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Default {SOLVED}Any ideas on how to re-categorize downloaded custom patterns?
I downloaded a bunch of patterns from a russian site, and the patterns are showing up in what I consider weird places... Like a printy pattern I would consider fabric is in the 'paint' category... And just in general I would like the ability to put my downloaded patterns under the in-game category that I choose... I've opened some of the particular russian patterns files with S3OC (I get a blank window), S3PE (I can see all the content in the pattern package file, but don't have a clue how to change the category), and with Postal (again I see all the info but don't know how/what to change).

Any information anyone is willing to provide would be greatly appreciated!!! (Especially if there's some way to do it in game and I'm missing it...)
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I assume you could use Pattern Packager for that.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I forgot to mention that I'd tried that one too already... There's no 'File-Open' an existing pattern package with Delphy's program... Unless I've missed something with a newer version, I'd have to extract all the DDS image files and make new patterns of all those I want to change (and there's a lot of them). So in my mind, it would be simpler to have the ability to change the category utilizing one of the other programs... I just don't have a clue how to do it doggonit!
Thanks again for the reply! I appreciate your willingness to try to help!
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Squeee!!! Hugelunatic is my hero!!! Apologies to everyone for my having missed the tutorial! And thank you thank you!
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