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Default walls?
I'm sure that this is a repost or a stupid question, but PLEASE help me...
I want to make a new wall so that i can make buildings for a medieval town. I wish to make it exactly (or as close to as possible) like the buildings i have in iclone. i must be looking too hard to find the answer or something cause 3 hours of searching later and i'm just tired of searching...

How do you extract a wall pattern file so that I can use it as a size reference?

seems like a simple question, but as of this moment, i have searched about 7 different sites (google was the first) and seen a lot patterns for clothes, and read about about 5 different programs... but i'm trying to find a simple program to extract any wall file to be able to fit my graphic on top of it (aka replace it) i don't want it recolorable, i just want it functional... please???

nevermind, after a nice pout, i figured it out...i really was looking too hard to see it. cloning it with S3OC seems to give me what i need to do this. guess it's not that smart to try to do this after a stressful day while sick...
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