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The Slightly Eventful Life of Victoria Stephens: Gen 4. : 4.1 Victoria Takes Over (UPDATED OCT 17th 2012)
A/N: This is a legacy story, and I'm following all legacy rules. There will be all 10 generations in this story, and I'm not 100% sure as to what may happen. This is going to be slightly spontanious, and written casually.
Awesome Extra Links!
Stephens Family Tree (May contain spoilers)
Stephens Family Extra's Website A look at all extra things Stephens! For example, wedding pictures, baby pictures, and generation overviews.(May contain spoilers)
Now, on with the story! (:

Hello, everyone. I'm Harmony Stephens. Welcome to my some-what eventful life.

Firstly, let me give you a bit of my back story.

I'm 22 years old, and I moved to the beautiful town of Riverview a little over a month ago. I'm slightly neurotic, very artistic, I'm a perfectionist, I'm very ambitious, and I'm extremely lucky.

I grew up in Bridgeport, and let me tell you, I hated it. Not because of the town, or any of the things that happened there, but because that's where my good-for-nothing family lived, and each one of the 18 years I lived with them were awful.

My mother, Cheryl Peterson, was always too busy for me; I was simply an inconvenience to her, and she hardly ever spoke to me. She was always out at the bars, drinking and trying to get into the VIP sections, trying to do whatever she could to get one of the town celebrities to notice her. She was noticed a few times, and one of those few times resulted in my birth. My mother worked as a spa receptionist, and would occasionally moonlight as a mixologist at one of the more questionable bars in town for extra cash. She would normally be gone all night, and if she came back, it would always be with a man, and they would go back into her room. The moment I heard her door close, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get any sleep.
Why? Simply because our walls were incredibly thin, and I could hear everything that went on in my mothers room. My mother was a neurotic and inappropriate person, but she was also ambitious. She was extremely unlucky, and she had serious commitment issues.

My father was a much more interesting character. My father was none other than the Brandon Stephens, an extremely talented artist and musician. He had a number of masterpieces, and almost everyone knew who he was, including everyone in Bridgeport. He was in town for three days, and a ton of Sims came to see him at the art gallery and each one of the venues he played at. In one of those clubs, on one of those nights, my mother ended up getting into the VIP section. She bought him a few drinks, and went off to her apartment.
Not too long after that, I was born.

From what I've heard about my father, he was a flirt, and he was very lucky. He was obviously artistic, and he had a real gift for music. Apparently, he was also a perfectionist. From the pictures I've seen of him, he was a beautiful man, and I keep getting told that I look a lot like him, although, I personally think I look more like my mother.

Some of you may wonder why I speak of my parents in past tense, and that's rather simple; they both are dead. My father died a week after I was born. He ended up getting into a car accident, and was killed instantly. My mother died a little over a month ago of sickness, and it was with the money she left me that I moved to Riverview. I have been out on my own since I was 18, as I said earlier, and during that time, rather than doing anything productive, I wandered the streets of Bridgeport, hanging out with the wrong people, and doing some things that were questionable. I lived with my cousin, Riley for awhile. Riley and I looked eerily similar, probably because she was on my dads side of the family. The only real difference there was is that she was a blonde, and my hair is a dark red. She was my best friend, but then she met this guy, Allen, and they ran off together. I haven't heard from her in almost a year.

Riley, and the lack of cash, were the only things keeping my in Bridgeport. After I realized that Riley was gone, and not coming back, I got a job at the grocery store, trying to get my life back together.
Not too long after that, my mother passed, giving me enough money to leave.

So, I left and bought a huge plot of land in Riverview. Why? I want to build my home from scratch, I want to create a beautiful home step by step, and maybe when I get older, I want to be able to raise my kids on enough land for them to run, and grow.

My first night in town, I decided to go explore some of the local venues. None of them are anything like the ones back home. But I found a cute little bar and soon enough, I was approached by a few people. I even made some friends with the guy you see me speaking too, Hal Breckenridge, and the man in the background, George Dean. I went out looking for jobs first thing the next morning, and I accepted the first one I could find, and that was a job as a stylist.

My first day on the job was rough, but I got the hang of it and I made about $600. Not bad, right?
Now, if you're wondering why I chose to be a stylist, it's really rather simple, I love fashion. I grew up in a highly fashionable area, and everyone knew how to dress themselves. I lived and breathed it as a teenager, and I thought about maybe trying to be a designer, but I thought in this town, it might be better to style people. My god, was I right. So few people in this town know how to dress themselves, it saddens me.

That day after work, Hal stopped by, and we talked for awhile. He and I flirted a little, but I kept it light, after all, I only met him a short while ago, I didn't want to start anything so soon. I told him about all the people that came in, and that I styled. Including a few celebrities. One that made the biggest impression, however, was one Don Lathario. I mentioned him because he gave me some beautiful purple flowers that were sitting by my station.

Hal laughed a little, and said that he was surprised that I even mentioned it, because he thought people gave me flowers all the time.

"You're seriously beautiful, it's only natural for guys like Don to notice."

I laughed a bit, and shrugged it off. I had not expected him to say something like that. He had successfully made me blush.

A few days later, I had gotten promoted and as a result of that promotion, I had my first in home appointment that afternoon. I went to this woman's home and styled three formal outfits for her, and she hated what I gave her. It took me six tries to get what she wanted. She. Was. So. Damn. Picky. I went back to the salon, and Don came in again.

"Hey, beautiful." He smiled.

"Hello there, Don." I giggled, softly.

"How's it going?"

"It's going fairly well, I can't wait for work to be over."

"Oh?" He questioned, "Why's that?"

"I'm going to a party later," I grinned, "it's going to be a lot of fun."

"I hope so." He smiled, "Are you going with someone?"

His intrest in the matter made me laugh a bit, and I shook my head.

"Nope, I'm just going. It's not going to be too big of a party anyway. More like a little get-together."

"I see," he smiled.

We continued to talk until the end of my break, and I even considered him a good friend by the time the conversation, and slight flirting was over. There was something slightly.... electric about him. There was a pull, and we stood very closely the entire time we talked. He drew me in, he had some of the most amazing looking eyes I'd ever seen, and he looked genuinely happy to see me. Once my break was over, I styled him, and we said I goodbyes, and he promised to call me later.

I went to the party, that was being hosted by Hal. We chatted for awhile, and he was flirting with me. I flirted back, even though I'm not normally such a flirt. It didn't get too intense, but it was pleasant, and I enjoyed the feeling I had when I held his hand. I ended up leaving the party a little early, as I was simply worn out from a tiresome day of work and flirting.

Don actually did call me that night, and we chatted for about an hour, or so. I ended up hanging up with him, telling him that I was starving and I had to go eat something before I went to bed. He apparently thought of that as an acceptable reason to hang up with me, and he promised that he'd talk to me again soon.

Right before I was about to get into bed, Hal called. He asked if I would be interested in going on a date with him on Sunday. I agreed, told him that I had to go to bed, and I would see him on Sunday.

Sunday rolled around and he and I met up at the park. The date was awkward. He tried to flirt with me, but I just wasn't feeling it. He seemed genuinely into me, but I ended up having to end the date when he tried to kiss me and I turned my head, dodging the kiss. I then had to explain to him that the date was too much like hanging out with any other guy friend, and we should remain just friends. He was slightly hurt, but he accepted my wishes.

Later on that evening, I got a call from Don. He insisted that I meet him at this fishing spot up in the mountains, he swore it was beautiful, and totally worth seeing at night. I reluctantly agreed, and I met him up there just after sunset.

I went up there and we chatted for a bit, and again, it felt like there was a magnet in between us, and our conversation became much, much more flirty. We spoke to each other in whispers, and I looked in his eyes. He looked back into mine, and before I knew it...

I was giving him a soft, gentle kiss. It sent fireworks throughout my body. I couldn't believe it! I had never had a kiss that felt like that before. The feeling was intense, even though the kiss was soft.

He smiled at me, and stroked my cheek, softly whispering in my ear, "Do you wanna just sit and maybe watch the stars for a little while?"

"I'd love to."

We sat down and looked at the sky, admiring the stars and how much they shined. I was impressed on how much brighter the stars looked here in Riverview. Especially up here, in the mountains. It was breath taking.

He whispered in my ear, "Do you mind if after we finish here, we go back to your place?"

"For what reason?" I asked, laughing. "Dinner?"

"Sure, we'll start with Dinner. Who knows, though, Miss. Stephens, you might want me to stay longer, for other purposes..."

