date, sorry."

"So... looks like Hank found out..." Stiles said walking out.
Pauline sighed, not responding.
"How did he find out?"
"I don't know Stiles you tell me..."
"If you're insinuating that I told him you're wrong, I kept my mouth shut."
"Then the only other person would be Landon..."
"Why would he do that?"
"I don't know Stiles, maybe because he's crazy."
"You slept with him..."
Pauline shot him a piercing glare.
"Sorry sorry... just always thought you know you sleep with someone when you actually care about them."
"Landon is dirt to me and I only did it to get ahead which I now regret every second of..."

"That's not very reassuring to hear," said Landon stepping out.
"Are you stalking me or something!" yelled out Pauline.
"I'm only concerned for the welfare of my child."
"Hey man lay off, you really caused a mess here."
"Hey buddy shutup. If you value your place in the band you'll stay out of business that doesn't concern you."
"It concerned me the minute I found out what you did with my friends wife buddy!"
"God I can't take this any- UGH!" Pauline clutched at her stomach.
"Are you okay?!" Stiles said turning his attention to Pauline.
"Get the hell away from me! It's nothing I'm fine!"
"When are you due Pauline...?"
"I'm not due for a couple of weeks god everyone just leave me alone!"


"Okay, so he's in there right now on the laptop in the company account, you know the plan right?"
"Yes Nick, you told me this a dozen times I'm not retarded!"
"Could've fooled me..."
"Okay, I didn't really hear you say you weren't so I'm just going to repeat it. You go in, distract him and bring him downstairs, and I will look into his files and find out what exactly he is doing."
"Oh my god we can get into so much trouble for doing this..."
"Ummm Nancy hi I think you forgot, he's committing fraud, he's going to get into trouble. So remember, if he decides to come back up you need to shout out."
"What am I shouting out?"
"Ummm anything... what does it matter just shout out."
"I'll shout out Illiana is a drunk."
Nick rolled his eyes and peeped into Gunther's study.
"Okay... go now."

"Gunther... wonderful party," nancy said walking into the study. Gunther got up and greeted his guest.
"It is it is, unfortunately at the moment I cannot entertain you all as I have pressing business matters to attend to."
"I can see that but since we are discussing work, I think there is something you should know?"
"And that is?"
"That venture me and Nick are working on... well just me, that I'm working on, city council shut it down."
"I know, they've never done this before and... this could be such a great thing for Goth Enterprises... Sheena is downstairs maybe we can talk to her very quickly and just find out why... how they came up with such a decision."
"Yes yes I would like to know that myself, this will be quick right?"
"Yes, I just need you there, and any of the small intricate details I could deal with it on my own."
"Alright lets go quickly, I don't wanna leave my laptop up like this."
"We won't be long," she said, eyeing the laptop and then leading Gunther out of the room.

Nick slipped into the room and went on the laptop.
What do we have here... hmmm.... wow... he's siphoning a lot... to another account... hmmm... it's not in his name... in Sim City... Surgery... who is this?... Frida Goth... who the hell is Frida Goth?

To Be Continued...
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Default Chapter 14: Whatcha Say (Secrets) Part 2

"Cyclone... I need to talk to you."
"Oh hey Emma," Cyclone said, looking over his shoulder while dancing with Ayeshia. "What's up?"
"We need to talk alone..."
"Whatever you have to say to Cyclone Emma you can say to me as well... seeing as how we are dating," Ayeshia replied harshly.
"Well, I'm only taking your feelings into consideration Ayeshia seeing as how I need to talk about YOU! Do you really want the entire room to hear?"
"Oh wow Emma when do you ever take how I 'feel' into consideration?"
"Guys stop! What's going on between the two of you?!"
"Emma's in love with you Cyclone."

"And Ayeshia is the Sunset Burglar... I saw her the other night creeping around town all in black... explain that Ayeshia."
"Emma come on not this again..."
"You see Emma, whereas you have accusations that you just pull out of your hair my claims are actually grounded, you're jealous of the relationship I have with Cyclone!"
"What is it you actually do Ayeshia please share!" Emma yelled.
"Avoiding the accusation I see..."
"And you're avoiding my question! What is it you keep doing in the night?!"
"Emma! Is it true... do you like me?"
"No Cyclone I don't I'm just merely-"
"Then leave us alone! I'm sure when Ayeshia is comfortable she'll tell me what it is she does but god if you don't have feelings for me then just back off!"

