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Default Untitled Manga pilot chapter by WWW and dutch_1991
Hi guys! whitewaterwood and I are working together on a manga. She writes the story and I do the drawing. It's still untitled for now and we're working on the story and characters and so on. However, I've decided to do a pilot chapter - wait, no, a draft of a pilot chapter (lineart all in pencil, etc.) - to test out this manga universe, the characters and some storyline we've come up with thus far.

I'd really appreciate any and all feedback possible, regarding the drawing, the dialogue, the pace, anything, from you guys, so that I'll have a better idea of what to do when we move on to the official manga itself. Thanks!

Currently, I'm producing one page every day, so if everything goes well, I'll be updating this thread every day with a new page.

The page count is 8 at the moment.

Synopsis: A group of young wizards investigates a necromancer, who is rumored to be able to resurrect his clients' loved ones.

***Click spoiler to start reading***


Thanks in advance!
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page 9 and 10

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Page 12 (there's supposed to be a page before this but, whatever :3 I'll get it scanned later)
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