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Default Picket Fences! Part 33.1

Picket Fences! Part 33.1

Over at Joyce's house, the following afternoon . . .

Joyce called Rhys . . .
"Can you come over?"

"Sure, I always got time when a beautiful woman calls", said Rhys, "I'll be right there."

Rhys arrived at Joyce's house a few minutes later . . .

And gave her a friendly hug hello when he walked in the door.

"Let's sit down and you can tell me how it went. I want to hear all the sordid details", she said.

"Alright now tell me what happened when you went to my grandaughter's place", said Joyce, "Don't leave out anything."

"Well, she called me and invited me over, just like you said she would", he said.

"When I walked into the apaetment, she gave me a friendly hug."

"Now let me show you the proper way to greet a gentleman caller", I said.

"I gave her a romantic kiss right on the mouth."

"I could see she was a little shook up, so I asked her to dance. I figured that would relax her a little."

"Just as I figured, she did loosen some."

"I told her I was tired and needed to sit down."

"It won't no problem to get her to cuddle with me. She even let me give her a romantic kiss."

"Then when I tried to makeout with her . . .

"She pushed me away, which I kinda expected."

"But it was still a shock. I ain't never had nobody say no. so I asked her WHY? I told her she might have broke my nose and that my head hurt", said Rhys.

"What did she say when you told her that?", asked Joyce.

"She said she won't that kind of girl and that it was my own fault for trying to attack her."

"My grandaughter must be crazy to think YOU would have to force yourself on anybody", laughed Joyce.

"You're right. I told her I didn't have to force some "goody-two-shoes" to makeout with me, that there was plenty of women in this town who would do it willingly."

"After I had my say, I walked out."

"So you think our little scheme worked then?", said Joyce.

"Yeah, she ain't ever gonna call me again. I think Arlene probably hates my guts", said Rhys.

"Maybe now that Arlene has gotten you out of her system, she'll fall in love with some nice boy her own age", said Joyce.

"Yeah, me too", said Rhys.

"Thank you", said Joyce, giving him a tender kiss.

Then Rhys left to go home with his pride restored.
To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 33.2

Picket Fences! Part 33.2

Across town at Jonathan's place . . .

He called Shannan and asked her to meet him at the movie theatre (a Community Lot).

"Yes, I've been wanting to see that new musical that's playing", she said.

The taxicab soon arrived and Jonathan told the driver to take him to the movie theatre.

Shannnan was waiting in front of the theatre when he arrived.
"Have you been waiting long?", he asked.
"No, I just got here", she said.

"I've heard this is suppose to be a good movie", said Shannan.

"Yeah, if you like musicals", said Jonathan.

Shannan and Jonathan took their sits and watched "Singin' In The Rain".

After the movie was over . . .

Jonathan said "Let's go to my place and order a pizza for supper."

Jonathan called a taxicab to take them to his place.

"Oh, it's beautiful! You didn't tell me you lived on a houseboat", she said.

"I'm glad you like it", he said.

Jonathan ordered a pizza and when it came, they both grabbed a slice and sit on the sofa to eat.

"I've got to start looking for an apartment. Claudia's completely recovered from her accident and I'm sure she'd like her place back to herself."

"I'm sure she doesn't mind you living there . . . what with the baby and all", he said.

"Well, she knows I don't think too highly of Rhys. I don't think she feels right inviting him over like she could, if I wasn't living there. It would be kinda arkward, if you know what I mean", she said.

"Yeah, I guess it would at that", he said.

"Let's go out on deck. I want you to see the beautiful view", said Jonathan.

"It is beautiful out here", she said.

"It's even more beautiful now with you standing here", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 33.3

Picket Fences! Part 33.3

"You want to get in the hottub?", he asked.

"Alright, I've never been in one of those. I've never known anyone who could afford one before now", she said.

"This feels wonderful", she said.

Then she unexpectedly splashed him in his face with the warm water . . .

And he splashed her back playfully.

"Come over here, if you want to play", said Jonathan.

"Jonathan, how long have you and Rhys been best friends?", she asked.

"I was a child when he came to the orphanage. Rhys was just a toddler, but he was so beautiful and already had such a charismatic personality, that all the kids wanted to be his friend, but he latched onto me. I was like a big brother to him and we soon became best friends", explained Jonathan.

"Do you think Rhys will ever settle down with just one woman?", she asked.

"Honestly, I don't think one woman could satisfy him that long", said Jonathan.

"How about you?", she asked.

"If the right woman came along, I'd be more than willing to settle down with her", he said.

Then Shannan gave Jonathan a romantic kiss.

"I better go, my carpool for work comes early in the morning", she said.

"Bye Jonathan. I had a very enjoyable time", she said.

Then Shannan left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 34

Picket Fences! Part 34

On the other size of town at Arlene's place . . .

Arlene returned from her job at The Child Welfare Department and brought a co-worker home.

The co-worker who came home with her is Jimmy Martin. He's the same Jimmy who has been best friends with Arlene since they were childern.

Arlene fixed hamburgers for supper and invited Jimmy to stay and eat with her.

They decided to play darts. Arlene took her turn first.

Jimmy teased her playfully.

When she got mad, he tickled her . . .

And smiled that special smile, just for her. All the old feelings she once had for him, before she got distracted by Rhys, returned.

Then they went inside. The stereo was playing and Jimmy asked her to dance.

"Would you like to go out with me Saturday?", he asked while they were dancing.

"Yes, I would", she said.

She gave him a tender kiss goodbye when he said he had to go.

"Bye, I'll call you Saturday", he said.

"Bye Jimmy", said Arlene.

Then Jimmy left to go home.

Over at Rhys Sawyer's place the next morning . . .

Ryan called Kevin . . .
"Are you still coming over today?"

"Yeah sure, I'll be there in a few minutes."

When Kevin arrived Ryan was reading the newspaper.

"What you reading?", he asked Ryan.

"An article about our new school and there's pictures everybody", said Ryan.

"Hey, we look good!", said Ryan.

"Let me see", said Kevin.

"Yeah, you're right! We do look good", said Kevin.

Here's the article that was in the local newspaper:

Buford Falls gets a new school! The money for the new school was deposited in the school's bank account by an anonymous benefactor.

Mr. Mark Jordan became Principal after Mr. Edward Best retired last year.

Miss Janice Edwards has been the elementary school teacher for the past fifteen years.

Miss Janet Sims took over as the high school teacher, after Miss Maggie Rogers left town last year unexpectedly.

Miss Edwards' Class consists of the following students:
(Since there is no elementary school students at this time, Miss Edwards is teaching half of the high school students.)

Nancy Martin, daughter of Sam and Emily Martin

Heather MacAlister, daughter of Helen and the late James MacAlister

Kevin Anderson, son of Larry and Joy Anderson

Julie Edwards, daughter of Peter and Mary Lou Edwards

Miss Sims' Class consists of the following students:

Mary Ashley, daughter of Margaret and the late Steven Ashley

Ryan Sawyer Carlson, son of Rhys Sawyer and Jasmyn Carlson

Mike Jones, son of Ben and Betty Jones

Nathan Martin, son of Sam and Emily Martin

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 35

Picket Fences! Part 35

At Arlene's place a few days later . . .

She called Jimmy and invited him to a community lot.

When the taxicab arrived Arlene got in.
"To the zoo please", she told the driver.

When the taxicab arrived at the zoo, Jimmy and Arlene got out.

They sit down on the park bench just outside the entrance.
"Arlene, we've known each other most of our lives", said Jimmy.

