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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" [SEASON FINALE - UPDATED NOV 18th]

The grey covers the city, under the darkness that forms Bridgeport.

Rebeca's cigarette burns in her hand. Rebeca, in her chair, stare the client, in attention. The client, in silence, observe Rebeca's reaction. What is it that she wants?

ELENA: I've never done this before. I wouldn't know how...

REBECA: You can cut to the chase. I'm not here to judge.

Rebeca takes a long smoke on her cigarette. The client is apprehensive and also hesitant.

ELENA: There's someone after me.


ELENA: I... There's someone... Watching me. I'm not paranoid, but I can feel like a constant creeps.

REBECA: When did it start?

ELENA: Two weeks ago.

REBECA: And do you think this... Someone... Is trying to hurt you?

ELENA: I don't know. I wouldn't go near... I tried it three times and I ended up without the courage in the end.

REBECA: Elena... Do you have any reason to believe that this person behind you may have some reason to be following you?

ELENA: No. That's why I... I came here.

Elena gives a nervous laugh. Rebeca takes another long smoke on her cigarette.

REBECA: Who gave you my name?

ELENA: An acquaintance of my husband. His name is Davis.


ELENA: S-so...

REBECA: Go home. I'll help you.

Client stays quiet, all previous tension goes to nothing. Rebeca begins to wonder that this case will cost her.

Rebeca is with Davis, both standing in the square. Davis looks curious, she is agitated.

REBECA: What happened?

DAVIS: You're the detective.

REBECA: **** you Davis...

DAVIS: I thought you wanted this job.

REBECA: Maybe I don't.

DAVIS: Rebeca, I think you better fix your shit. I'm tired of it already.


DAVIS: You chose this. You blew up your career with the Bridgeport Police Department. Made a deliberate choice of **** with everything and almost took me with you.

REBECA: I did not come here to relive the past Davis.

DAVIS: It's not the past. All that shit is still very present in the lives of many people. Rebeca, you can not escape. Dispite what you believe, there are many people interested in your head on a tray.

REBECA: What do you mean?

DAVIS: Nothing. Doesn't matter. Get the job. But please... Take a break, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go get laid for your own sake!

Rebeca laughs. Davis remains serious.

REBECA: Davis, you big jerk!

DAVIS: And the nightmares?

REBECA: Now you care about me?

DAVIS: Always do.

REBECA: Ah... Tough love.

DAVIS: You're my protégée.

REBECA: Well... Where were you when I was 20?

He laughs, relaxed.

DAVIS: I think I was in my first divorce.

REBECA: Convenient.

He pauses, looks at Rebeca and resumes.

DAVIS: Accept the case.

REBECA: You'll get what I'm going to ask next?

DAVIS: Probably.

REBECA: I want total access to some files.

DAVIS: It depends.

REBECA: Don't be vague.

DAVIS: Send it to me by e-mail. I'll see what I can do.

REBECA: I gotta go.

DAVIS: Oh... I remembered. Gilba said hi.


Rebeca smiles and walks away. Davis laughs alone, yet relaxed, filling his lungs with air from downtown.

Rebeca's father gets distracted and does not realize Rebeca, entering through the front door with blood on her clothes.

Carl gets up and walks over to his daughter, shocked by her appearance, imagining the worst happening.

CARL: Beca... What did you do?

She cries and Carl begins to despair.

CARL: What did you do? What did you do?

Rebeca wakes up, scared. It was just a nightmare.

She gets out of bed, walks to the window - with a view of Bridgeport. Rebeca burning a cigarette in her hands. Gray. Ashes.

Pause. Rebeca walks up to her notebook, still smoking.

She turns the notebook on and look for some files. Feel the cold through the window.

Talks to herself while her cigarette burns in the air.

REBECA: Elena back. No police record. Has a husband, Frederic. Two daughters, one of eight and one of five. What are you hidding Elena Back? Why is someone after you?

A little away from the front of Elena's house, Rebeca is inside of her black car. Discrete. Lurking.

Talks alone, watching Elena's life.

REBECA: Two days. Two days... And nothing. Two days.

A man approaches Rebeca's car.

And hits the window of the car. He gets in the passenger seat - next to her. Rebeca does not react, recognizes him immediately. Gets surprised.

TYSON: I recognized that shitty car two blocks away.

REBECA: **** you and your mother. My car has personality.

TYSON: Why are you here?

REBECA: Here, where?

TYSON: Don't pretend you're crazy, Rebeca.

REBECA: I'm in the middle of a case.

TYSON: Okay and how much crap will hit the fan this time?

REBECA: Not trying to mess with BPD.

TYSON: You better not.

REBECA: What are you doing here?

TYSON: Anonymous tip. We are looking for an informant.

REBECA: If it's anonymous, how will you find it?

TYSON: It's not your problem.

Tyson lights up his cigarette.

TYSON: Want one?

REBECA: No. I stopped.

TYSON: Me too.

Tyson smokes firmly.

TYSON: So...

REBECA: My client thinks she's being watched.


REBECA: She doesn't know who he is and doesn't know why.

TYSON: Since when do you take as truth delusions of persecution of others?

REBECA: Paying well...


REBECA: Nothing. Two days and... Nothing.

TYSON: You were discovered.

REBECA: Two seconds ago you said it was paranoia.

TYSON: And if not?

REBECA: Well, I don't see anyone spying on her. Do you?

TYSON: Okay.

Shadow sitting on the chair. Rebeca, relaxed, watching her nervousness. She wanders.

SHADOW: I'm smelling the smoke...


SHADOW: You are thinking too much.

REBECA: Shadow, are you sure?

SHADOW: I have. Four days. No one is behind her.

REBECA: I checked with some acquaintances of mine, this woman is a kind of example in the community. Perfect suburban housewife.

SHADOW: There's something wrong with that...

REBECA: Yes. Nobody is perfect.

SHADOW: Every other day?

REBECA: With four days apart? Just when I began to investigate her? Quite a coincidence.

SHADOW: Investigate her?

REBECA: You understood what I meant.

SHADOW: Do you think it's the BPD?

REBECA: No. If it was Davis would already be on top of me. And worse, he's the one who pointed me out.

SHADOW: Davis?

- - -
Part 1 of 2.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 1 "The New Case" Part 2 of 2
Part 2 of 2.

Shadow gets up while giving a loud laugh. His laughter echoed through the apartment.

REBECA: I don't know what is your problem with him.

SHADOW: No problem.

REBECA: You don't seem very confident.

SHADOW: He blames you 'till today, Rebeca.


SHADOW: Yes! Of all mother******* you deal with, he is the biggest!

REBECA: And you think he showed me this woman on purpose?

SHADOW: What I know is that there is nothing wrong with this woman. If there is a secret, it is between her and her little world. No one is following her.

REBECA: And we can say that to this point? Really?

SHADOW: Four days, doctor.

Rebeca lights up a cigarette, casually letting it burn.

REBECA: If I'm wrong about this...

SHADOW: Suddenly you are responsible for this woman's life? How interesting. Even more that Davis was the one who indicated.

REBECA: You think he's punishing me.

SHADOW: You're punishing yourself, but he is contributing.


SHADOW: You guys have a past, I understand.

REBECA: Outside the police, I mean.

SHADOW: I know.

REBECA: I think everyone knows.

SHADOW: What the **** Rebeca! Do not let this bring you down!

REBECA: You are right... It is an empty case.

Shadow walks to the door. He turns to say goodbye to Rebeca.

SHADOW: I gotta go. Call me, doctor?

REBECA: He... He said I need to get laid...

Pause. Shadow smiles. Rebeca analyzes his expression, wondering why Davis would say something like that to her.

SHADOW: What do you want me to do exactly?

She does not respond and starts to get into deeper thoughts, she turns around, and then back to look at him again.

Shadow smiles like a playful child.

REBECA: Nevermind.

SHADOW: Call me?


He goes and she gets lost in her thoughts again.

Elena is sitting in the chair, facing Rebeca and analyzing with discretion.

REBECA: I'm sure Elena. No one is after you.

ELENA: I... Do not even know what to tell you. I could swear!

REBECA: These things happen. You know what to do?

ELENA: I don't understand.

REBECA: About my payment.

ELENA: Oh yes. I already dealt with Davis.

She pauses when hears Elena. Begins to create a satisfactory answer and begins to improvise.

REBECA: Elena... I'm sorry. I can see that you're scared, on the edge... Sorry I could'nt find this... Person you saw.

Elena does not respond. Just nods.

Elena leaves the office and walks to the hall, Rebeca walks behind.


Elena continues toward the elevator.

Rebeca enters the office again and grabs her phone from her pocket. Dials a number and waits.

REBECA: Shadow?

SHADOW: Doctor...

REBECA: I just spoke with my client. Isn't it strange that a person does not show any sign of concern to hear from a detective that there was no success in meeting such person who is following you?

SHADOW: She was simply satisfied?

REBECA: Yes, as if she knew in advance what would be my answer.

SHADOW: Strange, indeed. You think she was coerced?

REBECA: I don't know, the fact is that no one followed her. And I'm sure now. Maybe...


REBECA: Maybe she is not the target.

Perhaps not, perhaps - she thinks.

Davis and Rebeca are in her car, the city noises fill the silence between them.

Davis suddenly decides...

DAVIS: And you think that this person is following your client may have some relationship with the informant wanted by the BPD?

REBECA: If I had all the answers, Davis, I would be taking coconut water in Caribbean.

They watch Elena's house. Nothing. All static, lifeless gray.

Short pause, while Rebeca continues to watch, Davis observes and architect a comment.

DAVIS: I didn't mean to hurt you.

REBECA: Now? Seriously?

DAVIS: There's no better time.

REBECA: I'm working.

DAVIS: I'm here for pleasure.

REBECA: This... Was a mistake.

DAVIS: I want to help. And try, really, to forget everything that happened in the past.

REBECA: Are you sure? Because of all people, you are the one who never let me forget. If on one side you give me a hand, with the other you're always with a stone to throw at me!

DAVIS: Rebeca...

REBECA: Davis. I'm sorry, but I've paid for my sins. I was exonerated by the Bridgeport Police Department. My career is over, what am I now? An illegal detective. That's what I am now. My life comes down to it. I became a criminal. I spend every day couting on the solidarity of former friends to not to have to flee to another country! I made a huge mistake and I regret it, but you Davis, you... You are the first that should forgive me in the name of all that we went through.

DAVIS: Rebeca, I...

REBECA: I don't want your pity!

DAVIS: I don't pity you.

Both are silent.

And again look at Elena's house. Nothing.

REBECA: Five days and nothing.

DAVIS: Seven years and nothing.

REBECA: I was talking about my case.

DAVIS: I was talking about you and me.

Davis leaves the car and walks to his car.

Rebeca stays in the same place, thoughtfully.

Rebeca and Shadow meet in a random bar, with few customers.

The eyes peeled to the case.

SHADOW: Six days. Must be killing you.


SHADOW: I can find a better case for you. Stop hanging with that jerk Davis.

REBECA: Oh yeah? And what you have for me in the hat?

Shadow smiles. Rebeca lights a cigarette.

SHADOW: Doctor, stay with me and you'll see pure success!

Rebeca laughs.

REBECA: Your mother calls you Shadow?


Rebeca laughs with fewer teeth.

Shadow lights a cigarette, but don't smoke, just let it burning in the air.

REBECA: Why Shadow?

SHADOW: Why the interest?

The music starts to sound more intense. The noise of the foosball table runs throughout the bar.

The cigarette burns on the fingers of Rebeca. He finally smokes his. The smoke goes through the table dancing and creating a division between the two of them.

REBECA: I need this case.

SHADOW: You owe shit to Davis!

REBECA: This is not about Davis.

SHADOW: You look great. No one is judging you.

REBECA: I'm not judging me too, but it's a long road before self indulgence.

SHADOW: Neither. Advance two houses...

REBECA: Roll the dice first.

SHADOW: You can not handle the consequences!

REBECA: I am so fragile like that?

SHADOW: ...Advance two houses.

Rebeca smiles and loses her eyes down, wondering how her life would be if everything was the contrary.

A man approaches their table. Shadow is the first to notice.

Interrupts Rebeca.

MAN: Rebeca Ericson?

REBECA: Who wants to know?

MAN: They asked me to deliver this note to you.

SHADOW: Who asked?

MAN: I don't know. A man outside.

She takes the note, already attentive to the content. Shadow stare the man.

MAN: Hey, I don't wanna fight, buddy. 50 bucks is 50 bucks.

Man walks away. Shadow's cigarette smoke still burns in the air. Rebeca is apprehensive. He observes.

She passes the note on the table for Shadow.


Rebeca and Shadow gets up at the same time and goes to the door, looking for who sent the note.

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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 2 "And Them Comes The Paranoia" Part 1 of 2

Rebeca and Shadow walk the streets looking for who sent the note.

