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Take Care (Teenage Drama)

About the Story:
Season One
Mimi is a 16-year old girl whose never lived up her high school days before, but all this changes when Kyle Hammon, a very popular, school playboy, confronts her in the school hallway. Kyle is baffled by the way Mimi treats him like he's nothing special but doesn't want to fall for her either, because his best friend Anthony Luca has set his eyes on her so suddenly. And what Anthony doesn't know is that Mimi has a had a crush on him since the 6th grade.

Kyle confronts his other friend Dylan about his situation, Dylan advises Kyle to follow his own heart even though Dylan hasn't had many serious relationships before until he meets Jenny. Jenny is one of Mimi's closest friends and is going through a rebellious phase with her parents. She constantly writes in her journal about her emotions and personal problems. Dylan makes Jenny consider sharing her journal with him and his band, so they can produce songs from it.

As Jenny continues to hang out with the band, she begins to gain more friendships with Kyle, Anthony, and Flint. Flint is a farm boy with a kind heart and ends up giving it to Asia, another one of Mimi's closest friends. Asia is an adopted, mixed girl, born and raised in a well-accustomed Japanese family. As she becomes closer to Flint, she disobeys her father and soon ends up in an unexpected turn in life.

As this group of teenagers begin to get closer to one another, they don't realize the jealousy, drama, and danger life has in store for them. Will some make it through high school? Or will some fall apart?

- Take Care

And if interested to learn more about the story and get more intel on the characters, visit

Take Care 1.01: Nothing Like The First Day

Theme Song: Lifehouse "First Time"



Mimi stood outside the high school doors checking in her palm-held mirror.
She wanted to make sure she looked perfect before walking down the halls. It was the first day of school and it was her junior year at Spoto High School. And she wanted to take high school full on this time year around. Not to miss a single thing other than cheerleading practice and games. Not miss the feeling of having a first kiss... or a boyfriend.


As she walked through the door to her classroom hall she froze in fear as everyone stared at her with confusion. It was rare for the school to receive students and a very small city they all lived in together.

Mimi blushed and noticed her best friends that were residing on the lockers. So she decided to sneak up on the two while they were side tracked with their conversation.

The two girls were her best friends Jennifer and Asia. They've been close since elementary, she had three but people grow up and people change


“Oh come on Jenny! I didn't have a choice in my classes this year, you guys know my family is Japanese and are the strictest people you know”, said Asia getting upset.

“Of course I know that! But your electives are boring as hell. How do you put up with them choosing your electives for peeps sake!” Jenny said getting mad. Asia’s parents were such Debby-downers.


They continued their little squabble until Jenny noticed Mimi walk behind Asia.

“OMG, that you!” Jenny shouted.

“ Will you quit shouting?” Asia whispered. She had noticed all the people in the hall staring at them because of Jenny's loud mouth.

“Yah, you guys like the new do?” Mimi said rubbing her head a bit embarrassed with all the attention she was getting.


On the other side of the hall stood another posse.

“Hey guys, who’s the new girl?” Flint said staring at her from across the hall.

Dylan shook his head at his silly friend as he said, “Flint, we don't get new kids”.

“That's not a new girl dummy, that's Mia Ashton”, Kyle had said. Mimi's real name was Mia, but ever since she was little she went by Mimi.

Their friend Anthony walked over to join the conversation.


Jenny and Asia were quite surprised with Mimi's makeover. Ordinarily she was known as the geek looking teenager and now she was the total opposite.

Mimi whispered to her friends, “Is he looking?”

Asia turned her head quickly to the posse that stood on the other end of the hallway and said hysterically, “Oh yeah he is!”

Mimi smiled. She was glad her new do impressed her long time crush, Anthony Luca.


Anthony kept staring at Mimi, he couldn't recognize who she was and then asked, “Who’s the new girl?”

Kyle was getting annoyed with everyone. How could they not recognize a simple transformation? Mimi only took her glasses off and let her hair down and maybe changed her wardrobe. Why was he the only one that could tell it was her? It's not like they were buddies either.

“My gosh, it's Mimi”, Kyle said in an annoyed tone.

Anthony was still lost he didn't know a Mimi,” Who?”


Kyle was about to walk away but he wanted to explain just so Anthony didn't embarrass himself later, “The girl we've had a class with just about every year”.

Anthony was still quiet, so Kyle went more into depth,” The one who wore the geeky blue glasses and never let her down”.

“ Oh, dude I think she likes me. I mean I think I caught her staring at me a couple times last year, it kind of creeped me out.


The first bell rang and everyone was off to first period.
Mimi and Jenny walked to their first period class together.

“Are you ready to see who our classmates are?" Jenny asked Mimi.

“ Readier than ever, lets go!” Mimi said literally trolling through the door.

They walked in the English class door.


“Why, why first period?” Mimi said grunting.

The last thing Mimi wanted was Anthony sitting behind her again in class. Each year somehow the teachers managed to sit Anthony behind her. Maybe it was their last names and the alphabetical order or maybe god hated her


“ Well this should be an interesting year”, Anthony said.

Kyle recognized the seating order was always the same thing just about each year. He thought to himself, "Hopefully our senior year they will mix it up."


The teacher, Mr. Cowaski took a deep breathe before speaking already he had a feeling this class is going to be the crazy one. Especially, since he had Dylan Stewart in it. Every teacher in school talked about his behavior and the principal was his best friend literally.

“ Has anyone seen Dylan?” Mr. Cowaski asked the class.


Dylan walked through the door tardy. He didn't care much about being late but taking his time came first to him. In other situations teachers mistake him for a bad boy and so he just goes along with it.

“ Is there a reason you are tardy Dylan?” Mr. Cowaski asked Dylan.

“ Yah I went to use the bathroom”, Dylan said. Mr. Cowaski was pretty silent for a minute. “What I can’t pee!” Dylan asked annoyed.

“ I'll let that slide since it's the first day but next time you're tardy. Take a seat in front of me please”, said Mr. Cowaski staring Dylan down.


Dylan took the front seat and looked behind and next to him. He noticed the empty row.

“ Why do I have to sit in the empty row?” Dylan asked.

“ have quite a reputation here” said Mr. Cowaski.
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Take Care 1.02
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Take Care 1.02: Rejection

As soon as the bell rang, Mimi swooped up and headed straight for the door with Jenny right on her tail. She couldn't take another minute in that class with Anthony sitting right behind her. Not to mention the fact he would be the entire year.


Just as Anthony began to walk out the door, Kyle stopped him in his tracks to confront him.

“ Okay dude stop right there”, said Kyle blocking Anthony’s path to the exit.


“ What's up?” Anthony asked confused.

“ What's up? What's up is that you were staring at Mimi the entire lecture”, Kyle said.

“ Sooo...?” Anthony said trailing off.

“ So why didn't you like tap her shoulder, say hi, or introduce yourself or something?!” Kyle asked.

Anthony may not have looked the part but he was a pretty shy guy when it came to talking to girls and he wouldn't know how to even start a conversation.

“ Kyle you know why I haven't had a girlfriend before, so stop it” said Anthony getting irritated.

“ You shouldn't let what happened hold you back from having a life Ant”, Kyle said skeptically.

“ Oh really? Try coming home everyday to an alcoholic, depressed mother you have to take care of and baby sit a little brother whenever she goes missing then come talk to me!” Anthony said shouting and then he stormed out the classroom.

Kyle didn’t realize how affected he still was. After all this time he thought he was doing just fine.


Anthony's father, Charlie was a down right good photographer. He loved taking pictures anywhere. Sometimes even in sticky situations he would take a chance on anything. Anthony and his father were inseparable when it came to Anthony's sports. He helped Anthony with everything when it came to sports. He even gave him a lesson in a little bit of photography as a kid growing up.

But what Anthony didn't know was when his father would be taken away from him six years ago. Be taken away by a drunken taxi driver that shouldn't have been driving. That should've been watching the rode.

Every little bit of Anthony changed since that day his father died. He knew he had to become the man of the house and be responsible, so he helped at home any time he was free. And it stripped away some of his opportunities to be a teenager.


Just as Kyle left the classroom he spotted Jenny and Mimi chatting in front of the classroom door and managed to hear a part of their conversation...

“ Why did you run out so fast? What are you scared of him?” Jenny asked.

“ I am –“ Mimi said but then Kyle butted into the conversation.

“ Scared of what, if I may ask?” said Kyle all nosy.

Jenny shut her mouth so fast and could see the look on Mimi's face saying she wanted to punch her.


“ Can I talk to you for a minute...Mimi?” asked Kyle.

“ Okay?” Mimi said awkwardly.

“ I'll go to my locker. Bye!” said Jenny and in a flash she was gone.

Mimi was sort of confused as to why Kyle Sanchez would want to chat with her. Especially, after being in his class every year since middle school, he now wants to talk to her?


And just from across the hallway, Monica Lopez couldn't help but notice the two were to talking to each other.

“ Hey who's that girl talking to Kyle?” Monica Perez asked.

Taylor turned her head so quick to see what Monica was watching.
“ I don't know, but I love the bag but hate her. Let's walk up to her after they are done”, said Taylor Batchet
She continued to watch them like a hawk looking at its prey.


“ So what's up with new look?” Kyle asked.

“What? Did you want to talk to me about my look or something? I mean. Do you hate it? Because I think I look fine,” said Mimi as she spun words out her mouth like a tornado.
Mimi had zero experience with boys. She was too busy with her head in the books to even notice them.

“ Whoooa! Come down there tiger. What is this twenty questions?” Kyle asked playfully. He was such an outgoing guy and said anything that came to his mind. But he was known as the school’s “biggest flirt”.
Mimi blushed and felt like an idiot.

“ I was kidding. You look good. As a matter of fact you look really good, wanna date?

Mimi didn't know if he were kidding or not but she would still would say no, he wasn't her Anthony.


She turned her back on him and walked away.
“ No thanks”, she said walking away with her nose in the air.

Kyle couldn't help but stare at her. It was actually the first he had ever been rejected by anyone. He was kind of...confused.
He couldn't help but think to himself while walking away how interesting it felt to be rejected and "that's a first."


And so the march of the preps began as Taylor's little clique stormed down the hallway walking towards Mimi.
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Take Care 1.03: And So It Begins

Taylor and her clique approached Mimi slowly as she was walking away from Kyle.

As Taylor walked up to her, she knew who the girl was. It was Mimi, her ex of a best friend.

“ Omg! Like Mimi?” Taylor said in her preppy voice laughing. She remembered the way Mimi looked before, and she was one nerdy girl.

“ Is there a reason that you and your posse are in my face right now?

“ What's a posse?” Sophie asked.
Monica elbowed her twin sister.
“What?” Sophie said confused.
Taylor rolled her eyes at Sophie’s stupidity. The twins were like “Tweedledee and Tweedledum”.

“ Mimi, did you decide to wake up today and watch "The Devil Wears Prada” or something?” Taylor said making fun of Mimi. Taylor and her clique began to laugh at her. They began to make her feel uncomfortable in her new shoes.

Jenny and Asia could spot them attacking Mimi from her locker, so they walked over there.

“Is there a problem here Taylor?” Jenny asked bothered. Jenny was a tough girl in middle school. She would get in fights time to time. Mimi thought it was a way of getting her parents attention since Jenny's parents got divorced.

“ Nope, not here at all”, Taylor said still quite laughing at Mimi's new look.

“ Well scram blondy before I knock that smirk off your face!” said Jenny knuckling up.

Taylor got serious and quit laughing then said,” Or what? Are you going to punch me to get mommy and daddy's attention again?”

Mimi got mad and said,” Okay you took that too far Taylor! What's your problem? Why are you talking me anyways?”

“ I really don't know anymore. But I want the last five minutes of my life back you nerd”, said Taylor checking at her manicure.

“ Okay that's it! Let me at her!” said Jenny literally about to swoop over Mimi’s head.
Mimi held Jenny back. Any fights today and somebody would get suspended. But holding Jenny back just made things worse. Everyone started fighting with their words. And the hallway was getting louder and louder to the point where a couple teachers ran to the principles office to alert him.

“What's wrong with you?! We used to be friends”, Mimi said to Taylor.
“People grow up Mimi! Nice to know you've finally done the same”, said Taylor.

“ Was I talking to you Monica?! No, I wasn't,” said Jenny as she put her hand in Monica’s face.
“ Get your hand out of my sister's face emo girl!” Sophie yelled.

“ Mind your own business!” said Asia.
“ You mind your own business, Hawaiian girl!” said Monica.
“ D-U-M-B, do you know what that spells? I honestly don’t think you do”, said Asia.

Then appeared the principal, right behind Jenny. Standing waiting for them quiet down but they never did.

“ Taylor, you are such a bi-“ said Mimi.
“ Why I ought a – “ said Jenny.
“ Shut the f-“ said Monica.
Principal Bobo caught them off.
“ Everyone shut your mouths!” yelled Mr. Bobo.

The girls were speechless. Mr. Bobo's voice left a ringing in their ears for how loud he shouted.

“ It is the first day of school and my hallways are loud, I don't like loud hallways! So either you girls make up right now or its detention before and after school for a month!” Mr. Bobo said angrily staring them down.

Nobody had the guts to say or do anything, so Mimi held out her hand first.
“ Well Taylor...are we cool?” Mimi said holding out her hand.

Taylor stood there staring at her thinking to herself, "Maybe if we get detention for a month she'll stay away from Kyle."

“ You can put your hand away, cause I'm not shaking it. I'll take the detention”, said Taylor.

“ Okay Taylor you'll get detention, but for everyone else this is a warning”, Mr. Bobo said.

“ What?! Why am I the only one to get detention?” Taylor asked.

“ You spoke for yourself, not them. End of discussion and get out of my hallway,” said Principal Bobo walking away.
And so did Mimi and her friends away laughing.

“” I'm starving! Somebody feed me”, said Flint.

“Your such a big baby”, Dylan said laughing as they walked in the cafeteria behind Kyle.

It was finally lunchtime and everyone was on their way starving, to the school cafeteria.

“ Why didn't you two idiots back me up back there?” asked Taylor.

“ I have better things to do than waste an hour before and after school sitting at some desk just because you want to”, said Monica.

“ Yah, it takes more than an hour to look this good before school Taylor”, Sophie added.

“ Twins...”, said Taylor grunting.

“ Do you know why she approached the way she did?” Asia asked.

“ That's what I'm still trying to figure out”, said Mimi.

“Well maybe the witch is just jealous that she's not the only pretty one in this school anymore”, Jenny said. She hated Taylor.

“So Dylan did you hear?” Athnony said pausing for Dylan say something.

“ Hear what?” Dylan asked.

“ Kyle got dished by some girl in the hallway earlier”, said Athnony grinning.
Dylan joined him. The hallways weren't exactly a safe heaven where you could chat and expect know one to hear your conversation.

“ Dude and I thought every girl fell for impeccable charm”, Dylan added cracking up laughing even more.

Kyle got annoyed, so he got up without saying a word and walked away.

“ What I say?” asked Dylan.

“ You're such a douche”, Anthony said laughing at Dylan's silliness. Dylan had a habit at saying things at the wrong time almost all the time.

The bell rang to end the lunch period. And Flint got up so quickly to run out the door and catch up to Kyle.

“ Gosh! Why are you in a hurry?” said Athony as Flint brushed past him so quickly.

“ Kyle has my schedule! “ Flint said from a far.

“ Careless as ever”, said Dylan.

After lunch Mimi and her friends walked to help Asia find her locker.

“ I am so tired. These AP classes are going to be the death of me”, said Asia at her locker.

“ I'm telling you, you need to buck up to your parents and tell them to take it easy on you”, Jenny said.

“ Yah, Jenny's right. I bet they aren’t even touching your brother’s college courses!”, said Mimi.

“ I know you guys, but I'm not the type to push and shove. I'm just grateful”, Asia said.

As they lost track of time in their conversation, the warning bell rang and they had one minute to get to class or they'd be tardy.

Jenny ran like no tomorrow since her class was in another corridor of the school.

Just as Dylan was walking to his class like usual minding his own business...

Jenny ran right into him turning the corner without noticing him.

She collapsed on top of her notebook spilling paper.

“ Ouch! You wanna watch where you're going?!” Jenny said fuming at Dylan as he laid on the floor staring at her.

“ Don't you think that's pretty harsh since you're the one who ran into me?
He said cracking a smile at her, maybe even a wink.

“ Are you kidding?..Hey are you winking at me?” Jenny asked looking at him disgruntled. She rubbed her butt that had fallen hard onto the floor.

“ Nooo, my eye's tend to twitch” lied Dylan.

“ Whatever sure, now I'm going to be late for class”, said Jenny picking up her things.

“ Let me get your paper”, Dylan said.
Dylan picked up the paper and saw that it wasn't blank but had a couple phrases written onto it. He couldn't pick up if they were lyrics or poems or maybe even a story. But they were good, really good.

