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Default I'm confused about 3 pattern channels using Photoshop
I feel like I'm just not getting the gist of it I think. I made the pattern myself, and it's completely seamless but I'll need to edit it to make it 256x256 since it's slightly taller then it was going to be because of the way the pattern works. Anyway, I have three planned channels, and I made it black (0, 0, 0), gray (135, 135, 135), and white (255, 255, 255). I just don't really get how to make the colour into the channel, I think I'm just not connecting to what I need to do past making the pattern. I'm just stupid I think, but maybe somebody can try to explain it to me? *bangs head against desk*
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What other program do you happen to be using? And these channels.. I assume you are referring to the Recolorable channels AKA Mask? When you create patterns, you do not put any type of color for a preset.. because for the colors to appear on the pattern, you must have a mask for it to refer to.

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Hi Cinder,

You need to seperate your color channels by painting the RGB colors into your mask (paint them directly on the image). So to use the three channels, RGB, you need to paint them in that order. The first color you paint is red (true red so it doesn't bleed: RGB 255) then blue, then green directly onto the image (after its desaturated) this will make the 3 color channels able to recolor. When you load it into the pattern packager, you the original colors that your pattern was will load into the program and that will be the default colors. You can also see your color channels layed out in Photoshop but clicking on the channels tab instead of the RGB tab
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