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Default How to replace a vacation subhood with a neighborhood?
I hope this is the right place to ask this, I found nothing searching for this although I guess there will be some tutorial out there somewhere... (??)
Or maybe it's just plain impossible what I want to do? (That would be really disappointing.. *sigh*)

Okay, there is this WONDERFUL decorated neighborhood Acorn bend I'm sure you all know. But I have already 8 neighborhoods in my game and really don't want to add another one I have to populate... but I still need a vacation lot for one of my neighborhoods and Acorn bend would be PERFECT!
I have all expansion packs, downloaded the terrain and decorations of course and the acorn bend neighborhood. Then I created an asian vacation subhood and simply tried to replace by renaming acorn bend to the subhood files (N004_V001... etc.) but in game it appeared as if there wasn't a vacation subhood at all! So obviously it's not as simple....
But maybe it can be done with SimPE?
Please help me!

Thanks a lot for your time!! :-)
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HoodReplace is your best option:

It will allow you to replace your existing vacation neighborhood terrain, roads, trees, and deco with the ones from Acorn Bend.

Note that HoodReplace cannot fix any corruption that you caused by renaming or replacing the vacation files. If you made a backup of your neighborhood before attempting the renames, be sure to restore from the backup before you use HoodReplace.
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Oops... hehe, yeah, a backup would have been good... *cough* Well, I'll see first if everything works okay... then try HoodReplace.

I am SO HAPPY that there is indeed a way!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your quick answer, I am so relieved!
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Everything worked out fine!!! It's fantastic! Thanks again!!
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