Jenny cleared her throat to get his attention and said,” Are you gonna give me back my paper or do I need to snatch it?”

“ Oh sorry”, said Dylan giving her back the paper, “Was that a poem or lyrics, cause they were great?”

Jenny looked at him pretty shocked. She never shared her journal with anyone. She would write what she felt in her journal whether it were sentences or maybe poems. But she never shared it.

Jenny walked away since she was already late for class and said, “That's for me to know and you to find out”.

“Then I guess I'll find out, now won't I!” Dylan said smiling as she continued walking away.

He thought to himself, "Oh, I'll find out."

To Be Continued...

What an interesting first day of school don't you think?
New appearances, flirts thrown here and there, and not mention the tiny catfight.

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.2: Practice Makes Perfect (Part 1)
Just to let you guys know before I did Chapter 2, I has having major difficulties with my game. So all my main characters needed to be re-made. Sorry if they look quite different from the first chapter

Take Care 1.2: Practice Makes Perfect

Theme Song: Ok Go "Here It Goes Again"

"Can't read my, can't read my
No he can't read my poker face
(She's got to love nobody)".

Mimi's alarm clock struck her deep sleep as she woke from Lady Gaga "Poker Face".

She squinted her eyes from the bright sun beams that hit her in the face as she sat up.

"Boy I wish I had curtains right now...what time is it?" she questioned herself as she looked to check the time on her alarm clock.

It was 10:15 a.m on a Saturday morning and today Mimi had cheerleading practice. Who would've thought cheerleading practice on a weekend. But Taylor Batchet was her school's cheerleading captain by default and if she didn't want to be late, she'd better hurry.

Mimi quickly rolled over her bed to get to her closet that was on the opposite side of her room. She scanned the closet for any gym clothes she could find and threw them on as fast as she could. Then rolled over her bed again to strap on her headband and messenger bag and was quickly out the door.

As she ran down the stairs out of her home, she had noticed something....

Her beloved Blue Volkswagen was missing in action and out of all the times she needed it the most, it was missing.

"Where's my car?!" she said, standing in her empty driveway.
No one was home to give her a ride, so she began to walk for it.

She walked all the way down her street and into Downtown and just remembered something, "Why not take the bus?", she crossed the street to bus stop.

Mimi stared at the bus routes and where and when they could take her. Luckily for her, there was an upcoming bus just within ten minutes that was suppose to stop by. So she decided to sit down and wait for the bus.

After a couple minutes of just waiting, the bus never seemed as if it were going to show on time or even at all.

Mimi began to think to herself, "I should've just walked the five miles at this rate!"

Then a red and black striped mustang pulled up and stopped on the curb right next to her. She was pretty freaked that a random car would just pull up and stop right in front of her like that, but it seemed like someone waved for her to come over to the car.

Mimi walked up slowly and just her luck, it was Kyle Hammon. The guy that tried to hit on her a couple weeks ago at school. She was kind of confused as to why he was here right now, when he should've been at soccer practice right now.

Kyle smiled at her laughing as he said, "What in the world are you doing sitting at a bus stop?"

"It's a long story", she replied and even though she knew it wasn't that long of a story. Her car was missing, it was a pretty short story indeed.

"Well get in, I'll give you a ride to practice since we are pretty much going to the same place", said Kyle.

"Okay...but don't try anything funny though perve!" she shouted as she walked over to get inside Kyle's car.

"I'm not a perve!" Kyle yelled back. "Does she really think I'm a perve?", he thought to himself.

The car ride to the field was pretty quiet and uncomforting for them both.
Mimi didn't know what to say to a guy, she never really talked with many guys and let alone be alone in a car with one before.

Kyle didn't know if he should say anything either since Mimi thought of him as a pervert. Plus, he didn't want to find out if she carried a taser on her.

"Sooo, umm why weren't you at the soccer field yet?" she asked as he concentrated on the road.

"Oh, I forgot something at home", he replied pretty nervously. Was he nervous or was he trying to avoid saying what he forgot at home?

"What did you forget?" she was curious about this something.

Kyle braked the car pretty hard on the concrete.
"Well this is your stop! Have a nice practice", he said smiling unlocking the car doors.
Then he drove off into the parking lot like a car from a need for speed game.

"What the heck is his problem?" Mimi said to herself.

Once Mimi turned around to her cheer squad, and spotted Taylor who was staring her down a cold stare that gave her chills.

"Your late Missy!", Taylor shouted at her crossing her arms.
"And you know what the punishment is for being late is right?" she said questioning Mimi.

"Yah yah, let me warm up your highness", Mimi said walking past her.
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Take Care 1.2: Practice Makes Perfect (Part 2)

Jenny was staring at Mimi too as she leaped out of Kyle's car.

"Why is everyone staring at me, are my underwear showing or something?"

Mimi looked at the girls that stared at her. They seemed pretty surprised that she of all people made it inside Kyle's car other than Taylor.

"Yahhh, um what was that, since when are you and Kyle Hammon close", Jenny said looking at her with googly eyes.

"Oh my gosh Jenny!, it's so not like that!" Mimi shouted at Jenny as she blushed.

"Hey you! You owe me fifteen toe touches now!" Taylor yelled at Mimi, it was time for her punishment.

Mimi lined up in front of Taylor and began the fifteen toe touches. But in her case everything was easy for her, so Mimi didn't care if she had to do fifty of them.

"One, two, three, four..." said Taylor counting as Mimi repetitively touched her toes.

Once Mimi finished, Taylor said, "Give me fifteen more cause I don't like being talked back to, I'm YOUR captain".

And so Jenny got up infuriated once more with Taylor and got in her face. Jenny was disgusted with the way Taylor had become of herself. Before she, Jenny, and Mimi were the best of friends until they became high schoolers. What had happened to this girl they once knew?

"Okay Taylor now you're going to far!" Jenny said shouting in Taylor's face.

"Do you want to join her Jennifer?!" Taylor shouted back placed her hands on her hips.

"Oh don't you make me swing cause I never miss!" Jenny threatened the Queen B.

"Eww, I'm shaking cause you'll just get suspended if you do!" said Taylor.

"We're off campus and nothing is holding me back but the pity I have for you!" said Jenny as their argument carried on and on...once again.

Each cheer practice was almost the same. Sooner or later Taylor would be a witch to someone and Jenny would come along and start standing up fighting with her again.

"Mimi should've been our captain, not Taylor", said Shelly who was sitting next to Kimberly on the ground.

"I know what you mean, she's a way better dancer and actually knows what she's doing. I did vote for her, did you?" asked Kimberly.

Growing up Mimi was placed in ballet classes ever since she was six years old. Her mother loved ballet as a child, so she wanted to share the same passion with her daughter. Mimi's mother was a great ballet dancer, until her plans changed when she had Mimi.

Anthony zoned out during the practice, his head was too busy looking at the cheerleaders where Mimi stood.

"Anthony!...Anthony!" Kyle shouted his name and he didn't answer, so he threw the soccer ball at his head.

"Dude!" Anthony yelled as the ball smacked him in the face.

"Pay attention yo! It's your turn", said Kyle as he stood in the goal waiting for Anthony to take a shot at him.

"Just for that I might try and hit you in the face", Anthony said joking around as he toyed with the soccer ball.

In the weight room, the guys wanted to work out before they decided to shower and call it a day.

"I'm starving", said Flint as he stopped to take a breather.

"You are always hungry Flint!" Dylan yelled at his silly friend.

Dylan started to hear a voice and thought he was being paranoid.
"Does anyone hear that?" asked Dylan as he stopped cycling.

"Hear what?" asked Anthony.

A voice was coming from the showers. Was someone singing?

"When your day is through,
And so is your temper,
You know what to do,
I'm gonna always be there", sang someone from the showers.

Dylan was curious as to who it was in the showers singing, but he certainly didn't want to walk in on anyone. Though, all he knew is that whoever was singing, had an amazing voice. So instead, Dylan waited by the door to find out who it was.

"What the, Kyle?!" shouted Dylan as Kyle walked out the door like nothing happened.

Dylan was shocked. His bestfriend had an amazing talent he never knew about.
How did this even get by him? How could it? Him, Anthony, and Flint were in a band and they were searching for a vocalist that Kyle even knew about.

"Kyle what is wrong with you?!" Dylan said yelling at Kyle. Kyle was pretty confused as to what he did wrong.

"What did I do exactly?" Kyle replied clueless.

"You never told us you could sing", said Dylan calmly.

"I don't know what you're talking about", said Kyle as he pretended like he wasn't singing in the showers.

"You exactly what I am talking about, and you know darn straight that you should be our band's vocalist!" said Dylan getting hyped up.

"Okay one, calm down. Two, I don't have time to be in a band. And three, what makes you think that I am that good at singing?" said Kyle seriously.

"Because I know you and you know each time you come to our practice you feel left out", Dylan replied walking into the shower room.

"My name's Taylor Mimi, so bow down like my pet chihuahua Chanel if you want to stay on this squad", Jenny said to Mimi pretending to act like Taylor.

Mimi laughed because Jenny played the part perfectly.

"Jenny if there was a play about Taylor's life, you'd definitively get the part", said Mimi as they both laughed.

Then all of a sudden Dylan walked up with Anthony and Flint trailing behind him.

"Jenny!" shouted Dylan walking up to her.

"Hey, what's up?", said Jenny.

"Do you guys want to come over and watch our band play?" asked Dylan.

"Ugh I guess if we aren't busy..." said Jenny looking at Mimi then back to Dylan.

"I can't I've got dance class", Mimi said.

"Well you should come Jenny, and bring your journal", Dylan said smiling.

"Why my journal?" Jenny was pretty skeptical about sharing her thoughts and poetry with people, especially since she never did it before.

"Just please, please bring it", Dylan said giving her puppy dog eyes.

"Darn it! Okay fine", she truly didn't know if it were a good idea or not.

"Yes!" said Dylan giving her a bear hug.

"Oh my gosh! Okay, okay", Jenny said gasping for air. Dylan continued to squeeze her.

"Hey", said Anthony as he looked at Mimi. She was just about to say hey back just when Kyle decided to ambush him from behind.

"This is for hitting me in the face with the soccer ball! Didn't think I'd remember did you?!" said Kyle as he wrapped his arm around Anthony's head trying to take him down.

"When I get out of this head lock you're dead!" Anthony said struggling to get loose.

Mimi suddenly checked her cellphone for the time.
"Oh! I got to run. Jenny give me a ride pleas?" asked Mimi.

"Yah let's go", Jenny replied as they began to walk off.

"Remember Jenny! My house!" shouted Dylan, as Mimi and Jenny walked off the field.

Jenny didn't know if she really wanted to go to his house...with her journal. And why did he want to look at it? This pondered in her mind as he begged her please to bring it.
And so she decided, she'd go to his house to find out why in the world Dylan Stewart wanted to check out her journal for.
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Take Care 1.2: Practice Makes Perfect (Part 3)

Later on that day, Jenny pulled up in front of the Stewart's driveway. She would've parked exactly in the driveway, but it was currently being occupied by a big piece of rubble. So she planted her Jeep on the curve.

But then her mind twisted in the thought of revealing her journal for the first time with another person, so she quickly made a u-turn toward her Jeep, but a noise stopped her from walking away.

The garage door was opening as Kyle stood behind it as if he were waiting for to appear the entire time.

"Hey the band is in here!" Kyle yelled as Jenny had her back to him.

"Oh, my bad", said Jenny making another u-turn and walking inside the garage when what she really wanted to say was, "I knew that dummy!"

The band was rocking out and they sounded great. Jenny wondered why they never performed anywhere, and while observing them she had realized they were missing a voice, and that totally answered her question.

Then she heard the guitar come to a halt as Dylan put it down to welcome Jenny.

"Hey, you made it", said Dylan pretty surprised that she actually appeared at his place.

"What you didn't think I'd show? I tend to keep my word f.y.i", replied Jenny. "And I notice you don't have a vocalist", Jenny added.

"Yah, I know. We plan to get once we get our own lyrics together first and that's why I asked if I could check out your journal again", said Dylan.

Now Jenny finally knew what of use her journal had to any of this.

"Wait you want to just take my journal and use MY words?" Jenny was pretty serious about the way Dylan wanted to use her journal.

"Whoa whoa whoa, no. I want to see your journal and if you want to be our band's songwriter?", replied Dylan quickly waiting for an answer.

Jenny a songwriter? She certainly wasn't expecting that answer but if putting her own words out there for people to hear would benefit her and others, she'd do it.

"Well then let's get started", she said with a soothing smile.

They coursed through her pages and looked for the right words that matched the band and who they were as a group.

Hours had passed as tried to make music out of some of the pages. And then finally, they produced their first song and just hopefully that song would be good enough for the crowd.

"You know Jenny, you should come back later so we can start another song from scratch together", said Dylan as he played his keyboard.

"Okay, just let me know", she replied sitting in the chair watching as he played their new song.

"And maybe also go out to dinner", Dylan added in. Was he asking her out on a date?

"Yah sure", Jenny said calmly answering Dylan.

After composing they decided to take break and chill on the crappy old furniture that was in the garage.

"Now we need a vocalist", said Dylan glaring at Kyle and then back at the ground. Kyle grunted at him giving him an obvious facial expression "No Way".

"Yah, so how are we going to find this vocalist?" asked Jenny curiously.

"I don't know but I'm starving, you guys want to go out for dinner?" Flint asked.

"Shut up Flint!" everyone shouted at Flint laughing.

"What did I do?!" said Flint, the hungry one.

"Guys, I got an idea!" Anthony said, as if a light bulb went off in his head.

"What?" everyone said at the same time.

"And so this is your idea, have the entire school know we are looking for a vocalist?", Dylan asked Anthony.

"Yup", Anthony said all cheeky as he waited for someone to walk in.

"Let the auditions begin!" Jenny shouted as her voice echoed through the school auditorium.

You heard Jenny. Let the Auditions begin!
Who will be the band's lead singer?

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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Take Care 1.3: The Audtions (Part 1)
Take Care 1.3: The Auditions

Theme Song: Sugarcult "Memory"

It was lunchtime at school as Jenny sat with the band in the back of the school auditorium hosting auditions. Mimi and Asia sat in the front row seats just watching who had true potential at this school.

Anthony had put up flyers around school and even told a couple people about the auditions. He wasn't sure though of how many people were guaranteed to show, but he hoped his idea wouldn't let Dylan start bashing him later with all the "I told you so's".

But luckily, someone showed up.

Their first audition began and Dylan was anxious to see what this guy Aj had in him. Dylan wanted so badly for Aj to be better than Kyle. He didn't want to ever keep thinking about Kyle's voice. But he couldn't help but think about Kyle's voice when Aj began to sing Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River".

"Your bridges were burned, and now it's turn
To cry, cry me a river
Cry me a river
Cry me a river
Cry me a river, yea yea".

Dylan got up out of his seat and said, " Get out".
Aj left in a hurry, he didn't know what he did wrong but he sure didn't want to get rumbled.

"That was awful!" said Jenny looking to Anthony as she uncovered her ears.

"Well that was just the first one, not everyone can be good", said Anthony trying to reassure everyone.

"I hope your right Ant or I'll be needing earmuffs soon", Dylan said sitting back down in his seat.

Another student walked inside the auditorium. And this one Jenny knew from the cheer squad.

Jenny didn't take Kimberly as the punk/rock sort of girl. In fact, most people knew her as a very religious person around school who did tons of community service whenever she could. She went to church every week and wore long skirts all the time to match her perfect blonde hair.

Kimberly seemed a bit nervous picking up the microphone. She began singing Taylor Swift's "Love Story".

"We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes
And the flashback starts
I'm standing there
On a balcony in summer air".

Her voice was a tad sketchy, but it wasn't awful compared to their first audition.

But Flint had his own opinions, "There is no way I am drumming to Taylor Swift", Flint said to Jenny.

Jenny was on Flint's side with this one. She was too bright and perfect for the band as their vocalist, "I see what you are saying", Jenny replied.

Dylan let her off nicer than he did Aj, "Thanks Kimberly for coming out, you did pretty good but we'll keep you posted", Dylan said to Kimberly.

Kimberly left the auditorium peacefully as the next person went in right after her.

Cory ran on stage with his freakishly long black matrix coat on his back, with combat boots, and some extremely black "guy-liner" smudged on his lids . The band knew they were looking for pretty much a rock star but not Neo from the Matrix. Cory had a tendency to like dress up every occasion, maybe that's why he was in theater every year.

"Hi everyone I'm Cory Drews and I'll be singing "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith", Cory said into the mic. He was the first to actually make an introduction so far and seemed most confident in himself.

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming."

When Cory had finished the song, the band sat in their chairs so quiet he could probably hear crickets chirping.

He took that sign as a "No, you are so not joining this band", and left the auditorium with his head down.

