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Undead Molten Llama
#26 Old 5th Dec 2011 at 12:23 AM
OK, I'm curious: Am I the only person who has never, EVER played ANY of the pre-mades?

The above said, I could list my favorite couples from now until doomsday, but no one would know who they are. I will say that my favorite of all, ever, is a vampire couple who more or less single-handedly populated (and keep populated) an entire almost-all-vampire neighborhood that I keep running and play occasionally solely for them. Currently on generation 28, I think it is.

Gotta love a pair of Family Sim vampires who keep rolling baby wants even though they are great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-and-on-and-on grandparents.

I'm mostly found on (and mostly upload to) Tumblr these days because, alas, there are only 24 hours in a day.
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#27 Old 5th Dec 2011 at 12:41 AM
Originally Posted by iCad
Am I the only person who has never, EVER played ANY of the pre-mades?
Yes, iCad, you're the only one. Ever.
Mad Poster
#28 Old 5th Dec 2011 at 1:25 AM
I have a lot of love for Lillith Pleasant and Dirk Dreamer. I know lots of people have Lillith dump him, figuring that a 'bad' girl like her won't stick around with a nice guy like him, but in my headcanon, she feels that he's the only person who really loves her and she's terrified of losing him.
The Great AntiJen
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#29 Old 5th Dec 2011 at 1:38 AM
I played the Curious brothers in 2004 (trying out the game for the first time). I've only played Little Carping since then. OTOH, I have reinvented a number of TS1 sims for LC. Somehow the TS2 premades hold no interest for me. Too twee and comfortable and suburban, I think.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
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Undead Molten Llama
#30 Old 7th Dec 2011 at 11:59 PM
Originally Posted by Mootilda
Yes, iCad, you're the only one. Ever.

Good to know.

Actually, I sort of lied. When I first got the game, I went into one of the pre-made neighborhoods and into one of the occupied houses. I...actually forget which one. It was in Pleasantview...I think. And I played the occupants for a couple of Sim days, to figure out how things worked. But that was it. Other than that...The first thing I do is delete the pre-made neighborhoods. 'Cuz I'm with maxon; I like to do my own thing.

I'm mostly found on (and mostly upload to) Tumblr these days because, alas, there are only 24 hours in a day.
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Test Subject
#31 Old 23rd May 2020 at 8:14 AM
Daniel x Nina
Darren x Brandi
Angela x Dustin
John x Jennifer
Lab Assistant
#32 Old 29th Jun 2020 at 4:39 PM
Oh BOY do I have lots. Prepare for a long list lol

John x Jennifer Burb
Mortimer x Bella Goth
Mortimer Goth x Nina Caliente (yes the redhead one, not the one he's supposed to be with)
Don Lothario x Dina Caliente (my Sims 2 OTP <3)
Cassandra Goth x Darren Dreamer
Brandi Broke x Kaylynn Langerak
Angela Pleasant x Alexander Goth (aged up of course)
Dustin Broke x Lilith Pleasant
Daniel x Mary-Sue Pleasant
Dirk Dreamer x Ivy Copur (Sim State University)
Beau Broke x Caryl Zarubin (Sim State University)

Nervous Subject x Strangetown!Bella Goth (my second Sims 2 OTP)
Johnny Smith x Ripp Grunt x Ophelia Nigmos
Erin Beaker x Chloe Curious
Kristen Loste x Lola Curious
Vidcund Curious x Circe Beaker
Buck Grunt x Jill Smith
Tank Grunt x Frances J Worthington III (La Fiesta Tech)
General Buzz Grunt x Jenny Smith (don't hate me lol)
Lazlo Curious x Crystal Vu
(I ship Pascal with a CAS woman I made lol)

Riverblossom Hills:
Gabe x Alexandra O'Mackey
Jason x Rose Green man
Andrew x Elena Martin
Jacob Martin x Jules O'Mackey
Patricia Wan x Cleo Shikibu
Sandra Roth x Johnson Fleig (science Hobby instructor)
Xander Roth x Tina Phillips (downtownie)
Morty x Stella Roth

Belladonna Cove (current game):
Marissa x Jason Cleveland
Nathan x Mary Gavigan
Armand DeBateau x Jessica Peterson
Kimberly Cordial x Frances McCullough
Gabriel Green x Samantha Cordial
Timothy Riley x Vivian Cho
Tara DeBateau x Ginger Newson
Justin Cleveland x Benjamin McCarthy (OFB)
Etsu Cho x Isaiah Gavigan
There's also some dormie x playable ships I like too, but I'm too lazy to look everyone else up lol

But yeah those are my favourite couples in those towns. I haven't played Veronaville or Desiderata Valley yet but we'll see one day. And I know not all couples are "together," I just ship them because I like them and put them together in my games.
#33 Old 29th Jun 2020 at 8:37 PM
Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant listed as a favorite couple is not what I would have ever expected someone to say. I'd love to see how that played out in your game.

