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Tip tutorial: Save as .package in TSR Workshop
Hi guys! Welcome to this Mini Tip Tutorial Today I'll show you how to save as .package in TSR Workshop. I think many users wonder
Hey! Where the heck did the "File → Export as ... Package" goes?

They "took away" that feature some versions ago. But it is here, just in a place you may not look in..

So let's begin. I'll use the latest version of Workshop. (RC4)
Download RC4

First make sure that you have "Package exporter" checked in Edit → Preferences → Plugins. Otherwise you won't be able to do this.

1.So when you're finished with your project you can go to Edit → Project contents

2.Then a new little pop-up window will show up. With heaps of text strings and "random" stuffs. But don't worry we won't touch that!
Go to Export → To .package.

3.One more window will show up. Here just fill in your creator name and website. You can't skip this so just fill it in. If you don't have a website fill it with something like or so. You maybe feel like "Uuuuh. Must I fill that in EVERY TIME?" Nope. Just hit Do not ask me next timeThen click OK

4.Another window will come. Here you save your .package. Navigate to your desktop so you can install it with "The Install Helper Monkey" or to your Mods → Packages folder. Type in a name like "nors_myproject" hit "Save" then. Congratulations! You're finished! Go and check out your project in game now.

Hope you find out this mini tip tutorial helpful Feel free to comment!

Til' next time- have fun

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Wow Nors, it's as if you have read my mind. I was looking how to export to package.
A question: once I have changed the Preference to export to package, and I want to export that same project to Sims3pack too, do I have to change the Preference again?
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No. You can just save as a sims3pack with the usual File → Eport → To Sims3Pack even if you have that preference checked

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How do change a sims3pack to .package?
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Well, thanks for that. Too bad you forgot to mention how to *import* the file into TSRW. Oh, well. I'm sure someone else will know how to do that. Thanks.
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To use a .package as a basis for a Workshop project, use New Project | New Import. Next... Then browse to your package (change the filetype filter to suit). That will effectively do a clone, and unique renumber the resources from the package to make a new object.

Alternatively, to work on your package in Workshop without renumbering, create a throwaway project using the same or similar object as your base. Then go to Edit | Project contents and delete ALL the resources in the list. Then use the Import option, and import your package into Project contents. This method is also correct for a project you have exported to package temporarily to work on in another tool.

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I have a few sims3pack files now - And one issue has become apparent during play and affects Store items as well... It seems that the Inbuilt Sims 3 Launcher can only install a set number of Packs... Methinks EA are just trying to be awkward and stop people making mods...

Yet Package files pick up OK! This maybe why so many people want to know how to make them...

I am already having issues with some sims3packs and may well have to do this... Which is all well and good, but I would prefer to put a collection of items together as a Single package... Is that possible???
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Very simple:
  • Download and install S3PE
  • Start S3PE and go File -> New
  • Right-click anywhere in the S3PE window, and go Import -> From .package
  • Select all the .package files you want to combine, click Yes a couple of times, let it do its thing
  • Save

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I dont want to raise the dead but ''export as package'' out of TSRW will give you a package wich contains all files uncompressed.
You need to compress them again with S3PE otherwise you end up with bigger filesize.
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If anyone doesn't understand this, I have made a YouTube video of how to do this: click here
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Hmmm...the latest version of TSRW doesn't have the "export as package" option any more!

Why does TSR have this preference toward S3p when it's such a buggy and messy way to install stuff\?
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