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#1 Old 12th May 2011 at 7:30 AM
Default Birthday Parties
As far as I could see there wasnt a section dedicated to birthdays....so Im starting one!

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#2 Old 28th Aug 2011 at 4:50 PM
Those pics are lovely NeonSim!

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#3 Old 18th Nov 2011 at 5:04 PM Last edited by Peni Griffin : 19th Nov 2011 at 3:38 PM.
Because of the absurdly large number of relations Harlan Hawkins, son of Harris (3rd of 9) and Gabriella (3rd of 6) Hawkins, has, I used the teleporter cat to get everybody I wanted to his teen birthday party. Of course, lined up on the porch like that, there was only one thing for them to do while waiting for the people in front of them to get out of the way and let them inside out of the snow:

Mass smustle!
They're not all relatives, but Gabriella isn't friends with as many of Harlan's peers as I wanted to get to the party. The pregnant lady (who obviously needs to smustle to keep warm; the default replacement maternity I downloaded doesn't seem to include an outerwear morph) is the mother of his best friend, Miguel Gavigan.

Once everybody's gotten inside, Harlan fulfills his Want to talk to Miguel - that's Harlan on the left and Miguel on the right - while they both hover in mid-air. I guess both boys are hitting their growth spurts.

Harlan is getting really tired, so I figure if he's going to enjoy his party, he needs to blow out the candles so he can have some espresso. But he has to wait till everybody gets into position. His cousin Gracie seems to be the only one who brought a noisemaker, his cousin Annie is busier thinking about his friend John Stacks than about the birthday boy, Petra Ottomas (in the overalls) is trying to get to Frank Munny (green) to play with her, and something has distracted Granny.

Yes, Granny is definitely going for a closer look at Frank. Blow the candles out, already, Harlan, you're in the orange for energy and need that espresso stat!

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#4 Old 26th Feb 2012 at 5:18 PM
This rotation In Townie Place has been pretty much about B'Days. So lots of celebrations i guess!

here we have Johnson Fleig, holding his son, Ronald, who was about to transition to child, any way we can see, that everyone is pretty happy. Thats Sheldon there who's 1/4 of his body appears as he is standing near a corner. I got the plumbob to be on the wife, Jill, if you can even see it, because i tried to hide as much as possible. Christa Hsu is thinking of Ocean Pederson there who seems to have just arrived to celebrate with the others. And thats Lakshmi Custer, on the left near Jill, doing her "tapping on the hips" out of fun. Meadow Pederson looks like a freak there ( the one in a green top).

Jill: Christa, your late, hurry up, just stand anywhere.

Here we have the Trimbles, celebrating the birthday of Bruce. Everyone in this pic are realted to eachother, Shelby Go (nee Barrett) in brown is Camryn's sister who's blowing in the honk behind her husband , who's holding Bruce. The guy wearing yellow is Shelby's husband, Stephan whoi seems to be holding a stick as if he is going to hit someone with it . The fat lady on the left, that's Bruce's Paternal Grandma, who is a complete fat old idiot hag, who threw away the cake right after Bruce transitioned to child , so i got his father to cook a pie to compensate his son for the loss of his birthday cake , i wish he could've lectured his mom.

Bruce's cousin, Jayden also had his birthday, atleast this party was normal.
Neil: [warning his mom] Mom, please doint throw away the cake.

Oh and just so that you know, the woman wearing full blue near Camryn, is Neil's sister, former Tinkering Hobby Instructor.

Another lovely B'Day party at the Dawns, finally, no Mrs. "Throw-away-cake" . The girl there in between the crowd in the pink top, Cheryl, is the B'Day girl. Thanks to Squinge's mod for allowing children to stay uptill 12 midnight, i was able to get some friends' children over, for fun.

As you can see, in these pics there are large numbers of people, its because i love big gatherings and B'Days are an opportunity and a great time.
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#5 Old 1st Mar 2012 at 7:04 PM
Big birthdays are always fun and on Lawrence's birthday most of his extended family turned out to give him birthday wishes. Relations are labeled for convenience.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#6 Old 1st Mar 2012 at 7:44 PM
This pictures is adorable! I love to see Sims kids blow out they're candles.
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#7 Old 2nd Mar 2012 at 8:48 AM
I can't believe no one had thought of this thread before. Great idea! Awesome pics everyone.