REBECA: There's nobody here. This place is desert.

SHADOW: That's nothing.

REBECA: I'm not afraid.

SHADOW: Shit, Rebeca. Drop this case!

REBECA: Do you think we are being misled?

SHADOW: You are being lied to!

Rebeca pauses for a quick breath and think about what is happening. She gives up.

REBECA: I don't want that.


REBECA: Why things can't be the way they were before?

Shadow observes expression of disgust transforming Rebeca's face.

REBECA: Nothing ever will be the same.

Rebeca notices that Shadow is silent, watching her and possibly weaving a comment. Nothing.

REBECA: F*** that. I already received my payment. There is no longer a case.

SHADOW: You can do better than that.

REBECA: Maybe.

They walk out and step into the darkness of downtown.

Rebeca looks back on the internet about Elena. Nothing, again. She reflects on her obsession with the case.

He lights a cigarette and walks to the window.

Sees the void and see a man watching her from across the street.

Rebeca plunges eyes in the dark sky and pretend not to be bothered.

DAVIS: Paranoia.

REBECA: F*** you.

DAVIS: You need to get a treatment. Go to a psychologist. You know, is not just for crazy ones...

REBECA: F*** off, Davis.

Rebeca shows him the note. Davis is silent.

DAVIS: Who sent it?

REBECA: Your mother! How the hell do I know? That's not even a real threat... It's just...

DAVIS: Just...?

REBECA: It's bullshit. Big one. You know what? I'm out of this case! I want my money, and I, I'm out!

DAVIS: You know better. The client does not seem satisfied.

REBECA: I already have a conclusion, I'm not back.

DAVIS: I'm not gonna go back.


DAVIS: I already have a conclusion, I'm not gonna go back.

Rebeca makes a quick break and sees Davis. Davis is apprehensive.

DAVIS: I'm sorry for indicating you. I thought it was something.

REBECA: It doesn't matter. I already faced the fact that I will not get into complex and violent cases anymore. I am no longer a police detective.

DAVIS: Right now I would give anything to not have to deal with these damn criminals nowadays. Bridgeport is getting worse. Giuliani is shitting for all this. Public safety funding? Big joke!

REBECA: The city elected him for a second time! Hey, f*** all of us, right? We have what we deserve.

DAVIS: Devil's grey.

REBECA: Excuse me?

Davis makes a quick break and sees Rebeca, looking her straight in the eyes.

DAVIS: You don't remember?

REBECA: Ah... The big grey of devil. I miss the vigils in West Side.

DAVIS: Bullshit!

REBECA: You know me.

DAVIS: What a world we live in...

REBECA: You're not that holy either. Maybe... Maybe... We all have what we deserve, afterall.

DAVIS: I don't agree. Nothing is so simple.

REBECA: Things are what they are.

Davis suddenly becomes restless.

DAVIS: Good luck Rebeca.

REBECA: You're leaving?


REBECA: I thought you wanted...

DAVIS: What?

REBECA: Oh, nothing.

DAVIS: Speaks.

REBECA: What are the chances that I go to your apartment without complicating things too much?

Davis is thoughtful, seemingly measuring the consequences and pondering Rebeca's question.

DAVIS: Maybe I won't let you get out of there anymore. F*** it, who knows what's best?

REBECA: Exactly.

Davis and Rebeca look at each other tightly. A growing wave of horny, a mixture of sweat and memories flood Rebeca's imagination.

Rebeca, naked, smokes her cigarette while looking at Bridgeport's view. Gray.

Davis observes, still lying in bed. Thinking, thinking.

Shadow follows Elena through the city. Shopping, lunch alone, nothing else.

Elena meets a man.

They kiss, he caresses her breasts without fear of daylight. Bitch. What happens here?

Shadow watches them in silence.

The couple enters a hotel. Good things will happen.

SHADOW: Rebeca may be not entirely wrong.

Shadow enters the hotel. Sees the receptionist, walks to the poor, and ponders a strategy.

He approaches the counter and speaks almost whispering. The receptionist, attentive, doesn't retreat.

SHADOW: I need something.

The watchful eyes of man smiling, asking that Shadow needs exactly what he's thinking.

Rebeca examines some files on her desk.

From the window, we can see the shades of gray of the city. Devil's...

Phone rings. Rebeca answers.

REBECA: Rebeca talking.

VOICE: Purification suffering is less painful than the situation that creates a culprit for an thoughtless acquittal.

Rebeca freezes for an eternal moment, and after she feels her spine churning in the bowels.

VOICE: Beware. They are after you.

REBECA: Who is?

VOICE: You're not forgiven.

The person on the other line hangs up. Rebeca shakes.

REBECA: Hello? Hello?

Rebeca is interrupted by the man at her door. He is standing tensely. Pale. What the hell, you scared me!

MAN: You have to help me.

REBECA: Who are you?

MAN: Robert Langley.

REBECA: How do you know--

ROBERT: I have no time.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 2 "And Them Comes The Paranoia" Part 2 of 2

Robert gets closer to Rebeca, and sits on the chair, while analyzing the office. Dissatisfied with what he sees. Confident that Rebeca can help.

ROBERT: Look, I did not mean to scare you. I only have urgency. It's delicate.

REBECA: And how can I help?

ROBERT: Okay. Well, I... There's someone after me. A person following me, lurking, watching and I'm afraid that might harm me.

Rebeca pauses and reflects on how what Robert said looks like Elena's case.

REBECA: After you. And why?

ROBERT: I've seen some things. I worked for a very, very bad man. I'll try to be blunt with you... I know I won't help much if I don't talk about what you should know and maybe even find out eventually. That is... I need to make sure that you are able to help me.

REBECA: Understood. No need to mention names now, but what you did to this man?

ROBERT: I helped him launder money.

Rebeca is surprised by Robert's honesty and the strange fact that he confessed to a crime so spontaneously, without even knowing her so well. Or maybe that was what she thought...

ROBERT: I mean... We don't have that privilege, privacy thing?

Hasn't. Rebeca knows that. She is illegal like him in their criminal activities.


She lies.

ROBERT: Great. It is not important what I did for him anyway, despite being obviously an illegal business. It's that now he knows that I know certain things that I shouldn't. I investigated on my own. Big mistake. I'm so stupid!

In a wave of fury, Robert slaps Rebeca's table.

Rebeca gets scared. Robert quickly realizes and he contains himself.

ROBERT: Sorry!

REBECA: I cannot help you, Robert.


REBECA: I will not be able to take your case. It's too risky.

ROBERT: I'm risking my life! Don't you care about that?

REBECA: How'd you find me?

ROBERT: I know you're suspicious because of the nature of your work, but why does it matter?

REBECA: My office is not open to the public.

ROBERT: Please help me!

REBECA: Sorry, it's too dangerous. I only work with domestic cases. I can give you a name, but I...

In that same time Robert gets up and leaves, thundering, Rebeca's office.

The sudden silence increases Rebeca's nervousness.

In a dark and deserted street - in the middle of Red District - Rebeca and an old friend of hers, Mercedes, meet each other.

MERCEDES: Hola p***! How long has it been?

REBECA: But what is this?

They hug and Rebeca takes a few seconds admiring the new girlfriend's breasts while her mind is flooded with memories of Mercede's (or Marcelo) forced Spanish accent.

REBECA: But with what money...?

MERCEDES: You know nothing, corazon! I found a husband.

Rebeca gives a strong laugh and feels relieved.

MERCEDES: Mira, mira, mira las tetas!

Mercedes squeezes her breasts and shows it to Rebeca.

MERCEDES: Enough, p***!

REBECA: You are different.

MERCEDES: About to get out of the streets. This time for real!

A car passes behind them...

And another transvestite shows off to the driver.

TRANSVESTITE: Wow, wow, honey. For forty'm all yours for an hour! Stop the car!

The car continues to follow it's destiny slowly and horn twice.

The driver puts his head out of the car and yells back.

MAN: Abomination!

TRANSVESTITE: Sit on my c***, hijo de una p***!

A black transvestite approaches and also screams.

TRANSVESTITE: I know you motherf*****, you come here every wednesday night, who is your damn god now?

Mercedes and Rebeca focus on the conversation.

MERCEDES: What have you been doeing, corazon?

REBECA: I spent all afternoon at Davis.

MERCEDES: Again this cabron?

REBECA: Mercedes... I...

MERCEDES: Damn! Do you feel you need him?

REBECA: I think so.

MERCEDES: I say... Cut relations, buy some tits and sea feliz con nosotras!

REBECA: Perhaps he's right. I am sick!

MERCEDES: Oh, stop it! No creo! He said you're sick? Maricon!

REBECA: No, he said I should go seek psychological help.

MERCEDES: F*** him, that carajo de hombre!

REBECA: I want to drop everything and run. But indeed I need him. He's my strongest connection with the Bridgeport Police Department.

MERCEDES: Bullshit! You are addicted to suffer! And maybe even fear him!


MERCEDES: But of course. Listen, corazon, gotta go, but call me anytime and we will get into the night. Si?

REBECA: Anytime.

MERCEDES: Ai, ai, ai, bitch. Assi I'm gonna piss myself.

Mercedes gives a big laugh. Rebeca too.

Shadow calls and calls Rebeca to join him in a vigil in front of Elena's house. Rebeca arrives, both standing, aware of surroundings.

REBECA: You should not be here.

SHADOW: Obviously you did not hear what I said when I called.

REBECA: She has an affair. Big deal. Big wh***. F*** that, Shadow!

SHADOW: What's with you?

REBECA: I had sex with Davis.

Shadow looks at Rebeca's spontaneous expression while she is visibly looking for a place where to stick her head.

Shadow pretends he has not heard anything and look at Elena's house.

A man passes three times around the block inside a black car.

SHADOW: How nice for you.

REBECA: Who is this guy? What? Good for me?

SHADOW: Yes. Congratulations!

REBECA: Shadow, I talk a bunch of nonsense. Sorry to freak you.

SHADOW: I don't care.

REBECA: Okay...

Rebeca pauses, half disappointed with Shadow's response.

SHADOW: I think he won't come here anymore. Maybe even noticed our presence.

REBECA: I wrote down his plate. I'll check with Tyson.

SHADOW: Right.

Rebeca analyzes Shadow. He remains static looking for Elena's house.

REBECA: What did you do this afternoon?

SHADOW: I'm not proud of everything I do.

REBECA: How did you got those pictures again?

Shadow sees Rebeca and gets serious. Rebeca, relaxed before, gets tense.

REBECA: Okay. Nevermind.

Shadow back to concentrate on the case. Tyson answers Rebeca's call.

REBECA: Do me a favor?

Rebeca goes to her office and before entering the door is open. She pulls out her gun, on alert.

She walks slowly and she's very nervous. Trembling. Who's there? It's the end, Rebeca.

Robert sits in the chair, bloodied, beaten and crying.

Rebeca is surprised by what she sees.

Robert turns to her.

ROBERT: Help me. I beg you!

Robert bursts into tears. Rebeca is perplexed by the scene and feels a big empty whole while all her nerves receives a wave of shiver.

What. The. Devil.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 3 "Past Crimes" Part 1 of 2

Rebeca sees a man. He keeps a cynical smile on his face. Tension fills the air throughout the room, visibly upsetting Rebeca. He is empty-handed. She carries a gun, aiming at him.

MAN: No more mystery, then.

REBECA: You bastard! You will pay for everything you did!

The man laughs, relaxed, challenging Rebeca to shoot him.

MAN: Where are your fellow officers? You should not be here alone, should it? This goes against the protocol, love.

REBECA: I swear I'll shoot, your psycho!

MAN: You can not prove anything.

REBECA: We have DNA evidence. Son of a b****! You'll fry in the electric chair.

MAN: You are bluffing.

REBECA: Believe what you want, at this point I don't care.

Rebeca laughs with happiness of morbid grief. The man analyzes her.

MAN: You think you're so clever...

REBECA: It was very careless of you to leave evidence behind.

MAN: And we both know this is not my MO.

REBECA: Shut up!

MAN: How many times were? Ah yes... Five.

He begins to laugh, leaving Rebeca even more nervous. He shakes a bit and even ventured a step forward. Rebeca loses control.

REBECA: Stopped, bastard! I'll kill you!

Rebeca starts to cry. The man begins to smile and wears an expression of compassion and superiority.

MAN: Be calm, love, you wont get crazy... Are you?

REBECA: You killed five women! And raped them!

MAN: Maybe not in that order, maybe yes.

He laughes and Rebeca begins to tremble a lot.

MAN: You're pathetic. And I bet you don't have any evidence. So that leaves you, in front of me, pointing a gun at me and threatening to kill me. How far would you go, detective? I'm curious to know.

REBECA: I hope you rot in hell, you'll love the treatment that the state will give it to you.