I giggled, and bit my lip, before looking back at him and speaking in a soft tone, "Well, Mr. Lathario," I paused, "I suppose we'll just have to see."

We both laughed, and he gave me a suggestive smile, and I giggled a little bit. We stayed there a little longer before we got up and headed back to my place, a tiny little home-well, shack, really- and we ate some salad for dinner.

"Why aren't you with anyone, Harmony?" He asked.

"Uh, well, I haven't really been asked to be with anyone."

"Will you be with me?" He asked.

"Like, as your girlfriend?"

"Yeah," he laughed, "As my girlfriend."

"Of course!" I squealed. I kissed him and then, because I didn't have a couch, we ended up sitting on my bed and talking, which ended up to laying on the bed and flirting, and that led to kissing, and well, of course that led to...

I gotta say, it was the best woohoo I think I've ever had. He was good, very good, and when we finished, I was exhausted, and thankful that I had the next day off.

We slept in late, and I woke up at about 11 to go and make breakfast. Don was in the shower, I could hear it running. I ate my breakfast and put Don's in the fridge. I had just finished cleaning up when he came out, and smiled at me. I noticed that he looked different, but I didn't really think of that too much until he came closer to me.

He kissed me good morning and I could not believe how incredible it felt when his cool lips touched mine. I opened my eyes, and smiled at him, and as soon as he locked eyes with me, I immediately knew, he had transformed into a Vampire.

I almost jumped back, slightly startled, but he held onto me, comfortingly, and said not to worry. He found out that morning, and he had been turned without wanting to be. I told him that it was okay, I wasn't going to dump him just because he was a vampire. After all, I grew up in Bridgeport, I had come across more than my fair share of vampires, and as a teenager, half of my friends were indeed vampires. He was relieved, and kissed me again, telling me how happy he was that I wasn't mad at him. I kissed him again, showing him that it didn't matter to me that he was a vampire, just as long as he didn't try to kill me. He laughed, and promised me he wouldn't, but he did say he might bite me once or twice. I laughed and told him that was okay, and that I wouldn't mind if he bit me.

He gave me a sexy grin and said he had to go out for some plasma fruit, and he said he'd be back after nightfall. I smiled and told him okay, but not to be gone for too long.

After he left, I chuckled to myself. I was dating a vampire.
A really, really sexy vampire....

A/N: Just so everyone knows, I did not want Don to be a vampire, nor did I think he was when I had them start going out. I know that storyline is really overplayed, but I'm just letting the game play out. I might cure him later on, I might not, but either way, I think it's a cool twist in the story!

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The Slightly Eventful Life of Harmony Stephens Becomes Slightly More Eventful

On our six-month anniversary, Don moved in with me. Not that he practically wasn't living with me already, as he was over just about every night, but it just became official on that day. He sold his old place and gathered all of his things that weren't already over here and moved in. With some of the money I've been saving up from work, and some of the money he brought to the household when he moved in, we were able to add a small addition onto my little shack-actually making it a real house...kind of. We actually have a bedroom, even though it's really small, our kitchen has gotten bigger,
and we now have a couch, and a pretty nice TV.

Don has been one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time. Having him around makes life feel so much more complete. Don't get me wrong, as much as I love him, Don is nowhere near perfect. He hardly ever cleans up, unless I ask him to, and I'm a very tidy person, so waking up and seeing that he hasn't made up his side of the bed sort of bothers me, but he's been getting better at it. He also has his commitment issues, but we've been working on them and he seems to be very much committed to me, as whenever we go out, he doesn't look at any other girl the way he looks at me. He's told me that his vampirisim seems to have made his emotions much more intense. He keeps telling me that he didn't know he could be so in love with someone, want someone so much, or be so happy. Every time he says things like that, I can't help but blush.

I really am very much in love with him, and it makes me overjoyed that he's staying with me now. Everything is just as intense as it was when we first started going out, and he makes my heart beat extremely fast, and I can never get enough of him.

He also got a new job in the Business Career when he moved in. He told me that he wanted to make sure he could make enough money to support me, and that he wanted to, and to try to convince him otherwise would just make him want to do so even more. I tried to tell him to not worry about it, but I realized that money is tight, and having a little more income added to the household would definitely not be a bad thing, so, I kept my mouth shut. He also told me that going to work would keep him on the same schedule I am, so, we could see as much of each other as possible, and it would keep him out of the sunlight during the day. After hearing all of that, I was more okay with him doing so, as it seemed like a very logical thing to do.

I've moved up in my Stylist Career, and the local town Celebs are always asking me to make them over. Because of my constant interaction with them, I'll occasionally go to their parties. For example, a few weeks ago I went to Hunter Cotteneye's party. It was a fun party, and Hunter is a very nice guy. Of course, since I've been working with celebrities, and am living with one, I've gotten quite famous myself, and lets not forget to mention that everyone has now found out that I'm Brandon Stephens daughter, and apparently, his only child, upping my fame a little more. I really don't mind getting noticed, everyone here in Riverview is very sweet, and I enjoy getting to know them.

Of course, with my Promotion comes my awesome new uniform. I think this one looks pretty great, I mean look at me! I look so professional. I'm making quite a bit more money a week, and a day, depending on how many Sims I style. Don and I have been saving up to make our house a little bit better. I mean, right now, it doesn't really look all that bad, but it could be better. Actually, it could be a lot better. But hey, something is better than nothing. However, if I'm going to be a celebrity, I need to save up some money and build a better house so I can at least look like I'm living like one.

Don goes to work an hour before I do, so, he normally wakes up first, but he always kisses me good morning before he goes off to take a shower. He'll eat his plasma fruit, and by this time, I'm making my way to the shower, so he'll kiss me again right before he leaves for work. Our routine works out pretty well. He always gets home at right about 3 o'clock. I don't get home until 7. So, he's taken up the habit of working out and working on his skills until I get home. When I get back home, he'll drink his plasma juice, and I'll eat my dinner, and we'll talk about our day. He always offers to clean up, and I'll let him-but only sometimes. After all, I'm the one who's the perfectionist, and the neat freak, so, I should be the one to clean.

Our favorite thing to do after dinner is go out and watch the stars. Because we really don't have too much money, we have to do things that are either cheep, or free, and watching the stars in our back yard is a free thing, that's always fun to do. We always enjoy doing it, and it's rather romantic, too. It's also one of the things that brought us together in the first place, so it also brings back happy memories of our first night together.

Sometimes, we'll stay out there for hours, looking up and talking about anything, and everything. Work, people in town, being a celebrity, our future, things we did that day, who we saw, who we talked to, any parties that might be going on soon, and a whole bunch of things like that. Other times, we'd only be out there for an hour or so, in silence, just enjoying each other's company, and just being close to one another, and occasionally looking away from the sky and into each other's eyes.

Yet, there were still other times when we would just spend the entire time making out, and we'd only be out there for about thirty minuets before we decided we needed to take it back into our room.
No matter what happens, we always end up closer together by the end of the night, and that's something I really can't get enough of.

Today, I came home from work and Don greeted me with a very deep, and very passionate kiss.

I smiled at him, and laughed a little bit, "Now, Mr. Lathario, what was that about?"

He chuckled a little, "What? I'm not aloud to kiss my lovely girlfriend with passion when she comes home from work without having a reason behind it?"

"Well, of course you're aloud to," I said while keeping my arms wrapped around his neck, "But, it does make me think that you might be up to something."

"Would it be bad if I was up to something, Miss Stephens?" He whispered softly into my ear.

"Well, I suppose not...." I smiled.

"Good," he said, while getting down one one knee in front of me, making me shake my head slightly, but when I saw him pull out a box, I knew exactly what was going on, and I couldn't control my blushing.

"Harmony Cheryl Stephens, I love you more than anything in the entire world. I want to be able to spend as long as I can with you, and I want you to be mine, and officially mine, and I want to be yours, officially yours. I love you so much, I can't even describe. I want to take care of you, I want to have a family with you, and I want you to grow old by my side. I want to protect you, and I want to make you as happy as I can make you. There is no one else in this entire world that I want to be with. Harmony, will you marry me?"

He slid the ring on my finger and I simply couldn't speak. I looked at it for awhile, with happy tears rolling down my face. I looked him in the eyes and ended up being able to whimper out a "yes".

He smiled and stood up, wrapping me in his strong arms and giving me a deep, loving kiss. I held onto him and let out happy tears. I had never been so happy in my life. I was getting married, and I was going to eventually be able to have a family, and then, I could give my family something that I never had, a good, happy life with parents that loved them, and loved each other.

