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Default Sinte Esmeralda
This story can also be read in complete at

In the year 2025 Scientists and Governments around the world approved a procedure called PGD, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. It had been introduced in the early 2000s but because of Religious and Moral groups, the project had been put on hold. The program was initially created to eliminate disease, birth defects, mental and physical disorders. But scientists took it one step further. They created the 'Designer Baby' program. Parents could choose eye color, hair color, skin color, temperament, sex, traits. Everyone could have the perfect child, exactly the way they wanted It.

Only the rich were able to afford this luxury, which also disposed of another obstacle they no longer would have to deal with, the poor. So the world through the years 2027 to 2075, was perfect. There were no wars, no political heists, just perfection.

What the Heads of Body and Scientists were not expecting, was that the genes they had so carefully crafted, were rebelling.


Now the 21st century . Sinte Esmeralda stands looking out over the city. Her senses heightened by the feel of his essence. Her hunger beckoning her to feed. The man smiles at her, lights her cigarette for her, offers her a drink. He's speaking to her, but she can't hear his words. He leans in for a kiss and she lets him. Her body tingles and comes alive at his touch. She places both her hands on either side of his face and begins feeding on his essence. She should stop, she has taken enough, but it has been so long, so very long. She takes in one last, deep, delicious, breath, watching as his limp body falls at her feet....

Sinte checked for a pulse on the young man lying on the ground. There wasn't one. She let out a deep sigh and walked to the edge of the roof, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. She took a long draw and inhaled deeply. The cool, night air comforted her, assured her. Alone was a good place to be. No one to answer to, no one to disappoint . It made it easier for her to find her salvation on nights like these. She didn't need to reason or beg forgiveness. The night was always a tender mistress.

She felt badly for the man that now lay dead. He had just chosen the wrong path to cross tonight, her path. She had begun to control her hunger as of late, but sometimes she would go too long, and when she did, this is what happened. She would, of course, have to move again. As soon as the Vanguard found the dead body they would know it was her and they would come looking. She checked the tiny pocket on the inside of her corset, fumbling around until she found what she was looking for. Pulling a small capsule out. She held it under the moon light, twirling it between her thumb and forefinger. Shrugging, she put it back in it's place, wondering what to do next.

She would go to Micheal, he would know what to do, he always knew what to do.

She took the last draw off her cigarette, throwing the butt to the ground, grinding it out with the heel of her boot. Jumping to the fire escape ladder she quickly descended to the city streets below. It wasn't hard to disappear here.

She walked the mile or so to where Micheal lived, staying off the roads as much as possible. From where she was, all she had to do was follow the river. Michael had bought an old , boarded up factory lot. It had been cheap and as he said 'hopefully inconspicuous'.

Sinte came to the road crossing leading to Micheals' house and ran quickly across. There was no need to knock, Micheal always left the door open.

She quietly walked up the steps. There was a light coming from the corner of the room. She walked towards it, finding Micheal sitting behind the desk.

"Hello Sin".


Sinte watched as Micheals' muscled back rose and fell as he took a deep breath.

He switched the computer off and stood, turning to face her.

"You've fed".

Sinte hung her head.

"It was an accident, i went too long, i thought i would be ok but..."

Micheal swore under his breath.

"How did you know?", Sinte asked, but she wasn't sure why, he just always knew.

"I can smell the death of a soul, same as i can smell the renewing of one, and right now you reek of both."

Michael began pacing the floor.

"We had a deal Sin, you can feed off me, i can take the release, i can even stop you if i need to, other people can't, you know that".

"I know", Sinte answered in a small voice.

Micheal walked towards her, backing her against the bed post.

"I swear to god Sin i believe you enjoy it. I think you enjoy the thrill of finding a victim , seducing them into a false sense of security, then sucking the life out of them. It's a god dammed game to you. I, for one, am getting tired of covering for your ass, having to move every 3 months, changing names, making new connections. You don't think about the people you hurt around you, all you care about is getting what you want, how it makes you feel."

Micheal pushed himself away from her, disgusted.

"So are you going to help me or not".

Micheal sighed, running his hands through his hair.

"Go take a shower and get changed, i'll see what i can do".

The water was hot and soothing. She stood under it unmoving, letting it wash away her thoughts, her fear, her pain.

As she rummaged through the duffel bag of clothing she always had at Micheals' house, she heard him talking on the phone.

Shame over came her. He was wrong. It's wasn't a game to her, it was a way of life . She had to feed to survive. The last time she had fed off Micheal she had become reckless and was too comfortable, Micheal was in bed for a week, barely even able to take himself to the bathroom.

The last thing she wanted to do was hurt the only real friend she had in the world, the only person who truly cared.

Chapters 2, 3 and 4 are here for those wanting to read.All chapters are at this link, i just keep trying to post here with pictures and it's being hateful=/.

pictures would not show up for these chapters either but would for 5 , sorry

Chapter 5 'First Encounter'

Sinte had learned from Indie that Soul Leeches and Seers often hooked up in pairs or groups. Leeches can feed from Seers with them having no adverse effects, in fact, Seers get quite a 'high' from being fed off of, which was why often it leads to other things, usually something of the sexual persuasion.
She watched people come and go, trying to tap into that 'feeling' Michael said she should have. A few times, with
certain people, she did feel a bit tingly when they were close, but she couldn't put her finger on what was causing
the sensation, she was guessing it was their essence she was feeling.
She was beginning to feel the effects of the 3 drinks she had now had and the music was thumping in her ears, she would
very much like to go some place quieter but didn't dare leave without Indie.
She walked up to the bar and motioned for the bartender.

"Is there somewhere in this building i can go and get away from the noise a little?"

The bartender pointed to a set of steps to the right of the bar.

She thanked him and headed towards them. It led to a small lounge. Much, much quieter. She walked over to one of
the sofas and had a seat in the corner, corners were her favorite place to be now days, safe and out of the lime light.
There were a few people in the lounge with her but they didn't seem to notice or mind that she was there. Some were talking, some were doing ...other things. She sank deeper down into the sofa, laying her head back and closing her eyes.

A vague picture began in her head. People running, crying, pleading for help. A small boy sat underneath of a porch, he had streaks of dirt on his face, his clothes were dirty and torn. His heartbeat was loud in his ears, he was terrified. He could see people running, he wanted to run too but his mother told him no matter what happened to stay put, she had 'cloaked' him, as long as he sat still no one could see him or hurt him. Someone fell, just a few feet from where he was, it was his father. He looked at the boy, mouthed the words 'it's ok' . The boy watched as a bright blue beam hit his father in the back, then watched as a Saturist took the light from his eyes. The boy wanted to scream , he wanted run, to help his father, instead, too afraid to move, he just sat there staring.

He didn't know how long he had sat there, it was raining now. The screaming and crying had long since stopped. He slowly crawled out, taking care to look as he did. There were bodies everywhere, none had light in their eyes anymore. He sank down to the ground where his father was. He carefully wrapped his little arms around the body, laying his head on the back of his shoulders and began rocking. His mother had told him once that he could do anything if he tried hard enough. The boy was trying with all he had in him to bring the light back to his fathers eyes.
He squeezed his eyes tighter, trying harder, until finally falling upon his father, crying, exhausted. A warm hand touched his back and lifted him up.
He looked into eyes so familiar to Sinte, it was Michael. Michael gathered the small boy in his arms and walked away.

Sinte sat up with a start, her heart pounding in her chest, tears spilling out over her cheeks. There was a noise in front of her making her jump.
There a man sat, backwards in a chair, looking at her. He was quite young, had striking features, and those eyes, so sad. She sat up, trying to gain her composure.

"Did you give me a dream?"

He nodded at her.

"Were you that little boy?"

Again he nodded to her. Sinte laid her hand on top of his, staring at him for the longest time. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, nor was it particularly awkward. He played with her fingers, looking at each one like it was the most facinating thing he had ever seen. It brought a smile to Sintes' lips. He turned her hand over, drawing circles in her palm.He stood up abruptly, kissed her hand and left.
Sinte held her hand and stared at the door he left through.

"That's Lock", came a voice, bringing her back to her senses.

"I'm sorry?"

The woman walked to where she was, sitting down beside her on the sofa.

"I'm Arizona, and the guy you were just talking to, that was Lock".


They shook hands.

"So yea, don't let Lock frighten you, he doesn't mean to really, he doesn't speak so he will tell you things in your head. It's a little weird to get used to but it's not so bad".

"I wasn't frightened so much as taken aback, so is Lock a Psy?"

Arizona nodded. "Yes, he is one of the good ones, there are a couple you will just want to keep your distance from."

"Like Lotus?"

Arizona laughed. "Oh no, you have already been exposed to the great Lotus circus!"

"Not personally, i just seen an episode, i think that would be the right thing to call it, Arizona, you said?"

"Ari please, really, this is not an exaggeration, Lotus can be really nasty and she doesn't need a reason at all to set it off, even if she seems to be sweet and wanting to talk, excuse yourself the minute you can, if your a man your relatively safe, if your a woman you can count on getting screwed with".

Sinte nodded, pondering Aris' warning.

"So what are you? "

"A Soul Leech, you?"

"I'm a Naturalist, Locks' mother was one also".

Sinte had never heard of a Naturalist and was completely intrigued. "What do Naturalists do?"

She listened as Ari explained the abilities of Naturalists. Their ' abilities' were rather like clever eye tricks.
They could make one see or not see something for a short amount of time. Ari , as an example, made Sinte
a glowing, floating, pink sphere that only she could see. No matter how she turned her head, or moved her eyes, the
sphere was still there. Sinte could touch it and feel the energy from it, but Ari swore it wasn't there. She loved Aris' easy nature, and friendliness. She was so animated when telling a story or making a point, it was refreshing. Sinte found herself actually relaxing for the first time in weeks, and enjoying the stressless company of someone.

"Sinte, time for us to go".

She looked towards the sound of the voice calling her, knowing it was Indie.
She looked regretfully at Ari, not really wanting to go, she was enjoying their talk.
Sinte stood and was rocked back when Ari threw her arms around her in a hug. Sinte smiled and hugged her back.

"It was so nice meeting you, i hope we have the fortune of running into one another other again".

"Me too Ari, and thank you."

Sinte followed Indie down the steps and through the club. He was stopped a couple of times, engaging in short
conversations before leading them outside. The night was chilly and she shivered as a cold wind traveled up her spine.
The pink, floating sphere caught her eye, it had followed her, she couldn't help but smile. She glanced up at Indie who was
studying her. She was surprised when he bent over and gave her a tender kiss on her lips. He took hold of her hand and they began the walk home.
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I also have this on a web site, makes it a little easier to read for those interested, will also be posting updates here, thanks=).
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An intriguing story and a great start!

