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Default Things you did as a noob in Sims 2
My Sims adventures started when i was 9.Sims wasnt avaible in my language and my English was awful.I had many weird adventures.

What happened to Broke family?

I first played Broke family and wanted Brandi to take a bath but i didnt want to wait for the thing she was doing before bath so i clicked on it for billions of times.I liked the decoration in Maxis homes.Once another time Brandi had 45 children only 2 of them were girl,they were also alien.

My first ever Sims 2 family and their end:

There were 6 children,1 or 2 of them were teens also mom and dad of course.When i was playing Maxis families i liked beds and quilt.I bought beds(I was so upset because there werent these beautiful quilts,i didnt know how to choose a quilt!I thought we were only able to have these blue ones!!)Anyway,i bought 6 beds for children and a double bed for mom and dad.I put the beds next to each other because there werent enough room.My grandfather saw me when i was playing and said:'You shouldnt put them next to each other,children cant reach to their bed.' I answered:'Nooooo,they can.They can crawl on a bed to reach theirs' But of course,Sims arent real human.They couldnt reach their beds.I thought they didnt want to sleep.I was shouting:'Why dont you sleep!!!!!Look,you are very sleepy.Its not the time for fun!!!!!!!!Hey you!Why do you sleep on floor instead of sleeping on bed like your brother does!(Only 2 of kids could sleep on their beds) ' I even found a job for dad but i forgot to buy a refrigator.So all of these people were hungry.2nd day kids were back from school and they were feeling terrible(however i couldnt recognize it).After that dad came from his work.Then Social worker comes.I thought that Social Worker was a friend of dad from work!Because my first language isnt English we dont call them Social Worker in my country.But kids were getting on her car.I thoguht:'Oh,are they visiting their father's friend?But nooo!!!Shes kidnapping them!!!Shame on that woman!!!!!!!' Then the teen girls died.Then mom and dad....I was sad for them.I told that to a few people in real life.And the problem that my computer wasnt getting normal after i quitted the game.The screen was just black.The answer i got was:'Maybe all the documentaries are in the funeral of your Sims 2 family??LOL'


So,what about you?Did you have difficulties with the language thing?Or didnt understand the game?
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My first game was Life Stories.

I didn't realize that children actually had to do homework. And I kept them home when they had the flu. Social Worker came and got them. I was like, what the hey?
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Things I did as a noob... ooh I was so naive.

Probably the most regrettable thing was allowing my very first self sim to get engaged to that Abhijeet Deppiesse guy. What a plonker that guy is ("Plonker" is a Brit expression to describe men who don't have much going for them)

Woohooing with Joe Carr in a tiny Maxi's house that had no room for him to get in HIS side of the bed. ... that romance was doomed from the start. hehe

Managing to lose both of my first two self sims. Dunno what I did - but they just disappeared into a black hole never to be seen again. Oh well.. in retrospect they looked pretty lame. :P
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My first time doing create a family, I created a family with twin toddlers.

Let's just say I'm lucky the Social Worker didn't take them.
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With the first in game baby my Sims had I couldn't figure out how to feed it. Don't know why clicking on the fridge didn't occur to me (so I'm a natural blonde, what's your point?).

I got the warning about the social worker and finally one of the parents fed the kid on their own.

I also hooked a Sim up with a townie, Brandon Lilliard, big mistake. He got engaged to one sister and then proceeded to hit on the other one every chance he got. Much hilarity ensued, took me forever to figure out how to officially break them up though.

Learned my lesson on that no fraternization with the townies.
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I nearly starved the Pleasants and Lillith and that other girl were too busy playing on the swing-set to go to school.

I deleted every maxis-made family as soon as I got a new EP.

I would make humongous, towering, clunky houses with no roof on a 5x6 lot and then be sad when my fresh-out-of-CAS sims couldn't move in.

I would color an entire garden using the smallest setting on the terrain changer because I couldn't figure out what those circles at the bottom meant (because they're used to make the terrain changer larger.)

The funniest of all!!!
When I saw that my first CAS-sim had "Kissed Mystery Sim", I thought the point of the game was to find out who the mystery sim was. "Could it be 'Goopy GilsCarbo'? Maybe if my sim kisses him, they can live happily ever after."

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-looks back at the first time I played TS2... o_o-

I first played the PC game in...third grade, I think. It was my sister-in-law's game, and she put in cheat codes to make the family rich. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. My kid got taken away. I didn't want the social worker to take the other kid away, so I built a huge wall around the house. Then I realized that I blocked out the mailbox, and I wasn't sure how to delete the walls and rebuild them, so I couldn't pay bills. Then the repo man comes, gets through the walls somehow, and steals my shower. The social worker comes and takes my kids away. The wife was on her own. She became anti-social and the social bunny comes. Then another social bunny comes. The bunnies fight, then they fell in love. Then I was like "...I'm done with this. D:"

My first time creating a house, I had the biggest lot and I could only build a couple of walls. The family was originally supposed to get married, but then the wife died after a day. ;_;

Then when I built houses with the money cheat, I had 5x6 lots that had the largest living rooms, a tiny kitchen, a staircase separating the rooms, then a bedroom upstairs with a bathroom and no roof. Now that I look at houses in real estate, I try to make more realistic houses.
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I was always having trouble balancing everyone's aspiration meters so my Sims got many visits, early on, by the Social Bunny and the psychiatrist. It was always a surprise to me when they popped into the game since I was clueless that the poor Sims were struggling.