I was going to be able to start my legacy out right, and I was going to be able to give my family happiness, and security, something I never had.

Life was going to be good.

The next day at work, I got a promotion, encouraging my feeling of goodness and that everything was going to be great. That was, until I saw my new uniform.

Who else wants to join me in saying, "ew!"?

Don saw it that evening, and he told me it wasn't that bad, but I was quick to disagree.

He just smiled at me though, and kissed my forehead.

I was beyond happy to be with him, and I was even happier that soon, I would be his wife, and that he'd be my husband.

Yeah, life was going to be good.
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Default Miss. Stephens, becomes Mrs. Stephens

A few weeks before the wedding, I noticed that I needed a new look. My hair had grown out, and it was looking just a bit odd, so I decided to do something about it, I also felt that my outfit needed to be upgraded from, "Oh look, it's Harmony, the new girl!" To, "Oh look! It's Harmony, the oh-so-awesome Stylist!"
think I did a pretty good job achieving that look, if I do say so myself. I made sure to complete the look long before the wedding. I think that having my hair fall in long, loose curls, the new purple eyeshadow which really makes my eyes pop, and adorable, fashionable and age, as well as position appropriate outfit made me look fantastic, and like I was ready for the new responsibilities that will soon be coming my way.

Don and I were ecstatic about the wedding. Everyone around town was talking about it, and was excited to go. Half the town was coming. If not the entire town. Most of the people coming were my friends, as through my line of work, I met and quickly become friends with everyone who entered the salon. Don didn't mind, though. He was more than happy to have a lot of people, even though he might not have known who they were, come to see our wedding. Since we were so tight on cash, we skipped all of the pre-wedding parties, so we could have the best wedding possible. It ended up being a wise choice, because we were able to get married in the most beautiful place in town. It was a newly built park, that had a waterfall that you were in front of in the reception area, and when you were in the actual area where the wedding would be taking place, you were above it, and no matter where we looked in that area, we had an amazing, beautiful view.

He took me there for the first time three days before the wedding. Needless to day, I was quite blown away when I saw the park. It was gorgeous, and I couldn't believe he and I had the money to rent it for the wedding! Not to mention the cost of catering, and the open bar that we were going to have. He just smiled, though, and told me that it wasn't as expensive as it sounded. We sat down on a bench that was placed just in front of the waterfall, so we could look at the park while listening to the water crash behind us. It was incredibly romantic When he took me there, there was no one else besides us in the park, which only added to the sweetness of it. We sat there for a long time, enjoying the peace of the night.

"Don?" I whispered.

"Yes, Harmony?"

"You do know that when we marry, you're going to have to take on my last name, right?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I know." He began,"I know why you came here, to build a name for yourself, and for your future generations. Actually, it's going to be our future generations now, isn't it?" He paused, and smiled, "Anyway, I'm just honored to be a part of it, I truly am. It makes me ecstatic to think that I'm going to be responsible for bringing the next generation of Stephens into the world. I also hope that when we have our daughters, that they all turn out like you; strong, smart, and incredibly beautiful."

I smiled at him, and was speechless for a moment. I think he could tell, and he just chuckled a little and kissed my forehead. I giggled a little, and I looked at him for a long time, thinking about how lucky I was to have such a wonderful man in my life, that was going to stay in my life, for a very long time.
I could see it, in a few years from that moment, I'd be a mother, with 2.5 children, with hopefully at least one daughter, they would all be beautiful, with dark hair and uniquely colored eyes, as mine were purple and Don's, when he was human, were blue.

Don brought me back to reality by commenting on the beautiful flowers that were all around the park, and how they were all wild, and had grown in perfectly-placed clumps naturally. He also said that he thought the park was more beautiful at night, simply because it was always so much quieter.

I then looked up at the sky and gasped, and he noticed my reaction, and looked up the same moment I did. He smiled widely when he noticed that I was admiring the beauty of the night sky. It certainly was a beautiful sight. We were both startled when I heard his stomach growl. He jumped back and realized that he had forgotten to bring his plasma fruit with him, and that we must have been gone much longer than he thought we were. He apologized, but said that we would have to go home before he lost control of his thirst and drank from me. I looked at him, and tilted my head.

"I'd like to stay here, though, Don, it's beautiful."

"It wont be so beautiful when my fangs are ripping through your skin, will it?"

"Well, maybe if they're not ripping, maybe if they're just poking through..." I whispered, lightly.

He gave me a serious look, that soon changed to one of passion, and then to one of hunger, and then one confusing, but sexy mix of all three.

"You're saying that you'd be okay with it if I drank from you?"

"Yes," I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck, "After all, you are going to be my husband, I'm okay with providing you some nourishment. Granted, I probably shouldn't do it too often, but every now and again..."

As soon as I stopped speaking, he was brushing my hair away from my neck, and he gave me some gentle, loving kisses all over the right side of my neck, causing me to shiver. He did this for awhile until I softly whimpered out, "Don, it's okay, go ahead and bite me..."
He did not need to be told twice.

He seemed certain that it was going to hurt me, but, it was actually quite the opposite, the feeling was euphoric, and I don't think I had ever experienced anything that felt better. He fed for only a few moments and stopped quickly, licking the wound to help seal it and help it heal.

He looked me right in the eyes, and asked me with deep concern if I was alright. I simply smiled and kissed him, deeply and passionately. I suppose that answered his question, because he just smiled, and we walked around the park for about another hour before we headed home.

Three weeks later, it was time for the wedding. Almost everyone in town came. The ceremony was at night, of course, and the wedding started at sunset. The food was excellent, and so was the mixologist, he made some of the best drinks I ever had the pleasure of tasting.

When the ceremony started, I walked down the isle, up to my soon-to-be husband, and the one I was to spend the rest of my days with.

"Harmony, you are my everything. I have never loved anyone the way I love you. You're so beautiful, and you're beyond perfect. I love everything about you, to me, you have no flaws, and I know that I could never ask for anything better. You're everything I've ever wanted. I love you, Harmony, and I happily will take you as my wife, and I will love you, I will cherish you, and I will stay with you, no matter what hardships may get thrown our way. I give you this ring, symbolizing how my love for you is eternal, and will never end."

"Don, I give you this ring, symbolising my eternal, and ever-lasting love for you, and only you. I love you Don. I love you more than I can put into words. You're everything to me, and I gladly take you as my husband, always, and forever, and no matter what happens. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Don, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with you."

The moment I finished speaking, we kissed. It was the softest, sweetest, and most passionate kiss I had ever received. I blushed, and we walked back down the isle, holding hands and going down to the reception, so we could cut the cake.

The cake was beautifully decorated, and it fit our wedding perfectly.

Everyone had a good time, and when we weren't entertaining our guests, Don and I would spend a moment or two laughing, excited about the wedding, and being able to go home and make the marriage, 'official'

That night was one of the best nights of my entire life.I didn't think my day could have gotten any better than it was, but it did, and laying there beside him that night, knowing that we were now officially Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, the joy was indescribable, and I hoped that the rest of our life together would be equally as amazing as the first year had been.

A few weeks later, I ran from the bathroom and jumped into Don's arms.

He laughed, "Hello there, darling, what has you so excited this early in the morning?"

I gave him the biggest smile I could, and I gleefully shouted out, "Don! I'm pregnant!"
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Harmony's Life Goes From Eventful to Stressful.

The next nine months went buy in a blur of doctors appointments, cooking, cleaning, watching T.V., and having the weirdest cravings. It ended up working out well, though. Everything was going like it was supposed to, and I knew that my baby was going to be healthy, and happy. I was eating a lot, but that was okay, and actually a good thing, because I was eating for two people. I told Don that it would have been fine if he needed to drink from me again, but he refused to the moment he found out I was pregnant. He told me that the baby needed to by my main focus, and even though it wasn't very good, he'd get buy on plasma juice.

He loved the baby, and as soon as he would come home from work, he'd spend 15 minuets talking to my tummy, and telling the baby that was growing inside of me-our baby-how much he loved it, and how he would be the very best daddy in the entire world. He kept saying how he'd buy our little angel all the toys it wanted, how he'd spend as much time as he could with it, and how he couldn't imagine how happy he'd be when they baby did come.

After he spoke to the baby, he'd start talking to me and we'd spend the rest of the evening chilling out, and cuddling. Life was going by slowly, but pleasently, and the excitement of having a baby on the way just made everything better. Life was going good. Don and I were both making excellent money, and even though my Aunt Wilma died, she left me 31K in inheretince, so, Don and I used it to expand the house, and make room for baby.

