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Default FF8 Jumper based on Raine
My first TS2 mesh, a jumper based on Raine from Final Fantasy 8. I must thank all the wonderful people behind SimPE and the MESH program...
When released it will come with a new texture pictured here.

P.S I've noticed that you can only edit meshes and have the same vertices or else they explode. Someone should make a program so you can group vertises to TS2 skeleton bones, like with TS1 skins. Maybe with a feature to add new bones for the mesh and an option to alter animations for the mesh...maybe...would be grate for people modelling new hair that needs movement animations and big puffy dresses that need new walking animations or else the arms glitch through...

Until then, what do you think about my mesh? Any comments and critisism?
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NOTE: These two will star in my Cameo Town series, trailer can be found in the movies section under Cameo Town Trailer.....
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we are working on making improvement to the mesh tool all the time, and have some test versions in the closed beta group , plus are making other changes each day.

But there is still a LOT which is not known about the formats of the files for the games, it`s not just a simple case of assigning vertices to bones (one of the versions under going testing in the closed group allows this (works for most animated objects, see the fridge which exnem made using it.) but it still doesn`t work correctly for body meshes.

this isn`t any sort of attack on you, just a general statement, but it does kind of annoy me when people moan that the mesh tool can`t do something yet, or say it should do this or that, it has only been released for a week, please have a little patience, and improvements will be made.

It is however very unlikely that you will ever be able to add new bones to the sims, I don`t think the game will support it.

As for making new animations , this is another area we are working on, but again these things aren`t going to happen overnight.
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It's ok, i'm already grateful that i was able to make a new mesh for TS2, thanks to the MESH program...and the wierd thing is, once you get into the tutorial, it's not that hard, and it's alot less time consuming than TS1 skins...or at least for me anyways...
Well, this 14 year old has to go to school now, see ya! ^_^
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nice, could you upload it?
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