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Default Picket Fences! Part 20

Picket Fences! Part 20

Across the street at Joy's house the same night . . .

Arlene offered to put her little brother Kevin to bed. She figured it would be good practice for when she got married and had childern of her own.

Even though she and Jimmy Martin had been friends since they were toddlers, she suddenly found herself daydreaming about him being more than just a friend.

"Well, our little girl has grown up into quite a beautiful young lady", said Larry.
"Yes, she has", said Joy, "Doesn't it make us seem old being parents of a teenager."

"We're not THAT old. We just got started young. We weren't much more than teenagers ourselves when we got married", he said.
"I know, but I could hardly wait to be a wife and mother", she said.
"I hope you don't regret getting married so young. I know I never have", he said.
"No I don't regret it. You're the best husband anyone could want", she said.

Larry pulled her into his lap and gave her a romantic kiss.
"Let's go inside and relax on our bed, alright?", he said.
"Alright", she said.

"It's been a long time since we've done this", he said.
"I know. You've been very patient", she said.
"I realize the baby has taken a lot of your time and energy", he said.

He gave her a romantic kiss.

And when Larry asked to do woo hoo, Joy said yes!

Larry scooted up close behind her and . . .

They both soon fell asleep. Joy started dreaming about . . .

The time she and Rhys danced over at his place . . .

The time she agreed to meet him at the coffee shop . . .

The time they kissed in the hottub at the zoo . . .

The one time they did woo hoo in his bed and she got pregnant with his child . . .

The time they went on a picnic in the woods and . . .

The day Kevin was born and the look on Larry's face . .

And the last time she and Rhys met at the zoo and he was so angry!

Joy woke up and realized all that had happened wasn't a dream. How had she allowed her lust for Rhys to replace her love for Larry? She was a grown woman and had been acting like a silly schoolgirl.

Joy lay back down after she decided she would come to grips with the situation and handle it in a mature manner. She slept peacefully the rest of the night.

Over at Joyce's house . . .

When she arrived home from Rhys' place, she starting feeling really bad.

She felt several pains in her chest.

She called the hospital and talked to Dr. Brian.
"Doctor I'm having pains in my chest and I'm feeling really bad", she said.

"It's probably just a bad case of indigestion, but you better come on in tonight and let me take a look at you", he said.
"Alright, I'll be there in a few minutes", she said.

She sit back down.

She needed to go to the hospital right away, but she wasn't able to get up off the couch.

The next morning over at Rhys' place . . .

His maid Jasmyn Carlson came to work as usual. When she walked into the kitchen she got a surprise.

"Today is our son's birthday and he's been waiting for his mama to come so he can growup", said Rhys.

Rhys brought Ryan to his birthday cake . . .

He helped him blow out the candles and when he put him down . . .

Ryan grew up into a cute child who looked even more like his daddy.

"Thank youl", said Rhys, "That little boy is the best gift anyone has ever given me."

"You're welcome and believe me, it was my pleasure", she said, "Do you want me to stay and hang out after I finish my work?"

"No, not today. I got something to do", said Rhys.

The schoolbus came for Ryan at 8:30 AM. He was happy to go to school even if it was his birthday today.

Jasmyn finished her work and left soon after Ryan went to school.

Rhys called Joy . . .
"Joy, can I come over to see Kevin today?", he asked.

"I guess it'll be alright, but just for a little while. Come in the backdoor so the neighbors won't see you, alright?", she said.

"Sure, anything you say. I'll be there in a few minutes". said Rhys.

"Don't let Kevin know who you are because he's starting to repeat everything he hears", said Joy.
"Alright, I'll go by your rules. I just want to be able to see my son", said Rhys.

The telephone was ringing and Joy went to answer it.
"Hey Kevin", said Rhys.

"Hello!", said Joy.
"Joy, this is Dr. Brian, your mother was admitted to the hospital last night. She was pretty bad, but she's stable now, he said"

"What's wrong with her?", asked Joy.
"She suffered a mild heart attack", he said.

"Thank you doctor. I'll be right there", she said.

"He seems to like you and doesn't mind you holding him", said Joy, "Would you mind staying with him while I go to the hospital to see my mother?"
"Sure", said Rhys, "Is your mama going to be alright?"
"Yes, I think so. I just want to go see her for a little while", said Joy.

Joy hurried out of the house to go to the hospital.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 21

Picket Fences! Part 21

Joy soon arrived at Buford Falls Hospital and went into Joyce's room. Her mother

looked so pale, her skin almost blending into the bedsheets.

Joy sit in the chair beside the bed.

"Mom, how are you feeling?", she asked.

"Tired", said Joyce.

"It's probably the medicine the doctor gave you", said Joy, "You'll feel better soon."

Dr. Brian entered the room.
"You mother needs to rest. I've given her something to make her sleep", said Dr. Brian, "She'll feel better in a few days."

"I'm so relieved to hear that. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her", said Joy.

"There's not really anything you can do for her here. You need to go on home. Come back tomorrow afer she and you both have had some rest", he said.

So Joy did what the doctor ordered and left to go home.

Meanwhile, over at Joy's house . . .

Rhys and Kevin were in the nursery playing with the Noah's Ark . . .

When Arlene came home from school.

She got a snack and turned on the television. She hadn't even noticed that her mother wasn't home.

Rhys put Kevin in his crib for his afternoon nap.

He walked into the livingroom where Arlene was reading a book.

She looked up when she heard footsteps.

"Hey, aren't you Mr. Sawyer who lives across the street?", she asked.

"Yeah that's me", he said, "But you can call me Rhys."

"What are you doing in my house?", she asked.

"Your mother had to go someplace and asked me to stay with Kevin", he explained. (He didn't tell her where Joy had gone. He figured it was better to let Joy tell her about her grandmother herself.)

"Hey, look at the time", he said.

"I got to go home", he said.

Rhys left to get home before the schoolbus dropped off Ryan . . .

And Arlene suddenly found herself daydreaming about her goodlooking neighbor across the street.

Just a little while after Rhys got home Ryan came home from school.

The telephone started ringing and Ryan answered it.

"Hello", he said.

"Ryan, this is Mary. What are you doing?"

"I just got home from school. I ain't had time to do nothing yet", he said.

"Me neither", she said, "Well, I'll see you at school tomorrow. Bye!"

"Bye Mary", he said.

"Who was that?", asked Rhys.

"Just some girl from my class", said Ryan.

"What did she want?", asked Rhys.

"She didn't want nothing. I don't know why she even called me", he said.

"Maybe she just wants to be friends", said Rhys.

"But she's a girl Dad", said Ryan.

"So, some of my best friends are girls", said Rhys.

"Dad, Mary's best friend Heather told me that Mary thought I was a drooly guy. Is that good?", asked Ryan.

"A drooly guy means you're cute. I reckon that's why she likes you so much", said Rhys.
(drooly guy is 1940's slang for cute guy)

"Dad, girls are silly, ain't they?", Ryan asked.

"Yeah, I guess they are, but it makes it easier for us drooly guys ", laughed Rhys.

"Makes what easier?", asked Ryan.

"Ask we again when you're a teenager", said Rhys.

Back over at Joy's house, she has returned home from the hospital.

On a whim she decided to cut her hair and try a new style she saw in the lastest issue of McCall's magazine.

Now that she thought more about it, she wasn't sure if she liked it or not. Well, she'd just have to live with it.

"Where did you go today?", asked Arlene, "Rhys said you had to go somewhere, but he didn't say where", said Arlene.

"You mean Mr. Sawyer?", asked Joy.

"He said I could call him Rhys", Arlene said.

"Grandma is in the hospital. I went to see her. Don't worry, she's going to be fine in a few days", said Joy.

"Thank goodness", said Arlene.

"I'm sorry I was late getting home. I hope Rhys didn't frighten you by being here", said Joy.

"No, he didn't frighten me Mom. I knew who he was. I've seen him around the neighborhood", said Arlene.

"Arlene, will you do me a favor and not mention to your father that Rhys was here?", said Joy, "He might get the wrong idea."

"Yeah, sure Mom. Mum's the word", said Arlene.

Then Larry came home from work and . . .

Kevin ran over to him and asked for attention. Larry gave the toddler a "Family Kiss" and talked to him.