On March 12th at 4:30 in the morning, Tabitha Joy Stephens was born. I had her at the hospital, and by the time I cane home, her room was ready for her. She was born a vampire baby, meaning that Don had passed his vampirsim on to our child.

At first, it didn't bother me. So my daughter was just a little different than most little girls. She was still beautiful, she was still mine, and I still loved her more than I loved anything in the world, but I almost felt bad for her. She was going to be ridiculed when she went to day care, and eventually, school. She was going to be an outsider, because she'd be a vampire's child. My heart ached for her, and I wanted to cure her of her vampirsim, as soon as possible, no matter the cost. I called the Science Facility as soon as I could, and asked them how old my daughter would need to be to be able to drink the cure. They said she'd have to be a young adult, because the effects the cure might have on children are extremely negative, so it was best to wait.

My heart sank. I held my beautiful Tabitha in my arms, my little Tabby, and tried my best to not worry too much about her future.

would spend hours in her room each night, just looking at her, holding her, telling her how much I loved her, and that I'd be there for her, and I'd be her best friend, and that no matter what happened, I'd take care of her, and make sure that she was happy.

This was about the time that Don started working a lot more. He had to, we needed money. He'd wake up at four,shower, be at the office by six, hold a meeting before seven, work all day, eat some plasma fruit, and then go back to holding meetings until eight in the evening, then he'd have to report to his boss, tell her what happened throughout the day, and then he'd head home. Often times, he wouldn't be back until ten at night. By this time, both Tabby and I had both been in bed, her for two hours, me for one. I was always exhausted by the end of the day. I was still working as a stylist, but, I was working from home so I could take care of Tabby, and when I wasn't styling, I was cleaning the house, or making something for myself to eat, taking care of Tabby, or trying to take care of the house.

So, of course, if Tabby woke up in the middle of the night, I'd have to get up and take care of her, no matter what, because Don had to work in the morning, and my appointments didn't come in until 10 AM. So, I'd get up with her, change her diaper, feed her, snuggle her, comfort her, tell her everything was okay, and all of that. I really didn't mind too much, it just bothered me that Don wasn't stepping up to be a father. I never saw him with her. Ever. He never went in to check on her, he never gave her toys, I don't think she ever even saw her father, and that was the thing that bothered me the most.

When she became a toddler, her vampirism was much more noticeable. The other little kids didn't want to play with her at the park, so she'd play by herself. She didn't really seem to mind though, it seemed as if she enjoyed being alone. I always fed her and put her to bed sometime around eight at night. Before I'd put her to bed, I'd sing to her, just soft little lullabies, but she really enjoyed them, and more often than not, they would put her right to sleep.

I was the one who taught her how to walk, how to talk, and I was also the one who potty trained her. It seemed like it was really only the two of us, and it seemed like Don, for the most part was out of the picture. He was always either at work, or asleep, or when he did have some free time, he'd be watching TV, or at the gym.

So, for the most part, it was just me and Tabby. I could leave her to play alone in her room most of the time, she didn't mind. She enjoyed sitting in her room and playing with her toys, especially the one that my Great Uncle Timmy gave to her. He ended up dying not too long after he sent her that toy, and since I was his only living relative, over the age of 21, he left me 30k. I placed that money in a savings account, so we could add a real second story to our home.

I told this to Don, and he seemed to be indifferent. There was something wrong, and every time I would try and talk to him, he simply would insist that nothing was wrong and he would end the conversation.

I was making myself some lunch one Sunday afternoon, and Tabby was playing in her room, while Don was sitting there, watching T.V, this was the first time I saw him stay at home for more than fifteen minuets in weeks. I ate my lunch and decided that I needed to go over and speak to him about Tabby. Tell him that it bothered me that she had inherited being a vampire, that it bothered me that he never spent any time with her, and that I wished he'd take a few days off to spend with his family.

The discussion quickly turned into an argument.

"Look, Don, I'm not trying to make you feel bad! I'm just trying to talk to you! We hardly even see each other anymore! You never see me, you never see Tabby, and she's your daughter! She's a vampire because of you, and you should be there for her! I know she's young right now, but she's going to need you to tell her how to cope with being a vampire in the near future. You should be talking to her, you should have been helping me teach her how to talk, walk and become potty trained! But no! All you ever do is work, and when you're not working, you're either at the gym, or watching T.V, can't you please just spend some time with your family? Tabby and I need you."

"Harmony, shut up! I'm stressed out after working so long and the only two things that calm me down are working out and watching TV. I can't stop working, Harmony, we need money. You're always working on something, another addition, better counters, more furniture, repairs, clothes, if I stopped working so hard we would never have any money because of your ridiculous spending! And oh, Tabby's a vampire because of me? No, really? I know that, but you're her mother, so she's your responsibility!"

"She's our daughter, Don! She's our responsibility! And don't you DARE go into how much money I spend, all the money I've spent has been for the benefit of our family! All the money I've spent has been from my job, and the inheritance left by my dead family members! You seem to keep all of yours, I have no idea what the hell you do with it, you certainly don't do anything for me and Tabby! What happened, Don? Four years ago, right before Tabby was born, you loved me. When she was born, you loved her too. You used to love us, Don. Now, you're never around. She hardly even knows who you are. She'll ask me where you are, sometimes. She asks me why she never gets to see you. She misses you, Don. I miss you, too."

Don sighed.

"I'm sorry, okay? I still love you, Harmony, I do. I-I just don't know what else I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to work, and you're yelling at me because I'm working too much! That's insane! You're insane! You told me that you didn't mind that I was a vampire, and that you wouldn't mind if we had vampire children, but now, you're yelling at me because our first child is a vampire? Did you just now realize what she was going to go through? I thought you knew when I told you it was going to be a possibility! ******, Harmony!"

"Don...I'm just concerned. And I feel like you don't love us anymore. It's always me who's with Tabby, you never even come inside her room to even check on her. You don't even put your arms around me when we sleep anymore. We're always facing away from each other. I feel so alone in this, Don. I do. I love you so much, but I feel unwanted by you. Couldn't you burn off stress by talking to me? By playing with Tabby?"

Goddamnit, Harmony!" He shouted, "I'm trying okay! Just-! Screw it, Harmony, just fuck it. I'm going out for awhile." He shouted and walked towards the door.

"Don-wait, I-" Before I could finish, he slammed the door.

I sat back against the wall and cried. I cried for a long, long time. The only reason I stopped was because Tabby needed to be put down for her afternoon nap.

That night was the first night in six years that I slept alone. I fell asleep, just kind of accepting that Don wasn't going to come home.

However, around 4:45 in the morning, I heard him walk in the front door. I walked out of the room and saw him walking towards the kitchen. I stopped right in front of him, and my anger ended up getting the best of me.

"Where the HELL have you been! Do you even know what time it is! I was worried sick! You should have been home hours ago! Why didn't you call?"

I was fuming, and I felt like I was on the verge of tears.

"You haven't even noticed, have you?" He whispered.

"Notice wha-" I stopped, because I just realized what he was talking about.

He was human again.

I held onto him as tightly as I could, he was so warm. I cried into his shoulder, and he kissed my forehead. It was going to be okay. He was human, he changed back, because he thought that was what was going to make me happy. I wasn't going to have to have anymore vampire children, not that I minded. I was going to have someone warm to sleep next to, and Tabby was going to have her daddy. A human daddy, yes, but she would at least have her daddy.

At least, that's what I thought.

In the years that followed, Don would work even longer hours, and, he'd go on buisness trips almost each weekend, so, it wouldn't be unusual for him to not come home. I got accustomed to sleeping alone.

We lived like this for two more years, before I got a call from his boss. She was crying, and she told me that Don had been sleeping with her for the past year and a half, and she thought that she might be pregnant with his kid.

When he came home that night I was angrier than I had ever been.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING? Is that why you hardly ever come home anymore? 'Cause you're with your boss? How could you, Don? I've been faithful to you! I haven't even LOOKED at another man since we've been together. I've even stayed faithful to you throughout all of this, even though you'd be gone for days at a time! I don't understand, Don! What have I done to deserve this!"

"I'm sorry, Harmony, but, I just couldn't not do it! You never want me anymore, and I have needs, Harmony."

"Who said I didn't want you anymore? I think it's you who doesn't want me anymore, actually, it is you that doesn't want me, you've proved it!"

"You know what? Maybe you're right, maybe I don't want you anymore, but you know what? Maybe that's your fault because you're always so nasty all the time and nit picking me about how I'm never here!"

