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Default Cannot Install Add-Ons io_TS3_tools.py (Blender 2.62 TS3 Tools)
I'm sorry if this has been asked before and may be seen a very stupid n00b technical question,

I had followed http://www.den.simlogical.com/denfo...ci5&topic=863.0 tutorial right until I got this step:

"e. Click the word File again. This time select User Preferences from the drop down. The Blender UserPreferences box will pop up. Click the Addons button and then click Install Addons.

f. Navigate to your desktop and choose one of the .pys you put there. It doesn't matter which order you install them in."

I clicked Addons button then clicked install Addons.. navigate to io_TS3_rslt.py file, Import - Export : Sims 3 RSLT Editor popped up on the right side, box can be able to be ticked. I checked on File - Import / Export : Sims 3 RSLT (.slot) menu appeared.

Then I tried the same thing for io_TS3_tools.py file, Import - Export: Sims 3 MLOD/MODL Tools appeared, but the box cannot be ticked. Import - Export: Sims 3 MLOD/MODL Tools appeared to look grey. It cannot be clickable in any way.



I had installed:
* S3PE (12-0317-0944)
* MeshHelper for Blender, run the .exe
* tutorialsetup.blend

all installed in correct way.

My OS Windows 7 64 Bit Net 4.0
My Blender 2.62 version, all tools I had downloaded support for Blender 2.62 version.

I wonder what step I've been missed, and where I could get Import - Export: Sims 3 FTPT Editor & RIG Editor.

Any help I'll appreciate very much.
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Hi there, it wou;d actually be more helpful to you, and the author of the tutorial, and other readers of the tutorial if you would address your questions in the same place as the tutorial.

Edited later to add: This poster has now posted in the tutorial thread, so no need for anyone to reply here. Thanks

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