"I'll give Kevin his bath and put him to bed", said Arlene.

"Tell Mama and Daddy goodnight Kevin", she said.

"Sure", said Kevin, "Nite nite."

After Arlene finished Kevin's bath . . .

She held him up to the mirror, so he could see himself.

"He doesn't look much like my brother", she thought to herself, noticing how different she and Kevin looked.

Then she put Kevin in his crb and kissed him goodnight.

"Larry, my mom is in the hospital", said Joy, "Dr. Brian said she had a slight heart attack."

"Is she going to be alright?", he asked.

"Yes, I think so. When I went over there today, Dr, Brian said if she stayed in the hospital a few days and rested, she'd feel better", said Joy.

"Well, that's good. I'm glad she's going to be alright", he said.

"I need to call MaryLou and ask if she can stay with Kevin tomorrow", said Joy.

"MaryLou, my mom's in the hospital. She had a slight heart attack. Will you stay with Kevin tomorrow while I go visit her?"

"Of course, you know I will", said MaryLou, "I'll come over as soon as Julie leaves for school. And if there's anything else I can do, let me know."

"Is she going to be able to stay again tomorrow?", asked Larry, presuming that MaryLou had stayed with Kevin today.

"It was only until Arlene came home from school. MaryLou won't mind staying again", said Joy, going along with his presumption.

"You must be tired, I'll order a pizza for supper, so you won't have to cook", said Larry.

Larry called Delivery and ordered a pizza.

"That will be $40", she said.

"That will be fine", said Larry.

"Thank you. Your pizza will be there shortly", she said.

Arlene accepted the delivery when the girl came.

"I can probably get off work early tomorrow, if you need me to go with you to the hospital", said Larry.

"No, that's alright. You can visit Mom when she goes home. We really can't afford for you to take the time off", said Joy.

"Is Grandma going to be able to stay by herself when she does go home?", asked Arlene.

"I don't know. I'll ask Dr. Brian tomorrow", said Joy.

Joy and Larry went to bed and were soon sound asleep.

But Arlene laid awake until the wee hours of the morning, thinking about the drooly guy across the street.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 22.1

Picket Fences! Part 22.1

The next morning over at Joy's house . . .

Larry left for work at 7:30 AM.

At 8:30 AM Arlene went to school.

After they left Joy called Mary Lou.

"Are you going to be able to stay with Kevin this morning?"

"I was getting ready to come over. Peter's left for work and the schoolbus just picked up Julie a few minutes ago. i'll be there in a few minutes."

Meanwhile at the hospital . . .

Rhys had come to visit Joyce.
"How are you feeling", he asked.

"Old and tired", she said.

"Come 'mon now. You ain't that old", he said.

"Rhys, I'm afraid my best days are behind me. Doctor Brian says I can live another twenty years as long as I don't have any undue excitement. Well, you know what that means", she said.

"We can still be friends", said Rhys.

"I couldn't stand being just friends with you", she said.

Joyce started to feel very sleepy. Rhys helps her into bed and promised to stay with her until she fell asleep.

Joy arrived at the hospital, she entered her mother's room and saw Rhys.

"What are YOU doing here?", she asked.

"She's my son's grandmother. I came to see how she was feeling. Is that a crime?", said Rhys.

"But she doesn't know Kevin is your son. Wasn't she curious as to why a complete stranger would come visit her?", asked Joy.

"We met each other at the Mini-Mart a couple of weeks ago. Joyce and me are friends", he said.

"Just like you and me are friends", said Rhys.

"That's all we can be from now on, alright?", said Joy.

"Sure, whatever you say", he answered.

Then he gave her a tender kiss . .

And walked out of the room.

Shaken by Rhys' kiss and sudden departure, Joy sit down in the chair at her mother's bedside.

"Where's Rhys?", asked Joyce, when she woke up.

"I guess he must have gone home", Joy answered.

"I didn't know you and he were such good friends Mom", said Joy.

"There's a lot you don't know about me dear", said Joyce.

Puzzled by her mother's remark, Joy left to find Dr. Brian.

She found him in his office.

"Dr. Brian, when will my mom be able to leave the hospital?", she asked.

"There's no reason she can't go home tomorrow", he said.

"Will it be alright if she goes to her own house? She lives alone", said Joy.

"I've already given her my instructions. If she does what I told her, she'll be fine", he said.

Then Joy left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 22.2

Picket Fences! Part 22.2

Over at Joy's house a few days later . . .

It was time for Kevin's birthday. Larry brought him to his birthday cake.

Everyone shouted "Happy Birthday!" as Larry helped Kevin blow out the candles

He sit the toddler down on the floor.

When it was time for Kevin to grow up, he stood up and did "the toddler dance".

He grew up to a cute child.

He grabbed a huge slice of his birthday cake.

Party guest Ryan Sawyer and . . .

The Martin twins (Nancy and Nathan) enjoyed huge slices of cake.

Arlene was enjoying her chat with the twins' older brother Jimmy. . .

Until he surprised her with a "noogie".

"Jimmy Martin, you are the most immature acting boy I know! I don't want to ever see you again", she shouted.

"Fine!", he said.

Then he left to go home.

Arlene looks like she already regrets what she said.

"Boys our age are so immature. I wish I could date an older man", said Arlene.

"I'd be afraid of him", said Judy.

"Arlene, Jimmy gave you a noogie because he likes you", said Judy, "I'd love for a drooly boy like him to give me a noogie."

"Judy, do you want to have a sleepover tonight?", Arlene asked.

"Yes, that'll be fun", she said.

Once they were in Arlene's bedroom, they changed into their pajamas and danced to the music on the radio that Arlene got for her birthday. They both decided that they were "ducky shincrackers".
{"ducky shincracker" is 1940's slang for good dancer}

Then the girls filled each other in on the latest gossip about their friends at school.

Arlene asked Judy if she wanted her to give her a new hairstyle. Judy told her yes.

After Arlene had finished, Judy asked "How do I look?", she asked.

"I think you're "a dilly", especially without your glasses", said Arlene.
("a dilly" is a cute girl}"I wish I didn't have to wear them", said Judy, "But I can't see very well without them."

"Now it's my turn to do your hair", said Judy, excitedly.

"Aren't you going to put on your glasses?", asked Arlene.

"No, I can see good enough", she said.

After Judy had finished, Arlene asked "Am I "a dilly"?"

"No, you're an "able-Grable" with that hairstyle", said Judy.

{"able-Grable" is a pretty girl}

"Do you think it makes me look older?", she asked.

"YES", said Judy.

Since it was a school night, the girls went to bed at a reasonable hour without being told.

The following morning . . .
Larry's carpool came at 7:30 AM to pick him up for work.

The schoolbus came at 8:30 AM to pick up Arlene . . .

Judy . . .

And Kevin.

Joy came out to the mailbox to pay a bill a few minutes later.

Rhys came walking across the street.

"Good morning!", he called.

"Rhys, please don't start things this morning", she said.

"Joy, I'm not trying to start anything. I just want to be able to see my son and be friends with him", said Rhys, "I saw him this morning when he was leaving for school. Him and Ryan could almost past for twins."

"I know and that worries me. I'm sick and tired of lying", she said, "Rhys, I'm going to tell Larry the truth."

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 23

Picket Fences! Part 23

As soon as Joy went into the house, she heard the telephone ringing.

"Hello", she said.

"I just called to remind you about Julie's birthday party Sunday afternoon", said Mary Lou.

"We'll be there", said Joy.

"Joy, I hope it won't be a problem, but Peter invited Rhys to stay for the party when he brings Ryan", she said.

"No, it won't. It's over between us", said Joy.

Over at Mary Lou and Peter's house Sunday afternoon . . .

Their only child Julie came to her birthday cake.

She made a wish and blew out the candles.

Then she started growing up in front of some disinterested party guests.

(LtoR: Laura Evans (Mary Lou's mom, Nancy Martin, Rhys Sawyer, Arlene Anderson and Emily Martin}

Julie grew up into a cute teenager.

Some of the other party guests included Judy Jones . . .

Judy's younger brother Mike, their mother Betty . . .

Emily and Sam Martin's childern Nathan, Nancy and Jimmy . . .

And Ryan Sawyer and Kevin Anderson.

A little later Rhys was playing Red Hands with his son Ryan . . .