Once the door shut behind Cory, everyone finally began to speak again.

"Why god? Why?" Jenny threw hands up hopelessly.

"What was that? What was that Anthony?! I told you this would happen," said Dylan just throwing his arms across the table.

"Guys, calm down we have another guy coming though right now!" said Anthony trying to calm everyone down before they chase off the next singer.

But wait, that next singer happened to be someone familiar, very familiar.

Kyle stood tall facing his friends that were in the back. They were quite shocked to even know Kyle could sing, well at least Dylan wasn't for the matter but the others weren't so sure, "Can Kyle even sing?" most of them thought to themselves.

"Woo! Go Kyle! You can do it!" said Flint in his Rob Schneider impression as he sat in the back raising his arms.

Kyle picked up the mic and began to sing.

He started the song very softly as if he was too shy to sing in front of everyone, though he had never sang in front of a real crowd before, he continued.

"This may never start.
We could fall apart.
And I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear.
Feelings insincere.
Can I be your memory?"

As Kyle continued auditioning, Anthony asked Dylan, "Is he?"

"Yah he is", said Dylan smiling. Kyle was performing the band's new song. And Dylan felt accomplished that Kyle actually came and auditioned. Dylan had made a copy of the band's new song and slipped it through Kyle's locker yesterday but he wasn't sure if Kyle was actually going to read it. Kyle's audition was topping every single one they just went through, there was no way Kyle would not make this band.

They continued to watch as Kyle got more in depth with their song.

He continued to sing the band's new song and raised his voice as he got halfway through it.

"So get back, back, back to where we lasted.
Just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster.
My heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same."

After Kyle finished performing, Dylan waved for him to walk to the back of the auditorium. As Kyle was walking up, he ran into Mimi along one of the aisles and couldn't help but say something to her again, for some reason he liked talking to her.

"So what did you think of my performance?" Kyle asked Mimi. He truly did wonder how he had done up there on the stage. He felt nervous as he waited for to her to respond to him.

"Your a very good singer-" said Mimi but then Kyle decided to cut her off quickly.

"Really? I thought I kind of sounded a little bit bad... so want to go on a date?" asked Kyle toying with her again.

Mimi fell short as she heard him say the same words to her...again. "What's up with this guy? Why is he so determined to date me? I can never tell if he is kidding either." she thought to herself.

"Just when I thought we were getting somewhere," Mimi said hopelessly weighing down her arms.

"Calm down, I tend to mess around a lot Mimi", said Kyle as he tried to make Mimi feel less uncomfortable. He wasn't trying to be "the pervert" she thought he was. He was just trying to be friendly, sort of.

"Kyle! Over here!" Dylan shouted and waved for Kyle to walk more back.

"Kyle where did you learn to sing like that?" Anthony asked leaning over a tad.

"Yah dude, I truly though you were going to make a fool of yourself or you were joking when you walked up on stage", said Flint.

"Wow, thanks a lot Flint", Kyle said laughing.

"Welcome to the band buddy!" said Dylan going in for a hug.

"He better be in the band, cause I don't think my ears can take it anymore", said Jenny who was finally relieved that she didn't have to sit through anymore horrifying performances.

"Sorry to cut your guy's celebrations short but school is almost over and I need to really get you guys out of here before Mr. Scrubs comes back to lock up", said Asia. Asia had the master key for all the doors in the school since she was student council president. She had let the band use the auditorium but she never let anyone know they were in here, which could get her in serious trouble.

"Yah Asia, I'll get these knuckleheads out of your hair, thanks for letting us use the space", said Jenny as she started pulling and pushing the guys toward the exit.
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Take Care 1.3: The Auditions (Part 2)

Mimi was somehow knocked out cold in the woods. She laid there on the bare cold dark floor in deep slumber. Until she had finally awoken to only see she was alone and quite scared.

"Where am I?" Mimi thought as she looked around her. She was surrounded by tall dark dead trees that seemed to have reached the sky if they wanted to. There was random fog on the ground, in the air, and just everywhere she looked. But there was a light coming from the far neck of the woods.

She got up off the ground and ran towards where she could see the light.

As Mimi got closer and closer to light, she saw someone standing right under it. It seemed to be a man who was wearing a tuxedo.

"Why is he wearing a tuxedo in the middle of the woods?" Mimi thought to herself. She slowly approached the man slowly and precociously.

"Um...hello?" Mimi said once.

She walked closer up to the man to tap him on the shoulder, "Hey, do you know where we are sir?" she asked. The man said nothing to her, her knees were buckling right under. It was creepy that this stranger wasn't replying or moving an inch. Mimi backed up a little.

And then out of nowhere he turned around quickly. The man looked just like Anthony, but cold and dead and he started to get closer to her then he said in a sinister voice smiling, "You're my date!"

Mimi stepped back screaming, "Get away from me! Ahhh!"

As she tried stepping farther backward, her feet began getting sucked into the ground.

"Help! Help me!" she screamed and shouted as her entire body was under the floor. Gasping for air she was gone and trapped in the ground.

"Mimi? Mimi", said a voice.

"Mimi! Is she here?", asked Ms. Reynolds as she pondered while taking the class attendance.

Mimi awoke from her nightmare scared like a little kitten. She looked around and realized it was just a bad dream. "I need to start going to sleep early", she thought to herself.

"Mimi, Ms. Reynolds is saying your name", Lacey said turning her head to Mimi.

"Oh! I'm here Ms. Reynolds, sorry," Mimi said rubbing her eyes.

It was another Friday in her favorite period of the day, AP Chemistry, except the AP part. Each Friday Ms. Reynolds would put on a health movie for the class to watch the entire period. Sadly, Mimi shared the class with little miss Taylor Batchet, but at least the witch sat in the corner of the class away from Mimi.

"So Taylor what are you doing this weekend?" asked Sophie.

"I don't know, probably taking Jesca to the groomers", said Taylor.

"Ugh, that sounds boring. Aren't your parents like out of town for the weekend?" Sophie said grinning at the fact Taylor was basically home alone.

"Yes...wait, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" said Taylor winking at Sophie.

The school bell rang as Jenny, Mimi, and Asia walked with Jenny to her locker.

Mimi looked at the school bulletin board that hung in the middle of the hallway. It hung there to notify all the students of the upcoming school events that were planned all year long, she realized it said Homecoming was in two weeks...already. Mimi forgot all about the Homecoming dance.

"Maybe this year I can actually get a date", she thought to herself as walked past the board.

When Jenny was finishing up at her locker Mimi asked Jenny grinning, "So are you and Dylan?"

"Me and Dylan what?" asked Jenny confused.

"Dating?" Asia said finishing Mimi's sentence.

"Of course not! What made you guys think that?!" She said blushing.

"I don't know, maybe the fact he likes you", Mimi teased Jenny playfully.

"We're not dating you guys", said Jenny shutting her locker and turning away.

"Okay well my "spider-senses" tell me you guys are going to Homecoming together", said Asia as she trailed behind Jenny.

"So is it true?! Are you going to throw another party like last year?" asked Monica happily. She loved going to Taylor's parties, they were always extravagant and a blast to go to and anybody whose anybody would never try and miss a single one of Taylor's parties, unless they ended up in a ditch somewhere.

"Yes, it's a perfect time to throw a house party while my parents are out of town", Taylor said smiling.

"Sweet! You got to do what you did last year with all the pretty lights, and the cute Bartenders and that DJ you hired, wasn't he in college too? Oh and we need a band!" Sophie was so excited to help another one of Taylor house parties.

"Sophie you talk too much and I've totally got the band part covered," said Taylor with a crooked smile.

"Everybody! Party at my house tomorrow night, so be there or be losers!" Taylor shouted throughout the hallway making sure that her voice was heard.

Everyone surrounded Taylor cheering and chanting "party, party", that one hallway began to get rowdy to the point where Principal Bobo was called to reprehend it. All the students scattered before they got detention.

To Be Continued...

So will everyone else like Kyle's voice?
Will Taylor's Party be as good last year's was?
Homecoming should be interesting don't you think?
And what's up with Jenny and Dylan, and Kyle and Mimi?

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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Take Care 1.4: Let's Get This Party Started (Part 1)
Take Care 1.4: Let's Get This Party Started

Theme Song: LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem"

Jenny, Mimi, and Asia were walking through the hallway as their heard a large crowd making such commotions. They weren't sure as to what was happening since they were on the opposite side of the hallway paying no attention. They walked up to Dylan and Flint.

"Hey guy, what's going on here?" Jenny asked curiously.

"Taylor's throwing another house party", said Flint as he began to stare at Asia.

"No surprise there, it's all she's actually good at", Mimi said rolling her eyes.

Just then Anthony and Kyle walked over to join up with everyone, they didn't know much of what was going on either until Flint and Dylan filled them in on the details. Anthony was too busy staring at Mimi to even pay attention to what they were saying, but his little moment was interrupted by the sound of high heels hitting the white tiled floors from behind him.

And of course, it was Taylor and her little puppets on her shoulders following right behind her. They right in front of the boys, mainly seemed to be aimed at Kyle.

"So Kyle I hear your in a band now", Taylor said waiting for him say something. She hadn't talked to Kyle in a very long time.

"Yah and?" Kyle said rudely. He didn't like Taylor and he didn't know why he ever dated her either. She was so disrespectful and mean to people, including himself. And the only time Taylor would speak to him, was when she wanted something.

"And, I was wondering if you guys wanted to play at my party tomorrow night?" asked Taylor.

" about never going to happen?" Kyle said smiling. There was no way he was going to please this evil chick again.

"Dude!" yelled Flint getting excited, he wanted to play a gig for once and Kyle was shutting her down.

"Are you sure about that? I mean, I doubt you guys have played in front of an audience before and let alone have your first gig actually offered to you", said Taylor.

"Oh my gosh! even after we broke up you are still the same old you. Still manipulative and twisted", Kyle said getting annoyed. Taylor was still at it with her wicked old random schemes.

Mimi turned her head as she heard Kyle getting fussy. She could almost hear the conversation.

"Kyle...shut up, and yes Taylor we will play at your party", Dylan said speaking for the band unlike Kyle.

"Dude, I'm not playing at HER party", Kyle said storming off.

"Oh yes you are or I'll beat the crap out of you!" Dylan said raging after him quickly.

Anthony glued himself to wall waiting, waiting for the right time to actually talk with Mimi and maybe even ask her out. He checked every few seconds to make sure she wouldn't see him hanging on the side of the wall like a creeper.

"So Mimi, would you like to go to Mimi with me?" Anthony said practicing to himself over and over again in different pitched voices.

He checked his breathe and he was ready to make a move.

But he was too late, Jenny got to Mimi first and he didn't want to interrupt their conversation let alone be butchered with rejection by Mimi possibly in front of Jenny, that would definitely end up embarrassing, so fled for it.

Sometimes Anthony wished he could be like his best friend Kyle or maybe even Dylan for the matter. Be more spontaneous and outgoing, have enough guts to ask a girl out at least.

Flint walked inside of the quiet, empty school library and saw Ms. Collins who stood over at the computer desk.

"Hey Ms. Collins, where do I sign up for tutoring?" asked Flint rubbing his head.

"Sign ups are right there on the clipboard, and hats are allowed inside school", she said as she took a quick look at Flint's head.

"Ms. Collins, I thought we were cool" Flint said smiling at her, he did come to library every so often to pick out a couple books.

"Okay fine, but if Mr. Bobo walks in here, I didn't know about you and your hat", she said.

Flint walked merrily down the aisle as he saw his tutor sitting at one of the back tables. From his perspective it looked as if she was already doing her homework or probably just studying. Once he got up to the table he was about to take the seat right next to her until she said, "Oh no, please take the seat across me cause it's much easier for me tutor you that way".

Flint took the seat that was across from her, Asia.

"Flint? I thought you were an A, B student", Asia said confused as to what Flint was needing tutoring for.

"You know my name? And yeah I am, but Calculus isn't easy", said Flint. "It's a piece of cake", he thought to himself".

"Yah I know your name and everyone name for that matter, I'm your student council president and well what part aren't you understanding and I'll go over it with you", said Asia as she handed him a Calculus book.

Asia began discussing the problems with him as she handed him some paper and pencil. Flint on the other hand, paid no mind to what she was saying, he was too busy staring at her.

"Why are you staring at me?" asked Asia smiling.

"Nothing, you just have very dark eyes that's all", said Flint.

What Flint just said seemed pretty offensive to her, "What's that suppose to mean?!" said Asia.

"Oh no no no, I mean I didn't notice them before cause you always wear those glasses", said Flint making the conversation even worse than it already was.

"So now I wear glasses too much, I'm pretty blind just for your information", Asia said rubbing head.

"Okay, I'll just shut up now", Flint said as he picked up the Calculus textbook to block his face which was turning red.
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Take Care 1.4: Let's Get This Party Started (Part 2)

Dylan walked up to Jenny's doorway to pick her up for his band practice. But even though Jenny did own a car, Dylan wanted to pick her up anyways.

As he knocked on the door Jenny's mother, Caroline answered it.

"Can I help you?" Caroline asked as she stared down the rebellious teenage looking boy who stood in her doorstep.

"No you can't! Later", Jenny said quickly cutting into the conversation and walking outside her door. Jenny didn't like her mother as much as she used to, not since her parents divorce.

"Jenny! How many times do I have to tell you not to talk to me like that?!" yelled Caroline, she was so tired of her daughters sudden behavior lately. First dyeing hair many times, getting a tattoo without permission, and now hanging around boys such as Dylan.

Jenny ignored her and continued walking with Dylan to the car, Caroline slammed the door very loud to where the house next door could probably hear it.

"She doesn't like me already I'd take it?" Dylan asked curiously.

"If you don't fit into her perfect little modeling career, then no. My mom isn't the greatest mom in the world you know. I mean she dumped my dad just because his career ended, she can be just a-"

Dylan interrupted Jenny's rambling as he pressed his lips against hers. Jenny was staggered by the sudden move he just made on her and she pushed him, even though she had to admit he was good.

"What was that?" Jenny asked still looking pretty flabbergasted.

"Well to first shut you up and... you mom was looking", said Dylan smiling and looking back at Caroline through the front window.

"Turns out, I don't like her either", said Dylan making Jenny laugh.

"How about we get out of here before my mom runs her 4-inch heel up your butt?" Jenny said walking toward Dylan's car door.

At band practice, they went over the lyrics once more and finally perfected their first song. Hopefully tonight when they perform, the crowd will be throwing their hands in the air and not their drinks at them.

Jenny made Kyle sing the song over and over again, until it sounded the way she wanted it to sound. Perfect.
"This may never start, tearing out my heart.
I'd be your memory.
Lost your sense of fear, feelings disappear.
Can I be your memory?" Kyle sang.

"Stop, stop! Your singing it wrong still", Jenny shouted at Kyle.

"What the hell am I doing wrong now Jenny?! You told me to sing high pitched then sing low pitched, what now? Sing no pitch?" said Kyle waving the mic around in his hand.

"That's not it, your voice is really good. I just don't feel any emotion from it though", said Jenny.

"Okay, so you want me to...?" said Kyle waiting for Jenny to direct him, "She might as well be the darn manager", he thought.

"Put some damn emotion into the song!" Dylan said shouting at Kyle.

"Okay, okay, geez you guys are so mean", Kyle said. He tried to think of anything that was emotional for him and he found it.

When he sang the song once again, this time Jenny was pleased. There was finally emotion.

After the band had finished playing they decided to unwind and chat.

"So Dylan, are you Jenny like together now?" Anthony asked.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?", said Jenny getting weak in the knees.

"What's it to you?" Dylan asked back.

"Oh I see, so you won't mind if she goes to homecoming with me then?" Anthony said toying with Dylan.

"You know what? I actually would mind since we are already going together", said Dylan so unexpectedly. He never asked Jenny to homecoming, yet.

Jenny just pretended like she didn't hear a word they just said and planted herself on the hardwood floor.

"Dylan?" said Flint.

"What Flint?" Dylan said annoyed. If Flint were to say he's hungry again, he would have the nerve to knock him out stone cold.

"What's our band name?" Flint asked.

Everyone looked as if something had died inside the room. The band didn't decide a name yet and maybe this was the right time to do so.

"I'd call ourselves The Soul Surfers", Kyle said breaking the awkward silence.

"Kyle...I suck at surfing", said Dylan grunting.

"What about Karma?" Anthony said looking at the group as they were in deep thought.

"Yeah, that doesn't sound bad", Kyle said.

As Dylan finally finished his train of thought he said,"Global Karma".

"Now that's awesome guys!" Flint said happily.

"Yeah, Global Karma", Jennifer said smiling at everyone.

"Alright, then it's settled we're Global Karma", Dylan said.

