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Default My sims 3 looks blocky
Ok so one day i'm playing the sims and all is well. but the next day it all looks very pixelated and blocky. and the clothes looked blurred too. i tried adjustin the settings and restarting the sims a few times and it got abit better but the trees and hair on the sims are still blocky. The weird thing is that other details like the sims skin and stuff are fine, just the fine details like hair, trees and eyelashes that are bugging me.

here are some pics:

(squared trees n bushes)-this may be due to the sims 3 settings coz wen i get really close they look normal

(blotchy hair)

(blotchy eyelashes) note: the model is not wearing any eye makeup

pc specs:
I brought my laptop this year january so its fairly new. at first i thought that the issue was my graphics driver so i updated it a few days ago but that didnt fix the problem.

System info

Display info

my laptop is apparently good for gaming and i've never had any problems playing the sims on it until now. i'm a sims3 creator and have my own blog so its important that my game not have any glitches.

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I've tagged that card series with all Red, so I don't think you can hope to see any improvement as you've already got all settings that matter on high.

It also list the IGP (HD 4200).
Have you ensure that the game is only using the dedicated card and not the IGP? You may need to explicitly switch over to the 5400. Albeit being a lower-midrange card, it is still a dedicated one.

It may also mean the option.ini is corrupted and deleting and resetting all options for you to tweak to low-mid all over again, might give better performance.
Another cause may be overheating. And this kind of problems take time to build up. That's why
i've never had any problems playing the sims on it until now
is so ironic because that is precisely why you're only seeing it now after playing for a while.

And FWIW, HP laptops are never good for gaming. Not in my own experience and not after reading Sims forums for years.
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Thank you Ella! I think it was because the game was using the HD 4200 instead of the 5400. I disabled the 4200 display in Device manager and now my sims 3 looks perfect!

btw ive realised that HP laptops have an issue of over heating from also reading forums n stuff (my laptp is frying as im writting this) ....bummer. now i wish that i never bought this laptop but, whats done is done....
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