When Arlene came over and started tickling her brother Kevin.

Arlene asked Rhys to play Punch Me-Punch U with her.

"No, I might hurt you", he said.

"What, you think you'll that strong?", she teased, tickling him.

Then her knees went weak and she almost fainted when he turned on that smile just for her.

Then not realizing what an effect his actions had on a love-sick teenage girl, Rhys lounged on the picnic bench.

Mary Lou and Joy were sitting together on the back porch . . .

"I've decided to tell Larry the truth. He has the day off tomorrow and the childern will be in school. It's the perfect oppotunity to tell him everything", said Joy.

"What will you do if he gets mad and moves out?", said Mary Lou.

"I'll have to accept whatever happens. Anything will be better than the way it is now", said Joy.

The next morning at Joy's house, after Arlene and Kevin had left for school . . .

Larry was sitting in the livingroom on the couch when Joy finally got enough courage to say . . .

"Larry, there's something I've been putting off for a long time, but I need to "get it off my chest"", she said.

"Come sit down, it can't be as bad as all that", he said.

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my whole life", she said, "Larry, I cheated on you seven years ago with Rhys Sawyer."

"Are you still involved with him?", he asked.

"I did woo hoo with him one time. I swear that was the first and only time I've ever cheated on you", she said.

"Were you so disatisfied with our marriage that you went looking elsewhere for fulfillment?", he asked.

"No, it wasn't that. I've never stopped loving you. I don't even understand now, why I did it", she said.

"Joy, Rhys Sawyer is extremely handsome and has a charismatic personality. That's a deadly combination in any man. I can well understand why you were mesmerized by him ", said Larry.

"I don't understand. You're not mad at me for cheating and you're making excuses as to why I did it?", she asked.

"Joy, there was gossip around town about you having an affair at the time. I didn't want to believe it, but I finally accepted it. I love you Joy. I already forgave you once you didn't leave me for him", explained Larry. .

"Larry, the cheating is only part of it. Rhys is Kevin's father", she said.

"I've always suspected, but didn't want to admit it to myself. It doesn't matter whose blood is running through his veins. Kevin is MY child, just as much as Arlene", he said.

"Larry, it's not that simple. Rhys knows the truth and he wants to see Kevin and be friends with him", she said.

"I'm not surprised he feels that way. I probably would too, if it was the other way around", he said, "Perhaps we can come to some arangement that will be agreeable to all of us."

"I think Rhys will go along with whatever you think will cause the less problems. He has his son Ryan to think of, too", said Joy.

"I'm going over there and talk to him. I hope we can be adult about this and not lose our tempers", said Larry.

Larry went across the street to Rhys' place.

When Rhys answered the door, Larry said . . .
"There's a very important matter we need to discuss."

"Sure, come on in", said Rhys.

"Have a seat on the sofa, so we can talk", said Rhys.
"I want us to be able to discuss this matter without losing our tempers. Agreed?", said Larry.
"Sure, whatever you say", said Rhys.

"Joy told me she cheated on me with you", he said, "There was some gossip around town about that time seven years ago, so it didn't come as a surprise when she told me."

"Sure, I flirted with her and then eventually things happened", said Rhys.

"Were you in love with her when things happened?", asked Larry.

"Sure, I guess", said Rhys.

"Well, that really doesn't matter now. I was just curious as to what modivates someone like you", said Larry.

"What do you mean by 'someone like me?'", asked Rhys.

"I meant, it's just you're a man who can probably have any woman he wants", said Larry.
"Oh that", said Rhys, "Yeah, you're right."

"I also know you're Kevin's natural father. I'm sure you'll agree that what's best for him is the most important thing right now", said Larry.

"Yeah, I want what's best for him and for my other son, too", said Rhys.

"Joy told me you wanted to be able to see him and be friends with him", said Larry.

"Yeah, that's all I want. You're the one he thinks is his father. I don't want to do nothing that'll change that", said Rhys.

"Good, I was hoping that's how you felt. I thought maybe for the time being, you could get your son . . . Ryan to invite Kevin over every other Saturday to play. That way you can spend time together with both boys", said Larry.

"Sure, that'll be great!", said Rhys.

"Good, it's settled then", said Larry.

"Tell Ryan to call Kevin Saturday morning and invite him over. As long as he's home by 7 PM., it shouldn't be any problems", said Larry.

"Sure, thanks Larry", said Rhys.

Then Larry left to go back home.

He told Joy about the arrangement he made with Rhys . . .

"Kevin and Ryan are already friends, so nobody will think there's anything odd about Kevin going over there to visit. It might just work", said Joy.

"Sweetheart, you always worry about things that might happen before they happen", said Larry.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 24.1

Picket Fences! Part 24

The next day at Mary Lou's house Mary Lou called Joy and said . . .

"Can you come over? I'm dying to find out what happened yesterday when you told Larry. And I got some something I can hardly wait to tell you, too!"

Alright, I'll be right over", said Joy.

"Come on around back. I'll be on the backporch", said Mary Lou.

Joy soon arrived at Mary Lou house.

"Well, what did Larry say when you told him about the affair?", asked Mary Lou.

"He didn't react like I thought he would. He said he had heard gossip about me and Rhys a few years ago, so he wasn't surprised. He told me he had already forgiven me since I didn't leave him for Rhys", said Joy.

"So everything is alright between you and Larry, right?", asked Mary Lou.

"Well, that part is, but then I told him that Rhys was Kevin's father and that Rhys wanted to be able to be friends with Kevin", she said.

"I bet he didn't take that as well, did he?", Mary Lou asked.

"Actually, believe it or not, he did. He said he had always suspected it, but he said Kevin was as much his child as Arlene, no matter whose blood was running through his veins", said Joy, "He went to talk to Rhys and they came to an agreement."

"What kind of an agreement?", asked Mary Lou.

"Ryan will invie Kevin over every other Saturday. That way Rhys can have both his sons together at his place", explained Joy.

"Do you think that's going to work?", asked Mary Lou.

"Rhys promised Larry he wouldn't say anything to Kevin. The boys are best friends, so it won't look funny for them to hangout some Saturdays at Ryan's house", said Joy.

"Alright, now tell me what is it you couldn't wait to tell me", said Joy.

"I'm going to have another baby", said Mary Lou excitedly.

"Wow, that's a surprise", said Joy.

"Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and Peter", said Joy.

The following Saturday morning over at Rhys' place . . .

Ryan called Kevin and asked . . .

"You want to come over my house?"

"Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes", said Kevin.

"My dad is taking us swimming", said Ryan.

"Oh boy!", said Kevin.

Rhys called a friend to invite him to meet them at the lake. Then he called Transpotation and ordered a taxicab.

The friend he invited was Jonathan Henry who recently moved to Buford Falls. He and Rhys grew up together and became best friends when they lived together in the Pleasentview Orphanage.

The boys sat in the swing on the front porch to wait for the taxicab.

"Come 'mon boys! Let's go!", said Rhys.

Rhys got in the front seat and told the driver to take them to Buford Falls Lake.

The taxicab soon arrived at the lake.

As soon as they got inside the gate, Ryan dived in the water.

Kevin was a little more causious, but soon dived in, too.

Rhys greeted Jonathan and once they started talking, it was like old times.

Rhys noticed a cute blonde watching him . . .

So he introduced himself and started chatting with her.

She's Claudia Alan and lives next door to Jonathan.

Claudia, Rhys and Jonathan sat in the lounge chairs and watched the childern playing in the water.

"Are your boys twins?", asked Jonathan.

"No, ain't but one of them mine. The other one belongs to my neighbor across the street", said Rhys.

"I guess all little boys look alike at that age", said Jonathan.

"Yeah, you're right", said Rhys.

"I'm getting hungry, you guys ready to eat?", asked Jonathan.

"Sure, how about grilling some hotdogs", said Rhys.

While Jonathan fixed lunch . . .

Kevin and Ryan played Punch U-Punch Me and . . .

Claudia played with Rhys.

Jonathan, Claudia and Rhys ate lunch together

The boys were joined by two friends from school . . .

Mary and . . .


"So what kind of work do you guys do for a living ?", asked Claudia.

"I'm a Professional Party Guest", said Jonathan.

"Wow, that's a great paying job!", said Claudia.