They finished their practice and afterward went home to rest, since they had a big night ahead of them.
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Take Care 1.4: Lets Get This Party Started (Part 3)

Mimi braked her blue Volkswagen Beetle in front of Taylor's large house. Mimi noticed as she looked around her front yard, that Taylor went all out with the strobe lights and spritz fountain this year.

"I see she went crazy this year", said Mimi.

"Yeah I know, very can you park the car already?! I want to see the inside of little Miss Bitchet's house", Jenny said mocking Taylor's last name. Jenny just truly wanted to see Global Karma perform well.

"Okay, okay I'll park it and hopefully rear end her car", Mimi said as park right next to the limousine.

They got out the car and walked inside blinded by a million strobe that hung everywhere, in and outside the house.

The girls appeared to just a little late as the was already performing on stage. Jenny's palms were a sweaty, it after all her journal that helped produce such a song.

"This may never start, I'll tear us apart.
Can I be your enemy?
Losing half a year, waiting for you here
I'd be your anything," Kyle sang with such passion.

"Loosen up Jenny they're doing fantastic, see...everyone's loving it", Asia said trying help Jenny feel confident. Asia was right, everybody was dancing and having fun as Global Karma rocked out.

"Thanks Asia", Jenny said.

"What are you guys doing?! Let's dance", Mimi said watching her friends just standing in the doorway.

"Okay! Show me what you got twinkle toes", said Jenny teasing Mimi. The girls moved on the dance floor together and began dancing around the mosh pit that spouted.

"So get back, back, back to where we lasted, just like I imagine.
I could never feel this way.
So get back, back, back to the disaster, my heart's beating faster.
Holding on to feel the same", sang Kyle.

As Global Karma came to a closing, they were thrown by the loud encore they had gotten by the crowd. They were pleased with the song and maybe asking Jenny for wasn't such a bad idea after all.

"Maybe she should be our manager", Kyle thought to himself. "I'd like to thank Jenny Gardener for helping us create this awesome song, thanks Jenny you rock girl" he said into the mic.

Once Kyle finished speaking, the DJ spun a couple records and kept the party bumping.

Global Karma escorted themselves off stage to be acquainted by the girls.

"You know Kyle, you didn't have to say that up there", said Jenny.

"Of course he did, if not then I would've wrecked his pretty hair", Dylan said sneering.

"Jenny you really helped us, and go to hell Dylan", said Kyle.

Asia walked towards the party keg to give it a try. Especially, since she has never been to a party before, she thought she might as well make the night worth it.

"Do you know how to work the keg Asia?" Flint said watching as Asia was looking for the handle to squirt some beer in her cup.

"Um...yeah I found it!" she said so excited like a kid who just received candy.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Kyle were standing watching as Dylan kissed Jenny over, and over, and over again until finally Kyle said, "So how did you like my singing?".

"Hm, I think you sucked", Mimi teased him. It tasted bittersweet for her finally be able to get him back for all the jokes he's been throwing her way.

"Oh really?" Kyle asked sarcastically knowing she didn't mean it.

"Yes really. What are you going to do about it?" Mimi said provoking Kyle.

"I don't know...maybe this!"said Kyle as he began to tickle her.

Mimi was very ticklish and began to run away from him.

"Take it back Mimi and I'll stop chasing you!" Kyle shouted.

"No, never!" Mimi shouted back giggling and still running away. She ended up making a right turn into the laundry and that's when she knew she was screwed.

Mimi kept laughing trying not to give into Kyle's triumph until she finally cracked and said, "Okay, okay! Stop you're going to make me die of laughter".

"Okay, then say that I'm a good singer", said Kyle getting all cheeky.

"Honestly Kyle, you are an amazing singer", Mimi said.

When Mimi was finally able to catch her breathe from all that tickle torture, she had realized Kyle was just standing there...staring at her. Mimi also saw that she was alone in the laundry room with him and then suddenly she felt nervous. Her heart began to pound against her chest rapidly like a drum. Why hadn't she felt this way before whenever she was even 5 feet away from Anthony?

Kyle on the other hand was anxious, anxious to kiss her lips that stared him in the face. He kept gazing at Mimi's blue eyes that seemed so innocent and fragile. Kyle didn't want to kiss Mimi or even feel this sort of connection with her, but he couldn't help himself, not anymore.

Kyle swooped in for Mimi's lips and embraced her with a kiss. He was surprised that Mimi didn't push or shove him away. She didn't nudge or budge either. Maybe she was feeling the same way Kyle did? All he knew was that for once, she let her guard down.

While the party was still on a roll, Flint came across a passed out, drunk Asia who had laid on Taylor's white leather sofa surrounded by others who had drank too much.

"Asia?...Asia are you okay?" Flint seemed quite worried but at the same time amused to find his tutor passed out drunk in front of him.

"Hm?" Asia mumbled under her toxicity. She rose up off the couch and saw Flint gawking at her.

Asia felt extremely light-headed and dizzy to the point where she could probably just pass out any minute, she tripped into Flint's arms.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa Asia you need to sit down or get some water in your system", said Flint all worried.

"Flint?" Asia asked.

"What?" said Flint waiting for her to fall over again.

"Let's go to bedroom", Asia said smiling with all white teeth showing.

"Okay?" Flint said awkwardly.

Kyle and Mimi were still sucking each others faces until Kyle finally stopped. He couldn't keep doing what had already been done and just continue it.

"Wait...I can't do this", Kyle said as he had stopped kissing Mimi. He unwrapped his fit arms from around her waist and let go of her, and then he ran away.

"Kyle!" Mimi shouted, she was pretty much left speechless.

Kyle had just betrayed his best friend Anthony. How was he even going to tell Anthony this? Or could he even tell Anthony this? How could he tell his best friend that he has suddenly fallen head over heels for Mimi?

To Be Continued...

Whoa, talk about drama!
And what in the world is that?! A camera in the corner of the room, oh boy.
Did Asia really direct Flint to the bedroom?
Didn't get to see much of the party, wonder what else happened?
And did Kyle just kiss and dash on Mimi? How rude right?

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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Take Care 1.5: Never Again (Part 1)
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Take Care 1.5: Never Again (Part 1)
Hey people, didn't think I'd publish so much sooner than I planned, but I was dieing to publish this chapter so you guys could read it. Have fun :]

Take Care 1.5: Never Again
Theme Song: Kelly Clarkson "Never Again"

Taylor woke from her deep slumber lying on the couch. Her place was left a mess after the party, but that's what housekeeping was for. She rubbed her eyes still dreary from last night.

"Why am I sleeping on the couch?", she said to herself as she rose off the cream, leather couch heading towards her bedroom.

"I need a bath", she said once again contemplating.

As Taylor walked into her bedroom, she had noticed sudden movements in her bed.
"What the hell! I am not running a Holiday Inn, get out from under sheets you losers", Taylor spat out as she began pulling the covers off them.

One of them sat up and it turned out to be the college boy of DJ Taylor had hired from last night.

"Ew, now I need to clean my cashmere sheets, you are so not getting paid", said Taylor furiously, then stormed off to her bathroom to take a bath.

Taylor sat in her tub cleansing herself as bubbles fluttered everywhere. Her house was a very quiet place. Her brother was always locked away in his bedroom doing whatever. It made Taylor curious sometimes of what he does in his room and the spare room that lied inside the corridor. Both rooms had a serious locks on them that only her brother could access. Not even Taylor's mother knew what was going on. She was too busy caring for herself these days.

Taylor finished up her bath and then walked away into the house's security room.

"Come here Jesca, come to mommy", Taylor said to her pet chihuahua Jesca, in a baby voice.

"Now let's see if any bums stole our things", she said holding Jesca while going over the footage of last nights party. Taylor tended to do this every time she threw a house party just in case anyone did something ridiculous.

While looking over it she found something that took her breathe away. Kyle...kissing Mimi. How did this happen? When did this happen? Taylor thought she had her eyes on Kyle all night. That's why she invited his band to play at her party.Could she have really devoured that much alcohol last night to forget all about Kyle's presence?

Taylor kept over thinking last night over and over again in her head. But then she wondered, why did Kyle run away from Mimi? Was she a bad kisser? Or was there a catch? She wanted to know why. There must be a reason why. Taylor felt a scheme slowly hatching in her brain, but what she didn't know is that someone was watching her.

Mimi rose from her deep sleep as the sunlight blinded her eyes making her head throb. She had no clue how she got home last night let alone Asia, who laid next to Mimi snoring.

Mimi could smell a strong essence of buttermilk pancakes coming from kitchen and it made her starving. She looked back over to her sleepy friend.
"Wake up Snorlax, let's go eat breakfast" Mimi said rocking Asia out of her slumber.

Asia randomly murmured Flint's name once or twice. Mimi began yanking her blanket from under her bottom as she rolled over and finally fell awake.
"What, what's wrong with you?", said Asia as she hit the floor.

"Let's go eat something, aren't you hungry?" said Mimi questionably asking Asia, she thought she might have heard her stomach quiver at the smell of pancakes.

Mimi and Asia walked inside the kitchen as they saw the nanny, Maria serving up some pancakes.

"It's about time you sleepy heads woke up, I thought I was going have to get an ice bucket", said Jenny smiling at her hungover friends.

Mimi took the empty seat next to Jenny and planted herself in it.
"Yeah about that, what happened last night?" asked Mimi as she tried to ignore her headache.

"Let's just say I can't you guys anywhere", said Jenny laughing as she took a bite from her pancake.

Mimi then got curious when Jenny had said "you guys", what in god's name did Asia do?
"Whoa what? Asia drank too last night?" Mimi asked as Asia pretended not to listen o her for a minute.
"What did you guys drink? Cause you totally look like zombies", said Mimi's little brother Timmy as he stared at Mimi and Asia's baggy eyes.

"We drank too much soda", said Mimi scaring her little twin brothers to death.

"Okay guys, let's just say what happened at the party stays at the party. Oh, and Mimi what happened to you and Kyle last night? I mean he was there and then he was gone. Did you guys smoochie smooch?" Jenny said teasing Mimi.

"Haha very funny Jenny", said Mimi sarcastically get lost in thought.

Mimi liked Anthony, though maybe she was starting to actually like Kyle too. Was it wrong to like two people at the same time? Though for some reason whenever she's around Kyle, he makes her laugh and maybe isn't such a creep after all. Anthony on the other hand only said "hi" and "bye" to Mimi. Will they ever have a conversation?

"Ugh! Nanny Maria? Can I be excused, hearing this just made me lose my appetite", Jimmy said disgusted at the thought of his older sister kissing another person.

"Aw, Mimi your brother is so cute. Can I kidnap him?" said Jenny all giddy.

"Please do, you can take the other one as a bonus too", Mimi said.

"This may never start.
Tearing out my heart.
I'd be your memory," sang Kyle while playing the guitar.

Dylan wanted Kyle to start playing guitar while singing and decided to show him how to play the bands song, so that Anthony would have a little bit more slack while guitaring his solos. Global Karma was finally becoming a band once and for all, but they were missing just one thing, a manager. Dylan couldn't do everything by himself and Jenny just wanted to be the songwriter. Looks like another thing was added to the "to-do list".

Kyle played the guitar almost better than Anthony did. Kyle had always went with Dylan, Anthony, and Flint to guitar lessons, but he had to stop. His father was so judgmental of his extracurricular activities. His father always controlled him through sports and clubs. He wanted nothing but for Kyle to get an amazing Scholarship to Stanford University. But Kyle didn't really know if he wanted to go to Stanford.

"Kyle are you okay? You seem out of it today dude", said Dylan as he slowed down on his guitar.

"Huh?" Kyle said questionably, he hadn't noticed how spaced out he was.

"Let's take a break, you look lost", Dylan said sitting his guitar down.

Kyle planted himself on the counter, as Dylan got comfortable in the steel stool that stood in front of the cash register and turned on the TV he took from the back. Kyle and Dylan worked at the town's roller rink. The two of them would probably even work there for free just because the owner, Rob let them use space to practice on sometimes.

Dylan was sort of becoming freaked out with Kyle's silent behavior. Usually Kyle was the one you'd have to tell shut up every once in a while but he decided to concern himself.

"Okay Kyle, what's up?" asked Dylan.

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked pretending like nothing was bothering him.

"You've been quiet for about ten minutes now and that's pretty weird just for you", said Dylan.

Kyle was still pretty blatant about last night at Taylor's party. He kissed Mimi and then ran away like a sissy. Not to mention the fact Anthony would be so mad at him and even Mimi. He wondered if Mimi was upset with him the most?

"What would say if I like someone, who my friend was really interested in?" asked Kyle.

"I'd say if it's Jenny, your dead meat", said Dylan.

"No no no no, Jenny is like a long lost sister to me, no way dude", Kyle said spilling out of his mouth. He certainly would never want to feel the wrath of Dylan's fist to his face.

"Well I'd just ask myself if she's really worth losing a friend over", said Rob from behind Dylan and Kyle in the back doorway.

"Well good morning to you too Rob", said Dylan trying to cover up the stolen TV.

"You know I was wondering where my TV was, but then again all I had to do was look for Dylan", Rob said looking at Dylan. Rob was the owner of the roller rink and lived in the basement. Kyle and Dylan were actually one of Rob's closest friends yet youngest friends.

"And Kyle if you really, really like this girl and think she's the one for you, then maybe it's time you tell her and your friend how you really feel", said Rob looking back at Kyle.

"Thanks Rob", Kyle said smiling.

"Yeah and who's this girl if I may ask?" Dylan asked curiously.

"Mimi, Jenny's friend", said Kyle.

"Yeah yeah yeah, let's not get sentimental and put my TV back pipsqueak!" Rob said walking away back into his bedroom.
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Take Care 1.5: Never Again (Part 2)

The Next day, Jenny decided to drag Mimi along with her to the mall to meet Dylan. Mimi didn't really want to go and be the third wheel around Dylan and Jenny as they locked lips everywhere ten seconds. It just wasn't a situation Mimi wanted to be in.

When they arrived Jenny was being a bit conspicuous as Mimi was following her through the outside corridor.

"Jenny?" Mimi said her name all weary.

"What best friend?" asked Jenny who had begun to fiddle with her hair.

"What are you planning?" Mimi asked raising an eyebrow trying catch up to Jenny and see her facial expression. Whenever Mimi could see Jenny's face, she could tell if she were lying or not.

"Nothing, don't be so paranoid Mimi", said Jenny walking faster.

Kyle observed all the guitars that had hung over the walls and were lined up on the wall. He was beginning to wonder if he needed a new guitar, but really he only came to the store to get some guitar strings.

"Dylan are you ready to leave? I've been waiting on you for about half an hour", said Kyle grunting at the fact Dylan shopped like an old woman.

"No give me ten more minutes, I swear", said Dylan trying to distract himself with something.

"You said that last time, and if you keep wondering around here any longer the cashier might start to wonder if your stealing something. Your not stealing are you?" Kyle said getting worried. He didn't want to be apart of Dylan's crazy little rants.

"Of course not, I have money", said Dylan.

Just as Dylan finished speaking, Kyle turned his head to the elevator that made a loud bing and spotted Jenny...with Mimi behind her.

"I knew you were up to something! I'm out of here", Kyle said frantically as he began trying to exit on the opposite side of the store.

"Oh no your not!" Dylan grabbed a hold of Kyle and held him against his will.

"Dude, not funny anymore let go seriously!" said Kyle getting aggravated as Dylan kept him captive in a headlock. He wasn't ready to face Mimi yet and certainly not unexpectedly.

Dylan finally let go of Kyle who had looked so pissed at Dylan for that.

"Jenny, Mimi! Over here!" Dylan shouted signaling them forth. The girls looked pretty lost
in the store.

Jenny and Mimi finally spotted Dylan...and Kyle. Mimi wasn't expecting that.

"What the hell Jenny?" Mimi said murmuring under her lips as she pretended to smile.

"You can thank me later", said Jenny who murmured back then went up and kissed Dylan,

Mimi stopped right in front of Kyle sort of ignoring his presence. She felt so awkward being there with Kyle in the room. She didn't know whether to slap him or just go to another store. How could Jenny do something so ridiculous to her? This was the part when she wished she was the third wheel.

"Hey", said Kyle trying to brush off the silence.

"Hey", Mimi said all weird. She felt too uncomfortable and walked over to examine the music that was in the store.

"Dylan I don't know about this, they aren't really chatting", said Jenny as she watched Mimi and Kyle.

"Trust me, Kyle will wisp her off her feet in no time", said Dylan. He had confidence in Kyle, but at the same time a little concern. Kyle was kind of different around Mimi than he had ever been with any other girl.

"I'm not too sure about that", said Jenny.

"How so?" Dylan asked raising a brow, "Jenny what aren't you telling me?"

Kyle approach Mimi as she was looking over the CD rack.
"Mimi, I'm sorry about last night. That kiss took me by surprise", Kyle said apologizing.