MAN: You're ridiculous... You don't serve neither to wear a wire or something that is useful for your case. I'm getting tired of all of you standing behind my shadow. Let's end this silly charade in which I am the evil monster and you are that lunatic who pretends to have evidence against me. You don't even know what you're talking about, remember I'm innocent?

Rebeca can not control the trembling of her hands and begins to feel the cold sweat down her back.

REBECA: You really want to bet that there is no wire? You've just confirmed how many victims were.

MAN: And this information would be relevant only if you had no evidence to confirm. Which means you just told me that there is, in fact, nothing substantial for you. You're very stupid!

Rebeca feels the dread taking care of her body. She suddenly wishes that Davis was with her to help. He smiles again, defying Rebeca.

REBECA: I promise you that you'll not get away of this!

MAN: Either I'll get away with this entirely innocent or you shoot me and you go to jail.

REBECA: I swear...

MAN: Maybe I'm not the bad guy here, you are. Yes, you. If you had a mirror in front of you, my god! Shoot, Rebeca, shoot. Be useful for the first time ever and put an end to the supposed monster that I am!

REBECA: You have no idea who I am and what I am capable of.

MAN: You... Are nothing.

Rebeca gets very nervous with his statement and her finger itches on the trigger of her gun. She imagines all the scenarios and consequences of what will happen next. Nothing. Total darkness.

As with a large electrical discharge, Rebeca takes a quick decision.

REBECA: Burn in hell!

Rebeca shoots.

At the time of the shoot, Rebeca wakes up from the nightmare.

She gets out of bed and walks to the bedroom window, where she lights up a cigarette and smoke it so anxious. Rebeca feels the sweat covering her whole skin.

A wave of memories invades her mind.

Rebeca sees the view of Bridgeport through the window. Gray. Davis approaches her.

DAVIS: Why do you look so much at the city?

REBECA: The view calms me. It's my drug.

DAVIS: Sure.

REBECA: What will happen now, Davis?

DAVIS: I don't know.

REBECA: I killed him.


REBECA: I can change, I know I can!

DAVIS: I don't know what to say. Seriously.

Rebeca senses disappointment on his voice and in his appearance. She trembles.

REBECA: You were right.


REBECA: I go too far in my cases.

DAVIS: I gotta go. I'll call you later.

REBECA: Davis, what will happen?

Davis loses control and lets out a very loud scream, scaring Rebeca.

DAVIS: I don't know, okay?

Rebeca's eyes widen and she feels the hot tears fighting to not go out of her eyes.

DAVIS: Now we need evidence, don't we? You had to go after the suspect without backup!

REBECA: I'm sorry, Davis.

DAVIS: I bet you don't feel shit! How many years do I know you Rebeca?

Rebeca returns to face the emptiness of Bridgeport.

REBECA: We all know that he killed those five women! You mostly.

DAVIS: You think I did not wanted to end that son of a b****? But things are not the way we want, dammit!

REBECA: Help me, Davis. Please.

Davis tries to build some response and feels no desire or success. Eventually he walk away, leaving Rebeca alone.

Rebeca remains looking at the empty darkness of the sky.

REBECA: People in general have a tendency to repeat themselves.

She talks to herself, as she remembers her obsession with the new case.

Rebeca and Shadow are in the office to discuss the case.

SHADOW: And what exactly do you know about this man?

REBECA: I don't even know if I accept the case, the fact is that, Shadow, everything is complicated.

SHADOW: What happened when he came here?

REBECA: I said I'd think if I could help him. That was that.

SHADOW: And he was upset?

REBECA: Yeah. I don't know if I was right to let him go, he was obviously in serious danger!

SHADOW: Why don't you accept? After all, you said yourself that Elena's case is already closed, doctor.

REBECA: Familiarity between cases... What are the chances?


REBECA: I did some research and I discovered some details about Robert Langley. It was very easy, the evidence was almost in front of me.

SHADOW: What did you find?

REBECA: He is an accountant working in a firm downtown. Probably is a firm dedicated to people like Robert's last employer, whom he is afraid now. Money laundering, etc, etc... Large gang probably is an open case in Bridgeport Police Department.

SHADOW: What else caught your attention?


SHADOW: You hinted that you discovered something strange and you were speaking of familiarity between the cases...

REBECA: Yeah, I mean... What are the chances... Someone like Elena Back envolved with narcotics in Bridgeport? And nationwide.

SHADOW: Wow, I guess... No chance, doc!


SHADOW: Rebeca, you... This is the familiarity you found?

REBECA: It must be a coincidence.

SHADOW: Yeah and what's gotten into you lately?

REBECA: Excuse me?

SHADOW: You're off your game, doc. Did something happen?

Shadow note that Rebeca is stiff and obviously mulling over something. He hesitates to show his concern in the same proportion that Rebeca hesitates to show that there is a problem.

REBECA: If they were being followed by the same person, both Elena and Robert, that would be because they are involved, correct? We know that Robert participated in money laundering, but what about Elena?

SHADOW: I don't think you should go with this line of thinking. Plus, I don't think, in anyway, that Elena Back is involved in something dangerous besides cheating on her husband.

REBECA: I can't get around my head the fact that she hired me, Shadow. Why would she do that?

SHADOW: From the first moment you may think that if she was hiding something she would'nt want anyone to know, the last thing she would do is hire a private investigator, but the fact is that she was paranoid. Perhaps the affair, perhaps for another reason, but a suburban wife like her, sure having a second life would do the trick.

REBECA: Do you think she honestly believed she was being followed, so the fact that she was having an affair and the possibility of me fiding it out eventually didn't mattered?

SHADOW: In case of being followed or just thinking that she was... Yes, side effect.

REBECA: If it meant that I would save her life, why not?

SHADOW: Exactly.

REBECA: Strange that we didn't find out about that at first.

SHADOW: It took some time, indeed.

REBECA: And now we know we have someone passing by her block.

SHADOW: Once. We don't know if he was there for Elena Back.

REBECA: We'll know once Tyson releases that file for me. Come on!

Shadow architect a comment and it takes a while to talk, Rebeca focuses on her cell phone, as if awaiting the return of Tyson with the license plate she asked.

SHADOW: Forget Elena Back. Forget what I said about doing better... Case closed.

REBECA: You don't make any sense, man.

SHADOW: Doctor... Honestly, the woman is paranoid. There's no one after her. Now, about Robert Langley, there you have a case. Let's go after that.

REBECA: Don't you think that Elena is strange?

SHADOW: I wouln't hook up with her.

Rebeca takes a few seconds to process Shadow's answer. He remains neutral.

REBECA: I don't... Anyway, there is something about this woman, everything is wrong. I'm sure what I'm talking about. I've been a detective for many years, I know when there is fire after smoke.

SHADOW: This is not exactly West Side, doc. These are domestic cases.

REBECA: Robert Langley is not a domestic case. What he wants us to do exactly?

SHADOW: He'd make better a deal with the FBI, I think.

REBECA: I don't know, these things are dangerous, a good informant is a dead informant. And you know that Robert was very hurt and beaten. It's a message...

Rebeca does not stop talking and begins to remember a few things. Shadow notices that she is thinking about something important. Rebeca stares him.

REBECA: Tyson was looking for an informant that day.

SHADOW: What are you talking about?

REBECA: This is a BPD case!

SHADOW: I'm not following, doc.

REBECA: In one of the vigils, Tyson appeared. Near Elena's house. He told me he was looking for an informant. There is no chance that this gang isn't being targeted by the police and the FBI!

SHADOW: So you think this guy might be Robert Langley.

REBECA: What makes no sense is that Elena is involved in the story, why wouldn't Davis say anything and worse, point me to her?

SHADOW: Maybe the BPD did'nt know anything about Elena.

REBECA: Elena Back. Suburban wife, perfect in daylight, has a double life at night. Involved with a gang, involved - somehow - with Robert Langley.

SHADOW: I don't think any of these things make sense. Looks more like a mafia movie plot. Rebeca, doctor, seriously... Help me out here. Let's do this in the right way.

REBECA: What do you suggest?

Shadow begins to consider a new strategy. Rebeca accompanies his eyes. The city lights invades the office.

Rebeca is sitting on the couch, looking dispersed and her body is completely static.

While she stares the void, her father Carl approaches.

CARL: You're a good girl Beca.


Carl sits next to Rebeca for a moment and takes her hand to comfort her.

CARL: Yeah. You're good. Your heart is in the right place. Stop punishing yourself, you did what was right.

REBECA: It was really right? I'm almost convinced.

CARL: You know, it was. And I love you, kid, no matter what. You can always count on me.

REBECA: I'm afraid of what I'm becoming.

CARL: Look at me.

Rebeca looks at Carl and dives into his eyes with a lot of depth, he looks at her very tenderly.

CARL: Beca... Forgive.

Rebeca returns to face the emptiness and feel a hot tear streaming down her face, her mind is filled with the smell of blood from the crime scene. Her hands tremble. Forgive.

CARL: Forgive.

Rebeca hesitate and go back to look at Carl when she finally whispers.

REBECA: And what happens after that?

Carl doesn't answer. He gets lost in his daughter's eyes with an expression of great compassion.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 3 "Past Crimes" Part 2 of 2

Rebeca is distracted by her memories. She returns to pay attention to a grave. Rebeca let some tears fall.

REBECA: I wanted so much to talk with you again. But you're not here. You're not.

Rebeca continues to stare Carl Ericson's tomb. So much missing. So much things unsaid.

Rebeca turns and walks away from the cemetery.

Rebeca walks up to the entrance of her building when she sees a man in black looking up, possibly looking for Rebeca's apartment window.

She walks up to the man and think she should be going in the opposite direction. Too late. Their eyes meet. The man is surprised to see her.

REBECA: Who are you? I want you away from me!

The man decides to run, Rebeca goes after him with great fury.

She reaches him out and knocks him to the ground.

Rebeca distributes punches in the man's eye and nose as he tries to protect himself. Rebeca throws him on the ground, shaking with adrenaline and surprised with her physical ability at the time, and then she kicks him with great force.

In a poorly thought act - in the middle of the street completely deserted - she pulls out her gun and points at him. He is paralyzed on the floor, looking around to find a way out of a woman out of control.

REBECA: Who are you, motherf*****? Why are you following me?

He decides that this is the best chance to escape, then he gets up and runs full of adrenaline into the street darkness.

Rebeca hesitate to react and just stops, her eyes filled with anger and regret. In shock, she shoots twice against a trash can. The sound of the shot echoes down the street, but you can swear that nobody in the world witnessed that moment, only she and the city's grayness.

Rebeca wanders making too much noise while stepping firmly in the ground. Davis notices and prepares to make a comment.

DAVIS: Did you see his face?

REBECA: Davis...

DAVIS: I should confiscate that weapon.

REBECA: I have a license, jerk!

DAVIS: You shot twice against a dumpster. But yeah it is probably better you keep that gun because you get yourself into some shit all the time and then people tries to kill you because of that.

REBECA: Ha. Ha. Funny.

Davis approaches Rebeca and grabs her arm.

DAVIS: I should kick your ass.

REBECA: Then do it.

Rebeca gets nervous and tries to take her hand out of Davis arm. Without success.

DAVIS: You may notice that you're running risk. Really. This is not a game.

REBECA: I'm fine and don't worry about me.

DAVIS: So why did you call me here?

Davis keeps grabbing her arm and Rebeca gives up trying to get loose. She just stares into his eyes.

Rebeca hesitates.

REBECA: You're right. I shouldn't have called.

DAVIS: I did not say that. Don't be silly!

REBECA: No, no! You're right, it was a waste of time, let me go!

Rebeca freak out and pushes Davis while throwing herself backwards in a final attempt to let go of him. Success. Davis is relaxed, as if there had been no effort in general. Rebeca is frustrated.

REBECA: You can't always take care of me and I don't want to do that. I promise that if there is some shit I will solve it, rest assure.

Rebeca walks out into her room and ignores Davis.

DAVIS: Rebeca, go back here, stop making a scene!

He goes after her.

She turns to him with violence and outrage.

REBECA: I'm making a scene?

DAVIS: You always do this!

REBECA: Your f****** a**hole! Get out of my house!

Rebeca rushes to push Davis, but she's not fast enough and he gets to her first grabbing her both arms. Rebeca finds herself trapped in Davis.

DAVIS: Control yourself. I don't want to hurt you.

Rebeca's eyes burning, eager to dissolve into tears. Continued outraged, incredulous at the situation.

DAVIS: Do not look at me like that.

Rebeca closes her eyes in an attempt to block her body to betray her.

Davis grabs her even more and gets very close, giving a kiss on her cold lips with great force. Davis feels that Rebeca feels cold and trembles at his arms.

Rebeca kiss him back and after she starts to kiss his neck. A cold breeze passes through the room, the result of an open window, showing Bridgeport and all its false glory!

SHADOW: Doctor?


SHADOW: Were you paying attention?