"What do you do for a living Rhys?", she asked.

"I don't have to work. I inherited a house and a small fortune from my grandmother", said Rhys.

"Now that's the way to go! You lucky dog", said Jonathan, "I guess we haven't done too badly for a couple of orphans nobody wanted."

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 24.2

Picket Fences! Part 24.2

Still at the lake . . .

Kevin . . .

Heather . . .

Mary . . .

And Ryan were sitting quietly in the lounge chairs. They had been told that they couldn't go back in the water until an hour after they ate.

Then they had time to go swimming one more time . . .

Rhys called Transpotation and ordered a taxicab to take them home.

When they arrived home Ryan called Delivery and ordered a pizza. Ryan accepted the order when it came.

"Did you guys enjoy going swimming?", asked Rhys.

"Yeah, it was fun", said Ryan.

"Yeah", agreed Kevin.

Arlene came at 6PM to walk Kevin home.

and tell me what you did today at your friend Ryan's house", said Larry.

"Ryan's dad took us to the lake. Ryan and I played in the water with Heather and Mary. Then Jonathan cooked hotdogs for lunch. It was fun!", said Kevin.

"Is Jonathan Mary and Heather's father?", asked Larry.

"No, he's Rhys' best friend", said Kevin.

"Oh, I see", said Larry.

"Well, I'm glad you had fun. That's the most important thing", said Larry.

At Claudia Alan's house . . .

She decided to swallow her pride and called Rhys. It had been several days since she had seen him at the lake and really wanted to see him again.
"Hello Rhys, can you come over?", she asked.

"Sure, I ain't got nothing better to do. I'll be right over", he said.

Rhys soon arrived at Claudia's house and she greeted him at the door with a tender kiss.

"You know something, I was thinking before you called, 'I should call Claudia today'", said Rhys.

"Really, well that makes me feel better about calling you", she said.

"How long have you lived in Buford Falls?", asked Rhys.

"I moved here a couple of weeks ago. Jonathan was one of the neighbors who came to welcome me to the neighborhood", she said, "Have you and he been friends long?"

"Yeah, me and him grew up together in the Pleasantview Ophanage. He had been there for awhile when I got there, so he was kinda like a big brother to me", said Rhys.

"I was an only child and when I was a little girl, I always wondered what it would be like to live in an orphanage. You know, having a lot of other kids to play with all the time", she said.

"It wasn't all fun and games, I can tell you that", he said.

"Rhys, why were you sent to the orphanage?", she asked.

"My parents were killed in an automobile accident when I was a kid and there won't nobody left who wanted me", he said.

"That's hard to believe. You must have been an adorable little boy", she said while nuzzeling his neck.

"That happened a long time ago. I really don't like to talk about", he said.

"Oh, alright, I understand", she said.

"Now let's talk about us", he said.

But before he could say more the telephone started ringing. Claudia got up to answer it. Jonathan was calling to ask how she was doing. She talked to him for a few minutes before going over to Rhys.

"Now where were we?", she asked.

"I was about to tell you about us", he said.

"What about us?", she asked.

Then he gave her a makeout kiss.

He picked her up in his arms and . . .

Carried her into the bedroom.

"Do you want me Claudia?", asked Rhys.

"Yes!", she said.

Later . . .

"You should have told me it was your first woo hoo. I would have tried to made it more special", said Rhys.

"It couldn't have been any more special than it was. I'm glad I waited until I met you", she said.

"I"m sorry, but I got to leave. It's almost time for Ryan to get home from school", said Rhys.

"I wish you could stay, but I know your son comes first", she said.

"Yeah, responsibilies . . . you know", he said as he walked out the door.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 25

Picket Fences! Part 25.1

On the other side of town at Joyce's house . . .

Her grandaughter Arlene came to visit.

"Hi Grandma, how are you feelng?", asked Arlene.

"I'm feeling pretty good, but having you come visit makes me feel even better", said Joyce.

"Grandma, I need to talk to you about something", said Arlene.

"Sure sweetheart, sit down", said Joyce.

"Grandma, I'm in love with this drooly guy, but he doesn't even notice me", said Arlene.

"Is this drooly guy a boy in your class at school?", asked Joyce.

"No, he's not in school anymore. He's older than me."

"Older, how much older?"

"He's an adult. But Grandma, he's not THAT old."

"Arlene, he's too old for you. You should be thinking about boys your own age. You can't possibly have anything in common with this man."

"But I can't stop thinking about him."

"Who is this man?"

"Rhys Sawyer, our neighbor who lives across the street. You've probably seen him Grandma. Isn't he gorgeous?", she said.

"Arlene, he's definitely too old for you. You're just a baby compared to him", said Joyce.

"I thought you would understand. You're just as bad as my mother!"

"I'm telling you for your own good young lady!", Joyce said.

"You're just jealous because I might have a chance with him and he wouldn't ever look twice at an old lady like you."

Then Arlene walked out the front door.

"Rhys, this is Joyce. Something's come up you need to know about. Can you come over?"

"Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes."

And back at Claudia's house, something else has come up that Rhys needs to know about.

After Joyce called Rhys he soon arrived at her house.

"What do you want to tell me?", he asked.

"Let's have a cup of coffee while we talk", said Joyce.

"Arlene stopped by this afternoon on her way home from school. She told me something that really worries me", said Joyce.

"What did she tell you?"

"She said she was in love with this drooly guy. I asked her if he was a boy at her school and she said no, he's an adult. Arlene thinks she's in love with YOU!"

"She's just a kid. Why does she think I would even be interested in her?"

"Have you ever given her any reason to think you might?"

Rhys jumped up from the table . . .

"I ain't done nothing to make her think THAT!", he shouted.

"I didn't mean to imply that you did. I was just asking. Teenage girls sometmes take things the wrong way", said Joyce.

"I ain't seen her but three times. I talked to her a few minutes when she came home from school one afternoon when I was at Joy's house watching Kevin, then I played Red Hands with her at Julie's birthday party and I spoke to her when she came to pick up Kevin from my place", he said.

"Rhys, maybe Arlene read more into your actions than you intended", she said, "It's very easy to fall in love with someone like you. Just be careful what you say or do when you're around her. I still care about you. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble", said Joyce.

Then Rhys left to go home . .

But then he came back in the front door . . .

Grabbed Joyce and gave her a makeout kiss . . .

Then he left again.

This time he went home.

The next morning at Rhys' place after Ryan left for school . . .

The telephone started ringing and Rhys answered it.

"It's Claudia. Can you come over?", she asked.

"Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes", he said.

He arrived at Claudia's house shortly.

When Rhys walked in the house Claudia said . . .

"Thank you for coming."

"Sure, I'm always glad to see you", said Rhys.

"There's something I have to tell you. Rhys, I'm going to have your baby", she said.

"I can't have no more babies", he said.

"Well, tell the baby that", she said.

"Rhys, will you marry me?", she asked.

"NO!", said Rhys.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 25.2

Picket Fences! Part 25

"What am I suppose to do? Everybody in town will be gossiping about me", she said.

"Claudia, I can give you all the money you need, but I can't marry you", he said.

"I don't want your money. I want you", she cried.

Then Rhys left to go home.

After Rhys left, the telephone started ringing. Claudia answered it.

"Hi Claudia, it's Jonathan. Are you alright?", he asked.

"Not really. It's just that I got a problem I don't know how to handle", she said.

"Maybe I can help. I'm a good listener", he said.

"Maybe you can. Come on over", she said.

Jonathan arrived a few minutes later.

"Alright, I can see you've been crying. What's this problem you have?", he asked.

"I'm going to have a baby. When I told Rhys, he said he would give me all the money I needed, but he wasn't going to marry me", she said.

"He needs to face up to his responsibilities. I'll talk to him. He might change his mind, but I can't make any promises", he said.

"Thank you Jonathan", she said.

Then Jonathan left to see Rhys.

He arrived at Rhys' place a few minutes later . . .

"I just came from Claudia's house. She told me what happened", he said.

"It ain't none of your business! This is between me and her", said Rhys.

"Claudia's my friend and a nice girl. She's not like the NPC's you can have your way with and then ignore. What you've done is going to ruin her reputation in this town", said Jonathan.

"I didn't force her to do woo hoo with me. I asked her if she wanted me and she said yes", said Rhys.

