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Hi, I am new to doing any of this modding and stuff, all I want to no is how to edit an item i.e. The price of an item and save it to my game I have played about with S3OC and managed to successfully clone an item with the new price BUT I dont want to clone I just want to replace the item with its new price...? Please Help

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Fairly simple, so I hope you can follow without pictures.

In S3OC, find the item. Don't clone it, but right-click it and Copy Reskey. Paste the reskey somewhere so you don't lose it.
Go to the Program Files folder for the EP that the item came with. Go to GameData/Shared/Packages, and copy the FullBuild_xyz.package file to somewhere safe. If it's a basegame item, copy the FullBuild0.package - for EPs, there will only be one file anyway.
Open the copied file in S3PE. Into the filter boxes, put OBJD as Tag, and copy the last part of the reskey from earlier (0x********-0x********-0x****************) into the Instance box. Click Set and tick Filter active.
There should only be one result. Right click and Export -> To package,

I didn't know it, but the above is ridiculouly overcomplicated. Instead:
In S3OC, clone the item. Before you hit the final Clone button, Untick "Renumber internally".
Then open the exported package in S3PE. Make sure you have Tags ticked at the bottom of the S3PE window, and delete everything except the OBJD.
Select the OBJD. Change the price by clicking Grid, Price is in the CommonBlock section.

Be aware that the resulting file is a default replacement, so it'll conflict with any other replacements of that object's OBJD, and will break if EA ever update the object (yeah right!).

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ummmm what is S3OC
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If you don't already know what S3OC is, I suggest you have a look at the first few steps of an object creation tutorial before trying to follow my instructions - just so you get a feel for what S3OC does and how it's used.

What I lack in decorum, I make up for with an absence of tact.
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