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To bring things full circle, I have now watched and will rate the new Fright Night.

Fright Night - New - Horror


Not nearly as slow and seductive as the first Fright Night. It is shallower in its approach, but still very entertaining. It recreates a few classic scenes from the original, but tries to update it. There are a few references to more recent pop culture, but I don't think they were heavy-handed. Colin Farrell was excellent as Jerry, in some ways even better than the original. David Tennant was very entertaining as Peter Vincent. It's got good music. Characterization could have been deeper, but I don't have any particular complaints beside that. Faster pacing is normally a dark mark in my book, but it worked for this film. And, yes, I'm way over the word count. :P
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Sucker Punch


Even with my low expectations I still didn't find it very entertaining. Cool visuals though.
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[email protected] - 2006 - Documentary


It's about a chorus of elders from Northampton, Mass who sing rock & roll type music. Some highlights were I Wanna Be Sedated, Schizophrenia and Fix You. At first I was like what the hell is this, but later I cried a little bit. It was more about facing the end of our lives. The only thing I didn't like was the narrator, but he faded away towards the end.
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The Fountain
I've seen it before...
It's a beautiful looking movie most of the time. It made me laugh sometimes at how pretentious it is. Like no one has ever thought about life and death before. Like they were looking at it from an angle that has never been perceived. Also like only the most intelligent would understand. It really isn't that deep.
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The Muppets


Friggin' hilarious. I was so happy to see the franchise revived and I thought they did a fantastic job. Plus, the cameos and music were great (Brett McKenzie wrote some of the music for cripes sake!).

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - New


Having not seen the first one, I was pretty lost in the film's plot - luckily I had my girlfriend to fill me in on stuff But anyway, I felt that the movie was paced pretty well, with just the right amount of comedy to balance out all of the action and drama. Some of the acting could have been better, but I digress. It is Hollywood, where looks are more important than skill. :P
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Life 2.0 - 2010 - Documentary
I finally saw this. I think I thought it was going to be funny, but it was a little bit sad and thought provoking, and as a Sims player I shouldn't have felt superior. I would have given it an 8, but I gave it a 7 from having to look at the horrible Second Life graphics for over an hour.
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Spider - 7/10

Quite a dark and depressing film, one of Cronenburg's most impressive. Had Lynch-y elements, too, which I enjoyed.
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Chronicle - 3/10

Dark, depressing, and didn't bother explaining why one of the kids mums was as sick as she was, or what that thing they found was.
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I watched this Movie called Sunshine (2007) . And even though IMDB gave it a good score....and the review were GOOD . The movie was Boooo-Ring ! All the 'beautiful scene' end up getting me Blind lol and there was just too much that didn't make sense (like the mother computer detecting the astronautes whenver they were , but didn't make a squeak when Crazy dude start killing everyone ) . was a fun idea...but I just wish they explained the ending a bit more....
Add to that the beautiful Michelle Yeoh...her role was almost inexistant lol Not fair

IMDB score for this Movie was 7.3/10 . Mine would be 5/10 (and only cose Yeoh was in there )

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Been watching plenty of movies recently, and here are my reviews on them.

The Hunger Games - 8/10

This is probably the first time I'd enjoy an adaptational media rather than the originals- but, really, I think the emotional impact of the characters are stronger in the movies than in the books (which is quite strange). I have an aversion in first-person POVs in general; but it seemed that, like so many other fictions, Katniss's personality is affected by the author's personal views that her characterization becomes inconsistent.

The Lorax - 6/10

Overall the movie isn't that bad, but most of the expanded stuffs decays the message from the original books- including it's induced romance plot tumor and other unfortunate implications that comes with it. Graphics are fine, but a bit too bright and cheery for my tastes.

John Carter - 4/10

Is it just me, or is the plot of this movie a rip-off from Avatar? Anyway, the plot lacks originality, nor any spectacular visual effects (there are some, but not many). Main character is boring- a very typical, invincible hero of the sort who rescues a damsel in distress, and later marries her and yadda yadda. Their half-hearted attempt to subvert this is a major epic fail.