"Of course she said yes. If I was a woman, I'd say yes, too. But she would have been better off, if she'd said no, but it's too late now", said Jonathan.

"I told her I'd give her all the money she needed to live on", said Rhys.

"Claudia doesn't need your money. She needs a husband", said Jonathan.

"If you're so concerned about her, then YOU marry her", said Rhys.

"Maybe I will!", said Jonathan.

Over at Claudia's house . . .

Jonathan arrived.

"What did Rhys say when you talked to him?", asked Claudia.

"He said he would give you money to support the baby, but he's not going to marry you", said Jonathan.

"Thank you for talking to him. I guess I'll just have to ignore the gossip", she said.

"Claudia, there won't be any gossip, if you marry me", said Jonathan.

"I appreciate your offer Jonathan. I know in my heart you would be a good husband and a wonderful father . . .

"But I can't marry you", she said.

"I love Rhys. There's always a chance he'll change his mind", she said.

"If you ever need me, I'm right next door", said Jonathan.

"Bye Claudia!"

"Bye Jonathan!"

The next morning over at Rhys' place, life goes on as usual . . .

After Ryan left for school, the maid Jasmyn Carlson arrived . . .

Rhys was in his bedroom relaxing on his bed.

He asked Jasmyn to join him.

"I should be cleaning your house", she said.

"Making me happy is more important", said Rhys.

He gave her a romantic kiss.

They madeout.

"Jasmyn, do you want me?", he asked.

"YES!", she said.

Later . . .

After Rhys took a short nap, he went to find Jasmyn.

She was cleaning the aquarium. He told her she was free to go, he would finish it.

So Jasmyn left, after Rhys invited her to come back when Ryan got home from school.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 25.2

Picket Fences! Part 25.2

Rhys finished cleaning the aquarium, removed one of the fish that was dead and flushed it down the toilet.

Then he took a quick shower and changed into a fresh outfit.

He went outside, found Ericka Jayapalan, the gardener and gave her a romantic kiss.

"I've finished my work. Do you want me to stay and hangout?", she asked.

"Sure, I believe we can find something to do", he said.

Rhys went down to his bedroom, relaxed on his bed and asked Ericka to join him.

They cuddled and . . .

They madeout.

"Do you want me Ericka?", he asked.

"YES!", she said.

"Has anyone told you how great you are?", said Ericka.

"Sure, but I don't mind hearing it again", he said.

"I better go. I got another yard to do today", she said.

"Maybe we can hangout again sometimes", said Rhys.

Then Ericka left to go to her next job.

Ryan came home from school all excited because he got an A+ report card.

Rhys gave him a friendly hug to let him know he was proud of him.

"I smell hamburgers!", said Ryan.

"Your mama must be here already", said Rhys, "Let's go eat!"

Jasmyn watched Rhys and Ryan for a few minutes . . .

"Ain't you going to eat with us Mama?", asked Ryan.

"Yes, of course", she answered.

Then she took her place at the table.

"This is as close to being a real family as we'll ever be", she thought to herself.

After supper Jasmyn played Red Hands with Ryan.

Ryan was reading a book and wasn't paying any attention to . . .

Rhys and Jasmyn cuddling on the couch until Rhys said, "Somebody has a birthday coming up soon."

Ryan looked up from his book when he heard that.

Ryan got up and went over to his parents and said, "My birthday is next week."

"Well, that's the somebody I was trying to remember", Rhys said jokingly.

Then the telephone started ringing and Ryan answered.

"Dad, it's for you!"

"Hello", said Rhys.

"Rhys, can you come over?", asked Claudia.

"I'm kind of busy right now", he said.

"Please Rhys, it's important", she said.

"I suppose coming over couldn't hurt. I can't promise, but I'll try", he said.

"Can you stay and hangout with Ryan? There's somewhere I got to go", said Rhys.

"Sure, I'll stay until you get back", she said.

"Thanks, I won't be gone long."

At Claudia's house . . .

After she hung up the telephone, she rubbed her belly.

Then she sit on the couch and wondered if Rhys was going to show up.

When she heard a noise around back she went out to investigate.

She was halfway down the stairs when . . .

She loss her balance and landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

Rhys arrived a few minutes later.

He went inside but didn't see Claudia anywhere around.

He went out onto the backporch.

He started down the stairs and stopped when he saw Claudia laying on the ground. He called her name but she didn't answer.

He ran back inside and called the hospital . . .

"Send an ambulance to Claudia Alan's house", he said.

To be continued . . .

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Default Picket Fences! Part 25.3

Picket Fences! Part 25.3

The ambulance soon arrived and stopped in front of the house.

"Is she going to be alright?", asked Rhys.

"I'm taking her to the emergency room at the new hospital. I won't know until after I examine her", said Dr. Brian.

The ambulance was leaving . . .

As Jonathan ran over from next door.

"What happened to Claudia?", he asked.

"I don't know. She was laying on the ground when I got here", said Rhys.

After the ambulance arrived at the hospital . . .

Dr. Brian was able to examine Claudia. He was surprised to see she was pregnant. He hadn't expected that in a young single woman. Dr. Brian went down to the waiting room.

Dr. Brian went down to the waiting room where Jonathan and Rhys were waiting for news about Claudia.

"Is she going to be alright?", Rhys asked the doctor.

"She's still unconscious. There's some cuts and bruises on her face that aren't as bad as they look, but I'm a little concerned about the baby. You knew she was pregnant?"

"Yeah, she told me yesterday", said Rhys.

"Well, you may as well go on home. There's nothing you can do for her here. I'll call you when she regains consciousness", said Dr. Brian.

"So, did you ask Claudia to marry you?", said Rhys.

"Yeah, but she turned me down. She's still hoping you'll change your mind", said Jonathan.

Meanwhile over at Rhys' place . . .

Jasmyn was still there with Ryan.

"Where did Dad go?", asked Ryan.

"I don't know. He got that telephone call, then asked me if I would hangout with you. He said he had to go somewhere", she said.

Just then the telephone started ringng . . .

"Hello!", said Jasmyn.

"It's taking longer than I thought. Can you spend the night?", asked Rhys.

"Sure, I don't mind", she said.

"Thanks, let me talk to Ryan", said Rhys.

"Dad, when are you coming home?", asked Ryan.

"I'm not sure how much longer it'll be", said Rhys, "You go on to bed. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Alright, bye Dad", said Ryan.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 26.1

Picket Fences! Part 26

Over at Rhys' place . . .

He returned home soon afterwards.

He went into Ryan's room and tucked him in . . .

Before climbing in his bed with Jasmyn.

Rhys scooted up close behind her and went to sleep.

The next morning Jasmyn fixed breakfast for herself and Ryan.

Ryan left for school at 8:30 A.M.

Jasmyn left for work a few minutes later.

Rhys was still sleeping

He got up later and took a shower.

He went back into his bedroom and relaxed on his bed.

Across the street at Joy and Larry's house . . .

When Kevin came home, he was happy because he got an A+ report card.

He ran into the house and received cheers from his parents.

Then Larry told Joy he was taking Kevin to the barbershop to get a haircut.

"Well, don't let the barber cut it too short. Tell him he just needs a trim", she said.

Larry and Kevin left to get Kevin his first haircut.

They went to Jake's Barbershop, the one and only barbershop in Buford Falls.

Jake Flann is the owner and proprieter of Jake's Barbershop.

His wife Kitty takes care of any ladies who come in.

Larry and Kevin took a seat to wait their turn.

Kevin climbed into the barber chair.

Jake started cutting his hair.

Jake finished cutting Kevin's hair.

"There you go", said Jake, "Now you look like a boy!"

He looked cute with his hair short, but it was definitely more than a trim.

"Thanks Jake", said Larry, "It looks great!"

Then Larry and Kevin left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 26.2

Picket Fences! Part 26.2

"Hi Mom", said Kevin as they walked in the door.

"Jake said I look like a boy now", said Kevin.

"Well, having longer hair didn't make you look like a girl. Now go show Arlene your new haircut", said Joy.

"I need to talk to you in the kitchen", she told Larry.

"Why did you let Jake cut Kevin's hair so short? ", asked Joy.

"He needed a regular haircut. I was tired of seeing him look like a girl", said Larry.