This is Tanya Thimble (named after her grandmother,) and a bunch of her rellies at her birthday gathering. She is 3rd gen legacy, and the youngest of the 3rd gen.

I will search for more of my sims birthday pics and post later

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#8 Old 11th Jul 2012 at 8:31 PM

Little Pearl Onions holds court among all the male relatives at her birthday party. The female ones are all dancing. That's her uncle, William Ghote, playing with her dog in the background, and she has a grandfather at either end of the table.

Once again, the teleporter cat had to be called in for a Hawkins birthday. Is everybody ready?

Here we go, then. Blow!

And Dove Hawkins is old enough to hostess her own birthday party! By Hawkins standards, this one's a little beauty, a piquant mix of Hawkins and Gavigan features. I have great hopes of that chin - Uncle Harris and Cousin Harlan both had pointy little chins like that when they were children. She won't be able to wear eyeshadow, though. It appears that Pearl (who is a second cousin and therefore not recognized by the game) has vanished into the bathroom.

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#9 Old 19th Jul 2012 at 2:42 PM
This thread doesn't see enough traffic to worry about double posting. It was a big, big day at the Smith house, another teleporter cat occasion.

First Jill grew to teen, then the kid she brought home from school (Amin - Couderc? Something like that.) followed suit. Because townie kids are pointless if you don't grow them up.

Then it was little Juan's turn. Jenny had his cake on the other side of the room, where it'd be easier to take pictures.

And then, out of nowhere - Jenny grew to elder! I'd completely forgotten in the logistics of getting everybody I wanted to the party and both kids to the cake.

Juan models his good school clothes, though we're still days away from Strangetown's short winter. Little Mitchella is following him as he takes his cake to the den, all the places at table and in the living room being taken.

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4th Sep 2012 at 4:55 PM
This message has been deleted by ella_in_wonderland.
4th Sep 2012 at 4:56 PM
This message has been deleted by ella_in_wonderland.
#10 Old 4th Sep 2012 at 5:00 PM
I hereby ressurect this thread!

Rory celebrates his first transition with mother Kate and father Fabian. he is now a toddler, and is the one and only alien in my neighbourhood.
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#11 Old 4th Sep 2012 at 5:25 PM
Rory's an adorable babe! They grow up so fast!
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#12 Old 8th Sep 2012 at 5:07 PM
Some highlights of Andice Point's birthday party.

First order of business - blow out the candles and grow up! Oh, c'mon, it's not cold in the house, what did you have to grow into outerwear for? Plus it's shabby outerwear, not something little neatnik Andice would wear. Oh, well, it'll do for now. Her face persists in making the "middle-aged librarian" look the easiest one for her.
The mob scene includes the teen children of women Clovis, um, knew in college; all the usual relatives; and one very special guest, arranged through intermediaries: Dior Skirt. Andice's little half-brother. By an old man who hates her Dad. She feels for him, standing alone and solemn and vaguely anxious, as if not certain whether he's in the right place. "So, you ever played catch?"

Lance scopes the room and once again, the hottest girl present is distant cousin Madeleine Estic-Moiselle. His last attempt to flirt her crashed and burned. Let's see if he can do better this time. "So, um, sorry if I embarrassed you last time. You're so much cuter than anybody else I know, I kind of got carried away."
"You don't really think I'm cuter than Ashleigh, do you?"
"Of course I do!" Ashleigh has her points, but there's an upper limit to how attractive a lesbian can be. Not that he goes into that. "So, you're taking shop, right? How is that?" Soon he'll start flirting and she'll start giggling and hiding behind her hand and all will be right in his Junior Romance world.

"Oh, dearest..."
"You feeling all right?"
"I'm feeling great. In fact, I'm pretty sure I just threw an egg."
"So, what, you want me to perform on command now? In the middle of my daughter's special day? With everybody I know and their kids in the next room?"
"The mere idea makes you hot, doesn't it?"
"Heck, yeah! C'mere!"