"Hank..." Stiles said, sitting down on the couch next to Hank. "You've been sitting down here for a while now..."
"What can I say party isn't fun..."
"Yeah well... you pretty much just had an A-bomb dropped on you..."
Hank grunted.
"Hey man I'm sorry, I don't know how many times or ways I could say it but I just need you to understand that."
Hank didn't say anything.
"It's just I love my band... I love being in it and I love playing and I didn't want to lose that..."
"So you're saying you cared about that more than your own friend?"
"Nah that's not what I'm saying. I didn't want to lose you as a friend either. Still new to this town and you and Blair were one of my first friends... and despite how annoyed I was at the fact you two consistently tried to become friends with me... I'm grateful for that..."

"Why?" Hank asked, getting up from his seat.
"Because I've never had friends before Hank... when I was in the orphanage and that... foster home... and when I went from town to town I never really... made friends... and I come here and all that changes..." Stiles said sadly, "I didn't wanna mess up your marriage Hank... even though I was a friend it wasn't my place to tell you what Pauline did... you two need to talk, she loves you and you're a great friend, and neither of us wanna lose out on that Hank."
Hank looked down on the ground then at Stiles and smiled. He nodded his head then walked away.

"Pauline... come over here," Jamie said pulling Pauline down a hallway.
"What? What do you want?"
"I need to talk to you..."
"Is it about Fred? What you should say to him? He's super cute."
"No it's not about Fred well, actually, kinda."
"Oh my god you like him."
"Pauline, I've been doing some stuff to help pay for medical school and now... that life is starting to... merge with my social life and now I don't know what to do..."
"Stuff Jamie? What stuff have you been doing?"

"In simpler terms... I'm a call girl..."
"I know Pauline I feel so ashamed... I was able to get a new house and new clothes and a new hairstyle all because of it... but now... Freddy was here-"
"Wait a minute... Freddy was a... a client?!"
Jamie nodded her head.
"Jamie!" Pauline exclaimed and she hugged her friend.
"I'm just afraid that this'll happen again, I come to a party and I see one of the guys I slept with for money and then this whole secret just... comes out in such an ugly way and I get myself into something I..."
"You're going to stop it."
"You're going to stop doing this Jamie! You can get into a lot of trouble if the police find out about it, and I'm not losing another friend."
"Thank you Pauline..." Jamie said tearfully. "Now what are you going to do about Hank?"

"I don't know Jamie... the baby's Landon's... I know that for sure... Hank will never stay with me..."
"Then get a paternity test done."
"Jamie? The baby is Landon's, why would I get a paternity test done when all it'll do is confirm our worst fears and put the nail in the coffin for me and Hank."
"I'm a doctor Pauline... I have access..."
"You wouldn't?!"
"For a friend in need of course I would. Get the paternity test done... and I'll make sure the baby is Hank's..."

Uh Oh... seems like these two are about to get themselves into something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives...

They're in there... how could they be doing this?... Don't they have any regard for their families?... Do they even care about them...?
The door opened and Cornelia Goth came out, the two sisters eyed each other while Cornelia walked away from the gallery. Agnes went in to confront Geoffrey.

"I know Geoffrey, I know about you and Cornelia and quite frankly it needs to stop."
"I don't know what you're talking about Agnes."
"I saw you two kissing! I even confronted my sister and she didn't deny it! How can you do this?!"
"Agnes, just leave it alone. This is between me and Cornelia-"
"And now I'm involved Geoffrey! You both have children!"
"You think I don't know that! I love my little boy, but Nancy... sometimes I wonder where our marriage is headed it's... I regret marrying her..."
"And so you have an affair with a married woman... you think that makes it any better..."
"You can't tell anyone Agnes."
"No, I won't... but you two need to end this... because secrets don't stay very secret for long..."

Cyclone sighed heavily looking away, annoyed at Emma's stubbornness.
"She's crazy Cyclone just ignore her..."
"I'm not going to rest until I see that trash behind bars."
"Emma you're the trash! Sneaking around at night following me to see what I'm doing! You're nothing but a psychotic loon!"
"And yet you still haven't explained what you were doing..."
"You wanna know what I was doing?! You really wanna know?! Fine! I'll tell you what I was doing!"
"This'll be good," Emma gloated.
"I'm a contracted surveyor working for city hall, my job was to look at buildings, lots and sites that could either be upgraded, bulldozed or left alone in the upcoming project for renovating Sunset. It was supposed to be kept secret which was why I did it in the night and now I could lose my job thanks to you Emma as I wasn't supposed to tell anyone."

