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Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations
Default Sim Loaded with Black Skin
I am at a loss of words, though I suspect corrupted CC may be the culprit.

How he should look:

How he looks now :

He bears an odd resemblance to a "grimbaby" despite that he really shouldn't. I tried changing his skin color in CAS, and it looks awful like all the smoothing groups are separate from one another. I also tried to change his outfit after removing some accessories in CAS, and the game crashed afterward. I tried the command "reset sim Miyavi Toshihara"--still black as the grim reaper. I do not think he has the grim reaper genetics, however, so much as the game is not linking him to a skintone and he only has a specular map.
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Your post doesn't make it clear: have you tried removing your Mods/Packages folder and deleting the cache files to see if that resolves the issue?
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As usual, I figured a solution to my issue soon after posting. I do not know why I possess this frustrating habit.

In case anyone else is combating the aforementioned nonsense, the steps below may be of aid to you.

1. Enter the editsim cheat
2. You will now see that your sim is entirely grey (the game's specular map for sims, in other terms).
3. Under the Basic Tab, change your sim's skintone to it's original color (my sim was under the yellow continuum, so I selected the yellow circle, for instance).
4. Now you will see that his smoothing groups are unaligned
5. Simply click on the swimwear tab, and to your amazement, his skintone will now look perfectly normal. Exit and Save.

I have reloaded the saved game file, and indeed he has maintained his intended complexion.

Suspected Files

Your immediate suspect should be tattoos, as they can corrupt the specular map data for a sim if not created properly. My culprit happened to be these files, though it may differ for yourself.
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I hate to double-post, but I wanted to let the mods know they can lock and move this thread now.
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