I just thought it was a bit strange how she trustingly followed a stranger to his home, drank his coffee, and slept on his bed. But then again, she's not completely human, so maybe she doesn't need to take precaution

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Deviants are a strange sort=), thank you for reading.
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not sure whats going on with the pictures, they are uploaded to photo bucket, will keep trying to work on it sorry=/.
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Default Chapter 6 Confessions

Sinte sat in one of the sitting area chairs, looking out the window, thinking of those she had met at the club the night before.
What a strange and wonderful world she was a part of and never knew. She also knew along with the good, came the bad.
As much as she knew she shouldn't be, she was completely intrigued with Lotus, what her thinking was like, what she was like.
Lock and Max were also points of interest, expecially Lock. She would have to see about trying to spend more time with him.
His story was tragic, she had seen some of it. He had such a childish fascination and charm that made her want to hear his stories,
to see his dreams. Then there had been Ari. For the first time in her life, Sinte actually felt like she could have a .....friend.
The thought brought a smile to her face.

"Penny for your thoughts".

She looked over to find that Indie was sitting on the floor beside her chair. She had been so lost in thought she hadn't even heard
him. "Was just thinking".

"Mhmmmm, 'bout what?"

Indie was also on her mind. She had found she was beginning to feel for him. She didn't know if she was just another chore for him, if
she actually meant anything to him, if she was a favor he was doing for Michael, she wasn't sure she wanted to know. She knew she would
have to ask eventually, she just didn't know how. She moved from the chair, sitting on the floor next to him. She searched his face, hating how
he was so unreadable.

"Do you like me?"

He took a deep breath, never letting his eyes leave hers. The look on his face seemed to her as if he was almost expecting the question she had
just asked. "Yes, i like you".

She moved closer to him, laying her hand on the side of his face.

"I don't mean as a friend Indie, or as a favor, or as a hobbie".

"Then how do you mean?"

Sinte hadn't been expecting that question, although she should have really. She wasn't sure what the right words were to say.


She felt suddenly emotional and struggled to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall. There was a long silence, the
longer it was, the more she wished she hadn't asked. She had a feeling she wasn't going to get the answer she was looking for.
He leaned over, kissing her. She closed her eyes as his lips carressed hers.

"Yes, i like you as more", he said, slowly pulling away from her. "My life is.....complicated. Do you understand that?"

Sinte nodded.

"I have a great deal of responsibilities, I don't know that i can give you the time or the things you need".

She bit her lower lip. His responsibilities, she knew, were a lot to do with helping the Deviants', much like the things Michael was doing.
She didn't need much to be happy, and if this was her one shot at loving and having someone love her, she was not letting go. It
was all she had ever wanted, just someone to want her, to...... love her.

"I want to be with you Indie", she started slowly, trying to gauge his reaction.

"And i want to be in your life, if that means sharing you with others then it means sharing you with others, i can do that. The only thing
i ask is don't ignore me or shut me out, include me. I only need a little of your time and i don't need things".

She held her breath. His eyes were soft, searching . She didn't know how much longer she could take of him not
saying anything, it was nerve racking. He lifted his hand, stroking the side of her face.

"We can try, it won't be easy for either of us. You will have to learn when to step back, as will I. There are
a lot of people in my life, as you will find out. Some can be rather....demanding and time consuming".

"Like Lotus?"

"Like Lotus".

Sinte crawled over him pushing him back, kising him.

"How do you feel about me?", she whispered.

"I feel ....enough", he managed in between her kisses.

He didn't say he loved her, but then again, neither had she. Him wanting her was enough , she wouldn't push it, she would just
enjoy whatever he was willing to give to her.

Michael sat, looking around the room. He was once again weighing his options, trying to find any way at all out
of the deal had made with Lotus. The truth was he couldn't, not right now, but sooner or later she would make a mistake,
and when she did, he would leash her. Until then, he simply had to cater to her.

Lotus strolled in, walking around his office.

"Are you rid of them Michael?"


Lotus smiled, pulling him up to stand in front of her.

"Why you would ever want anyone else at all when you can have me is just beyond my understanding", she said pouting.

"I didn't help them because i wanted them. I helped them because they needed it. Not everyone that i help or introduce into the club
is someone i'm sleeping with Lotus".

She placed his hands on her hips, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him.

"You have to stop taking in strays darling, expecially the likes of Sinte and Cadence, they are rogues at best, you know that. Now no more
without my approval. Of course there is nothing i can do about the two of them now, just keep them far away from me, i would
hate for something.....unexpected to happen to them, wouldn't you?"

Michael gritted his teeth, doubting his ability at this moment, to keep from choking her to death. Instead he smiled, thinking
soon, she was getting careless.

"I hope you had the good sense to leave them in someone elses charge, those Leeches are dangerous, all of them, but
expecially the unsupervised ones".

The truth was, Lotus didn't hate Soul Leeches because they were dangerous, she hated them out of fear. Leeches
were the only Deviants, other than Michael himself, who could disable her, kill her if they wanted. The ony difference was
Michael had to wait for opportunity, had to wait for a weakness. Leeches did not. The thought brought a slight smile
to Michaels' face. Luckily for him, she had no clue who or what he was, and he played that to his advantage.

"Of course i'm having them looked after, and i can assure you they will not bother you".

Lotus kissed him again.

"I'm becoming bored of this conversation, let's move onto, a more ...pleasing subject".

Michael wrapped her in his arms, waiting, hoping for that weakness.
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think i finally have posting figured out, sorry for any confusion=)
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Default Chapter 7 Cadence
Chapter 7 Cadence

Sinte had become a regular at the club, which she found out the name to be "The Blind Side".
Although Sinte and never said anything to anyone, and to her knowledge, neither had Indie, most seemed to know
they were together.
Ari had become a great friend and she always looked forward to their talks. Lock was elusive, she hadn't seen him since that
one night, but was told he would be back, that he was a bit of a loner, but frequently visited Michael.
She rarely ever seen Indie while at the club, leaving her to her own devices.
This night she was surprised to see Indie walking towards her after only having been at the club for a couple of hours.
She stood up to meet him, not noticing the figure walking behind him. He kissed her on the cheek and motioned for her to sit, he
himself sitting down across from her.

"There is someone i'd like for you to meet".

She then seen a woman step out from behind him. She recognized the woman as being the one who had approached Indie
the first night she had came to the club. Sinte extended her hand.


The woman looked to Indie then back at Sinte nodding. "Cadence".

Sinte sat down at the table, looking to Indie. He looked a bit uncomfortable. He took her hand, patting it as he rose from the chair.

"I'll leave you two alone, i have to go see some people".

She watched him disappear up the stairs then turned her attention to Cadence. She was definately feeling this one, and not in a good way.
She cleared her throat and smiled.

"I've seen you around here".

Cadence leaned her elbows on the table, inching a little closer to Sinte.

"Yea, i've been around, been here a lot longer than you".

Sinte couldn't help but feel a little uneasy, she had an inkling this was not going to go well.

"You probably have, I've not been coming here very long, maybe a couple of months.".

She watched as Cadence chewed on the straw from her drink.

"Look, let's just cut the bullshit ".

'Here it comes', Sinte thought.

"The fact is you have something i want, that should have been mine all along and was heading there until you showed up". Cadence
pulled a cigarette pack from her pocket, offering Sinte one. She took one, lighting it with a shaky hand.

"I'm not quite sure what your talking about", Sinte said blowing out smoke, although she was pretty sure she had a good idea
where the conversation was going.

"Indie", Cadence said simply, "I want Indie".

Sinte looked at her smiling. "I think Indie can make up his own mind, don't you?"

Cadence frowned, taking a drink. She stared at Sinte for a long while before speaking. "I've fed from Indie, as i'm sure you have, and you
know where that tends to lead."

Sinte nodded. "Usually, yes, i'm sure Indie is no stranger to being fed from, he has high stamina and .....a very sweet essence".

"Yea, well, since you've been coming around he's turned me down for feeding several times and seems to get agitated when i ask,
which makes me a very unhappy girl".

"Then ask someone else, there are other Seers".

"Why don't you feed from someone else, Indie has been mine since i have been coming here, almost 3 years now, you don't
just walk in and take over Sinte, there's a pecking order and right now your way out of line".

Sinte put out her cigarette and got up from the table, leaning down towards Cadence. "I don't tell Indie what he can and can not
do, if he's letting only me feed, then that's his choice, not mine. Want to know what i think? I think you were not the only one
that was feeding from Indie and you couldn't handle it, i also think you wore out your welcome with him way before i came along.
I know others have, are and will continue to feed from him, he's very giving. Others feeding from him and having sex with him does not bother me,
it's the nature of his beast, just know, that at the end of the day, he brings what's important home to me".

Sinte felt a flush hot on her face as she walked away, feeling Cadences' stare on her back.

"How'd it go boss", Michael said patting Indie on the back. Both men watching as Sinte stormed to out back of the club.
Indie smiled at Michael. "Very good i would say, Cadence didn't start screaming and Sinte didn't punch her out".
Michael laughed, tears forming in his eyes as he did. "I wish that we could all have your troubles old friend".
Indie joined in his laughter, shaking his head. Michael wiped at his eyes, still smiling.

"You know, if we can just get them not to hate each other we'll be flying high".
Indie nodded in agreement. "Yea, that's a big if, what would be the harm in sitting them both down and just explaining to them
the way things are?"
Michael shook his head. "Wouldn't work Indie, they would try for the cause but would end up fighting each other, and if you've
never seen two Leeches fight, trust me, you don't want to. They would probably kill each other and take a few innocents with them
along the way, too risky".

"No, this way the decesion is not up to them, it's up to you. At worst they will just despise each other and avoid each other like the plague.
And i've known you long enough to see that you've already made up your mind".

Indie nodded, catching sight of Cadence as she stood staring at him.

Cadence stared longingly at Indie, he simply took her breath away. Why wouldn't he take what she felt for him seriously? She had told him
she loved him over two years ago, all he would say was 'I'm sorry, i don't feel the same way', he wouldn't even give them a chance!
How could he not feel something for her! Now that Sinte has entered the picture she would never have another chance. She walked out to the back
of the building and lit a cigarette, her hands shaking, insides churning. She wasn't going to give up, not now. She knew she could make Indie
feel good if he would just let her, she could make him love her. The problem was getting him away from Sinte long enough to try and talk some sense into him.
Of course she knew none of this was really Sintes' fault, she hated her none the less, she was interfering , something Cadence wouldn't allow.
Putting out her cigarette, she slowly walked inside. A hand touched her arm as she entered the lounge. She looked up to find Lotus standing in front of her.

"It Seems we have a like problem you and I", Lotus said.

Cadence rolled her eyes. "What do you want Lotus, i'm really not in the mood for your shit tonight".

Lotus laughed, flipping her long, auburn hair over her shoulder. "Oh come now Cade, I'm offering to help you, I can do that can't I?"

