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Default Decided to create a "Black Widow" household just for the fun of it
It's been a while since I created a purely "bad" sim just so I can revel in the fun of tormenting their little lives, oh sure. I've made a couple "torture-me-sims", of people I don't like (like the jerkface sales manager at the local Saturn...err...Mitsubishi dealer), but most of my Sim families are generally Neutral to Chaotic Good (to use the D&D terms....)

However, Jin Siren is my first actual Chaotic Evil sim....

I mixed together a bunch of different genetic profiles in CAS (Asian, African, Maxis Elf, TwiLek, an ultrapale "vampire" type skintone and a super dark skintone, vertical pupil eyes, just a mix of my more interesting genetics assortments)

the end result was a female sim with Maxis Elf ears and brow, Asian eye form, gray vertical pupil eyes, African nasal profile, Asian mouth and chin and ultrapale vampire skintone as the dominant traits, the Twi'Lek and Elf genetics are recessive, and thanks to her vampire pale and African skintone mix, this one Sim can pass down a super wide range of tones to her offspring (I tested her genetic range in CAS with a generic sim, and even the recessive traits would randomly manifest on the offspring)

She's a rather stunning looking Sim, perfect for luring her hapless prey to their doom

my rules for this house are simple, i created a new neighborhood, and it's Jin's job to cull the uglies out of the town....

I also created on the property, "Death Isle", a small patch of terrain surrounded by a moat, where I put the gravestones of the victims, the moat for the most part keeps the ghosts contained, and depending on my mood, Death Isle may contain any of the following;
1; Angry Ghosts
2; Zombies (I have the Fight Club and Zombie Apocalypse mods installed, so these zombies will actively hunt mortal Sims and eat their Braaaaiiiinnnns....)
3; A barbecue grill with lots of flammable stuff nearby
4; A Cowplant
5; Broken appliances, perfect for Sims with zero Mechanical points to attempt to fix
6; satellites in unstable, decaying orbits....

Step 1; seduce a hapless, unsuspecting Sim, and fall in love (if she gets pregnant in the process so be it, let the cards fall where they may)
Step 2; lure another victim, and fall in love with that one
Step 3; Profit!....err....get caught cheating and fall out of love with the previous sim
Step 4; kill the old lover (hopefully in creative and/or amusing ways)

Now, that said, there is *ONE* offense that will land the offending sim on Death Isle regardless of their current romantic state....

Do....NOT....Assault.....the....Black....Widow (or her family)!
Any sim caught slapping or shoving the BW gets *IMMEDIATE* exile to Death Isle to expire slowly over time....

Any sim who *attacks* the BW will be dispatched to Death Isle and immediately killed in a way that would maximize the offender's Fear score....

The best example of this was the following;
Jin was romancing Waylon whassisname, the NPC repairman I aged back to Adult, she was in love with him, he loved her, and he had already given her one son, and she was carrying his next child....

One of Jin's other favorites dropped by, the Townie Andrea Hogan, they simply *kissed*, not even a romance interaction, and Waylon went *postal*, slapping Jin, and moments later, *attacking* her teenage daughter (by Joe Carr)

ENOUGH!, this assault *STOPS*, NOW!

After Waylon Jerkface won the fight (he had maxed Body scores, Joan never stood a chance), Jin began contemplating Waylon Compostfeatures's demise....

She remembered that he had confided in her that he had an utter, blinding, terrifying fear of Vampires (and Alien Abduction)... (oh, did I forget to mention that Jin is also a Vampire, and had just passed on the Dark Gift the previous evening to Andrea as she was her "favorite" freind....), and that it was a few hours away from Sim-Sunup?

Sure, I could simply have Jin drain him dry (I have the Vampire More Interactions cheat/mod installed as well) but that would be too easy and decidedly not-fun for Jin, no, Waylon He'sdoomedalreadybutdoesn'tknowityet deserves a "special" fate....

First, Jin let Waylon Testsubject42 look through her "special" telescope, hoping some friendly Pollination Techs would be watching....
They were, they snatched up Waylon Don'tprobemethere, and performed a number of unspeakable experiments on him, returning him to the house with a little something "extra" for his trouble....

