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Default The Rotate Tool
I find rotating objects to be a major pain--perhaps I am simply not manipulating it properly? Or at least, I truly hope that is the case because most everything is a real pain to rotate around, the system is quite finicky.

Any object rotating experts out there to explain how it functions? lol
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I'm assuming that the problem you're finding is that it's over-sensitive? Zoom in and don't move your mouse too much or too quickly.

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I can't really help you with the rotation tool, I don't like it so I don't use it at all. There are 2 other ways to rotate things. The first is if you have not placed the item yet, you press and hold the left mouse button and rotate the object (just like you can in game). The other way, if you have already placed the object, click on it with the "Select world object" tool, and in the Property Browser box you have 3 rotation lines. Rotation Y is rotating an object like in game. Rotation X is tilting the object on the X plane (tilting it left and right if you are looking at the object from the front or back). And Rotation Z is tilting it towards and away from you (if looking at it from the front or back). You just enter in the number of the angle you want to rotation to be, so for example you want to turn something all the way around, you would put 180 in the Rotation line that you want to rotate. Hope this helps
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it's basically like every 3d program.. you just have to get used to using the correct axis to rotate it. I find it easiest to zoom in, and make small adjustments... though if you are trying to get something to snap to the floor, I believe I read holding ctrl will do this.
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Thanks alot you guys. Very useful tips in here.
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