"I don't know what your talking about, and you've never 'wanted' to help anyone in your little selfish life".

Lotus leaned in close almost whispering. "I also want rid of the other Leech, you i can tolerate, barely, she I can not."

Cadence watched as a slow smile spread across Lotus' face. "What do you want Lotus, I don't want your riddles or to play any games, I just want
Sinte gone".

"Oh, I think you will enjoy this game, follow, we have some planning to do".

Lock watched Lotus and Cadence walk out of the club. He had seen them talking, knowing that one or both were up to no good. Michael would
have to know about this.
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wow... I'm speechless. Your style of writing is very elaborate and deep. I like the futuristic setting. Kind of makes me story look medieval, hahaha. I love vampire stories. Very interesting. I like Lotus, and Michael's cute. How do you get them to do those weird poses? And they're sprawled over the floor like that, how do you do that?
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Default Deadly Games

Sinte closed her eyes, letting the hot water cascade down over her shoulders, rinsing the soap away. Relunctantly, she turned the knobs off, stepping out and drying off.

Still fuming over the whole Cadence incident, she walked out of the bathroom, finding Indie leaning against the bar. "What the hell was that all about?"

Indie shrugged. "Your both Leeches, thought it may help if you both had a friend, and i thought since you already had something in common
it would be good idea, apparently I was wrong".

"Apparently", she echoed, sitting on the floor near the window.

There was a suttle breeze drifting through, she closed her eyes letting it carress her face. Indie walked over sitting on the floor next to her. He linked
his pinky finger around hers and looked out over the city.

"Do you allow others to feed from you?"

"I used to".

"You don't anymore?"

Indie shook his head, turning to look at her. "No".

Sinte laid her chin on her knees, looking at their hands, touching the end of her thumb to his. He lifted her chin with his finger, leaning in,
he began placing soft kisses across her face. She sighed, loving the feel of his lips on her skin.

"You know you've made the monster angry by not letting her feed".

Indie smiled, leaning his back against the bed and pulling her down on top of him. "I've only ever let her feed twice, my mistake was not controlling my urges better and letting it
go too far once".

Sinte traced his lips with her finger, catching her breath as he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, stopping at her center, gently stroking.

"Do you hunger?", he asked, giving her a lazy smile.

"Oh.....", he said softly as she took a bit of his essence with a kiss.

"Do you?", she asked teasing, taking more of him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, rolling over so he was on top of her. "Yes", he answered, covering her mouth with his own.


Michael looked at Lock concerned. "Are you sure?"

Lock nodded, pointing out the window that looked over the club. He walked over, following the direction of Locks' finger.

There standing in the corner was his worst nightmare, Cadence and Lotus, talking. They had apparently been having these "little meetings' for the past couple of days.
This couldn't be good, and if he was to guess, he reckoned it was over Sinte. He sighed, this was going to complicate things and push into
action a plan that he was hoping would be avoided by introducing Cadence and Sinte but that seemed to have back fired.
He just couldn't figure out who the culprit was, Cadence or Lotus.
Both women were very skilled in the 'conniving' department. He walked to his desk, tapping his fingers.

"We need Sinte, she's the stronger Leech, she also regrets, which means she will be able to have boundries. Cadence is too selfish and immoral,
we can do without her, i should have stuck with my instincts , she was too much of a rogue to take chances with, that was
my first mistake, my second," he paused, rubbing his hand across his forehead, "was even looking at Lotus, now she has become a huge threat,
not only to Sinte and Cadence but to the whole community".

Lock scrunched his nose at Michael and made an 'o' with his hand.

Michael laughed. "You are correct, it would seem i have a weakness for dangerous, beautiful women".

Michael closed his eyes as Lock sent him pictures and words . He nodded. "You and i only, no one else, make sure everyone, even the
bartender is gone before you start, this needs to be quick and as least messy as possible, I need to contact Indie, we have to make a quick trip out,
keep the situation under control the best you can until we're back". He watched as Lock nodded and went out the door.

Michael leaned his head on his hand, struggling to understand the information Lock had given him earlier. Lock and Lotus' genes had both
come from a place called Barclay Labs. He didn't know much about them except that they liked to 'mix things up'. They were supposed
to be cutting edge on manufacturing prescise genes. Recently Locks' genes had began mutating again, which meant that Lotus' may be as well.
Lock didn't quite understand everything that was happening to him but instead of just being able to convey thoughts, he was also now able to
physically move objects with his mind. If this was also the case with Lotus, she would have a jump on Lock, she was several years older which
meant she would have much more control and be much stronger. She would also have a greater understanding of what she's capable of.
Her genes would have began mutating a few years ago, when she would have been around Locks' current age.

Frowning, Michael got up from his desk walking towards the window as he dialed Indies' cell.
This had not turned out to be the evening he was hoping he'd have.

Indie struggled awake as the ringing continued. He sat up, feeling around him for his cell. Finally finding it, he pushed the talk button.

"Yea", he answered groggily.

Sinte had woken up, slinking her way over to Indie, laying her head in his lap.

"Hey Mike, what's up?"

She listened to Indie talk. She was beginning to be able to tell by the tone of his voice what his conversations were about and on this one
he was sounding troubled. He was stroking her hair, letting his hand rest on the back of her head when he spoke.

"I'll be there in twenty", he said hanging up the reciever.

Sinte groaned, pulling on his hand as he started to get up. "Do you have to go?"

He bent over, kissing her on the cheek. "Yes".

She watched as he threw on some jeans and a tee. "Maybe i can come with you?"

Indie shook his head. "Not this time Sin".

She immediately was concerned. This was only the second time he had said she couldn't go with him. The first time there had been a huge fight
when a group of rogues had gone into the club. He had said afterwards having her go with him that night may have been the better idea,that she could have helped.
The door shut and she lay there looking at the ceiling. What if she could help this time? She was debating when the phone rang.

"Hello", she answered.

"Sinte?", the voice asked on the other end.


"I need to speak to Indie."

Sinte then recogonized the voice, it was Cadence. "Indie had to go meet with some possible 'ins', i'll let him know you called." She repeated the
words Indie had told her to say to Cadence if she ever called. She didn't much like the lying, but then again, she didn't know that that's not what he was doing.
There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"Sinte, i know were not the best of friends but i'm unable to find Michael or Indie right now and i've gotten myself into a bit of a jam, think you could help me out?
I don't have anyone else i can call and there's this prick standing in front of me who won't let me move until he gets the 150 bucks i owe him.
I can have it back to you by the weekend."

Sinte thought on it. The money wasn't a problem, both Indie and Michael had cash stashed for emergencies. Everyone knew that Cadence often turned to
drugs and most of the time bought from the streets. She reckoned Cadence either owed for the drugs or had borrowed from someone to get them. She was trying to
think of what Michael or Indie would do and decided that even though they may hesitate and give her a lecture, they would probably bail her out. Besides, it couldn't have
been easy for her to ask Sinte for help.

"Your at the club?"

"Yea, outside around the back"

"Be there as soon as i throw some clothes on".

Sinte smiled to herself as she grabbed some money from a box on top of the counter and headed out the door. She had never been asked
for help before, it felt...good. In the past she was the one always asking, maybe it was time she started giving back.

Cadence smirked at Lotus as she pushed the end talk button. "Your not going to believe our luck", she started, "While Michael and Indie are out trying to
save the world, guess who's walking right into the spiders' web?"

Lotus threw back her head back and laughed. "Why precious little Sinte i'm guessing, this is going to be so much easier than expected".

Both stood laughing and discussing how would be the best way to 'eliminate' Sinte. So much so that neither noticed the figure lurking in the shadows.
Lock stood staring, his mind racing, his heart pounding. He had been here before, but as a child. He was no longer a child and didn't appreciate that
both Cadence and Lotus seen that taking anothers life was nothing more than a game to them. He had not been able to stop it as a boy, but as a man
he would do whatever it took to save anothers life, even if it meant the loss of his own.
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Sinte had made the short walk to the club in record time. The place was almost empty, actually it was empty, then again it was almost four in the morning.
She rounded the corner to the back of the building to find Cadence leaned up against the wall. She searched through her pockets as she neared her, holding out a wad of money. " I brought two hundred just in case".

Cadence took the money, flipping through it. She took a cigarette out of the pack in her pocket, lighting it. Sinte stood there waiting, for what she didn't know. A thank you would have been nice, but then again this was Cadence. Finally shrugging, she turned and began walking away. Suddenly a wave of nausea over came her and her head began to pound. She dropped to her knees, watching as Cadence walked around in front of her. She looked around wildly as everything began to spin.

"What's the matter Sinte, not feeling well?", Cadence cooed.

She tried to answer but found she couldn't even speak. She heard the clacking of heals and looked up to see Lotus stopping to stand behind Cadence.

"I told you you were over stepping your boundaries didn't I?"

Having said that, Cadence drew back, slapping her hard across the face. Sinte toppled over, landing her back on the cold concrete. Cadence straddled her, flicking her cigarette towards the grass. Leaning forward, she grabbed a handful of her hair.

"People like you make me sick Sinte. You think your better than anyone else, go around taking whatever you want when you want it. It's time you had consequences."

Sinte tried to call out, but couldn't, she couldn't even move to defend herself when Cadence began hitting her in the face with her fists. Lotus walked around her, kicking her, taking her heel grinding it into her hand until it broke through skin.

She wasn't sure how long they continued her beating, 10 maybe 15 minutes, she had lost track of time and consciousness once but Lotus brought her back.

"Finish this", Lotus finally said impatiently, "I'm beginning to tire and she's becoming harder to hold, you've had your fun, and i don't want to be anywhere near when Michael comes back".

Cadence shot Lotus a look. "Very well", she said leaning in close to Sinte, "That pretty little face is not so pretty any more is it?". Cadence placed her mouth over Sintes', kissed her, then began taking her essence. Sinte felt as though someone was pulling her lungs and heart out through her mouth and she could no longer breathe.

"Die bitch", Cadence sneered.

Just as everything was going black, she heard Cadence cursing and then a loud thud. After a few minutes of lying there Sinte found she was able to move, barely . Cadence was lying curled up in a ball at her feet and someone had Lotus by the throat, her feet dangling in the air. Sinte struggled to sit up. She watched as Cadence began crawling towards whomever had Lotus. Sinte squinted her eyes trying better to see, it was Lock who had Lotus, his hands were no longer touching her but she was still dangling in the air, gasping for breath. Watching, she seen Cadence, who had been slowly moving towards Lotus and Lock, pull something from her pocket. The silvery blade shimmered in the moon light, she had a knife.

