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Default Simple but useful recolours of EA terrainpaints
First I'd like to say that I'm not a pro graphics programs user, so these paints that I have for you are merely recolours of already existing paints in CAW made by EA.

How ever, I have found EA's paints way too bright so when I have worked on CAW, I have made some recolours of my own.

There are 8 new recolours in the rar. Cause the files are so small, I uploaded them all-in-one, but you can delete the ones that you don't want after or during extracting.

Where to put these files?

Place them on your CAW source textures, here:
Documents > Electronic Arts/Create-A-World Tool/UserToolData/SourceTextures

I have uploaded some pictures of the paints, that show my recolous agains EA originals + few examples on what you can do with them. More pictures on how I have used them can be found here: and here:

I hope you find use for these
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Armiel's paint recolours.rar (3.22 MB, 1834 downloads) - View custom content
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Excellent- thankyou for these, Armiel! I'll be downloading, as soon as I can get Chii to work for me! :D

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Those are lovely recolors, exactly the kind of shades I like :-)

Thank you Armiel.
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These are wonderful, thank you! Can I use them in the world I plan to upload (giving you credit of cause ^_^ )?

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Miuki, of course you can
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these are excellent! :D
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