Mimi was at first silent but then said,"It's okay, I was kind of winded too besides the fact of you running out afterwards. I mean. Was I a bad kisser or something?" Mimi rambled on.

"No no no, I was just taken back. And no, your not a bad kisser...wait a minute was that your first kiss Mimi?" Kyle asked. He was hoping not cause that would be a god awful first kiss since he totally ran out on her.

"Well if you mean to guy that I like then yes", said Mimi as she tried to be cool about it.

"Okay now I feel like an douche bag and you like me?", asked Kyle as his heart skipped a beat.

"Well not everything is suppose to be perfect Kyle it's okay, and well yes Kyle Hammon, I have fallen for your impeccable charm", Mimi said laughing.

Kyle was glad Mimi didn't sucker punch him or anything. If it were only other bratty girl he dated...or maybe even kissed, they would've have definitely been way more offended. Like Taylor for example.

"Mimi..." Kyle said embracing her.

"I like you too", Kyle said holding his arms around her.

Mimi's heart was pounding pretty fast to the point where she thought it could explode. She had never felt this way about someone before and it was a lovely feeling none the less. As Kyle embraced her she could probably smell the fragrance he was wearing, was it Calvin Klein? or Axe Spray? She wondered.

After being in the music store for three hours Kyle couldn't take it anymore and was ready ready to leave.

"Me and Dylan are going to try and write some more music together and I think my work is done here, later", Jenny said walking away behind Dylan.

Kyle and Mimi watched as the two drove off in Jenny's green jeep.
"So, want to go to the beach?" asked Kyle

"I don't have a bathing suit but okay", Mimi said.

"No worries, I promise we aren't going to get wet", Kyle said reassuring her.

Kyle's car made a stop in front of the pavement. Mimi had gotten out of the car to only notice that they were surrounded by a million trees. Where in the world was Kyle trying to take her? Cause it certainly didn't look like the beach. It looked like the Evergreen Forest.

He lured her down a flight of stairs that followed a very long deep path. Luckily all of it was lit by a few lights, or there would be no way Mimi would walk through that amazon in the dark.

"Kyle are you trying to lead me out to a place where you can kill me and bury my body, cause I'm not going to lie but that's what it looks like.

Kyle started laughing then said, "Well I guess you're going to have to reach the end of the trail to find out".

About five minutes had passed until they finally reached sand. Mimi was pretty stunned that she had never noticed this place in Cali at all.

"And this is the beach", Kyle said showing her.

"Kyle, why aren't there any waves?" Mimi said laughing.

"Well it's not really a beach", Kyle laughed, "It's actually one of the closest boat piers we have, I just call it a beach cause of the sand".

"So do you have a boat or something?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, actually I do. Maybe I'll take you and others on it one day", said Kyle looking at the docks.

"And how many girls have you shown this place to?" Mimi asked the playboy as he began rubbing his.

Kyle made a fake cough, "Six".

"Kyle!" Mimi waled like a little kid who got candy taken away.

"I'm kidding! This is actually a place me and the guys discovered that no one really knows about. And we sort of promised not to tell anyone about it, so shhh", said Kyle.

They continued to look out at the ocean view. It was bountiful and the air was filled with the aroma of sea salt, but yet so fresh.

As they watched a couple boats float by, Kyle began to hold Mimi's hand. Her hands were soft and not too cold and not too warm, but just right. He began to feel as if he could hold them forever.

After they had finished their little rendezvous, Kyle drove Mimi home. Luckily for Mimi, her father wasn't home to see his daughter hop out of some guy's red mustang or else he'd come outside with his badge and gun and inspect Kyle.

He even offered to walk her up to her doorstep. After that they sort of stood there in silence and didn't know what to say. They weren't ready for goodbye even though they had school tomorrow.

"Well I'll see you at school tomorrow then", said Kyle.

"Kyle wait", said Mimi as she tugged his arm

Mimi kissed him once again. Though Kyle wasn't really expecting that again anytime soon since he screwed the first time around.

"Goodnight", Mimi said as she walked inside her house closing the door behind her.

"Yes", Kyle said whispering to himself as he was halfway down the staircase.
Now he finally knew the way Mimi felt about him and it felt relieved only for a split second until he had realized he still needed to tell Anthony.
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Take Care 1.5: Never Again (Part 3)

It was another week that had gone by in an instant, it was already Friday and the Homecoming game was tonight. And the Homecoming dance was next week. Everyone was looking for dates and formal stores were going to need to restock a lot to keep with this group of teenagers. Mimi and Kyle were beginning to become closer and closer to each other. They shared Ms. Reed for their Trigonometry class and yet again had to deal with the annoying Taylor who sat right in front of them. At least they were able to pick their partners and obviously they chose each other.

"Well well well, look who decided to come in la-", Flint said as stopped talking and started looking.

"What is there something wrong with my face?" asked Asia.

"Not at all, I mean there wasn't anything wrong to begin with", said Flint trying to save himself from another one of Asia's angry faced looks.

Flint kept staring at Asia as she went over the criteria of this weeks tutor session.

"Flint?..Flint!" Asia yelled trying to get his head out of limbo.

"Huh? I was listening", said Flint lying.

"Then what did I just say?" Asia asked.

"Yeah...I don't know", Flint said rubbing his head.

"Focus Flint, Focus. I said next week I'll have to start tutoring you from my house because I'll need watch my little sister after school", said Asia annoyed. She hated repeating herself.

"Oh okay, cool", said Flint smiling.

"And don't get any weird ideas, I have a black belt", Asia said throwing it in.

"I am not that kind if guy Asia and remember, I was the one that drove you home that night of Taylor's Party", said Flint picking up a book and reading it.

Asia never forgot that ever. She was actually really thankful that he did that, someone she barely knew at all but just by name who had decided to take her to Mimi's house safely. It was sort of hard for Asia to let people in, but she then again did let her best friends Mimi and Jenny into her life.

"What are you doing this weekend Flint?" asked Asia.

"Why are you asking me out on a date, I'm flattered", Flint said all cheeky.

In the hallway, Dylan and Jenny were chatting near her locker. Dylan really knew how to make her laugh a lot. Jenny hadn't so much laughter to let out but before her parents break-up. Jenny used to always smile and laugh, maybe it was indeed a good thing she became friends with Dylan after all.

As the cute couple kept laughing it up, Ryan and Aj were talking from behind Dylan.

"Jenny's mom like an underwear model or something" Aj asked.

"Yeah I think she is actually, why?", said Ryan.

"Cause, I hope the saying goes like mother like daughter", Aj said making Ryan crack up.

Dylan could here the entire conversation and jumped in.
"What the hell did you just say dude?" asked Dylan.

"Oh nothing but that I hope your girlfriend here becomes like her mom", said Aj joking and looking Dylan straight in the eyes.

Dylan lost it and punched Aj so hard in the face, people thought they heard a cheekbone crack.

"And I hope you learn to keep your mouth shut", said Dylan looking at Aj who was laid out across the floor as everyone watched the wrath of Dylan Stewart. Everyone was thinking to themselves how redundant Aj was to even say that to Dylan's face. It was just down right heroic.

"Dylan Stewart to Student Affairs", a voice said in the intercom.

Principal Bobo sat in his lofty office staring at Dylan and then Aj's face and then back to Dylan who obviously didn't have a scratch on him. Mr. Bobo and Dylan were like two pees in a pod, if Mr. Bobo said detention, Dylan would walk there. With all the trouble Dylan was always into, him and Mr. Bobo was somewhat friends and on a first name basis.

"Dylan why is it every time I hear a commotion in the hallway that you are most likely the one who causes it?" Mr. Bobo said shaking his head.

"I don't know Bobo, maybe because some idiot such as this one always has to come along and say something stupid about me", said Dylan, "And not to mention I've been sort dying to punch him ever since he song that Justin Timberlake song at my band's audition".

"But it wasn't even about you and what the heck is wrong with Justin?", Aj snapped back at Dylan.

"Jenny is me, so basically yes it was about me", Dylan said rolling his eyes, "And nice to see you finally got up after that punch, maybe I'll knock you back down again".

"Who the heck is Jenny? And by the way how's your band doing?" asked Mr. Bobo

"My girlfriend and we found a lead singer so everything is pretty much good to go", said Dylan.

"Aw, how cute and what's her classes, maybe I'll stop by one later. And when you guys become famous I want a free copy of your first CD", said Mr. Bobo. He always tried to be friendly with most students around school and was basically one of the coolest principal's alive. He never really suspended people but his favorite word was "detention".

"You know it's very cute and all how guys are butt buddies, but can I just get my detention slip already cause I could seriously use some ice", Aj said trying to excuse himself.

"And I seriously just want to punch you again", said Dylan cracking his knuckles.

"Oh right", Mr. Bobo said clearing his throat and writing on the blank detention slips, "We'll talk about this later. Aj detention, Dylan detention. Now beat it, I've got announcements to make".

At lunchtime, the group began to sit with each other and sooner than they thought they formed their very own large table that only seemed to have enough seats for themselves.

But at Taylor's table, people were not allowed to sit there without permission unless they wanted the crap kicked out of them or to be called loser a hundred times. Taylor's circle of friends involved pretty much all the annoying kids in the school except for Jeremy, Cody, and Lacy. People always wondered why those three wasted their time at that table, since all they really talked about was how pretty their hair was, or about the upcoming games.

"And well hello Spoto Spartans! Welcome back from your luxurious summer vacation. I am your host Samuel Davis sitting here with Rodney Jones a graduate of our opposing team, the Tuscan Titans. So Rodney, what do you think of tonight's match up", said Samuel into the mic.

"I think and know from experience that these two teams hate each others guts Sam. And this should truly be a very interesting game tonight", Rodney said.

"Well you heard it folks, one big rivalry game coming right up!" Samuel said.

The homecoming game lifted off to a great start the Spartans took the first shot into the net. There were quite a few times when the Spartans had let their guard down though and the Titans were able to even out the score. It was tied one to one, and it was half time.

"Give it up everyone for your Spoto Spartan Cheerleaders!" Samuel said as he hyped up the crowd.

The girls ran one after another into the center of the field. They were ready to perform once again on their grassy green home field.

"Let's go Spartans!" Yeah Spartans, come on!" The girls cheered.

The girls displayed such a tremendous performance that made the crowd come alive. Having a pyramid and not only adding in for Mimi and Monica to do back flips was enough to keep everyone entertained.

"Give it up for your Spoto Spartan cheer squad once again everyone!" Samuel said.

Half time was over and the game was back on. The score was still one to one and the team would be devastated to lose their very own home game. Spoto High had never lost a home game before and wouldn't begin to now.

Coach Durham subbed Flint in for Kyle again.
"Kyle are you okay son? You seemed pretty tired out there", Durham said.

"I'm fine Coach, you don't need to take me out", Kyle said trying not trying to breathe heavily.

"Take a seat on the bench boy, Flint go in and win this thing!" Coach said pushing Flint out there.

There was exactly ten seconds left on the clock as Flint became corned by the Titans. It was either shoot and hopefully get a shot or try and fiddle around them for a better chance. Flint looked fast, there wasn't enough time to get around them so he took a shot.

"Goooooal!" Samuel yells into the mic.

"The Spoto Spartans have beaten the Titans once again!" Rodney screams.

The Spartans ran over rubbing Flint's hair and scooping him up from right under his feet.
"Well Flint I didn't think you had it in you", Durham said laughing.

"Thanks Coach", Flint said laughing with him.

"We are the Spartans, huh huh! We are the Spartans, huh huh!" They chanted their school cheer.

After the game Flint found an unexpected surprise waiting for him right outside the boys locker room.

"Hey Asia, what's up?" asked Flint.

"Hey! Just seeing how you were doing. I mean you totally won that game for us back there", Asia said.

Flint kept staring into her beautiful dark eyes. Asia was so striking to Flint more than food ever struck his stomach. Was Flint actually putting the plate behind?
Flint finally responded to her as she started looking at him weird.

"Yeah I know. What a lucky shot. I mean I didn't think it would make it in the goal, but thank god it did. We can't stop our school's tradition now and that was a real close ga-" Flint kept speaking until he was cut off by Asia's lips.

"Wow, um", Flint said mesmerized, "You want to go to dinner with me, I mean I was about to go anyways but do you want to join me?" Flint asked.

"Sure, let's go", Asia said excited.
Asia was beginning to become less of a nerd and more of a girl with a life in and out of high school. Mimi was beginning to brush off on her a little bit. Why not have fun in high school and outside too?

Kyle watched as his friends chatted near the phone booth. He saw how happy everybody was and how just being around each other made them all just, well happy. He didn't want to ruin though. Ruin it by telling Anthony about him and Mimi. This thought circled in his head like a hurricane.

He looked up at the night's sky spacing off.
"I never took you for the lonesome type", Taylor said behind Kyle nearly spooking him half to death.

"And I never took for Type B, but I think you know what the B stands for", said Kyle ignoring Taylor's presence.

"So when are you going to tell him the truth?" asked Taylor grinning.

And that's when Kyle turned around angry, "What are you spying on me now Taylor? What is wrong with you?"

"Well Kyle, I didn't really have to spy on you exactly to come across you locking lips with Mimi in front of one of my house security cameras, now did I?" She asked pointing out her evidence.

"And why do you care?!" asked Kyle.

"That's the thing, I don't", Taylor laughed, "But I need a boyfriend to survive boring old high school and I think you fit the picture".

"No way in hell would I date you again!", Kyle said grunting at her.

"Oh really? Well how do you think Anthony would feel about you and Mimi, yeah know. I mean it wasn't that hard to notice the way Anthony looked at Mimi the first couple weeks of school. Don't you guys like have a guy code or something?" Taylor said playfully.

"Why do you want to date me so bad? Why not someone more popular or better looking? Why the hell me Taylor?!" said Kyle. He didn't understand Taylor's obsession over him lately, it was driving him crazy.

"Because, I told Mimi I'd have the last laugh freshman year and well, I will when I date you again", said Taylor eying Kyle down.

"Oh really? So you want to hurt Mimi? Well now that's just a I'd rather be Justin Bieber than date you no", Kyle said.

"Whatever you say boyfriend. I just better see your pretty red and black mustang in my driveway once again school morning, or I'll spill the juice. Toodles!" Taylor said walking away to her limo.

Kyle dropped down to the floor, angry. He didn't know what to do. Taylor would definitely open up her big mouth about him and Mimi. He certainly couldn't let Anthony find out, at least not from Taylor. Kyle set his mind to it. He was going to tell Anthony the truth Monday.

To Be Continued...

Holy Crap! Kyle's got it real bad. What's he going to do?
Will Taylor open her mouth anyways?
Homecoming is next week, who's Mimi's date?
Asia and Flint? Her father would never approve of this.
Well now we've seen what Dylan is capable of?

Find out next time on Take Care.

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
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I only read the first two chapters so far, but I really like it!!

Good job =)
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Originally Posted by Karasu20
I only read the first two chapters so far, but I really like it!!

Good job =)

Thanks very much for commenting! I try to write every week or two

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.6: Homecoming (Part 1)
Take Care 1.6: Homecoming
Hey people, I know it's been a while but I've been busy and my computer was being silly. But anyways here's chapter 6. Have fun!

Theme Song: The All-American Rejects "Dance Inside"

Asia's father pulled over in front of Spoto High School. He unraveled his seat belt and place his arm on the back Asia's seat and looked her directly in the eyes. He was calm and composed on the car ride there but was still angry with her.

"Today, all I ask is that you focus on your schoolwork and not and any boys", Lee said.
"Yes, dad", Asia said obediently. She was never the type of girl to go against what her father says to her. She always did her schoolwork and studied after school for hours. But Lately, her father has been realizing her slack.
"Okay...have a nice day", Lee said unlocking the door.
"Bye", Asia softly as she got out the car.

Just when Asia crossed over the other side of the car, she saw Flint waiting there as usual. It had been that way since last week when they began dating.
"Hey Asia!" Flint said happily as he saw his girlfriend. He was always so cheerful.
"Hey! Didn't I text you to wait inside for me?" Asia said because she knowingly knew her father was definitely staring at her back right now.
"Oh yeah...crap sorry. I just couldn't wait to see you".

Asia's father honked the horn a couple times waving at her to get away from Flint and glared at her through the smart car window.
"That child", Lee said angrily.
He would've gotten out of the car but he was backing up the road sitting there, so he drove home.

"See! This is why I wanted you to wait inside for me. Now I have to go home and hear his mouth again", Asia said frantically. She hated being criticized for every little thing she did wrong. So she tried to do everything right.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll listen next time".

"You better be sorry! And where were you last night? I was calling you and you didn't answer", Asia asked question after question.

Flint didn't answer, he was too busy staring at the limousine that had just pulled up in front and the one person that got out of it.
"Hello? Flint?" Asia snapped her fingers at him.