"Larry, I'm not stupid! You and I both know the real reason you did it", she said.

"And what's that?", asked Larry.

"You can't stand that he looks more like Rhys with his hair long!", she said.

"That's not true and I refuse to discuss it", said Larry.

Meanwhile over at Buford Falls Hospital . . .

Mary Lou and Peter have arrived at the emergency room right after Mary Lou started having labor pains. Dr. Brian had advised Joy to have her baby at the hospital, considering she was an older mother-to-be.

The doctor came into the room and felt Mary Lou's belly.

"It's good you got here when you did. It's almost time for your baby to be born", he told them.

Peter gave her a tender kiss . . .

Then he went to the waiting room to wait.

Dr, Brian came back into the emergency room and checked Mary Lou's progress.

Before too much longer, he delivered her baby.

"It's a girl!", he announced.

Mary Lou and Peter named their daughter Carrie. The baby has brown hair, brown eyes and Mary Lou's skintone.

The doctor handed the baby to the nurse.

Nurse Jane immediately took Carrie to the nursery and placed her in a crib.

The doctor went down the hal to the waiting room to tell Larry he had another daughter.

"How's my wife?", he asked.

"Mother and baby are doing fine. You can go down to the nursery and see your daughter while we move Mary Lou to her room", said Dr. Brian.

Larry went down to the nursery window to see his daughter, but wasn't allowed to hold her. That was against hospital rules in the late 1940's and early 1950's.

Larry went down the hall to Mary Lou's room.

"Did you see the baby?", asked Mary Lou.

"Yeah, she's beautiful", he said.

"When you get home, call my mother and Joy and tell them ", said Mary Lou.

"Alright sweetheart, I will", he said.

After Larry left, Carrie was brought to Mary Lou's room for a short visit with her mother.

To be continued . . .
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Hi Mrs. Daisy. I am so glad to find your "Picket Fences" posted here. It is a great on going story in the town of Bufford Falls. I have been reading your stories for years and it is nice to find all chapters here so I can read the old ones too.

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Default Picket Fences! Part 27

Picket Fences! Part 27.1

The next day at Rhys house . . .

He received a telephone call . . .

"This is Dr. Brian. I'm calling to let you know Miss Alan has regained consiousness."

"Thanks doc. I'll be there is a few minutes."

Over at Buford Falls Hospital . . .

Rhys pulled up in the parking lot.

Peter had just arrived and stopped to chat . . .

"I got off work early today, so I can take Mary Lou and the baby home", said Peter.

"I heard she had the baby. Congratulations!", said Rhys .

"Who did you come to visit?", asked Peter.

"A friend of mine had an accident. Thought I'd come see how she was doing", answered Rhys.

Peter and Rhys walked together into the hospital.

Dr. Brian came over to talk to Rhys . . .

"How is Claudia doing?", asked Rhys.

"I'm still a little concerned about how she'll do when she gives birth, but everything looks normal", the doctor said.

"Will it be alright for me to see her?". asked Rhys.

"Yes, she's been asking for you. Just don't say or do anything to upset her", he said.

Rhys went down the hall to Claudia's room.

Peter and Rhys walked together into the hospital.

Dr. Brian came over to talk to Rhys . . .

"How is Claudia doing?", asked Rhys.

"I'm still a little concerned about how she'll do when she gives birth, but everything looks normal", the doctor said.

"Will it be alright for me to see her?". asked Rhys.

"Yes, she's been asking for you. Just don't say or do anything to upset her", he said.

Rhys went down the hall to Claudia's room . . .

"How are you feeling?", he asked, when he walked into the room.

"Still a little sore, but not too bad", she said, "Sit down over there."

"Rhys, I asked Dr. Brian to ask you to come because I have something to tell you", she said.

"Sure, what is it?", asked Rhys.

"I decided to take you up on your offer. I do really need the money for the baby. I realize now, it was foolish of me to ask you to marry me. I should have known men like you don't make that kind of commitment."

"Claudia, I'll give you and the baby anything you need. I'd like to be a daddy to our baby, even if I can't be a husband to you", said Rhys.

Claudia got up off the bed . . .

"Go get the doctor! Hurry!", she screamed.

Dr. Brian was coming up the hall when Rhys ran out of Claudia's room.

"Claudia's in labor Doc!", said Rhys.

"Calm down. Go on down to the waiting room. I'll take care of everything", he said.

While Rhys went down to the waiting room to wait . . .

Claudia changed into a hospital gown to continue her labor in the emergency room.

Dr. Brian soon delivered Claudia's baby . . .

"It's a boy!", he said.

He handed the baby to Nurse Jane who took him to the nursery.

Claudia named her tan skinned, brown haired son with his father's eyes Noah.

The doctor went down to the waiting room . . .

"You have a son", he told Rhys, "Mother and baby are doing fine."

"Can I see them?", asked Rhys.

"The baby is in the nursery down the hall on the left. You can see Claudia for a few minutes after she gets back in her room", he said.

Rhys went down the hall to see his son in the nursery window.

A beautiful blonde woman walked into the waiting room.

"Could you please tell me what room is Claudia Alan's?", she asked the doctor.

"Only family is allowed to visit maternity patients. Are you a relative", said Dr. Brian.

"I'm her cousin Shannan Alan. When I went to her house to see her, her neighbor told me she had had an accident and was in the hospital", she said.
"In that case, you'll find her in the room to the right", he said, "Don't stay but a few minutes though. She needs to rest."

"Claudia, how are you feeling? Are you alright?", asked Shannan.

"Yes, I'm alright now. A few days ago I fell down my backporch steps. I almost lost my baby, but when he was born a little while ago, he was perfect."

"You're not married. Are you going to keep him?", she asked.

"Of course, I'm going to keep him. Just because his father doesn't want to marry me, isn't any reason not to", said Claudia.

"I'm sorry I asked. It's just most women in your situation give their babies up for adoption", said Shanna

"That's alright. I guess I would feel the same way, if our situations were reversed", said Claudia.

Shannan saw Rhys, when she walked down to the nursery to see the baby.

"That beautiful little boy must be yours. He looks just like you", she said.

"Yeah, you're right", said Rhys.

"I should introduce myself", she said, "I'm Shannan Alan. Claudia's my cousin."

"I'm Rhys Sawyer", he said.
"In that case, you'll find her in the room to the right", he said, "Don't stay but a few minutes though. She needs to rest."

"Claudia, how are you feeling? Are you alright?", asked Shannan.

"Yes, I'm alright now. A few days ago I fell down my backporch steps. I almost lost my baby, but when he was born a little while ago, he was perfect."

"You're not married. Are you going to keep him?", she asked.

"Of course, I'm going to keep him. Just because his father doesn't want to marry me, isn't any reason not to", said Claudia.

"I'm sorry I asked. It's just most women in your situation give their babies up for adoption", said Shanna

"That's alright. I guess I would feel the same way, if our ", said Claudia.

Shannan saw Rhys, when she walked down to the nursery to see the baby.

"That beautiful little boy must be yours. He looks just like you", she said.

"Yeah, you're right", said Rhys.

"I should introduce myself", she said, "I'm Shannan Alan. Claudia's my cousin."

"I'm Rhys Sawyer", he said.

"I know. You're the jerk who took advantage of my cousin and then refused to marry her", said Shannan.

"That ain't none of your business", said Rhys.

Then he walked away . . .

And went down to Claudia's room.

"Did you see the baby?", she asked.

"Yeah, he's beautiful", said Rhys.

"Yes he is", she said, "He looks just like you."

To be continued . . .
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Hi Dsydk11, glad to see your getting one of my favorite stories posted here. Your pictures look great and your story is fun to read.
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Love this story thanks for writing and sharing.
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Default Picket Fences! Part 28

Picket Fences! Part 28

Over at Mary Lou and Peter's house . . .

They arrived home with their new baby.

When Peter took Carrie in the kitchen to get her a bottle, Julie asked him if she could feed her baby sister.

He handed the baby to her and Julie gave Carrie her first bottle of milk at home.

Mary Lou called Joy and invited her over to see the baby.

"I'll be over in a few minutes!"

Joy arrived a few minutes later. Mary Lou greeted her with a friendly hug.

"Carrie's taking her nap. Let's have a cup of coffee and chat while we're waiting for her to wake up", said Mary Lou.