"Lock", Sinte tried to warn, but it was too late. She watched as Cadence jammed the knife into Locks' left shoulder blade. Lock stumbled to the side, his right shoulder slamming hard into the glass door. Cadence quickly threw herself down on him and began taking his essence. Sinte started crawling towards them, her entire body arguing with every movement. She glanced over at Lotus who was now lying on the ground but still struggling to breathe. As she approached them she lifted the half of brick she had picked up, and with everything she had left in her she brought it down, hitting Cadence in the middle of her back.
She screamed, falling forward off of of Lock. He sat up, leaning on his elbows coughing and sputtering. Sinte then started making her way towards Lotus, around the table. Lotus had regained herself and was laughing like a mad person.

Locks' body smashed up against the brick wall, the look of pain on his face unmistakable. Cadence stood up and imediately grabbed her chest. She looked at Lotus with a confused expression.

"You thought you were an exception in this little plan?", she said as she slid her legs beneath her. "No, your not, your expendable, always were ".

"Lotus stop!", Michael yelled as he and Indie burst out the door.

Sintes' eyes met Indies'. The look on his face was pained as he looked at her. She continued crawling around the table towards Lotus. Catching Michaels' gaze, he nodded to her.

"Michael, Indie, welcome to the party!", Lotus said cheerily, "You were not supposed to see this but my partner in crime dropped the ball, they always do, I don't know why I didn't just do it myself but I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, now it looks like i can get three!"

Michael held his hands up, walking slowly towards her. "Look Lotus, you really don't want to do this".

Lotus forced a giggle. "Oh Michael, Michael. I gave you the world in me, still you continue to put these 'children' above me, now you will lose them. I'm sorry you have to learn such a harsh lesson. Maybe now you will treat me as you should have been treating me all along and appreciate the powers I possess. I will run the club from now on and I will make the decisions and rules. I am the only woman you need, or will ever need or will ever have, first rule."

Cadence fell forward face first to the ground, still clutching her chest. Lock still sat, back to the wall, his body now limp, head hanging to his chest.

"Stop!", Lotus screamed as Indie started walking towards Lock.

She wagged her finger at him. "Indie, you too need to learn this lesson. I have not yet decided what to do with you but the thought of both you and Michael servicing me....... you know.."she said putting her finger to her chin, "this is actually turning out perfectly. It's not as I planned but it's all coming together nicely, finally I'll get all of what I deserve!"

As Cadences' body began shuttering with convulsions, Lotus looked over, it was the distraction Sinte needed. She grabbed Lotus by the hair, taking her to her knees and pulling her face to look at her. Without a second thought, Sinte placed her lips on Lotus taking her essence. The look in her eyes was pure fear. Lotus begain flailing, scratching and hitting Sinte but to no avail, Sinte was locked on and not letting go until the body before her fell. She felt someone trying to pull her off Lotus but she wouldn't stop, she couldn't stop. She could hear voices around her, see movement from the corner of her eyes. At last, Lotus went limp.

Sinte fell to her hands and knees, spitting out a mouth full of blood. Warm hands were lifting her. Involuntarily she groaned, pain setting in her body. She looked up and saw Indie, then darkness.
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Sintes' eyes fluttered open. First thought, everything hurt. She winced as she rolled onto her side. She wasn't home, and didn't see Indie anywhere. She did however see a bathroom . Taking a deep breath, she pushed herself into a sitting position. She saw that her hand and wrist had been bandaged up. She worked her fingers, feeling the stiffness that had set in. She slowly pulled herself to her feet. Feeling a little dizzy, she braced herself against the frame of the bed.
Someone had tried cleaning her up but there was still blood and dirt everywhere. A long, hot shower is what she needed. Watching her steps, she inched towards the bathroom. Turning on the shower, the water as hot as she could stand it, she leaned up against the tile, letting the jets wash over her sore body. She stood there until the water began to cool, then she soaped up and rinsed as well as she could.

She stepped out of the shower, shivering as the night air coming through the window hit her. Looking up, she found Indie leaning against the door holding a towel. He walked over to her wordlessly and started drying her off, gently patting, trying to put no more pressure on her than was necessary. He kissed her on the shoulder as he finished, then helped her dress.

"I figured you might be hungry so i stopped by the deli on the way home, got your favorite", he said smiling as he rebandaged her hand.

She leaned against his chest and the tears came then. Indie wrapped his arms around her, letting her cry. He kissed her forehead and murmured softly against her ear. She cried for the longest time, so much so her eyes began to swell. Finally she pulled back looking at him.

"Please don't want rid of me", she managed between sniffles.

He stood with her still in his arms just looking at her. "Where did that come from?", he asked, wiping a thumb across her cheek.

Sinte shrugged, laying her head back down on his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck. "I was just trying to help", she said, as tears once again fell down her face.

"I know baby, I know...shhhhhh". Indie picked her up, cradling her in his arms, kissing her gently as he walked towards the bed.

He laid her down, then laid beside her. She snuggled close to him, resting her head in the crook of his shoulder.

"I don't want rid of you Sinte, most days I can't get enough of you", he said sighing, running his hand down her side, letting it rest in the small of her back.

Sinte breathed in deep, taking in his scent. She kissed him on the cheek, letting her heavy lids close, drifting off into sleep.
Sinte sat outside the office waiting. Cadence was already there, the both of them had broken pretty much every Deviant rule there was, and Sinte had done worse, she had taken a life. She didn't remember anything of that night past feeling very ill.

From what she had gathered, the night of her confrontation with Lotus and Cadence, Lock had caught them in Michaels' office, he had approached them and all hell had broke loose. Of course it hadn't really been a fair fight, but Lock had held his own until the both of them over the course of an hour had worn him down, they had left him for dead. Indie had said they had no idea how or where he had found the strength to make it outside that night to help her. The simple truth was, she owed Lock her life, if he had not made it to her that night, she probably would have been dead by the time Michael and Indie had made it back to the club. The 'incident' had brought what Michael felt like was unnecessary and unwanted attention to the club and to the general area so for the time being they were staying at a borrowed residence until all could be rebuilt.

"Come on in Sin",Michael said, sticking his head out the door motioning to her .

Sinte entered cautiously. Her eyes met Cadences' and she froze. She had known Cadence had survived, even knew that she had been in Michaels' office when she was waiting outside, what she wasn't expecting was her reaction to Cadence. She closed her eyes and felt her face flush hot with an even rage. Sinte felt Indie behind her, talking softly against her ear. She let him guide her to a seat, but her eyes never left Cadence. Cadences' eyes were almost swollen shut from crying, her face was tear streaked and had blotchy red patches on her skin. Lotus had almost killed her, she was told, and she had spent the better part of the 2 weeks since the incident in an underground hospital for Deviants that was run by a good friend of Michaels'. There was a long silence, Michael spoke first.

"I said this earlier, and I will repeat it again for the benefit of those who have just joined us", he started, shifting slightly on the corner of his desk, "In my years here at the club, and in other places I have been, I have never come across anything as dispicable or as evil as what happened here Friday before last. The sheer perversion of it is almost unfathomable."

He stopped talking for just a minute, as to let the words he had just spoken sink in. "This, nor anything like it will ever again happen. To ensure this, I have buckled down on who I can and can not accept into this circle. We are meant to be support for one another, a chance for those who deserve, a haven for those who have no where else to turn, a last resort
for some. I believed until recently all deserved a chance. I personally have a hard time telling any Deviant no, it's not our fault we are the way we are, who we are. But I have learned over these past few months that there are some who do not merit what we have to offer, it has been a hard lesson for me to learn, at the cost of one life and almost the cost of three others."

He walked to stand in front of Cadence. "You have two choices Cadence, you can go back with Dr. Ellis to the underground or you can go out on your own. If you choose the later, before you leave this office you will take both of these", he held out his hand showing her the two, small, pink pills, "They will make you forget everything and everyone you have ever
known. You won't remember your child hood, here, nothing. I don't trust you and can't have you running around on the outside knowing about us, the decision is yours to make".

Michael stood there, pills in hand, staring hard at her. Sinte watched as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks, she almost felt sorry for her, it was a no win situation. The other part of the underground, the 'living area', was almost like a prison she was told. It was for those who could not controll themselves, too dangerous to be on their own. A lot of those
were very mentally unstable. Although she knew Dr. Ellis and his staff did the best they could to make them comfortable, giving the best quality of life possible, quite of few were constantly sedated, walking around in a zombie like state. Sinte herself had never been, but she had over heard stories and could just imagine. She crossed her arms over her chest
as chills ran up her spine. Cadence was struggling, her chest was visably heaving, like she was hyperventaliting. Being on her own would be no better. She wouldn't know anyone or any place, there would be a chance she wouldn't even survive, especially if the Vanguard found her.

"I..I need a few days to think Michael....."

"You'll decide now, it won't be any easier in two days or two weeks", Michael said interrupting her, his voice cold, emotionless.

Cadence looked to Indie, "Indie, I'm so sorry, I just wanted.... please....", her words were broken and came out almost too soft to hear. Indie looked at her straight on, shaking his head.

"I'll go with Dr. Ellis", she said finally, breaking down into tears.

Michael nodded towards the Doctor. Dr. Ellis pulled out a syringe, showing it to her. "I'll need to give you this Cadence, it will curb any notions you may have on the ride back", he explained as he swatted her arm with a cotton ball. She never even flinched as he injected the medication. Two fairly large men, one taking each arm, escorted her out of the room as the Doctor pulled Michael aside, speaking in a low tone. He patted Michael firmly on the back then left the room himself. Michael didn't move immediately, he stared at the floor as if he was gathering himself before turning back to address those still in his office. When he turned back around, he had such a sad expression that Sinte hurt for him. He walked to behind his desk and sat down, folding his hands in front of him.

"I never want to have to do that again", he said softly, looking at every single person. "Dr. Ellis has begun a new program he's going to try Cadence in. It's a recovery program designed to try and correct behaviors. He has only had twelve enter so far but the out come has been promising. Out of the twelve that was entered, nine of those are showing
remarkable progress, one of which is responding so well that he now helps Dr. Ellis around the lab, and if he continues to improve we may see him coming around here soon." He smiled slightly and his gaze came to rest on Sinte. He rocked back in forth in his chair studying her. She began to feel nervous and looked at the floor, not knowing what else to do, dreading what was coming.

"Also in that same incident, a life was lost. Some of you here knew her, some of you didn't. Lotus was a very gifted Psy, she could have done so much good for the community. Unfortunately, an error on my part, I seen what I wanted to see, I seen what she could be, not what she really was. Because of my error in judgement I almost lost two friends, one of those being the taker of Lotus' life. I have struggled over these past few weeks, to determine what would be a suitable punishment for such an action, it's not something I've taken lightly nor have I let my personal feelings interfere."

"No disrespect Mike, but i thought that 'The Panel of Seven' we're the only ones who could pass judgement", one of the young men Sinte didn't recognize said.

The Panel of Seven had been set up years ago, they we're the Deviant version of a judge and jurer, so to speak. Sinte had no idea about any of the processes, she just knew they existed and hoped she'd never be brought before them. Michael looked at the man who had spoken to him.

