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Default Permaplat Challenge
No, I'm not talking about achieving a Lifetime Want, or maxing out the meter that came with Free Time. This is something I have attempted multiple times, and at which I have always failed miserably. (My personal best is making it all the way to the transition from Toddler to Child.)

It's very simple: Keep one Sim in platinum aspiration their entire life, from Toddler to Death. (I don't know if babies can go platinum, so they don't count.) You have 24 hours after the Sim becomes a Toddler to hit platinum the first time. There is an automatic dip out of platinum when transitioning from from Toddler to Child; you have 18 hours after the Sim becomes a Child to reach platinum again. After that, if they dip out of platinum for any length of time, no matter what the reason is, you lose.

You may not do the following:
-Fulfill their LTW
-Fill up their Free Time meter*
-Use the genie
-Use strawberry lemonade
-Use the setaspirationlevel cheat code

*If you have Free Time, please see the note below.

You may do anything else you would like, including sending your Sim on constant dates, to community lots, or doing anything else that might cause them to reroll easier to fill Wants. Use a born-in-game Sim or a CAS Sim, start on whatever size lot you would like, buy whatever you (or the Sim) would like, and don't worry about the proportion of bad memories to good ones -- just keep that aspiration in platinum!

Should you decide that you want to write up this challenge, I recommend deliberately showing your Sim's platinum plumbbob at all times.

There is no scoring for this challenge, because it is very easy to lose. However, if you manage to complete it, you can declare yourself to be the Ultimate Simming God. (Or the Ultimate Simming Goddess, if you prefer. )

If you do have Free Time, and you can keep your Sim in platinum using this method until their lifetime meter fills up, then you can declare yourself a Simming God (or Goddess) -- just not the Ultimate variety. Feel free to use any mods/hacks you like that inhibit the filling of the lifetime meter.

Note: I have heard from some people that Sims may dip out of platinum automatically at an age transition. I have not yet had a chance to test this thoroughly; if necessary, the rules will be revised. 3/17/13: After testing, I can confirm that a dip out of platinum happens automatically when transitioning from Toddler to Child, and only at that transition. The rules have been revised to reflect this.
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This sounds very difficult because they lose the platinum so easily especially a toddler who relies on the adult to accomplish most wants. I will try it out.

Pleasantview challenge my way.
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I've tried this several times, and my personal record is the entire Toddler life stage -- the kid dropped out of platinum when he transitioned to Child. (The "Learn To ____" wants helped, and Mom and Dad didn't get very many of their own wants filled.) So yes, it is very very difficult -- hence the title you get for managing it.

If you come across any problems that should be addressed in the rules, please let me know!

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