Flint surprisingly kissed Asia on the cheek and ran away as if his life depended on it.
"Sorry Asia! But I gotta run!" Flint yelled as he ran into the school building.
"How dare you kiss a girl and run away!" Asia yelled back.

She made him walk into the school entrance tugging his arm against his will. He felt a discomfort as he knew about the things he was about to face once he entered the school with her on his arm.

"Oh my god, Sophie text everyone a picture of this fast", Monica said as she stood next to her twin sister.
Sophie quickly scrimmaged through her purse to try and find her cell phone. This was definitely going to be the talk of the day. And gossip was just within a click of button.


"Mimi, when are you going to quit dawdling with your fingers over and over again?" Jenny asked me.
"Shut up, I can't help that it I'm nervous", I said.
"Why are you so nervous?"
"Because. I want to ask Kyle...if we're dating", I began picnicking with my fingers again.
"You're so shy why don't you just ask him", Jenny laughed.
"Because! Even though he said he likes me, he didn't say that I'm his girlfriend".
"Well since he already kissed you and said that he likes you, you technically are his girlfriend stupid", Jenny said.
I felt a little bit relieved, but I wanted to hear those words from his own mouth.

"What do you think Jenny?... Jenny?" I asked.
I continued to talk but then Jenny suddenly stopped walking. What's with her? She always does this now.
"Okay. I'm prepared. Where is he?" Jenny thought to herself.

"Eh-!", Jenny jumped as Dylan sneaked up on her again. If he keeps at it, she might have a heart attack one day. "I knew it", Jenny thought to herself.
"Jenny!" Were you waiting for me? Maybe I should sneak up on you somewhere else", Dylan said laughing as he petted his girlfriend's hair. "Hey Mimi!" Dylan said all cheeky.
"Morning Dylan", I said smiling back as I watched Jenny become a pet.

Dylan turned his head to Anthony who stood behind him and then smiled.
"Damn Anthony. She just totally ignored you, maybe you are my shadow" Dylan said.
"Shut up", Anthony said. He sounded pissed.
"See what happens when you don't learn to greet girls. You don't get a "good morning" from Mimi", Dylan said.
I guess he was joking around. It's not that I didn't want to greet Anthony, it's just that I didn't know how either. Anthony does seem to keep to himself a lot. I wonder if he's always like that.

"Whatever. And dude, will you knock it off, and quit petting Jenny's head. She's not a dog", Anthony said. I think he felt kind of embarrassed for the fact that Dylan said that.
"What are you talking about? She loves it", Dylan said as he continued.
"No I don't, you're messing up my hair!" Jenny said. "Damn it. It does feel good".
"But your hair was already messy". He hit the hammer on the nail. "And where's Kyle? he should've been here first".

Yeah, where is that pervert?

"Gosh, I should've totally skipped today and went to the beach", Hailey said.
"Why are you so obsessed with the beach?" asked Miranda.
"What do you mean "why"? Hello? There's a lot of hot guys there".
"Hailey? Don't you have a boyfriend?" asked Fiona.

(Ring Ring)
"Oh, I got a text from one of the twins. How random, what do they want?", Miranda said as she checked her phone.
"What is it Miranda?" Fiona asked as she looked at Miranda space off at her phone.

"That bitch!" Miranda screamed as she stormed out of the classroom.

(Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap)

(Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap)

(Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap)


"And I was like dude! That's not ketchup it's hot sauce!" Anthony said, telling us the funny thing that happened between him and Kyle a while ago. Anthony and Kyle sure are close friends. I wonder how long they've known each other for.
We were laughing as Flint ran up behind us shouting.
"Guys! I just saw Kyle get out of Taylor's limousine?"
"And I'm Obi Wan Kenobi" Anthony said sarcastically as I laughed.

"Wait...that kinda makes sense since Kyle isn't here early as usual", Dylan said.
"But Kyle hates that brat", Anthony said. He sounded annoyed at the thought of them together.
"Then why did he ride with her?" Flint asked.
"Let's not jump to conclusions maybe his car broke down", Dylan said.
I bet he didn't want to believe that Kyle would be with Taylor. Neither did I. I want to know. Now.

Then out of no where, Asia appeared.
"Hey Asia", I said to her.
"Hey...why did I just see Kyle walking with Taylor Batchet?" Asia asked.
"What?!" both Anthony and Dylan shouted.
"Yes! See I told you so!" Flint said all happy that no one was doubting him.
"You're an idiot", said Anthony.
"Calm down guys, let's just wait by the staircase. I'm sure he hasn't gotten up here yet", Jenny said.
Everyone followed behind Jenny to the top of the stairs. I bet they wanted to know just as much as I did.

"What..the...hell?" Jenny said as she pretended to smile at them.
"I'm going to kick him where it hurts", Dylan said.
My mouth dropped as I was speechless. Asia turned her head away, she didn't want to look anymore, plus Taylor's eyes were scary.
"See! see!" Flint shouted behind us.

Taylor and Kyle. Impossible. Everyone thought they were definitely done for. Sure thing they were a popular commodity, but Kyle hates Taylor's guts. Why would he want to be near the girl that treated him like a dog? Let alone let her hold his arm like that. As if they were together. I thought we were together.

Kyle looked at us with a dim expression. I've never seen him look like that before.

"Jenny are you seeing this too or am I dreaming? Please tell him I'm dreaming", Dylan said as he waved his hands around pinching himself.
"Sorry to tell...but you're not", Jenny said displeased.

Kyle looked a bit spooked. I bet he wasn't expecting us to be waiting there by the staircase for him, but we were worried. But we still are. What would make him withstand her? I thought he liked me, not her. Did I maybe hear him wrong?

"That bastard", Dylan said.
"I know. And after all the trouble we went through to get them together", Jenny whispered.
I saw Jenny and Dylan speaking quietly, but what about? But what's more important is why Kyle is with Taylor.

Kyle finally made a move and walked past us all. Ignoring we were even there. No one said a word to him. We just moved out of the way before we got stepped on. Kyle seemed like a robot right now and Taylor was the creator.


I felt like crap. I walked past and ignored my friends. I ignored Mimi, the one girl I wanted to see most out of today. All because she asked me to, Taylor. How is this happening? Oh yeah, this evil girl is blackmailing me.
"Whoa, what's up with this?" asked Nick.
"The power couple is back!", said Adam.
I hate these guys. They think they're the bomb because they all play sports. So do I, but I don't act like a king. Not anymore. I used to back when I dated Taylor, but I almost lost my friends because of my selfishness.

(Clack Clack Clack Clack)
Their heels stomped on the floor as if they were ripping the runway.

"Excuse us fellas", Miranda said.
"You are excused sexy", Adam said winking. What a dog.

God help me. It's Miranda. The girl who kept trying to steal me away from Taylor back when we used to go out. Don't tell me she's at it again. These guys are like carnivores, they stab each other in the back without giving a damn.
"Nice to see you're back with Taylor again, Kyle", Miranda smiled at me. "But I don't believe it at all. I heard you hated Taylor. So what does she have against you?"
Wow, she's good. It's as if she saw right through Taylor. Or as if she's Taylor's long lost sister.

"Miranda, are you doubting our relationship?" Taylor asked.
"Of course I am", Miranda smiled. "I know this isn't real. Why would Kyle go out with you again when he has a bunch of other girls throwing themselves at him? After all, he is the school playboy".
Is this really how they think of me? I feel like a piece of meat.

"Excuse me-" Taylor said.
"Look bitch, I know you're up to no good and I will knock you off your high horse. So look out", Miranda spat.
Holy crap. What just happened?

Taylor stood there staring at Miranda as she walked away. Everyone gawked at Taylor as she got told off. I bet she lost points for that. Being popular isn't easy. You have to keep an image and truly, her's just plummeted.
Miranda. She just might be my savior out of this mess. I mean I should dump Taylor in front of everyone and make her become a zero, but then she'll tell Anthony the way I feel about Mimi. And he'll definitely believe her because I went out with Taylor because of it. Damn, what was I thinking?

"Hmph", he smiled

How? Tell me how?

Mimi looks sad. I bet she hates my guts and wishes to probably push me down the staircase. Maybe Taylor as well.

I wasn't thinking when I agreed to go out with Taylor at all. I forgot to think about Mimi's sake. We share some classes together and so I forgot. Hell, we even eat lunch together with our friends.

I can't concentrate at all. I'm sitting next to Mimi and I want to tell her everything that's going on with me and Taylor. But, Taylor sits in front of us and those evil twins of her's stick to me like glue. Even though it doesn't seem like it, they're watching my every move.

"I'm sorry", I whispered to myself.
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Take Care 1.6: Homecoming (Part 2)


(Sniff Sniff)

"Hey Savannah, do you hear someone crying?" asked Lucy.
"Yeah, we should give her some space. Let's go".
(Door Swings)

Wow, they're either nice or I'm really pathetic. Yeah, I'm think I'm pathetic. I'm sitting in a bathroom stall crying my eyes out. At first, I wasn't this emotional. But something just totally came over me.
Kyle, I like you.

"I finally finished crying. I should wash my hands".

"Hmm? Did someone just peak in here? Maybe it was those two girls. But anyways that's creepy, I'm leaving".

Asia stood in the gym shooting some hoops. She wasn't ready to go home yet because she already knew what would be awaiting if she did. An angry father.
"Hey! You're not suppose to be in here at this time! What's your name?"

Asia scared out her mind ducked her head. She thought about running but she's not good at it.
"Hehe, gotcha!" Flint said as he walked in.
"Oh my god, you are such a jerk!" Asia said furious.
She picked up the basketball and started shooting again.

"But you really aren't allowed in here PRESIDENT", Flint said emphasizing her.
"I know. I'm just not ready to leave and I want to stay longer", Asia said as she shot the ball through the hoop.
"Oh really".

"Then how about I just grab this from you?" Flint took the basketball and began running away with it.
"Hey! Get your own!" Asia chased after, slowly.
Flint decided to give since she was an awful runner.

"You know what?" Flint asked as he caressed her face.
"You really are something" He laughed.
"Is that a compliment?" Asia said curiously.

I walked right out of the restroom nearly swinging Riley, Taylor's younger brother in the face. What the hell was he doing sitting in front of the door like that? I guess he wanted to get smacked.
"Oh my gosh, I almost hit you. Are you okay?" I asked feeling bad. I didn't want to break the poor guy's glasses.
"Oh no I'm fine. I shouldn't have been standing there", he smiled.
Riley is so kind. Nothing even like Taylor. How are they related again? Maybe he's secretly adopted from Asia or something. The boy is smart.
"Okay, good. Now I don't feel so bad. I gotta go, later", I said as walked past Riley.

"Wait!" Riley shouted. I jumped, I wonder what he wanted. "Mimi, I know this is sudden but do you have a date to Homecoming?"
"W-what?" I was confused.
I barely knew anything about Riley and he was asking me to the dance out of the blue. How strange. We've only had small idle chatter in Middle School and nothing more. Where's this coming from?

"Mimi I've liked you ever since the first time I laid eyes on you", Riley said. "Please go out with me and be my girlfriend".
"Whoa...Riley. We barely know each other", I said a little scared.
"What do you mean? I know everything about you. Your favorite color is blue, you love to dance and sing, you use strawberry shampoo in your hair, you like grape bubblegum, and you like Kyle Hammon. And I can tell you that I am better than that guy, so give me a chance", Riley said.
" do you know all of that?" I said. I'm truly creeped out right now.
"My sister told me".

"You're lying unless your sister is a stalker. And she doesn't have time for that."
"Mimi please!" Riley shouted.
"I'm saying no".
"Get a-away!" I said as I backed up into someone's arm. But I think the arm rather grabbed me.

Oh my god Dad, I'm sorry I said no to carrying around a tasor with me.
"She said no, so back off".

"I'm sorry, I just wanted her to go to Homecoming with me", Riley said.
"Well get over it, she's going with me since she's my girlfriend", Anthony snapped.

Am I dreaming or does Anthony Luca have his arm wrapped around me right now? I think I'm going to be sick. And he called me his girlfriend. I did always dream about it before.
(Ba-dump Ba-Dump Ba-Dump)

"Are you going to get lost or do I have to beat you until you do?" Anthony asked.
"No! My bad. I didn't know that Mimi had a boyfriend. I'll stay away. Sorry", Riley walked away fast. I bet he was scared out of his mind. Anthony is pretty tall after all. Hm, I wonder if he's ever fought before.

For a while I was spacing that I didn't even notice Anthony staring me blank in the face.
"W-hat?!" I said all surprised.
"Nothing...just wondering, are you high right now cause your eyes are red".
"Of course not! That's not the case. I have...allergies", I lied. I didn't want to tell him I was crying in a bathroom. That would sound lame.
"Oh, okay", He said it pretty plain. Maybe saying I have allergies is even lamer, "And sorry I called you my girlfriend. I just wanted that guy to get lost".
"I understand".

"Um, yeah?" I said.
"You gotta a date to Homecoming yet?" Anthony asked quickly.
"Are you asking me to go with you?" I asked anxiously.
"Of course not!"

"I'm kidding. Yeah, I'm asking you", Anthony said looking away for a second. I think he's super shy.
"Wow, you and Kyle really are best friends. And yeah, I'll go with you", I said.
"Alright sweet!"
"But! You better dance with me Anthony", I said. Knowing that Anthony seems a little a shy, who knows if he likes dancing at all.
"Definitely", Anthony said softly.

"Gosh! You scared me. I thought you were going to say no to dancing with me".
"Why would I say no? I can dance".
"I don't know, because you seem shy I guess".
"Oh really?"
"Well, let's just say you don't know me yet!"

"Then let me get to know!"
"Okay, let me get to know you too".
"Sure. As long as your not like Riley from a second a ago, that should be cool".
"What did he say?"

"Oh come on! How am I suppose to know if you don't tell me?"
"It's embarrassing!"
"Fine, then no excuses if I become like him".

"Good", Kyle whispered.


(Door opening)

"Oh! Hey Coach!" Flint grinned.
Asia blushed and wanted to disappear.
"Get the hell out of my gym!" Coach Durham yelled.


(Tap Tap Tap)

(Tap Tap Tap)

It's been days since we were last alone with each other. And whenever we are...

It means nothing to him.


"How much longer can I last?"


"Should I give up?"
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Take Care 1.6: Homecoming (Part 3)

The week went by so quickly.
Before Kyle told me he like me. Then on Monday came to school with Taylor, my ex-best friend and claimed to have started dating her again. Then again, he never even said he was dating her again.
Riley turned out to be my very own personal stalker. And Anthony, the not-so-shy guy asked me to Homecoming.

What a freaking week its been for me.

(Door opens)
"Hey, welcome back", said mom.
"Hey mom", I said as I started walking to my room.
"Hey! You forgot to close the door", she said loudly.

"Oh sorry", I said.
"You've been acting strange this week Mimi. You forget to do things, and you're getting your twin brothers, Jimmy and Timmy confused with each other. You keep walking aimlessly around the house. And you never do that. What's wrong with you?"
"What are you talking about? I went outside the house just now", I said quietly.
"To get gas!".

"I wish I knew what was wrong".
It's true I haven't been myself lately. And it's all because of that idiot, Kyle.


"Oh, so this is where Mimi lives", Dylan said as he placed his kick stand.
"Yup, and don't do anything stupid around here either. Her dad works for the FBI", Jenny said.
"Haha, Jenny stop joking around", Dylan said laughing. Mimi is too kind to have such a dad he thought.

"I'm not kidding", Jenny laughed.
"Oh really?" Dylan said a little bit frightened. Now he feels sort of responsible for Mimi.
"I'll see you later, thanks for the ride", Jenny hopped off the bike and went to ring the doorbell.
"Hey! Where's my kiss?"

(Ding Dong)
"Jenny!" I screamed as I answered the door.
"Well aren't you excited", Jenny said.
"It's Homecoming of course", Asia said smiling. She couldn't wait to dance with Flint I bet. And I wonder if Anthony really can dance.
"Are you going to invite me in or not?" Jenny said.


(Scribble Scribble Scribble)

"Ugh! I forgot what the hell I was about to write".
I've been inside my room all day writing in this notebook thinking that maybe, just maybe I can be like Jenny for a day and write a song. But nothing seems to be working. Everything I'm writing...I don't know if it makes sense. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe it's because I've never been in love before, so I wouldn't know what to write or feel about the matter. But I can't give up. I mean this took me all day.

Maybe if I sing it out first, it will be easier to write it down.
"You don't have to move, you don't have to speak
You're staring me down, a glance makes me weak".

Yeah, that is easier.
Oh crap, I better get ready for the dance.


"Who would've thought that Riley would've turned into your own personal stalker. But then again I knew that geek had a crush on you. I mean, you used to be a geek as well in middle school".

"Thanks a lot. And tell me about it! I don't know what would've happened if Anthony hadn't appeared", I said. "Hey Asia, you've been quiet the whole time. Is something wrong?"
Asia had been quiet ever since I started talking about Riley.