"Sweet jesus, Don! I-You know what! Never mind, I want a devorce, and as of right now, you are moved out of this house. I loved you, Don, I did, but you know what? I'm done with you! I don't want anything to do with you anymore. I never want to see you again, ever. I want you out of my life. I'm done with this, this is over."

"Awe, Harmony-"

I screamed, pushing him towards the door.

"You know what?" He shouted, "FINE. Fine! I'm out of here, Harmony, I don't want any of this, I'll leave, I'll go away,you'll never hear from me again! I hope doing this makes you happy. I'm gone. I'll leave town, I'll go out to the middle of nowhere. I don't want to deal with any of this!"

And with that, he walked out of the door.

I heard crying, and I turned around, and I saw my six-year-old daughter standing by the door to her room. I ran over to her and gave her the biggest hug I could.

"Mommy, does daddy hate us?"

"I don't know sweetie. It doesn't matter now, though, honey. It's just you and me now. Daddy-daddy's gone, and he's not coming back. It's just us, like it's always been. But Tabby, I'm here for you, and I love you, and I'm not going to leave you. You're my baby, and I'm your mommy, and we're going to stick together, alright?"

All I got were sniffles and slight whimpers.

I cried with her, and I just hoped that everything would end up alright.
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Harmony's Life Marches On

After Don and I got divorced, I gave myself a new look. I didn't want to look like the woman everyone thought of as "Don's ex-wife". It was hard to get over Don, and it took me a long time, but once I felt I had suffered enough, I started to hang out with some of my friends, Like the man you see me sitting with here. His name is Hunter Cottoneye, and he invited me to a party way back when I first moved here. I've styled him many times since then. He's a good guy, and he's pretty handy. He lives fairly close by, so he insists on coming over and making sure that everything is in good working order. I tell him that it's not necessary, but he always insists.

He's one of my very best friends, and in the four years since I got divorced, he's been willing to listen to me and try to make me feel better, and he helps out a lot.

He's almost always there when something breaks, and he'll fix it for me while I clean up the mess. I try to pay him, but he refuses to take any money from me, and he keeps telling me to save it, because Tabby and I need it.

The only way I ever found to repay him was to make him dinner. He never turned that one down. He always tells me that I'm a great cook. I simply thank him, and jokingly tell him that I need to do something right.
He's a great friend, and because of that, he always tells me I'm doing good at everything I do, and for a single mom, I do amazing things with Tabby.
I never know what to say to him after he says things like that, but I always smile, and that seems to be enough for him.

Normally, whenever he's over, we just sit on the couch and talk, like friends do, but one day while Tabby was at school, he looked over at me, wrapped his arms around my shoulders, pulled me close and gave me a very deep, very passionate kiss. I was shocked, extremely shocked, actually, but I kissed him back. It didn't feel like it did with Don, there was no spark, there was nothing, it was just kissing. However, I hadn't been kissed in a very long time, and he was actually a fairly good kisser, so I went along with it.

When he finally pulled away, he smiled and stood up, and helped me up as well. I looked at him and he smiled at me, and said, "Harmony, I've been in love with you for such a long time, but you and Don were together, so I didn't say anything, and then, when you two got divorced, I didn't want to say anything then, because I didn't want to be your re-bound guy. But now, I think that maybe you've moved on, so I'm saying something now. Harmony, I really, truly love you, and I think maybe if you tried, you could love me too."

I smiled a little and hugged him tightly and I looked him in the eyes while I spoke, "Hunter, you're really a great guy, I've never really thought of you in that way before, but who knows. I really do believe in giving everyone a chance, so, let's try this, and who knows, maybe something might come of it."

I really didn't think anything was going to come of it, but I felt comfortable around him, and he made me happy, if nothing else. Plus, it might be a good idea to have Hunter around, he and Tabby were great friends, and maybe having him around would be a good thing for her.

However, despite what I thought, something did come from it.

Again, he wasn't anywhere near as good as Don was, but still, he knew how to have a good time.

He left before Tabby came home, and he told me he'd call me later. I told him that I'd be waiting and as soon as he left I took a shower and did the laundry. I felt kind of uncomfortable after we woohooed, like I had made a mistake, kind of like what I did was start something that shouldn't have been started, and even though he was my friend, I kind of hoped that I could just ignore him for awhile. I didn't want to be like this with him.

When Tabby came home, I told her to go and do her homework. She finished it rather quickly and came at me with a pillow and demanded for a pillow fight. Boy, did I give her one, we pillow fought all the way to dinner time.

Out of everyone I knew, Tabby was my best of best friends. Of course, she was my daughter, but even still, we were always on the same page, and she loved spending time with me, just as I loved spending time with her. We had been through a lot together. We had spent nights crying together after her father left, and we had spent time laughing together over silly things we saw on her TV programs.

Even with everything that happened with Don, I was actually thankful for him because he gave me the best thing I ever could want or have. He gave me the opportunity to be a mother. Something I didn't even know I wanted to be. But I was glad I had Tabby. She was my everything. Everything I did, I did for her. She was perfect, at least in my eyes. Most of the other kids really didn't spend too much time talking with her, but she didn't mind. She kept telling me that she was a loner, and preferred not having very many friends.

I was so glad that I had Tabby, especially after Don and I got divorced, because she was going to be my only baby.

At least, that's what I thought.

Two months after my woohoo with Hunter, I found out that I was pregnant. I didn't tell him, I hadn't spoken to him since, except a message or two saying that I didn't think it was a good idea if we saw each other.

However, Don somehow found out that I had gotten pregnant, and he actually sent me an e-mail, with a "Congratulations!" message. I didn't respond.

Eight months after I found out, Courtney Alice Stephens was born. She was just as beautiful as Tabby, and she was human. Tabby was so happy to have a baby sister, and she was the one who helped me pick out a name.

Somehow, Hunter ended up finding out. He came over that night.

"Why didn't you tell me, Harmony? I love you, and the fact that we now have a child, that just makes me want to be with you more. Please, Harmony. I want to be in my daughters life."

"Hunter, please," I began, "It's not a good idea if we're together. I can take care of both of my girls on my own. I was the only one who took care of Tabby when she was born, and I can be the only one to take care of Courtney too. I don't need you, neither does Courtney, or Tabby."

That's when he surprised me.

He pulled out a ring and placed it on my finger, "Harmony, I love you so much, and I know you can take care of the girls by yourself, but I want to be able to be their father, I want to be able to support you, and them. You shouldn't have to do this alone, Harmony."

I shook my head, and gave the ring back to him.

"I'm sorry, Hunter, I am, but no. I'm not going to marry you, I'm not going to let you be in my life, or the girls' lives. We don't need you. Now please, Hunter, go. If I married you, I'd feel like I was making an awful mistake."

"If you're so sure, Harmony, then okay. But, my offer still stands. Just give me a call if you change your mind. My door is always open." And with that, he left.

A few months later, I turned 35 years old. I gave myself a new look and thought about my life. I was a full-fledged adult now, with two children, one failed marriage, and a baby daddy that I refused to talk to. However, I was also a level 8 Stylist, and my daughters were absolutely beautiful. I felt wiser, and like my life was only going to get more complicated from here on out.

One reason for that was because Tabby was going to be a teenager soon. I was going to have a teenager, and a toddler

On her thirteenth birthday, I wont lie, I cried a little, not because I'm that sappy, but because I remembered how I was when I was a teenager, and I prayed to whatever gods there were that she wouldn't end up being anything like me.

When she grew up, she was even more beautiful. She was also, thankfully, proving to be nothing like me.

I gave her a makeover, and she was very grateful. She loved my style, and she loved all the styles I picked for her.

She also insisted that she help me take care of Courtney, I let her, simply because of the joy I saw that it brought her.

She really loved her little sister, more than anything, it seemed. If I was working, Tabby would take care of Courtney until I had finished with my client. Those two were close, even from the beginning. I simply hoped that it would stay that way, and that those two would end up being best friends rather than the other, because that would make my life much easier, but then, when has anything in my life ever been easy?

Still, I could hope.
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Harmony Watches her Children Grow

I think I did even better with Courtney than I did with Tabby. Court was quick to pick things up, and she learned how to walk and talk very quickly. I could tell the kid was smart, and luckily, she stayed that way.
She was a delightful little girl, and I felt a little sad that she was going to be my last baby. I kind of enjoyed the whole baby-toddler thing. They were so cute, even when they threw up on you.

Life went on and as Courtney became a child and would play with her toys in her room, that's when I would throw myself into my work. I had recently got a drawing pad, so I used it to help me sketch some ideas.

