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Default CAW Plants Cheat Sheet (Pic Heavy!)
Attached are pictures of all of the plants available in CAW, with labels. The labels reflect those used in CAW, in the Trees dropdown (with the exception of the Creepy Tree and Stump, found in Game Objects). There are duplicates of many of the trees in Game Objects... dunno why, but I always use the ones in Trees cos they're easier to find.

I mainly made this for myself, as I'm sick of scrolling aimlessly through the plants in CAW knowing that I want to find a particular one, but forgetting what it's called, or whether it's inexplicably at the bottom of the list, or if it matches another one but is called something different (like the Monterey and Chinese cypresses). So this should function as a quick reference.

I -think- this is all the plants... it's certainly all of them in Trees, but if I missed any from Game Objects, let me know and I'll add them.

All the plants have different sizes they come in... the sizes shown are simply the first one it gave me when I placed them, not the average or most typical size you'll get. It's just so you can find the right one in the list.

This is everything from all EPs/SPs/etc. up to this point. CAW doesn't tell me what came with what so it's not labelled. Oh well. If more plants are added with more EPs/SPs, I'll have to update this (or someone else can do it).
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Default Trees












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Default Plants

Flowering Bushes:




Ground Cover:


Swamp Rushes:

Water Lilies:

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Thank you so much for posting this. I've been meaning to do something similar, but never found the time.

Great resource!

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I was becoming tiresome of going through each tree trying to find the most appropriate one!
This is a fantastic reference thread! Thank you sooo so much!
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Thank you HP for posting these. Even though I know where to find the plants in CAW, I did not know all the names in english, so this is a big help when I try to explain something to somebody else xD
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I've found HP's list very handy. This list of plants and trees is nearly done, and it's a bit of a communal upgrade - if you find yourself using it, feel free to help keep it up-to-date. I'm adding the metadata for Pets and SHT stuff today.

I'm considering porting it all over to the MTS wiki as well, but I'd have to rejig the templates because the visual styles of the two wikis are, er, incompatible. (I'm basically like a child with crayons when it comes to colours). I realise the scroll formatting might not be ideal - I'm giving some thought to that, but my skills with wiki tables are fairly limited (my dyscalculia often gives me an "EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING AROUND ME OH GOD OH GOD" feeling when doing highly formulaic things like sight-reading music, hex-editing, or wiki-editing).

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I wish I'd realized you were working on a plant list. I've got a wiki page that has all of the caw plants and metadata up through Ambitions, with some of the Pets as well. I don't have Pets, but Armiel sent me the images, so I added them, I just don't have the names for them. If there's anything there you can use, feel free to do so.

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Thanks JadedSidhe. Likewise, anything on Pasimfic Wiki is always free game for porting over to here. I'd be putting it all on MTS wiki myself if I didn't need the user-friendliness of Wikia + if I didn't want a slightly different kind of site (for example I wouldn't want to clutter MTS wiki with pages about players' worlds).

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This is super helpful. Perhaps, now with Seasons out, we can start combining a list of which trees are compatible (as noted here, not all trees are) with weather, or perhaps notating how they respond to weather.

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