"Oh please Ayeshia you expect us to belie-"
"SHUTUP EMMA! What the hell is wrong with you?! She gave her reason what more do you want!"
"That isn't the truth Cyclone that's just a stupid lie!"
"Cyclone," Ayeshia said turning to him. "She hit me."
"Yeah, the other night when she followed me on one of my jobs she punched me, she's so unstable and... I'm beginning to worry."
"Oh god now she's playing the innocent act Cyclone please don't believe her."
"Emma were done," he said. "Ayeshia let's go, maybe somewhere quiet."
"I'd like that, away from her," and Ayeshia took Cyclone's arm and began to lead him away. Emma immediately latched onto Ayeshia and pulled her back.
"Get away from me you psycho bitch!" screamed Ayeshia pushing Emma. Emma, losing her balance and falling back, grabbed onto Ayeshia's hair and brought her tumbling down with her.

The two girls broke off from one another, slowly getting up panting.
"You see that Cyclone... she is nothing but CRAZY and I swear to you I'm pressing charges on you and YOUR going to be the one going to jail!"
"And I'll make sure they'll do a proper investigation on you Ayeshia... find out what your little secret is!"
"You won't be doing anything Emma! In fact you and me are done! Don't even consider me a friend anymore!" exclaimed Cyclone.
"Cyclone please you have to see-"
"All I see is crazy Emma... all I see is jealousy coming from you towards Ayeshia and I... that's not the girl who's my best friend."
"I like you Cyclone! Not as a best friend but more okay! I lied! I do like you and to see you with her! She lies and doesn't even treat you properly and..." Emma began breaking down. "Cyclone you have to believe me..."
"Emma..." Cyclone said staring at his friend. "After everything that happened tonight I just... I can't ever see myself with someone like you."
"There! Finally! You get your answer Emma! He never wants to be with you! It's over and you've lost!"

"Oh thank god you made it," Connor sighed hugging Agnes.
"I'm so glad to be here away from all that... up on the hill, wanna go inside?"
"Oh no, no no no no were not going in there," Connor laughed. "Let's wait for it to cool down."
"What did I miss?"
"Screams, yells, fights, declarations of love, a pregnant woman it's just, too much for one night."
Both of them began laughing.
"Well, I have a head ache dealing with a situation, but now that I'm here with you I feel so much better."
"You know I'm glad I have that effect," he flirted moving in closer and nuzzling Agnes' nose. Agnes giggled.

"So we just gonna stay out here?"
"Why not? I just wanna admire your beautiful dress wow you look amazing."
"Oh my god Connor stop," she said blushing.
"You do, and before I go inside and show you off I just want to appreciate what I have."
"Can I trust you?"
"Course, I am your boyfriend, but... is it like a bombshell or something cause I doubt I can take another," he joked.
"No it's just... a story from when I was younger..."
"Yeah what is it? You seem sad by it."
"When I was in high school, my sister, me and... Rachel," she smiled reminiscing about those days. "We were the popular girls, and there was this guy... Jason Forbes... he uh, he really liked me and all and so... we played a little prank on him... got his hopes up that I liked him too and wanted to go out with him... then we sort of crushed it in a mean way and because of that... he committed suicide..."
"His parents... they went into major depression and were no longer fit to raise his younger sister. She was transported to foster care and soon after his parents committed suicide as well... it's haunted me ever since Connor and now Cornelia-"
"Hey hey hey," Connor said taking a hold of Agnes and hugging her. "You didn't know that would happen, don't blame yourself don't beat yourself up about it it wasn't your fault... I don't think any less of you okay... I still care about you Agnes... no matter what..."

"Ah Gunther, I take it you got my message."
"What is this about? Why are you shutting us down?"
"Gunther, Goth Enterprises is the top business in this town, in fact its one of the top businesses in this country, and smaller businesses can't even get their start in this town because Goth Enterprises monopolizes all the fields. Gunther, I'm just trying to be fair."
"Sheena I understand that and it's very noble of you but, it's not like were shutting down smaller companies we'd be more than happy to work along with such ones to launch our lines. In fact who was it you guys pitched to me to work along with your cosmetic line?"
"Sharma Day Spa."
"Yes, a small locally owned company which we can work with and take national."
"Someone came to me with research about Sharma's products and apparently they're very harmful, we had to shut them down until they can give us proof that the products they're selling are no longer poisonous."
"If I may say something I have been using cosmetics from them for years and I have not once gotten sick."

"You see, I mean where did you get this research study from?"
"Hey, Landgraab, we need to talk right now... outside."

"What is it Nick?"
"Do you know... a Frita Goth?"
"Frita Goth...? No, I've never heard of her."
"Hmph, and aren't the Goths and the Landgraab's supposed to be super tight," he teased.
"Ugh just tell me what you found out."
"She's Gunther's sister."
"Yeah, and apparently she's really sick, I mean really sick, and she needs surgery done in Sim City, and this ain't no ordinary surgery, this is expensive, I mean we can't even afford this."
"So are you saying he's using company money to pay for it?"
"That's exactly what he's doing."