"I remember when you and your parents moved to Buford Falls. You were just a toddler and I was already a child", said Arlene.

"But I was almost ready to grow into a child. I'm not that much younger than you", he said, "Anyway, age doesn't matter if you're meant to be with someone."

"Do you think we were meant to be together?", she asked.

"Yes, I've known it since I gave you your first kiss on your teen birthday", he said.

"It was your first kiss, too", she said.

"Yeah, it was", he said.

"Let's go over to the picnic area and have lunch before we walk around", he said.

"Alright, I am getting a little hungry", she said.

Arlene offered to grill hamburgers for their lunch.
"I'm sorry they're a little overdone", said Arlene.

"No, they're fine. I like mine well done", he said.

"There's one left. Do you want it?", she asked.

"No, I've had plenty", he said.

When they stood on the bridge . . .

He got on one knee, held up a diamond ring and proposed engagement.

Arlene placed the ring on her finger and admired it for a few seconds while he waited for her answer.

"YES!", she said.

"When do you want to have the wedding?", she asked.

"The sooner the better, will be fine with me", he said.

On the way back to the lobby, Arlene tickled Jimmy playfully.

And he smiled just for her.

"I love you Jimmy", she said.

"I've always loved you", he said, "I was just waiting for you to realize it."

Over at Jonathan's place the next afternoon . . .

He called Shannan and invited her over.

When Shannan arrived Jonathan greeted her with a romantic kiss.

"I've been thinking about the conversation we had the other day when we were in the hottub", he said.

"You mean, about whether you would stay a bachelor like Rhys or get married one day?", asked Shannan.

"Yeah, that one", he said, "I told you when I met the right girl, I'd get married. Remember?", he said.

"Yes, I remember". she said.

"YES! I'd love to be your wife", she said.

"Are you sure this is what you want? You've been a bachelor for a long time", she said.

"I've been a bachelor for much too long. I'm ready to settle down and have a family . . . with you", he said.

"I love you Shannan", he said.

"I love you, too", she said.

"I'd like for us to get married in a couple of weeks, if that's alright", he said.

"Yes, we can have a small wedding. I don't know that many people here in Buford Falls", she said.

"Yeah, me either", he said.

"I want you to buy yourself the most beautiful dress you can find. Don't worry about the cost, I'll pay for it", said Jonathan.

"Thank you sweetheart. I'll ask Claudia to go with me tomorrow to help me ", she said.

"Get a dress for her, too. I presume she'll be your maid-of-honor", he said.

"Yes, I expect she will", said Shannan, "And you'll ask Rhys to be your best-man?"

"Yes, of course", said Jonathan.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 36

Picket Fences! Part 36

A few days later on Main Street at City Clothing . . .

Shannan has arrived with her cousin Claudia to find the perfect wedding dress.

She went over to the rack of formal clothes and started browsing.

She saw one she liked and tried it on.

"What do you think about this one?", she asked.

"It's pretty. I like the way it fits", said Claudia.

Shannan went back over to the racks of formal clothes. Arlene had come into the store with her mother and grandmother. She was also looking for the perfect wedding dress.

Arlene saw one she liked and tried it on.

"How does this one look?", she asked.

"I like it", said Joyce.

"It's a little too plain", said Joy.

When Arlene came out of the changing booth, Joy said "I think you should have a dress with lots of lace and ruffles."
"I don't think I'm the lace and ruffles type Mom", said Arlene.

Joy went over to the rack of formal clothes to help her look.

Arlene tried on one with puffed sleeves and bows that her mother picked out.

"She looks like a storybook princess in that one", said Joyce.

"That's more what I had in mind. It's lovely", said Joy.

"I don't like it. It's too frilly", said Arlene.

Shannan came out in a dress with lots of lace.

Then she tried on the "storybook princess" dress.

"This one is really beautiful. But it's just not me", she said.

She went over to the rack of formal clothes and held up another dress.
"This is the only one I haven't tried on", she thought to herself.

"I like this one a lot", said Shannan.

"Well, which one should I choose?", Arlene asked Joy and Joyce.

"It's your wedding sweetheart, the final decision should be yours", said Joy.

"Yes, you should be the one to decide", agreed Joyce.

Arlene decided on a dress and paid the cashier.

(The redhead in the blue dress is Arlene's downstair's neighbor Regan Tyler, who was also out shopping for clothes.)

Shannan was chatting with Joyce.
"Jonathan and I would like for you to come to our wedding", she said.

"I'll see if I can make it. Thank you for the invitation", said Joyce.

Then she went outside to wait with Joy and Arlene for the taxicab.

Shannan paid the cashier for her wedding dress and a maid-of-honor dress for Claudia.

Then she called a taxicab to take them home.

Meanwhile over at Rhys' place . . .

He received a telephone call from Jonathan.

"Can I come over? There's something I want to ask you, but in person", said Jonathan.

"Sure, come on over", said Rhys.

Jonathan arrived a few minutes later.

"What is it you want to ask me?", said Rhys.

"Will you to be my best-man?", asked Jonathan.

"I am the best man", said Rhys jokingly.

"Cut it out, I'm serious Rhys. I'm going to marry Shannan and I want you to be my best-man", he said.

"I don't understand why you want to do that, but I'll be there for you", he said.

" Congratulations buddy", said Rhys.

"I better get going. I need to get some sleep before I go to work tonight. Some of us have to work", he said jokingly.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 37.1

Picket Fences! Part 37.1

Over at Claudia's house . . .

Today is her son Noah's birthday.

She called Rhys . . .
"Today is our son's birthday. I didn't know if you remembered or not", she said.

"Sure I remembered, but I didn't know if you wanted me to come over", said Rhys.

"You and I might not always agree on everything, but I'd like for you to be here for Noah", she said.

"Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes", he said.

"Good, I'll get him ready", she said.

Rhys arrived a few minutes later.

"Noah will be gald to see you", said Claudia.

"Does that mean you won't?", said Rhys.

"What do you think?"", said Claudia.

When he walked into the house he picked up Noah and gave him a hug.
"Happy birthday son!", he said.

"You can take him to his birthday cake", said Claudia.

"You ready to grow up little buddy?", said Rhys.

"Sure", said Noah.

Rhys took Noah over to his cake and Claudia blew the birthday horn to celebrate.

He helped the toddler blow out the candles.

Rhys put Noah down on the floor, he did the "toddler dance"and grew up into a cute child. He looks a lot like his two half-brothers Ryan and Kevin.

Noah grabbed a big slice of his birthday cake, then took his plate to the kitchen when he finished eating. .

Shannan came home from her job as a Management Firm Representative in the Film Industry and grabbed a slice.

While Rhys and Noah were playing with the toy ship . . .

"Shannan received a telephone call from Jonathan.

"Hey sweetheart. I'm off work tonight. Can you come over?", he asked.

"Yes, I'd love to see you. I'll be right there", she said.

"I'm going to Jonathan's house. I'll probably be late, so don't wait up", she told Claudia.

"It won't be much longer before you can move in", said Claudia.

"Yes, this time next Saturday, I'll be Mrs. Jonathan Henry", said Shannan.

Then she changed into her everyday clothes and left to go to Jonathan's.

Claudia went into Noah's bedroom . . .
"Our son went to bed without being told", she said.
"He's a good little boy. You're doing a good job of raising him", said Rhys,."I guess I'll be going on home, unless you want me to stay."

"I wouldn't mind some company tonight", she said.

"In that case, let's get comfortable on your bed", said Rhys.

