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Default Monthly theme - fantasy
Hey hey!

Yes, it is that time again and since it is leesester's birthday as a birthday present she asked for more time to finish her theme upload .... Fat chance of that, in her dreams - get a move on FISH.

New Theme!

So the new theme will be fantasy - Hallowe'en is end of October and there are lots of ideas around that - but it can be anything fantasy related - want to upload a Middle Earth World? Fill your game with elves and goblins? Build Rapunzel's tower? Place spinning wheels for unwary princesses? This is your chance - all you have to do is make them.

How to take part?
Make a fantasy-themed upload. It can be anything - a lot, a sim, clothes, furniture, whatever comes to your mind, as long as it has something to do with the theme.

The upload process goes the way it normally does. You include required pictures, files, information... The only new requirement is that you include some of the following tags to your upload search keywords:
  • "theme-fantasy"
  • "fantasy"
  • "theme"

How long is the theme active?

The fantasy theme starts today, October 1st 2011 - and ends November 30th 2011.

Have fun with the new theme!

Extending the theme upload time to 2 months!

Yes, you read right. We are extending the themes to go over two months from now on. This means you can still upload for the childhood theme till the end of this month, 31st of October. This gives you more time to plan and do your uploads, and you will be still getting a new theme every month.

We have also had some really nice uploads on the childhood theme already. Here are few examples, check them out!

ImageCreatorDownload link
CocomamaTS3-Toddler Top and puffy pants.
tbudgettApril Nursery with Animated Rocking Horse
lhawk07Kid's Oven - EZ Bake style

Now, go make some more!
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I have so many ideas whirring around for this new theme. I'm also very grateful for the new two month time span. Now, let's go finish that...

Oh, btw, Happy Birthday Lee!

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Yay, a new theme! And happy birthday for the FISH! :D
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Happy birthday Lee!

Check out my other downloads at my blog!
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Happy Birthday Lee!

(Sends Lee a fish-food cake)

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Aww, thank you, but I think the real Yay should be that we actually have TWO MONTHS to do our themes now. Yea, D offered me a Ferrari or the themes for two months. Well, I already have a nice car (NOT a Ferrari) so I took the themes.

But seriously, I think I was not alone in finding a month a bit short to think of an object, make it and get it uploaded, so this is great for the slowpokes, but we will still get a new theme every month, just two months to upload in.

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Happy Birthday, Lee!

I know that extra time will be very useful. Thanks.

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Having two months is a great idea - it can take several weeks to perfect an upload.
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I just started working on my project for this!
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:/ why must all my creations have nothing to do with the themes ever....... Historical next please
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