Work kept going better and better, and it seemed like it'd be one promotion after another, and I was getting to the top of the ladder, and I was getting there fast.

Courtney would ask for help on her homework very often. I don't think it was because she couldn't do it, just that she didn't want to be doing schoolwork alone. Tabby and I would switch off helping her, but because Tabby was working to get a car and was in the art club, I normally did it, not that I minded. I enjoyed spending time with my daughters, and if I could help them, even better.

Even though Tabby was full-on in her teen years and Court was still a child, they got along fairly well, and would often eat dinner together, away from me, talking about their day at school. I thought it was cute that they were bonding. Often times, while I was cleaning up, they'd be running around upstairs, having a pillow-fight war, seeing who would win, and then what chores the loser would have to do.

Tabby didn't show any resentment toward Court, not even from day one. They may have different daddies, but neither of their dads ever saw them, all they had was me, and each other, and as a result, we were all very close. Nothing could happen in that house without everyone knowing. Perhaps that's the reason Tabby never had a boyfriend.

When prom came around for Tabby, I almost didn't think she would go, she hardly had any friends at school or anyone to go with, as she spent most of her time painting or writing, but when she came home and told me that she was going, I supported her, and I offered to buy her a new dress, but she declined, and simply wore her everyday dress. When she came back home, she told me she was crowned prom queen and I nearly passed out. I was so happy for her, but I couldn't believe it. My loner, vampire daughter, prom queen? Is anyone else confused? Either way, I was so happy for her, and hoped that meant that she had more friends than I thought she did.

Tabby was very talented, and she picked things up quickly. She had mastered both the painting and writing skills before she even became a young adult. To say that I'm proud of her would be an understatement.
The thought of her being so close to graduating made me feel very old for a moment. It seemed like only yesterday that she was a baby, and here she was, so close to being all grown up.

For awhile, even the simple thought was enough to make me cry a little.

However, the thing that made me feel really old, and made me cry even more, was when Courtney became a teenager.

When I looked at Courtney as a teenager, it was like looking at myself when I was in highschool. Her hair was much more red than mine, but it worked on her.
She was beautiful. Both of my girls were beautiful. It was looking at Courtney when I realized that it wouldn't be too long until I had to pass my legacy onto one of my girls.
The thought alone made my heart ache, I wanted to pass it onto both of them. But I couldn't, and I knew that it was going to be a difficult choice.
They were both strong, beautiful, intelligent, and very determined. They were both people, and book smart, they understood things, and they never seemed to look at things negatively. The more I thought about who I would chose, the harder it became to think about.

Not too long before Tabby's 21st birthday, I reached the top of the Stylist Career, and I completed my Lifetime Wish. The Mayor of Riverview came and presented me with an award, and I smiled very big, as there was a small party outside City Hall in my honor.

I was so happy, I had worked very hard to get to the top, and now that I was there-before I even became an elder-was a huge accomplishment.

When Tabby's 21st birthday came around, I was excited, and sad. I was excited, because my little girl was going to be a fully grown woman now, but I was sad because that meant that I was 45. I did not want to be 45.

Looking at her standing there, now a young adult, I smiled and thought back to when I moved into town, and started out living in a shack, and in only 22 years, I had created a beautiful home for my children, and I gave them a great life.

For the sake of our daughter's 21st, Don and I even put up with each other. We actually were a little friendly, and spoke pleasantly with each other for awhile, much to Tabby's joy.

And as promised, on her Birthday, I gave her the cure for vampirisim. It took her awhile to be able to convince herself to take it, but once she did, the change was almost instantaneous.

And right before our eyes, she became human, for the first time.

I smiled, and cried. I don't think my daughter had ever looked more beautiful.

(A/N: I know this chapter seems a little short, but so much happened, I couldn't place everything in, so, I just kind of did an overview. The next one will be better!)
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Default Harmony Grows Up and Things Calms Down

The day of Tabitha's graduation, I bought her a car. We were doing excellently financially, so I decided that the girls and I would no longer have to share a car. They could have their own, but, there would be no way what-so-ever they could park in the garage. That was for my car only.

After she graduated, before we even went out to celebrate over dinner, she went to City Hall and registered as a self-employed artist. I was concerned, at first, as I wasn't sure how much of a steady income it would bring her, but I didn't say anything. If being an artist made her happy, then she could be an artist, at least for right now, because she was living with me still, and doesn't need to worry about expenses.

After we came home, I spoke to her, and started talking about her plans for the future. I wanted to know what she planned on doing. I wasn't quite sure who I was going to pass my legacy on to yet, but I had to face it, I was getting to be old now, and my children were growing up, and I needed to start thinking about it.

I gave my oldest daughter a hug, and kissed her forehead, and then I stepped back, looked at her, and began to speak; "You know what my dream was when I came here to Riverview, Tabby. I wanted to build a beautiful home, and let my children live happily, grow up, and have all the things I never had, and I wanted to pass it on to my children, I wanted to start a legacy, and I think I've done a pretty good job. As you know, it wont be long until your younger sister graduates, just a few more years, and a few months before she graduates, I'll be turning 65-"

"Yes mom, I know. After a year, you're going to pick who you wish to pass your legacy to. I know, you've been saying this to me for ages. I just don't understand why you're talking to me about it now." Tabby said, cutting me off and looking slightly bored.

"I'm talking to you about it now, because right now is when you're going to be making all of your own decisions," I spoke while looking her in the eyes, "I'm talking to you about it now because I need to know if you even want to continue the legacy, because if your not even interested, there's no point of talking to you about it."

"Mom," she paused, "I'm going to tell you right now, that if you think that I'm the one you want to pass on the legacy to, then I will gladly step up and do the very best I can to live up to, and even surpass the name you've created for our family, and I'll do my very best to make sure that I make you proud."

I smiled at her and gave her a very big hug.

"Tabby, honey, you already do more then make me proud."

"Thanks mom," she smiled and hugged me back, "hearing you say that means a lot. I want to make sure that you stay proud of me, too."

"I'm sure you'll do that well, Tabby." I smiled.

We let go of each other and we went inside. I went to go clean up a little and prepare some more sketches and Tabby went upstairs to go paint.

A few weeks after I spoke with Tabitha, we go to the park as a family to enjoy a day outside. It was a beautiful summer day, after all. We sit down and have a pick nick and talk about things going on in the town, when suddenly, Courtney spots a guy in her class.

"Excuse me, mom, Tabby, but I need to go over and say hi to Brenton." Courtney smiled as she started to get up.

"Oooh, someone has a crush now, does she?" Tabby teased.

"Ohmygod!" Courtney exclaimed, "Of course not! He's just one of my best friends. Can't a girl have a male best friend? Mom had like three!"

"It's true, I did, but I didn't jump up to see them if I saw them out about town randomly." I grinned.

"Yeah," Tabby agreed, biting her lip, trying to stifle a giggle.

"Oh my god! I do not like him! So, be quiet!" Courtney pleaded, while swatting at Tabby's shoulder.

"Why not?" Tabby questioned, "Is it because he's fat?"

"No! It's-" Courtney let out an annoyed sigh, paused and then stood up, "He's just my friend, and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go speak with him."

As soon as Courtney went to go talk to her friend, Tabby burst into giggles, and I just shook my head.

"She could be just friends with him." I smiled, taking another bite out of my sandwich.

"Yeah, she could be, I suppose. However, I doubt it."

I just smiled, if Courtney did like this boy, then that was alright with me, I knew his parents, and I met him not too long ago, and he seemed like a pretty nice kid.

That fall, Tabby met Kendrick Acker. He was the cousin of Tabby's high school friend. By Halloween, they were dating, and I met him on Thanksgiving. They really were quite cute together, except for when they'd make out in the living room, for everyone to see. I really didn't mind too much, but Courtney would complain, constantly about how they were being gross and should get a room. I would simply smile, and Courtney would go upstairs and call her friends to get adequate sympathy.

I thought it was good that they were so into each other, because that gave Tabby someone she could speak to, and be close to, and because she was a loner, she didn't have very many of those people.


When prom came around for Courtney, she was more than happy to let me buy her a dress and style her for prom. She ended up going with Brenton, because the guy she had her eye on graduated last year, and couldn't make it to prom with her.

When she ended up not getting prom queen, I almost laughed, I thought she was joking, but no, she wasn't. She was the most popular girl in her school, and yet, she didn't win prom queen, but my loner daughter who knew next to no one was prom queen? I don't think I had ever been more confused then I was at that moment. It simply boggled my mind. However, she still had a good time, and she was still happy that she went.