"Now that Noah is a child, do you think he could come stay at my place some weekends? I'd like for him and Ryan to become friends", said Rhys.

"I think that might be a good idea. Afterall, they're all each other has", she said.

"Claudia, there's something I need to tell you", said Rhys.

"You see, when I first moved to Buford Falls, I met someone and . . . well, to make a long story short, we had a baby", he said.

"You mean Ryan's mama?", asked Claudia.

"No, I mean Joy Anderson. Kevin's my son, not Larry's", he said.

"I kinda suspected, does Larry know?", she asked..

"Joy told him when Kevin was a child. Me and Larry talked about it and came to an understanding. He let Kevin come to my place every other Saturday as long as I promised not to tell him I'm his father", said Rhys.

"Joy's a lucky woman to have such an understanding husband", said Claudia.

"Yeah, well anyway, if you let Noah come to my place on the Saturdays Kevin is there, then all three of my boys will get know each other better", he said.

Then Rhys gave her a romantic kiss . . .

And they madeout.

"Rhys, you want to do woo hoo?", she asked.

"What do you think?", he said.

Later . . .

"I love you Rhys", said Claudia.

"I know, but you deserve better", he said.

"There isn't any better", she said.

Rhys stayed until Claudia went to sleep.

Then when he started to leave . . .

Noah came into the bedroom and gave him a hug.
"Bye Dad. I love you", he said.
"Goodnight son. I love you, too", said Rhys.

Then Noah crawled into his mama's bed and went back to sleep.

And Rhys left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 37.2

Picket Fences! Part 37.2

A few days later at Mary Lou's house . . .

The family and their best friends celebrated their youngest daughter Carrie's birthday. Peter brought the toddler to her birthday cake.

He helped her blow out the candles.

When he placed her on the floor, Carrie did the "toddler dance" and . . .

Grew up into a cute child who favors her mama Mary Lou.

Kevin grabbed Carrie and gave her a "noogie".

"Ow it hurts!", she screamed.

"What did you do that for?", she cried.

"Because I wanted to", laughed Kevin.

When they were in the livingroom a few minutes later, Kevin got mad, but not at Carrie.

He was watching Larry flirting with Joy and was mad at Larry.

(As all Simmers know, a Sim child gets upset when they see their parent doing romantic actions with someone other than their other parent)

Kevin gave Larry a dirty look as he walked out of the room.

Carrie was playing with her doll and was unconcerned with a silly boy.

Kevin went outside and sit in the swing on the backporch.

Julie came out and sit down beside him.
"What's wrong with you?", she asked

"I don't know. It sounds stupid, but when I saw my dad flirting with my mom, I got mad at him", said Kevin.

"Whenever I see my mom and dad doing stuff like that, I feel happy. I know they love each other and will stay together forever", said Julie.

"See, that's how I should feel, but I don't. It don't make no sense for me to feel this way."

"I think you should tell your mom how you feel. Talking to her about it might help and it certainly can't hurt!". said Julie.

"I'll wait until after Arlene's wedding tomorrow. Mom's got enough on her mind already", said Kevin.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 38 Anderson & Martin Wedding

Picket Fences! Part 38

You're Invited to Arlene and Jimmy's wedding ceremony and reception!

At Buford Falls Church the wedding of Arlene Anderson and James Martin is about to begin . . .

"Welcome family, friends and loved ones. We gather here today to celebrate the wedding of Jimmy and Arlene. We share in this public commitment they make to one another, offer our love and support, so they may start their married life together surrounded by the people dearest and most important to them", said Rev. Joseph Woods.

The bride's parents Joy and Larry Anderson were seated on one of the front pews.

The bride's brother Kevin Anderson was seated with his maternal grandmother Joyce Evans.

The bride's best friends and long-time neighbors Mary Lou and Peter Edwards were seated together. The couple are also friends and long-time neighbors of the groom.

The groom's parents Sam and Emily were seated on the other front pew.

Carrie Edwards (MaryLou and Peter's daughter) was seated with the groom's sister Nancy Martin.

The bride and groom's longtime neighbors and friends Ben and Betty Jones were seated together.

The bride and groom's best friends Mike and Judy Jones (Ben and Betty's son and daughter) were seated together.

Jimmy and his Best Man Nathan (his younger brother) stood at the alter to await the bride.

Bride's maid Julie Edwards, Arlene's best friend entered the church and walked down the aisle. She was wearing a floor length pink gown trimmed in white lace.

The bride entered the church and walked down the aisle. She was wearing a floor length white gown trimmed in white lace.

The bride Arlene joined her groom Jimmy under the pink flowered wedding arch.

"No ceremony can create a marriage. What a ceremony can do is whitness and affirm the choice to stand together as life mates and partners."

"So I ask now, Jimmy, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?", asked Rev. Woods.

" I do", Jimmy said.

"Arlene, do you take this man to be your wedded husband?", he asked.

"I do", said Arlene.

Jimmy held up a plain gold wedding band . . .

As he placed it on Arlene's finger he said "I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love and lifelong commitment to you."

Arlene placed a matching gold wedding band on Jimmy's finger and said "I give you this ring, as a daily reminder of my love and lifelong commitment to you."

"It is with great honor and by the power of your love and commitment and by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife", said the pastor, "Jimmy, you may kiss your bride.".

Then Jimmy gave Arlene a romantic kiss.

"I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. James Martin", Rev. Woods announced.
Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the church social hall behind the church.

Arlene cut the first slice of wedding cake . . .

And fed it to Jimmy with a fork.

The bride's father Larry proposed the first toast to the newlyweds . . .
"Arlene's mother and I would like to welcome Jimmy to our family. We hope he and our daughter have a long and happy marriage." Jimmy and Arlene joined in the toast.

Sam and Emily Martin joined in the toast.

Then the groom's father Sam proposed a toast to the bride . . .
"Arlene, welcome to our family! We hope you'll be as happy with Jimmy as we've been."

The twins Nancy and Nathan joined in the toast.

Larry and Kevin joined in the toast.

At the end of the reception, the bride and groom came out of the church . . .

And got into the taxicab that will take them to their newly decorated apartment where they will start their life together as husband and wife.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 39.1 Alan & King Wedding

Picket Fences! Part 39

You are invited to the wedding of Shannan Alan and Jonathan King!

Over at Buford Falls Church the wedding ceremony is about to begin. Come on in . . .

"Welcome family, friends and loved ones. We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Jonathan Henry and Shannan Alan!", said Rev. Joseph Woods.

Ryan Carlson and Kevin Anderson, best friends of the groom were seated together.

Sarah Abbott and Regan Tyler, friends and co-workers of the bride had come together.

Noah Alan, second cousin of the bride was seated with Joyce Evans, a neighbor and family friend.

Nurse Jane Brian and her husband Doctor Thomas Brian, friends of the bride were seated together.

Jonathan stood at the alter with his best man Rhys Sawyer awaiting his bride.

Maid of Honor Claudia Alan, cousin of the bride entered the church and walked down the asile to the alter.

She was wearing a floor length aqua gown trimmed in lace.

The bride entered the church, wearing a floor length white gown trimmed in lace and a floor length white veil.

And made her way down the aisle . . .

To join her groom under the wedding arch. Then the pastor began the ceremony . . .
"Jonathan and Shannan, you have come here today to enter into a bond of marriage. I ask that you remember, as with any aspect of life, marriage is a journey, it has its ups and downs, its trials and its triumphs. You will not only be joined by the love you share, but also by your hopes, your dreams and by your promise to remain together through time as husband and wife", said the pastor.