"Was having a baby in the hospital better than having one at home?", asked Joy.

"No, I wouldn't do it again. Peter had to wait in the waiting room until Carrie was born and then he only got to see her through the nursery window. The nurses would bring her to visit me for an hour, a couple of times a day. "

"Joy, did you know Rhys had another baby? One of his girlfriends was in the room next to mine. She had a little boy that looked exactly like Ryan and Kevin when they were babies", said Mary Lou.

"Well, Rhys does what he wants and it's not any concern of mine. All I have to say is that I hope his latest conquest has learned her lesson, too", said Joy.

"I would imagine she has, since he didn't marry her either", said Mary Lou.

When the baby starting crying . . .

Joy took her out of her crib and held her.

"She feels so good. I had forgotten how good it feels to hold one this little", said Joy.

"You should try for another one with Larry", said Mary Lou.

"Yeah, Larry would be tickled to death", said Joy.

Mary Lou put Carrie back in her crib, then she hugged Joy goodbye

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 29

Picket Fences! Part 29

A few streets over at Claudia's house . . .

Her cousin Shannan called next-door neighbor Jonathan Henry and invited him over for breakfast. He said that sounded great, as long as she let him do the cooking.

Shannan greeted Jonathan with a friendly hug.

"My specialty is pancakes. How does that sound?", he asked.

"I love pancakes!", she said.

Jonathan went into the kitchen and started preparing the pancakes.


"These are delicious Jonathan. Where did you learn to cook so well?", she asked.

"I've been on my own for a long time. I taught myself how to cook out of necessory", he said.

"If you don't mind me asking, did your parents die when you were very young?", asked Shannan.

"No, they didn't die. They wanted to go to a party one night when I was a toddler and they left me alone. I was asleep, so I guess they figured it was alright, but I woke up and started crying. The Social Worker came and took me to the orphanage", he explained.

After they finished eating, they sat together on the couch.

"What do you do for a living Jonathan?", asked Shannan.

"I'm a Professional Party Guest", he said, "Does that bother you?"

"No, I'm actually impressed. I've heard it pays quite well", she said.

"What kind of work do you do?", he asked.

"I work in the film industry as a Film Representative. I'm just getting started, so it sounds better than it pays", she said.

"Well, I'm sure with your looks, you'll go far", he said.

"You flatterer you", she said nuzzeling his neck.

Jonathan gave her a romantic kiss . . .

Which led to more passionate kissing on both their parts.

"I think we better stop before I end up in the same boat as my cousin", said Shannan.

"I guess I better be going on home. I need to get some sleep before I go to work tonight", he said.

"Shannan, I'd like to take you out on a real date sometimes", he said.

"That would be great. I'd love to go out with you", she said.

"Alright, I'll call you tomorrow", said Jonathan.

Then Jonathan left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 30

Picket Fences! Part 30

Over at Buford Falls Hospital . . .

Claudia was waiting in her room for Rhys to show up. Dr. Brian had already released her and she was ready to take baby Noah home.

Rhys walked in and asked "Are you ready to go home?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you had forgot about us", she said.

"Hey little boy, how did your mama think I would forget about you?", he told Noah.

"You want me to carry him?", asked Rhys.

"No, it's a hospital rule that mother's have to carry their baby out", said Claudia.

"I came in the car so you wouldn't have to walk home", he said.

"Thanks, I appreciate that", she said.

Claudia handed the baby to Rhys, so he could put him in the backseat.

(In the early 1950's, nobody, including babies and childern, was required to wear a seatbelt.)

When Claudia got in the car, Rhys asked "Is your cousin still at your place?"

"Yes, she's going to stay with me until she finds her own place. She'll be able to help me with the baby."

"If you need help, I'll pay to hire a nanny", he said.

"I've always heard that the NPC nannies weren't any good. I'd rather have my cousin there", she said.

"Sure, whatever you say!", said Rhys.

Then they left the hospitaland soon arrived at Claudia's house.

When she came into the house, Claudia took Noah into the kitchen to give him a bottle.

She left Rhys in the livingroom to get acquainted with her cousin.

"You surprised me", said Shannan.

"How's that?", asked Rhys.

"Most men in your position, wouldn't stick around to help with the baby. I guess I owe you an apology", she said, "I still think you're a jerk for not marrying her, but if she's alright with it, then I won't say anything more about it."

Claudia took Noah into the nursery and put him in his crib.

Rhys came in, went over to the crib and tucked Noah in while Claudia watched.

"Now that I said goodnight to my son, can I say goodnight to his mama?", asked Rhys.

"Yes, you may", she said.

He gave her a passionate kiss goodnight.

"I'd like to bring Ryan over to meet his little brother, if that's alright", said Rhys.

"Of course", she said.

Then Rhys left to go home to tell Ryan he had a little brother named Noah Alan.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 31.1

Picket Fences! Part 31.1

The next day at Mary Lou's house . . .

Julie called Arlene and invited her over.

"Don't you have a birthday coming up soon?", asked Julie.

"Yeah, my birthday is tomorrow. I told my parents I didn't want a big party, since I had one for my last birthday. I figured they needed the money to throw Kevin a big teenage birthday party", said Arlene.

"Are your parents going to have a big party for Carrie's first birthday tomorrow?", asked Arlene.

"No, I think Mom's stay in the hospital used up their savings. It's just going to be Dad, Mom and me at her party", said Julie.

"I bet Ryan's dad throws him a huge teenage birthday party. He doesn't have to worry about the cost", said Julie.

"Yeah, it must be wonderful to be rich. I just hope we get invited. Don't you?", said Arlene.

"Yeah, I'm sure we will. Ryan's your brother's best friend and he wouldn't invite him and not us", said Julie.

Meanwhile over at Arlene's house . . .

The telephone was ringing and her father answered it . . .

"Hello, who's calling?", he asked.

"This is Rhys Sawyer. There's something I want to ask you", he said.

"Alright, what is it?", asked Larry.

"I'm having Ryan a birthday party this coming Saturday. Since this is my Saturday to have Kevin, I was wondering if we could celebrate his birthday along with Ryan? There's only a few days difference and Saturday's in-between both their birthdates."


"Well, they have the same friends and it does seem silly to have two different parties so close together", said Larry, "Yes, I guess it'll be alright."

"Great! The party is 2 PM at Jonathan's place. The theme is going to be pirates. I'll have custumes delivered for you, Joy and Arlene to wear. I'll see you Saturday!"

"What was that all about?", asked Joy.

"Rhys asked if Kevin and Ryan could have their birthday parties together, since this is his Saturday to have Kevin visit", said Larry.
"Yes, he actually made sense for once", said Larry, "We're even going to get to dress up in pirate custumes."

"That might be fun", said Joy.

"Yeah, it might be at that", Larry agreed, "And it won't cost me a dime."

The following day . . .

After supper Arlene came to her birthday cake. She made a wish and blew out the candles.

Then in a shower of colored confetti, she grew up into a pretty adult.

In the house next-door, it was time for Carrie Edwards' first birthday.

Her father Peter brought her to her birthday cake.

He helped her blow out the candles on her cake.

He did the "baby toss" and . . .

Carrie grew up into a cute toddler.

Peter gave his youngest daughter a "family kiss".
A couple of days later . . .

Over at Jonathan's place, the double birthday party for Ryan and Kevin had began.

Their pirate clad invited guests were enjoying the food from the Very Tiki Blue buffet table from Parsimonious. They had a choice of a hotdog, a hamburger or macoroni and cheese.

Jonathan had macoroni and cheese and Julie had chosen a hotdog.

Ryan ate a bowl of macoroni and cheese.

Kevin had a hotdog that looked slightly burnt.

His mother Joy had one that looked better . . .

And so did the one his sister Arlene was eating. You would think on a buffet table they would all be the same.

Ryan's best friend Mary . . .

And Kevin's best friend Heather from school had been invited.

After everyone had finished eating Ryan came to his birthday cake. He made a wish and blew out the candles.

Everyone cheered and . . .

Then he started to grow up.

Ryan grew up into a very cute teenager.

Kevin's turn was next. He came to his birthday cake, made a wish and blew out the candles.

Everyone cheered and . . .

Then he started to grow up.