"No offence taken Ezra, and I have spoken to the other six members on this matter. They have agreed with my decision".

Sinte watched as Ezras' expression changed then felt a lump in her throat as it dawned on her exactly who Michael was. She looked at Indie, grabbing his hand for support. He winked at her and squeezed her hand a little. She became a bit nauseas and felt the color drain from her face.

"I'm sorry Mike, I didn't know", Ezra said apologetically.

Michael raised his hand, smiling warmly at him. "It's ok Ezra, few know and i prefer it that way, capiche?"

Ezra nodded. Michael returned his attention back to Sinte. It seemed like an eternity before he spoke, she thought, her hands were clammy and her stomach in knots.

"Sinte", he called softly. She swallowed hard and looked up at him. He didn't look angry, but then again, Michael wasn't easy to read.

"What we decided was that given the circumstances, there would be no judgement. Yes, you used what you have and took a life. One of our rules is that you never use what you have against another to cause harm. You also saved two lives and in the long run probably more. The fact is though, you should have never even been in that situation. I know your reasons for being there, and on a personal note, I'm glad you were, if not for you, we may have lost Lock, however, the fact still
remains, even though you had good intentions, you should have never been there. I need to be able to trust you Sinte, I need you to promise me, that no matter what it is, no matter the reason, you will never go on your own like that again. If someone asks you for help, you will come find me, Indie, Lock, someone else. The rules I have are in place for a reason, do you understand?"

Sinte nodded. "Yes Michael, I understand, and I'm sorry, it won't happen again". Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would come out of her chest. He nodded and she thought she seen a small smile before he turned his attentions to the papers in front of his desk.

"Ok", he said, walking around to the front of his desk, sitting on the corner. "Everyone here has accepted my proposal, and i would like to start out by saying I'm grateful, thank you for joining this cause. There will be a few more joining us, some are stationed at junctions, we will only see them when we go to them. This is not something to be taken lightly. It will be dangerous, there will be risks, any having second thoughts please leave now, nothing less will be thought of
you for doing so". Michael looked around the room cautiously, looking for signs that every word he had said was understood. He nodded solemnly. "Then let's get this ball rolling".
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Default Impossible Position

Emory rounded the corner of the house, her breath catching in her throat. He had come, she had asked him to, and he had come. Slowly she walked towards him, her heart beating to the point that she thought she might become faint. She stopped just behind him. Close enough that she could feel his heat coming through his shirt . He knew she was there, he turned his head slightly as she approached him. She licked her lips nervously and waited.

Lock sighed , shoving his hands into his pockets. "Why?", he asked .

Emory shifted uncomfortably, it had been a long time since she had spoken with Lock, his way. Ever since she had known him her biggest fear had always been that if he could speak to her inside her own head, maybe there were other things he could do as well, tell how she was feeling, read her thoughts.....she prayed he couldn't do those things right now.

"I had no choice Lock, Ezra and I both were made to leave the farm after that summer. I'm still not clear on the reasons why, I kept meaning to sit Micheal down and talk to him about it but I've just never been able to find a good time, Micheals' always so busy and...."

"So......what your telling me, is that in the 3 years it's been, there has not been 10 minutes you could have taken and even asked Micheal about me?", Lock asked, cutting her off.

Emory swallowed hard, her hands had begun to shake and she felt like she just wanted to run away and cry, she had always felt like that when Lock was upset with her. But she was no longer a 17 year old girl, and she needed closure, this being in limbo was killing her . Being around him these last two weeks had been torture, she had to know. "No Lock, I never did find that time. Some of us was not as fortunate as you to have Micheal run whenever we needed him.But I will tell you this, I've never in 5 years let one day pass when I did not think of you, wonder how you were, what you were doing. In 5 years I've never looked at or wanted anyone else." She had to pause, her voice was quivering slightly . Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she continued. " I need you to say it Lock. I need you to either tell me it's over, and that there was never anything between us except for what I imagined and wished for, or I need you to tell me you want me and that there is still an us, either way, I need you to make that call and let me know where I stand."

There was a long silence and when she thought she couldn't bear it any more, Lock turned to face her. Emory was confused. She expected to see anger, maybe even arrogant pride, what she wasn't expecting to see was the deep sadness and hurt that was there.

"Micheals' meeting will be starting soon, we should go inside".

Emory watched as he turned from her and walked towards the house.

"Whats with those two", Sail asked curiously turning to Ezra.

Ezra shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, they used to have a thing a few years back."

"They still have that 'thing'?

"I don't know, I don't pry into Ems' business, if she needs me she knows where I am, otherwise, I keep my nose to myself".

"Some brother you are", Sail joked, punching him in the arm. Ezra smiled, looking over his shoulder at Emory before following Sail into the house.


Michael had explained to them only a couple of weeks before, that Superlabs, a company that was the result of several merges, had recently won a contract from Vanguard, bad news. They were supposed to be exploring 'improved genetics' for more advanced Perfected, what they were doing was combining certain genes, creating fighting machines.
They were creating Deviants from Perfected with no thought or moral inclinations. Saturists had been the Vanguards' first attempt. Although Saturists were virtually invincible, they rarely lived passed a few days, their bodies were ill equipped to store, manage or release the amount of energy they consumed while taking a life. Unable to keep taking large amounts of Perfected for experimentation and remain unnoticed, they turned their attentions to something to that wouldn't be noticed at all, implementing different variations and combinations of genes then making them available in 'packages' unknown to a couple choosing for a child. The mother would serve as an incubator for their weapon, raised by loving parents and when the child reached 18 years of age, they would be drafted into the Vanguard program. Having one of your children chosen
for Vanguard, as a Perfected child or parent, there was no higher honor. There would be no questions asked, no suspicions. No one knew exactly what these made Deviants were capable of or how many there were already. Michaels' worst fear was that Vanguard would create something that even they couldn't control. His goal was to infect viruses into the genes and DNA protocol Superlabs had stored in massive underground bunkers , making them harmless. Once the
virus was injected the embryo would simply be a true Perfected, no damaging or mutating genes.

"They can't possibly think it's one of us can they?", Sinte asked in almost disbelief.

Micheal shook his head. "I don't know what they think at the moment. I worry the longer we wait to act on this, the more time the Vanguard will have to experiment. They may get everything just right, and with a little luck, produce this monster they are trying to create and turn it loose, we just don't have this kind of time to sit around doing nothing".

"Do you think it's one of us Micheal?", Sinte continued.

Micheal shook his head. "No, I know it's not any of you. I would have been able to smell your fear and guilt no matter how little it was."

"We could go rogue", Indie said quietly.

"No Indie, I won't take that risk with any of you. If you get into trouble there's no back up standing by. There would just be us and although I believe in us as a team and our abilities, we can't take on the whole Vanguard".

"Part of going rogue would be you not knowing about it Micheal".

Ezra nodded turning to Indie. "I agree. That way you wouldn't be responsible for anything that went wrong Mike. I'd be willing to take that fall."

Micheal again shook his head. "No, I need you guys to help me track down whoever this is. Saturday night is when we're having the grand opening for this place. They will be here, they won't miss a chance to get any kind of information. They are no doubt getting paid very well for their services, that is until the Vanguard don't need them anymore and disposes of them ". Micheals' phone rang interrupting him. "Look, I have to take this, but I will catch back up with you later, break in the new pool table or something, but keep your noses clean whatever you do, and I want no one leaving these grounds."

"I have a bad feeling about this", Sail commented absently.

"What kind of a bad feeling Sail?" Emory asked half wanting to know and half wishing he was joking.

"I can't explain it really, just something I feel. I think when we find out who this is we may all be shocked and in for a rude awakening. I don't think it's one person alone either. I think it's two possibly three or four people working together and i think Mike knows that. It won't be someone who don't know how to use what they possess either, it will be persons quite in tune with their abilities and very aware of what they can do".

Sinte closed her eyes and thought of Lotus and Cadence. Even thought she knew Lotus was dead and that Cadence was locked up in the Underground, she still had that foreboding sense . Except for when this whole thing came down it would be on a much larger scale, she shuddered at the thought.

Lock began passing out pool sticks and laid fifty on the corner of the table.

"I'm in", Indie smiled, digging in his pockets for money.

"Might as well, not like we can do anything at the moment",Ezra agreed.

Sinte and Emory had taken it upon themselves to fix everyone drinks None complained but they did get a couple of 'I can't believe I'm drinking this crap' looks. Everyone had an opinion on who the leak/leaks were and as a group they began to formulate a plan on how to best bring them out.

4 hours and 32 drinks later.........

At the end of the night Ezra had lost the most, one hundred and thirty bucks.

Lock and Indie both won and lost about enough to be down what they had started out bidding with, fifty.

The big winner of the night had been Emory. It seemed the more she drank the better she played. When it came time to collect, she laughed it off, wouldn't take the money. She had proved her point. As she turned to take some glasses back behind the counter to be washed, she heard, "Well, if you won't take my money, perhaps you would settle for trade...".

Emory smiled, turning to Lock. She pretended to be in deep contemplation over his offer. Nodding her head, she spoke to him his way, "I'll take a make out session and dinner, not necessarily in that order".

Lock smiled, turning to put his stick away.

All were feeling the effects of their mid- day drinking binge and were filing out to go lay down/and or pass out. Emory had drunk the least and volunteered to stay and straighten up. She was pleased everyone seemed relaxed and had had a good time. The past couple of weeks had been hard on them all and now with having a leak among them, they had needed this. She smiled at Sinte as she and Indie walked towards the door. She wasn't sure who was holding who up between them and chuckled to herself as they staggered out . Her thoughts went back to the talk she had with Lock earlier in the morning, the look he had on his face had broken her heart. She loved him still, she always had. Sighing, she turned her attention to the glasses that needed to be cleaned and the liquor that needed to be put up. She was too tired to think about anything right now and not rational enough to make any decisions.


As she dried and put the last of the glasses away, Emory heard a noise coming from in front of the bar. "Is anyone there?", she called. She squinted to see, it was still early evening, around 6pm, and there was plenty of light outside, with the lights off in the club, it was quite dark. Although it was on the same property, the new club had been built quite a ways from the main house. Emory began to get a little nervous. With everything that was going on, she wasn't feeling completely safe at the moment.

"Hello?", she called again, slowly making her way around the corner of the bar.

Suddenly from back wall a dark figure lunged at her, grabbing her from the side, pinning her arms.

She tried screaming but nothing would even come out. She began flailing and kicking but all that got her was into a tighter hold. After a few minutes she began to tire. She reasoned that if this was indeed the leak, or someone associated in some way she would just try to act ignorant. Standing still she noticed something was very familiar.....the smell, the hair, his arms...his arms!


She could feel his chest rising and falling with laughter and she felt her face flush hot. She began to struggle again, hoping she would hurt him!

