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Going for broke
I was really bored so I thought why don't I start a sims 3 challenge. Even though I was noting in my head all my others were total flops I was hoping to get lucky. So I thought and I thought then something came to me. Every seen the movie going for broke? Yep you guessed it, I'm stealing their idea for a sims 3 challenge. And here it is:

The aim of the game:

Your sim needs to have exactly 100,000 at the beginning of the game (use family funds for this or any other money cheat) and has to spend EVERY penny of it before they turn an elder (or for easy option death) and not own ANYTHING but their clothes (okay you can get cc which makes them nude but that might not be very pleasant). This includes: jobs, furniture, anything in their inventory and MONEY (walls and coverings are okay). Tricky I know. But time for a few rules.....

1. No family funds cheat. Any other money cheat will probably make it harder.
2. No moving a sim out your household into a very expensive house which will drown your saving.
3. The only cheats allowed are unlockoutfits, moveobjects and other things that you think are fair.
4. You can have any traits at all.
5. What ever you do with your family is up to you.
6. Your only allowed 8 people in one house.
7. Any lifespan is allowed apart from epic. Short might be a really tough one though...

Sims may be fat at the end of this
Repo men/women and burgulars are good luck.
Parties at revenues with EXCLUSIVE access are popular for the rich.
Dining at bistro is more expensive than making food at home.
Maids, classes and repairmen cost money...
Good people and evil people can donate money - this was a hint from Zela

Now go waste that money like this smiley wastes his drink
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This is pretty cool. I've been looking for a good challenge. Once I've finished all my exams, I'm playing this challenge.

Oh, and another hint to the list, 'Good' people can donate money.

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Good hint, I added it to the list
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This actually sounds really awesome. I'll try this out and maybe post the story (if I succeed, that is).
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Default :)
Bump. Wanna see something going on here :D
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I think I might try this! Can we build them a small outhouse to use the bathroom in? Maybe a bed? Just so they can stay at home..
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They can buy anything they want during the challenge, but when the challenge ends they can't OWN anything, so they'll have to get rid of it.
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I tried this and it wasnt really all that hard what with classes and the spa and trips to france maybe you should make it harder like a quarter mil, and it has to be only one person.
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I just went from 500,000 plus the land to just the land by 10am day 2 using NONE of the hints
Any guesses how?

edit: no classes, trips, pampering, etc either; and I initially forgot the comma in 500,000
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