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The Dahl Legacy [gen 1.0 PART 2]
If you're not familiar with the Legacy Challenge, it's a game within the game where you attempt to keep your sim family going through 10 generations, along with other objectives (such as painting a portriat of the heir each generation and keeping all 10 until the end of the challenge.) You can read more about it here.

Before we really get the ball rolling, you should know a few things about me and how I sim. First, I am going to cheat. Expect it. Not anything serious, just some alterations here and there for the betterment of the challenge and my gameplay. Don't freak guys, this will still be a challenge. I'm not playing scrupulously by the challenge's rules because they're stifling and haven't been updated since the base game came out. Secondly, I'm going to try to update as often as possible, but I'm not going to throw crap up here just to update. So be understanding, I've got a life to run outside the game. Promises that I won't go more than a month without updating.

Now that we've finished the formalities, I present to you Kitty Dahl, the founder of my legacy. Kitty is a southern girl, a real sweet potato queen who was raised to know right from wrong. Born in the leafy, hidden groves of Twinbrook, she dwelled there during her youth in the deep, dark, swampy city with her parents and six little sisters. She believes most people to have good intentions, most odds can be beaten, and, above all, that true love exists waiting to sweep her off her feet.

her backstory

Mr. and Mrs.Dahl worked hard to raise their abundant family, and being the oldest, Kitty helped raise her younger sisters. Kitty yearned for a more adventurous life, but feared that her family would not survive without her, and thus she was never able to leave home. She would read picturesque romance novels late into the night about people she thought she could never be, on adventures she thought she would never have.

A month after graduating from Ms.Mildred's Finishing School for Young Ladies, Kitty took a day trip to the big city of Bridgeport and fell head over heals; the lights, the sounds, the glamour! Kitty knew that this was her destiny. When she returned home, she hugged her parents goodbye and kissed each of her six sisters. With her meager possessions packed, Kitty set off for her new, bold life as...KITTY DAHL, small town girl in the big city!

Kitty Dahl is an extremely kind-hearted woman, as demonstrated by her devotion toward her family and the help and comfort she offers to all those around her. She has an ambitious spirit, desperate for an exciting life after her responsibilities kept her home for most of hers.

She's pretty excited to start the challenge.

I'll be doing a full update just as soon as I've got all the pictures cleaned up, so be checking up. The title of the thread will change to indicate what the latest update is.

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The Dahl Legacy
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[gen 1.0 PART 1]

Kitty has been one of my favorite sims to play. I designed her to be all innocence-n-apple pie, but you know how sims gain their own personalities throughout the game? Kitty, surprisingly, has turned out to be an alcoholic. Her LTW is to be a professional mixologist, which entails getting to level 10 of the mixology skill and owning a bar. Not that I know how we'll afford a bar, but whatever. Moving on!

The first order of business was a cheap redecoration of the house, because I was NOT having her wake up in a fug box every day. Does EA purposely try to uggfy their houses?

Much better. I picked a normal one-story house even though Kitty lives in Bridgeport because of the toddler routing problems. Thanks again, EA.

Also, it has a really great view. Wowza.

I got her started upping her charizma in the mirror, since there was nothing else to do in the house and I had used up most of the money de-failing the property.


"LULS j/k kekekekeke!"

I sent Kitty downtown to hunt for the seed of future heirs. I mean, a partner. Yeah, that. The city is seriously amazing, I wish I had a better graphics card to handle turning up the settings higher.

Moonwalk! Work it grrl!

The prospects at the park weren't really all that great. This guy was the only one around. Let's get a closeup on that mug...

Kitty running away in the background is very appropriate.

I got her a job ghost hunting to pay the bills, but she ended up not even finishing the first job because of my arch enemy: elevators. The ghosts kept respawning upstairs and downstiars. By the time i made it upstairs, they were downtairs.

Kitty, however, is so desperate for some sex pie that she resorts to making lewd gestures in the elevator.

"I love you floor."

Errm...carry on then...

I took her downstairs to raid the apartment complex's vegetable garden and found more bizarre love in the form of townie and tree.

It seems like a very tumultuous affair.


She went down to the library the next day to look for more poontang, only to find this delicious filly. Unfortunately, he was a 5-star celebrity and didn't want to interact with her. This didn't stop Kitty from nearly soiling herself at the sight of him.