"You asshole!",she said with clenched jaws. She struggled a while longer, kicking the best she could and trying to hit at him, but they way he had her held she was doing nothing but wearing herself out. She finally stood still, leaning into him and breathing heavily.

"Are you done?"

"Fuck you".

"That's not a nice thing to say to me, unless we're talking literal".

"Kiss my...."

"I can do that", Lock said before she had a chance to finish her sentence. He maneuvered her so that she was in front of him, her hands pinned against his chest, his arms almost unbearably tight around her. Emory froze, his lips were so close she could feel his breath on her own, the slightest of movements was all it would take.

"Tell me you don't want this, and I will walk away."

"I don't want this!", she almost screamed, tears falling freely down her face.

Lock followed a tear to her jawline with his tongue, lapping it up and planting such a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth, she barely felt it. "I don't believe you".

"Lock please.....".

"Please what? Let you go so You can run again? No."



Emory began to let herself calm in his arms. It had just dawned on her that, even through no fault of her own, her leaving him those years ago had really had an effect on him. She looked into his eyes and seen the storm, unreadable, untouchable. "I hurt you?"

"You devastated me".

Emory opened her mouth to speak but she could find no words. She wanted to take away the hurt she had caused, she didn't like him in pain. She kissed him. He pulled back to look at her. If he was trying to back out or pull away from her, she wasn't going to let him. Standing on her tip toes, she sucked softly on his bottom lip, placing small kisses. She felt his resolve, and he began to meet her kisses. Slowly and passionately. She never wanted out of his arms again, she had forgotten how good it felt being there.

"You said this morning, you needed me to tell you", he began, all the while whispering kisses across her cheeks. "So I'm telling you, I'm not letting go".
Unable to sleep, Micheal walked to the window, looking out over the mountains. This place had always given him peace, something he didn't often get much of any more. He was watching his carefully constructed Haven start to crumble before his very eyes. He chided himself for being so foolish and naive. But he had learned, and was becoming more aware. He was pretty sure he knew who the leak was, calling this person out in a crowd would be a very bad idea, especially if he had his guard dogs on stand by. He would have to be smart about it.

The only question in his mind now was how much rope did he need to give this person to hang themselves.
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Default Secret

Micheal was livid, Indie could sense it. It was more than just the Superlabs situation, it took a lot to put him in one of these moods. He watched as Micheal walked to stand in front of the one way window that looked out over the club. Indie leaned against the wall, watching the large crowd that had already gathered. The club had been out of commission for going on two months and everyone seemed to be showing up in support of the reopening. Micheal moved slightly to get a better view, staring out at the mass of people.

"I can't feel them, they have no fear, no guilt or remorse about what they are doing.....but they are here, I can taste them", he commented almost absently.

Indie nodded. These past months had been rough on them all. To find out that someone they had all probably put themselves at risk for at one time or the other and had now turned on them was not something needed.

"You know we will find them, it's just a matter of time. They may have no thought for their actions and can't be sensed.....but everyone has memories, all I have to do is brush against them and I'll know....their days are numbered".

Micheal placed his hand on Indies' shoulder, then made his way out to the club. Indie watched a while longer from the window. People laughing, old friends catching up, dancing and drinking. A deep sigh escaped him, there was no one he could even think of it to be, no one he wanted it to be. He took one last look over the club as headed out on the floor.

Sinte smiled, she hadn't felt this free in a long time. She threw her arms in the air and moved forward to bump hips with Emory. Micheal had told them to enjoy tonight, it was opening night and it had been a long week. Looking up, she spotted Indie watching her. After letting Emory know she would be back in a while she swayed and swirled her way through the crowd towards him. He held out his hand for her to help her up the two steps leading to the bar once she had made it. She wrapped her arms around him , kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Having fun", he asked smiling.

"I'm having a wonderful time," she answered as she continued to move to the music, "Dance with me?"

Indie shook his head and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll have to take a rain check, maybe later?".

"Later....and I'll hold you to that", she said with a wicked grin, laughing as Emory grabbed her hand pulling her back onto the dance floor.

The One licked his lips, smiling as he watched her move. She was dancing with another girl, must be a friend.

She would need a friend when he took her away, maybe he could talk Aklund into letting him have her as well for a companion for his love when he could not be around. His love, how beautiful she was, she was the reason he was doing all of this, for her, so that they could be together.

He felt his rage fueling with a slow burn when he walked up to her. He had no right to touch her or be near her, she didn't belong to him! Remembering to keep his temper in check, he slid further back into the shadows and tried to relax. No matter, he may have her attention now but it would be short lived. A firm hand laid on his shoulder and he turned to see Micheal.

"Hello old friend, it's been a long time, how have you been?"

The One greeted Micheal with a brotherly hug and asked him to sit. His heart sank a little at the thought of hurting Micheal, he had been a true friend, helping him when no other would. They sat and talked for a while, about old times and how things had changed over the years. They talked about what was new and about the club. The One noticed Micheal never mentioned any trouble, of course he wouldn't, he always kept those things to himself. As much as he wanted to have this time with Micheal, knowing what was coming and how things would forever be changed, he really only wanted to watch her. But The One let him talk and was curtious, answering all the questions asked of him, even throwing in a few of his own to try and act interested in the conversation.

Finally Micheal rose to his feet to leave, going on about how a mans work is never done. The One agreed and they parted with a handshake and a smile, promising to catch up with one another soon and how they wouldn't let it be such a long time that pass when next they met. He watched as Micheal disappeared into the crowd then began searching for her, she was gone!

The One, as calmly as he could, began walking around the dance floor and up around to the bar, getting a drink to stave off suspicion. His eyes frantically darting around the room looking, she had to be close, it had only been a few minutes since he had gotten a glance of her. He paid the bar tender for his drink then headed outside. He walked slowly around
the outside shrubbery, keeping well off the lit path. She was near, he could feel her. As he rounded the corner staying behind a thick patch of trees, she came into view. She was standing with friends talking and laughing, her laugh rolling over him like sweet wine. He couldn't help but smile to himself. He could imagine her in his arms, laughing with that same wonderful laugh as they have their own private escapade in the their bedroom. With the money he had been given for his 'services' they would live comfortably, somewhere far away from the city, he hated the city.

He could imagine evenings with her filled with passion, he could almost feel her soft lips, he groaned inwardly as his thickness began growing uncomfortably beneath his trousers.

"Letting your imagination run away with you again", an amused voice echoed behind him.

The One jumped slightly and frowned. "Do you ever announce your presence or are you just always this intrusive Aklund?"

Aklund laughed unapologetically. "I've always found it much more of a good use of my time to catch people off guard, it's hard to lie on the spot. Do you have the documents and photos I asked for?"

"Do you have my money?"

The One watched as Aklund pulled an envelope from his shirt pocket. He snatched it from him, flipping through the bills then handing over the folders he had taken from Micheals' office a few days earlier.

"Your still undetected?"

"Of course, do you think me an idiot?"

"No, but when a pretty, little piece of ass has your eye most of the time I don't figure it hurts to ask."

The One ignored Aklunds' last statement, listening as his shoes crunched through the gravel away from him. Patience....'I just need to be patient a little longer sweet girl, then your mine.'
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Default The Watchers

Sinte and Emory sat at the bar, keeping an eye on things, just pretty much being sure everything ran smooth, same thing they had done every night for almost two weeks now.
Sinte couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she had had all day. She had tried chalking it up to the lonliness she had been feeling with the strange rift that had come between she and Indie as of late. He had been preoccupied before but never like this, even when he was home he wasn't there, his mind was somewhere else. He still held her and the sex was still amazing but he had stopped telling her he loved her over a month ago. It could simply all be in her head. He often told her she had a habit of reading way more into something than was really there.
So maybe that's what this was, just missing him, but deep down she knew that wasn't it. Emory, who was seated beside her, had been acting like something was bothering her as well but Sinte knew what her problem was. Lock had been going out with Micheal every night for over the same two weeks now. No one really knew what business they were taking care of but she knew Emory was resenting on Micheal hard. She couldn't help but smile remembering the way Indie used to sneak away every chance he got if for nothing else but a kiss. She blew out a long breath and took another sip of her drink. When Indie come back from Williamsburg this time she would sit him down, they needed to talk.

"I'm liking the new hair". Emory said, bringing Sinte out of her thoughts. She absently ran her fingers through the short spikes that now jutted outward from her head.

"Thank you, nothing different really, just lots of hair spray and gel."

Emory let out a long sigh and twittered with the straw in her drink.

"Not feeling well tonight Em?".

Emory shrugged. "I'm not sure what my problem is tonight. I wish the guys would finish up what takes them away every night. Not that I don't think we couldn't handle anything that may break out, I do, and I have more confidence in you than I do myself...", she sighed, rolling her eyes and laughing a little. "I know I'm rambling, I think I just have a case of the 'can't help it's."

Sinte nodded sympathetically. "I hear ya, I hate those.

She hated long silences, which had been present most of the night so decided to make some small talk, she really was interested in what Emory and Ezra could do and figured it couldn't hurt to ask, may make time pass a little quicker as well.

"So I've not asked, because I figured if you wanted me to know you would tell me, but what exactly does an Enigma do?"

For the next hour or so Emory explained to Sinte how Enigmas were puzzle solvers. Locks, Codes, Puzzles, Mazes, any and every kind of block imaginable, she and Ezra could resolve with little effort. Enigmas were also only born of twins. Emory talked Ezra up as being the better one but Sinte knew Emory was no slouch or Micheal would have never asked for them
both. Unfortunately Enigmas didn't have a sixth sense about things, but they had good sense feelings and that was enough sometimes.

Sinte had been so engrossed in conversation that she didn't realize it was closing time until Ian made last calls for drinks. Now the fun started...not. There was always someone passed out in the bathroom, gettin' kinky in the lounge or being sick in the cleaning closet and they never ever took well to being told it was closing time and that they needed to leave.

After a brief walk through they followed the last of the stragglers out and locked the doors. Sinte visibly shivered as cold chills ran down her spine.

"You ok Sin?," Emory asked, a concerned look across her face.

"I'm fine, someone walked over my grave I guess. I've just had this strange feeling all day that I've not been able to get rid of."

"Would you still have the same feeling if Indie were around or do you think it's just because he has been gone a lot ?"

Sinte shrugged, she honestly didn't know, but her gut was telling her she would.

"Hey, I have an idea, after we close the club tonight why don't you stay with me, or if you'd rather, I can stay with you. There's no reason for us to suffer alone when we can suffer together."

Both Emory and Sinte smiled.

"I was going to ask you the same exact thing last night but I thought it may make you feel a little uncomfortable." Sinte admitted.

Emory shook her head. "I wish you had asked, I was after four am getting to sleep this morning. Maybe with at least both of us in the same place we can rest a little easier.