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#13 Old 12th Aug 2013 at 6:26 PM
After 11 months I don't think anyone's going to yell at me for double posting.

William Ghote's birthday party was a rocking good time. As you see, he comes from an uninhibited and demonstrative family.

Maria Casilda Centowski was nervous of having a birthday party, but since she'd just learned a toddler skill and wanted to grow up, this didn't really cause a blip in her aspiration.

Mom invited all her friends with kids. Since Mom is ex-Tri-Var, that was a lot of people!

Maria Casilda is now as tall as her big sister AJ! "Don't let it go to your head. I'll always be bigger than you."

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#14 Old 10th Aug 2014 at 1:52 AM
After eleven months of nobody posting I have some pictures for this thread :-) Perhaps you and I will manage to alternate to keep it alive, Peni?! :-D

Goldie Kimbrell loves throwing parties, and the combination of the twins' birthday and her latest promotion is as good a reason as any to invite some of the family over to celebrate! Here we see little Alistair being taken to his birthday cake by his Mommy.

And then it's Olivia's turn! Her Daddy, Zachary Kimbrell, brings her to her cake - she's quite the little Daddy's Girl :-) Not all of the twins' relatives could make it to the party - Uncle Junior and Aunt Candy are on holiday, visiting their daughter China, who is a student at Twikkii Island University. But Uncle Rhett came, with his youngest son Thorn, and the twins' grown up cousin Angeline Simpson came with her husband, Peter. The party was a great success, and by the end of it the twins were keen to make friends with their cousin Thorn, and Alistair also had fun playing and joking with his uncle. I predict that the Kimbrells will be spending a lot of time with Rhett and Thorn now that the twins are children....

On the same evening there is also a birthday party at the Land house. It's Finn Land's birthday, so his mum Virginia Beech invites some of the family over to celebrate. Father Scot Land is at work, so he misses out, but there are plenty of other relatives there to join in the fun!

Rather an odd angle, this shot, but I like it :-) From left to right, the adults are Colin Wilkie, Grandpa Hamilton, cousin Precious, aunt-by-marriage Sadie, mum Virginia, Aunt Mary, Aunt Dixie and Uncle River. Finn's older half-sisters, Myrtle and Grace, are on the left, and his cousins Swazi and Sunda are on the right. A good time was had by all!
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#15 Old 17th Aug 2014 at 9:41 PM
A party for an alien child at the remodeled Spector house

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#16 Old 24th Aug 2014 at 4:07 PM
Other people just don't seem to like birthday parties as much, or something.

The birthday of Eva and Adena Point, twins conceived at their sister Andice's teen birthday, is a chaotic affair, what with Daddy and Uncle Harris hating each other and the guy Mommy used to date crashing the party; and Lance and Andice can barely get their little sisters to the cakes.

The birthday of their cousin Geraldine Mander goes more smoothly. Here we see the newly-grown Geraldine talking amicably with Otto Iana, the son of her mother's best friend. Don't start shipping, though - Otto's about to grow up into a gay teen.

The only problem at this party is when Aunt Georgia takes a sudden, inexplicable dislike to Geraldine's stepgrandfather; but cousin Crane Hawkins - already an adept little people manager - autonomously steps in to smooth things over by challenging her aunt to a chess match.

Georgia, what the heck is the matter with you today, cheating little kids? Aunt Amanda, Daddy Gerry Mander, and Granny Kitty Hawkins are rapidly boosting the party score with their dirty joke-a-thon, though.

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#17 Old 1st Nov 2014 at 4:07 AM
When Zaphoid Draco landed on Earth he impregnated just about everyone (stop me if you've heard this story). After fathering 13 children, he actually fell in love, with Lola Singles. They had twins Sirious and Phal. Zaphoid threw a Teen birthday party, and invited all his other children. The party also counted as a Family Reunion. A few are still in college, most are married, some have babies --this is all I could get in one picture:

Behind the kids are (from left) Anne, Orion, dad Zaphoid, Nigerian, Quim, Briyon, Jack (his only human looking child, by Circe Beaker), and Draco.
Some of the mom's are half alien (like Lola), but most are from human playables. The reason for the many colors is because I have genetized lots of non-human skins. It's fun to see what I'll get!