Kevin also grew up into a very cute teenager.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 31.2

Picket Fences! Part 32

At Rhys' place after they arrived home from the birthday party, Rhys and Ryan were relaxing on the bed together . . .

"Well, are you going to tell me at what times being a drooly guy helps?", asked Ryan.

"Haven't you noticed, females of all ages pay more attention to you than to guys who aren't as goodlooking? And they'll do almost anything to get you to love them?", said Rhys.

"Yeah, I reckon so", said Ryan.

"If they believe you love them, then it's easier to get them to do woo hoo with you. You already know what woo hoo is, right?", said Rhys.

"Yeah, I know what it is. I heard some of the older guys at school talking about it", said Ryan.

"Well, that's the times I was talking about", said Rhys.

"There's something else I've been meaning to tell you, but was waiting until you were a teenager. You remember Claudia Alan from when we went to the lake. Well, we did woo hoo and she got pregnant. Me and her had a son a few days ago. He's your little brother", explained Rhys.

"Did you cut out on her or are they going to move in here with us?". asked Ryan.

(cut out means leave in 1950's slang

"No, Claudia has her own place. Noah, that's his name, is going to live with her and I'm going to visit him", said Rhys, "I fact, I want you to go with me to meet him the next time I go over there."

"Sure, I dig", said Ryan.

(dig means understand or approve in 1950's slang)

The next afternoon Rhys received a telephone call . . .


"Rhys, can you come over today? It's Noah's birthday and I'd like for you to be here", said Claudia.

"Sure, can I bring Ryan?", he asked.

"Yes, that would be great", she said.

"Claudia just called. She invited us over to her place for Noah's toddler birthday party", said Rhys.

Then they left to go to . . .

Claudia's house across town.

Rhys pulled up in front of the house . . .

And he and Ryan walked in.

Claudia greeted him with a romantic hug.

"I'm glad you came", she said.
To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 31.3

Picket Fences! Part 31.3

"I'll go get Noah. He just woke up from his nap", said.Claudia.

"Ryan I want you to meet your little brother", she said, "Noah this is your big brother Ryan."

Claudia handed the baby to Ryan, he played with him and then cuddled him.

When Noah started getting restless, Ryan asked "What does he want?"

"I believe it's time for him to grow up", said Rhys.

"Go ahead, you can do the honors", said Claudia.

Ryan brought his little brother to his birthday cake and helped him blow out the candles, as Claudia and Rhys watched.

He did the "baby toss" and Noah returned to his arms grownup into a cute toddler.

Rhys gave Claudia a "thumbs up".

Rhys picked up his youngest son and gave him a stuggle.

Jonathan arrived a little late, but Shannan was still glad he came.

Ryan had brought his favorite teddy bear to give Noah.

Noah hugged the bear.

Ryan helped Noah match the blocks to the right shape holes.

It started getting late and time for Noah to go to bed.

"Tell everybody nite-nite", she told the toddler.

Claudia gave him a "family kiss". . .

And put him in his crib.

[When Claudia returned to the livingroom she gave Rhys a romantic kiss goodbye . . .

"Come 'mon Ryan, it's time to go!", he called.

Then all the guests left to go home.

[b]To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 32.1

Picket Fences! Part 32

Over at Rhys' place the next morning . . .

Ryan left for his first day of high school.

Rhys came outside to chat with Ericka Jayapalan, the gardener.
"Ericka, the yard looks really nice. Is there anything I can do to show my appreciation for your hard work?", he asked.

Ericka whispered something in his ear . . .

Then Rhys swooped her up in his arms and . . .

Carried her into the house and down to his bedroom.

He layed her on his bed and they madeout.

"Are you sure this is what you want?", he asked.
"YES!", answered Erick

Woo Hoo!

Laying in bed afterwards Ericka said "Rhys, you're the best."

"You ain't too bad yourself", he said.

"Do you want me to stay and hangout now?", asked Ericka.
"Not today. Maybe the next time", he said.

"Bye Rhys, see you next time!", she said as she walked out the door.

Across the street at the Anderson's house . . .

The telephone rang and Kevin answered it.
"Hello!", he said.

"Hi sweetie. Did you have a nice birthday party?", asked Joyce.
"Yeah Grandma. We had a great time. I missed you though", he said.
"Sorry I couldn't come, but being a pirate wasn't my thing", she laughed.

"That's alright. I understand", he said.
"Come visit me sometimes", she said.
"Sure", he said.

When he got off the telephone, Kevin checked himself out in the mirror . . .

While Arlene was telling their parents about a decision she had made.
"Now that I'm an adult, I've decided to get my own place", she said.
"Where do you intend to get the money to pay rent and buy groceries?", asked Larry.

"I'll get a job before I move out", she said.

"Well, it's your decision. You'll have to find a good paying job to be able to live in a nice place", said Larry.

"I found an upstairs apartment over on Main Street that's available. It's right down the street from the Mini Mall and the school is right across the street", she said.

"Well, it looks like once you find a job, you'll all set", said Larry.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 32.2

Picket Fences! Part 32.2

Over at the Anderson house . . .

"Are you sure you're going to like living alone. It might get awful lonely", said Joy.
"Mom, between working and keeping house, I'm not going to have time to get lonely", Arlene said.

Arlene looked in the newspaper and found an opening in the Child Welfare Office as a minivan driver. She took the job. Then she checked and the apartment was still available.

Arlene walked out the front door and got into the waiting taxicab.

She was an independant adult now. She could make her own decisions and do whatever she pleased.

The taxicab took her to her new place on Main Street. It's only a few blocks from her parents' house, but it's a whole different world.

Arlene entered her new apartment. The landlord had done a nice job of redecorating. There was various shades and patterns of blue (Rhys' favorite color), which she had requested, but it still looked feminine.

When she heard someone knocking at the door and went to answer it.
"Hi, I'm Regan Tyler. I live in the apartment downstairs", Regan said.
"Glad to meet you. I'm Arlene Anderson", said Arlene.

"Come on in. I just made a fresh pot of coffee", said Arlene.
"Well, just for a few minutes. My carpool will be here soon", said Regan.

"This apartment looks really nice now. The former tenant had terrible taste in colors", said Regan.

"What kind of work do you do?", asked Arlene.
"I'm a professional photographer. If you ever need some portraits taken, I'm your girl!", said Regan, "What kind of work do you do?"

"I took a job as a minivan driver for the Child Welfare Office. I'm not sure if I'm going to like it or not yet", said Arlene.

"Oh, my carpool's here. I better go", said Regan.

Regan got in the van and left to go to work.

After her neighbor left, Arlene lay on her and thought about Rhys. He was the reason she moved to her own place.

She took a leisurely bath . . .

Then called a Sim . . .
"Hey Rhys! I just moved into my own place on Main Street. Can you come over?", she asked.

"Sure, I ain't got nothing else to do", he said, "I'll be there in a few minutes."

Arlene went into the kitchen and talked to a flour sack baby. One of her wants is to have a baby and the one who can make that a reality is on his way over.

She hid it behind her back when she heard Rhys' car pull up in the driveway.

Rhys walked in the door and she greeted him with a friendly hug.

"Let me show you the proper way to greet a gentleman caller", he said.

Then he gave her a romantic kiss.

"Come 'mon, let's dance", he said.

"Let's sit down and rest", said Rhys.

"I was gonna tell you how beautiful you are at the party, but with so many people around . . . well, you know", he said.

"That's alright, I'm rather you waited until we were alone like this", she said.

"I almost changed my mind about calling you today. I was afraid you wouldn't come", Arlene said.
"I always visit a beautiful woman when she calls", he said.

Then he gave her a romantic kiss and she kissed him back.

Then Rhys tried to makeout and . . .

Arlene pushed him away . . .
"NO!", she screamed.

"WHY?", cried Rhys.
"I'm not doing THAT until I'm married", she said.

"I think you broke my nose . . .

"And my head hurts", he complained.
"It's your own fault for trying to attack me", said Arlene.

"I didn't try to attack you! We both know that's why you invited me over!", shouted Rhys.
"No, I just wanted to be with you", she said.

"I don't need to force some goody-two-shoes female to makeout with me. There's plenty of women in this town who will do it willingly", he said.

As Rhys walked out the door . . .

He got in his car and went home with nothing hurt but his pride..

To be continued . . .
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