REBECA: No, sorry. Say it again.

Shadow gets frustrated with Rebeca's lack of attention, but he decides not to show it. He continues.

SHADOW: So as I was saying...

REBECA: F****** phone!

Rebeca nuzzles in her cell.

REBECA: I... I don't know how to handle this touchscreen bullshit. F***!

She puts the phone down out of frustration and anger. She stares Shadow again, in attention.

REBECA: About the gang...

SHADOW: About that. Well, Big John. He is Robert Langley's employer. And...

REBECA: How did you found out about this?

SHADOW: I... I have my contacts. Is this relevant?

REBECA: In narcotraffic? You have contacts in narcotraffic?

SHADOW: Doctor, this never mattered before.

REBECA: In domestic cases, what the devil Shadow, our last case was about the disappearance of a birth certificate!

SHADOW: Rebeca.

REBECA: Go on. I won't care, f*** it.

She returns to tamper with the phone or at least try.

SHADOW: It's normal to think that Big John was betrayed by someone or one of his other employees just talked to Robert Langley about things that they were not supposed to.

REBECA: But it's obvious that Robert should know crucial details of the operation, he laundered the money.

SHADOW: No, not necessarily. What he should know is that he needed to take care of the cashier, didn't bothering himself about how much money appears. He launders, gets his share and takes off. And keep not knowing anything about the operation.

REBECA: And you think this routine was obstructed by someone?

SHADOW: Didn't he told you that he had made a personal investigation?

REBECA: Yes. So he was out there looking for hidden information, meaning that there wasn't a green bird that wanted to open its beak on everything.

SHADOW: Yeah, and now he is at risk. The order on the streets is to shoot before asking.

REBECA: No! He has a target on his head?

SHADOW: And I don't know how many hits after him.

REBECA: Holy shit! But what does this have to do with Elena?

SHADOW: I didn't said it did. Who said anything about Elena?

REBECA: Sorry, I... I'm sorry.

Shadow analyzes Rebeca's uncertain expression. And he continues.

SHADOW: Let's go after him tonight.

REBECA: What? He can not be a bait!

SHADOW: Do you want my honest opinion? F*** that, it's the least he can do. He was supposed to be six feet under right now. If he has a small chance to get away, will be helping us.

REBECA: I don't know, man.

SHADOW: Today we close this case! He wanted to know who is behind it. Well then.

REBECA: It has a chance of not being Big John.

SHADOW: I know. Lately I've been thinking more and more about the possibility that it may have nothing to do with the gang.

REBECA: I know it's wrong I don't talk to him about this, or I would be out of my job, but... Suddenly you find yourself needing to disappear from the view of your big and drug dealer employer, so wouldn't be better to flee? Why hire me to know who's after you? What's his leverage?

SHADOW: Do you think he is lying about his participation in the gang?

REBECA: Man, this moment is forever... I'm helping a criminal!

SHADOW: F*** the BPD! And there is a big difference between being in fact in the traffic and money laundering...

REBECA: From trafficking! It's all the same thing.

SHADOW: You think so?

REBECA: I used to think so... Now I'm not sure of anything. I only know what I need to do or else I'm screwed!

SHADOW: He investigated someone. He discovered some things. Why not flee?

REBECA: These are the one million dollars questions.

SHADOW: If he hired you to know who's after him, that means that he has no idea. Increasingly excluding the possibility of Big John being envolved with this history. Or at least that's what he thinks.

REBECA: None of this looks good, Shadow.

SHADOW: Calm down, doc. I'm here, everything is kewl.

Rebeca gets distracted and gives a laugh, Shadow smiles.

REBECA: What? No!

Rebeca continues laughing.

Robert sits alone in a bar table. Visually stressed and fearful, he looks around for someone.

Rebeca and Shadow are distant, attentive to the events and people. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary for Bridgeport's nightlife.

The cigarette smoke dance in the air, invading spaces and creating mystery.

SHADOW: I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back.


Shadow walks into the bathroom. A man in black appears and follows him.

Rebeca burns a cigarette in the air and smoke it for a long time. She looks around and realizes the man approaching Robert.

Robert gets up and starts talking to the man. Rebeca is alert and watching.

Man approaches her.

MAN: Do not overreact. Walk slowly to outside.

With peripheral vision, Rebeca realizes the posture of the man who approached her. With a gun in hand, he is relaxed and seemingly willing to unload the bullets on her if necessary. Damn it.

REBECA: I'm going.

They walk slowly to the door that goes to the back. They leave.

Shadow, relaxed, is distracted while using the bathroom. The man walks slowly into the bathroom without drawing attention. The door is closed.

Shadow notices the presence of the man in black in the bathroom and punches his chin, making him lose his balance. The man staggers a bit, but soon pushes forward, returning to punch Shadow. Score.

Shadow wraps his arms around him and they fall to the ground. Punches. Kicks. Blood. Shadow gets up, the man pulls him back to the ground and they roll in the dirty floor of the bathroom, sharing punches.

Outside, Rebeca is at gunpoint of the man in black.

MAN: What are you doing? They were not to be here.

REBECA: What are you talking about?

MAN: Why are you following Robert Langley?

REBECA: Robert Langley? Man, I came here to find my boyfriend, I don't know who this Robert is.

MAN: You're too cynical, but do you think I believe in you?

REBECA: I have no idea who you are and what you want. Let me go, please!

MAN: It's a shame. You were so close!

Rebeca gets thoughtful, trying to split the fear and free thinking to figure out what the man might be speaking of.

Shadow throws the head of the man in black against the mirror, which shatters, falling to the ground like snowflakes and blood.

The man faints and falls to the ground. Shadow runs out of the bathroom.

The man's gun trembles in his hand, finger on the trigger. Rebeca gets tense. Where's Shadow? What happened?

They hear a weapon unlocking.

Shadow is on the left of the man in black pointing a gun at him.

SHADOW: Drop the gun or I'll blow your head like I did with your friend in there! Ah... And start talking.

The man gets visibly nervous and fixes his eyes on Rebeca's.

Rebeca looks at him with much hatred.

REBECA: You were saying...
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 4 "Don't Fear The Shadow" Part 1 of 2

Still aiming his gun at the man in black, Shadow once again insists on knowing everything that's going on.

SHADOW: That's not enough, dammit!

MAN: Don't shoot! You're looking for Adam Hall. Don't kill me, please, I have a family!

REBECA: Who is Adam Hall?

MAN: I... I...

Shadow threatens to shoot in the man's head, he starts to shake a lot. Rebeca accompanies his nervousness while she breathes deeply.

REBECA: Spit it out!

The man has no time to react, someone shoot him - on the back of the head, causing him to stagger and fall to his knees. Blood. His life is gone, he remains static in the floor.

Shadow and Rebeca's eyes find the weapon that caused the shooting. Robert Langley.

REBECA: What did you do? Are you crazy?

ROBERT: You didn't needed him. And again, he would kill us.

SHADOW: You know who's Adam Hall?

ROBERT: Maybe I'm only in this situation because I know who this bastard is. Jesus...

REBECA: What do we do?

Rebeca's curious eyes question Shadow's. He stares at the body on the floor. The blood flow. The noises of the night involved.

SHADOW: Why this Hall guy would put someone behind you?

Robert doesn't respond, he simply wonders. Shadow starts getting impatient and approaches him.

SHADOW: I'm tired of you hiding things! F***!

ROBERT: Adam Hall is Big John's partner.

REBECA: Partner? In traffic?

ROBERT: I mean, Big John is local. He owns every major drug points in Bridgeport, but Adam, well... Adam is the guy that makes things happen out there.

SHADOW: He transports drugs out of town.


REBECA: So he has a hit on you because of what you know and believe me, there's plenty more where these three came from!

ROBERT: I know, I know. There's nothing left in my life, you don't understand, I... I no longer have a family, no more purpose...

SHADOW: So if you were used to launder their money before, why would they want you dead now?

ROBERT: Nobody knew about Adam Hall.


ROBERT: He has always been a mysterious figure. F***, even the guys involved in the scheme didn't know about him.

REBECA: But you found out. How?

ROBERT: I wanted to quit the operation, but you know how it works, no one can leave the scheme alive.

Robert is dispersed, involved in violent memories - full of sadness flowing through his facial expression.

ROBERT: I thought, I mean, I was going crazy. So I thought that if I knew something, any little thing that would give me leverage over them... I know I was stupid, but you don't understand it... How is...

Robert begins to fade into tears of regret and bitterness.

REBECA: And Hall's name showed up in your research. It was more than you expected to find.

SHADOW: You brought this to yourself.

ROBERT: I know, I know...

The noises stop. Robert's tears are the only things that are heard, lamentation. The blood covering the floor.

DAVIS: Think about Big John as the greatest mind of the whole operation. And may I add, the guy is slick. The case is opened in the FBI for seven years!

REBECA: The FBI has some reason to think he has a partner?

DAVIS: I don't know, why?

REBECA: A man alone, a major operation. National. What do you think?

DAVIS: I think this is a FBI case. How do you know Big John, by the way?

REBECA: Why do you care Davis?

DAVIS: Lots of love for one person.

REBECA: I am who I am.

Davis makes a short pause, he looks her from head to toe and opens a big smile on his face.

DAVIS: You're different. What happened?

REBECA: I'm not different. You're the one who's getting old.

Davis gives a loose laugh, while he spreads in the chair. Rebeca gives him a smile.

Rebeca bring her cigarette, the smoke dance toward the open window.

REBECA: So this guy has nothing to do with my client.

DAVIS: I hope this information I am giving you doesn't help you to, in fact, meddle in one of the most dangerous trafficking operations in the country.

REBECA: Stay calm. I can handle danger.

DAVIS: No kidding...

REBECA: One more thing. And please help me in this... Do you know Robert Langley?

DAVIS: It's some kind of band?

Rebeca smiles, looks out the window and go back to focusing on Davis.

REBECA: He's my client, dammit!

DAVIS: No. Never heard of him.

REBECA: Who do I have to sleep on the BPD to find out if he is an informant?

Davis gets up, in a hurry. Takes an outrageous look at Rebeca, look back and look at her again. Shaken, he responds.

DAVIS: F*** you!

REBECA: Davis...

DAVIS: I can't pass this information, are you crazy? This can screw up with our case!

REBECA: Technically it is an FBI case.

DAVIS: Phillip.


DAVIS: Yeah. Call him. Set up a date, take him to your apartment. Open a bottle of wine, then suck his c*** now that he is the new FBI liaison for the BPD.

Rebeca doesn't answer anything. Davis walks on all sides, at a frenetic pace. Fixed his gaze on Rebeca and breathes deeply.

DAVIS: No. Robert Langley is not a name that is in the case. Satisfied? Now, if you do something to harm the FBI investigation, I'll kick your ass, Rebeca.

REBECA: Thank you.


Davis walks away and slams the office door.

Rebeca throws her head back, instinctively, to the sound of the door slamming.

Rebeca follows Frederic Back downtown. Something is wrong with this guy - she thinks. Soon to find out that, indeed, he is not as clean as it looked.

REBECA: Where do I know this place? I know this here. What are you doing there, my good fellow?

Frederic enters an accounting firm and disappears.

She thinks to herself, and decides to go home to find out more about the name of the place.

In her notebook, surfing the Internet looking for some names.

She finds out that the firm's owner is the same strange owner of the firm where Robert Langley worked. Nothing strange, coincidence either. What does he do?

Leaving the darkness, Shadow walks toward a house - with a bat in his hands.

He angrily walks to the door, forcing himself in.

The stranger who lives in that place finds Shadow and panics.

What are you doing? - The man thinks to ask and give up the minute Shadow begins to burst the windows of his house.

With a little effort and a lot of anger, Shadow burst the windows, one by one. The man is paralyzed. Observing. Waiting his turn.

In a minute of adrenaline, he attacks Shadow. They exchange punches and the man gets injured. The man berely touches Shadow.

But Shadow retaliates with a punch on his chin.

The man falls to the ground in agony. Shadow gives him a little more medicine - kicking the dead dog's stomach.

The victim does not react anymore, just struggle to fill his lungs with air. Fail and fail again.

Shadow looks at him with threat in his eyes. You got what you deserve - he thinks.

SHADOW: Stay away from her. I know who you are. Do not make me come back here. Stay away!

And goes back to the darkness.

The man tries to collect his shards from the floor. Failed. Burning in pain while crawling on the floor.

REBECA: They have a connection, I'm sure. It's bizarre I haven't seen it before. I told you there was a familiarity in the case, but no, I'm crazy paranoid.

SHADOW: And this guy who owns the two firms in which they work, what's his name? What do you know about it so far?

REBECA: Don't be in such a hurry.

Shadow begins to wander around the apartment, making too much noise with the fury of his footsteps.

His expression restrained, playful, flirting with his own masochists thoughts.

REBECA: You're okay?

