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Default CC pants on sim/ cc shows on cloth
As some of you I have a list of Bad CC over at CrazyTown. It was brought to my attention that there seem to be a new problem around since AMB.

There are certain shoes that show up on certain cloth (not all of them) as shown in pictures in this thread: (it's german but the pictures say it all).

A similar problem was reported with lipstick showing all over a sims face (that happening even with EA lipstick), hats coloring on Sims faces or cloth coloring the sim itself (see pic.)

It does not seem to have anything to do with graphics for I reproduced it on my computer.

So I was wondering if any of you creators/ geniuses could find the cause of this (it seems to happen to packages and sims3packs alike but I don't know with which program the items were created).
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You'll have better luck posting this in Create, but my best guess would be custom meshes which have been incorrectly renumbered. Any modder will need specific examples to give a specific answer, though.

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OK. Thank. Should I just start a new post there or can you move this one ?
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Moving to Create > CAS Parts.

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You will see these issues alot more in the feature.
For some no good reason EA decided to use one combined uvmap to display the textures.
That map contains the shoes and de body(the top and bottom as seperates or as fullbody)
That map is divided in difrent areas as you can see on the screenshots.
The red area is were the top meshes should be mapped, the green area is responsible for the bottom meshes and the blue are the shoes.

A bit more complicated meshes that, besides the sims body also contain other parts like collars/hoodies/belts etc should be mapped next to the simsbody and can use alot of space, so should be scaled down when there is not enough room.
Now if some one doesn't follow these guidelines you can end up with parts that are mapped outside its area.
If this happens you will get issues like the afbottombeachsharonskirt shown on the german site.

That skirt is partly mapped in the shoe area with the results that every shoe that is also mapped on that spot will show its textures on the skirt.
I can imagine a starting creator will make these mistakes but was really surprised EA is also releasing messed up clothing meshes.....

EDIT, its not the skirt that is mapped wrong its all the custom shoes shown in the screenshots that are mapped wrong!

You can cheat a little with the texturing tho as top textures get overuled by the bottom textures while the shoes overule everything else.

I wanted to extract that particular skirt as i downloaded it last week so i could its uvmap as layer ontop of the screenshot i posted but its protected or missing some date so i couldn't open it.

the screenshot you added is a diffrent issue, its most likely a texture issue(wrong designed alpha channel or something)
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I noticed some time ago that the UV maps were combined (I had added faces to a top without mapping it, and the entire sim texture displayed on the unmapped areas, including clickable CASt selections). I've not seen this issue, however, and you say it's recent - how recent? I noticed the UV Map anomaly sometime around March, so perhaps EA have also changed something else to make the issue more prevalent?

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They designed the game from the start that way, its not really a issue.
I was talking about the link to the german sire, not the screenshot posted in this thread, that is just a DDS mistake prolly caused by a full white alpha layer.
It can even been caused by a another bad build package the sim was wearring before he switched to the pants.
Even a accesoire set as body file can cause this, lots of things really....
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The Link I posted here is some pants from Liana Sims. It has a few recolors and it's a package file (unlike most of her work). The original seems fine, it's just the recolors that are messy. Don't know if that is a new problem or if it was like that all the time. Iw got the link from someone in the TS3 forum and tried it in my game (new sim). Here is the link: Pants

As for the skirt problem: Are you saying it's the EA mesh that is faulty and not the shoes or are both the problem ? I saw it on some happening on some RA cloth as well but since no one seems to have noticed the problem, I think it came with the latest patch

So, is there anything we can do about this show/skirt problem ?
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Open her file with CTU Go to the design tab
Select the 1st design
Go to the texture tab
Right click on the first texture link(base texture) and select edit
Copy its link
Go to the 2nd design tab
Right click the base texture link and choose past
Click commit
Do this for all texturefiles that show a diffrent link(base/specular/overlay and mask) for design 2 and 3
This will fix it, she just messed up

The skirt is indeed the problem but since i can not open the protected file i cant do much about it...
EDIT, not the skirt but the shoes
Has nothing to do with the patch, just pick another pair of default shoes.


Its not even EA's fault
I just had a look at the shoes used on the screenshots and they are all custom shoes!
So its not the skirt that is mapped wrong but its lianna's her shoes that are mapped on the bottom area!
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Ok. Thank you.

I will put the shoes on my list then. Yes all three in this example are custom shoes (one from Liana, one from Rose and one from TurkSims).

I actually just wanted to know, if I should put those cloth/ shoes on my list of faulty downloads
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Well, its a mistake the creator made but it will not crash your game or anything and you can use the shoes on other outfits,
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Thank you for the insights (I'm not a creator myself so don't really know how it all works)
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Originally Posted by crinrict
...I actually just wanted to know, if I should put those cloth/ shoes on my list of faulty downloads ...
Here's my two cents : as a Help mod not wanting to deal with more "bad" CC...the same ones 2 years down the road.

Any mess, corruption on a CC should be alerted,
- first, to the creator to correct the CC and more importantly, so this mesher will learn not to create it in the same (wrong) way;

- second, to ask said creator if they are following a particular tutorial, so the writer can also be informed to make corrections to the tutorial, so meshers in the future do not make the same mistakes;

- third, as a general "lookout for another bad CC to be removed, not kermitflail over, and download the updated version if so desired" alert to the Simmers community; and

- last but not least, possibly the tool makers as well, if the corruption is caused by a faulty tool, when such information was not yet known at the time.

Maintaining a list bad CC is going to be a lot of hardwork in being on the alert and keeping a finger in every pie, no?
But informing the parties concerned, who are in the best position to nip the problem in the bud, saves a lot of headaches in the long run.
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Thanks for your feedback.

So far I tried that with a few people. Either not getting any feedback at all or just dismissing it and TSR is a whole other matter (they just don't seem to like it if you tell them they have bad cc on their site).

Also one main problem here is that most of these ARE sims3packs that can already be found in thousand of Sims or houses. Most of the people don't even know where they got their bad cc from. So repairing the stuff might help thinning it out a little but as long as most of the people are not even aware that Sims3Packs spread this way, the bad version will be around. So that's why I decided on keeping a bad list (I don't have any package-files on there that can be easily spotted with Dashboard).

I will take your advise tough and try to alert some of these people.
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