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First time I ever played Sims 2 was in 2004. We had still a crappy computer back then and the game didn't work really well. In CAS the heads of sims' spinned like hell and it took forever to move a family into house. We had to restart the game whenever we wanted to play the family. But the families just crashed. Our computer was way too crappy to run Sims 2. I didn't play it until 2006-2007, 1-2 years until the last expansion pack for Sims 2 would come. I played it at my friend and I found out that it's much more fun than I thought. Even better than Sims 1. Oh well, my foggiest memories of first days with Sims 2 told me that I created a normal family with husband, wife, teen boy and child girl. I remember that the teen started juggling bottles when I played the family.

When we purchased Sims 2 for my bro's new computer, I made a family with wacky looking members. Those makeups, pirate hats and such. It looked like the Summerdream family (whom I seem to hate for their magic, they seem to believe to it)
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I knew almost nothing about The Sims when I played TS2 for the first time. First I played a single guy, then straight couples. It never even occurred to me that gay romances would be possible in this game. After several weeks I had two women who were best friends and I finally decided to try a romantic interaction, totally expecting to get rejected... And the rest is history.
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I made Brandi broke eat waay too much then she died. Her youngest child would not stop crying!! Plus, I kept on wondering why she was so 'big' when she died... yeah, pregnant ;]
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I had no clue that you can make sims married in CAS. I was to used to them being automatically married like in TS1.

I didn't know sims could die in a fight either. well not In the fight it self, but they can die if their needs are on low. I had Tybalt fight with Romeo autonomously, and Romeo croaked because his hunger was low. Tybalt was laughing maniacally about it too. I was just like And then he went into aspiration failure because he witnessed death, which is odd, considering he hates Romeo o_O

Speaking of that, I also had no clue what Aspiration failure is so I was just like, the hell is he doing? o_O Then doctor thingie came over, and his sisters were doing the crazy motion...Social bunny was pretty new, but it became annoying eventually...
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Originally Posted by KyleTheArtist
And then he went into aspiration failure because he witnessed death, which is odd, considering he hates Romeo o_O
When you first play the Capp family (the one living in that manor), Tybalt has a want to win a fight with Mercutio but not with Romeo, although Tybalt's enemies with both of them. He might've gone into aspiration failure because he didn't have a want for fighting with Romeo and his aspiration bar went deep red bit later, triggering the failure.
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I didn't know you had to click on the floor to make them go anywhere at first, because I had only played the console version before. I also made huge great box houses, and thought myself so cool. I didn't even know you could delete the wall either!


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Yeah, I remember when I had the twin toddlers I kept getting the message "That child is skin and bones! Feed that child immediately!" or something like that. Hunger was in the yellow.

Give me credit, though, it never went in the orange or red that I can remember.

I didn't even know that the changing table was something other than a decoration, and here my Sims were picking diapers up off the floor...or that you could potty-train them. And I was wondering, "What does it mean, one twin grew up badly?"

After 7 months of Life Stories, then Sims 2 and its EPs, I pretty well know the ins and outs and am figuring out things such as reputation (I got AL pretty recently).
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The first time I played sims, I had my Simmie get a job, and she was pretty darn good at it.

Then I was fooling around with the phone and I saw 'Adoption Service'. I wanted to test it, so I clicked it. My Simmie had been living large due to 'motherlode', so next thing I knew, my single Simmie about to be married the next day was a mother of one male toddler.

She got pregnant, so she just quit her job and the hubby had a job. I didn't know hunger could kill, so the mom died of hunger while bathing the toddler.

I deleted the family then started over!
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Took me a while (one or 2 years) to figure out you could actually erase terrainpaint by holding down shift edit. ctrl? key.

Before that I would simple exit without save and begin over again if I wasnt satisfied with the result. And that took some time let me tell you.
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Originally Posted by gulhare
Took me a while (one or 2 years) to figure out you could actually erase terrainpaint by holding down shift key.

lol I just figured that out recently too. You're not alone!

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I didn't really do a lot. I already knew much about the games from watching my Aunt play. However, I did used to make rooms huge and put in 3-4 TVs in each one
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I had lots of female sims who almost died of starvation right after giving birth. The social bunny was one of my sims' best friends, too. Oh, and it took me A LOT to figure out how to have good graduations at school, lol.

...And I never really understood what the heck Bodyshop was supposed to be used for 'till I joined MTS XD
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My first Sim game ever was TS2 Double Deluxe (Base game, Nightlife, and Celebration stuff in one disc). My brother got it for his birthday in September 2008. My first family was in CAS and I had two parents, two teens, and twin toddlers. I moved them into one of Maxis houses near Don Lothario's house. I didn't realize that those houses were really small and not meant for six sim house holds. I had no room and the toddlers needs kept depleating and I didn't know how to feed them. So I deleted the family. Then I found out about custom content and downloaded a bunch of stuff, but none of it showed up, I didn't know you had to get a mesh.

I've come a long way in a year and a half of playing TS2. I'm much wiser now.
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My mum still teases me about the fact that when I first started playing TS1 my sim's babies would always get taken by social services. I mean every single time. I think it's an omen.
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Originally Posted by PolterGeist44
When you first play the Capp family (the one living in that manor), Tybalt has a want to win a fight with Mercutio but not with Romeo, although Tybalt's enemies with both of them. He might've gone into aspiration failure because he didn't have a want for fighting with Romeo and his aspiration bar went deep red bit later, triggering the failure.

probably. It was a pretty lulzy coincidence anyways XD
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In my case, it's the things I am still doing as a noob!

I recently figured out that Social Bunny is not a good thing to have around!
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My epic failure: I didn't realize that there was a button that showed their needs. (hehehehe... O.O)
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