"Why didn't you ever tell me you liked Kyle? Am I that out of the loop", Asia said annoyed.
"No you're not, we just thought that you were busy with studying is all and it never came up. I'm sorry", I said.
"I see". She sounded disappointed.
"Hey! Beauty queen, you've been standing in that mirror for thirty minutes now. Are you done yet?" Jenny said.
"Okay okay cranky", I rushed to put on my dress.

(Ding Dong)
"Nice outfit carrot top", Dylan said laughing.
"My hair isn't even red Dylan", Flint said.
"I know, I just always wanted to call someone carrot top".

(Door opens)
"Ew, la, la", Flint mumbled as he saw Asia.
Anthony kept staring at me, I guess maybe that I over did it. I wasn't sure.
"Amateurs. Oh Jenny, you look beautiful like you always do", Dylan said all cocky.
He tries so hard to get a kiss from Jenny by just simply hitting on her.

"Thanks, but quit the flattery and let's go! I'm ready to have a good night", Jenny said nearly blushing.
"Whatever you say beautiful", Dylan said.
"Dylan", Jenny said seriously as everyone laughed.
"Okay, okay, let's go".

"Next stop homecoming!" Everyone shouted.
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Default Take Care 1.6: Homecoming (Part 4)


(Looks around)

"What are you looking for?" Dylan said all mopy.
"Kyle, where is he? He's the vocalist", Jenny said worried. A band on stage a without a singer is not what they needed right now.
"Who cares. That dipstick dumped me for a blonde bombshell. No offense", Dylan said.
"None taken", Jenny said. "And I'm a dirty blonde!"
"Oh yes you are", Dylan laughed.
"Haha", Jenny sarcastically laughed.


God I'm so sleepy. I knew I should've took nap before coming here. I better not tell Jenny or she'll freak out. At least I finished that song before I came here. Maybe I can get a quick power nap in right now.

(Door Slammed Open)
"Kyle!" Jenny screamed.
"Huh?" I mumbled. Okay, never mind about the power nap.
"There you are, next time tell us where you are. We weren't expecting you to be back here", Dylan said coldly. He's pissed. I can tell. He was like this when I went out with Taylor. Feeling betrayed. But I can't let him know the reason behind us being together to him, or them.
"Yeah, sorry. I thought I'd chill back here", I said.

(Click Clack)

"Hey, you! Service man that looks like he could use a Gillette, where's the band?" Taylor demanded.

"Right. Ms, I cannot tell you that", he said.
"Excuse me!" Taylor shouted. As she turned her head she saw them right through the looking glass. "Whatever!" She said as she walked towards the doors.
"Mam' you can't go back there! Members only", he said.
"I am a member!"

My smile disappeared off my face as I heard her heels stomp through the door.
"Kyle!" I hate the way Taylor shouts my name, it's so annoying.
"Ouch!" Jenny yelled because Taylor hit her with the door.

"You stupid witch! You don't just bust into a secluded room without knocking first!" Jenny said angrily as she rubbed her hand.
"Do I hear something? Nope, it must be the flies in this cheap place", Taylor spat.

"And you guys were wondering why I was back here. Well now you know", I said. Truth be told I was sitting back here so that I could hide away from that, Satin's long lost sister.

"Anyways, you're not suppose to be back here Taylor. This area is band members only", Jenny said.
"Save it Strawberry Shortcake. I didn't come back here for you." Taylor said.
"What did you just call me? Patches", Jenny snapped.

"Oh boy, cat fight", Anthony said.
"You-!" Taylor spun around about to smack the daylights out of Jenny. I grabbed her hand before it happened. Why did being called that suddenly tick Taylor off?
"You're always digging up graves Jennifer!"
"Well guess who's in one?" Jenny said.
Taylor became ferocious. She was about to claw her way through Jenny but I picked her up and tossed her outside the door. I can see where Taylor was coming from though. Sad to say, Jenny went too far. Taylor's father did just pass away last year.

"After seeing you two fight, I feel hungry", Flint said.
"Has anyone ever told you, that you have a huge appetite?" Jenny asked.
"No reason Flint, no reason", they laughed.

"Hey Dill, I made a new song and I thinking we should play it", I said smiling.
"Okay, let me hear it first", Dylan said.
"Okay, here goes nothing".

Ten minutes later...

"No, we aren't playing that song".
"Oh come on".
"Dude I spent all day on it!"
(We now present Global Karma!)
"Grr! Fine", I said walking upstairs to the stage.
It was time for our band to go on stage, and I ran out of time trying to persuade Dylan to let me sing the song I wrote. He said it would stir up trouble, but I think that whoever doesn't know already won't find out what it really means.

"What was that about?" Jenny said walking over. She heard them quarreling for the past few minutes.
"Oh, that was nothing. He just wanted to add another song to the playlist but I said no", said Dylan.
"Don't be mean", Jenny said.
"I had a very good reason, trust me", Dylan said as he gripped her tighter.
"Well, luck out there!"


The time flew by and before I knew it, we were on the last song for tonight. I want to sing the new song I wrote badly but I'll be dealt with by Dylan later if I screw our composure. Should I really ignore this urge?

Don't you make a move tonight
You can only stagger
Once shes got you in her sight
You're the one shes after

Not to mention the fact that Mimi danced right dead center in front of me the entire night. Out of all the space in the renovated room, why in front of me? Why not Anthony? Is she trying to make me uneasy so that I screw up? Without knowing I had been looking at her the entire time it seems, but she ignored my presence. I'm sure she hates me and that she's stuck in front of me because it's too crowded to move anywhere else.

Shes the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause shes got closer
You're back-steppin and she's back-stabbing everything in your life

If I didn't know any better, I would've thought that Jenny was signaling me to smile some more. But how could I smile right now? They all keep spinning in my head. Mimi, Dylan, Taylor....everyone. Everyone wants something from me that I can't give to them right now.

She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back
She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back

When I looked up. I saw her smiling face...once again. How can she still smile at me all the time? Didn't I hurt her feelings? If it were me, I would've smacked myself a couple times until I felt better. Mimi is too nice to me. Please stop smiling at me. I don't deserve it...Anthony doesn't deserve it.

One by one you count the fights
Doesn't even matter
That shes got you by surprise
Misery's your master

But I won't ignore your kindness anymore. I can't be a jerk. Not to the girl I like. I need to be strong though. Don't give into temptation.

Shes the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause shes got closer
Your back-steppin and shes out wrecking everything in your life

She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back
She stole everything your heart desired
Now you want it back

Shes the blade
Shes the blade
Shes the blade and you're the paper
Shes the blade and you're just...

Shes the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause shes got you closer

She stole everything
She controlled everything
She stole everything
And controlled everything

As I strung out my guitar, I finished the song off. We finished for the night but I didn't want it to end. Not yet. Screw it, I'm going for it.

I picked up the mic quickly before Dylan could hesitate to stop. Thank goodness the band hadn't left the stage yet. Now was my chance. Stop me now if you dare to.
"Hey people! Sorry to say this but we got something a little extra we'd like to add in. Hope you don't mind", I said tossing a wink.
The crowd cheered. I guess they really didn't mind at all.

You don't have to move,
you don't have to speak.
Lips follow biting.
You're staring me down, a glance makes me weak.
Eyes follow striking

Luckily, Anthony followed my lyrics and began stringing his guitar to a rhythm he made up from the top of his head. Flint joined in as he watched Anthony play, he tried to adjust his drums to the beat.
I thought I was going to be standing in silence for a moment but never mind.

Now I'm twisting up when I'm twisted with you
Brush so lightly
And time trickles down, and I'm breathing for two
Squeeze so tightly.
I'll be fine, you'll be fine.
This moment seems so long
Don't waste new, precious time
We'll dance inside the song

Dylan looked angry enough to smash his bass in half. He had been standing there since I began the song with his eyes closed. He finally gave up and bounced the beat off of Flint's drums. But he began singing.

"What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you"

That slick, smart bastard. He wasn't standing there, he was thinking of a chorus to put in. He's such a genius when it comes to music. I pretended to go with the flow as he sang the chorus.

Without consciousness I began pointing out into the crowd. I hadn't realized to whom I was pointing to. All I knew is that my mind at the time was telling me to.

She sinks in my mind as she sheds through her skin
Touch like taste like fire
Hands to know what I no longer defend
Hands to fuel desire
I'll be fine, you'll be fine
This moment seems so long
Don't waste new, precious time
We'll dance inside the song

What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you

I was pointing for a while now but she gave me no glances, so I began singing even stronger to purposely get her attention. The entire reason I wrote this song was because of her, Mimi. Look at me. I saw Jenny raise an eyebrow and try to hint me "stop pointing". But I ignored her.

"Stop pointing, stop pointing, stop pointing, stop pointing, stop pointing", Jenny whispered to herself agitated.

Anthony began some random guitar solo and it turned out sounding amazing. This isn't the way I had imagined the songs flow to be but it sounds good this way anyway.

"Ooo, ah
Ooo, ah
Ooo, ah
Ooo, ah"

When I turned my head back to Mimi. She looked at me with a blank face. Our eyes met and my body suddenly felt like it went through the heat of the Sahara Desert and back. She made me melt. But she was probably thinking "what's wrong with this guy?" Am I wrong?

And I'll be fine, you'll be fine
Is this fine? I'm not fine
Give me pieces, give me things to stay awake (stay awake)

As I looked around, I realized everyone was liking the song. Did it really sound that good? We came up with the notes out of the blue.

"What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you

What makes the one to shake you down?
Each touch belongs to each new sound
Say now you want to shake me too
Move down to me, slip into you"

Dylan better thank me later then.

Move down to me, slip into you.

But the problem later, will be how we'll remember the chords we just used.
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Default Take Care 1.6: Homecoming (Part 5)

"Yeesh! Look at them hugging each other so tightly. I should go and tell them it's against school rules", Asia said furiously.

"You hear that Jenny? I think I smell jealousy", I said joking.
"Awww, the president just wishes that she could be groped like that is all", Jenny laughed.
"No I don't! I'd smack Flint if he touched me there!" Asia blushed a little bit.

"Besides. How are you the one to talk? Little Miss Hammon", Asia teased me.
"W-what?" I said.
"Don't play dumb. Kyle was singing to you a moment ago", Asia said gritting her teeth.
"Yeah, and he wasn't suppose to sing that song either", Jenny said as she hence the word suppose.
"Why? You didn't write it Jenny?" I asked. I never heard them play it before.
"Of course not, it's about sex", Jenny said bluntly.
"Pffft!" I spat my drink out. "What?!"

When I was about to ask why in the world Kyle would write a song about..well yeah that. The boys were back and walking toward us. There went Dylan, Flint, Anthony, and...Kyle. Why was Kyle walking over here, I thought he'd be stuck with Taylor all night long.


There she was sitting there looking all innocent and smiling at me like always. Or was she looking at Anthony? For a second I wanted to move a little to the left and see if her eyes were following me. But there's no way she was looking at me right? Anthony, her date was standing right in front of me. Though I smiled back anyways. It can't kill me to be sincere can it?

"Hey Jenny let's dance over there!" Dylan said a little too excited.
"Okay, hold your horses", Jenny replied.

"Asia, wanna dance too?" Flint asked.
"Of course! Let's go!" Asia quickly got out of her seat. I guess she waiting for that all night.

Everyone was asking except for Anthony. Gosh, who would've thought this guy was that shy or that much of a blockhead. I decided to help and give him a little push.
"Hey Ant, are you going to ask her to dance or do I have to?" I said only kidding.
"Back off. Don't you have a date?" Anthony sounded pretty upset. Was it about the extra song I added in on the playlist. Wait. Oh shit, maybe he found out I wrote it to Mimi.

"Gosh Ant, I was kidding. You don't have to be so serious all the time", I said.
"Well someone has to be Kyle, because you clearly aren't", Anthony snapped. Was he trying to pick a fight with me?
"Did you ever think that being too serious gets you no where?", I said clearing my throat, "Girlfriend wise".
"Guys, knock it off!" Dylan shouted.

"Whatever, I'm going to dance with my date. Happy Anthony?" I said turning my back on them.

"What was that about?" Jenny asked.
"I don't know. It's just that he really pissed me off when he suddenly added in that song. That's all", Anthony said.
"Oh", Dylan said sighing out a sign of relief. He thought Anthony knew the song was meant for Mimi.


Everyone gathered to the dance floor with their partner as the DJ slowed down the tunes and played some slow songs.

"See, I told you I can dance", Anthony said as he spun me around for the third time. Was something the matter? I guess that fight with him and Kyle has him angry.
I laughed," You're going to make your date dizzy, if you keep this up".

Sadly, the way we were positioned had me glancing over his shoulder continuously. I kept thinking to myself "That brat Taylor has her hands on Kyle!" "Kyle you stupid, heartless jerk!" or even "Stop it".
But I could never bring myself to say those words out loud. What if I got rejected?

"Mimi?" Anthony called my name.
"Yes?" I said waiting for him to say something. He seemed self-conscious at the moment. Did he not know what he was about to say?
He took a deep breathe," Do you like me?".
"Eh?!" I blurted out.
"Because......I like you". Did he really just say that to me? Anthony Luca likes me? Since when?
"I know this seems sudden, but take your time and think about what I'm about to say-", before he could finish his sentence, Anthony was cut off by the sound of Taylor's voice.


"Owww! Kyle you dumb ass!" Taylor shouted loud enough for everyone hear her. I mean really. I'm sorry I stepped on your foot, but it was the only way to stop him. Stop Anthony from saying what he was about to say. I could see it in his eyes that he was determined to make Mimi his. But I couldn't sit back and watch. At least put me in a corner with some earplugs first.

"You! You better get me some ice for my foot or else", Taylor said mad as hell.
"Are you kidding me? Say please first", I replied. She needs to learn some manners or she'll get no where in life.
"Please got get me so damn ice for my damn foot that you purposely stepped on, now!" Taylor said. I hate how smart she is. Even for a blonde, Taylor could decipher the Da Vinci Code. But I won't stand for this girl's stinky attitude anymore.

"I'm definitely not getting you any ice now!" I snapped.
"Are you deaf? I'm getting real sick and tired of you. I'd rather get smashed by King Kong than stay your fake boyfriend anymore!" I was angry. But crap, what the hell did I just say? At any moment Taylor could just simply stab me in the back with a pitchfork and hang me to dry by just blurting out that I have feelings for Mimi to Anthony.

Things got even worse as Miranda came sprinting over. I'm sure she heard everything just now, no I'm sure almost everyone heard that right now.
"Bravo, bravo, I like this scene you guys are making please continue", Miranda said as she sipped her glass.
"My nose burns, must be the smell of poverty in my face", Taylor said.

"Oh please! Save yourself the despair and admit it. You made Kyle go out with you again somehow. Was it that you begged him on your knees to? Or maybe...blackmail?" Miranda criticized her.
"You really don't believe what you see on TV, do you?" Taylor said.
"Of course not, cause in the end it's all a lie to lure people", Miranda smiled.
"Kyle, tell her what's up. Go ahead", Taylor commanded.
"Yeah Kyle, please do. I mean if it's blackmail. I could simply help you out", Miranda beamed. She hit me. Maybe I should just fess up. This fake relationship is truly not getting off to a good start and Miranda could probably help me get out of Taylor's reach.
"It's........not a lie. We were dating, but now it's over", I said. Damn it, what am I saying? I'm sort of saving Taylor from embarrassment. It's pure sympathy.

"Kyle!" Taylor screamed hurting my head with her high pitched voice.
"Geez, will you shut up already?" I was already in a bad mood because of Anthony, and now you too.
"What the-"
"Look, it's better than saying you blackmailed me. So get over yourself", I whispered to Taylor.

I began walking away as Taylor shouted my name again, "Kyle! Get back here this instant".
"This is the main reason I dumped you before", I said not looking back.
"Oops, did I do that?" Miranda said sarcastically.

"Oh well, I was hoping he'd say you blackmailed him. That would've submerged your popularity even more", Miranda laughed.
"T-this isn't over!" Taylor shrieked then began stomping to her table.


"I'm outty, later guys", Kyle said as he waved bye at everyone.
"What the hell just happened?" I asked.
"I think they broke up again", Anthony said.
I don't know what was running through my mind right then, but I wanted to know why. Why did they just break up so suddenly like that? Neither of them were truly hurt or let alone cared.
"Anthony, I'll be right back I need to make a phone call", I said running away.

"Must be one heck of a phone call!"

I ran so quick and hard, I thought my shoes would come off. Where did he go? Is he already leaving the dance?

I finally spotted him as he walked outside. I guess he was looking for his car.
"Kyle!" I shouted but he didn't turn around. I know for sure he heard me, and my heels click clacking the pavement from behind him.
"Kyle!" I shouted again nearly out of breathe.