"Oh my god Gunther... he would risk so much to save a sister no one knows about?"
"Still a nobleman at heart eh?" Nick laughed.
"So what now?"
"Do just as you said, we do nothing."
Nancy sighed.
"So? What's happening with our project?"
"Gunther's still talking to Sheena. Apparently she got some 'research' that says Sharma's stuff is poisonous and hazardous to your health... I don't understand how she could have gotten that... I'm gonna ask her."
"Well you do that, for now I'm just going to relax... no project... boss is committing fraud to save his sister... life is going well for me."
Nancy laughed, "Ah I thought I knew you so well..."
"I'm still the same guy you went out with years ago... just married... and a bit bigger... and oh what's the word I'm looking for..."
"Ambitious... greedy... selfish... mean-spirited... ruthless... fat, oh wait you said that."
"Hah hah very funny Landgraab, you're one to talk," he said getting up. "Anyways all this sleuthing has made my hungry, tell me what you find out from your talk with Sheena."
"Will do Nick, will do."

Go into her room. The words rang through Emma's head. She stood in front of her room, she could hear crying on the other side. Recently Tamara never let anyone into her room, and Emma just needed to be away from the crowd downstairs. So she put her hand around the doorknob, and opened...

"Oh my god!"

"What are you doing in here Emma?" Tamara asked calmly, getting up from one of the pictures on the ground. Emma looked around, her room was filled with pictures of Thornton, with candles lit all over the room.
"Th-this place is a fire hazard Tamara..."
"What are you doing in here Emma?" Tamara repeated, the same creepy calmness in her voice.
"I-I heard some crying," she replied terrified. "I just wanted to know if you're okay."
"I'm fine, but you, you're not. Emma you just got rejected from the one you loved, how does that feel?"
"Tamara uh, I don't think you're in any position to talk to me about rejection when you..."
"When I what?"
"Tamara, Thornton is married..."
"And this is why you will never be with Cyclone, Thornton loves me and I love him... and soon we will be together... Morganna is not an issue..."
"Okay Tamara, okay, well I'm going to leave now, okay you have yourself a good night," she said, and she quickly left the room.

I will be with him.

"What?! That snake how could she-!"
"Mayor Keith?"
Sheena spun around, anger in her eyes. She hung up her phone and immediately began smiling.
"Nancy, what can I do for you?"

"Mayor Keith, where did you get those reports from I mean I've known woman who've been going there for years and nothings wrong with the-"
Sheena raised her hand to interrupt her, "Vita gave me those 'reports'. I know nothing is wrong with Sharma, but those reports convinced city hall otherwise."
"Vita? As in Vita Alto?"
"Yes, that lying snake of woman, she gave me those reports on the suggestion that I shut down the spa... and stomp on the new line Goth Enterprises were bringing out..." she said with a smile on her face.
"I don't understand why would she do that?!" Nancy asked sternly.
"I don't know Nancy the woman is... a sociopath she's sinister, she's a liar everything that comes out of her mouth is poison."
"Sheena... what did she do to you?"
"Because of her I'm no longer mayor... she betrayed me to get ahead... just as how she's betrayed you and her own husband... what type of woman does that...?"
"I've got to tell Nick!"

"So Cyclone, is all that drama with Emma and Ayeshia done?"
"What do you want Blair?"
"You know what I want Cyclone did you get it done?"
"We need to talk outside."
"Because this is big, come on."

"Okay, so what did you find out?"
"So he was in an orphanage right?"
"Yeah, and then he went to foster care."
"Did he tell you how his orphanage burnt to the ground."
"Oh my god... was anyone hurt?"
"Yeah... a lot... except him..."
"So then he was moved to foster care, and a few years later... the house burns down with the family in it."
Blair gasped, "And Stiles?"
"Not a burn..."

"Did Stiles burn down his orphanage and the foster home?!"
"The police wanted to question him but he had already skipped town, going from town to town never really settling down... life of a fugitive."
"Well not really, the police just wanted to question him he wasn't really considered a suspect but still, it's so fishy, his orphanage burns down and he's okay and then his foster family all dies in another house fire but yet he's alright, Blair... I would be careful around him from now on..."
"Oh my god this is huge... he's... an arsonist..."
"You certainly wouldn't think so from looking at him, but no wonder, he never likes to talk about his past."

