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Default CAP help, please: totally borked colors
Okay, so I'm fighting CAP and losing the battle. I imported a few PNG images I liked from my computer and into CAP using that Add Sticker thingy, and I'm trying to recolor them. I used 4 images of solid black: a plain solid color in Layer 1 (the bottom layer) to be the recolorable 'background color' and 3 various shapes in the other 3 layers. Layers 1 & 4 recolored just fine, but my Layer 2 & 3 are totally wacko! I click Red and it gives me Green, with this bogus red outline around the shape. I click Blue, and it gives me Red with a blue outline! I click Yellow and I get Blue--it's a never ending cycle, and I want it to STOP!!
And it gets better: it looks all pretty in CAP, even with the funny outlines they give me, and when I load it in my game the patterns all only recolor: Grey, black and white! I click red, yellow, purple; it'll only give in white, black & grey in-game, F what it looked like in CAP. I can SLIGHTLY see the sliver of the color I wanted it to be, right at that funny outline the shapes have even in CAP.
I don't know what's going on. Help, please! I'll even send attachments of the CAP progress files if someone wants to see exactly what I'm talking about -- I'm at my wit's end; I've been messing weith this thing all day with zero progress.
What is the mystery behind this odd color reversal, and is there a solution? I'd very much appreciate the help!
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If you import an existing pattern and use the wheels to change the colors, they will change on a ratio basis, depending on their complementary colors. Try making stencils of just the individual parts. Each layer should be it's own color. then you can change them individually. Try this to get the hang of it.

Example CAP-basic:

1: Put your base background color at the bottom. RED
2: Cloud - this layer is blue
3: Square - this layer is purple
4: hand - this layer is yellow
5: Star - this layer is green
6: Adds shiny

Now if you stick a green square on layer 2 with the blue cloud and try to change the square to blue, it will shift the cloud's color to a complimentary color.

So. If you want precise colors, give each shape it's own layer.
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