One week after Courtney's prom, Kendrick asked if he could speak to me for a moment.

he paused, "I have a question for you."

"And what would that question be, Kendrick?"

"Well, I know you're technically supposed to ask the dad this, but because Tabby's dad isn't around, and you're the one who raised her, well, um, I want to know if you'd be okay with me asking your daughter to marry me? We've been together a few years now, and I love her a lot, and don't worry, she's explained the legacy thing to me, and I'm totally cool with that, and I would appreciate it if I had your approval to marry her."

"It's not me you have to ask, if you want to marry her, and she wants to marry you, then you two have my full approval. I would certainly not mind having you as a son-in-law."

"Really?" He asked, very excited.

"Really." I smiled.

He grinned widely, "Thank you, Harmony. You're awesome!"

I smiled, and told him to go on and spend some time with Tabitha.
I was excited for my daughter, and I was excited about possibly having grandchildren running about in the near future.

About a month later, it was my birthday. I turned sixty-five years old. I had a rather small party, filled with just a few friends, and of course, my family.

Don even came, and we chatted for awhile. It was definitely safe to say that he and I had patched things up, and were friends. We weren't romantic by any means, but, we were close, and I think that having him come around more often had a positive impact on Tabby, and so far, she's told me that she has enjoyed getting to know her father.

Right near the end of summer, it was Courtney's birthday, so of course, she had graduated right when school ended. Her father even came and gave her a birthday congratulations, and a gift, a beat-up car. She thanked him appropriately, and she told me that she had a great time at her party.


A few weeks later, I sat down with her to have a conversation, very similar to the one I had with Tabby a few years earlier.

Before I could even speak, however, she interrupted me.

"Mom, I know that you're going to talk to me about the legacy thing, and I just want to tell you, and if you want me to take over for you, I'd be more than happy to. If you want to give it to Tabby, you can give it to Tabby. Either way, it's fine. I want you to do what will make you happy, okay? Whatever you chose, I'll do what it is I need to do."

I smiled at her, the similarity of what she said compared to her sister's almost made me laugh. They both were okay with being the heir, and even staying in this same spot and raising a family. I knew the choice was going to be hard, and I hoped, that within the next year, I'd be able to chose.

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Hi, are we supposed to vote here or send you a message? Since I don't see any other comments here.
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Originally Posted by JamilaKashe
Hi, are we supposed to vote here or send you a message? Since I don't see any other comments here.

You can go ahead and vote here. I also have this story posted on the Sims 3 website in their forums, so some people have voted there. :3

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I really like your story so far. I usually go with the first born because it's fair, but in this case it was hard to choose. I want to know Tabitha's side of the story growing up a vampire, but then I wanted to know more about Courtney. I actually ended up doing a coin toss and my vote is for Tabitha.
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Originally Posted by JamilaKashe
I really like your story so far. I usually go with the first born because it's fair, but in this case it was hard to choose. I want to know Tabitha's side of the story growing up a vampire, but then I wanted to know more about Courtney. I actually ended up doing a coin toss and my vote is for Tabitha.

For awhile, I thought I was going to have to do the same! I'm probably going to keep the sisters living together in the house, at least for a little while, so you will end up getting to know both girls at least a little better. :3

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That's great! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.
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Though I like both girls, my vote is for Tabitha, being the first born and all. It only seems fair. This is such a great story! Keep it up!
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Originally Posted by JamilaKashe
That's great! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.

^.^ I will be, the next chapter should be up on Monday. :3

Originally Posted by LovethMia
Though I like both girls, my vote is for Tabitha, being the first born and all. It only seems fair. This is such a great story! Keep it up!

Yeah, both girls can really be the basis for awesome stories, that's why I needed to have a vote, I knew I wasn't going to be able to pick! XD

Thank you so much! :3

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Harmony Passes on The Legacy

For an entire year, I observed my girls and their behavior. Courtney decided that she wanted to be a famous news star and jumped into the journalism career, and, when she wasn't at work, she was at home, in her room, typing away, trying to improve her writing skills. Her focus on her career ended up taking all of her time, so she wasn't able to find anyone she wished to spend her days with. She was simply too busy writing.

However, it payed off, as in one year, she's moved halfway up her chosen career's ladder.

When Tabby wasn't trying to have me teach her a recipe, or with Kendrick, she was painting. Sometimes I'd hear Court and and Tabby talking, and I'd go into Tabby's room and find Tabby painting while Court was writing. They would say hello to me, and then get back to their conversation. The girls were still as close as they were when Courtney was a child.

One evening we all went out to the park, it was a beautiful Spring night, about two months before I had to chose who I wanted to take over the legacy. We all sat down and talked. After we ate the sandwiches that I had packed, Tabby and Kendrick went to walk around the park. I continued talking with Courtney, when all of the sudden, I heard Tabby scream.

I ran as fast as my old bones would allow and there I saw Tabby, squeaking with joy, and staring at the small, but beautiful diamond on her finger.

I smiled. She saw me and ran over and gave me a tight hug. Her happiness was contagious.

"Congratulations!" I smiled.

"Oh, mom! I-I can't believe it! I'm going to be getting married!"

I smiled, and then she went and hugged Courtney.

"Aww! Tabby!" Courtney grinned.

"I'm so excited! You're definitely my maid of honor!" Tabby laughed.

"Awe, thanks, Tabby!"

Tabitha smiled, and then ran over back to her fiance and kissed him. Courtney and I just smiled at each other. and then we all went back home.

Despite my offer to pay for a large wedding, Tabby insisted that it be small, and that we have it at the house, as soon as possible. She scheduled it for the week before I had to announce who would be the heiress to the legacy.

She didn't have too many friends,so she didn't want to do any of the pre-wedding parties. Kendrick agreed, saying that it would be best if they didn't, especially since the wedding was so close.

I had another discussion with Courtney a week later about being the heiress, and why she didn't have anyone she was romantically involved with.

"Mom, right now, I feel like I need to be working on my career, I feel like if I take any time away from it now, I wont be able to progress as quickly as I'd like. So, right now, I don't feel like having a man in my life is a good idea."
Courtney explained.

"It's okay, sweetheart," I smiled, "I understand."

It was then, after that conversation, I knew who I would be passing on my legacy to.

On Tabitha's wedding day, I pulled her to the side.

"Honey, I'm so happy for you, and I'm so proud of you. Kendrick is an amazing guy, and I think you two are going to have an amazing life together."

She smiled and hugged me, "Thanks, mom. I hope we really do last. I want to be able to give my children a complete family, ya know? I want them to have what I didn't."

"I do know, that was my goal with you girls. For the most part, I think I succeeded."

"I think you did too." She smiled.

"Here," I whispered, "I have something for you."

"Really?" Tabby smiled, and took the small box out of my hands.

"What is it?" She asked.

"It's the keys to the house. The ones I carried. It's a silver necklace I got ages ago that I meant to wear all the time, but I never did. These are just a few things I had, and now you have them."

"Oh, thanks, mom!" She smiled, but then a look of wonder danced across her face, "Wait, mom, your keys?"

"Yes," I nodded, "My keys, well actually they're yours now. I'm officially passing on the legacy to you, my dear."

"Oh my god! Really? To me?" She gasped.

"Yes, to you." I laughed.

"Oh thank you mom! I'm so excited. I'll do my best to live in such a way that I can make you proud."

I just smiled at her, gave her another hug, and told her to enjoy the rest of her wedding day.

Tabitha and Kendrick got married in the backyard at about 7:00 at night. They made the cutest couple. I was so happy for them, and the ceremony made me start crying, but then again, I guess it's normal for mothers to cry at their children's weddings. However, one of my favorite things about the wedding was that Don came, to watch his only child get married. It meant a lot to me, and a lot to Tabitha.

The reception was a blast, and I was happy to see that everyone enjoyed the cake I made. I was also glad to know that my legacy was going to be left in loving, smart, and beautiful hands.

This is the end for me, but it's just the beginning for Tabitha.
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aww I'm happy for Tabitha
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Yay for Tabitha! She looks very pretty too!
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Originally Posted by JamilaKashe
aww I'm happy for Tabitha

I am too! :3 I think she and Kendrick are gonna make some pretteh babies! ;D lmao x3

Originally Posted by LovethMia
Yay for Tabitha! She looks very pretty too!