"Jonathan, do you promise to love, honor, cherish and respect Shannan, to encourage her and stand by her for the rest of your life, and be her best friend forever and from this day forward, your heart will be her home? ", he asked.

"I do", said Jonathan.

"Shannan, do you promise to love honor, cherish and respect Jonathan, to encourage him and stand by him for the rest of your life, and be his best friend forever and from this day forward, your heart will be his home??", the pastor asked.

"I do", said Shannan.

Shannan held up a plain gold wedding band . . .

As she placed it on Jonathan's finger she said "With this ring I promise you my honesty, my trust and my love forever."

Jonathan held up a matching wedding band . . .

And as he placed it on Shannan's finger he said "With this ring I promise you my honesty, my trust and my love forever."

'You have made your vows and promises to each other. From this moment forth, always look to your fortune and remember what you can create together. Remember, that at last, your lonely days are over. By the power of your love and the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife", he said.

"Jonathan, you may kiss your bride!"

"Family and friends, I introduce to you for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Henry!"

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 39.2

Picket Fences! Part 39.2

A reception was held following the ceremony in the church social hall . . .

Jonathan cut the first slice of wedding cake . . .

Then asked "Should I?"

Then shoved it into Shannan's mouth!

She smiled good naturedly at his joke.

"I'm sorry sweetheart", he said.

Then gave her a romantic kiss.

Rhys proposed the first toast to the newlyweds . . .
"I don't think I'll ever understand why, but I wish you both much happiness in your marriage."

And they joined in the toast.

Ryan, Kevin, Dr. Brian and Nurse Jane joined in.

Rev. Woods and Joyce joined in.

Regan and Claudia also joined in.

"Thank you buddy", said Jonathan, giving Rhys a hug.

Rev. Woods proposed a toast to the newlyweds . . .
"May your union be blessed with beautiful, healthy childern."

"I'll second that!", said Jonathan.

Claudia, Rhys, Ryan and Kevin joined in.

Nurse Jane and Dr. Brian also joined in the toast.

[size=24]Some candid shots from the reception follows:[/size]

When the reception was at an end . . .

Jonathan and Shannan came out of the reception hall . . .

And got in his car.

The newlyweds headed for Jonathan's houseboat to start their life together.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 39.3

Picket Fences! Part 39.3

Arlene and Jimmy got married (Part 38) and left the church in a taxicab to start their life together.

The newlyweds went to Arlene's apartment on Main Street.

When they got out of the taxi Jimmy said "Well, here we are Mrs. Martin."

Then before Arlene had a chance to say anything, he picked her up and carried her up the stairs to their apartment.

"It was a beautiful wedding wasn't it?", said Arlene.

"Yes, everything was perfect", he said.

"Jimmy, you can use the bathroom first. Then when you're finished I want to take a bath", she said.

After Jimmy used the toilet and changed into his pajamas, he relaxed on the bed and waited for Arlene.

Arlene decided she needed a bath to help her relax. Even though she had been anticipating this night . . .

She was nervous as she joined Jimmy on the bed.

He asked her to cuddle which she liked.

He gave her tender kisses on her hand which she enjoyed.

He gave her a romantic kiss . . .

And they madeout.

"You want to do woo hoo Mrs. Martin?", he asked.

"NO! I can't do it", she said.

"You're my wife Arlene. It's our wedding night", he said.

"I'm sorry Jimmy", she said.

"I never expected to be turned down on my wedding night", he said.

"I think maybe I'm just tired from the wedding. Maybe after a good night's rest I'll feel better", she explained.

"I'm not going to force you to do something you don't feel like doing", he said.

Jimmy got up off the bed . . .

And went into the bathroom and cried. Poor Jimmy . . . married life wasn't quite what he expected.

And while her new husband was in the bathroom feeling rejected.

Jimmy went into the livingroom and studied up on his mechanical skills until he got sleepy.

By the time he returned to bed Arlene was sleeping soundly.

Jimmy got into bed and Arlene cuddled up close behind him.

But was dreaming about Rhys.

When they woke up the next morning, neither of them mentioned anything about last night.

Arlene went into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

"Shouldn't you be getting dressed for work?", asked Jimmy.

"I got plenty of time before the carpool comes", she said.

The carpool came to pick them up at 8:30 A.M. Since they both work for Child Welfare they rode together to work.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 39.4

Picket Fences! Part 39.4

On the other side of town at Jonathan's place . . .

Married life couldn't have been any better.

They walked together to his houseboat.

Jonathan picked up Shannan and carried her over the threshold.

"You're the most beautiful bride any man could ever hope for", he said.

Then gave her a romantic kiss.

They changed into their pajamas.

"Let's relax on the bed", said Jonathan.

Then he relaxed on the bed and Shannan joined him.

They cuddled.

He held her hand in his and covered it in tender kisses.

He gave her a romantic kiss.

They madeout.

"You ready to do woo hoo Mrs. Henry?", he asked.

Afterwards . . .

"That was definitely worth waiting for", he said.

"I have a surprise for you out on the deck", he said, "Come with me."

"Oh Jonathan, this is wonderful!", said Shannan as she got in the "Love Tub".

Jonathan and Shannan cuddled.

They madeout.

Then when Jonathan asked . . .

And they did woo hoo again!

Now this is the right way to start married life!

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 40.1

Picket Fences! Part 40.1

At Rhys' place . . .

The weekend had ended and Rhys' three sons were off to school.

The schoolbus will take his son Noah home to his mama this afternoon.

His son Kevin will go to his home across the street.

And his son Ryan is the only one who will be dropped off here.

After entertaining his sons all weekend, Rhys was ready for some lunch and some adult companionship. He went to the telephone and ordered a pizza.

The pizza delivery girl Lauren Reeves soon arrived.

Rhys accepted the order.

He took the pizza around back to the patio and asked Lauren to join him.

"How long have you been delivering pizzas?", asked Rhys.

"You know something, I've never thought about it before. I don't remember doing anything else", she said.

After they finished eating she asked Rhys if he wanted her to stay and hangout. He said yes and they went inside.

Rhys sit down on the sofa and asked her to join.

They cuddled . . .

They madeout.

"Let's go relax on my bed", he said.

"Alright", said Lauren.

Rhys relaxed on his bed and asked her to join.

He gave her a romantic kiss.

"You want to do woo hoo?", asked Rhys.

"YES!", she answered.

Afterwards . . .

Lauren and Rhys took a nap.

Lauren woke up, got out of bed . . .

And went over to the window and was looking out.

Rhys woke up and came over to where she was standing.

"What's the matterl?", he asked.

"I don't usually jump into bed with my customers. There's just something about you . . .", she said.

"Whatever it is I'm glad I've got it", he said.

Then Rhys gave her a romantic hug . . .

Then Lauren left still puzzled by what had happened.

Meanwhile over at the church . . .

Rev. Woods has an unexpected visitor.

"May I help you?", Joseph asked the teenager.

"I'm looking for someone. I was hoping you might know where he lives", said to boy.

"If he's a member of my congregation I probably do", he said.

"His name is Jonathan King. That's him in this snapshot with my mom", the boy said, "He's my dad."

The snapshot was of Jonathan and a pretty blonde girl.

"Yes, I know Jonathan. He and his wife are members of the church", said Joseph, "Come with me to the parsonage and I'll telephone him."

"Who should I tell him is looking for him?", asked Joseph.

"My name's Nathan Jordan, but he won't know me anyway", he answered.