They kind of remind me of my parents, where it seems as if they married because that's what they were expected to do and not because they were truly in love. They settled for each other, got the nice house, and had the picture perfect twin baby girls. They didn't make the best team and didn't communicate well with each other or their daughters, leading to the whole Angela/Lilith dynamic. Same thing happened with my parents- they had the "picture perfect" new house and three daughters, but they (my mom especially) had no idea that being a good parent means more than keeping your kids alive. My mom always made us lunch and dinner and drove us to friends' houses, but you could never talk to her about anything more than the weather. My oldest sister thrived on her own and didn't need emotional support from my parents. My other older sister had depression and anxiety since she was a little kid and my parents saw her as the "bad seed" and didn't think that it was their responsibility to help her. Every kid is different. I imagine the same thing happened with Angela and Lilith, where Lilith just needed more support from her parents. Angela thrived, and her parents could support that. Lilith needed more support that her parents didn't know how to give her, so she didn't get any support. By the time the girls were getting ready for college Daniel and Mary-Sue had given up on repairing their family and improving their marriage, so Daniel started an affair with the maid and didn't care if he got caught.

In my game, Mary-Sue caught Daniel and got into a huge fight. Then they realized that they were no longer picture perfect- things about them were spreading around Pleasantview. They attempted to fix things which led to the accidental birth of their daughter Daniella, but it didn't work. They separated and Mary-Sue moved into an apartment with her daughter. Daniel died by some freak accident I forget - I think it was electrocution. Their relationship was never going to be repaired.
Lab Assistant
#34 Old 29th Jun 2020 at 11:06 PM
The Pleasants are quite the disfunction junction. I never expected so much drama in a Sim household, especially a premade. Maxis made a ton of drama for The Sims 2 compared to the first game, where everybody seemed... pleasant. I find myself getting very interested in The Sims lore thanks to the stuff they came up with for this game. But then on the other hand, I have this instinctual urge to "fix" things. I haven't played much of the Pleasants yet, as I've been setting up the neighborhood. I am hoping to keep Daniel and Mary-Sue in a loveless marriage, and hopefully I'll be able to make the girls happy. But,

Cassandra Goth married Darren Dreamer and had a son.

I had the redhaired Caliente sister marry Don Lothario and they had a son as well, despite them both being Romance Sims. You see, I get tired of seeing the same faces in the neighborhood all the time, and since deleting Sims is bad, my only options are to play them out or find a way to kill them off. Regardless, I was interested to see if the Calientes had any alien genetics, but both babies look like normal Sims. They cheat on each other regularly. I like to think they don't care.

I had recreated my Sims 1 family in Pleasantview, but my Sim's son turned out to be a jerk, so I had him become a criminal and marry the blonde Caliente. Their kids are surprisingly sweet, though.

Meadow Thayer, my favorite NPC, is such a sweetheart, and so cute. I want to make sure she's got a good pairing.
#35 Old 30th Jun 2020 at 8:45 AM
kiddypatches, I paired Nervous with Strangetown Bella too. Getting them together was a challenge because of poor chemistry but they married and had a cute son.

I prefer matching up couples across the different premade hoods but if I were to limit myself to within each hood....

Darren & Brandi
Dustin and teen townie Tosha Go (think about it )

Vidcund & Crystal (thank you, ACR!)
Pascal & Olive
Lab Assistant
#36 Old 30th Jun 2020 at 10:37 AM Last edited by kiddypatches : 30th Jun 2020 at 1:09 PM.
Awesome, my Nervous and Bella had three adorable kids here

And as for Daniel and Mary-Sue, I just have a soft spot for "broken" couples. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, so I like to reunite broken up couples or strengthen their relationships if they're already together lol. But once I fixed Daniel and Mary-Sue's marriage, they were constantly being lovely dovey, it was adorable.
Lab Assistant
#37 Old 30th Jun 2020 at 2:10 PM
For some reason in my game Nervous always falling for either Pascal or a random old woman.
#38 Old 30th Jun 2020 at 6:08 PM
I don't have the premandes in my version of Strangetown as it was just the terrain and it's been renamed Dodge for my BACC so I only have the Jankowsky and Hobbs families which were mande from bodyshop templates.Eli and Ami Jankowsky arrived first in the spring of 1840 and got settled in quickly that year though their first winter was a very cold and hard one.Jay and Tracy Hobbs arrived the following spring in 1841 and it's almost fall now so they'll be facing their very first winter in the Kansas territory.
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