They agreed to meet at the front door after the closing of the club and head to Emorys' apartment.

The rest of the night was pretty much without incident. It didn't take them long to clean up the club, Ian, the bartender, offered to stick around and help. The normal clean up crew hadn't been able to keep their positions when Micheal had moved everyone out of the city. They had chosen to stay despite the risks so until Micheal hired a new clean up crew
they were all pitching in at night and getting it done, unless it was a night like tonight with only Emory and Sinte around then everything fell on their shoulders from paperwork and receipts to making sure the floor was swept and mopped and the glasses were clean and put away.

Sinte neatly laid the completed paperwork on Micheals' desk and walked outside. The night air was chilly, but the moon was full and bright, not a cloud in the sky. Her uneasiness had nearly gone away until now. She was beginning to think maybe it was all in her mind. When she was busy and her mind was occupied she never once had had that feeling.
Now that the work was done she found it creeping back up on her. The door shutting startled her and she found herself jumping. She turned around to see Ian and Emory walking towards her. At least tonight she wouldn't be alone.

Ian offered to walk them to Emorys' apartment but they both refused. Her apartment was just around the corner, less than a five minute walk.
They watched Ian until he was pulling his car out of the parking lot and began walking. Sinte ran to she and Indies' apartment on the way to grab something to sleep in and clothes for the next day. She was sure to check the windows and double checked the door when she locked it. As she ran back to Emory she noticed she had almost a fearful expression, her chest was heaving and her hands was to her face.

" Em, you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Emory waited until her breathing had slowed and she had a little better control before she began talking.

"Someone jumped out from behind those trees. They never stopped, just kept running on past but I thought I'd die right here!"

Sinte tried holding back the laugh that was trying to force its way out but she just couldn't. The look of total disbelief and the dramatic way she was waving her arms as she told her what had happened along with the stress she had been feeling all night was just too much. She started out with a giggle that quickly turned into a bending over double laugh.

Emory stood looking at her friend for a moment then joined her laughing.

"You wouldn't think it was so funny if it had happened to you!", she accused.

All Sinte could do was nod and wipe at the tears rolling out of her eyes. "I know Em, and I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself."

Both of them were still laughing when they reached Emorys' apartment. After some small talk and a movie, both changed into their pajamas. Emory crashed on one end of the sectional, Sinte on the other. She was no longer feeling uneasy, just warm and sleepy. Maybe it was just Indie not being there that was causing her imagination to overload. She yawned and fell into an easy sleep.

A light flickered briefly in the thick trees across the way from Emorys' apartment. Vex inhaled deeply on the cigarette he had just lit. He moved around a bit to get a little more comfortable, not that it was easy to get comfortable sitting on half a tree. He had watched Shane follow the two girls back to the apartment. He knew Shane was up to something, he just didn't
know what yet. Vex had released small amounts of his energy at different times during the evening to see how much of him Shane could detect. If he could detect at all he wasn't showing any signs but the dark haired girl could feel him, which would make his job much more difficult if he had to do it, it all depended on Shanes' actions at this point. He watched the man as he walked up the room window where a light had gone out only a few minutes earlier. 'Shit' he muttered as he threw his cigarette butt down on the ground, readying himself for instant action if he needed to.

Shane stood there for what seemed like twenty or more minutes. He was a Yaw, which meant he had the ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy into heat, light , and cold manipulation, maybe he could see their heat or feel them, it was hard telling with Shane really, he had always been about four colors short of a crayon box. Vex breathed a sigh of relief
as Shane finally wandered off down the road. He resettled himself, there were four hours left of his watch, he knew he would have to keep on his guard until the next came to relieve him.

They had to find out who Shane was working for or with and stop it without involving Micheal or his people, no easy task.
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I'm surprised you haven't gotten more feedback on this. I think it's really good; I'm enjoying the plot line quite a bit.
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Thank you=). I have gotten a few mod mails about it but I think in general people just like to read without having to make a commitment of commenting every time they read, thank you for taking the time=).
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Default Affairs of the Heart

Micheal had hated leaving Sinte and Emory to run the place by themselves for the past weeks but they had done an excellent job, everything was in order. This allowed him the time he needed to devote to the big problem still hanging around, the leak. What they had found out in the past several days was that whoever it was, wasn't working with the Vanguard or even any big Government Departments. They were, however, working with rogue groups of Perfected who often teamed up with different types of Deviant. These Perfected were not high profile as once thought but they did have money, and lots of it. What exactly they were trying to do was still a mystery and needed to be learned about. On the other hand, these groups were keeping the big Government dogs off of some of the smaller groups of Defiant, like the people who come to the club. Micheal couldn't help but admit to being perplexed about the whole situation. Why would any Perfected person or group want to help any Defiant? The Perfected/ Defiant war that has been going on for ages was started by the Perfected. They had wanted nothing to do with their 'mutant' counter parts and had vowed to kill them on sight, even the women and children.

So why were they all of the sudden calling a truce and wanting to 'work with' small Defiant groups? Micheal himself had not been in contact with any of the rogue Perfected but a couple on the Council had been propisitioned. Of course being the low man on the totem pole, socailly and politically, the chances of him being approached was at about a million to one. Shaking his head he massaged his temples, none of this made any sense.

He was told the situation with the leak was being monitored and to not bother himself with it, it had been more of an order than a request. Problem there was this leak was in his club, right under his nose doing who knows what. This was unacceptable, he was unsure how long he could not do anything about it and thought it was unreasonable for the elders to
expect him to do absolutely nothing, yet they did.

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in."

Ezra walked through the door, looking a little uncertain.

"There is a woman, a Perfected woman here to see you. She says her name is Katie".

Micheal felt his heart stop for a minute and rose from his chair quicker than he had intended, knocking over some books. He clumsily picked the books up from the floor and turned to Ezra.

"Is she alone?"

"She seems to be yes."

Micheal couldn't seem to think straight. He had not thought about her in a while, he certainly did not expect her to suddenly appear out of nowhere after all this time. He walked towards the window looking out, he didn't trust himself to look at her.

"Show her in".

He heard Ezra leave, returning a short time later. He could feel her, smell her. She was apprehensive and worried about something. She had been crying, he could taste the salt from her tears as it wafted in the air. She cleared her throat, it was a soft sound barely audible.

"Micheal, we need to talk, privately if we could please."

Micheal turned looking at Ezra and nodding, still avoiding eye contact with her, he sat in his chair, his fingers linked .

"What do you want Katie?", his voice was toneless, almost harsh.

He looked at her then. She sat with her hands folded in her lap, looking at the floor. She was struggling he knew. She blew out a long breath then looked at him.

"You have to know that this is important. I would have never sought you out for any other reason. The truth is I had no where else to turn".

Micheal, finding himself mildly interested in what was so important, leaned back his chair and motioned for her to continue.

" you remember when we met up, a few years back. You had just gotten your position on the council, I, then was living with my Father."

Micheal nodded.

"My Father always hated you. I think he was jealous of what you were. Perfected and Defiant didn't always hate each other, there were always groups of both willing to help one another out. Unlike my Father, I always loved you. From the very first time I laid eyes on you that summer at that little, country store. I had just turned 16 and you were 18, all leathered up
riding that old Harley you had, I thought you were the greatest thing breathing."

She looked up to try and read his reaction but he seemed so far away, his eyes distant. She drew a ragged breath and continued.

When my Father took me away that summer, after he had found out we had......done what what we done. I swore I would find you again, if it took everything I owned to do it. Do you know it took me over a year to find you? I didn't know how you were going to react to me. When you took me in your arms that night....I knew. I knew nothing would ever make me leave you again, I felt loved and cherished and had more love than I thought my heart could hold...."

Micheal was getting angry now, he had heard enough.

"So you came here to give me a history lesson then. To remind me that twice in my life, to the same person I might add, you, I allowed myself to love and be loved. I allowed myself to trust and believe, to have hope. Granted, the first time you were taken away, wasn't a lot either of us could do about that, but the second time..Jesus Katie, you destroyed me, you took everything I had given you and just threw it back in my face. Let me see if I remember this right. As I recall the last words you spoke to me, as I stood there like an idiot, was "I hate you and I hate your kind. You make me sick, I can't even stand to be near you. The only reason I wanted you this time was because my Father forbid me and I take orders from no one. That was followed by you screaming at me Get Out at the top of your lungs as you threw my things out the door. So now, let me see, you have seen the error of your ways, decided you really do love me and want me to take you back, No."

He watched as she closed her eyes tight, tears streaming down her lovely face. He would, at that moment, like nothing more than to take her in his arms. But not this time.

"You know, the water works would have worked a few years ago, now, honestly, it just pisses me off, if you have something left to say, say it, or leave now."

"I was protecting you Micheal".

"That's rich, but I don't believe you".

"I...I was pregnant....."

Micheal threw back his head and laughed, disbelief setting in.

"My God Katie, who else were you screwin'? Trying to protect me from your lover? your husband? I would have been outraged too knowing that my pregnant wife was out fucking someone else!" Micheal threw his hands up in the air, walking up to her, stopping only inches from her face. "I want you out of my office, now. I don't care to hear any more of your lies".

"Micheal!", Katie sobbed, "It's not what you think!"

She walked up behind him laying a hand on his shoulder.

Micheal grabbed her wrist, backing her against the wall. "Then what is it Katie, tell me, for once in your pathetic, little life tell me the truth".

"The baby was yours, she's have a daughter."
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I love your story! It's really good and a really creative idea!
I can't wait for your next chapter :D

"Don't mistake coincidence for fate."
~Mr. Eko, LOST
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Thank you Mel, I try to keep interesting=).Thank you for taking the time to read and comment=).
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Default Saving Abby

Micheal let go her arms, stumbling back, his head shaking from side to side.

"I don't believe you, your lying....your fucking lying.", Micheal said, his voice low, dangerous.

Katie was now crying hysterically. " She's yours Micheal, and we're in trouble, she's in an unsafe situation, I need your help".

Micheal tried to gain some composure back, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His mind was racing and his heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest. She wasn't lying, he could feel she wasn't.

"How? I mean it's well known that Defiant and Perfected can not have children together, it's impossible. It's like two different species trying to mate."

"I'm not a complete Perfected, I'm a hybred. This is not something I was keeping from you, I simply didn't know until recently. My Father was cleaning out his study and had asked me to carry some old books to the attic for him. When I went to set them down a few of the books fell out of the pile and as I was picking them up, one caught my eye, it was different from the rest. I hid it down the back of my jeans and slipped it into my room. Later that night after I had gotten Abby to sleep I began to read. He had bought my Mother from a black market lab, she was a Defiant. He wanted to have children with her so he began experimenting on her. After months of experiments and tests she finally concieved, whether this was by natural process or by implant I'm not sure, he didn't say in his log. Shortly after I was born, he became obsessed with using her as a guinea pig. He wanted to learn the source of her ability, he done horrible things to her....after a couple of years she could take no more of his torture and she passed, he killed her."