" you wanna be my babydaddy?"

He didn't.

Whatever, skank. Your loss! The search continued for hotties with lower standards...

Elevators. UGH.

This is Apollo Bloom, supa-fine male model. GIT IN MAH LEGACY!

They hit it off pretty quick. Poor Matty Crewes commences to be the first legacy stalker. I almost feel bad for him, he's pretty pathetic looking- but I married him into another family in another game and he's a snotty little bitch, so that wasn't happening. Also his hat is stupid. >:[

Kitty comenses to stare intensely at the chair instead of flirting with Apollo like I directed her to. What is with these sims and their lust for inanimate objects??

Matty: *screentime screentime screentime*

That's all for now, folks. But next time...

"Soooo.....there's this thing called marriage..."

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The Dahl Legacy
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[gen 1.0 PART 2]

Hide your kids! Hide your Wife!

The last update ended with Kitty and Apollo speed dating on the front lawn. (I know I can't be the only one who does that.) She is just TOO cute.

Apollo things so too. I hurry the wooing along and try to hook them up, but Apollo (who is pretty much the bigget tease ever) turns Kitty down repeatedly

Kitty: I can has kissyface?
Apollo: Hell no, Slutface McGee! We've only been friends for two sim months and have a best friends relationship score. EW!

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

I finally manage to get them married. YEAH, CHEST BUMP!

After a makeover, Apollo cleans up pretty good. That facial structure is gorgeous, I hope it turns out well in future babies.

They don't waste any time getting their woohoo on, since Kitty is halfway throuh her young adulthood already and has no time to waste. I didn't want her to be pushing them out at the sim equivalent of 45, no thank you!

Why can't you be normal?

They had to woohoo like six times to get it to take, which is unusual in my games.

Look at the way Kitty is just peaking out over the covers. All together now: awwww. ¢¾

The next couple sim days pass without incident. Apollo finally grows a personality though, thank God.


Who would have guessed a male model would have been so old-fashioned? It's kind of cute though. Now that they're married, nearly all his wants involve Kitty.


Apollo: You're really filling out there, honey. Did you have a big lunch?

Maybe you should eat some yogurt or something...

Kitty's already getting this legacy off to a great start.

Kitty: MY LOINS!

Apollo: Whu....what is this? Are we playing charades?


Uh, uh, you're holding a watermelon! You're a beach ball! You're Atlas holding up the Earth!


Kitty ends up having twin girls (the first time I'd ever had that happen, I was so surprised!) I named Stella and Blanche, from the play A Streetcar Named Desire.

No need for two pictures, as they look nearly identical. Blanche has slightly darker skin. I am unable to tell their hair/eye colors yet.

Next time: Romance! Intrigue! Toddlers!

And Apollo resorts to joining a gang to escape the stress of the Dahl house. STRANGE*TOWN KEEPIN' IT REAL!

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The Dahl Legacy
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Lol, I laughed so hard at this!!! Can't wait for updates!

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Originally Posted by TheCreeper
Lol, I laughed so hard at this!!! Can't wait for updates!

Thanks! Glad to know I'm not just posting for the vast emtiness of the interwub. Halfway through the twin's toddlerhood, so I'll update again soon. Cheers!

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The Dahl Legacy
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Default quick update
Quick update:
I'm a student, and classes start back up on the 2nd, so the updates won't be Speedy Gonzales anymore. But bear with me, they'll get done.

This is exactly how I feel during the twin's toddlerhood though.

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The Dahl Legacy
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I love this legacy! Good luck with your classes, can't wait for the next update!
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Thanks! I played all through the weekend. Stella and Blanche are teenagers and no one's died yet. Adult Apollo is super creepy in a good way, I'm really excited to make some updates. Maybe tomorrow!

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The Dahl Legacy
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Roflmfao! Dayummm this is uber hilarious! Screw classes, continue with this plox! XD
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Love it so far!
Apollos face after "Kitty: MY LOINS!" made me laugh so hard, haha keep it uuppp!

You gonna do something killer?
C'mon give it a try...
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Sweet! I had to delurk and finally log in just to say that This. Is. AWESOMMMME!!! *Leonidas!face* I find your details (and faces) exquisite! Good luck with your semester!
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