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Default Multilevel World?

I know, that it's possible to place water on higher levels, but what about land?
What about a city in the sky for a fantasy world?
Is it possible?

My primitive example:

It's an idea from one of my favorite anime: Dragon Hunters

A routable multilevel world. You can use the subway station to reach higher levels.

What do you think?

I know, I'm a dreamer.
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That would be very very cool. Subbing this thread in case someone comes up with a workable answer -thumbs up-
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The answer is no, I'm positive about it. Basically in CAW you work with a mesh and can move vertexes up and down, to do something floating you would need horizontal movement and also the ability to deconnect thing.

So many cool things could be done but sadly we will never see the Hallelujah Mountains in TS3

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With the extra water levels, you are creating a plane that is nonroutable- so creating land that sims can walk on would be much more difficult! I can't say it isn't possible but you would also have to solve the problem of backface culling- the world terrain isn't rendered on the bottom face (as you never see it) but if you had some terrain raised up, you'd have to render the back.

Creating a bridge as done in your image is much more feasible- it would be possible to mesh a neighbourhood 'floating mountain' object that is routable like a bridge. However you will still get routing glitches, the same as you do when crossing a bridge over a road. See here for images:
The game cannot deal with two levels of routing, and so it causes some strange effects. So if you make a floating mountain directly above your town, it's possible that your sims will spend most of the time leaping through the air!
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Thank you all for answering.
Interesting, what you say about horizontal movement.
I heard rumors about a space expansion pack. Am I right? I can imagine, that you can move vertical in such an add on.
But, to be realistic about EAs programming abilities: I think it will be just a space station on the moon with horizontal movement and some new jump animations.
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A thought.... if you made the floating island as a big (very big) object with a fake footprint of 1x1 so that the only area under it that was not routable was the 1x1 area (because I think the routing is based on footprint), and you raised that into the sky, and somehow (geez lots of somehows) got the sims up to it.. Could they walk around on the object or would they fall through once outide the fake footprint. I suspect, being an object they would walk around on it.

hmmmmm perhaps theres a way.

This is similar to the way we made 3d worlds in the origional doom (which was a 2d engine for routing purposes) by having enough areas at the low level and enough at the high level to fool the engine into thinking that both levels were valid by using a chessboard style system where white squares were low and black were high.

This is a little like rebuilding a skyscraper so that the footprint is to the side of the road, but the building actually goes over the road.... that allowed the sims to go under it, same as an overhanging road sign, but haven't tried getting something to walk on top.

May have to play a bit here and see if the walking on top is possible, the overhanging from a small offset footprint certainly is.


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Call me stupid, but I'm just thinking without any knowledge of coding, 3D ...
What about these shells, you need to create an apartment? What will happen, if you made them avaiable in CAW? And place them on a higher level?
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