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Default Pattern Help.
I've recently found myself diving into the world of sims 3 content creation. I have a seamless pattern both horizontal and vertical. I have read through most of the tutorials on making patterns and their masks but none of which apply to the pattern I'm trying to make.

I can see that it has various shades and stuff but I'm at a loss of what to do to make it recolour friendly with the RGB masks. Sorry if this is in the wrong section or has been asked before but I couldn't find a post/tutorial relating to the creation of damaged/rusted patterns. I know there are various patterns such as these that have already been made, but I want to make my own that way I wont have to troll around MS3B anymore looking for them, cause i'll be able to make my own. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and the reply button is just below

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This CycloneSue's tutorial uses photo as its example:
Maybe it helps?

If that fails, you image might also work "single color", with instructions here:
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