SHADOW: Yeah, go on.

REBECA: This owner must be only a scapegoat. I think it doesn't really matter who he is. Obviously it must have something to do with Big John and Adam Hall. Which brings us back to Elena's subject being right all the time, she was being followed, but by pure paranoia she thought she was the target. And she wasn't.

SHADOW: Maybe. But maybe he's after Frederic's family. That is, if Frederic and Robert are in the same situation, knowing too much about the operation.

REBECA: Right.

SHADOW: But that doesn't mean we should go after this...

REBECA: How so?
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 4 "Don't Fear The Shadow" Part 2 of 2

SHADOW: Robert is your client, not Frederic.

REBECA: Yes, but... Don't you think that would be good at least warn them that they are in danger?

SHADOW: He made his bed, now lie in it!

REBECA: F***. I'm going after.

SHADOW: You shouldn't.

REBECA: I need the money. I have a mortgage to pay, office rent that is long overdue. It's too much for me, Shadow. I must be rational here.

Shadow laughs, Rebeca doesn't like it and she can honestly admit that she never saw him that way. Tortured, as if straight out of a nightmare.

REBECA: I'm feeling that we're really close this time.

SHADOW: Close to what exactly? Huh? These guys who has to solve their own shit! There's not much we can do now.

REBECA: I need to get my money.

SHADOW: That's when he decides he is pleased. And when it comes to Robert Langley, from what we saw, he'll only be happy with a bullet in each of our brains.

REBECA: Wow, dude...

In the same moment, Rebeca's cell rings arousing the tense direction of the conversation. She answers. Shadow waits for bad news.

VOICE: Where do you think you'll get?

REBECA: Who's speaking?

VOICE: Give up, or I have a grave waiting for you.

REBECA: F*** you!

VOICE: Make me.

And hangs up.

Shadow examines her face carefully. The doorbell rings, both look toward the door.

Slowly, carefully. They approach.

Shadow opens the door and finds a teddy bear on the floor. Nothing more. Desert hall, silence settles again. Deafens. Rebeca doesn't react.

REBECA: What is it?

SHADOW: Maybe a threat, a message, I don't know.

REBECA: I want the security camera videos of this building lobby. For yesterday!

The bear sees Rebeca. Fondling, almost smiling. You're dead - the bear thinks.

Desert. The shadows of the unknown cover the buildings.

Shadow enters in a brothel where he meet with a man.

GABRIEL: Long time, no see.


GABRIEL: Why so sullen?

Shadow is troubled while moving his curious eyes to the place surroundings, barely looks at Gabriel. Gabriel enjoys it.

GABRIEL: I'm here again, aren't I? Whenever needed, I was there. And vice versa.

SHADOW: I did many things for you too.

GABRIEL: You sure did. I'm never tired of saying that you were my best employee.

Shadow hesitates, but delves into Gabriel's eyes, with a powerful sense of a world of memories invading him.

GABRIEL: You're very quiet today. Are you afraid of me?

And laughes, amused by his own words, using an arrogant expression on his face. Perverse, damned. The tension dance in the air, defying Shadow into the game. Or to get out of there immediately.

SHADOW: The past is the past, Gabriel.

GABRIEL: You're different. This tension, this rigidity... I almost didn't recognized you.

SHADOW: Time passes. Shit happens. We survive.

GABRIEL: Indeed.

Shadow goes back to look at nothing. Gabriel doesn't take his eyes off Shadow.

GABRIEL: And what did your Excellency to come back here and give the air of your grace?

SHADOW: F*** you!

GABRIEL: No. F*** you!

SHADOW: Coming here was wrong. Forget I was here! I don't need to go back for this shit!

GABRIEL: You liked it for many years. You won't spit on the plate that you ate... And, oh, how much you ate, are you?

SHADOW: Don't forget I know who you really are.

GABRIEL: Doesn't matter, honey. We both know you're nothing.

Gabriel approaches Shadow, who takes a step backwards. Gabriel stop and feels pleasure in the tension.

GABRIEL: That this macho attitude is a trick, fortunately I know very well what you're made of!

Shadow doesn't answer, just waiting for more. Why am I here? - He asks himself in his mind.

GABRIEL: What? Did I hurt your little pride? You're a piece of shit that I took of the street. Doesn't worth what you have in your pocket, you just think that you're a great crap.

For a moment, you can see Shadow's eyes burning and wet.

He decides to leave. Gabriel shoots.

GABRIEL: What you really want here?

SHADOW: You're a big baby with a toy in your hands. You're not and never was a man! Do not talk to me about life! I know what life is!

GABRIEL: After all this time, still can't handle harsh words.

Gabriel laughs, with a mixed expression of pity and desire.

He approaches Shadow even more, getting face to face with him.

GABRIEL: Now... What do you need? For you is priceless.

Shadow doesn't fight anymore, only does what is required.

SHADOW: Robert Langley. He has a hit on his back. I need a name. Or all the names you can find.

GABRIEL: Uh... That'll cost you.

Gabriel laughs at himself, analyzing Shadow's reaction, which is not even a little surprised by Gabriel's imposing. He knows it's no joke.


And keeps laughing.

Gabriel approaches, Shadow standing still, he kisses his trembling lips with lust. Shadow does not correspond.

GABRIEL: I hope to see you there. You now owe me... And I'll want the payment!

He laughes again.

And then disappears through the darkness in.

Elena is uneasy and decides to finally answer Rebeca's questions. Her hands wander into her lap when she starts.

ELENA: He works at that firm for over ten years! And we never had problems. Listen, I don't think that this is possible, I mean... It's crazy! You need to keep looking!

REBECA: Don't get me wrong, Elena... This is my job and I can assure you this has nothing to do with the affair that you are having.

Elena gets surprised and looks at both sides, as if looking for a hidden spy. The secrets come to the surface eventually.

ELENA: Please don't tell my husband!

REBECA: You are my client. I only did what you asked... Find out who was following you.

ELENA: Right... Well, about Adam Hall.


ELENA: He looks like a righteous man, great manager, great connections at City Hall, philanthropist.

Rebeca tries to contain a smile. How ironic - she thinks. Philanthropy, come on!

REBECA: And are you sure he has no involvement with Frederic?

ELENA: Yeah, my Fred doesn't know him that much.

REBECA: But you do?

ELENA: Kind of, sometimes I saw him at the time I did some services at City Hall.

REBECA: What kind of service?

ELENA: In the Sanitation Department as an auxiliary officer. Nothing much.

REBECA: Nothing you did was connected with Adam Hall?

ELENA: No. I'm pretty sure of that. And I know that Adam has only good friends at City Hall, nothing more than that. If you want to know, he and Giuliani are great friends... By the way, what are you suggesting?

REBECA: I'm not suggesting anything, it's like I told you, I need these profiles... Wait, Giuliani? The mayor?

ELENA: Sure, listen to me...

Elena gets tense, defensive. Rebeca analyzes her strange reaction. Elena crosses her arms, closing it, saying come get me. You can not reach me. Rebeca suspects. Is it?

ELENA: He is an excellent man. If you are chasing him, you're on the wrong track. Now please, you must go because I have some chores to finish. Yes?

Elena stands before Rebeca answer anything.

Rebeca decides to leave, it is enough. For now.

Rebeca goes away.

Away from Elena's home, walking on the street, she hears a screaming noise echoing through the air. Suddenly, silence.

She looks back and she sees two men in black running to a car, which comes out in a hurry making skid marks.

Rebeca decides to run back to the house. The door is opened...

And many broken objects on the ground. She walks slowly to the kitchen. Please no! No! No! - She thinks.

Elena's blood drips on the floor. Her eyes almost lifeless facing Rebeca.

You can hear her struggling for a lot of air, until no more. Matter of seconds.

Rebeca can't react, she only gets locked in an expression of shock.

There is nothing to be done.

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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 5 "The Child Who Hides" Part 1 of 2

Cold. Little light. A passing breeze, flashes of bitterness. Rebeca walks slowly into the room. The rays of light floods the room from time to time, and in silence. The storm seems to laugh at Rebeca.

The bear. Standing on the floor, staring, in a tone of mockery. Wishing something. Come closer - she hears. And then she obeys.

Closer - he commands. Then she follows. The sound of the thunder echoed through the city, giving a somber tone to Bridgeport that can barely be seen from the window.

You can not run. - He mocks.


Rebeca hesitates, trying to block her ears. Failure. The bear insists, make himself heard. The voice of truth. The natural balance, finally the reckoning. Who?

You're not forgiven! - Grizzly screams in her ears. Nothing was forgotten - insists.


Rebeca screams in vain. The bear whispers: Murderer.

Rebeca wakes up. Although she has the feeling that she still dreaming. The shadows delineate the walls of the room. She feels a cold sweat, a strange feeling inside out.

REBECA: It was a dream...

She tries to convince herself.

DAVIS: You said you had nothing to do with the case. Why Big John would want his head now?

REBECA: I never said that. If I said, I lied.

DAVIS: Excellent liar... Sometimes.

REBECA: Big John has nothing to do with it. His case has nothing to do with my case.

DAVIS: This is a FBI case and you lied to me before and you are doing it again now. Beca, do not mess with this, please.

REBECA: Only if you beg me to.

Davis explodes.

DAVIS: It seems that you went crazy! Are you listening to a word of what I'm talking about? F*** this, man! This is not for you, let the proper authority take care of this.

REBECA: Now it's me. It's personal.

DAVIS: You need psychiatric treatment and urgent!

REBECA: You know shit about shit! You stand herte thinking that you own me or have some kind of special control over my life just because you give me information from the BPD!

DAVIS: Speak louder, nobody heard you yet!

REBECA: One thing... Go... F***... Yourself, Davis!

Rebeca walks out on him and goes toward the street.

Davis follows her, grabs her arm and turns. Eye to eye, desires to desires.

DAVIS: Don't walk out on me!

REBECA: Your insane bipolar!

She manages to free herself from his hand and instantly slaps Davis face, who instinctively takes a step back and feel the warmth of Rebeca's hand. Forgive me - the eyes yell.

Silence. Grey. Then pigeons, cars and buses emerge from the ears. How far, how long?

Davis says nothing, nor Rebeca.

He turns and walks away. Something needs to change, I don't need this - she thinks, without considering the consequences.

She sees Davis going farther and imagine that this may be their last meeting.

The cigarette burns. The fresh memories passes through Rebeca's expression, naked, in bed.

Sprawling, loose, hurt while in ecstasy.

Davis takes a very long shower.

Rebeca dresses, turn out the light and leaves.

In the dirt, Rebeca meets Shadow. Seems appropriate at the time.

SHADOW: Why did you call me here?

They are in darkness. It's easier to say sorry than to ask for permission... - She thinks and lets out a smile, but not of joy or humor.

REBECA: They killed her, Shadow. I got there too late. Or at least that is what I have been saying to myself now...

SHADOW: Bad people will do bad things, despite you.

REBECA: Now I'll close my case, whatever the cost.

SHADOW: I like you like this, despite the blame.



Shadow smiles, his white teeth gets in contrast in the dark, with little light that enlightens them.

REBECA: Then maybe you'll like me even more now.

SHADOW: Why? What will you do?

REBECA: I've already done.

Rebeca walks down the alley, toward the back of an establishment. Shadow follows.

They find a man lying on the floor, laughing to himself, speaking nonsense. The smell of intoxicating liquor in all its glory.

MAN: ...And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan... Which deceiveth the whole world... He was cast out into the earth...

The man looks at Rebeca, his eyes fixed on hers.

MAN: ...And his angels were cast out with him.

Shadow looks at her, still fixating in the eyes of the poor man on the ground.

The man lets out a sinister laugh, making Shadow smile.

MAN: What are you hidding from, child?

Rebeca approaches him and suddenly kicks him in the stomach with great force. Shadow gets surprised.

REBECA: And now... Am I forgiven?

She kicks him again, causing the man to vomit on the floor. He drowns, then coughs and suck as much air as he can.

REBECA: Who are you to forgive me or not, anyway?

MAN: Purification suffering...


MAN: ...Is less painful than the situation that creates a culprit for an thoughtless...

And back to laugh, echoing in the alley corners.

Shadow doesn't understand and puts his hand on Rebeca's shoulder.

SHADOW: Who is he, Rebeca?

REBECA: A lunatic.

MAN: Look out, kid. There is no punishment worse than being stuck in their own personal hell because there... There your crimes are never forgotten.

SHADOW: Doctor?

REBECA: Why are you after me? Who sent you?

MAN: You're far from knowing everything... And when you discover it will be too late, as it was late when your client was murdered...

He laughs so loud that Rebeca feels a huge shiver down the spine.

MAN: You, my child, you can't fight the demons in this city. Look around... You're surrounded.

Shadow instinctively look around, just to make sure they don't have company.