Thanks! (: Both girls almost look exactly identical to each other and their mother. Sometimes, it wireds me out a bit, but, they are lovely :3

Next chapter will be up soon (:

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Yay! Can't wait. Pretty babies indeed
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Default Tabitha Takes Over

Hello, everyone, I'm Tabitha Joy Stephens, most of you probably know that already, though. One year ago, my mom, Harmony Stephens, passed her legacy on to me. Over the past year, she's been teaching me how to cook things properly, and be a strong, capable independent woman, who, if need be can take care of her children, her self, her house, and hold up a good paying job. I honestly think she was really trying to make sure I knew what to do if me and my husband Kenny, (or Kendrick, as my mother insists on calling him) get a divorce, like her and my father did, such a long time ago. I don't think she ever got over it. She kept their wedding pictures and the wedding ring in a box under her bed. She still doesn't know that Courtney and I know where it is, and the contents of which are inside of it, and we don't plan on telling her, either.

My mother was a really amazing woman, and I'm more than happy to be aloud to follow in her footsteps, although, those footsteps are pretty large. She's mastered five skills; Cooking, Painting, Athletic, Handiness and Writing, she is also a legendary Master Stylist, that everyone in town knows. As of right now, I've only mastered the painting and writing skills, and that's because I learned them back when I was still a vampire and picked up things at the speed of light. I'm at the second from the top in my painting career, but hardly anyone knows of me, as I'm a loner and I don't like to be around very many people. I have a few other skills, like cooking, which my mom has been trying to help me with, but lets be honest here, I'm a god-awful cook. Mom insists that I'll get better as time goes on, but I doubt her, seriously.

Because it's what I do for my living, I spend about 70% of my time painting. I love to paint, it makes me feel free, and when I'm painting, there's nothing in this world that bothers me, I escape into my own little world.

That is probably why I'm so easy to sneak up on.

"Hello there, my lovely, lovely Tabitha, what are you painting today?" Kenny's voice rings right next to my ear.

I jump about three feet in the air, and turn around, startled, but happy to see him.

Kendrick is amazing. His eyes are a light, beautiful blue-green, and he never ceases to make my heart skip a beat each time he looks into my eyes.

I met Kendrick right after I got out of high school. He was my best friend, Tina Sinclair's cousin.
When I met him, we hit it off right away. I had never met anyone so amazing. Granted, I didn't meet very many people, and only about half the people I met I actually got to know and most of the time, it was forced, but it certainly wasn't that way with Kendrick. I wanted to get to know Kenny as soon as we started to talk, I wanted to be close to him, I wanted to love him. I wanted him to love me. So, naturally when he asked me out on a date, I simply could not say no, as a matter of fact, I think I may have been too quick to say yes. He didn't seem to mind though. We dated for four years before we got married, and we've now been married for a year. He moved in about six months before he proposed.

My mom and sister adore him. He's funny, sweet, really adorable, understanding, and incredibly handsome.

He also seems to understand me perfectly, because I don't always have to say things for him to know what I'm thinking. He just gets me.

"Oh, I'm just painting a picture of the river. Nothing too fancy." I smiled.

"It's looking really good, but no where near as good as you look, my love."

"You're so sweet to me,"
I laughed softly, "It's ridiculous."

"Is it?"

"Yeah, it kind of is."
I giggled.

He just smiled and took me in his arms. He was very, very, very strong. Of course, he was in the Athletic career track, and had almost mastered the Athletic skill. I smiled up at him and we kissed each other softly

He told me that it was late, and that we should get to bed before it became too late.

I loved it when we would crawl into bed together, because most the time, before we actually went to sleep, he'd let me lay on his chest for just a little while, and sometimes, he'd even sing me a song to help me get to sleep. It was so incredibly sweet. Every time he did that, I'd fall a little more in love with him, realizing what an amazing man I had, and that he was always going to be mine. Always. At least, that's what I hoped and prayed for. I never wanted to lose him, he was everything to me. He was the only person outside of my family that I trusted.

He was also very warm, and he warmed me up, which was a good thing, because I had the strangest tendency to just about always be cold. I loved being with him. He was everything I needed, and everything I wanted, and I couldn't wait to have children with him,


Courtney and I are still very close, despite her busy career and my many new found responsibilities of cooking and cleaning for everyone.

One night she burst into my room, and insisted that she had to say something that was very important, and she wanted me to be the first to know.

"Okay, okay, what is it, honey?" I asked, putting a calming hand on her shoulder.

"Well...." She began, "I just got promoted, and I feel like I'm at a place now where having a man in my life would be a good thing."

"Uh huh...?"

"And, do you remember meeting my friend Lukas? Yeah, he works in the same building as me, but for a different company. I'm in journalism, he's in business, you know the deal. Anyway, we've been seeing each other for about two-ish years now, we just haven't been together because I explained to him my work situation."

"Oh, that's interesting..." I smiled.

"Yeah, and about six months ago I told him that I was ready for a relationship, and tonight, he proposed to me!"

"Oh, wow! Really! Oh honey, I'm so happy for you!" I squealed.

"I'm so happy too! He's such a nice guy, Tabs, he really is."

Tabs. That was her nick-name for me, and only Courtney was aloud to call me Tabs. My mom and husband could call me Tabby if they wanted to, but only Courtney could call me Tabs. She's been calling me that ever since she was a toddler.

We've always been close. It didn't matter that we didn't have the same father. Our dads were never in our lives. We were a family of women, who stuck close together and didn't need anything else. Maybe that's why we get along so well, I'll never know.

My father just came into my life. After 20 years of being divorced from my mother, I'm just now starting to get to know him, and that was mostly because he came to my wedding. However, Courtney's dad never shows up to anything, and our mom always invites him, he just simply doesn't want to come.

So even though we're only half-sisters, we're still sisters, and we're still family.

"I'm so, so happy for you Court!" I giggled.

"I'm happy too! Oh my god! You're going to be my maid of honor, and you HAVE to help me plan!"

"Of course, my dear." I laughed, "Of course."

"Kay, good." She smiled.

"I also have some pretty big news." I whispered.

"You do?' She asked, slightly concerned.

"Yup, I just found out today."

"What did you find out?" Courtney softly questioned.

"Well, I found out that I'm pregnant!" I squealed happily.

"Wow! That's awesome! Congrats!" She smiled and hugged me really tight.

"Thanks, hun!"

She smiled as she pulled me down the stairs, "We have to go tell mom!"

As soon as my mom found out that I was pregnant, she started feeding me my favorite foods, and lots of really tasty things that were good for me to be eating. She always made sure I had a ton of food, and that I also had a ton of water.

After I went to go see a doctor to confirm my pregnancy, I told Kenny.

I took him by the hand and led him over to the side of the room after he finished his dinner.

"Hey darling," he smiled, giving me a quick kiss, "what's up?"

"Well," I paused, "I have some pretty big news, but don't worry, it's good news."

"Alrighty then," he said, laughing, "What's the news, then?"

"I'm pregnant!"

His hand immediately went to my belly and he left it there, and then he looked up at me and smiled.

"Oh my god, we're gonna have a baby!"

"Yeah! We are!"
I laughed.

He smiled and gave me a big hug and said he was so happy, and that he couldn't wait to meet the next baby Stephens.

Every night when he came home from work, he'd listen, talk to, and feel my tummy, to "check" on the baby. He was so excited, he kept saying that he couldn't wait, and he read just about every parenting book he could get his hands on.

After he'd check on the baby, he'd kiss me, tell me how much he loved me, and that he would be nothing like my dad when it came to raising our children. He swore every night that he was never going to leave me or any of the children we had, he was going to stay with us, and I wouldn't have to do it alone.

If I ever was scared, or unsure, all I had to do was hold his hand. For some reason, that simple act was enough to make me believe anything he told me.

The night I went into labor, I was just about to sit down to eat some dinner, and then it just happened, I felt my water break and I ran out to the car, telling Kenny to get the things we had packed up for this trip.

Kenny freaked out a little at first, and my mom just looked a little smug, but she quickly helped him compose himself and sent him out the door to drive me to the hospital.

At 1:09 AM, Paige Irene Stephens was born, and she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. I just had my first baby, and from what my mom has told me, this is where the real fun begins.

I guess we're just going to have to wait and see.

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Yay! New baby. ^ ^
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Originally Posted by LovethMia
Yay! New baby. ^ ^

Yeah, little ones make me happy. :3

Originally Posted by JamilaKashe

Thanks! :3

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Default 2.2 Tabby Settles In
This message has been deleted by Shababygal.
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What happened to the pictures? My one and only critique. I'd love to see Paige as a toddler. Baby number 2! lol ^ ^
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