I then used the Insiminator object to accelerate Waylon "Are you my Mummy" ?MummyDaddy? to the third trimester so he showed a bit of a belly, I also forced him to wear the Vampire Tux, as *I* personally *HATE* any form of clothing that involves any form of neckwear, and tuxes are my absolute least favorite pieces of crap, I wouldn't be caught dead (or Undead for that matter...) wearing one

And, finally, the Piece De' Resistance (Piece of Resistance? ), Jin sank her fangs into his soft, yielding neck......

....and turned him into a Vampire.....
Waylon "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" MakemineOPositive immediately dropped into Aspiration Failure, and after an ineffective visit by the Therapist (as if pretending to be a monkey would solve his problem of being a pregnant-male-vampire-woman-slapping-piece-of-scum), he was sent to Death Isle to go "watch the sunrise".....

Jin is eagerly awaiting his ghost, he'll be a tuxedo-wearing-pregnant-vampire-piece-of-filth for all eternity now.....

.....Unless Jin decides to resurrect him as a Zombie, turning him into a tuxedo-wearing-pregnant-zombie-vampire-piece-of-filth, put him on his *own* micro-Death Isle and taunt him by holding up tasty Braaaiiinnnns just out of his reach.....

Do Not Assault Black Widow (and Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball), it's bad for a Sim's health (and sanity)
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isnt this a challenge and shouldnt this be in the challenges forum?
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Yes it does read like a challenge, but without point scoring. If MacTech was interested in putting this into the challenges area I reckon it would be a fun challenge to accept. Up to you MacTech, thanks for the inspiration.
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Yes, I think MacTech had posted this in the right place. If he would have included a score, like annoainthere had said, then yes, it would be considered a challenge. But because this is just his fun time he had with a challenge, it would be, (in my opinion) wrong to clutter up the Sims 2 Challenges Forum, so MacTech had posted this in the right place.I do wish that MacTech would post a more detailed "Challenge Edition" complete with scoring, because I really enjoyed reading this.

Way to go, MacTech!!!


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I agree. Not about the categorisation discussion, it's one of the more interesting ideas i've heard.
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As far as making a BW challenge, I'm not sure how that'd be done, I'm more "hands off" with my Sims, I like to see what they do autonomously, the game always finds some way of surprising me, Jin's the first Sim I played with an actual "purpose" (A.K.A be the town's sole "Homicidal Maniac") and even then, I leave her mostly to her own devices, I'll teleport a random Sim or two in, maybe have couple visitors instead, and see what she does on her own

I've been trying to decide whether I want to keep her as a vampire as well, it does make killin' her ex-lovers easy (with the Vamp. More Interactions mod), but it can make it *too* easy, and it's more fun performing Simicide in more creative ways, like with Waylon Pencilneckedpreggerghost, if I make her mortal again, it becomes more challenging finding ways to off her ex'es, and I haven't decided if her daughter, Joan, is going to follow Mom's lead and start offing her own ex boyfriends

If anyone here ants to create a BW challenge, feel free to run with it, I think the base rules should be
1; seduce sim and fall in love
2; seduce a second sim
3; get caught cheating
4; kill the "ex"
5; goto 1

my only real "guideline" in the game is the first slap, when the BW gets caught cheating, is the only "permitted" one, as the slapper is acting in the heat of the moment and not thinking straight, they're seething with fury, however any *additional* physical assault attempts garner the perpetrator a sentence of death

the funnier/nastier/more evil and twisted the demise, the better, currently Waylan's death was my most creative yet...

hates formalwear (or anything involving neckties) - forced to wear the most uncomfortable, restricting tuxedo in the game, if it was pink that'd be even worse
afraid of aliens - he gets abducted, and comes back preggers
afraid of vampires - he becomes one
now afraid of sunlight - he gets to watch one last sunrise
gets to spend the rest of eternity (or until the game finally crashes and burns and gets reinstalled...) as a pregnant vampire ghost forced to wear a crappy tuxedo
that way, he'll be a tux-wearin'-pregnant-zombie-vampire-ghost that craves braaaiiins and blooood, yet is unable to satisfy his hunger .....