MAN: For whom I work? Doesn't matter, really, because the more you dig, many of me will surprise you along the way. Maybe I haven't been successful, but...

He tries to sit. His cold eyes fixed on Rebeca's.

MAN: One time... Someone will. You're not invincible.

REBECA: Who told you to get me? I want answers!

MAN: Don't you understand? Are you deaf? It doesn't matter!

REBECA: Adam Hall? Big John? Which one of those scumbags?

MAN: You are dead.

SHADOW: Come on, he's not in condition to do anything!

Shadow drags Rebeca toward the street through her shoulder. Rebeca is visibly disappointed.

REBECA: I thought...

SHADOW: How did you found him?

REBECA: You don't recognize him?


REBECA: It's Elena's lover.

SHADOW: I don't... How?

REBECA: There was a Dostoyevsky's book... In the kitchen... At the crime scene. He's the one who has been passing by Elena's block that day, it was his car. It didn't take too long to conclude that he could also be involved with the scheme.

SHADOW: What the f***!

REBECA: Yes. We got caught in a series of misadventures...

Rebeca gives a relaxed laugh.

REBECA: So much crap for being a detective in domestic cases. That was hilarious!

SHADOW: We should start looking for our heads. F*** the case. They're after you, Doc!

REBECA: Don't be paranoid. Come on.

They walk down the streets...

While a car is parked on the other side.

A man observes them. He picks up the phone and waits.

MAN: You were right. She found him.


MAN: I don't know, maybe she already know about you. Yes. I'll hold.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 5 "The Child Who Hides" Part 2 of 2

Shadow enters the house, and before anything...

Gabriel, sitting in a chair, lights a lamp.

Shadow is surprised and expect an explanation.

GABRIEL: I did what you asked me.

SHADOW: How did you get here?

GABRIEL: It's a joke, honey?

SHADOW: Forget it. So what did you find out?

GABRIEL: Two of my men. And another, an employee of a large trafficking boss.

SHADOW: Two of your?

GABRIEL: F***, what are you doing now Shadow? Going after Big John? Really?

SHADOW: I'm not after anyone.

GABRIEL: Well he knows who you are. And he also knows that Rebeca Ericson character. You guys are marked. I don't know if I can protect you this time.

SHADOW: I don't need protection. Give me the names.

GABRIEL: So much eagerness, sweety... I took care of my men. I paid the difference. Stay calm, everything is good.

Gabriel laughes, showing all his teeth. Delighting in the situation, while Shadow just observes. Quiet.

SHADOW: And the other? Who is it?

GABRIEL: Jerrod.


GABRIEL: Yes, you heard right... Your former... Partner. Jerrod.

Gabriel laughes again, as if watching a comedy film, analyzing the stiffness of Shadow's expression, tense. Perhaps afraid, is that it?

SHADOW: He was out of the country, he...

GABRIEL: Why so tense?

And then he rises toward Shadow. Approaches, lurking, ready to bite. He decides to wait, likes the hunting.

SHADOW: Why does he work for Big John?

GABRIEL: Business is business. Pleasure is just...

Gabriel strokes Shadow's face, who dodges.


And laughs. The laughter echoed in the apartment.

GABRIEL: And now what?

SHADOW: It's after us.

GABRIEL: Behind her, sweety. After her.

SHADOW: I work with her!

GABRIEL: Bullshit! You use her! I know who you are, there is no room for lies here...

SHADOW: You don't know what you're talking about!

GABRIEL: I know you very well.

Gabriel walks toward a bottle of Martini. Grab a glass, pour two fingers of the drink and take it all at once.

GABRIEL: Smooth. It's just like water. Only it's not.

Laughes, while he drops the cup on the counter.

Shadow approaches him.

SHADOW: You... You need to help me.

He gets closer. Gabriel smiles with malice.

GABRIEL: There's your true self... Whom I have not seen for a long time and... I must admit... I was missing.

SHADOW: Torres, I must find Jerrod.

GABRIEL: And do what? Kill him?

SHADOW: I don't know. It doesn't matter!

Gabriel grabs Shadow's throat tightly. Shadow doesn't show any reaction, just looks at him, waiting for his next move. Gabriel does not let go. He enjoys... Flirts... Smiles.

GABRIEL: You're making quite a debt, don't you think?

SHADOW: What does this mean?

Gabriel approaches his face and whispers to Shadow.

GABRIEL: That eventually you will be my slave to pay it...

And kiss his lips. Shadow takes a deep breath, Gabriel follows him. Eyes fixed on each other.

SHADOW: So in this case I need one more favor...

And he approaches Gabriel, kissing him firmly for a long time. Shadows cover the hot bodies... Bridgeport, by the window, is a mere spectator.

ROBERT: What the hell!

REBECA: I found what you wanted.

ROBERT: Yeah, I know, give me a minute...

Robert gets up and wanders around the office. Rebeca waits.

ROBERT: Is there a way of knowing if it's John or Hall?

REBECA: Absolutely! Maybe one or the two of them. Doesn't matter. At this point, you need to escape...

ROBERT: They would catch me. He has many dangerous contacts!

REBECA: What do you expect exactly? Ending the whole operation?

ROBERT: It's the only way! Or else, we will be under the earth very soon.

Rebeca pauses. Her expression says that she made a very important discovery. Her mouth slightly opens...

REBECA: You already knew.


REBECA: You knew who was after you!

ROBERT: What are you talking about?

REBECA: At first I found it strange that you didn't know who wanted you dead, but the fact is that you already knew, before passing through my door.

Robert is silent, avoiding looking at Rebeca, as if he was embarrassed.

REBECA: You wanted me to investigate it all... Get a name to protect you... No. Not that. You wanted me to get involved.

ROBERT: Where are you going with this?

REBECA: I don't need to get anywhere. You wanted my head to also be the target of Big John and Adam Hall.

Another pause. Robert's expression changes, like someone had just been discovered by his indiscretion. He gives up.

ROBERT: I'm sorry. It was the only way.

Rebeca closes her eyes in an attempt to eliminate some of her headache.

REBECA: The only way to... what exactly?

ROBERT: Survival.

REBECA: Survival?

ROBERT: I thought if you were involved, well, maybe it would improve my chances. And I do not care if it is jail.

REBECA: They would kill you there. They order murders like that all the time.


REBECA: I can not believe it. It was all an act, but congratulations, you got what you wanted. We have a murdered woman, mother of two small children and I with my neck plunged in all this crap!

ROBERT: So I guess... There is no alternative other then to help me, right?

Big John goes down a flight of stairs to a dimly lit basement. There, he meets a man.

MAN: It's here, sir.

BIG JOHN: You think you can do the job?

MAN: Certainly, sir.

BIG JOHN: I want them here until midnight. And please, don't make it messy, I hate dirt on the floor.

The observant man, in the basement, observes around him, imagining the scene. And feel good, happy. Today is the day.

Big John takes out a handkerchief and blows his nose while climbs the stairs again.

A man follows Rebeca and Robert down the streets. Both walking on the sidewalk, always looking back, checking if they are being followed. The man is patient, calm, waiting for the prey to give him a chance.

I'm following orders - he thinks. Therefore it's okay - he completes.

REBECA: Come on. C'mon. Answer it, dammit!

Rebeca insists, but Shadow doesn't answer his phone. Voicemail.

REBECA: Hey, man, answer this shit! We need to talk, things got worse. And I think we're being followed. You may also be in danger. Call me as soon as you get this!

She puts the phone away, Robert feels guilty.

ROBERT: I'm sorry for your partner, I didn't know that someone besides you would be involved.

REBECA: I don't give a shit what you're talking about. I don't believe a word! I should go away and leave you here to rot!

ROBERT: Please don't do that.

REBECA: You said yourself that has nothing to lose... What you have to live for, huh?

ROBERT: Because someday I hope... I hope... To forgive myself for all of this.

Those words fell like a bomb in Rebeca's ears. He stares her and she looks away, watching if someone followed them.

REBECA: I think we are safe here... At least for now.

ROBERT: I should use what I know against them anyway.

REBECA: It's no use. You're only one, well, now we are two. The deal is that they are many and has many weapons.

ROBERT: But if... If we are already dead, why not to make one last big move?

REBECA: What are you suggesting?

ROBERT: I have connections... I know someone I can contact, you know, to pass the message.

REBECA: And what is the message?

ROBERT: Our lives in exchange of their secret. If they don't leave us alone, we will expose Adam Hall.

REBECA: They know we can't prove it.

ROBERT: I can.

Rebeca stops everything and looks at Robert with curious eyes, wondering what he has up his sleeve. It was everything she thought long ago, when she thought it was strange that he was facing the whole operation.

REBECA: But is it worth our lives?

ROBERT: The evidence? You can be sure of that. Now... If they are willing to negotiate...

REBECA: It would never work, but either way, it's not an exact science.

ROBERT: Exactly.

The man approaches Rebeca's building. Look up, staring her window. Grab his phone and dials.

MAN: I'm coming in... Start to pray.

The man hangs up.

And enter the building, quiet, with all patience in the world, hoping to satisfy his psychopath need to kill.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 6 "West Side Connections" Part 1 of 2

Rebeca confined in the bathroom, while Robert waits in the room.

DAVIS: It's ironic, isn't it?


DAVIS: This time it was not you who was too much involved in the case. The case that was too much involved with you.

Rebeca pauses to think about what Davis is saying in the phone.

REBECA: Yeah, yeah...

DAVIS: I don't want you to get hurt Rebeca.

REBECA: I promise I'll be careful.

DAVIS: Tell me what is really going on...

REBECA: I broke some promises alrerady Davis. You don't have to get involved... In fact, you can't.

DAVIS: I just hope it doesn't end up badly.

REBECA: What I did and what I still going to do... If it is illegal... Depends only on perspective.

DAVIS: You seem sincere.

REBECA: It depends on who is looking...

DAVIS: Rebeca, don't do anything that's going to make you regret, okay? You went through a lot of shit, you deserve some peace. I beg you.

REBECA: I need to go.

DAVIS: Rebeca...


And hangs up the phone.

She leaves the bathroom and passes through the bedroom. She stops. Stands in the room for a moment, she feels Robert's absense, suddenly everything is silent. Rebeca sees her gun on the nightstand.

She goes to the nightstand and pulls out her gun, unlocks and walks slowly into the another room, pointing the gun forward.

In alertness.

Upon entering the room, she finds nothing. Only the opened door. She continues slowly combing through the apartment.

Nobody. Robert was gone.

REBECA: Damn it!

In a rage, she kicks the chair, which falls to the side.

She tries to catch her breath, but she just breathe anxiously, wondering what could have happened. Robert was away? He was taken? Why she didn't hear anything? If there was a struggle, why there aren't signs? And if... The worst had happened, why she was spared?

Shadow meets a man, not very happy to see him.

MAN: I thought you were dead.

SHADOW: I could say the same about you.

MAN: F***. Why would I help you?

SHADOW: The favor is not for me, is for Torres.

MAN: The worst part of taking favors from that man is that you never know when you finished paying.

SHADOW: I understand this better than anyone.

The man hesitates, then relaxes, finally sees Shadow tone of questioning.

MAN: What do you need?

SHADOW: I heard that Jerrod is in town...

MAN: Oh, dude, get the f*** outta here!

The man is indignant, wanders sideways, barely sees Shadow. Shadow stops, analyzing him, waiting for him to contribute to his hunt.

SHADOW: I need to find him. It is urgent!

MAN: Look, man, I don't handle the likes of him, did you listen me? I mean, the guy is insane... You never know what he'll do next.

SHADOW: Therefore I have to find him. There's a hit to the head of an acquaintance of mine and it seems that Jerrod is in charge.

MAN: Oh, oh, oh...

The man smiled without humor, but as if he had seen something unbelievable right in front of him.

MAN: Man, I did not want to be that person in Jerrod's crosshairs, okay?

SHADOW: And me neither.

MAN: What makes you think I know where he is?

SHADOW: You may not know where but you know who knows...

The man is thoughtful, deciding whether to help or not. For old times? - He asks in thought. Damn it!

MAN: Listen... There's a woman in West Side.

SHADOW: Lower part?

MAN: Yeah, yeah... In the lower part. Listen, she can help you. If Jerrod is in town then he must be active in some scheme for sure... And Reddie is the only one who can help you find him!

SHADOW: Thanks. See you later.

MAN: One more thing... If you come back alive from Jerrod... Ah, nevermind.

The man turns his back and walks away while laughing. What would he say? Doesn't matter? Why so afraid of Jerrod...?

SHADOW: I got your message, what happened?

Rebeca sees her notebook, as if seeing something of extreme importance. Shadow follow her eyes and slowly approaches.

REBECA: You need to see this.

SHADOW: What is it, doc?

He looks at the content on the screen.

REBECA: How a man so important as Adam Hall would be so careless?

SHADOW: I don't see anything.

REBECA: Look at this! Pictures of him and some associates of Big John.