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#18 Old 5th Nov 2014 at 8:34 PM

The Newson twins had a birthday, and their big brothers and sisters invited all their friends. Here we see Georgia letting Delta Land get to Garret's cake, and resolving to make a run to Booktique (Widespot's clothing boutique, beauty salon, bookstore, and ice cream parlor) as soon as possible.

Garret appropriates the Goodies' rocking chair to eat his cake in, and Gavin brings mock offerings to his feet.

Let it never be said that Erika Swain and Vidcund Neugierig let a party score languish! To your left, the birthday girl herself, Claire Beare, dances with her oldest sister, Honey, and in the background their mother Heather (nee Huffington) plays Don't Wake the Llama with second girl Cinnamon and Frieda Beaker from the warehouse.

Claire's only brother, Edward Beare, does not seem to find Erika and Vidcund's flirting all that cute. "I love you more!"
"No, I love you more!"
"No, I love you more!"
"Get a room, y'all!"
"You don't think your folks would mind?"
"Scratch that."

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#19 Old 21st Nov 2014 at 5:36 AM
Since Zaphoid's first son Atom moved in, the birthdays continue. Beltaguese has a great party, which (like they all do) became a family reunion. Behind him are his uncle Phal, his grandfather Zaphoid, step-grandmother Chloe Singles-Draco, uncle Dax Singles, aunt Glam and family friend Brouen (son of Circe and a PT)

No one even had a chance to eat before the cops broke it up. Maybe it was so great because it was also the birthday of a baby, and two teens had a first kiss, or because the hostess taught everyone the hula.

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#20 Old 22nd Nov 2014 at 2:34 AM
Summer Seasons threw an intimate birthday party for her youngest, toddler Autumn. It was just going to be the family (Summer, Autumn and oldest daughter, Winter) but Winter brought home her best friend, Sherry Sommelier. Summer thought the more the merrier and they had a great little party.

The party getting under way.

The proud mama helping "Cookie Monster" (as she's lovingly been dubbed by her family) blow out her candles.

Such a big girl now!

Everyone sitting down to enjoy some cake. :p
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#21 Old 22nd Nov 2014 at 4:13 AM
Which reminds me..I must create more tablecloths for my game!!!!

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

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#22 Old 14th Dec 2014 at 4:07 PM

Rocky Beech goes from being a child.....

.....to being a sociable, people-loving teen!
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#23 Old 20th Jan 2015 at 5:56 AM
Soledad's birthday couldn't come at a better time. Hours earlier her mother delivered another baby girl named Noni and having two kids in diapers would have been such headache.

After watching Simmantha the Clown's act three of four times, it was time for the birthday girl to blow out the candles. Grandma and Grandpa are so super happy.

Now that she was it was his first grandchild's big day, Grandpa Aiden went above and beyond for her. And what better way to show your love than a fireworks show?

When the party ended and everyone went home, Soledad received a big surprise gift from her parents (since I'm bound to picture limits I'll just go ahead and spoil it---It was a Final Fantasy Chocobo plush doll)
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#24 Old 9th Feb 2015 at 3:49 AM
It was Daisy and Glenn's birthday today!

Daisy starts her life as a child with a painful looking arm twist:

Glenn didn't get to blow out candles, but he sure was happy to grow up. He rolled a family aspiration with a romance secondary.

For the entire time that Daisy was a baby and toddler, Sinjin feared having a baby. Every single day he rolled the fear for another baby. The SECOND Daisy ages up to a child? Sinjin wants to have a baby, with no fear of it at all... Don't look so pleased with yourself Sinjin... All of the potential ladies in his life are elders now so I got him pregnant via aliens.
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#25 Old 16th Apr 2015 at 9:13 PM
Dailah and Nirvana Curious throw a small party for their daughter Ginger.

Nirvana is already thinking that Ginger is growing up too fast.

And of course here's what Ginger looks like as a toddler!
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