"Hank! We need to talk about this!"
"It can wait till we get home."
"No! Were gonna discuss it now! I told you I would talk about here with you and now I'm going to do that! Hank, I love you! I love you so much and I made a mistake and I'm sorry! And from now on, I'll only be thinking about us... our marriage... and OUR baby."
"That baby isn't mine Pauline."
"It is yours Hank I have faith and I know that I having your child! And to prove it I'll do a paternity test when the baby is born to prove to you that this baby is yours!"
"And what if the baby is Landon's?"
"Then you can leave me Hank, leave me alone to raise this child. But if this baby is yours, were gonna make this work together!"
"Then I guess it's going to be a shame as you're going to be alone and without a child," said Landon creeping up.
"What part of leave me AH!" Pauline clutched at her stomach.

"Pauline? What's wrong?"
"I-I'm having... I'm having contractions!"
"You're not due till-"
"Get me to the hospital Hank I'm having this baby tonight AH!"

"Nick! Nick! You're going home?!"
"Yeah Nancy it's late and I want to sleep, ate a lot tonight."
"Nick where's Vita? I saw her at the start but ever since she just vanished."
"I don't know... somewhere... maybe home..."
"Nick... would you say you and your wife share similar... ideals and values...?"
"Yeah, yeah we do, why are you asking Landgraab?"
"So she hates the Landgraabs she hates me, correct?"
"Well... you know..."
"Nick... Vita was the one who gave Sheena the reports... Vita was the one who told her about the line were launching and got her to shut it down."
"I know it's like... you wouldn't think your spouse would do something like this but... Vita... stabbed YOU in the back on this one."

"You're lying..."
"What no! You can ask Sheena yours-"
"You're a liar Landgraab! My wife would never do something like that to me!"
"Nick... please believe me this is not one of my tricks to underhand you here!"
"No it is! And this is a pretty low one even for you Nancy! To break up my marriage I would never do anything like that to you!"
"Nick no I'm not trying to-!"
"Shutup! I should have known better than to work so closely with you of all people! I'm done! I'm done being partners with you! And know this Nancy... from here on out I am going to go all out and make sure you get fired! You are low Nancy... and I never... ever thought you were capable of that..."
"Nick!" Nancy cried out.
Nick turned around, fuming and angry, and walked away.

Founder's Day... a day where the people of Sunset come together to celebrate and commemorate the founding of their town...


It's also the day, where they scheme, lie, and plot against each other, and all for what...?

"Vita? This is Sheena Keith."
"Sheena, what a surprise what can I do for you tonight?"
"You conniving little bitch I know what you've done!"
"I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't think the mayor of Sunset should be talking like that."
"Well you of all people should know I am no longer the mayor thanks to you. It amazes me that someone could do that to someone else, and no I'm not talking to how you back-stabbed me Vita oh no, I am talking about what you did to your husband."
"Sheena if your not going to disc-"
"Shutup! Just shutup you selfish lying tramp! Mark my words I am going to destroy you Vita. And to start, I think I'm going to let your dear husband know what sort of wife he really has... and then after that... I will ruin you."

They do it for love...

An obsession...

And for their friends and loved ones...
So what do you say...?

When you discover your boyfriend's secret...

When your best friend confesses their love for you...

And your secrets start coming out...

"Hank? This is Justine, I know its late and all but have you gotten around to watching that tape yet?"
"The tape I got from the Alvi's?"
"Is there any other tape?"
"No I haven't watched it yet..."
"Hank, its long over-due, watch that tape tonight and bring it in tomorrow morning. You need to do this."

What do you say when you discover one of your neighbors many lies on Founder's Day?

"Oh boy this looks like it has nothing to do with... Jamie...? Landon...?"

You say exactly these words...

"If you're in this town by morning I'm going to the cops that you solicited sexual favors out of Jamie Jolina. So unless you wanna spend the rest of your life behind bars Landon, stay the hell away from me and my wife and get the HELL outta Sunset!"

Happy Founder's Day.

So how was this update? Hope you enjoyed it. End is near lol couple more updates. Someone's life will be in danger next chapter and someone's going to die soon...
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I totally enjoyed this update) There're a lot of secrets and now they're coming out, it's getting very tense and your announcement 'bout someone's near death... it all makes me wanna read the next chapter as soon as it possible :D
And I also wanna say... your makeover of the characters is wonderful they look soo right, every piece of their clothes and hairstyle match them well) you did (and do) a great job!
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Glad you liked the make-overs Helenica. I literally had to go through different outfit combinations and hairstyles for each sim till I found one that suit them lol. I just couldn't take on how EA originally made them look anymore xD
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