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Sculptures & Junkpiles for CAW
Ok, it has ALWAYS BOTHERED ME that there was only "Large Sprawling Junkpile" in CAW. And then, while fixing that, I decided to make it easier to make sculpture garden areas outside of lots.

So here's the first of a few packs possibly- since I couldn't easily find some of the sculptures. I'll also be hunting down the wild WA sculptures and such as I have time.

Downside is, you only get the default colors for everything- if you want to recolor, you'll have to do the CAW item recolor I guess? (Someone with more knowledge, feel free to chime in.. I am hoping this doesn't mean being stuck with the defaults forever and always.)

Pack #1 is Ambitions stuff only: Basic large and small junkpiles (Not one with car, need to go back in to find that), the topiaries, and some of the scrap and stone sculptures.

CAW will list these by their actual in-catalog names! Hopefully the tag/numbers I slapped on will help sort out how to find what you want.. the file names are based off the objd names proper.

Also, sorry about the horrible image, my laptop is kind of hating its graphics card today =/

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Description: Ambitions CAW pack #1
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So far it looks to me like the CAW recolor trick only works on objects enabled in CAW by default. It could, however, be that it doesn't work on STORE objects. I'll test it later on. CAW is being... ...crashy.

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Oh niiiice, that pile of tyres in particular will add some instant grunge-goodness to anywhere! My City's rivers, shorelines and highways will be filled with those, thank you!
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