SHADOW: And they are all in different kinds of business, just spending time together. I see nothing about it.

REBECA: These men work, or are somehow connected with accounting firms who launders the money from the operation.

SHADOW: This is the important document, the great proof that Robert left for you before disappearing?

REBECA: I'm sure he was kidnapped!

SHADOW: If this is true, how would he know that he would be kidnapped in time to let the document on a pen drive for you, doctor?

REBECA: I don't know, it was just there in the room... He must have dropped it, it is obvious that he kept the pen drive in his pocket, to be a chance to survive...

SHADOW: What means that he really was kidnapped and he did left the pen drive with you...

REBECA: I need to find him.

SHADOW: There's no way to do this without notifying the police.

REBECA: Watch me!

SHADOW: Rebeca, if you get caught in the middle of an FBI case, you can go to jail, doc!

REBECA: There are worse places than jail...

Rebeca gets up and leaves the office. Shadow hesitates, but then goes with her and closes the door very loudly.

Shadow goes to the Lower West Side looking for Reddie.

He enters the establishment...

And goes to the back. Suddenly he feels the stench of incense.

SHADOW: Reddie?

REDDIE: You're Shadow? I was waiting for you.

SHADOW: Lil Bird sent me here. He said you could help me find someone.

REDDIE: He mentioned something like that. What do you expect me to find?

SHADOW: Jerrod. You know him?

REDDIE: Oh yes. And I'll tell you one thing, this guy is nothing if not bad news. Why do you want to find him?

SHADOW: Don't get me wrong, but it's personal.

REDDIE: Okay... I just wouldn't like to see a cute guy like you get hurt...

SHADOW: I can handle myself, thank you.


Shadow begins to wonder what people think about Jerrod, if he remains with the same reputation and if it is worse now.

REDDIE: In this case, I think I should also say that he is looking for you.

SHADOW: I thought he was.

REDDIE: Yes. Want to know where?


REDDIE: You know The Palace? Leaving the city?

SHADOW: I know enough. Is he there?

REDDIE: And awaiting for you.

Shadow feels a chill to learn that Jerrod might be a step ahead. Why he is waiting?

Rebeca finds Big John's car with Tyson's help and follows him through the city.

Not a big deal yet, but she may find Robert Langley eventually.

She begins to wonder if it's too late for him too. She decides in case she can't do anything about the lives of those involved, she can very well take the business forward to the Bridgeport Police Department.

Big John gets off his car and starts to talk to another man on the sidewalk. She watches them, hoping that they give some important clue.

Coming out of the darkness, a gunman hits with the tip of his gun against Rebeca's car window, she gets scared.

MAN: Get out!
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 6 "West Side Connections" Part 2 of 2

Rebeca obeys, tense, wondering what she can do to get out of that situation. Is it possible that Davis is seeing this? Hope it is not too late. - She wishes.

MAN: You're really brave and stupid, aren't you? You could have stepped out, but you prefer the risks.

REBECA: Dude, I have nothing important going on, I have nothing against your employer. I'll leave you alone, I promise.

MAN: Why should I believe you?

REBECA: You are pointing a gun at me in the middle of the street, this shouldn't be your finest moment. Are you going to kill me right here?

The man ponders. Perhaps imagining the places where he could just shoot a bullet between Rebeca's eyes and not be seen. She's right - he understands.

MAN: You are a very lucky girl. Stop following my boss. Here, a worker to another... We are small fish. You can't stop the big machine.

DAVIS: Put the gun down.

Davis, in fact, appears and points his gun at the man's head. Coming out of the darkness, to Rebeca's surprise and relief, who was already imagining having to pull off her gun in a confrontation that she might not come out alive.

After the man's arrest, Davis seems to be thinking too much, as if he's about to give bad news without knowing how to do it.

REBECA: Say what you have to say. Nothing will surprise me anymore today. What the f***!

DAVIS: I can't say anything.

REBECA: Excuse me?

Rebeca doesn't understand, making an unprecedented expression for Davis, of confusion. The cold air settles.

DAVIS: You had told me that you couldn't tell me what was that you were involved. I must be pretty dumb not to know it was something like that. Besides, your name appeared quite often in the FBI in these past few days.

REBECA: My name?

DAVIS: Yeah, Rebeca! You follow these guys all the time. Good news! They do it too! It's the FBI job, after all. The case is not yours!

REBECA: But...

DAVIS: Relax. You don't have a problem.

REBECA: Hey! I also have friends in the FBI...

DAVIS: Yeah, right!

Davis laughes, mocking Rebeca, who is indignant. The night surrounding them, uniting in a masochistic relationship.

REBECA: Suck me! I dealing with this perfectly. You're just jealous because I'm back in business...

DAVIS: Make me laugh. Jealous? Have you lost your mind?

REBECA: You got it, dude. Don't try to hide it.

DAVIS: So it's worse than I thought...

REBECA: Yeah. I give up.

DAVIS: You're the strongest woman I know!

REBECA: You say that to all women...

Davis lets out a relaxed laugh. You are nothing and it is everything to me - he thinks.

DAVIS: Yes, but for you it's true.

REBECA: Wow, thank you, please, you're welcome.

DAVIS: Now, tell me what I really need to know.

REBECA: Damn...

DAVIS: You won't let a situation of risk, especially if someone's life is involved, with no one to solve it. I mean, really.

REBECA: F***. I'll tell you. Besides, this is outside my league. You know, I never thought that things would get so much complicated when I accepted Elena Back as my client.

DAVIS: Imagine my surprise.

REBECA: So won't like to know what I'll say next...


REBECA: It's about Frederic Back... Your childhood buddy.

DAVIS: He isn't... Bite me, Rebeca, spill it...

Rebeca can't choose something else if not to involve the police and perhaps close the case in a reasonable manner. And with life.

Big John goes down in the basement and finds Robert Langley tied in the chair.

Robert contorts, his eyes anounces what will happen to him soon. The final gasps, he already knows. There isn't more to be done. He can't protect himself anymore, or escape, he can just accept his fate.

Big John gets closer to Robert and almost whispers.

BIG JOHN: It's time to throw you to the sharks.

And lets out a sinister laugh that echoes through the basement. His men doesn't react, just watch.

BIG JOHN: But first, on behalf of all the good things you did for me, I'll tell you a little secret...

He turns to his men and make gestures with his arm for them to leave. His men climb the stairs.

Everything seems in slow motion to Robert, who feels like he's in the edge of a cliff so high he can't see the bottom.

BIG JOHN: Now... Between you and me.

And smiles.

It's the last thing you'll see, now - Robert concludes.

Rebeca answers the door to the sound of the bell furiously insistent.

She opens the door and finds Mercedes upset with all the makeup smudged. Mercedes enters as a hurricane in her apartment.

MERCEDES: I did a horrible thing, corazon. Perdona me, perdona me.

REBECA: What happened? Who did this?

MERCEDES: A man appeared in the District and was doeing several questions about you, corazon.

REBECA: How so?

MERCEDES: I don't know how, don't ask me, but he knew who I am. That I know about you... About...

REBECA: Stay calm. Want some water?

Rebeca tries to comfort her, but Mercedes is very agitated, pacing back and forth. Rebeca get stuck.

Mercedes turns to face her.

MERCEDES: No. Listen, chica.

REBECA: What exactly did you told him?

MERCEDES: He wanted to know about your life, who are your friends, where you live, work. At the same time I thought he already knew all this and was just having fun with me. One moment he said that he was your friend and wanted to surprise you and another time he said that he didn't know you.

MERCEDES: I even thought he was drunk or drugged, but then... And I recognize that when I see it... He was perverse. Crazy. Por dios, chica! Be careful please, please!

Mercedes sits on the couch, Rebeca gets near her.

REBECA: Stay calm. I'll be careful. And what he answered?

MERCEDES: I kept changing the subject all the time, I thought he'd never leave. He grabbed me and I got slapped.

REBECA: My goodness, are you fine?

MERCEDES: Oh, corazon, I get slapped all the time. I do't care for that.

Mercedes loses a smile of pride, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Maybe in her world. Rebeca gets ten percent relieved.

REBECA: There wasn't anything you could do! Now be quiet and let me handle this. What he's looked like?

MERCEDES: Blond, tall, has a mole under his eye. He is a sadistic guy...

MERCEDES: Sorry, corazon, it's all I can say. Lo siento. Mucho. Sorry.

Rebeca begins to think and try to remember if she know someone with these characteristics. Was he after her? It's the hitman hired to end her life?

Rebeca goes to the window, enjoy a bit of her natural drug. The Bridgeport's view, dark gray. And lights up a cigarette.

Shadow walks down the road to find the hotel in which Reddie had spoken Jerrod was awaiting. What was inside? F*** it, I'm prepared - he sets for himself.

He finds the room that had been assigned to the meeting and hesitates to open the door. Perhaps in the last moment a person stops to think again, as someone reconsidering suicide while missing ten storeys to reach the ground.

Finally the door opens. The room is flooded with darkness everywhere. The light from the lamp is quite weak, the smell of cheap disinfectant makes its way up Shadow's nose and gets stuck.

He slowly walks through the room and find some photos of Rebeca scattered on the bed. He makes an expression of who has just discovered something very obvious.

Jerrod: Finally.

He is standing in front of the bathroom door, posing with much arrogance, and a sadistic smile on his face.

Shadow gets scared and looks to his left, following the sound of Jerrod's voice.

Shadow's mind is filled with bitter memories of the past. A shiver goes through him from the inside.

Jerrod: You won't say anything?

And lets out a laughter as he walks slowly toward Shadow. Getting face to face.

Jerrod: So I may have to do the talking. Hello, Shadow.

He smiles.

And attacks.

Both fall to the ground, rolling, exchanging punches.

Jerrod changes completely, becoming extremely violent and stronger than he looks. Shadow has no chance.

Jerrod gets tired after a while and raises a laugh, as if just playing with Shadow.

I mean no harm - seems so. It's just a joke. Right.

Shadow still on the ground. Looking for the exit door, now closed.

Facing the bear near the door.

SHADOW: You...

Insists. Then falters.

The bear.

Remember me? - Defies the bear. Smiling, sadistic, perverted.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 1 of 3

DAVIS: And we are, again, in a very bad situation.


DAVIS: I must say I'm a little disappointed with you, Rebeca.

REBECA: You can stick your disappointment in your...

DAVIS: Calm down. Slowly.

Rebeca walks to the window. She feels that for the first time she's not the one who's beeing judged by the city, but the opposite.

Davis is close behind her. And speaking directly into her ear.

DAVIS: I could stay here listing your flaws and blaming you and judging you. Instead I will just thank you.

REBECA: This is new.

DAVIS: The fact is that there is a good chance of the FBI closing the case and all that is due to you.

REBECA: No. It's due to the courage of Robert Langley.

DAVIS: We can only do so much...

REBECA: I failed.

DAVIS: That's a matter of perspective.

REBECA: Mine is straight forward.

DAVIS: Your is blurry.

Rebeca agonizes in thought, wondering his whereabouts. In the back of her mind, she knows he is no more.

Life can be short and unfair. His crimes may never see the light of day. The truth may not set you free. Sometimes there is no chance of escape what awaits you.

Robert bleeds on the floor, eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling. What can be said about his final moments? What was he thinking?

At least he tried to correct his mistakes. Even for selfish reasons, do some good instead of pure evil.

Jerrod continues to beat Shadow, who barely reacts to bumps on his face and stomach.

He can feel the taste of blood, almost fainting. Jerrod is winning, what he wants?

Jerrod throws Shadow against the wall, grabs his neck tightly and don't let go.

JERROD: Always very weak. You are exactly the person I remembered.

SHADOW: And you're still the same sadistic bastard.

JERROD: I prefer to think that I found my true god.

And Jerrod loose a loud laughter, still holding Shadow's neck.

JERROD: Still doing the same dirty services as always? Unlike you, I evolved. I went further. Of course I would not expect the same from you... No, no...

SHADOW: I've changed, yes. And I don't do these dirty services you have in mind!

JERROD: This is good. I don't believe you, your liar faggot.

And punches Shadow's face, who's barely able to open his eyes after. Blood on the wall and on his face.

JERROD: Wake up! Open your eyes, you f***ing coward! Be a man at least once in your life.

Jerrod grabs him and throws him to the ground. Shadow is agonizing on the floor, unable to stand, even with much effort. The blood drips on the floor, the smell of disinfectant comes up again.

SHADOW: Why are you after Rebeca? Who put you behind this?

He can speak almost haltingly, trying to catch his breath.

JERROD: And who is this Rebeca? Your girlfriend?

Shadow coughs some blood on the floor and lie on his side to face Jerrod, who is approaching, bowing to the ground to get very close to Shadow.

JERROD: Tell me something, Shadow... Did you sucked her p**** already?

And laughs.

