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Default Weird Weight Issue
My sims have suddenly started losing and gaining weight absurdly fast. If they work out or swim for about 30 sim minutes they suddenly shrink to the skinniest setting. If they overeat once or twice they immediately swell to the largest setting. I first though this might be an issue with custom sliders, but I removed them and made a new sim and had the same issue. I've also tried removing all of my custom content and reinstalling. Anyone have any ideas?
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Do you play with mods for a StoryProgression replacement? or using the EA default?
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I do play with NRaas Story Progression. But I took all the custom content out and started a new hood. Still had this issue. For now I've reinstalled Sims 3 and WA and am using an older patch. It's working fine now with all the CC back in. So I suppose I'll just wait until the game is patched again and see if this bug pops back up. Thanks much for the reply though!

Edit: Nevermind. It was working last night, and today it's doing the same problem again. I had stepped down from version 2.6 to 2.5. Whatever issue this is seems to not effect a new neighborhood, but pops up the next time I load a save.
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AFAIK, the reverting to fatness even after exercising is an EA bug, and after checking back over all the patch notes was never addressed and fixed.

I know for sure Awesomemod has a fix for this in place, but Twallan's SP might need some tweaking or some settings adjusted.

Anyway, if the only mods you have are Twallan's mods, and assuming I understood what the setting was supposed to do and you had set it correctly but you still get this bug, then you should check his forum pages and post your issues there if it has not been brought to his attention.
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Originally Posted by ellacharm3d
Twallan's SP might need some tweaking or some settings adjusted.

StoryProgression has no impact on weight adjustment.

However, I do know there is a bug regarding super-fast weight change if SuperComputer's "Edit in CAS" interaction has been used on that sim, at some point in the past.

The issue was reported recently, and it is on the list to fix.


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Thanks for the clarification, Twallan.
I saw that fitness and weight range thing in the txt file but couldn't be bothered enough to figure out what it does.
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