Micheal watched her for a long time, listened as she tried to stifle the small sounds she made as a flood of tears graced her face.

"I want DNA testing."

Katie nodded, wiping her face with her sleeve. "I'm not opposed to any testing you want done, but believe me, when you see her you will know."

She couldn't help but smile a little. Abby looked for the world like Micheal, acted just like him too. She looked up to find Micheal staring at her as if he was expecting her to answer a question.

"I'm sorry....."

Micheal took her arm, forcing her to look at him.

"Sorry isn't enough Katie, what danger is she in?"

Katie took a deep breath, this wasn't going to be easy. Micheal would probably lose it but it couldn't be helped. She was tired of trying to hide things and could no longer carry this burden alone.

"I never told my Father Abby was yours. I made up a story about meeting some guy at a casino and having a one night stand with him. Of course he called me a no good whore just like my mother but he never questioned me further until after she was born. I think he knew as soon as he saw her face that she was yours. He even mentioned a resemblance a time or two
but I ignored him and went on. I know my Father is not the kindest man, but I never imagined he would try hurting Abby, he seemed to have genuine affection for her. He has a partner now, a geneticist named Mark Lowe. For the past couple of months Mark had been asking me all sorts of questions about Abby, from her favorite color to what activities she seems to like the most.

At first I didn't think anything about it then I had came home early from work one evening, I hadn't been feeling well, and I over heard a phone conversation that I could hardly believe. My Father had apparently felt I was too old for him to try and impregnate me,he also felt I was too old to start his 'therapies' but felt like Abby was the perfect age to start on hormone therapy and some other 'therapies' he had developed over the years.

He is obsessed with the Defiant and the abilities they have, he has always especially been intrigued by yours and since Abby shares part of your genes she was a natural subject for him. He was planning on by the time she turned 18 she would be fertile to him and able to carry children for him and Mark, largely impart to this therapy regimen, they were going to be sure it worked first using Abby then patten the process so that they could begin selling it to some of the shadier Labs...I"

Micheal watched as Katie crumbled. She began a cry that seemed to rip from her very soul. Her shoulders shook and she struggled for breath. Micheal went to her, taking her in his arms. He was angry and numb, mostly in disbelief, but he was also human. He stroked her back and mumbled comforting words to her, letting her get it all out. Some time later, when
she had calmed a bit, he tilted her face towards him and smiled.

"How old is she two, three?"

Katie nodded, "Yes, she just is three."

Micheal felt a tightening in his chest and had to swallow back threats of his own tears.

"I won't pretend not to be angry with you. You've taken three years of my childs' life away from me, that will be hard to forgive. You may stay or go, I don't care either way, but my child, if she is my child, will stay with me from this day forth, and if that crazy bastard that calls himself your Father should ever come around my home or my daughter I will kill him, no
questions asked, is that understood?"

Katie again could do nothing but agree with him. She knew that every ounce of whatever he slung at her she pretty much had coming. She doubted she would ever make him understand she was only trying to protect him.

Micheal pushed her gently back. "Where is she?"

"She is just outside in the waiting area playing. I didn't want to bring her in to a yelling match."

Micheals' heart skipped a beat. He bowed his head trying to calm his nerves.

"I want to see her", he managed to say in an uncertain voice.

Katie nodded to him and disappeared out the door.

Micheal could not make himself look away from the door, waiting for it to move, for the handle to move, anything. He began taking deep breaths, he certainly didn't want to frighten her on their first meeting. Katie seemed to be gone forever, to the point where Micheal was ready to go hunting for her when he finally heard the door knob rattle, then the door slowly
open.He first saw Katie, then he saw her.

He could do nothing but stare in awe into the sleepy, little face of the most beautiful child he had ever seen. Instinctively he held his arms out to her and was genuinely surprised when she held her arms out back to him. A bit unsure, he stepped forward and placed his hands carefully underneath her arms, lifting her from her Mother. He put one arm around
the backs of her legs and the other on her back. She put her small hand on his cheek and he kissed it. At that moment he knew he would die a thousand deaths over for her, for his Abby.

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Default The Nature of his Beast

Sinte sat, her knees drawn to her chest, feeling helpless and small. Micheal had turned everything over to Indie after Katie and Abby came along...EVERYTHING. Things were not great but better after they had had their talk when came back from Williamsburg. He had just said there was a lot on his mind and that he had a lot to do, not to worry that everything would be fine.
Now this.
She didn't want to seem selfish, she certainly didn't resent Katie and Abby coming along, she just wish that Micheal would have divided the duties up evenly among Indie and maybe Lock and Ezra.

She would go talk with him, maybe if she let him know what was going on he would reconsider and take some of the responsibilities he had laid on Indie away.


Micheal turned the envelope over and over in his hands, it was the DNA results. Part of him just wanted to believe Abby was his without having to had taken this measure. Over the past couple of months he had grown very attached to her and didn't know what he would do if the results showed that he wasn't her Father.
She would still need protecting regardless, and then there was Katie. She had been the only woman who had ever owned his heart, and if he was being totally honest with himself, she still did. If Abby turned out to be not his he would offer her a place within the community, it was big enough to where he wouldn't have to see her often and could still offer her safety, and if Abby was his, that was a whole other matter and he had no idea how to deal with it.
A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. He quickly folded the envelope and put it away in his back pocket.

"Come in."

He was surprised to see Sinte peeking her head around the corner of the door.

"Is this a good time?", she asked hesitantly.

Micheal, putting down the drink he had made for himself, motioned her in.

Sinte stood in front of him, not really knowing where to start.

"Everything ok?"

"I'm not sure, I was hoping you could help me figure that out."


"You see", Sinte started nervously, "Indie and I have been growing apart a little. He seems to always be gone and more than anything I think it's just the lack of spending any time together. He's becoming more and more distant, never talking to me about anything any more, we've been reduced to strained, small talk and now he just seems to want to avoid me period.
I was wondering....well.., I know you've turned everything over to Indie here lately and was just wondering if maybe you would consider spreading it out a little, so that it's not all on him.
Even me, you know, I can do some things to help out, I'm more than willing."

Micheal studied her. She looked tired and seemed confused, as was he at the moment. He was torn between telling her how Indie had asked for more to do or keep taking the blame for a while longer, at least in Sintes' eyes. Until he could find out what was going on. After a few minutes he decided on the latter, whatever was going on was their business but if things were bad, it could start effecting everything and everyone around them. He would talk with Indie.

"I'll have a talk with Indie and some of the others, see what we can work out Sin, but no promises."

Sinte nodded and smiled weakly.

"Thank you Micheal".

Micheal touched her arm as she was going towards the door.

"Take care of yourself Sin, I'm always here for you, you know that, right?

"I know Micheal, and thank you."

She turned heading for the door, more confused than she was when she came in. Micheal was just as in the dark as she was, she could sense his uneasiness. His emotions and actions told a different story than what she was being told by Indie. She had a feeling, and somehow knew none of this was leading to good.


Micheal looked around the club. For 30 minutes he wandered around, talking with people, watching, but no sign of Indie. Finally Ian, one of the bartenders who had just came on shift said he had seen Indie about an hour before, walking back
towards the guest houses with a rousing red head hanging on his arm. Micheal thanked Ian and walked out the back of the club. He dialed Indies' number on the cell and waited.

"Hey Micheal what's up?", Indie answered a little breathlessly.

"Was just wondering if you had a few minutes to talk, meet me at the club?"

"I'll need about twenty, see you soon".

Micheal listened to the click as Indie hung up.. The guest houses were only about ten minutes walk from the club. Micheal stuck his cell in his pocket and began walking.


Indie hugged April, softly kissing her.

"When can I see you again?", she asked, the look in her eyes hopeful.

Indie smiled a little sadly as he cradled her face in his hands. "I don't know, things are.....complicated. I'll call soon though, ok?"

April nodded, kissing him a last time before walking back towards the club.

"She's very pretty", Micheal said, staring hard at Indie.

"Shit.", he muttered under his breath.

"Shit is about right",Micheal said. "Want to talk about it?"

Indie stared up at the sky , the sun was beginning to come up over the horizon. He wiped at a tear that had begun rolling down his cheek before walking towards Micheal, sitting down on a bench near the garden. Micheal pondered on whether or not to ask him about what was going on but when one was dealing with Indie, it was always best to let him start in his own time, Micheal had found that out the hard way.

"Maybe I should just go away. Sinte would be better off not knowing ."

Micheal watched his friend. He had never seen Indie so distraught. Sinte was one of the more perceptive Deviants he had ever known, he had to know she knew something was up by now.
She was very sensitive to even the slightest energy changes in someone.

"If you did that, not only would you be cheating yourself, you would be denying Sinte an explanation. She would forever wonder what happened and ultimately find a way to blame herself for it, she deserves better."

Indie was quiet for a long time before raising his head, looking at Micheal. He had a somber expression that was hard to read. Micheal knew he was fighting hard, he just didn't know against what.

"I love her."

"You love Sinte?"


"And your in lust with April..."

"April, Jessica, Amanda, Brittney..."

"Impressive list....."

"Look Micheal, I never promised Sinte I would be faithful, as a matter of fact I explained in great detail that I probably wouldn't be able to. At first she accepted it, she told me she didn't care who I did what with, as long as I always came back to her. She said the only thing she would ask is that I never mention it to her, and that when I was with her, I was with her, not
thinking of someone else. And I did that, when I'm with Sinte, she is everything to me and I treat her as such. I would rather cut my right arm off than to hurt her.
But ever since the incident with Lotus and Cadence.... I don't know, she changed. I would love to be able to be faithful to her, I really would. But you know what I am, it 's the nature of my beast. I don't know what to do...I don't want to lose her, she means the world to me, but I can't be what she demands I be...."

"Have you tried talking with her?"

"Yes, several times, she don't want to hear, she thinks i should hit Doc up and see if he can find some pill for my..'disorder'....."

Indie let his words trail off, not really knowing anything else to say. He was what he was , and still he would always be looked at as the bad guy. No one would ever be able to look at him and see or even care that this was killing him too, that he was hurting just as much.
Having set his mind, he knew what he had to do.

"Your going to talk with her?"

Indie only nodded .

"You don't have a disorder Indie, your a's just your way".

Indie smiled slightly at Micheal before leaving.

Micheal knew what was coming and absolutely hated the outcome he saw happening. Indie was right, he is what he is, and Sinte understood that from the beginning, on the other hand, Indie knew what Sinte needed and should have never agreed to anything more.


Micheal made his way back to his office, his heart heavy, his head going in all different directions. Sighing he again picked up the envelope lying on his desk.
Not really in the mood to torture himself with not knowing, he ripped the top off and lifted the piece of paper out.
He took in a deep breath and began to read the results.
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