Shadow gets up and hits Jerrod with a punch in the face, who staggers back with the thud. He's surprised.

I lowered my guard - he thinks.

SHADOW: Shut up!

He can barely speak. Feeling the awful taste of blood still in his mouth, increasing. And then imagining that he must be very hurt.

Jerrod approaches again.

JERROD: Pissed? Just because I asked about Beca's p****?

Shadow hits him again and Jerrod almost falls into the bed laughing, amused to see that Shadow finally managed to react.

JERROD: It's funny because I always thought you were c*** sucker. Isn't that what they called you years ago?

Jerrod makes a face of confusion and disgust.

SHADOW: You don't know me!

JERROD: Disgusting, man! Shame to be you...

And laughs of derision, while waiting for a new reaction from Shadow.

Shadow decides that it is enough and he walks to the door.

JERROD: Stay calm. She is no longer my target. My client canceled the hit. That bitch got lucky!

SHADOW: Then why are you in town?

JERROD: Reliving old times. Don't you miss the old days?


Jerrod goes to Shadow. Face to face.

JERROD: Of course not... Me? I rather enjoyed myself. Still have those scars?

Shadow is annoyed and feels like a ten year old boy afraid of the bogeymen. Jerrod realizes, recognizes his effect near people. It feeds him.

JERROD: Calm down, man. Why so serious?

And laughs. After giving a good caricatured scare in Shadow, who closes his eyes reflexively.

Jerrod continues laughing and walks inside, near the bed.

JERROD: We're still going to bump into each other eventually. This was fun. I'm all energyzed. I think I'll go out for a couple of drinks... Care to join? Who knows, maybe bang some bitches...?

He laughs loudly.

JERROD: Oops! Oh yeah, you wouln't like it! Sorry...

Jerrod is still laughing at himself.

Shadow walks away and slams the door.

Rebeca, very carefully, help Shadow to sit on the couch.

SHADOW: Ouch...

REBECA: Sorry. Shadow, who did this to you?

SHADOW: Don't worry. Everything is under control, doc.

REBECA: I doubt that very much. Are you sure? I've never seen you so...

SHADOW: I have. And you have to think about other things now.

REBECA: This is absurd. I won't think in my case now with you in this state.

SHADOW: Seriously doctor, everything is good. This was nothing.

Rebeca decides to move away a bit and looks at him with affection and attention. Worried about what might happen next, wondering if it is her fault.

SHADOW: We have to find Robert.

REBECA: Unfortunately it is too late for that. But we can still save Frederic Back. I will not stand to lose anyone else!

SHADOW: So that's what we do.

REBECA: You rest there. And sleep a lot. Davis and I are working on it.
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 2 of 3

Shadow is discouraged.

SHADOW: Ah... Davis.

REBECA: He already knows everything. I had to tell him. Things got out of our control. The case got bigger than all. He had to know we need to get help.

SHADOW: Congratulations, doctor, you closed the case.

REBECA: I don't know if I deserve congratulations, but I closed the damn case!

SHADOW: We did what we could do. They were already marked to die before entering in your office. It was not our responsibility.

REBECA: And thanks to the courage of a man, the FBI has the best chance in seven years to close this case, or at least most of it.

SHADOW: Night, doctor.

REBECA: Good night, Shadow.

And the light illuminates the city, even if their spirits are weary and wandering in the thought that things did not ended as they should.

Rebeca makes an insistent face in trying to make Frederic change his mind about her proposal.

He doesn't show any willingness to help.

FREDERIC: I have two small children, I can't do what you're asking me!

REBECA: You already are in great danger, its the least and most important, its the only thing you can do now. Take control. Be strong and take control of the situation.

FREDERIC: I'm a dead man if I make a deal with the FBI, so its the same, the difference is that I can try to get escape if I'm free.

REBECA: Are you willing to risk Adam Hall using your children against you?

FREDERIC: That's not it. They are safe, they are out of town. He can not find them.

REBECA: He's a powerful man. He can do whatever he wants. It should not be hard to find two children. That is, if he thinks it is necessary to end the threat that you are at this moment.

FREDERIC: I must leave the country, it's my only way out.

REBECA: You were part of the Big John and Adam Hall drug operation. And that covers the whole country, imagine that the government will not spare any effort to find him. Remember that the only leverage you have is your need to leave the scheme. And you can only do this if you help the police.

FREDERIC: Yes, I know, but I... No...

Frederic tires. Gives up arguing.

Rebeca imagine new ways to convince him.

REBECA: Frederic. It's the last time I'll ask... Either you make a deal with the FBI in exchange for immunity and protection and help in the case, or you'll be a dead man. Please, do the right thing.

FREDERIC: I've made my decision.


FREDERIC: I'll flee from the country. And that's it!

Rebeca is thoughtful, doesn't skimp on the face of disappointment.

There is only one more thing to be done.

For the old police detective times - she thinks.

REBECA: You know what I think?

And then she gets up and goes to the door.

She looks Frederic again.

REBECA: I think I got a clean confession you. Good luck in prison.

Rebeca opens the door and goes away. Shortly after, FBI agents enter the house announcing that Frederic Back is under arrest.

REBECA: Do you think my pen drive's content plus Frederic's confession is enough to start the prosecution?

PHILLIP: I think we have enough to make some arrests. It's just the beginning, but it's a nice start. Adam Hall is a great find, agent number one.

Rebeca smiles.

Davis looks Phillip with a strange face, confused by his intimacy with her.

Davis gets closer to her ear and asks.

DAVIS: Agent number one? What the...

REBECA: It is an old nickname...

DAVIS: Holy sh...

REBECA: Hey, this is between me and the FBI, ok?

DAVIS: No need to be rude like that.

REBECA: Seriously, Davis?


REBECA: Dude, no. Just, no...

Davis gets confused and Rebeca keeps smiling to Phillip.

Rebeca and Davis, lying in bed, looking up and sideways. The city noises are muffled by the window. The feeling is that the truth was finally heard.

REBECA: It'll never work.

DAVIS: Don't quit now. Look, if you must know, in my opinion, and I don't care what others think, you are an excellent private detective.

REBECA: I don't... I didn't mean that, but thanks.

DAVIS: What then?

REBECA: We-We will never work.

DAVIS: I know.

Rebeca is surprised with Davis. And leans a little, leaning on her elbow.

REBECA: You know? I mean, do you agree?

DAVIS: I wasn't supposed to agree?

REBECA: No, of course, you have your own thoughts. Agrees and disagrees with whatever you want.

He also leans.

DAVIS: Tell me...

REBECA: You can find whatever you want whenever you want. I'm not trying to control you.

DAVIS: Tell me... Let me finish for christ sakes!


DAVIS: We don't work. Sure. But there are those moments, I mean, at least for me...


DAVIS: It feels so right.

REBECA: Exactly. It feels so right.

DAVIS: Why can't we make it work? It's a big conspiracy.

REBECA: I also can't understand. I mean, we tried, didn't we? Didn't we?

DAVIS: No, yes, we tried... A lot.

He makes a face.

REBECA: Sometimes things just don't work. Period. Without over analyzing anything.

DAVIS: Yeah.


DAVIS: Yes... You are right.

REBECA: And now what do we do? Will things continue casual?

DAVIS: Let's not kid ourselves, Rebeca, after all we already past 40...

Rebeca's face gets serious. Davis realizes.

REBECA: Who has 40?

DAVIS: You... Me. I have. You don't.

REBECA: Honey, for your information I did 35 this year!

DAVIS: Is that so... But you... You've done 35 many times. I mean, how many times one can do... Can do... 35?

Rebeca doesn't answer, just stares at him in silence. Davis ponders.

Rebeca gets up and leaves.

DAVIS: Beca... Come back...

Rebeca gets out of the elevator...

And Shadow is found waiting at the door of her apartment.

REBECA: What are you doing here?

SHADOW: Bringing news.

Shadow follows.

They walk into the living room.

REBECA: What happened?

SHADOW: Robert Langley.

REBECA: They found him?
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Default Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 3 of 3
SHADOW: Yes, they found. I'm sorry, doctor.


SHADOW: The police found him in the woods outside the city. They dropped his body there.

Rebeca doesn't react and need to sit down. She puts her hands in her eyes, as if trying to inhibit a large cascade of tears. Shadow slowly approaches.

SHADOW: Big John's men. I'm sure.

REBECA: Yes... Case closed.

SHADOW: There is nothing you could do, doc.

REBECA: I know, Shadow... I know. But I...

She gets up and goes to the kitchen while lighting a cigarette. Shadow follows.

She takes a long drag.

SHADOW: If you need me...


SHADOW: I know that the last thing you need now is a new case or thinking about work at all.

REBECA: No. That's exactly what I need. Focus on... Work.

SHADOW: Ok. I'll see what I can do.

REBECA: Shadow...


REBECA: Thank you for everything.

She approaches him and smiles a lot. Shadow smiles back.

REBECA: I can never pay you for your help!

SHADOW: No need, doctor.

REBECA: In that case...

She hugs him, leaving him surprised.

After a few seconds, he smells her neck...

And makes his way to Rebeca's lips, kissing them with passion.

Rebeca walks away at the same time and pushes him lightly.


Shadow walks away like a lightning. Rebeca doesn't know what to do.


Shadow gets home in a hurry...

And runs to his refrigerator. Grab a beer.

And shoots toward the couch, where he throws himself and dives in thought.

I can not believe I did that - he thinks.

SHADOW: What's wrong with you, Shadow? Idiot!

He sprawls on the couch, takes a sip of beer and closes his eyes.

After a moment, he opens his eyes and fixes them on the floor near the couch.

The bear.

Shadow gets up and looks for something, the area around the apartment. Nothing.

He checks all the rooms and nothing. Nobody. Only the bear.

Comes back to the room and sees the bear. Suddenly he realizes that Jerrod is not going away anytime soon.

F***er! - He swears Jerrod in thought.

The doorbell startles Rebeca, who rises from her bed and walks to the door.

Opens the door. Nothing, just a package on the floor.

She picks it up and goes back to the living room.

Open the package, finds a CD and nothing else. She goes to her notebook and put the CD to run.

Rebeca realize that this is a execution video of Robert Langley.

Robert Langley is in the chair, tied up, listening to Big John to confess his sins. Or everyone's?

BIG JOHN: You are exactly where I wanted you to be. I realized that you would leave the operation and I decided it would be the perfect time to end all this bullshit. So I threw Adam Hall's name on the wheel... I let you think he was more involved in the operation than he really is. And you see, everything worked fine. The police will go after him, the FBI will think that they made a big arrest and me? I'll disappear from Bridgeport... I will expand my business out there. I'm sure Giuliani is also very grateful for you helping us dispose Hall. Do you know that... They did not get along?

And laughs.

BIG JOHN: Do you believe everyone thought that they were friends?

And laughes again, mocking.

BIG JOHN: Adam Hall is a big nothing. A puppet. A scapegoat. And you made him look like a monster, congrats... I thank you, come again.

He gives a coldly smile, along with murderers eyes, denouncing what will happen soon.

BIG JOHN: Unfortunately you can't survive... It's part of the game. But eh, you played your part perfectly... And now tell me... Paranoia doesn't do wonderful things?

Rebeca doesn't blink. A tear trickles down her cheek. The taste of injustice hangs in her throat. The laughter of Big John in the video echoes through the room.

The city seems to mock her. So much blood, so many lives lost in favor of a big lie.

The phone rings and interrupts her shock.

She answers.

VOICE: For if god spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment...

REBECA: You...

VOICE: Did you see the video I sent you?

REBECA: Why you sent it?

VOICE: So you can see it's not over. It will never be.

REBECA: I don't understand.

VOICE: It's like I always say... There are demons in this city. And you... You can't stop them. They are not good people, but being so, neither I, nor you, nor your neighbor nor Detective Davis are good. And Adam Hall... Just got what he deserved. And what we deserve... Is also coming.

REBECA: I... I can send this video to the police!

VOICE: But you won't. And you know why? Because that would mean that everyone you love would be in danger again. It's what you want?

REBECA: It can't be like this...

VOICE: You can not stop the big machine, Rebeca. You can't against these people.

REBECA: How do you know that I would not dare go to the police?

VOICE: Since that time you beat me in that nasty alley... You eventually gained my respect. At that moment I thought I'd cut your throat, and I could, don't be fooled, but then I thought better and decided to let you continue.

REBECA: I wouldn't be so sure I'll be quiet if I were you...

VOICE: I'll tell you what you'll do, you'll burn that video now and throw this thing down in your unconscious and put a massive rock on top. Forever. You got lucky this time, girl, but play with the big fish again and you will lose.

He turns the phone off.

Maybe it's true, maybe she can't defeat all the demons. The system is too strong.

But there may be chances of winning the next time...

And Rebeca feels alone. Feels all guilt.

Until she doesn't feel anything.
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