Okay, I couldn't resist, I resurrected Waylon "Are you my Mummy" as a zombie, however, in doing so, he ended up giving birth to a little girl, Jade, at first, Jin eyed the baby, and then her "OMGWTFBBQ" Baby Roaster Grill, thinking that Jade might make a nice snack.....

thankfully, cooler heads prevailed....
"If I eat that baby, I'll be no better than that accursed abusive scumbag pencil-necked zombie freak with his crazy Braaaiiiinslust, no, I'll raise Jade as my own, to see if I can't make her a better person than her ?father?, or is he her ?mother?, boy those Pollination techs are sure strange..."

...and as of right now, the newly-re-impregnated, zombified Waylon "send more Braaaiiinnnns" PregPencilNeckZomVamp just saw his last sunrise........again..... and will once again spend eternity, this time as a Pregnant-pencil-necked-zombie-vampire-ghost, over on the austere accommodations of Death Aisle
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Originally Posted by MacTech way, he'll be a tux-wearin'-pregnant-zombie-vampire-ghost that craves braaaiiins and blooood, yet is unable to satisfy his hunger .....

*collapses over in a fit of giggles/gasping for air*


"The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive."
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Glad to know Waylon "send more Braaaiiinnnns" PregPencilNeckZomVamp is now a pile of dust. Hopefully Jade will grow up to be just like her foster mum Jin. I'll glady repost this in the challenges section shortly and link back to here. All credit to you though MacTech I've already started a version similar to this, not long now until lover#1 gets wants coming.. haha.
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I dunno, *something* tells me that Jade may end up with a pathological dislike of repairmen for some reason......

I'm betting that Jade's first victim, assuming she learns Jin's BW tendencies, will be a repairman, although I can't be sure, she may also want to become a vampire herself, not really sure yet, she may end up fixating on Jin's mannerisms even more intensely than Jin's biokids, after all, Jin saved her from living with that abusive scumbag, something Jade truly appreciates, and she's already befreinding and being accepted by Jin's current crop of biokids, Joan (teen, from Joe Carr), Wendy, and Wayne (children from Waylon "Braaaiiins....Bleh!" scumbag...)
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Well those repairmen have it coming to them, must be some of that pollination technicians primal urges coming through. is the thread for the challenge post. If there is anything you want edited lemme know.
I've been enjoying my own version of the death isle I'm using the ghosts from my asylum challenge for a little extra wow factor so I could get some zombies early up. So far so good, poor townies won't know what hit them >.<
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I love this idea, I'm all for killing unsuspecting townies as stress relief >
I also love your story about the death of Waylon Whatshisface, it was funny.
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Isn't black widow supposed to marry rich sims and kill them for money later, rather than just woohoo with random sims and kill them? Or do I misunderstand the meaning of the term. I copied Olive Specter into my current hood and aged her down, and she's perfect for this role, but no rich sims for now.

Although before I discovered the mod to have townies as apartment neighbors, my game created three "useless" apartment neighbors, so maybe they can become random victims. I also noticed that the game spawns a useless new sim as a "boss" when you call in sick for work *sigh*, but killing them would be unproductive, you might need to call in sick one day, and once more a useless sim would be created.
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Black spinster sounds less menacing.
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Learned something new yesterday.....

I wanted to put a bunch of those Pyrotechnic launchers around the border of D.I., they'd make the place look much scarier and much cooler, so just to test things out, I placed one of them near the back edge of D.I., near the moat, and near the cheap charcoal grill....

Big mistake, turns out that planting the pyropot on a grass tile wasn't such a good idea, as it lit one of the lawn lights on fire, the fire spread to the grill, and burned a good dozen tiles before burning itself out, I ended up burning up almost a quarter of D.I. before the fire burnt itself out....

Hmm, that might just be another way to kill Sims, build a little fenced in area, pave it with asphalt or concrete, drop in a pyropot, and let nature take it's course....

MMMM...... toasted Sim.....
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Originally Posted by MacTech
Hmm, that might just be another way to kill Sims, build a little fenced in area, pave it with asphalt or concrete, drop in a pyropot, and let nature take it's course....

What's a pyropot? it sounds like fun :D

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