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Default Is It Possible?
Ok, so I've been building an apartment in the building that used to be Plasma 501. (I shut it down, and downloaded Shadys Vampire Bar). So I've built most of it and I finished the lobby. In the lobby I decided to put a LN Bar, and a Food Register. (I made the lot a Public lot, placed the Register, then Switched it back to Residential. I use Awesome Mod and I Enabled the option that allows all items to stay when switching between the two) I had my Sim go there and test everything out. The Mens/Womens room doors work fine, and I can practice drink making on the bar. However, no mixologists show up, and no Merchant shows up either. So basically, I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get employees to work at these two spots. It kind of takes away from it a bit, without them being there. But I guess at worst, it'll be a great place for my Sim to throw a party.
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The lot is residential? No. The game creates those NPC's when the item is placed on a community lot. They are on a residential, the game can't cope with that.

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Damn, that's what I was afraid of. I was hoping to somehow make them active, since it's an apartment lot, and I've used the markers to facilitate that the "lobby" area is actually Public. Oh well. It looks cool at least. lol Any info anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated, as Simmers help was also! Thanks!

EDIT: Ok, so I actually got it to work. What I did was I set it as a Public Hangout. I waited for the Mixologist and Food Merchant to show up at the building. Once they showed up, I went to Edit Town, and switched the building back to Residential. I went back to Live Mode, and had my sim visit the building. And sure enough, the Mixologist and Food Merchant were still there. After testing it a bit, I noticed that while the Mixologist does work on a schedule (albeit a rough 12 hour shift from what I've seen), however, the poor Food Merchant has been napping on some couches in the lobby, and hasn't gone "home" yet.

EDIT2: Ok, so I skipped a few days, and it appears that the Food Merchant is "living" in the lobby area. Not a big deal, so I guess overall it is a success!! Will keep you all posted!
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