"Jonathan, this is Rev. Woods. Can you come to the parsonage? There's someone here who wants to see you?"

"Sure, I'm be right over."

After Joseph talked to Jonathan on the telephone, he looked at Nathan and said"He's on his way over."

Jonathan soon arrived and walked into the paronage.

"Hello pastor, where's the person who wants to see me?", asked Jonathan.

"He's waiting for you in my study, but there's something I need to tell you before you see him", said Joseph.

"You sound kinda serious. What is it?", asked Jonathan.

"This person is a teenage boy who thinks you're his father", said Joseph.

"I ain't got no kids!", said Jonathan.

"That very well may be, but I think you should listen to what the boy has to say. Nathan, that's his name, seems to be pretty sure about it", said Joseph.

The preacher called Nathan over and introduced him to Jonathan.

"Alright, tell me what makes you think I might be your father", said Jonathan.

"My mom told me just before she died", said Nathan.

"What was her first name?", said Jonathan.

"Her name was Elizabeth. That's her in this picture with you", said Nathan.

"Yeah, I remember her now. I rented a room from her folks for a couple of years", Jonathan said.

"When's your birthday?", he asked the boy.

"April 5th", said Nathan.

"Yeah, that's about right. I reckon I am your father", said Jonathan.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 40.2

Picket Fences! Part 40.2

Over at the church . .

"Are you going to take me home with you?", asked Nathan.

"Yeah, I reckon so. Let me call my wife before she goes to work", he said.

Jonathan used the telephone in the study to call Shannan.
"Sweetheart, I'm bringing a houseguest home. I'll explain when I get home", he said.

"Well . . . it's kinda short notice. I wish you had let me know sooner."

"I'm sorry but I just found out myself", said Jonathan, "We'll be there in a few minutes.

"Did your wife get mad when you told her you were bringing me home?", asked Nathan.

"No, she's pretty understanding", said Jonathan. "At least I hope she is", he thought to himself.

"Thank you Rev. Woods", said Jonathan.

Then Jonathan left with his son to go home.

"Wow, this is where you live! This is a cool place", said Nathan.

Shannan was sitting on the sofa . . .
"Sweetheart, I want you to meet someone", said Jonathan.

"Shannan, this is Nathan Jordan. Nathan, my wife Shannan", said Jonathan.

"I'm glad to meet you Mrs. Henry", said Nathan.

"You can call me Shannan", she said, "Mrs. Henry makes me feel so old."

"The guestroom is all ready for you. You can put your things in there", she said.

"Thank you but I ain't got no things", said Nathan.

"Oh, well . . . alright", she said.

"You go see your room while I explain things to my wife", said Jonathan.

"Jonathan, who is that boy?", she asked.

"Come sit down and I'll explain", he said.

"Nathan's my son. His mother and I were friends, when I lived in Pleasantview. I swear I didn't know he existed until today", said Jonathan.

"Where's his mother now?", asked Shannan.

"Apparently she died recently. I didn't get a chance to ask Nathan what happened", he said.

"Jonathan, are you sure you're his father?", asked Shannan.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I rented a room from Elizabeth's folks right after I left the orphanage. She and I were both young and . . . well you can guess the rest. Besides that, I was her first woo hoo. I found my own place and moved out shortly afterwards. She never contacted me to tell me she was pregnant", Jonathan explained.

"I love you Jonathan and I would have married you whether you had a child or not. We both wanted childern, so you having Nathan now has given us a head start", she said.

"I didn't think it was possible, but I love you even more now for accepting my son as your own", he said.

Then Shannan's carpool arrived to pick her up to take her to work.

She hurriedly changed into her business suit and ran to get in.

Nathan was relaxing on the bed in his room when he heard Jonathan calling him.

"You're going to be living here from now on. We're going shopping and buy you some school clothes and anything else you need", said Jonathan.

Jonathan called Transpotation and ordered a taxicab.

When they got in, Jonathan told the driver to take them to City Clothing on Main Street.

Jonathan and Nathan browzed through the clothes on the racks . . .

"I found some I like, but I need to try them on", said Nathan.

Nathan took the clothes and headed to the changing booth.

When he stepped out of the booth and looked in the mirror, he said "How about these threads?"

"Yeah, they look boss!", said Jonathan.

"You sure you got enough bread to pay for all this?", asked Nathan.

"Don't worry, you got a rich keeper", said Jonathan.

(Note: 1950's slang - threads means clothes, boss means great, bread means money and keeper means parent)

After Nathan picked out a few more outfits for school, a formal suit for church, some pajamas and underwear, Jonathan paid the cashier.

"Keep the change", he said.

"Thanks Jonathan, you're the best", she said.

Then he called Transpotation to take them to the Pizza Parlor.

Nathan and Jonathan got in the taxicab.

When they arrived at the Pizza Parlor, Nathan asked "How come you're so hip?"

"You mean "someone in the know?", said Jonathan.

"Yeah that", he said.

"I'm a Professional Party Guest. I get paid for being "hip", said Jonathan.

"That's a "boss gig" (great job)!", said Nathan.

"Let's go in and get some pizza", said Jonathan.

"OK, I'm starving", said Nathan.

"Do your grandparents still live in Pleasantview?"

"They're dead. It had just been my mom and me for the past few years. Then when she got real sick, she showed me that picture of you and her and said "His name is Jonathan Henry and he lives in Buford Falls. I want you to go to him after I die, he's your dad. So that's what I did."

"Well, I was definitely surprised to find out I had a son. I'm not gonna lye to you, I wasn't too happy when the pastor told me. But now that I've had time to get use to the idea, I'm alright with it."

To be continued . . .
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Nice work Daisy, I must of missed this chapter long ago, I did enjoy it.. Thanks for sharing Buford Falls with us all.
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Default Picket Fences! Part 41.1

Picket Fences! Part 41.1

Across town at Joy's house. She answered the telephone and received some bad news.

"Joy, this is Dr. Brian. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your mother was brought to the emergency room this afternoon. I'm sorry, it wasn't anything I could do to save her. Her heart was just too weak."

"What's wrong sweetheart?", asked Larry.

"That was Dr. Brian who called. My mom died this afternoon", said Joy.

"I'm sorry sweetheart", said Larry.

"Would you call Arlene and tell her? And call Rev. Woods about the funeral service. I don't think I can talk to anyone right now", said Joy.

"Alright, I'll call them", he said.

Larry called Rev. Woods . . .
"Pastor, this is Larry Anderson. Joy's mother Joyce Evans died today. Would you please make the arrangements?"

"Yes, I will. Please give Joy my condolances."

Then he called Arlene . . .
"Arlene I have some bad news. Your grandma died this afternoon."

"Tell Mom I'm so sorry and I'll see her at the funeral. Give her my love."

"Arlene, what's wrong?", Jimmy asked.

"That was my dad on the telephone. My grandma died this afternoon", she said.

"I'm so sorry", he said.

"I love you Jimmy", she said.

"I love you, too", he said, picking her up in his arms . . .

And carried her into their bedroom.

He placed her on the bed and gave her a romantic kiss.

They madeout.

And they did woo hoo!

Afterwards . . .

Jimmy lay in bed and Arlene scooted up close behind him.

