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Default Changing placement of objects
I have created a new stereo. I want the lid to be "glass" so I had to use a stereo with 2 parts instead of just one, like the small stereo has. I'm using the largest stereo to clone because it has 2 groups (besides the shadow). This stereo only sits on the floor, but I want to make my stereo sit on tables, end tables, desks, etc.... but not on the floor. Is there a way I can change the placement of my stereo so it will fit on tables, desks, etc.... instead of on the floor like the stereo I cloned does? I don't want it to sit on the floor at all.
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I'm not sure how to get it so it won't sit on the floor at all but I was able to get it so it will hop onto a surface.

All you should need to do is open the OBJD of your stereo in Grid, go to the slot placement flags, and change the first one, the one that says [00]None from true to false.
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Ok, thanks Orange! As long as it can sit on a table or desk, I'm happy with it. Thanks tons!
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