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#1 Old 7th Feb 2005 at 12:34 AM
Downloaded hair won't work in Game, but it works in the Body Shop??
My sister recently downloaded some seemingly-functional hair for femal and male sims, which works pretty well, on male sims, despite a few hole-in-the-head glithces.

However, when she attempted to use it on a female sim, she encountered a rather strange glitch. When applied in the Body Shop, all the hair seems to work fine, but when she tried to load a premade sim in Create A Family, the hair displayed as some freaking butt-ugly Maxis hair!--only the darker blonde colour in that style works on female sims.

Can anybody tell us what the bloody hell is going on here? Shouldn't anything that works in the Body Shop also work in the game?
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#2 Old 10th Feb 2005 at 6:38 PM
Hey, is there some way my brother Musha and I could get a reply to this? I would have even appreciated a heartfelt "sorry, dude, I have no idea." Has no one else had a problem with something displaying fine in the bodyshop but then not working in game? Are we just cursed by some sort of freakish and unique sim demon-thing?
#3 Old 10th Feb 2005 at 6:49 PM
Have you tried re-naming the file and importing it back into the game via body shop
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#4 Old 10th Feb 2005 at 7:02 PM
No, I havn't tried that, but thanks so much for the suggestion! Problem is, how do I find the file? My downloads file is full of hair, makeup, clothing, etc, not all of which is clearly labled...
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#5 Old 14th Feb 2005 at 11:13 PM
Ok, I'd edit my post, but it's not letting me?? Anyway, my husband figured out what you meant, nobbydog -- sorry I was confused. I tried what you suggest and it worked!

Problem is now I have two versions of each hair colour in that style in the game, one that works and one that's broken. And since I can't actually select the broken one, I can't delete it! :P Oh well, at least I have working hair. :D
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#6 Old 15th Feb 2005 at 12:24 AM
If they're named differently (so you can find them), you should be able to select the ones in bodyshop that you don't want and delete them. That'll take them out of your game too.
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#7 Old 16th Feb 2005 at 3:54 AM
But...I can't tell the difference between them in the bodyshop...they look exactly the same and both work there.
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#8 Old 16th Feb 2005 at 3:59 AM
Default hairy situation
When this happens, I find the best solution is to make the sim you want in Bodyshop, then simply choose him/her as a "preexisting sim" in CAS. The program doesn't seem to complain after that.
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#9 Old 16th Feb 2005 at 8:22 PM
erm...I assume you're replying to the first post, but well...did you read it? heh lol I mean, if you look at the pictures, the 2nd one clearly shows me trying to do exactly that! It wasn't working because the hair on the preexisting sim was broken.

I have since imported fixed versions of all the hair files, but I can only tell which ones are fixed in the game, not in the Body Shop so making a sim in the Body Shop would have about a 50/50 chance of having the exact same problem I started out with.
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#10 Old 16th Feb 2005 at 11:41 PM
Well... you renamed the file, yes? Did you give it a new name or just rename it exactly the same name as it already was? Did you also give it a tooltip? (Tooltips make it *really* easy - just for that sake, I might re-import them yet again, change the tooltip to "This One Works", and then just delete all the others). If you changed the name but not the tooltip, you can go in your Saved Sims (not projects) folder and find the one that corresponds to the old name and throw it away - I always delete straight out of bodyshop though, so it'd seem safer to me to do it the other way. (I've had many different versions of the same thing loaded in lots of times, trying different effects - they each have their own numbers in the saved sims folder even if they have exactly the same name - but you still hafta know which is which).
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#11 Old 17th Feb 2005 at 7:02 PM
Yes, I assume I renamed the file, since I have no idea what it was called to begin with -- probably some incoprehensible string of letters and numbers like most stuff in my downloads folder. No, I didn't give it a tooltip, since I had no idea what that meant, but now I'm beginning to think it must mean that little bit of text that sometimes pops up when I put my mouse pointer over some of my downloaded content? Great that the program is so increadably self-explanitory. *rolls eyes*

The problem with reimporting anything now and deleting the old stuff, etc, is that I was so excited when I finally got the hair to work, that I went ahead and created the family I was trying to make in the first place which includes the beautiful female sim pictured in the first post. So if I deleted the custom hair she is currently "wearing," wouldn't that pretty much mess her up royally? ...or could I just fix her by changing her hair back at a mirror?
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#12 Old 19th Feb 2005 at 12:11 AM
Seems like you could fix her by changing the hair back, but I haven't tried it, so I dunno.

Try it, but first back up your neighborhoods and your "saved sims" folder (Just in case).

Look through the "saved sims" folder (that's the one you want, NOT the downloads folder - the one that comes from importing into BodyShop. See if you can locate the original file (it generally isn't all numbers as it's named by the person that created the hair with some project name comprehensable to them. Then numbers are appended to it. It should sound like the "hair" but be different than what you named it.) If you find it, throw it away and check and see if your family is messed up in the game.

If you can't find it, delete all of the hair files out of Bodyshop and reimport them, adding a tool tip "this one works" Check and see if your family is messed up and if you can fix her by changing her hair back.

If neither of those work, replace with your backup files and just live with the extra non-working hair.
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