Even though Joyce is gone, she was still able to help Arlene.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 41.2

Picket Fences! Part 41.2

Mrs. Joyce Evans, an elder, of
Crumble Top Lane, Buford Falls
died yesterday in Buford Falls
Hospital. She was preceded in
death by her late husband Kevin
Evans. Mrs. Evans is survived
by her daughter Joy Anderson,
two grandchildern, Arlene Martin
and Kevin Anderson and son-in-law
Larry Anderson, all of Buford Falls.
Funeral services will be conducted
today at Buford Falls Church with
Rev. Joseph Woods officiating.
Interment will be in the church

Today at Buford Falls Church, a funeral service was held for Joyce Evans who died yesterday.

Rev. Joseph Woods, the pastor of the church conducted the funeral services.
"You the family and friends of Joyce have come today to pay your respects and say goodbye to a good neighbor, a wonderful friend, a beloved mother, a loving grandmother and a respected matriarch of Buford Falls."

Joyce's daughter Joy Anderson was seated with her husband Larry.

Joyce's grandaughter Arlene Martin attended with her husband Jimmy.

Sam and Emily Martin, Jimmy's parents were seated together.

John and Laura Stevens, Joyce's long-time friends and neighbors came.

Mary Lou and Peter Edwards were seated together. Mary Lou is Joyce's daughter Joy's best friend.

The Edwards' daughters Julie and Carrie were sitting together.

Joyce's grandson Kevin was sitting with his best friend and neighbor Rhys Sawyer.

Joyce's friends Shannan and Jonathan Henry had come.

The congregation listened as Rev. Woods delivered Joyce's eulogy . . .

"Life is but a stopping place, a pause in what's to be. We all have different journeys and paths along the way, and when the journey finally ends, we'll clain a great reward. You all here today will miss Joyce dearly, but should be grateful for having known her."

"Now I ask those who will to come forward and say a last goodbye to Joyce."

Joy came forward and mourned her mom and her best friend . . .

And cried.

She was given words of comfort and a hug by Larry.

Then Larry broke down and cried.

Arlene mourned for her grandmother, her confidant and her best friend.

Joy comforted Arlene and gave her a hug.

Then her husband Jimmy gave Arlene a hug.

Kevin came forward and mourned for his grandmother.

He received words of comfort and a hug from Rhys . . .

And an exchange of looks by his two fathers.

Then Larry and Rhys chatted.

Then Joy came over and gave Rhys a "thumbs up".

Maybe it was to let him know she appreciated him having an affair with her?

Rhys seemed a little puzzeled by her actions.

Rhys mourned Joyce and . . .

Wiped his tears on the sleeve of his suit.

Rhys received no sympathy from Larry.
Then Rev. Woods asked the congregation to join him in the cemetary beside the church for the burial.

"A few weeks before she died, Joyce came to me and asked that I read the following poem at the end of her funeral service . . .
"If my parting has left a void
Then fill it with remembered joy
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss
Oh yes, those things I too will miss

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work, to play
Tasks left undone will stay that way
I found that peace at the close of day." (from poems)

"It was a beautiful service Jonathan. I think Joyce would have been pleased", said Rhys.
"You know who that poem was for, don't you?", said Jonathan, "Joyce confessed everything to me before she asked for God's forgiveness."
"She was a special lady", said Rhys.

Rhys gave his grandfather a hug.

Then he went over and congratulated Arlene and Jimmy on their marriage.

Joy came over to Rhys and said "I know my mom had a special place in her heart for you. I think you made her happier than she's been in a long time."

"Joyce and me was just friends, nothing more", he lied.

While everyone else was leaving to go home . . .

Rhys went over to Joyce's grave . . .
"Like I told my grandfather, you're a special lady. I'm going to miss you, Beautiful", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 42.1

Picket Fences! Part 42.1

A few days after Joyce's funeral over at Arlene and Jimmy's apartment . . .

Arlene had gotten her first "baby bump" that morning. Jimmy rubbed her belly.

Then he gave her a tender kiss.

Arlene could hardly wait to tell her mom the news. She called Joy and invited her over.

Joy arrived a few minutes later and was greeted by Arlene.

They gave each other a hug.

"You look wonderful!", said Joy, having noticed Arlene's "baby bump".

"Mom, you do, too!", said Arlene, noticing that Joy was an elder now.

While Arlene visited with her mother . . .

Jimmy cut the grass and . . .

Trimmed the hedges.

"Do you and Jimmy want a boy or a girl?", asked Joy.

"Jimmy says it doesn't matter, but I think he would really prefer a boy. I think every man wants a son to carry on the family name. I remember how happy Daddy was when Kevin was born."
"Yes, I remember. But he was just as happy when you were born sweetheart", said Joy.

"Hey Joy", said Jimmy when he came in the kitchen to get a drink.
"Hey Jimmy, congratulations!", said Joy as she was getting up to leave.

She gave Arlene a hug goodbye.

Then Joy left to go home.

On Jonathan's houseboat the next day . . .

Shannan had started into labor. Jonathan and Nathan watched as . . .

She delivered a baby boy.

He has his daddy's skintone, brown hair and dark grey eyes. She handed the baby to Jonathan.

She continued her labor and delivered another baby boy.

He has his mama's skintone, brown eyes and blonde hair.

Jonathan and Shannan have twin sons they named Scott and Sean.

Jonathan fed Sean a bottle of milk . . .

And Nathan fed Scott.

Several days followed with the household revolving around the babies.

Nathan was the only one who got a break when he was in school.

When Friday came, Jonathan's carpool came at 9:30 P.M.

He works 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. as a Professional Party Guest.

Shannan went to bed right after he left. She was still on maternity leave, but was thinking very seriously about quiting her job to stay home with the twins.

Nathan went to bed without having to be told. He was tired from school and helping with the twins.

Jonathan came home from work at 2:30 A.M.

He climbed into bed with Shannan and went right to sleep.

The next afternoon Jonathan called Rhys . . .
"Hey buddy, you want to come over."

"Sure, I'll be right there."

When Rhys arrived Jonathan greeted him with aa friendly hug.

"Are you doing alright?", asked Rhys.

"It's been a little hectic around here since the twins were born, but I can't complain", said Jonathan.

"I don't know how you took care of Ryan on your own. It's all the three of us can do to take care of these two", said Jonathan.

"Hello Rhys", said Shannan.
"Hey Shannan", he said.

"There's something I have to ask you", she said.
"I figured you was being nice to me for some reason", said Rhys.

"My friend Regan is a photographer for an advertising agency and she needs a male model for an ad campaign. She saw you at our wedding and asked me if I thought you might pose for her", said Shannan.
"I ain't no model, but I reckon I can give it a try", said Rhys.
"Great, I'll call Regan and tell her you'll do it", said Shannan.

"Hey Regan. He agreed to do it."

"Great! Tell him to come over tomorrow morning."

"She said to come to her studio over on Main Street tomorrow morning", said Shannan.
"I guess I better go on home. Got to get my beauty rest", he laughed.

Then Rhys left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 42.2

Picket Fences! Part 42.2

The next morning at Regan's place . . .

Rhys arrived at ten o'clock and went upstairs to her studio.

"Good morning Rhys", said Regan, "Do you remember me?"

"Sure I remember you. I never forget a . . . beautiful face", he said.

"Well um . . . go in the dressing room and put on the swimsuit in the dresser", she said.

Rhys went into the dressing room and changed into the swimsuit.

Then he checked himself out in the mirror.

"Alright Rhys, stand over there and look at the camera", said Regan.

"How's this?", he asked.

"Your mouth isn't quite right. Let me show you", she said.

"Alright, look at the camera! Perfect!"
Regan took a few more shots of Rhys standing in different poses . . .

"Alright, now sit here like this and think about something you like to do", she said.

