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Default Footprints and slots
So after bouncing some things around yesterday, I ended up digging into the game's object footprints. When it became apparent to me that footprints weren't defined in terms of grid squares as in past simes games, but rather in terms of 2d polygons, I got to work writing a program to visualize those polygons.

It's just a quick throw together but if anyone wants a look they can download it and poke around. Just load the exe and point it at fullbuild0.package to look at object footprints.

What can you do with this?

Well, right now aside from looking at colorful boxes, not a whole lot. Something derived from this research will be important down the road with custom meshes, especially when things start taking on shapes totally unlike anything existing and copying existing data doesn't cut it anymore.

For people who are working on tools dealing with meshes, this can help understand what's written in the wiki about FTPT.

And finally for people who are scripting and dealing with slots on objects, part of what is defined in footprints is slots for routing sims to objects.

So there's a few uses, aside from straight curiosity.
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Nice work Tiger! I know that when people really start taking off with object creation they'll want to modify the footprint. This is great work.

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I sort of understand what your saying , the sims game must be the most dug into ever. Thanks for the viewer and your other uploads.
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very nice and usueful tool
I don't suppose you'd be willing to add editing the enter/exit points to it?
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OMG! this is great this will help a whole lot! and yes! yes! yes!

edit features would be great, as it can open a cloned package directly as well as the fullbuild.

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Guess I'll start here...
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I don't think Tiger is doing Sims work any more.

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