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Default Rabbit hole recolour not showing in CAW {SOLVED}

I recoloured the rabbit hole of a school so it would fit in with the rest of the rabbit holes and I was going to do this for more buildings too...
I created a very nice lot and placed the recoloured school in there... but after saving and closing EIG I noticed that the lot itself showed in CAW but not the school building.
my first thought was the school package might need to be put in the package folder of CAW too... So I did that reopened EIG and noticed that in EIG my building was still showing but not in CAW...

Is this a problem?? If I export my game will it also export the school or will I get the same empty lot as in CAW?
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It is a cloned, custom rabbithole, correct? If so then this is normal, sometimes custom objects do not show in CAW, but they are still there. As long as the rabbithole appears in the world when you export it and play it, all is well.

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