"Perfect, that's a great expression!"
Then she took several more shots of Rhys sitting in different poses . . .

"Alright, we're finished", she said.
"Now that I'm done with my work, do you want me to stay and hangout?", asked Rhys.

"Yes, I think I can find something for us to do", said Regan.

Then Rhys gave her a passionate kiss.

"You want to relax with me on the bed?", she asked.

"You took the words right out of my mouth", said Rhys.

"Come 'mon Beautiful. Lead the way", he said.

She relaxed on the bed and asked him to join. They madeout.

He gave her a romantic kiss.

"I don't usually jump into bed with every man I photograph", she said, "But there's just something about you. . . "

"I don't know . . . but I'm glad I got it", he said.

"You want to do woo hoo?", asked Rhys.
"Yes!", she said.
Later . . .

"You're incredible Rhys", said Regan.

"You're pretty incredible yourself Beautiful", said Rhys.

Then they both fell asleep.

After they woke up from their nap . . .

Rhys left to go home.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 43.1

Picket Fences! Part 43.1

Over at Jonathan and Shannan's houseboat . . .

Jonathan called Rhys . . .
"We're having a party for the twins' birthday. We'd like for you and Ryan to come if you can make it."

"Sure, we'll be there in a few minutes."

Shannan called her cousin Claudia and invited her and Noah to the party.

As soon as the guests arrived, Jonathan brought Scott to his birthday cake. He did the "baby toss". . .

And he returned to his daddy's arms a cute toddler. Scott looks a lot like Jonathan and Nathan.

Then Shannan brought Sean to his birthday cake.

She did the "baby toss".

Sean returned to his mama's arms a cute toddler. Sean looks more like Shannan.

Jonathan held Sean.

Shannan picked up Scott when he asked for attention.

She played with him until he got sleepy.

Then she put him in his crib.

Nathan cuddled Sean before putting him in his crib.

"I should be getting Noah on home", said Claudia.

She gave Rhys a romantic hug goodbye.

"Bye Dad", said Noah, as Rhys gave him a goodbye hug.

Claudia and Noah left to go home.

Then a short time later Rhys and Ryan left the party to go home.

At Rhys' place the next morning it was time for Ryan to grow up.

Ryan came to his birthday cake.

He blew out the candles and starting growing up.

He grew up into a very goodlooking adult.

"Happy birthday son. I love you", said Jasmyn.

"Thank you Mom. I love you, too", he said, giving her a hug.

"You two are the best parents a guy could ever want", said Ryan.

Then he gave Rhys a thumbs up.

To be continued . . .

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Default Picket Fences! Part 43.2

Picket Fences! Part 43.2

Across the street at Joy and Larry's house . . .

Kevin came to his birthday cake.

He made a wish and blew out the candles.

Joy, Jimmy, Larry and Arlene blew the horns and clapped the clappers to celebrate.

Then Kevin started growing up.

He grew up into a very handsome adult.

"Happy birthday little brother", said Arlene.

Arlene was surprised when she got her second "baby bump".

"Arlene I want you to call me as soon as you have the baby", said Joy.

"Your mother and I will come over as soon as you call. This is our first grandchild and we don't want to miss a minute of it", said Larry.

"Mom and Dad are going to worry themselves to death until you have that baby", said Kevin.

Arlene was tired, so she and Jimmy left to go home early.

A few days later over at Arlene and Jimmy's apartment . . .

They had just sat down to have breakfast when all of a sudden . . .

Arlene stood up and started having labor pains.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be", she thought to herself.
With one last push Arlene delivered a beautiful baby boy.

She handed the baby to Jimmy.
"We have a son", she said.

Their baby has brown eyes and black hair like both his parents. They named him David.

Arlene called her parents and invited them over to see the baby.

Jimmy also called his parents and invited them over.

A few minutes later Larry and Joy arrived. Joy gave Arlene a hug.

Joy held David so his grandaddy could talk to him.

David smiled a little at Larry.

As soon as he walked in the door, Jimmy's dad Sam talked to the baby.

Jimmy's mama Emily gave her son a hug.

Kevin watched the grandparents talking to the baby. For some reason, which he thought he knew, he felt out-of-place being here.

He gave Arlene a hug goodbye and told her he was happy to be an uncle.

Then Kevin left before anyone noticed.

Soon after Jimmy's parents were leaving to go home. They told Jimmy the twins (Nathan and Nancy) would stop by tomorrow after school.

Then as Larry and Joy were leaving she said "I wonder where Kevin took off to in such a hurry."
"He more than likely went over to Rhys Sawyer's place. That boy spends more time over there than he does at home", said Larry.

When Kevin left Arlene and Jimmy's apartment he went to Rhys' place.

He felt like he was coming home whenever he came here.

He had one question to ask Rhys and was hoping for an honest answer.
To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 44.1

Picket Fences! Part 44.1

At the end of Part 43.2, Kevin Anderson had come to Rhys' place to ask him one question and was expecting an honest answer.

When he walked in the door Ryan said "Hey, YOU look great!"

"Thanks! So do you!", said Kevin.
"Yeah, I do don't I", he said.

"Is your dad here?", asked Kevin.
"Yeah, he's in the livingroom", said Ryan.

"I'm on my way to pick up the little ankle biter. You dig?", said Ryan.
"Sure, I dig", said Kevin.
("Ankle biter" is 1950's slang for child and "dig" means understand)
"You wanna go with me?", he asked.
"No, I'll stay here and talk to your dad", said Kevin.

Rhys came over to where Kevin was standing, "Hey Kevin. You're looking good", he said.

"Thanks", he said, "Rhys I need to ask you something."
"Sure, let's go sit down", said Rhys.

They went down to the livingroom.

"Alright, what do you want to ask me?", asked Rhys, prepared to explain woo hoo to the boy, thinking Larry was probably too shy to talk about it.

Rhys, are you my dad?", asked Kevin.

That wasn't the question he expected. Rhys was trying to decide whether to tell the truth or continue to lie.

Then he looked his son square in the face and said "Yes, I'm your dad."

"Why didn't you or Mom tell me?", asked Kevin, "Why did y'all let me grow up believing Larry was my dad?"
"I found out I was your father when you was a toddler. We all agreed you was too young to understand, so your mom let me come to visit you. Then when you grew up to a child and became friends with Ryan, they let you come over here on Saturdays so I could spend time with both you and Ryan.
"How did you find out?", asked Kevin.

"Your grandma Joyce told me. She figured it out. She said you and me had the same smile", said Rhys.
(This basic southern word "y'all" is actually a contraction for "you all," it is most commonly used in place of the plural form of "you".)

"So when I grew up to a teenager, why didn't you tell me then? I would have understood", he said.
"One of the conditions for you to continue to visit was that I promised not to ever tell you", said Rhys.
"Did you ever want to tell me I was your son?". asked Kevin.
"I would have given anything for you to know you was my son and Ryan's brother", he said.

"You see, my parents died when I was a toddler and I was taken to an orphanage. That's where I met Jonathan and we became best friends. He was kinda like a big brother to me. Jonathan was the only family I had until Ryan, you and Noah came along", said Rhys..
Now that I know you'll my dad, it answers a lot of questions I had", said Kevin.

"Can I tell Ryan I'm his brother?", asked Kevin.

"I'd rather be the one to tell him. I'm tell him when I think the time is right", said Rhys.

"Thanks Rhys, for telling me the truth", he said.

Ryan returned home with the ankle biter.

"Dad my birthday's going to be in a few days", said Noah, "Are you going to be able to come to my party?"
"Sure, I wouldn't miss it for the world", said Rhys.