I very much indeed heard her voice as she shouted my name. It was so loud I thought I'd need a hearing aide after that. I kept my back to her.
"Turn around and go back inside!" I said. I didn't want to see her right now and not to mention that we were currently the only ones outside. There was no telling what I'd do if I gave in.
"Why do you keep ignoring me?" she asked, "Kyle!"
I still continued walking but even quicker. I could tell that there was anguish in her voice.

I gripped my hands. As I thought, I was not quick enough to avoid this. Her embrace against my satin suit. The way she was holding me felt right, but it was never the less wrong. She needs to let go before someone sees us. Before Anthony does.
"Let go", I said kindly as I could.
"No!" Mimi jerked as I tried to move out of her arm. I stood there aimlessly.
"Why are you following me? Go back inside with Anthony", I said rudely.
"I'm not moving until you tell me why you were avoiding me. I can't ignore this situation anymore", she finally asked me why, why in all the times I pushed her away. I cannot tell her that. Wouldn't it make me the bad guy?

"Hmph, isn't it obvious already?" I said as I continued to walk.

I turned to look her dead straight in the face", I never really liked you".
"You're.....lying", she saw through me as I flinched. I guess I'll have to get ugly then.
"I'm not. I was in the heat of the moment. Whenever I'm alone with a girl, I just tend to do those things", I bluntly said.
"Why are you saying these things?!"
"Because, I have to!" I shouted.
"Why, why, why, why, why, why-" Mimi repeatedly said sounding like a 5-year old.

I approached her quickly cutting of her repetition, "So that I don't do this stupid!"
"Wha-" Mimi squealed.

I lost all my control. All the control I tried to bury this entire week was dug up by my own feelings for her. And I don't think it's possible for them to fit into the ground any longer. Mimi has to be mine and mine only. I don't care if Taylor blurts anything out. And I don't care if Anthony knows, how much I truly like this girl. Because I'll take the candy away from the baby if I have to.


Flint walked over to the punch that was laid out near the buffet table.
"What's up Tucker? You're sort of guarding this punch tonight aren't you?" Flint greeted his fellow team member.
"Whaddup Flintsticks? And naw man, I'm just chillaxing", Tucker sounded a bit off.
"Dude, are you high again? If Durham finds out, he'll-", Flint said. Coach Durham was one scary guy, even for his age.
"Naw, man naw", Tucker laughed.

"Well anyways, Asia you want some punch too?" Flint asked.
"Yeah, pour some for me please", she waited next to him.
"Here, I'll go find a table", Flint said as he walked away to search.

"Dude, aren't you going to tell them that you spiked it?" Nick asked.
"What are you? The punch police?", Tucker said.
"No man, I'm just saying that you put some heavy shit in there", Nick said.
"Of course I wouldn't, he's with the student council president. She'd probably rat me out", Tucker said.
One hour later...

"Asia...I feel light on my toes. Is this what it feels like for the guy in the Red Bull commercials?" Flint said as he stared up.
"Wait...what?" she giggled.
"Red Bull gives you wings!....This punch sort of taste like Red Bull almost".
"You're sort of right", Asia said, "Maybe they just wanted to give us wings", she laughed.
The two kept laughing for far too long.

"I feel sort of tired now. Can I sleep over there in that corner?" Flint pointed to a corner in the far side of the room.
"Why don't you just a get a room if you're tired?"
"A room?" Flint asked.
"Yeah a room, let's go look for one", she said.

"To the room we shall go! But first I must get something to drink. I'm thirsty again", Flint said.
"Haha, you're so silly Noah", Asia laughed continuously.



(Chirp Chirp Chirp)

"Ugh...why am I covered in pillows?" Flint asked himself as slowly rose from his sleep.

To Be Continued....

"Holy" is correct my friend!
Talk about wasted. Well I think you can guess who spiked the punch.
What will happen next time?
Will Asia and Flint be okay?
Did Mimi return to Anthony after her "important call"?
Taylor got told off this time.
Can Kyle really stick to his guns? Or will he end up running away again?

Next time on Take Care -

"When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye" (≧◡≦)
Story: Take Care
Simblr: marblecakepanda
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Take Care 1.7: Taken (Part 1)
Oh my gosh guys! It's been like forever since I last published, I hadn't realized.
Time goes by so fast when your having fun xD Anyways read up

Take Care 1.7: Taken

Theme Song: Aly & Aj "Flattery"


My hands felt bare as I shuffled them up and down my side.
"Mmm...Lucas", I mumbled.
My eyes were very heavy because I stayed up last night with my little brother Lucas.
I had to babysit him...again since mom is never home.

I quickly stood up the minute I realized.
The reason my hands were searching was because Lucas was sleeping next to me last time I checked.

I looked toward his bed and he wasn't there either.
"Lucas?" I said his name to make sure he wasn't hiding in the room.

"Is he even tall enough to turn the door knob", I said to myself as I walked out of our bedroom.

I walked across the hallway into the living room.
The house is really quiet, where could he be?

One foot in the entry way and I saw him sleeping on a pillow.
How did he get there?

There were glasses and bottles on the floor surrounding him.
I knew mom had been depressed since dad passed away,
but it's taken a turn for the worst these past few months.
She's become an alcoholic and I'm not quite sure what I should do about our situation anymore.
There's been so many voice mails of mom skipping work. If this keeps up,
we might become broke and homeless.

I walked over to the remote and turned on the TV out of spite.

"Wah! Charlie?...Oh", she jerked as the TV broadcast woke her up.
There she goes dreaming about dad once again.
Is this the reason she resorts to drinking?
So she can dream of dad?

"Oh, my back hurts so much!"
"One: can you quiet down? Lucas is sleeping, two: don't come in our bedroom drunk ever again,
I'll lock the doors, and three: stop sleeping on living room floor, you like a bum", I whispered.
"Oh quit being a party-pooper", she replied. My mom was becoming more of a kid every day.

I looked down when I felt a little nudge to my leg. Lucas woke up probably from her big mouth.
"Now looked what you did", I said.
"Hungry", Lucas said softly.

Mom walked inside the kitchen as I followed with Lucas in my arms.
I placed him in his high chair so I could get us some cereal.
"You know, this is suppose to be your job", I said.

"But you do it better", mom said as she prepared coffee.

"But I'm not old...or mom-ish looking like you...did you get fatter?" I asked.
"I don't get fat sweetie", mom said as she sipped her coffee.
"Are you sure?"
She kind of did look little chubbier.
Maybe she should lay off the beers before she gains a beer gut.


I woke to-
"Mimi! Wake up your sister!" mom shouted as I heard her voice from downstairs.

Did Homecoming really happen? I can barely believe it.
My memory seems so hazy about everything, but that one moment when Kyle kissed me once again.
Anything other than that has been dumped out of my mind.

I rose out of my bed quickly and shouted, "I'll get her".
I walked next door to wake up my little sister, Roxy.

I opened the door to see the little devil sleeping away.
She sure looks cute on the outside, but she sure is canny for a 12-year old girl in middle school.
I heard mom talking on the phone one day, about how Roxy pulled another girl's shorts down in P.E.
I wonder where she gets this attitude from all of a sudden.

"Where is he?!" Jimmy shouted as he ran inside the room with Timmy following behind him.
The twins nearly clocked me with door as they barged in as if they were infiltrating.

"There he is!" Jimmy yelled.
"Apollo?" Timmy asked questionably.
"Why are you wearing a pink collar?" Jimmy said.
"Roxy! What's the meaning of this?" the twins both said.
Looks like I didn't need to wake Roxy since these two did it for me.

"Oh my gosh! Mom! Can The Three Stooges get out of my room?!" Roxy squealed.
"Hit puberty first, Miss Piggy!" Jimmy said running out of the room taking Apollo with him.
"Whatever, get out, get out, get out!" Roxy snapped.
She's definitely angry for today.

I walked down the stairs as I saw Becca sleeping in her playpen.

The walkway downstairs was colossal because of mom's work space and Becca's things.
Mom owns a small boutique downtown that's popular for it's beautiful gowns.
She began working from home after she had the twins.
I'm not surprised she hasn't gone crazy raising the six of us. She is a strong woman.

"Morning mom", I said.
"Good morning, what was all that screaming upstairs?" she asked as she was working on some gown.
"Well...nothing to worry about", I hesitated because the twins
and Roxy were actually fighting over the bathrooms right now.

"Alright I'm leaving", said my dad as he walked in the corridor.
"Be safe", mom said.
"You know I'll be".

My dad works for the FBI.
I certainly do think of the dangerous situations he has to put himself in,
but I know that he's good at what he does so I have no worries.

"Okay, you two are beginning to gross me out. Can you stop it already?" I said.
It's as if the kiss turned into a makeout session.

I exited the corridor into the garage.
"Drive safely Mia".
"Okay, bye dad".


"Mmm...Do I smell bacon?...Girls, what did I say about playing in the kitchen!
You know that you can't cook!"

"Jenny! Keely!" Caroline shouted their names, then began moving downstairs.

Caroline entered the dining room to find Jenny and Keely eating breakfast.
"Thanks for answering me girls. And mother, what do you think you're doing?
You are not suppose to be cooking with your condition" said Caroline.
"Oh shush child and eat your food", Lilith said.
"Fine, but I'll do the dishes".

Caroline took a seat at the table.
"Jenny, you could've stopped her you know", said Caroline worried.
"I know, but she was so happy this morning", Jenny replied.
"But I love grandma's cooking mom", said Keely.
"That's not the point", said Caroline.

"Well I'm going to go see dad today", Jenny said changing the topic.
"Oh really? Then tell the caveman I said hi and that he needs to make time for Keely", said Caroline.
"Why must you guys always insult each other? And why don't you just ask him yourself?" Jenny said annoyed.
"I want to see dad too", said Keely.
"I know you do sweetie, but you have school today", said Caroline.

"Mom, why don't you let her take the day off?" asked Jenny.
"Absolutely not, especially since the last stunt she pulled", Caroline snapped.
"You're going to school and that's final".

"Bye girls, and have a nice day at school Keely", Caroline said as she emphasized her name.

"I want to see dad", Keely said.
Jenny pretended not to hear her and kept walking toward the car.

"I want see dad", Keely said again.
"You're not seeing dad Keely! You almost got some of his custody revoked, so knock it off already", Jenny said angrily.
The car ride was going to be a very quiet one.

Jenny began driving off but she saw her grandmother wandering around outside the house.
"Grandma, what are you doing outside in your pj's?" asked Jenny.
"Who are you calling a grandma Carol? Keely, you forgot your lunch sweetheart", said Lilith handing Keely a lunch bag.
Lilith had Alzheimer's disease since last year and began seeing Jennifer as Caroline.
"Thank you", said Keely.
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Take Care 1.7: Taken (Part 2)

I opened my locker as I heard the sound of heels make a complete stop in front of my locker. I could tell from the ritzy perfume she was wearing that I already knew who it was.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"Rude much?"
"Annoying much?" I snapped.
Why does she keep bothering me?
I already dated her, which didn't go so well.
And I already pretended to date her, which was even worse. This girl never quits.

"Taylor, I'm not going to say this again. Leave me alone", I said closing my locker.
"Kyle, I'm not going to say this again. I'm not a quitter", Taylor smirked.
"I really don't get why you like me so much Taylor".

"What is it exactly that you don't understand. I like Mimi, not you", I said get annoyed.
"I don't care what you like, I can make you get over her".
"I really doubt that, because I tried", I said.
"No way Kyle".

"Fine! So then you don't mind if I pretend that you're her", I said grabbing hold of her.
"What? No. Get off", she said jerking her arms.
"You're so determined to make me like you, but yet never think of my feelings!"

I forced myself on her to only make an example.
An example of how she makes me feel forced and manipulated.
Not given any option or choice. Just forced.

As soon as I let go of Taylor, I saw Mimi standing right behind her.
Damn, she totally saw what just happened.
I swear that kiss was nothing, I only wanted to set Taylor straight and be left alone.
But I'm sure she'll get the wrong idea here.

"Mimi, don't get the wrong idea!", I said panicking. Please don't get mad, I thought repeatedly.
"What idea Kyle, I saw it!" she shouted angrily. Shoot, she's mad.

"Taylor, tell her what happened", I looked at Taylor hoping she wouldn't say anything spiteful.
"Why did you do that?" she sounded like she was about to cry.
Are you kidding me right now Taylor? If anything, she like that kiss and totally played the victim.

Mimi ran around the corner of the hallway.
"Mimi!" I yelled running after her.

"Mimi! Stop, I said it meant nothing!" I kept running after and god she could run.
She ignored me and was nearly at the end of the hallway.

I quickly took Mimi by the arm and stopped her in her tracks.
"Mimi, please believe me when I say-"

I stopped talking as looked into her sad blue eyes.
Her eyeliner was running. She wasn't mad, she was sad.
I made the girl I like cry. I really am a jerk. What should I do now?

She stopped crying and then swung at my head. Now she's pissed.
"Get off me Kyle!" she said slapping me.
"Ouch, Mimi stop please!" I said trying to avoid her hits.

"Mimi, I swear it didn't mean anything to me", I said as I tried to take her by the hand again.
"I don't care Kyle, you stupid playboy bunny!"

She smacked me a dozen times then ran off, "Learn to keep your lips to yourself, you stupid jerk!"
"Ow, my head", I said rubbing it.

"Mimi! I said I'm sorry already. Please come out".


(Step Step Step)

"So, how long do you plan on ignoring me Asia?"

Asia looked up, "I'm not ignoring you".
"Really? Cause you haven't replied to any of my calls or texts", said Flint.
"If I were ignoring you, I wouldn't be talking to you right now. Now would I?" said Asia walking aimlessly past Flint.

"True. But this treatment you're giving me has something to do with Homecoming, doesn't it?" said Flint worried.
"No it doesn't", said Asia quick.
"Liar", said Flint softly as Asia walked inside her classroom.

I leaned on the railing in the outside corridor.
Even though I've been sitting here for which it felt like at least fifteen minutes, I'm surprised Kyle hadn't came back to bother me yet.
Maybe he gave up like he always does.
It seems like whenever something is to hard for him to handle, he just bails.
Why do I like him so much again?


My heart skipped a beat as I turned around to see who was calling my name.
It was Anthony. Why did my heart become so calm all of a sudden?
"You're skipping homeroom too?", he said.
"Oh yeah, I don't feel up for it", I said avoiding telling him why.
"Me neither I just got here not too long ago".

"But Mimi...What I said at the dance you can forget it", Anthony said nervously rubbing his neck.
As he Anthony continued speaking, I began to space out.

I saw Kyle standing in the doorway with Taylor.
Again, they were near each other. It makes me so...jealous.
Why is it so hard for them to stay away from each other?

"Oh my god, you again. What do you want?" Kyle snapped.
"If you're looking for Mimi, she's outside", Taylor smiled.

Kyle looked past the bombshell. His knees became weak at what he was watching.

Once I caught Kyle looking at us, I kissed Anthony. Why did I do this? I don't know.
Maybe I just wanted him to feel what I felt when he kissed Taylor.
But Anthony was the guy I liked since middle school. Why isn't my heart racing?

"You think you're cool, don't you".

"Mimi, what was that?" asked Anthony smiling, "I mean I'm glad, but that was random".
"Sorry...I..uh, just really wanted to", I said lying. I'm sorry for lying Anthony.

I glanced back to see Kyle standing there like a statue. Numb. I think I broke him.

Oh gosh, what did I do? Maybe I went too far as to kissing his best friend.
Kyle is probably going to hate me for this. What I did was far worse than anything.
Kissing his best friend.


"Should I get some Cheetos or Doritos?"

"Get some Doritos. And Dylan why are you at the vending machine?" asked Jenny.
(Honk Honk)

"I've been wondering that too. I don't know, but when I went to our table no one was there", said Dylan.
"Where is everyone? Aren't they at school?" asked Jenny.
"Last time I checked, I saw everyone in class so far", said Dylan.
"Something's not right..." said Jenny cautiously.

Dylan stared at the sight of Mimi and Anthony walking together, pretty close too.
"Jenny, I think I found the problem", said Dylan.

"What is it?" Jenny asked.
"Let's just say I saw Mimi with another guy and it wasn't Kyle", Dylan said.
"Oh dear".
"Oh dear is right", said Dylan.
(Honk Honk)

"You should go check up on Kyle, I'm going to call Mimi", Jenny said.
"Jenny get off the phone. No offense but you're kinda a crazy driver", said Dylan.
(Honk Honk)
"I am not," said Jenny, "Quit honking at me dipstick!"
Dylan laughed, "Jenny, I'll deal with Kyle and Mimi. Tell your dad I said hi".
"Okay, see you later then", said Jenny.
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I like the story!! Where did you get Dylan's hair? I love his hair!
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Sorry, I didn't realize someone commented. And I can't remember where I got Dylan's hair

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