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Default [Tutorial] Creating Recolorable Modular Stairs
This is not a beginners tutorial! You should know how to mesh, make clone packages, make items recolorable, and be familiar with adding subsets and the repository method. I will not be showing how to add these resources, but how to link all these together to make recolorable stairs.

This tutorial will show you how to clone and make modular stairs recolorable. Stairs are not recolorable in the usual way though. First you must place your stairs, and then use the Design Tool (R) on each step. If the resources listed below are not included in your clone, then you will need to add them.

The example I am using for this tutorial are my Chic Modular Open Underneath Stairs.

Custom Script File
#HugeLunatic Chic Modular Open Stairs

catalogTextResource HL_ChicStairsMAIN_Open 139

modularStairs 4000
objectID landing 0x00639D13
objectID placeholder 0x00639D12
objectID step 0x00639D14
objectID topStep 0x00639D11
objectID bottomStep 0x00639D0F
catalogTextIndex 0

  1. A comment line that the game does not read, but can be very informative
  2. This line references your stairs package name (HL_ChicStairsMAIN_Open) and the Instance number (139) of the Stairs Info STR# in your package.
  3. The custom number of your stairs. Be sure to check the MTS2:Creator_Guidelines/Modular_Stairs_Numbers_Repositorywiki to make sure the number is free.
  4. This is the GUID from the Hi Stub OBJD
  5. This is the GUID from the Hi Cutout OBJD
  6. This is the GUID from the Bridge OJBD
  7. This is the GUID from the Portal OBJD
  8. This is the GUID from the Deck End OBJD
  9. This tells the catalog at what index in the catalogTextStringSet to find the descriptive text for the stairs

CTSS Resource
Catalog Description
0x0000 - Catalog Name
0x0001 - Catalog Description
0x0002 - Catalog Price

STR# Resource
Stairs Info STR#
0x0000 - Stair Price
0x0001 - Stair Name
0x0002 - Stair Description

Creating a Recolorable Stair Package
  1. Clone your stair choice.
  2. Change your meshes as necessary (GMDC)
  3. Get new GUIDs (6 of them)
  4. Add in a MMAT for each subset (6 for a single subset) (I import one from another package then make the changes to the subsetName and name then copy that one)
    1. Import from another package
    2. Change subsetName to your stairs subset name
    3. Change modelname to your stairs cres name including the ##0x1C050000!
    4. Change name to the same filename that your TXMT has
    5. Give each a unique instance
    6. In each one change objectGUID to have one of your GUIDs
    7. In each one use the Hash Generator to get a new GUID for the family string
    8. In each one change the defaultMaterial to True
    9. In each one change subsetName to your stairs subset name
    10. Repeat if you have a second subset using the other six MMATs
  5. In GMND add the tsDesignModeEnabled with your subset defined as an array
  6. Add a new Text List (STR#) called Stairs info with an instance number 0x0000008B
  7. Create your text file with your GUIDs (see above)

If you want to allow passage under the first tile then you will need to add the BHAV "CT - No Supports?".
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So if there is a set of custom modular stairs and I just want to make them recolorable, do I have to clone them, or could I edit the original stairs?
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GHreat! Thank you. Now off to figure out the TOU and decide whether I'm doing it just for me or for the world.
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