"Am I invited to your party?", asked Ryan.
"Of course, you're my brother. You got to come", said Noah.

"Are you going to invite me, too?", asked Kevin.
"Sure, we're best friends ain't we", said Noah.

"Dad can we go to the zoo today?", asked Noah.
"It's four of us here. So we got to vote on where we go", said Rhys.

"I want to go to the lake", said Ryan, "How about you Kevin?"
"Sounds good to me.", said Kevin.

"We vote for the lake", said Ryan, "How about you Dad. The zoo or the lake?"

"I rather go to the lake!", said. Rhys.

"Pooey, I want to go to the zoo", said Noah.

"Cool it little buddy", said Rhys, "You was out voted.".

Then Rhys called Transpotation and asked for a taxicab for multiple Sims. .

When the taxicab arrived they all came out of the house and got in.

Rhys told the driver to take them to the lake.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 44.2

Picket Fences! Part 44

The taxicab soon arrived at the front gate.

Everybody got out of the taxicab.

They entered the front gate.

Kevin did a body flop into the water.

Noah dived into the water.

Ryan was more interested in flirting with Mary . . .

And sweet talking Sarah.

Mary caught him flirting with Sarah and argued with him.

"You don't own me! I'll talk to whoever I want!", Ryan shouted.

Mary got mad and left.

Ryan dived into the water to cool off.

Kevin was content talking and flirting with his girlfriend Heather.

Rhys was content just relaxing in one of the lounge chairs.

Ryan was climbing out of the water when he saw an attractive Townie coming his way.

He strutted over to flirt with her.

They got in the hottub. He gave her a massage.

And she gave him a tender kiss.

They madeout.

When he heard Rhys call "Come 'mon boys, time to go!", Ryan told the girl he had to leave.
"Will I see you again?", she asked.
"Yeah sure", he said.

When the taxicab came to pick them up, Rhys told the driver to take them to Moos Mew's Pizza Parlor.

The taxicab stopped in front of the pizza parlor.

Kevin grabbed one of the pizzas off the counter, opened the box and grabbed a slice.

Noah grabbed a slice.

"Did you have a good time today?", Rhys asked Noah.
"Yeah, I guess", he said.

"Who was that girl you was making out with in the hottub?", asked Rhys.
"I don't know her name. She's just some Townie", said Ryan.

"I don't think I could makeout with some girl I don't even know", said Kevin.
"It don't matter what their name is, as long as they're pretty . . . and female", said Ryan.

After they all finished eating Rhys called a taxicab to take them home.

Rhys called Claudia to ask if she wanted him to bring Noah home.
"I'll come over to get him", she said, "I'll be there in a few minutes."
"That's good, 'cause I'm bushed", said Rhys.

When Claudia arrived Noah told her all about going to the lake and the pizza parlor.

"Noah's birthday is in a few days. Will you be able to come to his party?", asked Claudia.
"Will it be a sleepover?", asked Rhys.
"If you're a good little boy that might can be arranged", she said.
"Then I'll definitely be there", he said.

Then Claudia and Noah left to go home.

Across town at Arlene and Jimmy's apartment . . .

Arlene's carpool came at 8:30 A.M. to pick her up for work.

She has been promoted to Social Worker.

Jimmy has the day off so he's looking after their baby. On the days he and Arlene both have to work, they will hire a Nanny.

When Jimmy went to take out the trash he met their new neighbor.
"Come on in. I got a baby and I can't leave him alone for too long", said Jimmy.

Jimmy introduced himself to the neighbor.
"I'm Jimmy Martin", he said.
"Glad to meet you Jimmy. I'm Ryan. . . Ryan Sawyer", he said.

To be continued . . .
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Default Picket Fences! Part 45.1

Picket Fences! Part 45.1

"Are you kin to the Sawyer who lives over on Shadetree Lane?", asked Jimmy.
"I don't rightly know. I could be", said Ryan.
"I was just wondering because he has a son named Ryan", said Jimmy.

Jimmy asked Ryan to join him for a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

"Where are you from Ryan?"

"I've been moving around so much, I can't really say", said Ryan, "My mother use to live here in Buford Falls or so I was told."

"What's her name?", asked Jimmy.
"Grace Sawyer . . . you know her?", he asked.
"My parents probably did. Grace has been dead almost twenty years", said Jimmy.
"Oh yeah, I imagine she would. More time has passed than I realized", said Ryan.

Ryan thanked Jimmy for the information and for the coffee. Then he left to go back to his place.

At Claudia's house the following Saturday everything was ready for Noah's birthday party. The birthday cake was baked, the ballons were inflated and the guests had arrived.

Noah came to his birthday cake.

He made a wish, blew out the candles and cheered.

Claudia twirled a clapper and Shannan watched.

Rhys and Kevin blew the birthday horns.

Jonathan held Sean.

And Nathan held Scott while they watched . . .

Noah started to grow up.

He grew up well into a cute teenager.

Claudia gave Noah a birthday hug.

Rhys gave him a hug.

Then Noah asked Rhys to play Punch U-Punch Me.

"I can hardly believe Noah's a teenager already. It doesn't seem like that long ago he was born", she said.
"With the kids growing up so fast, it makes you feel old", said Jonathan.
"Speak for yourself old man. I'm just getting started with the twins", said Shannan.

Shannan picked up Sean and . . .

Sit down beside Claudia.
"You know, when Noah was born, I never thought for a minute that Rhys would stick by you this long. He surprised me", said Shannan.
"He kinda surprised me, too", said Claudia.

Noah and Nathan were sitting together.
"It must be boss to be able to live on a houseboat", said Noah.
"Yeah, but ever since the ankle biters was born it's been a little hectic", said Nathan,"My dad ain't got much free time anymore."

"Maybe it'll be better after the twins get old enough to start school. You ain't got much longer before you grow up into an adult. Then you can move to your own place", said Noah.

"Yeah, you're right", said Nathan.

Rhys and Claudia were sitting together.
"Can I stay over tonight?", asked Rhys.
"Yes, if you want to", said Claudia.

"Noah wants to go back to my place with Ryan tonight. Will that be alright with you?", asked Rhys.
"Sure, he likes spending time with his brothers", she said.

"You want to go to my place with me and Noah?", Ryan asked Kevin.
"I would, but I guess I'll go on home tonight", said Kevin.
"That's cool", said Ryan.

"Arlene and Jimmy are having a birthday party for their son tomorrow. With him being my nephew and all, I should go with the folks", said Kevin.
"Yeah, duty calls, right?", said Ryan.
Some candid shots of the party follows:

"Claudia, are you really happy with the way things are between you and Rhys?", asked Shannan.
"Shannan, you know I'd like to get married, but I know that isn't going to happen with Rhys. So if this is the only way I can have him, then I'm satisfied with that", she said.

"I enjoyed it. We'll have to get together again soon", said Shannan.
"Yes, we will", said Claudia.

"Everybody's gone. Let's go inside and get comfortable", said Rhys.

"Everybody's gone home. We may as well", said Claudia.
"Does that include relaxing on your bed?", asked Rhys.
"That might be part of it", she said.

Then she gave him a tender kiss before going inside.

Claudia relaxed on her bed and Rhys joined her.
"Ain't that my good white shirt?", he asked.
"You left it here the last time we had a sleepover, so it's mine now. ", she said.

"You can keep it. It looks better on you than it does me", he said.
"Thank you, but I had no intentions of returning it anyway", she teased.

To be continued . . .
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