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Default Tutorial: Texturing Shells or large objects with TSRW
Texturing Shells or large objects with TSRW
For those
Who can mesh and uvmap with Milkshape.
Know their way arround in TSRW.

Large objects(shells) usually use a small pattern texture, like concrete or tarmac.
By scaling the mesh its uvcoordinates outside its map you be able to pattern large objects without the use of a huge texture.
Unfortunate TSRW doesn't support uvcoordinates outside its map so i had to find another way to texture large objects.
As example ill take the object discussed here:

After meshing it and regrouping the alpha editible part i end up with this:

Now when i apply my tiny 64x64 texture to it, it will look like this:

After manual scaling the mesh its UVcoordinates i ended up with how i want it to appear ingame:

You normally are done at this point and export the mesh but TSRW can not handle these coordinates.
I have to scale them back so it fits the texture again, only this time i use the scaling boxes.
In my case i had to scale the coordinates back with factor 0.03 on both axis, i then manually move it in the left upper corner.

Now i export the mesh and can import it in TSRW.
However, in TSRW the texture will look the same as in my last MS screenshot, not wat i want.
So i visit the material box again for that particular part and after calculating(1:0.03=33.33) i change the uvscaling from 1:1 to 33:33.
Now my cone will look the same ingame as in screenshot 3
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