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Great Pyramid problems
I'm in the Great Pyramid, and came across a secret passageway that leads to a locked (well, chained) door - with a large boulder halfway through the passage. I used Tranquil Transference to get past it, but of course, the door is still chained. So I'm assuming the boulder must be crushed to open the door; the problem is - Pangu's Axe disappeared from my inventory recently. Is there a way to get it back, other than by buying it? It disappears when I do that, so can I redo the quest to find it? This is driving me insane.
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I still haven't figured out what makes Pangu's Axe disappear when bought in some cases and not others :/ Have you tried placing it on your home lot as well as in the tomb?

I don't think you can do the quest again... the major storyline quests don't repeat for the same sim household.

The only option that occurs to me is to have ANOTHER sim, from a different household, do the Pangu's Axe quest, and then move them into your sim's household, and transfer the axe from one inventory to the other That is a LOT of trouble though, since it can take a few visits to China for the quest chain to come up.

Frankly in your situation I would probably just cheat... edit the lot and delete the boulder Cheating is allowed if it lets you overcome bugs IMO.

However, I can tell you from experience that aside from the China quests that follow after you get the axe, you don't NEED it for any quests; generally when they block an area, it's a small area with only a bit of treasure in it. Nothing vital to completing the adventure you're on.
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Wow, thanks so much for that idea! I can't believe I didn't think of that, lol.
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If you type buydebug in the cheat console, you can buy it. I don't think it's cheating if you have already owned it.

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Originally Posted by michelle hilbrands
If you type buydebug in the cheat console, you can buy it. I don't think it's cheating if you have already owned it.

That doesn't always work, unfortunately. For some sims, when you go to place it on the wall, it disappears and can't be interacted with. Don't think anybody knows what causes that.
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I think I've used the Axe in a few Egypt Quests too. Not just For clearing rubble piles. Still, deleting is the least time consuming :-)
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