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Default WCIF a particular neighbourhood I used to have.
I'm looking for a particular neighbourhood which I used to have. It was populated and it used the business district (Bluwater Village?) terrain as a base. I downloaded it from the creators own site and not a large site with multiple contributers like this one. I think it had some kind of nautical themed name but that might be wrong.

I don't know if it helps but the families I can remeber were; a couple with two teen girls who dislike each other, a mixed regular sim/alien familiy in an odd looking house on a hill who were supposedly waiting for an Alien ship to come for them, a grumpy loner in a diving costume who lived in some sort of odd tower house, and a woman who is pregnant and had just broken up with her boyfriend.
With the neighbourhood there was also some kind of modded version of the lawn flamingo but it never actually worked for me so I don't know what it did.

I hope my unnecessary amount of detial jogs somones memory, but this is the first time I've gone back to TS2 since TS3 came out so I'm not even sure if the site is still around.
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I think I know the hood you are talking about. There was a WCIF for it in the last year or so and someone linked to the site. I can't remember what it was called but I do remember that it came with a hacked flamingo. Unfortunately due to there being no way to search WCIF, you might need to go through all the posts yourself. Or maybe someone else will actually remember what it was called.

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Here's the thread Engram mentioned, though the link to Beacon Falls is dead:

Remember, there are search options available in the top menu.
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The name of the neighborhood is Beacon Falls but the site is down. I found someone with the (dead) link to the site in her signature, maybe she knows where you can get the neighborhood.
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I have it, but I'm not sure whether it's OK to share. Let me get the list of people who worked on it. If you can get permission, I'd be happy to share it.

Here's the list:
miss c bong
ferretlover7lana and daugher
bazdez999 and daughter

Are any of these people still active in the community? If so, I wonder whether we could convince one of them to put it up for download at MTS?

I've also found a blog, but the download links point to the unavailable site. Still, you might be able to contact someone there:
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I am sitting here in amazement, honestly!
Firstly that more than a couple of people have liked Beacon Falls enough to want it again, secondly that anyone 'out there' is actually aware of or remembers details about it, and thirdly (which is definitely last but not least!) that Mootilda has it and thinks it's upload worthy!

OK, the Beacon Falls site lapsed over the summer, mainly due to a technical hitch. I didn't have any input there as moza ran that side of things. There was little to no interest in it at that time so BF didn't get moved to an alternative host. However, since then a few people have contacted me and whichever parts of it they've wanted, I've put together and uploaded to a file hosting site myself.

I still have all of Beacon Falls, the main original download, the 'Lite' version for people not wanting the larger file, the Balloth business district, the two BV subhoods and the extra lots, families and various CC items made for us.
The flamingo thing: jfade put it together to provide a 'little surprise' happening at each house having the flamingo placed on the lot. He suggested it because where Maxis 'hoods had things pre set to happen for the families, or a pop-up to help guide or explain a story, so each contributer was asked for an idea which would/could help or hinder their sims or a particular storyline. Some ideas were more adventurous, some ideas couldn't be programmed in the way they'd originally wanted so he'd offered alternative thoughts or suggestions, then some were merely a particular sim walking past a house that we'd requested for some reason.
The hack wasn't required to play BF, you could leave it out completely and it wouldn't have affected your game. I'd think if it hadn't worked for anyone who tried to use it, then possibly the hack hadn't been placed in your downloads before opening up Beacon Falls, but I'm not certain. You may have just expected something weird or 'out there' to happen, where it was a mere walk-by and you weren't impressed! I don't know, they were 'our things' which made it feel more complete at the time and I was pleased at his offer to make it!

As for other people sharing it, I really don't mind except all of the info coming with the 'hood/s now has my email included, so if anyone were to have problems I may be able to help and I would like them still to be able to contact me, other than that it would be fine! However since I've been contacted here I am PMing peacetreaty49 and will be able to provide what they want.

I think very few people from that list are still active; some who contributed to our later add-on 'hoods are still at TSR so I'd have to check there and make sure they agreed with, say, the the BV districts going up here but I could certainly upload it here permanently if it was thought OK and worth it to do so. It is a large file, and this was a community project running on from our Maple Valley neighbourhood at TSR. They hadn't wanted to host them, so I'd have assumed another site wouldn't want to do so either! For here, I'd be happier if 'people who knew' checked it out first to make sure it meets whatever they felt were the standards! It's as clean as I knew how to make it, there (for me) ended up being way too many townies, and if it were thought to be wrong in any way I could probably clean it up even more, or start over as I have the original files with all of my plans etc. I have a newer version someone requested which has the downtown apartment looking blocks set as apartments, but that right now includes some CC items so would need clearing and/or permission to share those things granted.
I don't mean the 'hoods haven't already been tested, because they have, but not with certain situations that I'm probably not yet aware of! As a BETA project, there were very few problems apart from some people getting muddled up with their file/folder placements and the like, but I feel very responsible and take these things seriously so I wouldn't want to risk something going wrong if it were sortable!

I genuinely thank you all for your interest and input!

UPDATE Nov '11: Beacon Falls & Maple Valley are custom TS2 neighborhoods with storylines, add-on families & lots. The Beacon Falls Blog has separate business & vacation subhoods & Maple Valley's Blog has a separate university subhood. All have been fixed using Mootilda's HoodChecker.
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I'd definitely be interested in Balloth and your two BV subhoods.

Also, I may be able to help you fix the installation problems (Balloth conflicts with B001, the two BV subhoods conflict with each other), if you'd like.
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