Hugo - 7.5/10

What I like most from this movie is the excessive use of clockwork and steampunk (enhanced with 3D). However, I was quite disappointed with the plot, mainly because it wasn't a fantasy/thriller/action movie like I was hoping, but instead appeals towards a drama/adventure genre. It's a waste of the wonderful clock punk, to use it for a drama setting, IMO. Still, at least the storyline is as cliche as most dramas, so I won't complain too much about it.

Wrath of the Titans- 6/10

While this isn't an outright bad movie, I am quite displeased with how the Greek Myth is messed up here. I know I'm biased in that essence, but I especially don't like it when the roles of the mythological characters are screwed around. I especially dislike the portrayal of the deities in this movie. Plot is too linear, that, in addition to the messed up roles of the deities and mortals, the Greek Myth setting appears to be irrelevant.

The Devil Inside - 0/10 (I'd give a negative score, if it was possible)

Alright. This movie have no plot, no character development, poor camera skills, little to no interaction, no special effects, no eye candy. Really, there's nothing in this movie that I can say a good thing about.
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The Hunger Games = 9.5/10

Lost the half mark because I think it would be a little hard to understand without reading the book first. Other than that it was great.

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Factory Girl - Drama - 2006
Edie Sedgwick biopic that I finally got around to seeing. It got bad reviews, but I thought it was okay. I thought Sienna Miller did a great job portraying Edie, and Guy Pearce was fantastic as Andy Warhol. Biopics seem to be very difficult to pull off, but film makers keep trying.
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The Cabin in the Woods - Horror/Slasher - 2012

I couldn't decide what to rate this - 6 or 7. I won't go into any details or summary since it just came out, and I'm still processing it somewhat because I saw it last night. I think the film has a lot of good parts and interesting ideas, but the parts somehow add up to a less good film overall.
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God Bless America-a rather disturbing dark comedy. I gave it a 7/10.
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40 Days and 40 Nights - comedy/romance/drama 2002
its a good film i have seen it many times,its very funny and good acting too.

The Rules of Attraction - comedy/romance/drama 2002
the film did not make sense and it did not have a good ending but it had some goos camera angle.

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Battleship - In Cinemas - Sci-Fi

I liked the effects and all. I just thought the story was a bit cliché hence the score. Nothing new but exciting overall.
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5th May 2012 at 12:14 PM
Default yodas cousins in star wars
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Avengers, 10/10. F*ckin' awesome movie. I'm not usually a fan of action movies and superheroes and whatnot, but this one was awesome sauce. I loved it to the bits *cough*alsorobertdowneyjrrobertdowneyjr*cough*.

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Harry Potter 7 pt. 2

The visuals were amazing, they stuck as close to the book as a movie can, and the actors were amazing (as always). I took off the half mark because I think they could've expanded on the ending/epiloque more, and because I feel that they could have done a better job with either aging the characters at the end, or at least they could have changed actors.

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Originally Posted by The Creeper
Avengers, 10/10. F*ckin' awesome movie. I'm not usually a fan of action movies and superheroes and whatnot, but this one was awesome sauce. I loved it to the bits *cough*alsorobertdowneyjrrobertdowneyjr*cough*.

I have to say I think it was the best super hero movie made to date. I just wish they could have worked in one or two of the X-Men
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Pig Hunt

This movie was stupid and only showed a pig twice throughout the whole movie.
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The Raven

1 out of 10 Nevermores

Couldn't be saved by John Cussack. He knew it, so he simply said 'F it' and yelled all his lines.
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The Lucky One 8/10
It was cute! :p
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The Avengers


Alright, people are going to kill me for not giving this movie a near-perfect score; but really, the Hollywood needs to put more effort in developing the storyline and scripts, rather than just counting on the shiny special effects, good-looking characters, explosions and destruction, and corny jokes to be their selling points
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Avengers (2012)


It was very funny, very good, but there was something I didn't like. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but once you go watch it, you'll soon find out. It's gonna remind you of a movie back in 2011.
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