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Garden Plant Autosoil Spawners enabled for use in Create A World
Enjoy the freedom to create an apple tree grove anywhere in your custom world! Create that special Fairy Grove, lot free, with the Life Fruit and Death Plants! Any special garden you can imagine creating in your world free from lot boundaries is now possible with these garden plant autosoil spawners!

I've modified the game garden AutoSoils for these plant spawners to show up in your Create A World Meta Data directory. They will show up under landmarks. If you have trouble finding them, try typing in Auto to the search bar. The WA plants are a little harder to find, though they are in the same directory. Type in the name of the plant spawner you are wanting, IE Cherry for the Cherry Tree autosoil or Pomelo for the Pomelo tree Autosoil, etc. For any of the grapes, just type in Grapes and you should get the list of nectar grapes. These objects should not show up as custom content when your world is packaged and shared because people ALREADY have these items in game. They have only been changed enough to use in CAW. If you do not have WA, the WA spawners shouldn't show up for you and should not show up in your packaged world. If you use the WA Autosoils, your world will require WA to play.

The autosoil spawners are:

Normal Base Game Autosoils

Bell Pepper Plant
Flame Fruit Plant
Garlic Plant
Grapes Plant
Lettuce Plant
Onion Plant
Potato Plant
Tomato Plant
Watermelon Plant
Apple Tree
Lime Tree

WA Autosoils

Avorliorno Grapes Plant
Cherimola Grapes Plant
Cranerlet Nuala Grapes Plant
Gralladina Grapes Plant
Melior Grapes Plant
Renior Grapes Plant
Cherry Tree
Pomegranate Tree
Pomelo Tree
Plum Tree

Special Autosoils

Money Tree
Life Fruit Plant
Death Flower Plant
Omni Plant

Upon downloading this file, open up the folder for the autosoils you want to put into CAW and place the package files in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Create a World Tool\Packages
Start up CAW and make beautifully fruitful gardens!

Additional Credits:
I used SimSample's very good "how to mod an item to show up in Caw" tutorial, found here ...

Also, this tutorial will help you make your CAW recognize custom content ... ...p:CAW_Framework


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Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: 7z Garden Plants - Base Game and WA.7z (2.3 KB, 820 downloads) - View custom content
Description: All autosoils except for Carrots, Plasma Fruit and the quest based plants.
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This is great. Thank you. Just one question, though. Will all these plants stay alive indefinitely like the plants and trees in WA destinations and the apple trees at Sunset Valley?
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Everything but the Death Flower bush was persistent over 5 sims weeks of testing.. But the Death Flower Bush is scripted to die upon harvest anyway - even when it's placed on a lot. So you can decide if you want to place it in the world or not since you forever have a dead bush once your sim harvests it.

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Thank you again mikitta, these are so useful!
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Excellent, well done Mik! These will be very useful, thanks for uploading!

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Can someone please CAW enable the herbs from UL? 0.0
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Just a quick Q:
Do you know the quality on the trees/plants?
If they are of normal quality.. is it possible to make them better?
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They're normal quality. I spent time for a garden lot in one world, bring the plants up to perfect. Unfortunately, they dropped out when exported from caw. It didn't even leave a normal plant, just nothing.
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Oh I only found this now. This is terrific! Here's my idea of what to do with the spawners:
Place a few fruit trees between other trees and some other plants hidden in shrubbery or in a forest. So Sims can go search for them and live on the fruit they gather.
I think that would work great with themed worlds - medieval/ancient cultures, prehistoric/nature cultures (I don't like the word primitive), post-apocalyptic, fantasy, cast away, ...

English is my second language. Please don't be a douche about my mistakes, thank you!
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